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have thought a some days about this post here

and I have concluded to exclaim to you

that this dream was a Angelic encounter. (The man with Leprosy) And I will simply

profess to you that The Holy Spirit is trying reveal more to you. I believe that with your

enteraction with Frank

a deeper place of intamacy with Him through Jesus our Bridegroom King. In this place of

encountering Him

phrase (DAY AND NIGHT) then you will naturally or should I say, "supernaturally"

begin to look past peoples outer conditions ie; leprosy

see them as God sees them

waiting to be revealed

see God's mighty power the same power that raised Christ from the dead, operating through you to see the sick healed, and the outcast adopted into The House of The Father of Glory.

with the God's Glory

then you will unintentionally walk in ministry to others. You will


was a impartation that took place, and God is calling you to

ministering to Him and not people (see tabernacle of David and


"stereotypical low life sorts" to

Children/Bride whom He died for

This may not be the best interpretation of this dream

better Job

different and I am still hearing and seeing the same thing as the first time I wrote it


been some dramatic changes in your life or paradigms

was a Angelic encounter.

Im sure others could do a much

but i have waited for a couple weeks now try and hear and see something

I believe (having not been in contact with you) that since this dream, there has

After All


convinced this

Bless you with Every Spiritual Blessing In Heavenly Places, (Ephesians 1:3) Beau Million



Thank you for your perception of this dream of mine.

Whether this was an Angelic encounter- I do not know. I do believe God the Father reveals Himself through dreams. The agency of this revelationI have yet to determine with certainty. Not that I am not listening or open, but Spiritual dynamics and forces transcend what are the capabilities of finite minds, so our perceptions and interpretations of these may square with the fact of the revelation, but not be as literally engendered as our minds devise explanation. In other words, Angelic encounteror manipulation of my psyche by the Holy Spiritor other plausible explanation, it doesnt really matter. The factis God is revealing more.

I also believe that with my interaction with Frank. there was a impartation that took place.I have believed this for many years.

I believe that since this dream, there has been some dramatic changes in your life or paradigms. Yes - there are changes in the works, as I have hinted at in recent blogs. The paradigmshift, or change in mental processes, acquisition of a broader yet more clearly defined knowledgeof God, has been in process for many years. BUT, now appears to be coming exponentially more often and in depth of perception. Being so intimately

involved with myself, it is hard for me to recognize how I have changed, but I know I have. These are not changes, those who have been closest to me are comfortable with. As you will read in my latest blogs. I am in the process of a marital separation after thirty-one years of marriage. I am not seeking this, but it is being forced on me with the threat to either separateamicably OR face out right divorce litigation. For the sake of peaceand causing as little damage to my children as possible, I will leave and set up housekeeping as a bachelor. There are details that I could but wont go into. Just let it suffice, my wife and I are working mutually with each other, but she wants me out.

There is much that you express that parallels what I have believed myself - for some time. The howof realizing this has always been something I have wrestled with. But the fact is, it is not me who is responsible to make it happen. It is ALLHim.

There is just one thing I wish to remark on. When I use descriptions such as stereotypical low life sorts, this is not how I actually perceive them, but used only as a point of reference to communicate a common imagethat religious sorts would normally seek to avoid. The reality is, that I believe my wife, in her Evangelical religious standard, now perceives me as fitting into this stereotype (with some differences but essentially Ive lowered my standards - spiritually, manifesting in a different value system). By religious standards, she is probably right. But, as I am continuing to knowGod, I can not go back to play the religious social political game.

What you express about the manifestation of Gods power - You are not the only one to express this, But not in relation to this particular blog, but rather other communications and exchanges I have had with others longing to realize Him in their person.

It is a confusing time right now. A transition period I am just feeling my way through. I only try to be faithful. Faithfulness. Depending on your perception, that has always been a dominant strength, or weakness, in me. Not that I have not been faithful, but its results, are not always perceived as positive. Sometimes faithfulness costs.

Thanks for your insights. It is encouraging.

Bless you brother