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Online Clearance Application FAQ (January 17, 2013) The NBI online clearance application: http://nbi-online.

com/ What are the available payment options to be able to use the Online Application System? You need to have made a payment thru one of these: 1. GCash thru your Gcash account or the GCash payment center (For Gcash members, send the GCash payment to 28829175638053) 2. Pinoy Pera Padala thru PPP payment centers After paying thru the facilities mentioned above, you may already validate your reference no. in the online application.

Effective October 1, 2012, payments are already accepted with the P25 convenience fee (P140.00, P190.00, P440.00). This is the standard price of the eclearance.
Such payments may be used for validation for anyone. Each purpose has a designated price (you may view it here: NOTE: payments in excess or shortage will NOT be accepted and are considered void and forfeited. How do I complete the E-MAIL REGISTRATION & VALIDATION OF PAYMENT? To complete this step, you have to provide: 1. A valid e-mail address (an existing e-mail address which you can access and view the inbox/spam) 2. A valid Reference Number which you received through purchasing from a chosen payment facility Only by providing the details stated above will you be able choose the desired purpose of your clearance application and your payment validated. Click on the Validate button when you are done. If you have provided valid payment details and an appropriate purpose is chosen, you will be taken to the nbi-online registration page. Please complete this form for you to have a registered account in this website. Take note that the e-mail you provided will serve as your account username for this website. For applicants who have entered a non-existing or cannot-be-accessed e-mail address, please view the FAQ section below. How do I complete the REGISTRATION PAGE? To complete this step, you have to: 1. Enter the confirmation code provided in the e-mail message we sent to the e-mail address you provided in the previous page. 2. Please fill in the appropriate fields with the valid information. You can select from the drop down boxes if these are provided. 3. If you are a female who is either married, widowed or separated, then you have to enter your husbands surname 4. If you have an AKA with supporting documents, enter it in the field provided. 5. Click on the Complete my Registration button when you are already certain that you have entered the correct details completely. You wont be able to edit the information you provided here in the succeeding steps or go

back to this page after clicking the button. Important: All clearance under this account will contain the information you entered here, no other person/identity may be used under this account to get a clearance. 6. If you desire not to continue yet with the registration, you may click Cancel. When you have successfully completed this page, a confirmation message appears. Click OK to proceed to the PERSONAL INFORMATION/CLEARANCE APPLICATION page. Note: functions and performs better on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It works fine on Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) but does not work on IE8 or lower. How do I complete the PERSONAL INFORMATION/CLEARANCE APPLICATION page? To complete the PERSONAL INFORMATION/CLEARANCE APPLICATION PAGE: 1. Please fill in the fields with the appropriate details. You may leave some of the fields blank (e.g. AKA) if you cannot support it with the appropriate & valid documents. 2. If you wish to change the purpose of the clearance, you may do so by clicking on the green button, labeled with the purpose you have chosen, found in the Clearance History (found above the Personal Information section). A drop-down list will appear on which you can select the purpose of your choice. Click OK when you have chosen the purpose, otherwise if you wish not to change it, click CANCEL. You may do this again and again as long as the clearance/s has/have a status: Not yet submitted. 3. Click Update Info to save all the details you have provided even if you have not yet filled out the form completely. This ensures information you have entered is saved to your Personal Information. You may log back in anytime to complete whatever information needs to be entered. 4. Click Save to Clearance once you have completed the form and verified that it is correct and true. The information you provided and the purpose you have chosen will now be written into all the clearance/s with status: Not yet submitted, this will then change the Status to Saved. We strongly advise you not to purchase clearance/s for future use (e.g. for next year) as this will also be included in the saving process. The Print button will appear next to the clearance with status: Submitted. 5. Click on the Print button. This will open a webpage which you must print on a white sheet of paper. An email message will also be sent containing the same information you see here. This sheet is a requirement for you to be able to queue in the online clearance lane. 6. Remember to Sign Out when youre done. Click on Sign Out found at the top right area. 7. After you have printed the QR Code webpage on a white sheet of paper, schedule your appointment by sending a booking request via a text message. When you have made another payment transaction, you may enter your details by clicking on Add New Reference No. in this page. To be able to go back to this page, log in using your username and password. We strongly advise you not to go through the registration process again as this would be tedious for you and would defeat the purpose of having the PERSONAL INFORMATION/CLEARANCE APPLICATION page. How do I submit a BOOKING REQUEST? NBI CLEARANCE OUTLET ADDRESS NBI MAIN OFFICE U. N. Avenue, Ermita, Manila ROBINSONS PLACE ERMITA Basement I Ermita, Manila ROBINSONS OTIS Level 2 Guanzon St Paco, Mla ROBINSONS GALLERIA Basement I Ortigas Ave QC ROBINSONS METRO EAST Level 4 Marcos Hi-way Pasig ROBINSONS NOVALICHES Novaliches, Quezon City EVER GOTESCO MALL RECTO 3rd Flr Cinema 3 Recto Ave, Mla EVER COMMONWEALTH 2nd Flr Cinema I Comm., QC

8AM-5PM 10AM-7PM 10AM-7PM 10AM-7PM 10AM-7PM 10AM-7PM 8AM-5PM 8AM-5PM


Key in: BOOK<space>Ref#<space>LocationCode<space>MMDDYYYY<space>HHMM<space>Name Sample: BOOK AAAABT9 NBIMAIN 11202011 0800 Juan dela Cruz Send to: 09175638054
[HHMM is the time you desire to go to the eClearance center of your choice (e.g. 0800 for 8AM, 1400 for 2PM)]

The Reference Number refers to the Reference Number that you received from the payment facility. Note: All clearance center stated above is open Monday-Friday (except on holidays). How do I know this site is secured?

Any personal information you will be entering here goes through the highest level of protection provided by the ExtendedSSL from the world-class industry leader - GlobalSign. What do I do if I commit a mistake in entering my information? In the registration page:

You must purchase a new reference no. and validate it with a different e-mail address. This is considered an applicants error, not of the NBI Clearance personnel. The NBI is not liable for the mistake and is not obligated to correct it. In the personal information/clearance page:

You can edit your personal and application details as long as you have not clicked on the Save to Clearance button. But if you have already clicked on Save to Clearance and pressed OK in the warning dialog box, you must purchase a new reference no. and validate it under your account. A new clearance entry will be made for you to input the correct information. This is considered an applicants error, not of the NBI Clearance personnel. The NBI is not liable for the mistake and is not obligated to correct it. What if I made the wrong payment? We have been very clear in notifying you regarding the price of the eClearance, so you must comply with the instructions. Payments with the wrong amount will not be accepted or validated in The wrong payment is considered void and forfeited. You must purchase a new reference no. with the correct amount. Why does this message keep on appearing? Please make sure you have not mistyped your reference number and mobile no./date registered. Please email the following information to with the subject payment validation error: For the Gcash transaction: GCash reference no. Date of transaction Amount paid Scanned copy of your GCash receipt For the PPP transaction: PPP reference no. Date of Birth Amount paid Scanned copy of your PPP receipt

They will assist you w/in 24 hours. How do I save and submit my application? When you have not yet completely filled out your information, you may press the Update Info button. This will save what you have filled out partially and you may fill it out completely next time. Clicking on Save to Clearance confirms that you have completed all the information and will proceed to the printing of your QR Code printout. You can no longer make changes to your information after you do this. Can I have multiple clearances in my nbi-online account? Yes, you can have as many clearances with only your identity under your account. Please be advised that all clearance under your account can only contain one identity and cannot be used for another identity to apply for a clearance. You may enter as much reference no.s as you want under your account. You need to have paid via the available payment facilities before being able to add a new reference no. I have completed my information; can I claim my clearance already? Before going to the NBI clearance center, please print the QR code sheet by clicking the print button. The print button only appears after you have clicked on the Save to Clearance button. Upon pressing the print button, you will be transferred to the QR CODE webpage (a Print button will be provided for you to click). Please print this page to serve as your QR Code Printout. Now that I have my QR code printout, where do I go? Bring the QR code printout along with your valid ID (and passport/ACR if youre a foreigner; if you have AKA, then bring supporting documents). You can book an appointment at the NBI Clearance center of your choice (Please refer to Present the QR code printout once youve arrived at the clearance center then proceed to the eClearance lane. Reminders: Anyone wearing sleeveless shirt (includes sando), shorts or sandals will not be allowed to enter the NBI Clearance center. I did not receive a BOOKING confirmation code, what should I do? Please email the SMS booking request to (Subject should be No response from booking request) Your request will be processed within 24 hours and an email reply will be sent to you with further instructions. I did not receive a confirmation code after email validation in the website, what should I do? Please send the following details to (Subject should be Confirmation code not received) Email address you entered Reference No. Amount Paid Your request will be processed within 24 hours and an email reply will be sent to you with further instructions. I have a validated payment but the email address I entered was misspelled, can I have it corrected? Please send the following details to (Subject should be Correction of misspelled email address) Email address you entered Reference No. Amount Paid

Your request will be processed within 24 hours and an email reply will be sent to you with further instructions. What do I do if I forgot my password? Enter your email address in and fill in the blanks then click Retrieve Password. Further instructions will be sent to you on how to get your new password. Error notifications and what these mean 1. A connection to the server could not be established (###). Please There are some instances when the server does not accept the websites request for processing. Please follow the instructions presented in the error notification. We recommend you to clear your browser cache first before entering the details and resubmitting the form or webpage.

2. If youre viewing this page, either: 1. You have not 2. A connection There are some instances when either: the websites connection to the main server is not possible, offline, being upgraded, or we are having our scheduled update. A link is provided so you can go back to the websites main page, it will return to the websites main page once the server is back online.

3. This website is currently undergoing repairs and updates. Please come back on or after

The website is currently being fixed and updated to provide you a better experience when its back online.

4. If you are viewing this message, then an error has been encountered in the registration process. Please send your citizenship, gender, date of birth, place of birth, given name, (maiden) middle name and (maiden) surname to Further instructions will be sent to your e-mail address within 24 hours. We need you to send the information by following the instructions stated in the error message. Await further instructions in your e-mail w/in 24 hours.