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Bayaning Third World Reaction Paper

Bayaning Third World is another movie about our national hero, Jose Rizal. Though a lot of movie has been created to portray the life of our national hero, this has a different take on it. It tackles different conspiracies which circulate Rizal. Their approach is like a documentary with the actors talking to the people in Rizals life. Religion, peoples belief and opinion concerning the existence of a deity, is one of the biggest controversy circulating Jose. It is said that before his death, Rizal signed a retraction paper saying that he regrets all of the things he did and wanted to go back to the Catholic Church to marry Josephine Bracken. Some say that the retraction paper is genuine. Another topic about religion is when he was made into a saint and lastly, an occult making Rizal the God of the Tagalogs. For me, this shows how the Filipinos loved/love Rizal. Tagalogs even further showed their compassion by making Rizal their God. In my opinion, Rizal may have saved us from the treacheries of the Spaniards. He may have opened our eyes to the Corrupt Friars. But his feat wasnt as great as Christ who suffered far worst. And saved all who believe in Him. After talking to different people, the narrators concluded that kanya kanyang rizal. This tells us that even if we have heard of a lot of stories about Jose Rizal. We may have different interpretation. Some may say Rizal might be stupid, some say he is really smart. Some may say Rizal was a martyr, some say he is a heretic. Due to a hundred or more years of time have passed many letters may have been burnt, torn. Many stories were passed from one ear to the other. With this known, I believe even if we have many interpretations of Rizal, one thing is sure about him. He wrote books which were recorded through time and letters kept through time. This showed the good and bad side of Rizal, of Course Mostly Good. We as readers and learners should understand another fact that Rizal makes mistakes. Even the smartest persons in the word could make mistakes. Even after many speculations, one thing is still the same, He is my Hero and our Hero. After see this movie, I saw a different take on Rizals Life. It is great seeing a different style, not like all the other who keep making executions. In their imagination, they talked to different people in Rizals Life. The actors were very good in portraying their roles. Story-wise, the deeper we get into this movie, the more we learn about Rizal and his Life.

I believe Rizal couldnt have signed the retraction paper. It is because knowing that he had nothing to lose but a marriage with Josephine, who if fact could not bear Rizal a child for bearing him a stillborn. After years of trying to get reforms, why would he just waste everything for a woman? Being a man of intelligence he would have thought it through and never give up the cause for freedom. Yet even IF somewhere over the course of history Rizal did sign the retraction paper, we as Filipinos would never accept this. We would look blindly upon this if fact because we would always believe him to be our savior from the Spaniards, savior from oppression and savior from colonial mentality, savior of Filipinos and our National Hero.