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Training Content Storage Fundamentals and VNX Management

Common Section 1: Storage fundamentals and theory o o o o o What is Storage? Disk architecture and types? SCSI Vs Fibre What are DAS, SAN and NAS What is Archive storage and compliance

Section 2: HA Basics o What is difference between HA and DR Redundancy Vs Resiliency o RAID architecture o RAID basics there usage and performance o RAID best practices o Multipathing and Load balancing o Snapshots and Clones o Local and remote replication

Section 3: SAN Fabric o SCSI communication o Fibre communication o ISCSI communication o FCoE Communication o HBA , TOE and CNA o SAN Switch IP an FC o FC and IP routing o SAN topologies o Zoning

Section 4 : NAS basics o NAS requirements o NAS components o NAS Connectivity o What is Network? o Physical Network Component o Network Protocol o Network Addressing MAC address, IP, DHCP, DNS, NIS o Gateway, VLAN, o File system protocols CIFS, NFS, FTP, HTTP. o Volume and Files o Create network share, Export o Client access - Mount, Map o File Permissions o Quota. o Usermapper. o NAS supported protocols o NAS implementation options o NAS Backup and NDMP o De Duplication

Section 6 : Storage Intelligence o Why Storage o Storage performance o Availability o TIER Basics o Cache and FAST cache o Security


Section 7: SAN Switches o B Series B Series Switches Models General Theory and basics B Departmental Switch Theory and basics Enterprise Directors B Departmental Switch Theory and basics o MDS Series MDS Switches Models General Theory and basics MDS Series Departmental Switch Theory and basics MDS Series Enterprise Directors Switch Theory and basics Switch Administration Administration tools

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Section 8 : Multipathing EMC PowerPath

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Why Mutipathing Native Mutipathing Vs EMC PowerPath PowePath Introduction Features and benefits of PowerPath in a server environment How PowerPath achieves transparent recovery PowerPath supported environments Management functions available using the GUI and CLI interface Recent PowerPath enhancements

Section 9: VNX Overview and Architecture Introduction VNX Hardware: Includes Introduction to o VNX family. o VNX Architecture o RAID o SP o DAE SSD, SAS o VAULT disk o Cache o FAST Cache o FLARE o DART o DATAMOVER and control station o Unisphere o Unisphere Service Taskbar o Fully automated storage tearing FAST Section 9 : VNX Overview and Architecture VNX Installation and Configuration Overview: Includes introduction too VNX Block Storage Provisioning Using Unisphere Wizard o VNX File Provisioning using Installation Wizard

Section 10 : VNX Configuration and administration Module 1 Overview of Unisphere for VNX Series o What is Unisphere Unisphere Views Enterprise Dashboard Enterprise domain view Alerts System View o Storage Management Create and Manage CIFS and NFS Create and manage LUNs Create and Manage File system, storage pools and Volumes o Host View Storage Group o Data Protection Snapshots LUN snapshots and File system checkpoints Mirror and Replication Create and manage Mirrors and consistency groups for block storage and replication for file system o RecoverPoint SE o Unisphere ecosystem (or Support Tab) o Users and Roles

Section 11: VNX Configuration and administration Module 2

Configuring events and notifications o Configuring NTP, DNS, NIS, o Configuring standby Datamover and control station o Configuring virtual data mover o Configuring and managing network o Configuring and managing CIFS and NFS o Configuring NDMP Backup to Disk o Configuring Quota o Host integration for Block access o LUN Expansion Meta LUN o LUN Migration o Virtual Pool Storage Pool Creation, modification and destroy o Autotiering Enable/disable, Start, modify, relocate o LUN Compression o Fast Cache

Section 12 : VNX Configuration and administration Module 3 o

VNX Local Protection Suite SnapView for Block storage Snapshots Clones Snap sure checkpoints for file system create and manage read-only, point-in-time logical images (checkpoints) of a production file system, and restore a PFS to a point in time from a checkpoint

VNX Remote Protection Suite MirrorView Synchronous MirrorView Asynchronous SANCopy Overview RecoverPoint SE for File storage

Section 13 : Host Integration o Host Access to Block storage Using Access Logix Describe connectivity requirements for host integration Configuring VNX FC, ISCSI and FCOE connections to Windows host Linux host ESXi host o Host Access to File storage Configuring a Network Filesystem CIFS server NFS filesystem export Configuring CIFS features (Home Dir, Antivirus, File Extn Filtering)

Soft Skill Training Training Duration (Hrs): 28 hrs

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