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colonie de vacances

I work / I am doing work You rest / You are sleeping We will leave / We will be leaving. We lived / We had been living French does not make this distinction in this way. "I go" and "I am going" are each translated as Je vais. So, "I'm heading to go away tomorrow" will be Je vais partir demain. If you want to indicate that an action was or is happening at a specific moment, there are two opportunities. 1 is with the preposition ??, as in: Nous sommes ?? travailler sur le dossier. (We are functioning on the file.) J'??tais ?? r??fl??chir sur la marche ?? suivre. (I was thinking about what to do subsequent.) The other probability is to use ??tre + en coach de + verb, as in: Elle orient en train de travailler. (She is studying at this very moment.) J'??tais en train d'??tudier quand le phone a sonn??. (I was studying when the telephone rang.) Pitfall # 3 French has a passive sort with ??tre that is just like the English equivalent with "to be": Le colis a ??t?? envoy?? ce matin. (The package deal was sent this morning.) English, however, has a design that appears passive but is not actually so. Laver la voiture To clean the vehicle Une voiture d'occasion A utilised car La date de naissance

Date of birth Faire demi-tour To switch back La pression des pneus The tyre strain Le pneu Tyre Impasse No by means of road Heuresement, il n'y a eu de blesses It was lucky no one was hurt Un court de tennis A tennis court Le services n'est pas compris Excluding the suggestion Le cuteau A knife Le trimester University phrase Donner un pourboire To give a idea France is the largest condition of Europe. There are numerous sightseeing towns nearby

France that are tourists' attractions all yr round. France becoming a single of the most strong countries, mostly depends on its tourism market. Below is a description from Lodges Fairy, about resorts in Troyes, Eguisheim and Provins which will aid you in guiding your journey to the medieval towns in France. Troyes Resorts: Troyes accommodations are acknowledged for their tranquil atmosphere that they have to offer. We give you a brief description about two of the Troyes Hotels Best Western De La Poste Resort Troyes This hotel is located in the heart of the historical town of Troyes and retains a three star rating. The overall setting of the hotel is equipped with ease and comfort and peace. There are different facilities including 32 nicely furnished rooms, a mini bar, Wi-Fi access, pet care and scrumptious cuisine. For each night fare starts from ??58. Resort Mercure Troyes Centre The resort holds a 4 star ranking and is superbly accomplished with a conventional inside welcoming all of its guests. The place of this hotel is ideal for the tourists as it is situated in the town's centre and almost all the tourists' sights like cinemas, theatres and buying places are in get to. Standard facilities consist of air conditioned rooms, automobile parking facility, and pet treatment. Eguisheim Lodges: A short comply with up of two of the Enguiseim accommodations is as follows: Resort Saint Hubert Eguisheim Thorough info about colonie de vacances can be discovered at main website.