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Here is your opportunity to share your story in a special Online and print package!

Special advertising opportunity for 2013 BEA nominees.

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Sample Tabloid Sizes & Costs. Special prices for this event only! Prices are plus HST
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special prices for this event only! Participation Agreement FULL COLOUR included in pricing! YES, we would like to take part in this unique promotional opportunity. Please reserve space in The Windsor Stars special Tabloid Section promoting the 23rd Annual Business Excellence Awards, which will be published on Monday, April 22, 2012. We would like to purchase advertising space based on option # _________ .

Billing Information
Company Name: ______________________________________________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________________________________________ City: ________________________________ Province: _____________________ Postal Code: _______________ E-mail Address: _____________________________________Web site: ___________________________________ Contact for follow-up:__________________________ Title: ____________________________________________ Phone: ________________________________ Fax: _______________________ P.O. #:_____________________

In order to participate, please fax back this agreement by Wednesday, April

10, 2013 to:

The Windsor Star

Fax: 519-255-5778
For more information, please contact

your Windsor Star Sales Representative or call 519-255-5720

The Windsor Star reserves the right to adjust the date of publication.

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LaSalle Community Healthcare Centre

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Why Advertise in The Windsor Star Business Excellence Awards Section

Inexpensive: The Windsor Star gives you the best value for your advertising investment by maintaining a low cost per thousand based on printing and distribution volumes, a fact that no other publication in Windsor & Essex County can claim! Reach: The Windsor Star can reach more residents in Windsor-Essex than most other media for a total of over 130,000 readers. Windsorstar. com consistently delivers an average of over 9.8 million page views each and every month, making this by far the strongest local website in the region. This section will be featured in our Special Features section on the home page for several days. Targeted Environment: The Windsor Star Business Excellence Awards special feature will be packed with stories and photos on all the nominees giving you the ideal opportunity to directly promote your products and services to this targeted business community. Proven: The Windsor Star continues to get results and has been chosen by the Chamber of Commerce as the exclusive program of The Business Excellence Awards for the last 23 years.