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Subject: Art and ICT Date: 12th March 2008

Prepared by: Dk Etty Marliny Pg Rosli Class: 5 A

Topic: Adobe Photoshop

The Set-up Unit Goals:

Students will develop their ICT literacy, creativity computer skill and
communication skill which is necessary for designing a meaningful and attractive
piece of art.

Learning Objectives:
• Use more than 5 tools in Paint & Photoshop to develop a new set of
graphic by merging the output from both programs.
• Apply shading to produce depth in drawing and collaborate different
mechanism in producing output
• Plan and manage activities to develop a solution or complete a
• Brainstorming fresh ideas using a better alleviated materials and
resources to add up in further enhancement of projects.

Materials: Desktop, internet connection and Adobe Photoshop programs.

The Lesson The Hook: Teacher will show a piece of poster (in jpeg format) with a theme on
“Quit Smoking” into the classroom. The teacher will let the pupils to analyse and
1. Set induction describe the picture on how to create and design it. Before the teacher tells them,
(5 minutes) the pupils need to brainstorm with their group member. Detailed explanation will
only be given afterward.

2. Lesson • Show them tools such as clone stomp tools, lasso tools and rendering.
Development 1 • Distort pictures with to create variety of graphic and background textures.
(10 minutes) • By practicing the advanced tools, the pupils will be able to experience and
contrast the differences of tools.

Practise: Student will be asked to discuss with their group members on what to
3. Practise
sketch according to theme given. They will be asked to complete their project
(10 minutes)
within one week and upload their work to their blogs. Teacher will explain and
help the pupils in any difficulties in understanding the tool’s functions or project

Summary: Transfer and synthesize current knowledge to a new learning of

technologies. (Upload their Photoshop’s works to blog or publisher)

The Closure Application: Student will be motivated to explain or discuss and try to share
(5 minutes) their ideas with their friends.

Another 5 minutes is Assessment: Students will be assessed on how they are able to collaborate with
reserve for any their group members, discuss and implement their ideas.
The Preview: Next lesson will depend on the cooperating teacher’s lesson plan.