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1. The major trading product that was monopolized by the Potugese during their
intervention was _____________ A. Gold B. Oil C. Tin D. Spice

2. The Straits of Settlement was established in 1828 and consisted of Penang,

Singapore and ____________________. A. Kedah B. Malacca C. Kelantan D. Johore

3. The Federated Malay states consisted of Pahang, Perak, Negeri Sembilan and

A. Kedah
B. Pahang C. Selangor D. Kelantan

4. The concept of national integration refers to A. B. C. D. Unity among races. Unity among races based on inner ties. Cultural unity. Relationship based on location.

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5. A society develops from individual, family, race and finally a group of

______________ A. Strangers B. Senators C. Population D. Students

6. _______________ is defined as a network of knowledge consisting of learned

routines of thinking, feeling and interacting with other people. A. Invention B. Development C. Unity D. Culture


______________ intervention by the British before independence was on a private mode and covered only limited aspects of peoples life. A. Legal B. Direct C. Indirect D. Unexpected

8. Before the Japanese invasion, the British army believed the Japanese would start
attack Malaya through _________. A. Indonesia B. Singapore C. Siamese D. Riau

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9. The __________________ established the Malayan Peoples Anti-Japanese Army

(MPAJA) to fight the Japanese Army. A. British B. Malays C. Indians D. Chinese

10. During

the Japanese Occupation, the Japanese _______________________ system in Malaya.



A. Socialist Government B. Military Government C. Democratic Government D. Republican Government

11. Malacca was well known as a____________ centre. A. B. C. trade fishing mines D. agriculture

Questions no 12-16 are based from the table below. Identify the answer by writing A (British), B (Dutch), C (Japanese) or D (Portuguese) based on the following statement given. 12. 13. 14. 15 16 Statements They allowed free trade to Malacca. They occupied Malaya for 3 years. They introduced Federated and Non Federated Malay States. The main objective of their invasion was to set up the New Great East Asia government. Certain words for example almari and tuala originated from their language.

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17. The __________________ sent a special team headed by Micheal Moore to conduct
a survey in Sabah and Sarawak. A. Japanese Administration B. People Action Party ( PAP) C. Indonesian Government

D. United Nations

18. A ____________ is a collection of measures and guidelines for regulating the administration of a country. A. Rule B. Culture C. Society D. Constitution 19. Among the matters in the constitution are _______________, rights and responsibilities of various parties including the government and the people? A. Minutes of a meeting B. Entertainment procedure C. Basic Freedom D. Urban Planning

20. Choose the important matters of the Malaysian Constitution from the statements below: I Citizenship II - Personal matters III Judiciary IV General Election A. I,II, and III B. II, III and IV C. I, III and IV D. All of the above

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21. The Constitution of Malaysia was born in ________________

A. 1957 B. 1962 C. 1963 D. 1965 22. Choose the features of the Malaysian Constitution from the statements below; I Malaysia is a Federation II Malaysia is a Constitutional Monarchy III Hindu is the official religion of Malaysia IV Malaysia practices Parliamentary Democracy A. I, II and III B. II, III and IV, C. I, II and IV D. All of the above

23. The _____________ Education Policy, a more formal, systematic and long-term
policy had earlier laid down language as the unifying corner stone and this became the educational objective in post-independent Malaya. A. Tun Razak B. Tun Dr. Mahathir C. Tun Hussein Onn D. Dato Onn

24. The Constitution of Malaysia is made up of the Federal Constitution and the
___________ Constitution A. City B. District C. Region D. State

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25. The ______________ is considered the Lingua Franca that was widely used
during the golden age of Malacca. A. Arabic Language

B. Cantonese Language
C. Malay Language D. Persian Language

26. _____________ have the power to handle cases involving members of the armed
forces. A. Syariah Courts B. Juvenile Courts C. Military Courts D. Industrial Courts

27. The Legislative Body at the Federal level is known as ___________________ A. Cabinet B. State Legislative Assembly C. Parliament D. Ministry

28. The judgments and punishments decided upon by the _______________ do not
take into account nor are they influenced by the status, rank, race, religion or descent of the individual. A. Constitution B. Judiciary C. Ministers D. Prime Minister

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29. Through the law parliament can also delegate the implementation of the executive
duties to other people, such as the _________________, the Public Services as well as the Immigration and Customs. A. General Election Commission B. Internal Security Act C. National Economic Policy D. National Agricultural Policy

30. The Council of Rulers was first set up at with the formation of the ________ in
1948. A. Malaysian Constitution B. Cobbold Commission C. Federation of Malaya D. Malayan Union

31. Which of the following statements is TRUE relating to the Struggle of Independence
by the Malays? I . British agreed with the idea of the Malays dominating the government II. The Federation of Malaya was formed on the 1 February 1948 III. UMNO, MCA and MIC had formed a union called Alliance IV. The Chinese and Indians were not allowed to participate in politics

A. I and II B. II and III C. III and IV D. I, II and III

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32. _____________________ claimed Malaysia to be a new kind of political structure

that would ignore Indonesias interest and spirit of the Malay Archipelago. A. Tunku Abdul Rahman B. Macapagal C. Sukarno D. British

33. Indonesia launched a movement of confrontation which started __________

A. 1956 B. 1966 C.1967



Question 34 is based on the statement below.

The two distinguished Houses are the State Legislative Council and the House of Representatives

34. The candidate who contests in a State Legislative Council is known as a candidate
of one of the following : A. State Cabinet

B. State Executive Council

C. State Legislative Assembly D. State Representatives Council

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35. Two countries were against the idea of Malaysian Federation. A. Brunei, Thailand B. Philippines, Thailand C. Indonesia, Philippines D. Singapore, Thailand

36. The main function of Executive is __________________. A. To enforce laws B. To amend laws C. To enact laws D. To interpret laws 37. Interpretation of constitution and laws are under the responsible of _____________. A. The Judiciary B. The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong C. The Legislature D. The Executive 38. All the statements below are the main provisions in Malaysian Constitution EXCEPT A. Citizenship B. Language C.Education D.Fundamental Freedoms

39. Members of this organization were under British Empire and they recognized the British sovereign as the Head of the organization. membership of ______________. A. The UN (United Nations Organization) B. The Commonwealth C.The OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) D.The NAM (Non-aligned Nations) This statement explains the

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(Question 40 43) Complete the table below; Defense Muslim Law Scholarship Federal Government \

Power of Federal and State Government 40.____________ State Government Concurent List




Question 44 is based on the statement below.

Among the functions of this body is to draw up, amend and pass laws.

44. Which of the following BEST refer to the statement above?

A. Judiciary B. Parliament C. Council of Rulers D. Public Service Commission

45. The chief of the Executive body in Malaysia is ____________________ A. Prime Minister
B. Chief Secretary

C. Lord Chief Justice Page 10 of 16

D. Deputy Minister


Choose the INCORRECT statement on Election in Malaysia from the statements below.

A. A voter must be a Malaysian citizen. B. Political campaigns are allowed during election. C. Banners are used during election. D. The first general election was held in 1977.

Question 47 is based on the statement below.


Which of the following BEST refers to Document C?

A. Malayan Union Constitution B. Federal Constitution of Malaysia C. Constitution of the Federation of Malaya. D. Federal Constitution 1957

Question 48 is based on the diagram below.

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Majlis Perbandaran Sungai Petani, Kedah

Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya

Residents Office of Kapit Division, Sarawak

Majlis Daerah Kuala Langat, Selangor


Above are some of the examples of

A. Local government bodies B. Federal government bodies C. District government bodies D. State government bodies


The laws that are approved in the Parliament can be enforced by the


A. Syariah Court B. Organization of Islamic Countries

C. Ruling Government

Question 50 is based on the statement below. One of the unique charateristics of Malaysian politics is the role of the hereditary rulers.


Which of the following key term BEST suits the system above?

A. Conference of Rulers Page 12 of 16

B. Yang di-Pertuan Agong

C. Constitutional monarchy D. Parliamentary democracy


Which of the following statements is TRUE?

A. Arabic Language is the national language in Malaysia

B. English Language is not allowed to be practiced in Malaysia C. Malay Language is used for all official purposes especially dealings with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong D. Mandarin Language is widely practiced by the Indians


The important functions of the Election Commission are as below EXCEPT A. To penalize or fine candidates who are involved in wrong doings during elections. B. To declare the winners of the elections to public.

C. To conduct the national election or by-election. D. To register voters 18 years old and above.


A by-election can be held in the case of

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I. Death of the representative. II. Representative resigned from the post. III. Representative dismissed from the post.

IV. End of a five-year term.

A. I and III only B. I, II and III only C. I, II and IV only D. All of the above

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(Questions 54 63) Match the statements with the correct organization.


No. 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63

for for for for

Non-Aligned Movement Commonwealth United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Association of South East Asian Nations

This organization consists of 11 member countries. This organization improves the level of cooperation in education and culture to create world unity and welfare Member countries in this organization declared ZOPFAN. Most of this organizations activities are in Africa This organization was established under the Bangkok Declaration. The strategic programme under this organization is called as South-South Cooperation Tunku Abdul Rahman was elected as the first Secretary General for this organization. Five countries founded this organization. The issue of Antarctica as Common World Heritage was being handled by this organization. Malaysia hosted the 13th summit for this organization in year 2003.

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(Question 64 70) Match the following statements with the correct contents of National and Economic Policies.

A. National Agricultural Policy B. National Privatisation Policy C. National Development Policy D. National Unity Policy

64. Nationhood programmes in educational institutions like schools and universities

were organized through this policy. 65. The objective of this policy is to strengthen social, economic and political stability.

66. One of the activities is Management Contract. 67. One of the purposes is to develop agricultural land by using high and effective

68. FELDA and FELCRA help the people in the opening and development of new land. 69. One of the strategies is to introduce modern agricultural technology and more
effective management.

70. The Privatization Master Plan (PMP) was planned to foster understanding in the
public and private sector.

(Question 71 100): SECTION B (TRUE OR FALSE) Instruction: Shade A for TRUE and B for FALSE

(30 MARKS)

71. National Development Policy was introduced by the Malaysian government on

17 June 1991 to replace the New Economic Policy ? 72. According to the Malaysian Constitution, all states were to have the Sultans as the Constitutional Head except Perak and Terengganu.

73. The riot between Chinese and Malays happened on the 1st of July 1972.
74. The British Government used elections as a test of unity in the country with the promise that independence would only be granted if the citizens of the country were united.

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75. The struggle for independence in the country can be divided into two phases: the struggle with bloodshed and the struggle through negotiation. 76. There are two types of election in Malaysia.

77. Political structure of Malaysia factor did not influence Malaysias foreign policies.
78. Malaysia is a country which practices Parliamentary Democracy. 79. Alliance Party won 50 seats in the first General Election. 80. According to Merdeka Constitution, all states were to have the Sultans as the Constitutional Head except Penang and Johore.

81. 13th May 1969 riot saw a major misunderstanding between Chinese and Malays.
82. Malaysia is a country multi cultural society.

83. Citizenship laws actually began to be made for this country in 1988.
84. Malaysia has been an independent country for 56 years.

85. A person who is Malay by birth, but is not a Muslim is not recognized as Malay and
does not qualify to receive any of the special rights under Article 153.

86. The non -Malay communities established UMNO to oppose the formation of the
Federation of Malaya on 1 February 1948. 87. The laws can only be enforced after it has been approved by parliament. 88. Malayan Union was formed by British.

89. The head of the sultanate state is a Sultan. 90. Malaysian Constitution provides where a person is arrested he shall be informed
as soon as may be of the grounds of his arrest and shall be allowed to consult and be defended by a legal practitioner of his choice. 91. Malaysian Constitution provides no person shall be held in slavery.

92. Malaysia gained independence on the 31st August 1977. 93. The term Muslims in Malaysia is limited only to the Malays. 94. There are eight Federal Territories in Malaysia. 95. Malaysias Fifth Plan was to develop the country from year 2001-2005. 96. The Multimedia Super Corridor is a universal symbol of Malaysias stride towards
advancement in science and technology.

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97. Vision 2020 was being planned by Tun Hussein Onn our third Prime Minister in
1980. 98. Tunku Abdul Rahman was the first Secretary General of Organization of Islamic Council (OIC).

99. Cabinet meetings are normally held on Monday six times a year. 100. Malaysia is a country which consists of a Plural Society.


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