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At our board meeting, the division president called it the most significant management tool ever developed at our company."
--Kevin Hogge, CFO, CRC Health Group

Senturus is a business systems and software consulting firm specializing solely in the delivery of Corporate Performance Management solutions. Our objective is to help our clients achieve more efficient and effective operations by providing executive decisionmakers with automated, realtime visibility into the key performance indicators most pertinent to their business. The Senturus team possesses a compelling combination of skills and experience: technical expertise, strategic vision and senior management experience. We understand our clients' long-term strategies, as well as short-term goals, and design solutions to support them.

CRC Health Group

CRC Health Group (, the nations leading provider of behavioral health treatment services, owns and operates approximately 160 facilities across 30 states. CRC provides a broad range of rehabilitation services in diverse settings: outpatient clinics, psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment facilities, therapeutic boarding schools, plus weight management centers, schools and camps.

Growth through acquisition of autonomous organizations. Diverse financial applications and data sources. No consistency of labor best practices, job codes. Difficult to roll up labor data for analysis.

Senturus integrated payroll data from ADP with other business data from in-house systems to develop a Business Intelligence solution that: Enables analysis of staffing patterns, staffing composition. Provides comparison of labor costs based on normalized peer groups, across facilities, cities, states and regions. Offers drill-down capability by business segment, region, subregion, and individual facility. Streamlines job codes and compensation strategies. Discovers anomalies and outliers, hidden costs. Enables sharing of labor best practices. Allows regional and facility management to proactively address staff reductions and hiring at the local level. Eliminates manual data extraction and manipulation. Aligns management decision making, with a single source of truth.

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We are literally cutting millions of dollars a year of the savings are astronomical from that perspective. --CRC CRC found that the Senturus solution gives them consistent visibility into true labor costs, enabling business leaders to make better decisions, leading to more efficient operations and improved profitability.
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