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Control of Non-Conforming Products


EKL-QA- P-03
Rev. 00 October 10, 2007

The purpose of this procedure is to provide a system to assign responsibilities for identification, segregation (if practical), documentation, evaluation and disposal of non-conforming process, product or service. 2. SCOPE This procedure shall be applicable to all non-conformities pertaining to raw materials, in-process materials, finished products and services, customer complaints, non-conformities identified during internal or external audits. 3. REFERENCE ISO 9001 Clause 8.3 EKL Quality Manual Section 8.3 4. DISTRIBUTION 1 Managing Director 2 Works Manager 3 Projects Site 5. RESPONSIBILITIES 5.1 5.2 6. Works Manager / Project Manager /Head Projects are responsible to ensure that this procedure is implemented in the company. MR is the procedure owner for this procedure. 4 Karachi Office 5 Concerned Department 6 MR 7 8 Online Head Office Online works

PROCEDURE 6.1 Any person within organization can identify the non-conformity and shall inform QC Representative at Works/Site who shall be responsible for raising NCR (Non-Conformance Report) on EKL-QA-F-0301. Log of Non-Conformance Reports shall be maintained on form EKL-QA-F-0303. I/C QC Works/Site shall forward NCR to the Incharge of concerned department for corrective and preventive action. I/C Production and I/C Stores are responsible to ensure identification, segregation (where appropriate) of non-conforming product. This is done by placing an inspection / test status tag and where applicable by segregating the product, segregated non-conforming product shall be clearly identified by placing it in Non-Conforming Materials area, or placing a suitable tag / sticker.

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Control of Non-Conforming Products


EKL-QA- P-03
Rev. 00 October 10, 2007

Works Manager/Project Manager/ I/C QC shall reviews product / service related non-conformities and gives a disposal decision. The disposal decision could be one of the following; 7.1.1 Rework to meet the specified requirements. 7.1.2 Accepted as it is. 7.1.3 Accept with approved concession. 7.1.4 Scrap / Reject /Abandon. 7.1.5 Return to Supplier / Customer, in case of material supplied by a Supplier and/ or Customer.


Disposal decisions are documented on EKL-QA-F-0301. 7.2.1 If the corrective action requires rework, the product / service shall be inspected again and recorded. 7.2.2 In case of a non-conformity requiring concession, customer is contacted and its approval is obtained. 7.2.3 The customer is informed on EKL-QA-F-0301 which describes non-conformity and repairs carried out, if any. 7.2.4 Record of customers approval is maintained in such cases on form EKL-QA-F-0302.


Document No. EKL-QA-F-0301 EKL-QA-F-0302 EKL-QA-F-0303 Document Name Non-Conformance Report Customers Approval of a Non-Conformance Log of Non-Conformance Report Maintained by Retention Period 5 years 5 years 5 years



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