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VOCABULARY UNIT 3 advanced Pag 32 1.

-HARD = with a lot of effort HARDLY = almost not Hes _______ at work on a new novel. Theres ________________ any tea left. 2.-EASY = in a relaxed way EASILY = with no difficult. The museum is ______________ accessible by car. I dont feel ____________ about letting the kids go out alone. 3.-LATE = not on time LATELY = recently Shes ___________ for work every day. I havent been sleeping well just _________________ 4.-SURE = of course SURELY= tell me Im right. Im pretty ________ he will agree. ______________________ we should do something about it? 5.-WRONGLY = incorrectly WRONG= badly He assumed ___________ that she didnt care. He was driving in the _______ side of the road. 6.-FREELY = without anything stopping FREE= with liberty Traffic is now more _____________ following the earlier accident Students have the ______________ choice to do it or not.

7.-MOST= more than anything MOSTLY = principally We are _____________ out on Sundays What do you like most of him ?

8.-WIDELY = extensively WIDE= completely The idea is now __________________ accepted He stood with his legs ___________ apart. 9.- RIGHT= exactly RIGHTLY= in a correct or accurate way The wind was ______________ in our faces As she _________ pointed out, the illness can affect adults too

WORKBOOK PAG 20 SPELL OUT- To express simply and clearly. You know what I mean Im sure I dont need to spell it out. BLANKET WORDS.- Words with a very general meaning. DRIVE up .- to arrived at a building by car. CHEEKINESS .- Behaviour that doesnt show respect PARODY- Art that copies another style in order to be amusing. WIT .- clever humour A DISMINISMENT.- a reduction EMBELISHED.- improve by adding something

VOCABULARY WB PAG 20 LEVEL OFF/OUT .- to stop rising or falling and remain horizontal . Ex. The plane level off at 1500 feet. FLUCTUATE.- to change frequently in size , amount or quantity. Ex. During the crises oil prices fluctuated between 20 and 40 a barrel.

PEAK.- the point when sb/sth is the most successful , best, strongest etc. Ex. Traffic reaches its peak between 8-9 am

PICK UP .- (in sth) an improvement . Ex. A peak in the housing market.

RISE STEADILY. - improving gradually. Ex. There had been five years of steady economic growth.

SHOOT UP .- to rise suddenly by a large amount. Ex. Ticket prices shot up last year. BOTTOM OUT.- (prices, a bad situation) to stop getting worse. The recession is finally beginning to show signs of bottoming out.

PLUMMET.- to fall suddenly and quickly from a higher level or position. Ex. Shares prices plummeted to an all- time low. DECREASE GRADUALLY. Ex. The price of wheat has decrease gradually. REMAIN STABLE.- stay firmly , not likely to move , change or fail. FALL SLIGHTLY .- drop a little. DOWNTURN.- (N) IN STH .- a fall in amount of business that is done, a time when the economy becomes weaker. Ex. The economic downturn of the late 1990s SUBSTANTIAL.- (ADJ) large in amount or value. Ex. Substantial sums of money have been invested in the country.

PAG 28.

MEN IN SUIT.- businessmen and anyone working in the world of high finance DRAINED.- very tired and without energy LABOUR SAVING DEVICES .- machines in our houses like dishwashers design to reduce the amount of work or effort to do sth. HASSLING.- asking continuously TO GO INTO STALEMATE .- to stop working. OBLIVIOUS .- not being aware of sth


CALCULATE RISK.- a chance of failure which is estimated before some action is undertaken. Ex. It is a good opportunity to buy a house but you have to calculate risks. DAYLIGHT ROBBERY.- the fact of s.o. charging too much money for sth. Ex. You wouldnt believe some of the prices they charge its daylight robbery. FLYING VISIT (N) .- A very short visit. g GLASS CEILING.- (N) The imaginary barrier that stops women otr other groups from getting the best jobs in a company, although there arent official rules to prevent them for getting them. Ex. He puts a glass ceiling on the number of women who worked for him. A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.- a situation in which every one has the same opportunities Ex. There are calls for less restrictions laws in order to allow them to complete on a level playing field with other official institutions. LOST CAUSE.- sth that has failed or that cant succeed. Ex Tom gave up as a lost cause.

RED TAPE.- official rules that seem more complicated than necessary to prevent things for being done quickly. Ex. Because of the red tape , frank took weeks to get a visa. BE A TALL ORDER.- to be very difficult to do. Ex.- Thats a tall order, do you think anyone can do it? TEETHING PROBLEMS.- problems that you experience in the early stage of an activity. Ex.- They were the usual teething problems at the beginning of the project. VESTED INTEREST.- a personal reason for wanting sth. to happen, especially because you get some advantages from it. Ex. They have vested interest in keeping their club as exclusive as possible. HOMOGRAPHS pag. 20 ESTIMATE (N) .- a statement of how much a piece of work will probably cost. Ex. The estimate of the building arrived today. ESTIMATE (V) .- STH (AT STH) to form an idea of the cost, values of sth. But without calculating it exactly. Ex. We estimate (that) it would cost about 5000 euros.

DELEGATE.- (N) a person who is chosen or elected to represent the views of a group of people and make decisions for them. Ex. The conference was attended by delegates from 54 countries. DELEGATE .- (V) STH (TO STH) to give part of your work, power or authority to sb in a lower position than you. Ex.- The job has to be delegate to an assistant. SEPARATE (ADJ).- different, not connected. Ex. For the last 3 years they have been leading totally separated lives. SEPARATE (V) STH (FROM STH) .- to make sth /sb different in some way from sth/sb else Ex. Her lack of religious faith separated her from the rest of the family.

MODERATE (ADJ) . that is neither very good, large hot etc. nor very bad, small, cold. Ex. The team enjoyed only moderate success last season. MODERATE (V).- to become or make sth become less extreme or severe. Ex. We agreed to moderate our original demands. ELABORATE (ADJ) .- very complicated and detailed. Ex. She had prepared a very elaborated meal. ELABORATE (V) ON STH.- to explain or describe sth in a more detailed way. Ex.- he said he was resigning but didnt elaborate on his reasons.

COMPLIMENT (N).- a remark that express praise or admiration of sb. Ex. You understand the problem because youre so much older Ill take it as a compliment! COMPLIMENT (V).- SB ON STH .- to tell sb that you like or admire sth they have done, their appearance etc. Ex. She complimented him on his excellent English .

DOCUMENT.- (N) an official paper or book that gives information about sth that can be used as evidence or proof of sth. Ex.- Copies of the relevant documents must be filled at court. DOCUMENT.- (V) to record the details of sth. Ex. Causes of the disease have been well documented.

SUPPLEMENT.- (V) WITH STH.- to add sth in order to improve. Ex. He supplements his income by giving private lessons. SUPPLEMENT. (N) an extra separate section often in the form of a magazine, that is sold with the newspaper. APPROXIMATE (ADJ) . almost correct, not exact. Ex. Use this figures as an approximate guide in your calculations. APPROXIMATE (V) .- (TO STH ) to be similar or close to sth in nature, quantity, amount but not exactly the same. Ex. The total cost will approximate 15 billions. ARTICULATE (V).- to speak, pronounce or play sth in a clear way. Ex. He was too drunk to articulate properly. ARTICULATE (ADJ) ( of a person ) good at expressing ideas or feeling clearly in words. Ex. he is unusually articulate for a ten year old DELIBERATE (ADJ) done on purpose rather than by accident. Ex. The speech was a deliberate attempt to embarrass the government. DELIBERATE.- (V) to think very carefully about sth usually before making a decision. Ex.- They deliberated on whether to continue with the talks. INTIMATE.- (ADJ) private and personal . Ex. The article revealed intimate details about his family life. INTIMATE.- (V) STH (TO SB) to let sb know what you think or mean in an indirect way Ex. He has already intimated that he intends to retire. What are you trying to intimate. ALTERNATE.- (ADJ) it happens on one day but not on the next. Ex.- John has to work in alternate Sundays. ALTERNATE . (WITH STH) to follow one after the other in a repeated pattern. Ex. Dark stripes alternate with pale ones.

ASSOCIATE .- (V) SB/STH WITH SB/STH. To make a connection between people or things in your mind. Ex. I always associate the smell of baking with my childhood. ASSOCIATE (ADJ) .- joined to or connected with a profession or an organization. Ex. They have business with an associate company in Japan.

COORDINATE (V) .- to organize the different parts of an activity and the people involved in it so that it works well. Ex. They appointed a new manager to coordinate the work of the team. COORDINATE (N) .- Either of two numbers or letters used to fix the position of a point on a map or graph Ex. The x ,y coordinates of any point on a line. GRADUATE.- (N) (IN STH) a person who has a university degree. Ex. She is a graduate of Yale . GRADUATE .- (V) (IN STH) to get a degree especially your first degree from a university or college. Ex. Only thirty students graduated in Chinese last year. DEPENDENT PREPOSITIONS PAG 22 (WB) 1.- You cant be dependent__________ on your parents all your life. 2.- The movie is based _______ a real-life incident 3.- Ive never seen two people so attached _____ each other. 4.- He always detached himself ______ the group. 5.- Wealthy is not necessary synonymous _______ happiness. 6.- Ive decided to resign but Id rather you kept quiet _______ it. 7.- Dont waste your time saying anything, hes impervious _________ criticism 8.- The hours of the job are incompatible ________ family life. 9.- Their failure to act is indicative ______ their lack of interest. 10.- You will be liable _______ any damage caused. 11.- She was deeply concerned _______ this issue. 12.- I think you should try to stop obsessing _________ food

UNIT 4 VOCABULARY AN ICON .- A famous person who people admire and see as a symbol of a particular idea or way of life. Madonna is one of the pop icons of the 80s A SITCOM.- A situation comedy a T.V. comedy which is set in a typical situation for example a family house. Regular programme that shows the same characters in a different amusing situations. CONFESSIONAL T.V. .- T.V. programme where people reveal secrets about their personal lives. AFTERLIFE.- Life after dead ; heaven. TO OGLE.- (V) to look hard at sb. In an offensive way , usually showing sexual interest. Ex. He was not in the habit of ogling women. FAIR GAME FOR CRITICISIM.- Acceptable target and it is not unfair to criticize you. TO SCRUTINIZE SB/STH.- to look at it / them in detail, critically. Ex. The statement was carefully scrutinized before publication. TO BESTOW FAME ON SB.- To make them famous. Bestow = give, in the sense of giving honour/ title. A FLY ON THE WALL DOCUMENTARY. where a secret or intrusive camera follows the real lives of people in a documentary. LIKE A LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER .- Going to meet your fate naively , without resistance. SYNONYMS forced____________________________________________ trust (upon) fame _____________________________________________ celebrity respect (n) _______________________________________ admiration great respect and admiration __________________ reverence cruelty ____________________________________________ brutality worship (v) _________________ ______________________adore examine _____________________ ______________________scrutinize ruin (v) _____________________ _______________________destroy compassion _________________ _____________________ shame suppose ___________________________________________ assume exactly ____________________________________________ precisely result (n) _________________________________________ consequence mainly ____________________________________________ largely

considered ______________________________________ deemed (to have a particular opinion about sth. belief _______________________________ faith killers ______________________________ murders killed _______________________________ assassinated succeeded _________________________ achievement finding fault _______________________ criticizes admitted ___________________________ confession astonishing ________________________ amazed control _____________________________ curb (to control or limit sth especially bad ) Ex. He needs to learn to curb his temper ANTONYMS real _____________________________ manufactured /invented/ fabricated admirable _______________________ contempt (the feeling that sb /sth is without value love __________________________ ____loathe / hate / detest successful ________________________ disaster /failure genuine ______________________ ____fake relax _____________________________ stress recognize ____________________ ____familiar straight ________________________ ___bends /curves tame and domesticated _____ ____wild accidentally ______________________ on purpose UNIT 4 WORKBOOK PAG 24 1.- AN END IN ITSELF .- sth that is considerate important in its own right. EX. Learning is an end in itself 2.- BUMP INTO S.O.- meet sb unexpectedly. Ex. Guess who I bumped into downtown today ? 3.- HANKER AFTER .- want sth very much. Ex. I hanger after a nice big steak for dinner. 4.- IT TAKES ALL SORT TO MAKE THE WORLD.- people are all different from one another, and you shouldnt condemn from being different. 5.- LOST IN MY OWN THOUGHTS.- thinking hard about sth, so Im unaware of my surroundings. Ex. I didnt answer right away because I was lost in (my own) thoughts. 6.- RUB SHOULDERS WITH .- socialize with (famous people) Ex. Hes Hollywood most popular hairdresser and rub shoulders with top movie stars. 7.- THE MIND BOGGLES.- to hardly imagine or accept an idea. Ex. A cloned sheep? The mind boggles(boggle- to be slow to do or accept sth because you are shocked or surprise by it. 8.- WHAT ON EARTH.- whatever (use for emphasis) Ex. What on earth are you doing ?

5.-VOCABULARY FAME AND MEDIA 1.- brutality.- (n) violence and cruelty. Ex. The film shows the brutality of war. 2.- contradiction.- (n) a lack of agreement between facts, opinions, actions. Ex. There is a contradiction between the two sets of figures. 3.- delve.- (v) to search for sth inside a bag, container. Ex. She delved in her handbag for a pen. 4.- gossip.-(n) (v) informal talk to peoples private life. Ex. Dont believe any gossip you hear. 5.- idol.- (n) a person or thing that is loved and admire very much. Ex. He is the idol of countless teenagers. 6.- loathe.- (v) to dislike very much. Ex. They loathe each other. 7.- obsessed.- to completely fill you mind with an idea so you cant think in anything else. 8.- privileged.- (adj) having special rights or advantages that most people do not have. Ex. She comes from a privileged background. 9.- publish.- To produce a book, magazine, CD and sell it to the public. 10. revere. (v) to feel great respect or admiration for sb/sth . Ex. A trumpeter revered by fellow musicians. 11.- soap opera.- (n) a story about the lives and problems of a group of people, which is broadcasted every day on T.V. or radio. 3 1.trivial.- of little importance. Ex. I know it sounds trivial , but Im worried about it. 2.- to hound .- to pursue so constantly. Ex. They were hounded day and night by the press. 3.- paparazzi.- photographers who takes pictures of the rich and famous. 4.- insatiable.- (adj) impossible to satisfy. Ex. There seems to be an insatiable demand for more powerful computers. 5.- to pamper.- (v) to treat with excessive kindness and comfort.

Ex. Pamper yourself with our new range of beauty treatments. 6.- a stalker.- (n) so who is obsessed with so else (often a famous person ) and follows them around. 7.- to ridicule .- (v) to make so look foolish. Ex. His theory was ridiculed and dismissed. 8.- intrusiveness .- (n) habit of entering into peoples private life.

ANTONYMS rich food _________________ plain food rich colour _______________ pale colour vain attempt ______________ successful attempt vain person _______________ modest/ humble calm sea __________________ rough sea calm person ______________ excitable / temperamental person stiff breeze ____________________ gentle breeze stiff punishment _____________ lenient punishment (not as strict as expected) moderate amount ___________ excessive amount moderate politics ____________ extreme politics distant relation ______________ close relation distant memory ______________ vivid memory flat countryside _____________ hilly/ mountainous countryside flat road ______________________ bumpy road clear sky _____________________ overcast sky clear conscience ____________ guilty conscience