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Mains Transformer and Our Lives What is Mains Transformer?

The function of the mains transformer is a power transfer, voltage conversion and the insulating spacer, and as a major soft magnetic electromagnetic member in the power supply technology and power electronics technology, widely applied. Based on the size of the transmission power, power transformers can be divided into several files for high-power:

10kVA, 10kVA ~ 0.5kVA in power, 0.5kVA ~ 25VA small power 25VA or less for micro- power. Transmit power, the mains transformer design are not the same, it should be self- evident. Transformer 220v to 12v is common in our lives.

Components of Mains Transformer

The main transformer to be used in almost all electronic products, it is simple in principle but different requirements for transformer winding process will vary depending on the use of occasions (for different purposes). Mains transformer features: voltage conversion; impedance transformation; isolation; the regulator the (magnetic saturation transformer), etc., used transformer core shapes generally have the E-type and C-type core.

The most basic type of mains transformer is two sets of wound wire of the coil, and each other inductively that aggregate together. Coupling and the magnetic cross-stream wherein one set of coils when an alternating current (having a known frequency), is induced in another group of the coil will have the same frequency of the AC voltage, and the induction magnitude of the voltage depends on the two coils the extent of the chain.

Reasons for Almost Electronic Equipments Need Mains Transformer

A variety of electronic equipment have to use the mains transformers, the reasons are: to provide the various voltage level to ensure normal operation of the system; providing system to the different potentials of the operating portion to be electrically isolated; provide a high impedance of the AC current, but to provide a low impedance for DC; at different potentials, maintaining, or modification of the waveform and frequency response. "Impedance" of which an important concept, which is one of the electronic characteristic, which is the default one device When the circuit components impedance Department to change from a class to a class, during which even if used in a equipment - transformers. We are an advanced enterprise specializing in kinds of mains transformers producing. Established in 1999, we have more than 10 years rich experience, advanced factory, high technical production equipments & test equipments, and professional workers. As the professional manufacturer of customized mains transformers especially low transformers and EI transformer, we can produce customized mains transformers in different power and output/input current.