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Preface: In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful. All praise is to Allah the Creator and the Cherisher of this Universe, and He peace and blessings be on to His Last and Final Prophet and Messenger Mohammad and to family and companions of prophet. After that. It was almost a year when I published the last list of my dialogs with Non Muslims on the threads of TOPIX. That was Vol.8 in that series of dialogs. I had imagined that it would be my last such list, but as they say, old habits die hard, I kept on keeping secret file of some dialogs which I thought needed to be preserved. A list of 260-275 such questions and answers were compiled over the period of last year and they are now published on SCRIBD for benefits of those who did not read them on TOPIX. It is not possible to avoid duplication of Questions and Answers from the previous eight series as people basically pose the same basic questions about Islam and Muslims, over and over again. I therefore cannot say that all the answers are unique and not covered in the earlier series. But may be some new arguments and some side issues have been added. People may find that my answers are a bit longer and more space is given for the questions. I have presented this series into three forms. The first one is the Master List which lists all Questions and answers in a tabular form. Then from this two other volumes are formed, called 9B and 9C, which present the questions and answers in book form. As I have mentioned in the preface of each series, that these are not Authentic answers from Islamic Scholar but from some one who is a student of Islam and limited in both knowledge and understanding. So If I make any mistake in my answers, I seek forgiveness and Pardon from Allah and if my answers are correct, then it is a Mercy from Allah. I wish that these answers would give information to those who read this type of dry literature. Moiz Uddin Qidwai Jubail, Jan 10, 2013

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Chapter-1 On Islam Part-1 , Islam Muslims and their beliefs

[QUOTE who="Badsis"] Q1 So, you have never heard of Genealogy? And, um...WHAT? Obviously, you need to re-read previous posts. How can you even debate religious text when you cannot understand my simple words? Never mind, I'll reiterate for you. I can use genealogy to trace myself back to my great, great Grandfather. This is a tool that we have today but not back when Abraham would've existed. Meaning that I can do that today in 2012 C.E but it's kinda really hard to do it for someone who may or may not have existed back in, what? 4000 B.C.E? It's not bias, it's a simple fact. [/QUOTE] Ans. What is the value of a Genealogy Table, if you cannot prove its truth? The DNA and other proofs you people are asking today, if applied then you cannot prove that any body existed before 200 odd years. Why genealogy did not exist in the time of Abraham or Noah? Do you mean to say that in those days no one knew or cared to know who there parents and great parents were? What is the source of this new information? The ONLY problem is how that info was transmitted to us and how authentic and accurate is the transfer. And one test for that is that there should not be any contradiction and discrepancies in the ancient manuscripts that we have today. But it is strange that you people believe in the existence of Aristotle , Socrates, Pythagoras and other philosophers and not on the existence of Moses and Jesus and other prophets of God. What is your proof that those Philosophers actually existed?

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[QUOTE who="NQ"] Q2 I would like to present to you that this idea is also a basic concept in the Bible. But here are some more verses from the Quran that alludes to the charge given to Adam, the first man on the earth. Now I do not know which particular translations are acceptable to you, but I will do the best I can. These show that the Quran states that God made Adam to be the caretaker and make decisions for the earth, on the earth. But in agreement with the Bible account, he allowed himself to be taken away from obeying God. Thy Lord said to the angels: 'I will create a vicegerent on earth.Al-Baqarah [2]:30. He Who has made everything which He has created Most Good: He began the creation of man with (nothing more than) clay . . . But He fashioned him in due proportion, and breathed into him something of His spirit.Al-Sajdah [32]:7, 9. Surely We created man of the best stature.Al-Tīn [95] We said: O Adam! dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden; and eat of the bountiful things therein as (where and when) ye will; but approach not this tree, or ye run into harm and transgression.Al-Baqarah [2]:35. Gardens of Eden underneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide for ever. Ṭa-Ha [20]:76. Then did Satan make them slip from the (Garden), and get them out of the state (of felicity) in which they had been.Al-Baqarah [2]:36. Thus did Adam disobey his Lord, and allow himself to be seduced.Ṭa-Ha [20]:121. 2. May I ask you, though, where you get this phrase of "original idea"? [/QUOTE] Ans. Thank you for Quoting so many Quranic Verses on the subject of Adam. I mentioned only one verse, since we agreed to go to one point at a time. I mentioned that it is an "Original Idea" because there is no such Idea in Bible that humans were to be Vicegerent on earth. It spoke about his dominion and power but not this term.

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You could say that it was implied. But how our prophet who did not know how to read and write got such a deep knowledge about Bible without any human teacher? Shall I proceed to the next point in our discussion? [QUOTE who="Dave"] Q. 3 Correct me if Im wrong, but Allah supposedly loves all the people of the world equally, but he only grants Muslims perpetual ownership of land? [/QUOTE] Ans. Yes Allah loves all His Creations, and probably you do not know what Muslim means. A Muslim means one who submits his or her will to Allah. Therefore all prophets were muslims and so were their dedicated followers. And Allah says that Our righteous servants shall inherit the earth (the same thing as said by David and Jesus Meek shall inherit the earth). God distributes His Earth to whomsoever He wishes, but we do not know what is His Will and what is His Wish. So we stick to any land that He gives or gave us at any period of our history. Lest we should be branded as ones who squandered the Gift from Allah.

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[QUOTE who="Shielaa"] Q4 I am not making excuses I am not worshipping this name what are you talking about? You asked me to explain this name I never said I believed in it. Before you accuse me make sure you know what you are talking about. I can prove that the name allah was a moon god so don't start on me. This name Jehovah is used by JW's. I am not a JW so get your facts right!!!!! 2. It should not come as a surprise that the word "Allah" was not something invented by Muhammad or revealed for the first time in the Quran. The well-known Middle East scholar H.A.R. Gibb has pointed out that the reason that Muhammad never had to explain who Allah was in the Quran is that his listeners had already heard about Allah long before Muhammad was ever born (Mohammedanism: An Historical Survey, New York: Mentor Books, 1955, p.38). Dr. Arthur Jeffery, one of the foremost Western Islamic scholars in modern times and professor of Islamic and Middle East Studies at Columbia University, notes: "The name Allah, as the Quran itself is witness, was well known in pre-Islamic Arabia. Indeed, both it and its feminine form, Allat, are found not infrequently among the theophorous names in inscriptions from North Africa" (Islam: Muhammad, and His Religion, New York: The Liberal Arts Press, 1958, p. 85). The word "Allah" comes from the compound Arabic word, al-ilah. Al is the definite article "the" and ilah is an Arabic word for "god." It is not a foreign word. It is not even the Syriac word for God. It is pure Arabic.(There is an interesting discussion of the origins of Allah, in "Arabic Lexicographical Miscellanies" by J. Blau in the Journal of Semitic Studies, Vol. XVII,#2, 1972, pp. 173-190). Neither is Allah a Hebrew or Greek word for God as found in the Bible. Allah is a purely Arabic term used in reference to an Arabian deity. Hastings' Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics I:326, T & T Clark, states: '"Allah" is a proper name, applicable only to their [Arabs'] peculiar God.' According to the Encyclopedia of Religion: '"Allah" is a pre-Islamic name ... corresponding to the Babylonian Bel'(Encyclopedia of Religion, I:117 Washington DC, Corpus Pub., 1979). To be continued For those who find it hard to believe that Allah was a pagan name for a peculiar pagan Arabian deity in pre-Islamic times, the following quotations may be helpful:

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"Allah is found ... in Arabic inscriptions prior to Islam" (Encyclopedia Britannica, I:643). "The Arabs, before the time of Mohammed, accepted and worshipped, after a fashion, a supreme god called Allah" (Encyclopedia off Islam, I:302, Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1913, Houtsma). "Allah was known to the pre-Islamic ... Arabs; he was one of the Meccan deities" (Encyclopedia off Islam, I:406, ed. Gibb). "Ilah ... appears in pre-Islamic poetry ... By frequency of usage, al-ilah was contracted to Allah, frequently attested to in pre-Islamic poetry" (Encyclopedia off Islam, III:1093, 1971). "The name Allah goes back before Muhammad" (Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend, I:41, Anthony Mercatante, New York, The Facts on File, 1983). "The origin of this (Allah) goes back to pre-Muslim times. Allah is not a common name meaning "God" (or a "god"), and the Muslim must use another word or form if he wishes to indicate any other than his own peculiar deity" (Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, I:326, Hastings). To the testimony of the above standard reference works, we add those of such scholars as Henry Preserved Smith of Harvard University who has stated: "Allah was already known by name to the Arabs" (The Bible and Islam: or, The Influence of the Old and New Testament on the Religion of Mohammed, New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1897, p. 102). Dr. Kenneth Cragg, former editor of the prestigious scholarly journal Muslim World and an outstanding modern Western Islamic scholar, whose works are generally published by Oxford University, comments: "The name Allah is also evident in archeological and literary remains of pre-Islamic Arabia" (The Call of the Minaret, New York: Oxford University Press, 1956, p. 31). Dr. W. Montgomery Watt, who was Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Edinburgh University and Visiting Professor of Islamic studies at College de France, Georgetown University, and the University of Toronto, has done extensive work on the pre-Islamic concept of Allah. He concludes: "In recent years I have become increasingly convinced that for an adequate understanding of the career of Muhammad and the origins of Islam great importance must be attached to the existence in Mecca of belief in Allah as a "high god." In a sense this is a form of paganism, but it is so different from paganism as commonly understood that it deserves separate treatment" (William Montgomery Watt, Muhammad's Mecca, p. vii. Also see his article, "Belief in a High God in Pre-Islamic Mecca", Journal of Semitic Studies, Vol. 16, 1971, pp. 35-40). Caesar Farah in his book on Islam concludes his discussion of the pre-Islamic

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meaning of Allah by saying: "There is no reason, therefore, to accept the idea that Allah passed to the Muslims from the Christians and Jews" (Islam: Beliefs and Observations, New York, Barrons, 1987, p. 28). According to Middle East scholar E.M. Wherry, whose translation of the Quran is still used today, in pre-Islamic times Allah-worship, as well as the worship of Ba-al, were both astral religions in that they involved the worship of the sun, the moon, and the stars (A Comprehensive Commentary on the Quran, Osnabruck: Otto Zeller Verlag, 1973, p. 36). [/QUOTE] Ans. No Comments

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[QUOTE who="Buildme"] Q. 5 I for one know who Allah is he's just the muslim god let's be realistic here, but with all jokes aside, and I see that all of you are arguing about non sense let's ask the real question, and that's how comes we can't get along? Why is religion dividing us? I'm a practicing spiritualist ,and I love my beliefs but I wouldn't force it onto anyone. If you want to know my beliefs then feel free to message me or get in contact with me and I'll share it with you I believe in animism, and I also believe in spirits and I'm a sorcerer to some they might call my beliefs extreme, but to me it's a way of life and it frees me from the crap that you all argue about! I recommend that you all read "How to overcome fear, and start living fearless" it is sure to open your eyes and I bet then you'll understand everything! go to Amazon and get that book

[/QUOTE] Ans. You pose a question, why religions are dividing us, and then you gave your own answer that "Allah is a God of Muslims" In the same way you will say God is for Christian and YHWH the God for Jews and Ishwar the God of Hindus and so on. So as many languages are spoken there will be as many God s!! Is that the scheme to join religions or divide them? You should not look at the names but you should look at the attributed. In Arabic Allah is the name of Unique Creator Sustainer and Cherisher of this universe. There is no other Creator in the Universe beside Him. He has all good qualities and attributes. And He has most beautiful names in Arabic and in all languages of the world. It is when we talk and thing in this way we can remove the hatred and misconceptions against each is then we see that God, Allah, YHWH and Ishwar are same Unique Creator of Universe and no one else.

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This approach will unite us and not divide us. But sadly most people want that divisions should continue and be encouraged rather than Gap being narrowed down. And now you come along with you own "theory of Spiritualism".such type of specialty religions are like mushrooms that grow in the wild. A few people gather together and start a new movement and new religion and try to look down on all other groups and religions and divide humans once more. While they think that they are uniting humanity!!

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[QUOTE who="Keith"] Q6 01. Did the Arabs built temples to the Moon-god? 02. Was the title "al-ilah" (the god) used of the Moon-god? 03. Was the crescent moon an ancient pagan symbol of the Moon-god throughout the ancient world? [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. Arabs in their pagan days might have erected temples for the worship of sun, moon, stars and God knows which of the thousands of things they worshipped. But after the advent of Islam. All these false gods vanished and never to return to the Arabian soil. 02. Do not be misguided or confused, Allah or Al-ilah has NOTHING to do with any moon god or son god or any star god. Arabs KNEW their Allah even during their Pagan days and NEVER EVER confused it with any other of their minor gods 03. To my knowledge Crescent Moon was not the symbol of moon worship and to my knowledge Crescent Moon is not an Islamic Symbol per see. It got its usage to counter the symbol of cross which was displayed every where in Christendom, like Red Cross, and Crosses on their Military banners and ranks and legions. Since Islamic calendar months start with the Crescent Moon, some people started using it on flags and posts and letter heads and it became a common usage. It has no sanctity in religious term and it is not an Islamic symbol. In Quran it is mentioned They ask you regarding the New Moons, say they are but signs to mark fixed periods of times in (the affairs of) men. And for Pilgrimage. (2:189) PS: Please see the scientific approach of Quran 1400 years back!! No one can find a fault in this statement after 1400 years and till the End of Time!! [QUOTE who="Colin"] Q7

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Allah was dreamed up by a rogue Arab who wanted domination, YHVY is the only true God the God of Israel. Allah is a generic term meaning god (fake god even) YHVH is a personal name 2. The Quran The Bible Allah is unknowable.. YHVH is knowable Allah is non personal ..YHVH is personal Allah is not a spirit ..YHVH is a Spirit [/QUOTE] Ans. I think your remark is very rhetorical in nature. As I mentioned this is not the way to discuss these matters. Whether the Creator of this Universe is called Allah or YHWH or God or ISHVAR or by any other name is immaterial. The list of comparison you have mentioned is also very superficial, and if we start "subjective interpretations" of single Biblical Verses, then I can also come about with similar list showing "YHWH" in bad light. Since you seem to have a "Jewish" background, we should discuss matters in different way, than what we do with those who follow other faiths. A. How to start discussion: 1. Quran teaches us some ways as to how to start discussions / arguments with "people of the book" (an honorable term for Jews and Christians and any other group which claims a revealed scripture as basis of their faith), listen to this Quranic verse: "And do not dispute with the People of Book except in the best ways, unless it be those who do wrong, and say "We believe in the revelation which has come down to us and in that which come down to you; and our God and your God in One (and the same) and it is to Him that we submit (In Islam" (29:46). This Quranic verse says clearly that Allah and YHWH are one and the same. 2. And on another place Quran says "Invite all to the Ways of your Lord with Wisdom and beautiful preaching: and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious" (16:127). B. God has many names:

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Quran says: Say "Call His as Allah or call him as Rahman, by whatever names you call Him (it is well), for to Him belong the Most Beautiful names.." (17:110). C. God is known by His Qualities and not mere name: We should not keep on arguing about names, but qualities and attributes of God as depicted in our scriptures. So the arguments as to He should be called as Allah or YHWH is immaterial. D. What are the Attributes and Qualities of Allah as mentioned in Quran. In Quran more than 99 names and attributes of Allah are mentioned, they are indeed beautiful names and attributes, so much so that it is not possible to really translate them into English language. The summary you have posted is very subjective and shows the superficial knowledge you have about Attributes of Allah as mentioned in Quran. Since there is limitation on words on this thread. I would stop here and post some of the names and Attributes of Allah we find mentioned in Quran, let us see if YHWH also has same attributes mentioned in Bible.

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Ninety Nine Names (attributes) of Allah: The Crowning name of God in Arabic is Allah. Other names and attributes are given below. Please note that English Translations are just for the sake of explanation. They do not equal the majesty and beauty and sublimity of original Arabic words used. English words carry a broad sense of meaning and not exactly what Arabic words convey. All these names are mentioned in Quran, many more could be found in the literature of Hadith, i.e. sayings of the prophet. And Allah could have many, many beautiful names in other languages of the world too. 01. Ar-Ra'man (AL RAHMAN): The Exceedingly Compassionate, The Exceedingly Beneficent, The Exceedingly Gracious 02. Ar-Ra'im (AL RAHIM) The Exceedingly Merciful 03. Al-Malik (AL MALIK): The King, THE SOVERIEGN 04. Al-Quddus (AL QUDDOOS) The Holy, The Pure, The Perfect 05. As-Salam (AL SALAAM): The Peace, The Source of Peace and Safety, The Savior 06. Al-Mu'min (AL MUMIN): The Guarantor, The Affirming 07. Al-Muhaymin (AL MUHAIMIN): The Guardian 08. Al-'Aziz (AL AZIZ):

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The Almighty, The Invulnerable, The Honorable 09. Al-Jabbar (AL JABBAR): The Irresistible, The Compeller, The Lofty 10. Al-Mutakabbir (AL MUTAKABBIR): The Majestic, The Supreme 11. Al-Khaliq (AL KHALIQ): The Creator 12. Al-Bari' (AL BAARII): The Evolver, The Fashioner, The Designer 13. Al-Mu'awwir (AL MUSAVVIR) The Fashioner of Forms 14. Al-Gaffar (AL GHAFFAR): The Repeatedly Forgiving 15. Al-Qahhar (AL QAHHAR): The Subduer 16. Al-Wahhab (AL WAHHAB): The Bestower 17. Ar-Razzaq (AL RAZZAQ) The Provider 18. Al-Fatta' (AL FATTAH): The Opener, The Victory Giver 19. Al-'Alim (AL ALEEM): The All Knowing, The Omniscient 20. Al-Qabi' (AL QABIZ): The Restrainer, The Straightener

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21. Al-Basi' (AL BASIT): The Extender / Expander 22. Al-Khafi' (AL KHAFE): The Abaser 23. Ar-Rafi' (AL RAFE): The Exalter 24. Al-Mu'izz (AL MOIZZ): The Giver of Honour 25. Al-Mu'ill (AL MUDHILL): The Giver of Dishonour 26. As-Sami' (AL SAMEE): The All Hearing 27. Al-Ba'ir (AL BASEER): The All Seeing 28. Al-'akam (AL HAKAM): The Judge, The Arbitrator 29. Al-'Adl (AL AADIL): The Utterly Just 30. Al-La'if (AL LATEEF) The Gentle, The Subtly Kind 31. Al-'abir (AL KHABEER): The All Aware 32. Al-'alim (AL HALEEM): The Forbearing, The Indulgent 33. Al-'A'im (AL HAKEEM):

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The Magnificent 34. Al-Gafur (AL GHAFOOR) The Much-Forgiving 35. A-akur (AL SHAKOOR): The Grateful 36. Al-'Ali (AL ALI): The Sublime 37.Al-Kabir (AL KABEER): The Great 38. Al-'afi' (AL KHAFI): The Preserver 39. Al-Muqit (AL MUQEET): The Nourisher 40. Al-'asib (AL HAASIB): The Bringer of Judgment 41. Al-Galil (AL JALEEL): The Majestic 42. Al-Karim (AL KAREEM): The Bountiful, The Generous 43. Ar-Raqib (AL RAQEEB): The Watchful 44. Al-Mugib (AL MUJEEB): The Responsive, The Answer 45. Al-Wasi' (AL WASE): The Vast, The All-Embracing, The Omnipresent, The Boundless

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46. Al-'akim (AL HAKEEM): The Wise 47. Al-Wadud (AL WADOOD): The Loving 48. Al-Magid (AL MAAJID): All-Glorious, The Majestic Ninety Nine Names (attributes) of Allah: (Contd) 49. Al-Ba'i' (The Resurrecter 50. A-ahid (AL SHAHEED): The Witness 51. Al-'aqq (AL HAQQ): The Truth, The Reality 52. Al-Wakil (AL WAKEEL): The Trustee, The Dependable, The Advocate 53. Al-Qawwi (AL QAVI): The Strong 54. Al-Matin (AL MATEEN): The Firm, The Steadfast 55. Al-Wali (AL WAALI): The Friend, Patron and Helper 56. Al-'amid (AL HAMEED): The All Praiseworthy 57. Al-Mu''i (AL MUHSEE): The Accounter, The Numberer of All

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58. Al-Mubdi' (AL MUBDEE): The Originator, The Producer, The Initiator 59. Al-Mu'id (AL MUEED): The Restorer, The Reinstater Who Brings Back All 60. Al-Mu'yi (AL MUHEE): The Giver of Life 61. Al-Mumit (AL MUMEET): The Destroyer, The Bringer of Death 62. Al-'ayy (AL HAYY): The Living 63. Al-Qayyum (AL QAYYOOM): The Subsisting, The Guardian 64. Al-Wagid (AL WAAJID): The Perceiver, The Finder, The Unfailing 65. Al-Magid (AL MAAJID): The Illustrious, The Magnificent 66. Al-Wa'id (AL WAAHID): The One, The Unique 67. Al-'A'ad (AL AHAD): The Unity, The Indivisible 68. A'-'amad (AL SAMAD): The Eternal, The Absolute, The Self-Sufficient 69.Al-Qadir (AL QADIR): The Omnipotent, The All Able 70. Al-Muqtadir (AL MUQTADIR):

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The Determiner, The Dominant 71. Al-Muqaddim (AL MUQADDIM): The Expediter, He Who Brings Forward 72. Al-Mu'akhkhir (AL MUAKKHIR): The Delayer, He Who Puts Far Away 73. Al-'Awwal (AL AWWAL) The First, The Beginning-less 74. Al-'A'ir (AL AAKHIR): The Last, The Endless 75. A'-'ahir (AL ZAAHIR): The Manifest, The Evident, The Outer 76. Al-Ba'in (AL BAATIN): The Hidden, The Unmanifest, The Inner 77. Al-Wali (AL WAALI): The Patron, The Protecting Friend, The Friendly Lord 78. Al-Muta'ali (AL MUTAALI): The Supremely Exalted, The Most High 79. Al-Barr (AL BARR): The Good, The Beneficent 80. At-Tawwab (AL TAWWWAB): The Ever Returning, Ever Relenting 81. Al-Muntaqim (AL MUNTAQIM): The Avenger 82. Al-'Afu (AL AFOOU): The Pardoner, The Effacer, The Forgiver

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83. Ar-Ra'uf (AL RAOOF): The Kind, The Pitying 84. Malik-ul-Mulk (MAALIK UL MULK): The Owner of all Sovereignty 85. Dhu-l-Galali wa-l-'ikram (DUL JALAAL WAL IKRAM) The Lord of Majesty and Generosity 86. Al-Muqsi' (AL MUQSIT): The Equitable, The Requiter 87. Al-Gami' (AL JAME): The Gatherer, The Unifier 88. Al-Gani (AL GHANI): The Rich, The Independent 89. Al-Mugni (AL MUGHNI): The Enricher, The Emancipator 90. Al-Mani' (AL MAANE): The Withholder, The Shielder, The Defender 91. A'-'arr (AL DHAARR): The Distressor, The Harmer, The Afflictor 92. An-Nafi'(AL NAAFE): The Propitious, The Benefactor, The Source of Good 93. An-Nur (AL NOOR): The Light 94. Al-Hadi (AL HAADI): The Guide, The Way 95. Al-Badi' (AL BADEE):

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The Incomparable, The Unattainable 96. Al-Baqi (AL BAAQI): The Immutable, The Infinite, The Everlasting 97. Al-Wari' (AL WAARIS): The Heir, The Inheritor of All 98. Ar-Raid (AL RASHID): The Guide to the Right Path 99. A'-'abur (AL SABBOOR): The Timeless, The Patient [QUOTE who="Deedat"] Q. 8 Dear Qidwai Sahib (I always leave what is not rational and keeping in view of your Urdu lessons I will write your name with Q instead of K ) Brother you said that I have posed many questions.I just replied to what you wrote and you asked who will answer it .so lets just take point no can sacrificing an animal is one of the good deeds along with other good deeds? Im not sure what you count as good or bad!! Does that animal is given fair chance to defend itself? How can; while killing an animal the intention can be piety? Who gives this reward for sacrificing an animal and what is the reward? And also why that reward is not given if it is merely a show of boasting (though an animal is still sacrificed/killed in that show, what is the fault of that animal)? [/QUOTE] Ans. Janab Deedat Sahib. You have raised certain questions, which are of fundamental importance. So let me try to answer them in brief, because these threads are not the place for lengthy discussions. A. How sacrificing an animal is an act of piety? 1. Let me ask, why spending any thing in charity is an act of piety?

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2. The purpose of every religion is to express their love to God our Creator. And that love should be more than the love of everything else. 3. The material wealth is one such thing whose love is built into human psyche, therefore if we Love God our Creator, we must spend from these wealth to show that we love God more than these material things. That is why in every religious system, there is insistence on people sending their material wealth in act of charity. 4. The material wealth comes in many forms, it could be in form of Gold, or Silver, it could be in form of coins or currency notes, and it could be in form of agriculture and fruits and in form of trade goods.. And in Islam there are rules to spend on charity for all these wealth. 5. Animals are also part of material wealth since time immemorial. There are societies in which animals are the major source of wealth. So people who have animal wealth should spend from that material wealth also. This is from where the idea of animal sacrifice originates and this is not only peculiar with islam. In every religion there is some form or the other type of animal sacrifice. B. How sacrificing an animal is an act of pleasing God: 6. As I mentioned, every animal is a unit of wealth, so sacrificing it does cost a material loss. Unless we love our God more than this material wealth. 7. Some people get false notions that God loves blood of sacrificed animal and its blood or meat reaches God. In Quran it is mentioned that Blood and Flesh does not reach to Allah, but it is your intention that reach Him. 8. Some people advise to donate the money in charity and spare the life of an innocent animal.. They forget that these animals shall ultimately be killed for their flesh (that is one use for which Creator made them). That is why we should not try to be More Merciful than their Creator who allowed us their flesh. D. Do Muslims are only required to sacrifice animals to please God? 9. Not if you consider the following Quranic Verses: But those who believe are overflowing in their love for Allah.. (2:165) Say Truly my Prayers, and my service of sacrifice , my life and my death, all (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds: No partner has He, this am I commanded and I am the first who submit to His will (6:162-163) Say , if it be your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your mates or your kindred: the wealth that you have gained; the commerce in which you fear a decline: or the Dwellings in which you delight- are dearer to you than Allah or His Messenger, or

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striving in His cause;- then wait untill Allah brings about His Decision: and Allah guides not the rebellious (9:24) D. Is animal given chance to fight back? 10. This is a funny question and I want animals to answer that!! There is a famous Couplet from ALLAMA IQBAL on that: TAQDEER KE KATIB KA YEH FATWA HAI AZAL SE HAI JURM-E- ZAEEFI KI SAZA MARGE MAFAJAT I.e. Those who are weak have to die suddenly Ask those Drones Pilots and those WMD operators, how much time they give their victims to fight back. Those who are burned in their houses during communal riots, the women, the children, the elderly

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[QUOTE who="Truth"] Q9 . I don't think that there is a way of sacrificing animals with humility and with piety of heart. It's anyway a cruel act. Ishwar (Allah) do not want sacrifices of animals. [/QUOTE] Ans. I appreciate what you say, but this is a practical world and not an imaginary world. It is God who has created these animals and He knows for what purpose they are created. What minimum pain it causes to the animals, He knows it, as regards humility and piety, we are not to judge these. It is your words against the revelation sent by God / Allah / Ishwar that He has sanctioned these sacrifices. I would be doing a great mistake if we took your unsupported words, against His revelations. Have a nice day . [QUOTE who="Adam"] Q 10. I agree with this part of the post. Islam to its credit dispensed of the more lunatic teachings of Christianity. The trinity, incarnation and transubstantiation are not meant to be understood rationally. They are simply called mysteries. When 2. ..Islam has some doctrines against reason and logic itself. Maybe to you they make sense. But to those outside of the islam bubble many teachings make little sense. For example Muhammad proved his prophethood to the Meccans, he split the moon in two. He also went on a night flight on a winged horse from Mecca to Jerusalem and up into the clouds to heaven to meet God, angels, and other prophets. And if you believe in his teaching you will be rewarded with carnal pleasures from 72 virgins in a desert oasis in the sky. Oh dear (head slap)

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[/QUOTE] Ans. 1. At least let us start from a positive agreement. That all the "Basic Dogmas" of Christianity are "opposed to reason and logic" and cannot be explained in a reasonable and logical manner. So if Islam removed them, it did a great service to humanity. 2. Islamic Doctrines against reason and logic? I do not think that there are any doctrines of Islam which are against reason and logic. 2A. Examples given by You: The examples given by you, viz the splitting of Moon, his night journey to Jerusalem and his ascension to heavens, these are not doctrines of Islam. They are what we call as Miracles. Miracles are indeed Acts of God performed at the hands of prophets. And these miracles are not only associated with our prophet, indeed every prophet showed some miracles to their people, to prove that they are genuine in their claims of Prophethood. We do not say that our prophet performed these acts on his own power. If you think that Creator of Sun and Moon is Powerless to split the moon and then join it back, then it is you who are being unreasonable. In the same way if the Creator of Universe wants to shift one of his servant from Makkah to Jerusalem and then show him some signs in one night, then there is nothing unreasonable and illogical in it. 02B. Carnal Pleasures in the Heavens: This is another topic on which so many critics of Islam make fun of, while there is nothing unreasonable and illogical in it. People do not understand that resurrection in the hereafter shall be with both body and soul. Therefore those who shall pass the test of life shall have enjoyment for both soul and body, in the same way those who fail the test of life, shall have punishment of both soul and body. And one source of enjoyment of any man is women, this is the first choice of enjoyment, if you ask any man (who is healthy and happy and full of spirit!!). That is why God has provided for believing men, who do good deeds companions who are beautiful and loving. If you do not like such women, then you might say no when they are offered to you.

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But it is not unreasonable and illogical by any standard. [QUOTE who="SC"] Q 11 Oh please, all muslims care about is sex orgies, multiple servants, pure pleasure. They care nothing about worship at all in the strictest sense. Your heaven for example compared to Xian heaven. And if you do understand about the metaphor behind the daily bread then don't start barking around like you have any authority on the matter. Christians don't even have the concept of servants giving their every need. The Christian heaven doesn't talk about food, wine, virgins lol... It sticks to its guns when it say the lord is all you need. The lord provides. It doesn't need food, drinks, sex to incite you to come to heaven. Upon seeing the lord and dwelling with him is eternal paradise as it is. Food even if it was literally described is a minor foot note in comparison to the descriptions about God's presence and light. Read the bible yourself. Whereas the Quran heaven is very explicit about what is in there; no doubt getting Mo's followers horny and salivating of course! More raids of course for women and booty; and if you die a martyr heaven awaits you lol. So gullible... Christians are told to abstain from any excess, love one another, praise God and you will go to heaven with your maker eternally. You can live your life how you want it but be warned that you suffer the consequences are given when on trial from the book of life. Muslims are too weak and cannot do anything without being societally coerced, threatened by whipping, decapitating, amputating to do the Lord's will. Most of course do not deserve heaven as it was not their choice but the thought of getting whipped or hit by your husband. Then they get to deserve the very things the lord warned them was sinful!!!

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Are you so stuck in your literal tunnel vision thinking to think that "daily bread " means a loaf of bread. How about "bread as a metaphor for LIFE "daily sustenance " spiritual, mental. Jesus said to them, Very truly, I tell you, it was not Moses who gave you the bread from heaven, but it is my Father who gives you the true bread from heaven. For the bread of God is that which comes down from heaven and gives life to the world. They said to him,Sir, give us this bread always. Jesus said to them,I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty." John 6:32-35, [/QUOTE] Ans. I think my innocent comments to compare Daily Bread with Guide us on right path have ruffled a lot of feathers!! Instead of actually comparing the two versions, people have started general criticism of Islam and prophet. This shows that they have no answers to the points that I have raised in my post. When you have no logical arguments, then you start general criticism and start abusing faith of your opponent. Our prophet said about the opening chapter of Quran That this is the greatest chapter of Quran and no chapter like that was revealed in Torah or Gospel. Our prophet did not know how to read or how to write and no one could expect that he had gone thru each and every pages of 66 or 73 books of Bible, but what he said is 100 % correct.!! It is not our practice to put words of one prophet against another, and then say which one is superior to another, because we believe that all prophets came from God and their teachings are not their own but what they got from God. But God have given some prophets which he did not give to others. So let us compare the so called Lords Prayer with the Opening Chapter of Quran, verse by verse and see which tells what. Lords Prayer: It is mentioned in Gospel according to Luke and it consists of only Four Verses. Opening: Singing Praises of God: Lords Prayer O Our Father in heaven! Hollowed be your name, may your Kingdom Come, your will be done on earth as it is done in heavens .

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Quran: All praises be to Allah the Cherisher of Universe, Most gracious, Most Merciful, Master of the day of judgment. Remarks: 1. Any one can see that Quranic opening is far above that of Gospel. 2. Calling God as father is wrong, both factually and intellectually. It gives wrong direction to the majesty of God. 3. Quranic version is free from such errors and calling God and Lord of Universe, sings His praises and then mentioning His Qualities of Mercy, highlights His attributes. In two short verses of Quran, three attributes of God are mentioned , RABB, RAHMAN and RAHIM.all having shade of Mercy. 4. The God is called as Master of Day of Judgement, thereby telling that God is Merciful, but He is also Just and shall Judge people on the last day. 5. Then in Gospel, there is a hidden weakness, telling God that His will is not done on earth as it is done in heavens. So what type of singing praise is this? b. Declaration of faith: Lords Prayer: Nil: Quran: To you only we worship and only yours help we seek. Remarks: 1. In this verse, the believers declare their faith. They show their commitment that they only worship God and no one else, and they seek His help and from no one else. 2. So this lays the foundation for the blessings they are going to ask. C. Asking for Blessings: Lords Prayer: Give us each day the kind of bread we need, and forgive us our sins, for we also forgive all who do us wrong and do not bring us to test Quran:

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Show us (or keep us) on straight path, the path of those on whom You bestowed your Grace, not whose portion is your Wrath and who went Astray Remarks: 1. We have already commented on the issue of Bread versus prayer for straight path. 2. The apologist for Gospel have given so many explanations about the bread, but Quranic wordings is very clear. 3. Then instead of defining what is straight path, it mentions the names of those on whom God showed His Grace and that includes all previous prophets and righteous servants of all ages.. 4. Then Gospel says that God should forgive our sins as we forgive other people, this becomes a sort of comparison with mercy of God with humans. Conclusions: No doubt Lords Prayer is a very good prayer, but Opening Chapter of Quran is much better that this Prayer in both content and in deeper meanings. But bigots will say Our prophet copied it from Bible!! How can one argue with such experts?

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[QUOTE who="Adam"] Q 12 I believe yesterday you denied that Muhammad consummated the marriage to Aisha when she was a 9 year old child. This relationship is documented in many of your Islamic sources including Bukhari. Do you believe this? Yes or No. 2. "You people" is not me. I disagreed with the war in Iraq, and I disagree with the current war in Afghanistan. Hopefully Western troops will withdraw and Arab people can sort out their own problems. Lets see if they will be successful, or if they will continue to blame all their faults on the US and Israel. 3. Yes I no longer take religious things seriously, as I have come to the realisation that god, heaven, hell, angels, etc are imaginary, in exactly the same way that the gods and myths of ancient societies are imaginary. Where I live in the UK, 2000 years ago they worshiped a pantheon of Celtic and roman deities. Its a delusion. No doubt. I made a typing error. Should have typed "many". FYI I am a white British person, not a hindu. I was thinking wit? book of manu. lol [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. Our prophets marriage with Lady Aiyesha: a. I did not deny our Prophet's marriage with Lady Aiyesha. That uncouth person said It is mentioned in Quran that our prophet had sex with a 9 year old girl. I only asked where it is mentioned in the Quran. When you say something, you should know what you are saying. b. As regards our prophets marriage with lady Aiyesha, there was nothing objectionable in it. It was performed with full approval of her parents, and no one in the contemporary society made any objection to it. c. he marriage was consummated when lady Aiyesha had reached the age of marriage. There was a three years waiting period so that she could attain that age. d. And the marriage benefited Lady Aiyesha much more than it benefited our prophet. She became one of the Most Learned Muslim women, because of her close association with the prophet and is universally respected and revered in the whole Islamic nation.

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e. Her modern day supporters have nothing to help her position or honor. They find it written that her age was 9 years. That is enough for them to start their vilification compaign against our prophet. Their aim is not to understand the position, but to get any thing to malign the personal character of our prophet, who was the Noblest Soul that ever lived on this earth 2. War on Iraq and Afghanistan: a. I did not accuse you personally. When I use the word I or You, it means our Nations and our societies and not our individual persons. b. I know for sure that there were many millions of people in USA and UK and whole of Europe who were against the war on Iraq and Afghanistan, but your democratically elected Presidents and Prime Ministers gave a damn about these people. c. And these people themselves did nothing more that registering their sham protest. If it was for any other issue they would not have it idle and continued to stage protest till their demand were met, as they do for other things. d. Similar is the situation for Palestine and Israels atrocities against the Palestinians. There are million of people in US, UK and Europe who are against it, but they keep silent and watch mootly what is going on and do not register their protests. e. Why should we think that they are sincere in their thinking? To see some wrong being done and do not raise your voice against it, is in fact being a party to the wrong is it not? C. Your Views on religion: a. I find you views on religion very illogical. You have provided no proofs that what are reasons and logic for you to have your beliefs. b. Just because there are Quacks practicing medicine in the streets and just because there have always been quacks thru out human history, you have no rights to conclude that there are No Genuine Medical Doctor out there and every one is a Quack. c. Just because there are books that are filled with errors and there have been books with errors in every age would justify that there is not a single book in the world without errors and all books should be burned. d. In the same way, just because there are many religions in the world, each claiming that it is true one, should be reason for you to conclude either all are right or all of them are wrong. e. You should analyze their claims and find out which one is true religion. Or you should have Very strong proofs about your own views.

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f. You should have your own proofs that this Universe came into existence by itself without any Plan, design or Purpose behind it, the life in its infinite variety and humans came int existence by themselves without any purpose, plan, or design and designer? g. If you have no proofs but Just your assumptions that what you say is true, then let me remind you once again That you taking a Big Gamble (And Not Pascals Gamble , please note) with your life. This is sincere advice from one Human to another Human brother. I do not get any gain if you rethink your position. PS: How was I supposed to know that a White British Agnostic Man would mention MANU ( of all the worlds billions of books available) in his posts?

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[QUOTE who="NI"] Q. 13 You are not giving any authentic proof. Kindly read my question carefully. 1. The question is why Muslim bow towards kabba while praying?. 2. Where Allah reside according to QURAN.? If you or anyone of your molvi have answer. Pls explain we all want to know the fact. Note. The answer you reply should be quoted from QURAN. Lastly every one knows what Zakir NALAYAK is, and his capability, he cant even understand Hindi language properly he quote he read VEDAS which is in Sanskrit, even some hindus find difficult to understand Sanskrit words, then howcome Zakir NALAYAK can understand. I think he is graduated in Sanskrit from banaras university...hahahahaha. He is just fooling poor Muslims many of them don't even understand Arabic words also. Zakir NALAYAK is funded by ARABISTAN, his job is to convert poor illiterate Hindus, Christians, for which he is getting handsome amount from Arabs. This is his bread and butter. If Dr. Mahendra Pal Arya is not having any knowledge of Islam, then Zakir NALAYAK should accept the challenge and defeat him and teach him meaning of Islam. But the fact is Zakir NALAYAK get scarred even if he hear Dr Mahendra Pal Aryas name. Last year 2011 Around 200000 Lacs Muslim RECONVERTed to Hinduism, after understanding the difference between QURAN & VEDAS. Waiting for your reply. [/QUOTE] Ans. First of all, you show the meanness of your character by mutilating the name of Dr. Zakir Naik, a well known and respected name amongst Muslims and Hindus of India.

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You might agree or disagree with him or not is another thing, but to mutilate his name and make if ridiculous shows that you are lacking in basic manners and etiquette. How can one carry out any discussion with such a sick person. And I am not a Spokesperson for Dr. Zakir Naik. You should direct your question to him and not to me. And if your Dr. Mahendra Pal Arya is such an authority on Islam and Hinduism, why should he be so eager to have a debate with Dr. Zakir Naik on Peace TV? He can air his views on Ashtha and Sanskar and so many Hindu religious channels. And if last year 20000 Lacs Muslim left Islam and became Hindus in India, then there will not be a Single Muslim left in India any more!! Why you worry then? Now coming to the two Marvelous Questions you asked and think that No Muslim Scholar can answer it, let me give you a novices answer, that should be sufficient for a pea brain like you. A. Why Muslims Bow towards Kaaba: Have you ever organized any congregational prayer, if a group of people have to perform prayer, how they should be arranged? If you give free choice to people, some one will face toward East, some toward West , some toward North and some toward South, and it would look like a Fish Market. That is why, in Islam all Muslims are arranged in rows and each one is facing towards Kaaba, that gives a beautiful look and shows a sense of discipline. Therefore Kaaba is a Direction of Prayer and not an object of worship by itself. In Quran, Allah asks us to Turn our faces in the Direction Sacred Mosque (i.e. Kaaba) (Ch 2 V 144, 149 & 150), making it clear that it is merely a direction and not to be worshipped. B. Where Allah Lives:? The real answer is, we do not know!! In Quran it is mentioned in many places that Allah is firmly established on His ARSH (i.e. Throne). Where is His Throne? No one knows actually. He lives which is best suited to His Majesty and His Personality, but He is never ignorant and / or unmindful of what we do or say. He keeps a watch on everything that happens in His vast Kingdom. PS:

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Show these answers to your Great Mahindra Pal Arya and give me his feedback. [QUOTE who="Advocate"] Q. 14 Does a Paradise really exist? I think it'd be more feasible and certainly less messy if we just, you know, died and left it at that. All those stories of Heaven and Hell get confusing after a while. And the sheer hypocrisy of clerics when it comes to who gets to go to the nice lovely place and who burns in suffering is sincerely... numbing. [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. Yes Paradise does certainly exist. If you want a proof, just die and it would come in front of you!! But remember it would be too late then, you will not be able to do anything to go there unless you have booked your ticket while living in the world. Would you like to take such a big gamble with your life? Go ahead and take the gamble, but do not complain that you were not warned!! There is no hypocrisy and no one can say with certainty who goes to heaven and who goes to hell, it is prerogative of God and God alone to decide who goes where. PS: You have chosen the name advocate for you, but your postings show that you act like a Devils Advocate Talking about matters about which you have no info and cannot get any info and rejecting the true info when given to you. What type of advocate you be? [QUOTE who="Adam"] Q15 01. You can see that the other world religions are wrong and delusional. They think exactly the same way as you do, about Islam.

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02. To an outsider, magical stories of angels, and stories borrowed from Jewish mythology seem silly and superstitious. 03. For example Mohammed went on a night flight on a winged horse to heaven. They is plain ridiculous to those of us outside of the Muslim bubble. There are many more examples like this. 04. The reality is that these magical stories are no more than myths. The products of active human imagination. Heaven and hell, witches, gods accompanied by pantheons of angels and demons, jinn, fairies, dragons, vampires, and other mythical creatures, are completely imaginary. That is the reality. [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. I did not say that the other world religions are wrong and delusional. I said most of the world's major religions started rightly when preached by their prophets but they were latter changed and corrupted by their followers. Any one who is seeker of truth, will agree to my statement. Of course people of other religions make the same claim about Islam, a prudent man, therefore should not just decide based on mere claims. He or she should analyze the claims of both of them and after analysis whichever 's claim he or she finds true should accept it. Islam does not force any one to its faith, it wants people to think and study and analyze and then decide for himself or herself the path. It is THIS CHOICE that he or she shall be answerable to their creator in the hereafter. How and Why they reached this conclusion. 02. Why the story of angels and demons should look "magical or silly or superstitious" to you? Have you found out ALL THAT EXISTS in this Universe? If you have no real knowledge about them the best thing is to keep quite and believe on what is revealed from the Creator of the universe, to His Rightly appointed Apostles and Messengers. 03. How our prophet went to heavens is exactly not known. The mount "appeared" to him like a horse. The Lord did not want him to be "over exited" that is why the mount appeared to him like some thing he had seen. You may call it superstitious, it is your choice, but when we believe that our prophet received the messages from Heavens every day, why is it so strange if he was "called up" as a special favor.

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04. You can make them as mythical stories but do not MANY of Our Scientific theories look like myth? Specially those relating to origin of Universe and evolution? Since when you have got PROOFS for them? And how many Twists and Turns and U turns they have taken in course of a few centuries? If you are under a false nation that this Universe just came by itself and human just "evolved" with no purpose for his life on this earth.. then you are taking a big gamble. A gamble with your life. And it might cost you dearly. This is a friendly advice form one Human to another brother in humanity!! [QUOTE who="Osirica"] Q 16 Here we go, flooding the thread. Why cant you make a point FIRST, then add all this stuff after? Islam is not based on reason. Here is why. It is UNREASONABLE to say that a Muslim man can marry a Christian woman, yet a Christian man cannot marry a Muslim woman. It is UNREASONABLE to allow people to convert to Islam but to condemn people to convert FROM Islam to Christianity. It is UNREASONABLE to criticize the Bible story of LOT yet champion the way Muhammad married Asha and Mothers of the Believers. And nothing in the world can change the fact that the teachings of Muhammad in the Quran are as questionable as anything you criticize. Why must a woman be veiled? Because MEN are weak and cannot control themselves? Why does it say to kill Christians and Jews? Let us find the truth on our own. We do not need to be forced to believe anything. It was wrong for Christians to force their ways on Muslims also. But in the allegedly corrupt BIBLE, Jesus never forces ONE believer. [/QUOTE] Ans.

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Reasonability and Unreasonability Check List: Let us put to test the cases mentioned and verify if they are Reasonable or Unreasonable: A. Muslims marrying Christian Women while Denying Christians to marry Muslim women: 01. When a Christian women marries a Muslim man, she will find that Jesus is not insulted in her home. 02. Her husband believes that Jesus was a prophet of God and takes his name with respect. So she will not feel any pain. And there are fair chances that she will became a Muslimah and get Paradise in the hereafter 03. On the other hand Muslim women will always face harassment because her prophet would always be insulted and called as false prophet and imposter and what nots. So the restriction is very much justified. B. Allow Christians to convert to Islam while preventing Muslims from leaving Islam: 01. If some one says 1+1+1 = 1 and another one says 1+1+1 = 3, , is it not reasonable to allow the first one to correct himself and join the second group. And is it not reasonable to stop the second group to not to revert to first group? 02. Is it reasonable to go from BA to MA or Reasonable to got from MA to BA? When Muslims have believed in Jesus and Final prophet of God, is it reasonable for them to deny their prophet and go one step back? 03. When Christians accept islam, they progress one step and accept the Last Prophet, while Muslims take one step backward. Therefore the restriction is very much justified. C. Is it reasonable to Criticize Biblical story of Lot while accept the marriage of prophet with Lady Aiyesha? 01. The Biblical story of Lot, brings a charge of incest against a prophet of God. It is very serious charge to bring against any person let alone a prophet of God. Quran denies this charge in no uncertain terms. 02. Our prophets marriage to Lady Aiyesha is very proper. It was her parents who gave her hand to the prophet. There was not least opposition from any one in the contemporary society and the marriage was consummated when she had reached the age of marriage.

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03. There is no relation of parallel ground between the two. Therefore the charge itself is malicious and need to be rejected. D. Teachings of Quran are as questionable as any thing else. 01. Bring your questions and doubts about the teachings of Islam and they shall be answered. 02. Just because some one questions any teachings will make it false. Therefore the charge itself in unfounded and to be rejected summarily. E. Why should women be veiled: 01. It is a precaution to avoid mutual temptation. The best system is one which restricts the opportunities for people to get tempted. 02. Why they lock the safe and banks? Do they think that every one is a thief? No they do not want to tempt the people and check their honesty. Therefore the charge is unfounded and rejected. F. Does Quran says to Kill Jews and Christians: 01. There is no guidelines for Muslims to just go and kill Jews and Christians. 02. It was never done and it shall be never done. 03. However if Jews and Christians come to mount an attack on Muslims and plot against it, Muslims must repulse back their attack and give them a befitting reply. Therefore the charge is malafied and not proven and to be rejected. G. Use of Force: 01. No one should be forced to accept any religion, this is Quranic teachings. 02. If Jesus did not force any one to believe in his teachings, same way our prophet also did not force anyone to accept islam. 03. Quran says very clearly, Let there be no compulsion in religion Conclusion: NONE of the charges brought against Islam and Quran are proven to be reasonable and only show hate and bias on the person raising them. They are to be rejected by any one and every one who is logical and reasonable.

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[QUOTE who="Eric"] Q 17 Why, then, does Muhammad quote from the Talmud in the Quran? 005.032 YUSUFALI: On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. ---------Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world. - Sanhedrin 37a [/QUOTE] Ans. I think you forget that Quran Confirms the revelations that come before it as well as to guard them. Our prophet did not Quote from Either OT books or Talmud or NT books, simply because he did not know how to read and how to write!! What he dictated to his disciples was from revelation which he received from Archangel Gabriel. (You keep forgetting this very basic thing). There is no Verbatim Quotation in Quran from ANY of Arabic version of TANAKH or Talmud or OT or NT books. Even in this quotation, Quran makes an exception for Lawful killing while from Talmud, it seems that killing in any pretext is not allowed. So Quranic version is More Practical and applicable than the Talmudic version which is More Philosophical but impractical Perhaps that gives an insight on how Quran copies from old Scriptures!! [QUOTE who="P Hall"] Q18

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01. I am curious as to why you think the adoption by Muslims of the Islamic Lunar Calendar is scientific? The Julian Calendar was already 200 years old when Islam was founded and we all know a solar calendar is far more accurate than a Luna calendar. So your example is flawed logic. Your statement that Islam's adoption of a Luna Calendar, when a more accurate and reliable solar calendar was already in existence, is showing how backward Islam was even at its origin. 02. Also your claim that the crescent moon, which seems to be dominant on many Islamic national flags and adorns the top of many many Mosques, flags and other Islamic symbols, is NOT the representation of the pagan moon-god Allah; is equally lame. 03. The Cross is a symbol of Christians, it is logical that Muslims would adopt the symbol of their moon-god to counter the Christians. The adoption of a out dated Luna calendar is further evidence to support the assertion that early Muslims were worshipping their moon-god Allah. You seem to dance around the obvious, and make claims that you leave unsupported by any fact or even basic logic! [/QUOTE] Ans. So you think Solar Calendar is "More scientific"? Do you? a. Dont you know that MOST nations use Lunar Calendar to fix their religious festivals? (I know Hindus, Muslims and Jews still do it). b. And do you know how much people have played with Solar calendar over the ages? The dates of all events have been muggled up in Western History? So many blocks of dates are missing from the history pages? c. It is only in Islamic Calendar that not a single day is missed since its inception!! d. It is lunar Calendar that corrects all errors and by next moon, the dates come back to be corrected automatically, in Solar Calendar, you do not know the change, till so many weeks are passed. e. And Lunar Calendar is one suited for a Universal religion like Islam where fasts and prayers are practiced by every nation. Imagine if Arabs FIXED their fasting month during Winter, while it would be summer in Southern Hemisphere those poor people have to fast in summer till end of world. Is it logical or scientific? Do you KNOW Australians and South Africans and Brazilians do not know what is a WHITE Christmas? That was because of "fixing" Dec 25 as Jesus' Birthday (which was wrong from every angle)

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And Arabs during the time of prophet were AWARE of the Solar Calendar and they used to add one extra month (called NISI) to align there Calendar with Solar one and make it seasonal. How could they know that Winter Months in their land are Summer Months in the other Hemisphere? No one knew that in those days!! It was only in the knowledge of Creator of this Universe and He took care of it in His Final religion which is for all parts of the world!! 02. In Islam the authority is Quran and sayings of our Prophet. What Muslims have adopted has no dogma value in Islam. Crescent moon we see on flags and mosques has no religious value in Islam. And it is ridiculous to call it a symbol for moon god. In Quran Allah is the Creator of Sun, Moon, Stars and the whole Universe, how can he be a moon god? 03. Jesus never fixed Cross as a symbol for Christians and he will not know what it means when he comes back for second coming? If Christians have "Authority" to design and choose their religious symbols, it would not become the rule for Muslims. 04. In Islam is it not "prohibited" to use Solar Calander, but Lunar Calander is what is to be used for fasting and Hajj and not solar Calander, we get benefits of both Calanders, while you miss on the beauty and advantages of Lunar Calander

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[QUOTE who="NT"] Q19 01. Hello MUQ, if as you say Islam is 'perfect', why is there a need to modernize Islam as you have described. Seeing Muslims throughout the world have to understand Arabic to fully understand the Quran ,wouldn't they too be Arabic in a spiritual sense seeing they look upon the valley of Mecca as their spiritual home ? 02. If Islam is as perfect as you say, how did Christianity get a foot in the doorway within Arabic society as we read of them being persecuted by Muslims in countries like Indonesia and Egypt ? 03. When god came to me I wasn't asked of what religion I be, instead I was inferred with knowledge that is outside the square. What does this say to you ? [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. Good Muslim and Arabic: It is not necessary for a good Muslim to be very proficient in Arabic language. It is needed for those who want to become Scholars in Islam and want to have in depth study of Islam. Allah does not put more weight on any one more than he or she can bear. So for common person, he or she should know as much Arabic as needed for prayers and creed of Islam. For understanding they can read the translation and commentaries of Quran and sayings of Prophet, which are translated and available in all Modern languages. It is like different standards we have in our education system, we have Primary Education, Intermediate, University and Doctorate. No one expects every one to become Post Graduate or Doctors. But no Primary educated person should pose as Doctor and issue Guidelines. 02. Islam versus Christianity in Arabic lands: You have no sense of history of Christianity and Islam in Arab lands. Our prophet was born in 571 CE and he declared his mission in 611 CE. By that time Christianity was Well established in Egypt, Syria, Palestine , Jordan and most of the Arabic world.

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It was after the advent of Islam that Christianity's hold was loosened and most of Christians left their faith and joined Islam. But no force was used in conversion, as those who did not want to accept Islam, continued to follow their religion. Millions of Arab Christians we see in Arab countries like Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine are the remnants of the same Christians. They are 'living proof' that Muslims did not use any force to convert them into Islam. 03. Since God sent only One Religion which is called Islam, He will surely ask you, what 'new religion' you profess! He will ask you, which prophet of God you followed and to what degree? Every prophet taught the message of Islam and if you follow any prophet to the letter, you will be a Muslim. But unfortunately, we ONLY have teachings of the Last and Final Prophet in tact and preserved in its purity and authenticity. So for a prudent man or woman it is best to take the clear path than take the path which is not clear, fill with pot holes and deviations and curves and bends

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[QUOTE who="Bufford"] Q20 In other words, YOUR "Jesus," the one written about in the Qur'an, never said, and never would have said: "But I tell you, do not swear an oath at all: either by heaven, for it is Gods throne; or by the earth, for it is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King. And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make even one hair white or black. All you need to say is simply Yes or No; anything beyond this comes from the evil one." Put another way, Mohammad called "biblical" Jesus a liar. [/QUOTE] Ans. I do not find any problem in that quotation from Jesus. He might have said it or might not have said it, I am not sure (because NONE of the existing Gospels are traceable to Jesus). But the reported statement has nothing against Quran. So we keep Quite on this. Our prophet NEVER called Jesus a liar and no Muslim worth its salt, would ever Dare to call Jesus a liar, or for that matter ANY prophet of God a liar. [QUOTE who="Adam"] Q21 01. I may surprise you in that I in small part agree. Islam from what I know is more clear and straight forward that Christianity. I view it as Unitarianism, a more simple form of belief. That doesnt however mean that its true. 02. You face the same problems that Christians do. i.e. God does not answer prayers. God has not written a holy book. And God has not spoken through any prophets. 03. I can expect your defense mechanism to kick in at this point. But understand that we here are absolute infidels. Allah is no more real to us than fairies living at the bottom of my garden. [/QUOTE] Ans.

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01. Thank you for agreeing that Islam is more clear and straight forward than Christianity. It is like Unitarian branch of Christianity. But why should you feel that religion has to be complicated and philosophical like they made Christianity? I agree that every thing simple and reasonably might not be true, for truth we need proofs and there are enough proofs in our scripture to satisfy any enquiring mind. 02. God does not answer prayers is not correct, but how He answers is not clear to us. According to Islamic teachings, God hears sincere prayers from every one (Muslim or Non Muslim alike) and He dispenses each prayer with following: a. Either give what the human asked for (if it be good in long term or short term, because many times humans ask for things they do not know. Like Children asking from their parents many things which might look very attractive to them, but the parents feel it is not good or beneficial to them in short and long term) b. Or give an equivalent thing in place of one asked for. c. Or to remove some misfortune or calamity that was to befall the individual d. Or o store that prayer and dispense it on the Last Day (this is only for those who have true faith and sincerely follow prophets of God) 02A.God need not write a book, He reveals it to His Prophets and Messengers thru the medium of His chosen Angels. I do not know about earlier scriptures, but Quran throws an open challenge to whole humanity that if they think that our prophet wrote Quran by himself, then they should also be able to write a book like Quran, or ten chapter like it or even one chapter like. This challenge is open for 1400 years and there are millions of Arab Christians who have Arabic as their mother tongue and they are unable to meet this challenge. 03. Every ones defensive mechanism should kick in at the way you are describing the Creator of this universe. Have you ever reflected how your own creation began, what were you, and how little you knew when you were born and what shall happen to you when you die? If you have authoritative answers to these questions, may be we think that you speak the truth. [QUOTE who="GM"] Q22

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I find it amusing that Christianity is (basic)ally Judaism+. and that Islam is Christianity+ and Judaism++. It's like watching a Windows 98 zealot looks down on a Windows 95 zealot while declaring war on Windows 3.1 zealot. [/QUOTE] Ans. No you got it wrong. The religion of God is always same it is called submitting your will to the will of your Creator. In Arabic it is called Islam. So the religion which all prophets followed was Islam. It was neither Judaism , Nor Christianity. Moses did not follow Judaism and Jesus was not a Christian. Moses and Jesus were just the prophets of God in the long chain of prophets which started with Adam and ended with the Last and Final Prophet. Our prophet was the Last and Final prophet in that long chain. It was like a beautiful palace was being built, it will not be called complete unless the last and final brick is in place. Our prophet was that last and final brick in that beautiful edifice. A Muslim therefore believes in ALL prophets of God. Jews and Christians reject at least ONE prophet of God!!

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[QUOTE who="FF"] Q23. MUQ quoted: By properly applying Islamic system, the crime rates come down drastically in any society in which they are applied. D. Muslim countries have the highest criminal rates in theft, murder and rapes etc. MUQ QUOTED >>>>>>> >> I have no problem in agreeing to your post, and that is because there are hardly an\y Muslim <<<<< MUQ QUOTED MUQ QUOTED >>>>>>> How can you blame Islamic system for crime rates when it is not even applied? <<<<<< MUQ QUOTED And it has been seen that when Islamic laws are applied the crime rates come down. And another confusion which Western Media and Christian countries try to create is that Islam is only about Crimes and Punishment and it has no Social system to reduce the crime rates. Islam is a complete way of life and it has to be applied in full to see its full results. MUQ QUOTED >>>>>>> Most Muslim countries do not apply other provisions of Islamic law and start with Criminal law, while in reality that should be the last part to be applied!! <<<< MUQ QUOTED E. No judge has right to chop off hands of a criminal or hang a murderer or an adulterator or a homosexual.

MUQ all I did was agreed with you, that there are no genuine Muslims left in this world. [/QUOTE] Ans. I cannot say that there are no genuine Muslims in the world today. I can say that Most of those who are leading Muslim Nations do not act according to Islam. It is they who bring bad name for islam and Muslims. Most of their action are hypocritical. They should leave their posts if they cannot rule according to Islam which they claim is their religion.

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As for as individual Muslims are concerned, there might be millions of those who live their lives according to Islamic principles and there are billions of others, who wish that there was Islamic system in force and they could live under it. There are only few who rule these people and turn their countries into a practically Non Muslim countries. Allah Knows Best (about the state of faith of any individual Muslim ) [QUOTE who="COR"] Q24. 01. our logic has many fatal flaws, not the least of which is your assumption that Islam is based on "Truth and Justice and Reason and Logic". The fact is, it's not based on any of that stuff. It is a faith-based religion, like all other religions. 02. If you were born into a Christian household, you would most likely be saying the same thing of Christianity. If you were born into an Orthodox Jewish household, you would most likely be saying the same thing of Judaism, etc, etc... 03. It is a fact that a majority of people will cling to the religion they are born into and not base their decision on any form of logic or reason. This, in and of itself, reveals your bias and discredits your proposition. 04. Finally, with regards to what is good or bad for society - some things are obvious, and those things are typically shared across all major religions, philosophies and humanistic moral codes. Other things are more subjective. To imply one religion is based on truth and others aren't is a false dichotomy and creates unnecessary friction, and this is NOT good for society. [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. You have to come out with any belief of Islam that is not based on reason and logic. Just laying a general statement is not enough. In fact every belief of Islam has a very sound reason and logic and justification and it is only Islam which can face any scrutiny by any unbiased method. 02. If you are born into Jewish and Christian house hold you would say the same things, but when asked to prove them on reason or logic, you would fail!! You ask Christians and Jews about the fundamental article of their faith and reason and logic and truth about it and they start speaking in unintelligible language. Just ask any Christian to explain Trinity to you and please tell me, is it English or some other language he is speaking.

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03. It is unfortunate that people cling to religion of their parents without checking and asking questions about it. If people were to ask questions about their beliefs and beliefs of their parents, the same way they ask about worldly things, the situation would be totally different. That is what we ask people to do, to ask basic questions about their beliefs and check and verify how much they are true. 04. There are lots of theories and suggestions from Philosophical and Thinkers what are best solutions for the society. But they are only on paper, the moment you put them into practice you found that they are only good on papers. Like this Communism and Socialism, they are very good solutions to solve all problems of humanity on paper, but once you implement them fully, you found that they are not the real solutions, They create more problems than they solve it. The same goes for Judaism and Christianity , try to implement them 100 % and you start facing problems. It is only Islam which is 100 % practicable and can deliver the goods, and that is WHY every one is united to oppose islam, because they do not WANT to solve their problems, they want to live in confusion and in conflict and in doubt.

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Q25. [QUOTE who="Frijoles"] The only problem being, of course, is according to you, the QURAN is the ONLY path to God. Just as bad, as "my God is better than your God". [/QUOTE] Ans. Quran confirms that God did sent many books in the past to different nations and in different language. So THAT answers your question. But Quran claims that it is the Last and Final revelation from God for all mankind, the one which confirms, and guards all other revealed books. Quran is the ONLY revealed book in the world, which stands pure and free from any type of corruption. Quran is therefore the Gold or Platinum or whatever Highest standard one can assume, and every one can check the Quality and Caret Rating of their books thru it!! Hope I made my point clear!! PS: But there is nothing like My God and Your God, there is only One God, Who is same for all humans living in the world. [QUOTE who="IDGAF"] You cannot prove that there is only one god. There are probably multitudes. You can't even claim the universe because we don't yet understand the size or dimension. It maybe multiple universes in many dimensions. [/QUOTE] Ans.

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It is EVERY easy to prove that there is only One God in the Universe, while it is NEXT to IMPOSSIBLE to prove that there are multitude of gods!! Consider the following: a. To the best of our knowledge, the same laws are being followed, thru out the whole Universe. That shows that there is only One God who made these laws which everything follows. Had there been multitude of God, there would be no Universal laws. b. As for as we can probe , the lights from stars and galaxies which are billions of light years away reaches to us, indicating that there is no barrier in the universe. Had there been multitudes of gods, they would not allow "light from another god" to pass thru their kingdom. c. All living creatures and every thing we see is made from same basic particles. Indicating that there is only One God and Creator. If there were multitude of creators, they would have used different building blocks for their creations. These are simple and straight forward reasons for the common people who have some knowledge about science. And if one sees thru the universe and observe how these things are functioning for millions of years, one will be "forced to admit" that there exists Only One Powerful, all Knowing, Merciful and Wise Creator behind this universe!! Multiple Universes and Multiple dimensions, is only a Hypothesis and not yet proven. You can not make your faith on Hypothesis.

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Chapter-2 On Islam Part-2, Hadith, Jews and Christians

[QUOTE who="Jake Bradock"]<quoted text> Q26. All the comparisons are supplied with your Hadith and are supported by muslim sources threw the ages muslims kept good records of the atrocities committed by your prophet even though your trying to cover them up and destroy them now. The only valid and righteous parts of your religion are the parts Mohammed copied direct from the christians know it and it kills you thinking about it. [/QUOTE] And. Compare our prophets wars against the wars ("atrocities" according to you) against ANY ONE in this world. The ones you consider as "Warrior Prophets, Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon....or any one who took up arms to defend the Message of truth. Compare the numbers of casualties on both side and the results obtained in each case. And how temporary and permanent they were. That is a FAIR comparison, comparing an apple against an apple. To compare our prophet against some one, who did not wield any worldly power on this earth and was a mere preacher and was killed like a "petty criminal" by his enemies is not a fair comparison at all. It is comparing an apple against an orange. And that is the BASIC fault in your comparison. The second obvious is your hate and bias against Islam and its prophet using which you distort Islamic info from their context as you wish and draw most negative results from something which has no negative side at all. This is the work of genius or Devil, you pick up on which side you are!!

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[QUOTE who="Abdullah 1940"] Q27 The Ahadith are not part of the Qur'an. While I think it is wrong for a Muslim to be a Hadith rejector I do not believe any Muslim should read them without proper training in how to ascertain the Authenticity and reliability of them. Not all Ahadith have been verified as being true. Out of nearly a million books of ahadith only the compilation by Bukhari has been sufficiently verified to know that at least the alleged witnesses did exist and did report what it is said they reported. But even then many have only one witness and no other reports to support what was reported. [/QUOTE] Ans. My Dear Brother Abdullah Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Brother I love and respect you and admire your balanced posts on this thread. So please do not take in negative sense what I am going to write. While your general statement that Hadith are separate from Quran and they are always given second position as Source of Law after Quran. Is correct and there is never disagreement on this. But It is not correct to say that Only Bukhari has been sufficiently verified. And that a Million or so books of Hadith were written. Both these claims are wrong, many books of Hadith were written, but the collection does not reach anywhere near to that figure. The Original Book s of Hadith called as UMMAHATUL KUTUB do not even reach to a figure of 100. And most of these books have been thoroughly analyzed and verified by Muslim Scholars. Out of these 100 odd books, six have been categorized as Very reliable and named Six Reliable books of Hadith SIHA-E-SITTA They are: 1. Collection of Hadith by Imam Bukhari 2. Collection of Hadith by Imam Muslim

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3. Collection of Hadith by Imam Tirmidhi 4. Collection of Hadith by Imam Abu Dawood 5. Collection of Hadith by Imam Ibn Maja. 6. Collection of Hadith by Imam Nisai Some scholars put MAUTTA of Imam Malik and MASNAD of Imam Ahmed in place of # 5 0r # 6. And out of these 6 books, Bukhari and Muslim have always retained the pole position as Most Reliable and Authentic Collection of Hadith While verification of Hadith and its Narrators is not an easy job, but Islamic Scholars have devoted much of their time and energies in this direction. And this effort is unparalleled amongst people of all other religions. These people lack even the basics of Witness and Chain of Transmission issues. Their books work on the assumption of Good will and honesty on the part of writers and compilers and copyists. I know it has become fashionable amongst Educated Muslims to belittle and reduce the importance of Hadith and books of Hadith, forgetting the efforts which our Scholars did to preserve sayings and actions of our beloved prophet (may Peace and mercy of Allah be on him and his family and his companions). PS: Once again I want to insist my brother that I in no way am criticizing you, I just wrote these lines to clear any ambiguity one might have deduced reading your post. I really appreciate your comments and your balanced approach is dealing with people of European and American background. I pray to Allah that both of us end our lives as Pius Muslims and we meet each other in Paradise. Amen.

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[QUOTE who="Roberta"] Q 28 I never said they didn't worship the Lord after leaving Abraham. I said I wasn't sure. The Bible doesn't say very much about Ishmael's life after leaving Abraham, and nothing at all about whether or not he worshiped the Lord God of his father Abraham, or any other god. Ishmael was Abraham's son, of course (although the Bible NEVER calls him "the seed of Abraham"). However, Ishmael was NOT the Son of Promise. Rather, Isaac was. [/QUOTE] Ans. Thanks for quoting these Biblical verses to me. Yes I can understand your saying that you do not KNOW what God Ishmael worshipped when he was Sent Away (However if you had thought on the situation, the answer would have become crystal clear!!) If Jews and Christians were allowed to edit their Bible, they would have removed even the name of Ishmael from the text and would lead every one to believe that Isaac was the ONLY Son Abraham ever had!! This is nothing but only racism and jealousy at the base of it, the same they did to Esau, elder brother of Jacob (God loved Jacob and hated Esau) and Moabites (whose genealogy they linked with incest between Lot and his daughters). In their hatred towards Ishmael, they do not think how they are maligning the Character of Sarah, Abraham and even implicating God into these atrocities. Any the funny thing is that when one reads with open mind and try to reconstruct the events, he finds clear proof of mistakes, discrepancies and bias in these writings. And all these are now referred to God, because Bible is nothing but the Word of God. I would point out a few of these, which Jews and Christians would like to hide, or pretend that they never thought about it. A. Ishmael was the First Born Son of Abraham. And his status of First Born could not be taken away from him even if his mother was maid of Sarah. B. Ishmael was the son which Abraham prayed for, and God Himself gave the name. Such a son was definitely more loved by a father and we never heard any where that he did anything to displease God or Abraham.

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C. Ishmael was the ONLY Son which Abraham had for 14 years and he was with Abraham when covenant of circumcision was made and God promised to make a Big Nation out of him. How strange is your statement that We do not know which god Ishmael prayed once he was sent away!! Now I will point out a Few Discrepancies of Bible regarding Ishmael: 1. Ishmael Sent Away: Abraham was 86 years old when Ishmael was born and 100 years when Isaac was born, so age of Ishmael when Isaac was born was 14 years and 16 years when Isaac was weaned. So when Ishmael was sent away, he was a youth of 16 years and ready for marriage, keep that in mind and listen to these Biblical verses depicting the scene: Abraham rose early morning and gave bread and a skin bag of water to Hagar, he put the Child on her back and sent her away.. (21:14). Is that how you do to a 16 year old youth? Yet no Jew or Christian ever objects to it!! 2. Scene of Ishmaels death from thirst: Now listen to these verses: When there was no more water in the skin, she pushed the boy under one of the bushes, and sat about a hundred yards away (21:15) The Child began to wail, God heard him and the Angel of God called to Hagar.pick the boy up and hold him safely, for I will make him into a great nation (21:21:17-19) Can we depict these scenes on a 16 years old boy? Or on an infant child? And if Ishmael was an infant, then everything vanishes away, Sarahs jealousy, Abrahams cruelty and Gods involvement into all these. But Jews and Christians do not ponder on these things, simply because Bible is the Spoken Word of God. 3. Isaac the Child of Sacrifice: Remember Ishmael was 14 years old when Isaac was born and when Isaac was supposed to have been sacrificed, his age would have been around 24-25 (We can assume that he was married and had a few sons by that time).

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So Abraham having a son of 25 years and a few grandchildren is asked to Sacrifice his ONLY Son Isaac. How it could be? Isaac was NEVER the Only Son of Abraham and he never shall be. And the test would have been great for Abraham, when he was asked to sacrifice his ONLY SON Ishmael, whom he prayed for and whom he loved, to sacrifice when Isaac was not yet born!! This makes perfect sense, but Jews and Christians would have nothing to do with it, because Bible is the Word of God!!

3. Isaac the Child of Sacrifice: Remember Ishmael was 14 years old when Isaac was born and when Isaac was supposed to have been sacrificed, his age would have been around 24-25 (We can assume that he was married and had a few sons by that time). So Abraham having a son of 25 years and a few grandchildren is asked to Sacrifice his ONLY Son Isaac. How it could be? Isaac was NEVER the Only Son of Abraham and he never shall be. And the test would have been great for Abraham, when he was asked to sacrifice his ONLY SON Ishmael, whom he prayed for and whom he loved, to sacrifice when Isaac was not yet born!! This makes perfect sense, but Jews and Christians would have nothing to do with it, because Bible is the Word of God!! 4. Islamic version of whole story: Islamic version of Abrahams story has no discrepancies and solves all these difficulties of Biblical version. According to it: a. Abraham left Infant Ishmael and his mother in the place where there is Makkah. He journeyed all the way on Camel (Yes, Camel, no other mode of transport will suffice for that journey) and after getting the down there, left. Hagar asked her, why are you leaving it all alone? He did not reply, she asked twice and thrice and then asked, Did God asked you to do it? He said yes, she said then it is OK. Then rest of the scene is same as we read in Bible. So there was no jealousy, Isaac was not even born and no blame is on Abraham and Sarah in any way. b. The Abraham did not abandon Ishmael and Hagar (As Bible would lead us to believe), but used to visit them regularly (as loving father, husband and prophet of God will do).

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c. During one of these visits when Ishmael was 10 or 11 years old, the event of Sacrifice took place and it was a very sever test for Abraham to sacrifice his ONLY Son Ishmael. But both father and son rose upto it. d. And after that test Good News of birth of ANOTHER Son Isaac was given and there is no complication. e. Abraham left Isaac to propagate the mission in the land of Canaan and Ishmael to propagate the mission in the land of Arabia. And they are connected with each other. f. But Isaac and his progeny did not stick to their land of Inheritance, first they left it for Egypt when Joseph got power there. Then they got it back after Moses brought them out of Egypt.but lost it during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar .got it back during the time of Cyrus .lost it again during the reign of Titus g. As for Ishmael and his progeny, they held on to the land of their inheritance and never abandoned it. Not only that they slowly and slowly took control of ALL the land where Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus set their foot during their entire life!! 4. Muslims and Isaac and His Progeny: a. And Muslim are never shy to sing praise of Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon and Jesus and all the Biblical prophets. b. They respect and revere these prophets of God and Quran says that God chose Jews over all nations of the world. c. They are behaving very graciously towards their Younger cousins while they do not get the similar response from their younger cousins. Conclusion: Now once again I ask you the question what God did Ishmael and his mother worshipped? Now you know inside information. Ishmael was 16 years of age when he was sent away. Which God would he worship? And in case you are still in doubt, I would like to draw your attention to following verses of Quran, Another Revealed Word of God: 1. And this was the legacy that Abraham left to his sons, and so did the Jacob, O My Sons! God has chosen the faith for you; they die not except in the faith of Islam (i.e. willful submission to God) (21:132)

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2. Were you witnesses when death appeared before Jacob? He said to his sons:: What will you worship after me? They Said We shall worship your Lord and Lord of your fathers of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac, the One True God: to Him we bow (in submission) 2: 133 So Quran does not leave out Ishmael from the list and it is the faith that these prophets of God leave as their legacy and not gold, silver, sheep, goat and land and other worldly things.

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[QUOTE who="Shiela"] Q29. The Islamic Claim to Palestine because they are descendants of Ishmael: Muslims like to claim that Islam gave them the right to claim the land of Israel as their own. This claim rests upon two false assumptions: 1. All Arabs are the descendants of Ishmael; 2. Muhammad went to Jerusalem. The claim that Muhammad went to Jerusalem is false. According to the Quran and the Hadith, Muhammad had a dream in the middle of the night in which he traveled through the sky, visited seven heavens, met great people like Jesus, and visited the Jerusalem. Since this was only a dream, he was never actually in Jerusalem. The Mosque on the temple site in Jerusalem is a hoax built on the lie that Muhammad stood on the site. 3. Nowhere in the Quran does it state that Ishmael is the progenitor of the Arab race. Since it is not taught in the Quran, it cannot be a true Islamic belief. The Arab people are not the children of Ishmael. Even if they were, they would still have no claim to Israel because Ishmael was excluded by God Himself from having any part in the covenant made with Abraham. Isaac was the only heir of the Abrahamic covenant. Thus the Arabs as a people have no claim to the land of Israel.

[/QUOTE] Ans. You are making your own standards and making your own claims and passing on your own judgments and then say these are which WE claim! A. Muslims claim Palestine because they are descendents of Ishmael: This is totally wrong and I do not know of any Muslim who made such a statement. Muslims claim Palestine because they conquered that land 1400 years ago and were living there for past many centuries.

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There are Arabs, Egyptians and people of many nationalities living there even Jews and Christians, and Muslims never denied them entrance. It is only Jews who come with their twisted logic that Palestine belongs to them and to know one else, why? Because God gave it to Isaac and his children for an everlasting possession (both these claims are false, historically, logically, reasonably) B. All Arabs are descendent of Ishmael: This is also a false claim and I do not know of any knowledgeable Muslim can make that claim. Every Muslim knows that when Ishmael was an infant and he and his mother were the only persons and in Makkah and the well of Zamzam spouted as a Miracle from God, a Caravan from Tribe of JURHUM came and settled there. Arabs being from ADNAN (a descendent of Ishmael) and Qahtan (a descendent of Noah) is well known to every Arab. How idiotic is your claim, you can your self see. C. Our prophet NEVER went to Jerusalem: Only a person totally ignorant of Quran and Hadith literature can make this claim. It was a special Miracle of God that He transported our Prophet from Makkah to Jerusalem in one night and brought him back. If you say that God cannot do that, then you are doubting the powers of God. And if you deny the powers of God, how would you justify all those Thousands of Miracle which Jesus and other jewish prophets of God ? D. Quran does not say that Ishmael is the originator of Arab race: Why would Quran say such an absurd thing? Quran only speaks the truth and never a lie!! Jews and Christians make every thing a mystery in their religion, so is the Covenant God with Abraham. They think that the ONLY purpose of that Covenant was to find a place of Residence for Children of Isaac. Does God and prophets of God have these Base thoughts as their ultimate goal? It is Jews and the racial bias of our Younger Cousins that they want to steal every right and benefits that was due to the First Born and Elder son of Abraham!!

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I think if they do re-write their Bible from scratch, they would strike out the name of Ishmael from their books and claim that Abraham had only ONE son, Isaac!!

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[QUOTE who="Shiela"] Q30. 01. Ishmael was the product of a slave girl with Abraham. She was sent away because she had no claim to Abraham or his promises from God. She was just given to Abraham because Sarah didn't think she could have children. It was a miracle of God that she did and it is that son that is the seed to carry the lineage just as God has stated. 02. Hagar was nothing more that a whore and a slave girl who was trying to help the couple out. Strange that both of the Jews and the Christians both agree on the promised line and then some 500 years later the false Prophet decides that that is not what God said what he wants not what God The Koran was not even written for 200 years after the death of the alleged prophet. The journey to Jerusalem was just a dream that Mohammad had nothing more and no one can prove it was anything else Just because angels came to Lot doesn't make him a prophet. Islam is the only one claiming he was so it can fit into their plagiarized story. I couldn't be bothered wasting anymore time on someone who has been brainwashed and can't see the truth [/QUOTE] Ans. A. Why was Ishmael born of a Salve Girl? Was that a Fault of Ishmael? So now we have your racism and spite in full view!! 1. God accepts Ishmael as Son and Seed of Abraham (at many places in Bible) and to our Ma Shiela , her mother is no more than a whore (Your hands do not wither off writing such words about a Noble Soul. What answer you will give to Abraham on the day of Hereafter for making such comments about his household?). Prey tell us what Signs of Whoredom you found in Bible on the conduct of Lady Hagar? By every standard she has been the Wronged party in the family conflicts in the household of Abraham. Only a Racist can find any fault in her character as depicted in Bible. 2. This is what happens when you get mad with your racism; you loose all sense of rights and wrongs. 3. Is Ishmael the ONLY child who was born of slave girls?

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Have you FORGOTTEN that two of four wives of Jacob were Slave Girls? Four out of twelve Jewish Tribes are from those born of these slave girls, are they inferior to other Jewish Tribes? Or the rule of being born of slave girls started and ended only with Ishmael? B. Quran was Not Written even after 200 years of death of prophet: 1. What is the source of this Noble Prize winning discovery? 2. If some one was smart enough and capable enough to compose a book like Quran 200 years after death of prophet, then why no one else is able to do it after him? Quran challenges human kind to produce a book, ten chapters or even one chapter like it. Why none of these Millions of Arabs Jews and Christians unable to take this challenge? 3. And when these Biblical books were written? How many years after the death of their prophets? C. Lot was not a prophet: 01. Please tell us what are the criterions, that an individual can be called as a prophet, according to Bible. 02. Let us see some investigative work from your side and test your Biblical knowledge. 03. And if Quran was plagiarized from Bible, what earthly or Heavenly gain would our prophet get by mentioning Lot amongst prophets of God? D. Plagirisation Issues: This is a separate topic and why should you worry about it when Quran was written more than 200 years after the death of Prophet!! At least our Prophet had nothing to do with these stories (If your theory is true). E. Running Away from Discussion? That is your prerogative, I know you people are unable to deal with logical and reasonable discussions of these type. Your expertise is in using abusive and insulting language and hyperbole your own claims.

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[QUOTE who="Andre"] Q31 Hi MUQ. Briefly explain what happened (according to the Quran) to Jesus' at his crucifixion. Is there any evidence outside of the Quran that can be offered as evidence that Jesus was not crucified/did not die - such as reputable historians? You see, if Jesus did not die on the cross, the message of Bible is useless. Even if that is the case, the Quran is still untrue, as the god that the Quran reveals is by his own admission a liar - telling the people that they must accept the Injeel. To put it more plainly, the Injeel and the Quran differ on a number of issues, with the crucifixion being critical- so the Bible contain lies and thus the Quran. If the Bible contain some lies, it cannot be trusted in anything. Do you believe a person that has lied to you on important issues - such as your eternal destiny? But it has a number of other serious implications as well: 1) Your prophet Jesus is a liar. (Mat 16:21 From that time forth began Jesus to show unto his disciples, how that he must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day. John 10:17 Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again But even more serious, the reason Jesus died is for your sins - taking it upon himself, also according to the prophets: If He did not die, you are still in your sin and in jeopardy of hell. Isa 53:5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. Isa 53:6 All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. So my friend, you miss the crucial part of the Injeel. If there is a Satan, he would want you to disbelieve this very important point. [/QUOTE] Ans. Your post is a confused one, in which you do not even sure what you are trying to convey.

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There are so many contradictions in what you refer to as Quranic position on different issues. Let me put something in order: A. What Happened to Jesus? 01. According to Quran, Jesus was not crucified and he was not killed by his enemies, but took him up to Himself. The people thought they had done so, therefore the whole episode was made confusing to them. 02. If any one reads the statements of all four Gospels, he will find many contradictions and errors in their description of the Crucifixion. No two accounts tally with each other. 03. Quran is the direct revelation from God Almighty the Creator and Sustainer of this Universe. After His declarations the Historians and other literature is "puny" and insignificant. B. What is INJEEL? 04. INJEEL is the revelation given by God to Jesus to preach to the people. It is not gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John or combination of them. 05. INJEEL means Good News which is translated into English as Gospel. The Gospel of Jesus is no where to be found these days, though some remnants of that are to be seen scattered in the four Gospels. 06. Therefore Quran does not asks Muslims or Christians to believe in these four Gospels as Words of God. C. Jesus as Personal Saviour: 07. This is a concoction of St. Paul and people like him, collect disjoined statements from so many different books of OT and them try to connect these dots by their own interpretation. 08. Using that technique, you can prove anything from the books of Bible. 09. Jesus never claimed that he was God, that he was sent to sacrifice himself for the sins of human kind. 10. Jews and all Jewish prophets to whom these books of OT were revealed and who wrote these books, never believed in what St. Paul "discovered" hidden into those books. [QUOTE who="Bradock"] Q32.

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01. Why would a Christian accept Jesus as a muslim when islam was not even invented when he walked the earth. 02. Why would God send Jesus as the new beginning, and the spawn of Christianity if suddenly 500 years latter all of a sudden he was actually a muslim? 03. Come on MUQ, Christians know, and are taught that towards the end times many false prophets will walk the earth trying to lead people away using false religions and that the false religions are responsible for all sorts of sin and slaughter. 04. Given satans obvious grip on the so called religion of islam how can you expect anyone to look seriously at islam as the way and the truth when your own religious leaders cant even interpret it in ONE way. 05. Your religion is deeply confused, deeply flawed and comes from the ramblings of a mad man in which only the simpletons of the middle east are fooled by it. 06. It is truly sad that so many are giving there faith to such an obviously false religion and given the pain it has caused the people of earth it amazes me as to what you muslims are going to say to the one true god when he makes you explain the horror your followers have caused in his name. [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. You do not know the meaning of the word Islam, otherwise you would not have made such a comment. Was there any Christianity when Jesus left the world? Was the religion of jesus Christianity? Did Jesus ever called his followers with the name of Christian? No, No, No, Christian and Christianity are invented by humans. Islam means submitting one self to God and that was the religion of ALL prophets of God including jesus. 02. Because the message of Jesus was changed by St. Paul and those who came after them, so there was need to send a Prophet of God to revive the religion. And that is why Jesus promised that a Comforter shall come and lead you into all the truth. It is for God to decide when a New prophet shall come, 600 years might look too long to you, but in the eyes of God it is less than a day!! 03. False prophets started coming right after Jesus left the earth and you can count St. Paul as one of those false prophet, who turned the religion of Jesus upside down and introduced his own logic and philosophy into it.

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Jesus did not say that every one who claims prophet hood after him shall be a false prophet. False prophets came after Jesus does not prove that no true prophet will come after him. 04. To say that Satan is the author of Islam shows that you have no knowledge about Islam and its teachings. For starters if Satan is the author of Islam why it asked every Muslims to take refuge with God against the accursed Satan? 05. Islam is confused can be said by any one who knows nothing about Islam and your post shows that you know next to nothing about Islam. 06. You opinion about Islam is highly subjective and carries no weight.

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[QUOTE who="PH"] Q33. 01. MUQ, lets get real here, Muslims are not known for their warrior ability, and frankly they have proved time and time again to be cowards when ever confronted. 2. The Jews have kicked Muslim ass since 1947. It has actually been over 400 years since an Islamic majority army won a war, that is a 400 year losing streak. 3. The Indians have Kicked Muslim ass, and lets not forget Baghdad Ali taking about how he would drive the US into the sea in the "Mother of all Battles". 4. So threats of Muslim aggression is very laughable. Wake up to yourself you loser. [/QUOTE] Ans. You are accusing Muslims are not known for their Warrior Ability, are you. And please tell me Since when the Jews were known for their Warrior Abilities Were not the same Jews kicked and pushed around the whole of Europe from one country to another for so many past centuries? Where was their Warrior Ability then? Why those six million Jews Choose to die in Nazi Gas Chambers without showing their warrior ability? All their Super Man like Warrior Ability was discovered since 1947, when they armed to teeth with the help of their Newly found Christian Bosom Friends are persecuting the hapless Palestinians. I know Indians kicked Muslims, this is a historical fact, but did you forget, that Muslims ruled India for close to 1000 years!! Who had the Warrior abilities then? Hindus or Muslims? And Muslims at no stage in those 1000 years had majority status in India!! There are ups and downs in the history of every nation. And if world is Not terrified with Warrior abilities of Muslims, why is this 24 hour Non Stop Propaganda against Islam and Muslims? There are people with short memories like you, who only have rerords of a few decades before them They have no idea of a past history of any nation and they have no knowledge about how the turns of Nations turn.

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The same European Nations and their White Skin and Blue Eyes were treated as savages and Barbarians and people having No brains and no capability to get civilized a few centuries before!! You and your sense of History and Predicting Future!! [QUOTE who="Advocate"] Q34. 1. But why should they have to identify with a concept -- a person -- that has formed one of several cores as to why they were persecuted even though they had nothing to do with the event? 2/3. How would you phrase this if, say, a Muslim boy would want to convert from Islam? 4. There are still very poor Jews in the world, but less compared to last century. My father's parents arrived in Mexico from the ghetto after being turned away by the United States. They were dirt poor and found it very hard to learn Spanish. My mother's parents were more well adjusted and adapted to Mexican life and culture rather easily as relatives here had found them jobs in established family businesses. However, there are also very poor Muslims and Christians as well, and not all are blessed with an oil economy like the Gulf States and Iran. I didn't mean to comment on general socioeconomic status, but on executives in general. The vast majority are Muslim and Christian. It would be interesting to note that the reason many Jewish people are in the media business today is that because there were little job opportunities open to them before the 60s, with cinema and the newspaper being some exceptions. 5. I comment on having a sad disposition because you seem to accept many of the generalizations made in the internet and hacks like Port Jefferson instead of asking him why? We do not need more generalizations but rather a common platform to find solutions to common problems. [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. A prophet of God sent to any nation is no ordinary person. He is not like Crores of humans being present on earth. Jesus was born without any human father, that fact itself made him unique. Then he performed all those Miracles which removed any doubts as to whether he was a true prophet of God or not. Then the core of his message, he invited Jews to come back to the path of God and start worshipping Him with full heart and energy. All these are tell tale signs of a

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True prophet and a mighty Messenger of God. Now if Jews still reject him and his message it is their choice. If Christians persecuted Jews because why they do not believe in Jesus, then Christians are at fault. They have no right to force Jews to accept Jesus. 02 & 03. Islam is the true path and final religion for the mankind. If any Muslim wants to leave this religion, he is not allowed to do so, because of the temptation he would cause in the society. The best way for him is to leave the society, go to a Non Muslim country or land and then do whatever he likes there. 04. You are right there are poor Jews and poor Muslims and poor Christians in the world today and every day. The Jews which I mention are mainly Ashkenazi Jews who are supporters of Zionism. It is these Jews that have taken over control of all Jews and it is they who are at the forefront of all these hate compaign against islam and Muslims. I know many pious and right thinking Jews are against these Zionist Ashkenazi Jews and they do not want these people to act as spokesperson for All Jews in the world. 05. If I use generalizations, then we also face similar type of generalizations being used by Jews and Christians against us. The best path is for all these three groups of believers in One God to unite and instead of demonizing each other; we should form a common platform and defend against our common enemy, which is Modern Materialistic Philosophy and Atheism. When the Jews, Christians and Muslims are arguing between themselves, these forces are getting real boost and become more powerful. I do not think that this discussion should invoke feeling of sadness in you. It is good that we are talking on issues that we kept hidden in our hearts for so many years. Q35. Dak-original wrote: <quoted text> Hilarious! MUQ accepting Jews as chosen people and then telling off GOD for choosing Jews! I never! No we do not accept Jewish people as "Permanently chosen people". They were chosen when they adhered to the laws of God and walked in His way. When they stopped walking in the ways of God and started killing prophets of God, they were stripped from that Chosen status.
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And rejecting Jesus was the "Final straw" in their chosen status, as Jesus warned them in very plain and simple language "This (title) would be taken from you and given to other people..." Now they appear before God as rebellious people and not Chosen people of God.... Unless... They repent and accept Jesus as True prophet of God... And... Accept last and final prophet of God and following his footsteps. It is they who erred and it is for them to collect their ways. God was just and blameless before and after. He did not do even the least injustice to them, not even in the least, but tolerated them and their inequities for a much longer period than any human could do!!

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Q36. [QUOTE who="NT"] 1. You miss the point entirely. Weren't the Jews persecuted by Muhammad that he made them pay him protection money. 2. Now the Jews are the dominant force that they control the destiny of others like the Palestinians who wish to remove the Jews much like how the Jews would have felt towards Muhammad. 3. Got it ? gods justice is that what goes around comes around. [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. No our prophet "did not persecute" Jews, till they paid "protection money"? He offered them most decent treaty once he came to Madina. But they chose to malign him and his religion and made pacts and deals with enemies of Islam from inside and outside Madina. So it were they who broke the terms of treaty and had to pay the consequence. 02. And Jews persecuting that Hapless Palestinians are not "taking revenge" for that treatment. They are trying to persecute them for stealing their lands and homes. 03. And if your logic "what goes comes back" is true, then It is Jews who should "worry" about what will be their fate when "what they are doing right now comes back to them"? That is why I said any regime based on Mischief, falsehood, oppression and injustice has but a short leash of life and present Zionist regime of Isreal is all these qualities personified, how it can have a Long Leash of Life?

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Q37. Islamic Jihad and its stages: It seems the discussion has turned towards Jihad, and as usual most people are unaware of what is meant by Islamic Jihad, what are its types and forms and how it has been practiced in the past 1400 Islamic history. So I think it is time to clarify, certain points in this regard. I think our Extremist Hindus will call this as hogwash and as an apology, but my post is not addressed to them, but those who have thinking and reasoning powers. A. Jihad and its Qualification in Islam: 01. As I mentioned in Arabic the word Jihad means to struggle and to strive. And it is a very common word used in Arabic for every type of struggle and effort one makes. But in Quran the Jihad acceptable to Allah is which is in His way. 02. So the intention for Jihad must be to please Allah and to keep His Message Up, and not to have any other worldly motives, like winning land, exploiting other people and nations, to get benefit for ones tribe, nation, linguistic or ethnic group etc. If some one does Jihad with any of these motives, then it is not Islamic Jihad and not in the Cause of Allah. 02A. And if these motives are mixed along with the motive of Islamic Jihad, then depending upon the percentage of mixing, it would be that much deficient in the eyes of Allah. B. Jihad is not only Fighting and War: 3. Many people think that Islamic Jihad only means fighting and war, but this is a misconception. Jihad is performed with every thing and every gift which is given by Allah to every Muslim. 4. Jihad is done by words of mouth, by pen, by money and if the time comes with Swords and guns also. 5. It is like a person wants to see the name and message of Allah to prevail above name and message of every thing else, so he uses every means that are available to him. Fighting and Wars are only the last stage and should be used when all other methods fail. 6. And when Muslims go to fight, they are not allowed to cause mischief to the land, making general destruction and go on killing spree and kill women, children, old people, destroy the religious places of other nations and religion etc. Muslim army has to use extreme care and follow Islamic Moral code during the wars. No crime should go unpunished if proved C. Jihad and its various forms: There are many form in which Islamic Jihad takes shape

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7. Jihad with ones own self: This is also called Internal Jihad and it is more difficult that the external Jihad. A Muslim must fight continuously with ones own base self. It must abide by all Islamic laws and regulations and implement its Moral, economic and social code on himself and those who are under him. 7A. A Muslim must not, lie, must not cheat, must not do adulteration, must not take or give bribe, must not indulge in Alcohol or gambling or any game of chance. Must not commit adultery or fornication, must be kind to ones parents and kin folks. The whole Islamic Shariah is filled with instructions for how a Muslim should behave. 8. It is clear that this Internal Jihad is much more difficult than going out and fight and get killed or kill the enemies. That is why our prophet called this Jihad as Bigger Jihad. Contd. 9. Offensive Jihad: Muslims are God Own Army made Incharge to see Peace and Tranquility is maintained in their own lands and all the lands surrounding their lands. 9A. Muslims should therefore subdue and force any neighboring country, that stops preaching of Islam by force to its people. It is Islams Birth Right that it should be preached to all people. But the people should not be forced to accept Islam. 9B. Muslims should also subdue and force that no neighboring country Stops by force its people accepting Islam. It is Muslims duty to see that no one is prevented by force not to accept Islam. 9C. Muslims should see that there is no force which gets so strong, so as to threaten the existence of Islamic nations and any of its provinces. When any such situations arise, Muslims are permitted to use force and war, to subdue that nation and those people. 9D. Muslims are allowed to use force and subdue any nation that is extremely cruel and oppresses and creates Tyranny and Mischief in the land. Muslims are Gods army to see that no one gets so powerful to make life extremely difficult for its own people and nations around them. There are many more reasons for which Muslims are allowed to mount Offensive War and struggle and Jihad . 10. Defensive Jihad: The above was for offensive Jihad, there is also a category called defensive Jihad. 10A. Muslims must protect their nation and their property and their honor from attacks by Non Islamic powers. The land which Allah gives to Muslims is a gift from Allah and it is Muslims duty to preserve it and see that it does not gets away from Muslim hands. All actions needed to protect it come under that Islamic Jihad.

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10B. If any Muslim land has been taken by enemy forces, Muslims should not abandon it, but must try to win it back. The land which comes into hands of Muslims is for eternity and Muslims have a God Given right to take it back. Every such struggle comes under Islamic Jihad. There are many other cases in which Defensive Jihad is allowed and permitted in Islamic Shariah. 11. Destructive Jihad: There is another type of Jihad, which is in fact Anti Jihad, that is why I call it destructive Jihad. 11A. It is a Jihad in which Muslims divide into sects and nations and each one is fighting with every one else. 11B. When destructive Jihad is in progress, Muslims are killing each other, they are weak against Non Muslims, but very strong against each other. They are very happy and boast how many of other muslims they have each killed, This is the Jihad which causes internal destruction of Islamic nation, and it is this type of Jihad which every Non Muslim nation and power tries to create between Muslims and enjoy watching it. And these Jihad are arranged in this order: If Muslims are not doing Offensive Jihad they will be FORCED to go to next stage, i.e. make Defensive Jihad and fight for preservation of their own lands and properties and honor. And if they shy away from defensive Jihad also and let Non Muslim powers overpower them and force their rules on them..they will slide down to destructive Jihad and fight and kill each other and become a laughing stock of all nations. (Contd.) PS: Please do not post your comments, till you see the next part of this post- MUQ

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Stages of these Jihad in the past 1400 years history of Islam: Just to show that what I have written is not from my own mind, but is derived from the History of Islamic nation. Let me give a short history of Jihad in past 1400 years history of Islam: A. Best Period-1 : During the time of Our Prophet (peace be on him): Our prophet performed and showed each type of Jihad and how it is performed. 01. First 13 years of his prophetic life, which he spent in Makkah: During this time, Muslims were getting prepared for the Outer Jihad by doing Internal Jihad. They were absorbing teachings of Islam and learning perseverance and persistence and to control their minds and emotions. 02. First Five years after Migration: During first five years of his stay in Madina, prophet performed defensive Jihad and preserved and protected his small city of Madina from the attacks of both external and internal enemies. He fought the battles of Badr, OHUD and battle of Trenches during this phase. 03. Last Five years of his life: The prophet launched Offensive Jihad and conquered Makkah and whole of Arabia (using the minimum amount of force needed to do the task and keeping casualty figures to absolute minimum). When he breathed his last, the whole land of Arabia was cleansed of idolatry and united into one nation, first time in its 4000 years old history. B. Best Period-2 That was during life time of the companions of prophet and lasted close to 50 years after his death 04. During this time, it was offensive Jihad and Muslims subdued the two Superpowers of Persia and Byzantine and Islamic nation grew at a very fast pace. Within a quarter of a century whole of Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syrian, Palestine, Jordan, Yemen etc. were added into Islamic nation. 05. During the time of MUAWIYA the Islamic nation extended from North Africa to the boundaries of China and Indian subcontinent. 06. Then during the time of Umayyad, the pace of Islamic conquest continued and Islam reached to the land of India itself. C. Good Period:

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07. Then in 132 H Umayyad caliphate was overthrown by Abbasids and that caused the first split in Islamic nation, Umayyad formed a separate country in Spain while Abbasid controlled the rest of Islamic nation. There were two Muslim Caliphs at the same time, one in Baghdad and another in Grenada. 08. It was during the period of Abbasids that Muslims slowly gave up the offensive version of Islamic Jihad and were content to enjoy and live in tranquility with what ever they had got. 09. And that was the stage when Muslims had to start defensive jihad. i.e. to protect their own lands from outside attacks. D. Average Period: 10. After 200 years or so of Abbasids rule, the Caliphs lost real powers and were treated as Caliph for name sake only, they did not have any executive power or army under their control. They were a mere plaything in the hands of whoever was wielding the power. 11. It was normal that Great Islamic nation got divided into many independent countries. Muslim Empire of India became Sovereign in its own right, and so were many more nations. 12. In this condition, the Jihad was mostly of defensive nature and Muslim armies tried to defend their own lands from any outside attacks. But still their might was such that no Non Muslim country or power dare take control of any Muslim country or Muslim dominated area. Contd. E. Decline of Islamic Jihad: 13. It was the Tatar's attack on Islamic nation in 7th Century H, which created havoc in Islamic nation. It eclipsed the sham Abbasid caliphate for ever. Tatars killed millions of Muslims and set fire to famous cities and villages at will and there was no one to stop their hands. 14. Muslims tried to wage defensive Jihad, but failed miserably, It was as if the Islamic nations time was up. Non Muslim power in the world must have been gloating at the misfortune of Muslims and wishing that Tatars will finish Islam completely from the world. 15. But Allah wanted His religion to continue in the world. Spain and India and Egypt and some other parts of Islamic nation did not feel the brunt of Tatar affect.

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And after a short while the Tatars themselves came into fold of Islam and that gave rise to Turkish Empire. 16. Turkish or Ottoman Empire tried to revive the Offensive Islamic Jihad in Europe. They united many of lost parts of Islamic world and maintain the myth of One Islamic nation. 17. But this was a weak effort and the seeds for destructive Jihad were already being sawn in Islamic land. F. Age of Destructive Jihad: 18. The start of SAFWI dynasty in Iran was the real start of Destructive Jihad in the Islamic world. Before that, Shia Sunni divide in Islam was at a low level and there was no Shiite country in the world. Iran was the Philosophical Capital of Islam and Persian was one of the Major Islamic language When SAFWI accepted Shiaism as their religion, there was a permanent divide in the Islamic nation and now the struggle between Iran and Other Muslim country took a religious turn. Iran's share in affairs of Islamic world declined and they produced low level 'Sectarian Scholars" which had a limited appeal. Persian lost the status of major Islamic language. It was mostly in India where Persian was used because of links of Moguls with Iran. 19. The Fights between SAFWI and Ottoman Empire and the war between Ottoman Caliph and TIMOR are the worst example of Destructive Jihad. Allah only knows how many Muslims lost their lives in these purposeless Jihads. 20. All these infighting between Muslims lost the momentum of Offensive Jihad which Ottoman Empire had started in Europe. G. Worst Period: 21. Slowly and slowly Muslim Nations got weaker and weaker and European nations got stronger and stronger. Till they captured one Muslim country after another and Muslims lost all power in the world.

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21A. Now what Muslims are left with is only to fight destructive wars with each other.there are small pockets where some Muslim groups are fighting defensive Jihad. 22. The so called Leaders of Muslim Nations shiver at hearing the word Jihad. pretending as if they never even heard the word "Offensive Jihad" and it is a Modern day abuse to call any one supporting Islamic Jihad. G. Conclusion: 23. For close to 700 years, the Islamic Civilization was the Dominant Civilization of the world. Muslims were leading the world in science and technology, medicine, philosophy and education. 24. Arabic was the International language of Science and Technology. Muslim scholars gathered any information they got from India, China, Rome, Persia any where in the world, translated into Arabic and then developed and improved upon it and distributed to all parts of the world. 25. To list the number of books on different topics, we need a very large book. And all that was done when there was no printing press. Every Muslim it seems was hungry for knowledge. 26. Islamic Universities and colleges were established in almost every city, where students from every nation came for study. 27. Muslim Universities and colleges in Spain were the learning posts for European nations. It was from Spain that Renaissance of Europe started. Now is all seems that it was one long good dream. 28. Muslims have themselves to blame for their decline, there is nothing in the teachings of Islam which are cause for their decline. It is as one Urdu Poet put it ZAMANA BARE SHAOUQ SE SUN RAHA THA HAM HE SO GAYE DASTAN KAHTE, KAHTE i.e. The world was listening our story with attentive ears. We went to sleep telling our story 29. What I have written above proves.when Muslims stopped Offensive Jihad. They were forced to go into Defensive Jihad and after some time they slipped to Destructive Jihad 30. And if they want to get out of the hole, they MUST stop this Destructive Jihad.try to revive Defensive Jihad till they are strong to mount Offensive Jihad once more.

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Will it happen during our life time? Or in near future? Allah only knows!! 31. But one thing is certain; it is Islam's Destiny to overcome all other ways of life. It is very clearly mentioned in Quran (At three places) and it adds "Howsoever, the Rejecters of faith, the polytheist might not like it" The Earth belongs of Allah and it is He who decides to whom it should be given!! Muslims should have faith in Allah and continue doing internal Jihad and wait for tide to turn As ALLAMA IQBAL put is beautifully: "PEWASTA RAH SHAJAR SE UMEED-E BAHAR RAKH" i.e. Remain united with the tree (of Islam) and wait for Spring (i.e. turn in fortune) to arrive Allah Knows Best. (Concluded)

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Q38. [QUOTE who="LLL"] If one's religion leads to intolerance, hatred and war, then what good is it? Over the course of a thousand years, more people have been killed in the name of religion then any other cause. That is disturbing and sad. The evil that men do, may one day destroy us all. Hopefully some day, man will put aside his greed and lust for power so there will be no need for any more wars. Will man ever find true peace; or are we destined to be forever violent? [/QUOTE] Ans. Over the period of centuries, much more people have been killed in the cause of National Pride, Lust for More Power and More land, to expand One's Empire and to exploit other nations and their economic and material and manual wealth. Much more casualties have been on these accounts than those on purely religious causes. But when discussing, no one remembers those killings and excesses, but only remembers the wars that were done under name of religion. Which religious issue caused WW-1 and WW-2 where maximum number of humans were killed? Which religious issue was at the stake of Vietnam war, Korean War, Iraq war? Wars fought on purely religious grounds have been very few, and there too, other factors were hidden under the religious motives. I do not see any major war, except Crusades and fighting between Roman Catholics and Protestants in Europe as being fought on religious grounds. But every one these days is "hell bent" to prove that religions are the "major" no "only" cause of wars between people and hate between people. And once there is no religion, there will be "peace and tranquility in the world and no wars". This is a very wrong idea, as longs as humans exist and have desires of exploiting others and dominate over them, there will be wars. It is religion which douse water over these "base human thoughts". If there was no restraining power of religion, human would turn into beasts and exceed all limits (as we see the way detractors are treated in "godless societies" like Communists ).

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So both your argument and conclusions are not correct My dear!! Q39. [QUOTE who="rio"]<quoted text> The mention of 72 virgins in the afterlife of martyrs is a metaphor, to express peace, joy and tranquility after death - like a reward one could say. Like all ancient texts (Bible and New Testament included), the Quran was written in an allegoric form, not to be taken strictly to the letter. [/QUOTE] Why not take it "literally"? The life in hereafter shall be both Physical and Spiritual. There will be plenty for both parts. Sexual desire and Polygamy is the "natural state" of any healthy male on this earth, the same shall be in the hereafter. A number 72 is not the "maximum" it would be "at least"!! The "natural taste" of a good women on earth is to be linked with "one man" through out his life and the same shall be her status in the hereafter also. A man who has more than one wife is not looked down on this earth, while any woman who has "more than one husband" is termed "whore" on this earth. Why should it be any different in the hereafter. Why people should try to "down play" to discuss the needs of human body in the paradise? Quran is very specific about it, it mentions the need of human body.... and then adds the Spiritual Bliss they shall have. After mentioning details of some of the delights it ends with 'And Some thing More from Ourselves"!! What is this? Prophet said 'Some thing which no eyes ever saw, which no ears ever heard and with no Mind ever imagined"!! Such is the description of Paradise in Quran ... Covering both Physical and Spiritual Bliss of the Highest Order!!

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Chapter-3 On Islam, its dealings with Jews and people of other faiths
Q40. [QUOTE who="Andre"] 01. I normally prefer a direct answer to a direct question. However, seeing that you do not respond as such, 02. I understand that you say that Islam is the original message from God to humankind and thus based on this, would qualify as best. 03. If that is your argument, then it is a false claim as it is obvious that Judaism precedes Islam. There is no record of Islam before Mohammad. 04. If you claim otherwise, some historic documentation confirming this and predating Mohammad would be welcomed. They must have kept some record? 05. If claims of corruption is offered, some proof would really be welcomed. Sorry Sir, history is not on your side. [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. I am very happy to learn that you appreciate direct answers to direct questions. And I am sorry to hear that you consider that my replies are not direct. May be you will change your opinion after this post. 02. I did say that Islam is the name of "Original religion" which was sent to all prophets and it is the "Only" (not Best) religion acceptable to God on the Last Day (It is a Quranic statement and not mine- MUQ). 03. Islam Before Prophet Mohammad: The problem is people do not understand the term Islam, they seem to think that all prophets spoke Arabic language and all lived in Arabia and talked to each other in Arabic language. No Sir, this is not what Islam means. Islam is a Qualitative Term, it means "Submission". When one surrenders oneself to One's Creator, then he or she is supposed to be in the "state of Islam". A. Revealed Religions:

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All revealed religions are based on revelation which Prophets of God received from Creator of Universe, and they and their followers "submitted" themselves to that message. In that sense All prophets and their true followers were Muslims. B. Fundamental teachings of Islam: And the Fundamental teachings of all these revealed religions were "Worship Only One True God and shun worship of idols and false gods Follow teachings of your prophet. Perform Good deeds so you be successful in the hereafter.

And the important acts of worship were Regular Prayers / Fasting / Charity and Pilgrimage to an appointed place. C. Universal Message for All Times: The prophets could have come to any country, they would have come in any age, they would have spoken any language, but the three articles of faiths and these fundamental acts of worship were always present in one form or another. 04. What about Judaism, Christianity , Hinduism, Buddhism etc. As compared to this "Quality based definition", people have "concocted of their own will" different names for their religion which are based on Race, Personality, nation, ethnicity etc. For Example: Judaism is derived from Tribe of Judah which lived in Judea Christianity is named after Jesus Christ, a prophet of God. Buddhism is named after Buddha, a person. Hinduism is based on a Country India which is Hind. And so on.

But none of their prophets gave them these names of were acquainted with it. Can any one say that name of religion of Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and Moses was Judaism? Was Jesus a Christian? Was name of his religion Christianity? Was Buddha a Buddhist? Was name of his religion Buddhism? No one can say or prove any of these. How come the followers have named their religion which their prophet did not know? E. One Excuse:

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There is only one excuse that since the earlier prophets and their message was for a particular time and for a particular country, their followers chose a name to identify themselves from others. But in the eyes of God, the True Followers of all these past prophets and the prophets themselves remained "Muslims" i.e. submitting their will to their Creator!! F. Last and Final Prophet: The arrangement of different prophets for different nations was a "stop gap" arrangement in the Universal plan of Creator. It might be because of difficulties in interaction between nations and people and because human civilization was in its infancy. In the plan of God, there was a plant to merge all these "small rivers and rivulets" into a Big Sea, a Universal Messenger for all humanity and for all times. And what better name for that religion, other than "Islam" which is not related to any nation, tribe, person or ethnicity!! G. Where is my proof:? My proof is in all previous scriptures!! Look at them carefully, you will see the three fundamental articles of faith and fundamental articles of Worship. You will also find prophesies about Last and Final prophet in each of the past revealed scriptures!! PS: I hope you will consider these answers Direct?

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Q41. [QUOTE who="GM"] 1. I see. Divine Law is set in stone like the 10 Commandments from Moses. Would you say any transgression of Islamic Law should be punished by sending that person to be judged by their Creator? 2. One other question, if I may. If Abraham is the foundation of Judaism, which then led to Jesus, the Messiah for Christianity but a prophet in Islam, which then led to Mohammed the Last Prophet, did not the Divine Laws change? The basic ones, murder, lying (unless you lie in God's name, of course), stealing, etc are still there in all three religions. So why should I accept Islam when it's a Divine Law change from Judaism? [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. No, Islamic law is not engraved on stone like the 10 commandments of Moses. It is set in the verses of Quran and teachings of our prophet. Every transgression of Islamic law is not punishable by death. It is the law itself which provides different punishment. Creator is the Final Authority to either punish the individual in the hereafter or have Mercy on him and pardon him. There is a saying of prophet that one who got punished for his breaking law on this earth, would be free from any blame on the hereafter, provided he repents truly. Allah Knows best. 2. The basics of Divine law did not change when one believes in one prophet to another. (However Pauline Christianity, which is the most popular form of Christianity in our times, has more or less abolished all form of Laws).

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We do not accept islam just to be governed by the Divine Law. The Question is believing in a prophet whom God sent as a Universal Messenger for whole mankind. If you refuse to believe in him, you are actually confronting Creator by saying that Why did He sent a Universal Messenger. And Creator did not send that Last and Final Messenger, without informing about his advent thru the lips of almost every past prophet. Prophet Moses Foretold about coming of another prophet like him in Deut. 18:18. David foretold about him, when he said Lord said to My Lord and at many places in Book of Psalms. Prophet Isaiah foretold about him when he said Burden on Arabia and in many other places. And finally jesus foretold about him when he said I have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now, but when the Comforter, the holy spirit, shall come, he will guide you into all truth So all these past prophets would be a witness before Creator that they foretold about coming of Last and Final Prophet to their people in very clear terms. However if some Jew or Christian is really unaware of advent of Last and Final Prophet and sincerely follows the teaching of their prophet, there are strong chances that Creator shall have mercy on him on the last day. But every one who refuses to believe in the Last and Final Messenger on religious and theological ground.. would have to face the Creator and explain why did he do so. Allah Knows best.

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Q42. [QUOTE who="Yaudheya"] If ' circling ' is not worship , if ' kissing ' is not worship then what is method of worship in Islam ? And Hindus also express their devotion by prostrate . When and where did you see any Hindu to say -- O idol of Lord ..... They always say , o God ..... It means that they look idol as the symbol of God so as Mohammedans look KAABA as the temple of GOD . [/QUOTE] Ans. The basic definition of Idol is something which is made in the image of some known object in the Universe. A stone which is uncut and unshaped is not an Idol, because it does not represent any shape. An Idol becomes holy because it is the image of that god which people worship. The worship rites are performed in front of idol, which some one does for Real God. They wash the idols, they clothe them, they bow before it, they prostrate before it, they offer it food, they sacrifice animals for pleasure of that idol etc. etc. None of these things are applicable to Kaaba. Its building is not in shape of any thing. The building itself has no significance, it has been re-built many times and repairs are still done from time to time. No one worships Kaaba, or bows and prostrates to it, what they do while going around Kaaba is singing praises for the Lord of Kaaba, Not Kaaba itself. Even if the building of Kaaba is not there, people would still go around it, so it is not Kaaba they are worshipping, but the One for whose Worship Kaaba was built!! Calling Kaaba as Temple of God, has nothing wrong, provided you have proper concept of what is meant by Temple. The word temple is not a Hindu word, it is used for any place of Worship. And Kaaba is called a House of God not in the sense that God lives inside Kaaba!! Since it was constructed by Prophets Abraham and Ishmael in response to the command of God, it is called as House of God or House of Allah. I know why you people are trying all this, that is to confuse people and find some excuse whatever small so that you get justification for your Idol worship!!

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How strange that you are trying to get justification from Islam and Muslims, the people whom you hate from your deepest insides!! Q44. [QUOTE who="NT"] 01. Are the Greeks wrong for having so many Gods ? 02. By the way the black stone which Muhammad inherited from his uncle that sits in Mecca, which God does that represent ? [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. Why only Greek, ANY nation which took to Idol worship did wrong and that happens only when people decide of their own without guidance and help from Prophets and Revelation from God. As for as my Limited Knowledge goes, Greeks were the first people in Europe that created so many gods and gave them shapes and divided them into males and females and created a complete mythology around them. They gave names and shapes to these planets and made them gods What Greeks did was inherited by the Roman Empire and still so many of their mythologies are being followed by European People. Christianity had to fight against this Greek and Roman Idol worship.. they were somewhat successful in eradicating it, but is the process got some of that virus Worship of statues of Christ and Mary and saints, Concept of Trinity , Celebration of Christmas and Christmas Tree etc. all are remnants of compromise which Christians did with Romans when they accepted Christianity. What Greeks did in Europe was done by Hindus in India when they forgot their teachings of Vedas and created their own religion. They also created a myriad of gods, some major , some minor, and made them into males and females gods, which married and had children etc. The three major gods i.e. Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma got wives in the name of Parvati,, Luxmi and Saraswati, and they god male and female issues and started a sort of family .

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I do not know who got influenced with whom, Hindus with Greeks or Greeks with Hindus. But in the end result is same. High Scholars of Hindus claim that they worship only one True God without forms, ..but hundreds of millions of common Hindus cannot complete their religious rites unless they have some Idol in front of them. And the Scholars instead of correcting these people Create and try to justify it!! 02. Black Stone in Kaaba: An uncut stone does not point to any object except to its Creator!! (That is why we see in OT books, prophets putting stones and put oil on it and use it for performing religious rites,) When prophet Abraham and Prophet Ishmael (PBUT) constructed Kaaba in Makkah 4000 years ago, it was just a rectangular room with no roof and no door. As a matter of rites, people have to go around it chanting and singing praises of the True Lord of Universe. The question, from where to start this circumambulation? A rectangular structure has four sides which are same and no one is sure from where to start, that is why Prophet Abraham (pbuh) fixed a small stone of distinct black color in one corner of Kaaba so people can start their rite from that corner. Over the centuries building of Kaaba was damaged due to floods and rains and with time and it had to be rebuilt many times, most of its stones were replaced except that black stone. Because it was unique and was kept separate and served the same purpose of showing from where to start the rite. It got some place of honor because of its position and that Two Prophets of God had touched it with their hands. This adoration is totally different from making Idols and performing rites in front of them. When our prophet conquered Makkah in 8 AH, he cleansed it of all man made gods and images and broke all the idols that pagans had placed around it but he justified and continued the practice of Hajj and practice of circumambulation around Kaaba. And he kissed the Black Stone while starting his circumambulation, and pointed towards it when completing one complete round and Muslims continue to do exactly the same. This is the story of Black Stone, but these people who are themselves guilty of Idol worship and have created with their own hands so many shapes and forms of males and females gods..conclude that Muslim are Biggest idol worshippers in the world, because they kiss that Black Stone in Kaaba. Offense in the Best defense is what I call It!!

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Q45. [QUOTE who="Adam"] MUQ "Prophet encouraged his followers to read and write and learn wisdom from every source". Then maybe you should study history of religion, science and evolution, so that you can learn about real things in the real world, instead of the superstition of a 7th century preacher. [/QUOTE] Ans. You are very right, we should learn and read Science, History, Medicine and Engineering and every thing in the world. But our aim with these readings should be to discover more beauties and wonderful things in the world around us, to recognize the Power, Wisdom and Mercy of our Creator. We should not study these things to "Prove" that Creator does not exist. If we acquire knowledge with this intention, then this knowledge is really our enemy and not our friend. That is why I said that our "present corps." of Pseudo Scientists, put their "wrong foot" forward by denying the Creator without getting adequate knowledge from the world around them. Like some one said "A little knowledge of Science" usually turns a man into an atheist.. while the "Deep Knowledge of Science" instills Gratitude and Wonder at the Wisdom and High level of Perfection in the work of Creator. Only some one with deep knowledge can appreciate the works of a Master artist at work. Now perhaps you know, my drift when I see all these people "Giving their Oaths" that they searched all over the Universe and could not find Creator anywhere!! I thank you for putting a very good question!! PS:

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Perhaps I can find an excuse for atheism spreading like 'Wild Fire" in Mostly Christian nations of the world, it was because of "Unreasonable Doctrines of Pauline Christianity like: Trinity Jesus being God and Human as the same time and Jesus dieing for the Sins of all Humans All of these Doctrines are against reason and logic. And then the way Priests and Popes misused their powers and influences and tried to stop spread of science and knowledge thru brute force. This is what prompted majority of people to revolt against the concept of religion itself, and when progress in science and technology, brought to them the wealth and high standard of living and "false sense of freedom". They fell for it. Unfortunately the rise of Science and Technology in Christian Countries coincided with the decline of Quest for learning and be on top in Muslim countries. The end result was that Atheists propaganda became too strong for Christian priests and popes to handle and they meekly "gave in" at each turn and now these nations are "Only Christians in name". This is my personal opinion, I might be wrong in some parts, because there are many more factors, why atheism became so popular in western countries. In almost every eastern country, atheism is not very strong, because there was no conflict between science and religion in most of these countries.. Allah Knows best. Q46. [QUOTE who="NT"] What then is the purpose of your life ? [/QUOTE] Ans. I can only quote some Quranic verses in this regard: 1. " O my Lord! Grant me that I may be grateful for Your favor, which You have bestowed upon me and upon both my parents, and that I may work righteousness such as which You approve; and be gracious to me in my offspring. Truly have I turned to You and truly do I submit (to You) in Islam" (46:15)

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2. And Prayer of Prophet Joseph "O My Lord! You have indeed bestowed on me some power and taught me something of the interpretation of dreams, O You Creator of the heavens and earth! You are my protector in this world and in the hereafter, take my soul (at death) as one submitting to Your Will (as a Muslim) and unite me with the righteous" (12:101) 3. And prayer of prophet Abraham "O my Lord! Make me one who establishes regular prayers, and also (raise such) among my offspring. O our Lord! And accept my prayer. "O our Lord! Cover (us) with your Forgiveness, me and my parents and (all) believers on the Day that the reckoning will be established" (14:40-41). 4. "Guide us (or keep us) on the Right Path, the path of those on whom You Bestowed You Blessings and Grace, Not the path of those who earned Your wrath and those who went stray" (1:6-7) Can any one express it better?

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Q47. [QUOTE who="Shiela"] Lot was not a prophet he was a righteous man but not a prophet only to Islam which has plagiarized the scripture. The Isaac thing is not an invention of the Jews and Christians. Your religion is the one that is trying to prove that Islam is acceptable. Unfortunately for you it has nothing to do with racism it is to do with what God said. Islam has tried to change the scripture so that they appear legitimate. Both religions were around hundreds of years before your false religion and both of them support what God said in the old testament. Everything in Islam depends on whether or not Muhammad was a prophet or indeed if he actually lived. He wasn't, so end of story.

[/QUOTE] Ans. So now Lot is not a prophet, . He is sent on a mission to a wicked city (to do sightseeing and enjoy the attractions of the city so to say) .angels of God appear to him and speak to him the whole city is destroyed and he and his family is saved.. but still he is not a prophet a mere Righteous Man!! I think according to you for someone to be a prophet, he should have "special horns" sticking out of his head and there should be a billboard saying "I am Prophet of God, I am from Isaac's"!! After some time you will say that Noah was not a Prophet.and then you might say that Abraham himself was not a prophet!! Because NONE of them were descendents of Isaac!! This is what happens, when you try to enforce YOUR Logic on God!! Claim hat prophets of God shall ALWAYS come from lineage of Isaac and from no one else, is certainly a forgery of Jews and Christians and is very illogical and unreasonable and involves God also in their Racism. Can you tell me, what were Gods plan for salvation of Entire Humanity that lived in All Parts of the world? Did any Jewish prophet or any Jews propagated their message to India, China, Africa and other parts of this vast world?

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So these people are condemned to ignorance and hell, without getting any guidance from God? What sort of reason and logic is this? You just cursing and abusing Islam and its prophet would not bring force to your arguments. Talk reasonably and logically not in abusive and dogmatic manner. Islamic view that God sent His Guidance and His Prophets and His books in all nations of the world and in all ages, is both reasonable, logical and proven by the scriptures which we see with other people. How can guide judge any nation or people without first providing them with guidance? Q48. [QUOTE who="Casual"] 01. Ok. I provided a summary re Makkah did not exist before 150 ad. You said where is the facts and cut and paste 4 large boilerplates of Quran mumbo (none factual). So i then provided 9 pages, one page at a time of the most comprehensive, accurate and evidence based information that Makkah did not exist until 150 ad. Then detailed appendix and supporting references. Then a simple set of questions yes or no. So I dont think you can continue to avoid the question. Which is to this context. You claim Abraham visited Makkah and built the Kaaba, Hagar & Ishmael went there, the black stone & Kaaba are pre Jesus etc. But Makkah was not established until 150ad and the very first structure of the now Kaaba was not built until 450 ad. Do you or do you not accept the overwhelming historical and archeological evidence provided to you that Makkah did not exist until 150ad when it was first established as a trading station by Yemenites. Yes or No? [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. There is no proof in your post that Makkah did not exist before 150 CE, if you call your assumptions and surmises as proofs, then I can do nothing about it.

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02. Prophet Abraham visited Makkah and settled Hagar and Ishmael BEFORE there was any city of Makkah. It was AFTER he settled part of his family there and the well of ZAMZAM burst out under the feet of Infant Ishmael, that the city of Makkah got established. 03. Kaaba was built many years later jointly by Abraham and Ishmael (when Ishmael grew to be a fully grown man) jointly 04. I do not know from where you get the COMPLETE life history of Abraham and ALL THE TRAVELS he made during his life time? 05. Come with PROOFS for these basic questions if you want to CONTRADICT what God Almighty revealed in His Book and what the Last and Final Messenger of God told in authentic and well preserved Hadiths. 06. These renderings by so called scholars and your compilation in a pre planned manner are not what we can accept as proofs. Q49. [QUOTE who="AA"] Medical tests? Compared to what, using a club? For it to be Halal, it must be slaughtered using one strike across the neck, and the animal must be fully conscious throughout this procedure. Using a small electric pulse to the temples to render the animal unconscious (so it doesn't feel anything), is nonHalal. It's impossible to cause 'least pain' with a Halal procedure, even if those doing it aren't sadistic mongrels who enjoy seeing things in pain. [/QUOTE] Ans. I think you are going too emotional to describe the procedure. A small pulse to make the animal unconscious will still make the meat Halal!! Halal means name of Allah must be taken at the time of slaughter and animal should be able to react when its main arteries are cut in one swift motion. I cannot say that the procedure is entirely painless, how it can be? But this is nature, Allah has allowed us meat of these animals and we must thank Allah for His Mercy. But Islamic / Jewish method of slaughter is the least painful of all other modern options that our modern technology has devised.

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I do not know from where the sadistic part is introduced in the debate? If someone is filled with joy to kill an animal or likes them being killed for the sake of killing only, then he is a mental case and should be placed in a padded cell. We are speaking about normal people and normal procedure. Q50. [QUOTE who="Frijoles"] What is your criteria for miracle? Every few weeks I cut my toe nails and they grow back. Is that a miracle? When I lived in Arizona, I was tapped into a public water supply that relied on groundwater from deep valley alluvial fill. The age of the groundwater was estimated at over 40,000 years old (through Carbon isotoping). Was that a miracle too? [/QUOTE] Ans. A. What is a Miracle? Any thing in nature which is beyond the capacity and capability of humans is in fact a Miracle. Any thing which happens automatically in nature without needing any human intervention is also a miracle. B. Are Miracles Limited in numbers: No there are billions and trillions of miracles in the Universe and on this planet and even in our own bodies. Every new shoot that comes out of ground is a miracle. Every newly born baby (born healthy and sound) is indeed a Miracle. Your toenails growing, your hairs growing and falling, your digestive system, your nervous system and each and every system working in your body is a miracle. Water stored in underground tanks that do not foul even after 40,000 years of storage is also a Miracle. C. Human Perception of Miracles: Humans usually think any thing that happened once or any act shown by a prophet as Miracle. It is their misconception.

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These acts are only Miracles that happened once or twice, but miracles that happen over and over again are not seen as miracles because we get used to them and feel confident that nature designed them that way. One Urdu Poet wrote a couplet: HAR SU TERI QUDRAT KE HAIN LAKHON JALWE HAIRAN HOON KE EIN DO AANKHON SE KYA KYA DEKHOON In English it could be translated as: With Hundreds of Thousands of Signs of Your Presence (and Power) scattered all around. Am bewildered how many can I see with (my only) two eyes PS: Thank you for asking a very good and pertinent question.

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Chapter-4 On Islam, Muslims and their ways

Q51. [QUOTE who="w wmanuk"]<quoted text> Exactly why do you do it muq.[/QUOTE] Ans. I do it because it is my duty as a Muslim to educate people about islam and remove their mistakes and misconceptions about Islam and its teachings. Since our prophet was the Last prophet, the job to deliver the message of islam to all people is the responsibility of Muslims and we shall be answerable to God, if we do not do it. This is the main reason why we are active on these threads. Q52. [QUOTE who="NT"] 1. Hello MUQ, going on by something you said earlier, If I may ask of you, where did Islam get it's culture from ? 2. What do Moses and Muhammad have in common ? [/QUOTE] Ans. Islamic Culture, what are its sources: First of all, I want to thank you for asking a very good Question, if you survey the replies I get, there are very few, which ask a genuine question, most of them are filled with abuses, insults and rhetorics. So I value and saviour posts like yours. A. What is culture? Most people think, culture is the way you dress, the food you eat, the language you speak, the type of house you live in and other outward signs of a human society But the real meaning of culture is your values, your beliefs and the way you look at things and lead your lives.

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B. Islamic Culture: If we look from outward signs, Muslims scattered thru out the world, dress differently, speak different languages, eat different types of food and have houses that are different from each some one may think that they are culturally different from each other? But the moment any Muslim from one part of the world meets any other Muslim from another part of the world, he immediately recognizes him and within a very short time, all these barriers of dress, food habits, language etc are blown over and they become like brothers . This is Islamic culture in action!! The opening Greeting Assalam Alaikum (Peace be on to you) and Wailukum Assalam (On you also be peace) demolishes all these outer differences and joins their hearts!! C. Sources of Islamic Culture: Islamic culture is therefore Basic guidelines which we get, as to how to spend our life on this earth and how to live and treat our fellow humans. It starts from Article of faiths, rituals, marriage, divorce, inheritance, trade, relations with people of other faith etc. Basic guidance of them came from Quran and sayings and actions of Prophet (PBUH). We have the complete details of life of prophet, how he dressed and what food he ate, which type of house he lived in etc. All these were according to the Local conditions of Arabia of his time. We do not have to emulate them in the same way, but take the underlying principles. So Muslims took these basic values and when they spread into the world, they picked up good things from other people and nation and aligned them with the basics of Quran and Sayings and Actions of Prophet (PBUH). D. Not changing part of Islamic Culture That is what is Islamic culture in general, but there are some things which do not change at all, In Mosques we pray exactly as our prophet used to pray (I am only talking from outer view, not the spiritual value of his prayer versus ours, of course). If prophet would appear in any mosque in any part of World, no one would have any problem in praying with him!! And the same Unity of Culture is displayed when we Go to Makkah for Haj and UMRAH, then we all dress like one and chant praise of Allah in same Arabic language, again demolishing the outer signs of Culture and committing ourselves to its core: Allah Knows Best.

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PS: I do wish that Muslims display the same Unity when they are out of mosques and Haj!!

2. Moses and Our Prophet: Since we are already in this discussion, I do not want to mention any names right now. We will mention names when we are thru with the List of Qualities of NQ. Let is suffice me to say that of All the Prophets of God, Moses and Our Prophet (Peace be on Both of Them) have more similarities than any two prophets of God. Q53. [QUOTE who="Dragnet"] MUQ has raised a very pertinent point here about the fact that muslims cannot be assimilated into host cultures. Now let us look at various possible scenarios and how they contribute to unity amongst people. 1) The first scenario is where people follow a religious doctrine that says that their way of looking at God is only one of the many perspectives that man can have about God. Can this type of religious doctrine be inimical to unity? Definitely not, because it gives equal pride of place to other religious formulations on God. 2)The second scenario is where people follow a religious doctrine which says in very clear cut terms that their way of looking at God is the only right one, while other perspectives about God are false. But this type of doctrine is silent on how to treat people who fall outside the pale of its belief system. Can this type of religious doctrine be inimical to unity? Maybe yes, maybe not because there there is no clear formulation on how to deal with unbelievers. 3)The third scenario is almost similar to the second scenario, albeit with a minor difference. Unlike the second scenario, the third scenario envisages a situation where people are not only supposed to consider other religious doctrines as false but also actively work towards the elimination of those doctrines. This type of doctrine lays down very clear methods on how to deal with non believers and how to eliminate them. Can this type of doctrine be inimical to unity? Definitely yes. Now MUQ must honestly answer as to which scenario best describes Koran. If he can give a honest answer to that, then he can find answers to a lot of questions that is troubling him off late.

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[/QUOTE] Ans. Unity: There can be a fourth scenario also, that does not go for this fake unity but let people follow what religion they want to believe in. Here is Islamic Scenario for Unity A. First basis: Universal Brotherhood on account of common Parentage: Islam starts with the Universal Brotherhood and not one brotherhood that is derived based on Geography, Language, Color, Creed, Ethnicity etc. It starts with saying that all humans are children of same pair of First Humans, so they are all brother unto each other and there is no superiority per see between One People and another people. That is the FIRST basis of unity. B. Second Basis: Common Creator Then it says that there is One Creator of this Universe and it is He who created every thing in it. There are no separate Creator who made one group of people and another who made another group of people. The people may call and remember Him by many names, but they all are pointing to same Unique Creator. This is SECOND base of Unity. C. Third Basis: Common Message Then it says that Creator did not leave us alone, but made arrangement for our Guidance and send Divine Guidance and books for our guidance thru Revelation. These prophets and messengers essentially preached the same message that to worship One Creator and Follow me. The unity of message between all religions, is the THIRD basis of unity of Unity. Then it says that Creator sent Last Prophet to the world, with the aim to unify different people once again to the worship of One Creator, forgetting all so called man made or chance differences. Rights of every one are same and there is no distinction of any Color, Language, Nationality or geography. This is the ultimate basis of unity. D. Fourth Basis: Coexistence with different beliefs: And if someone does not want to go ahead with the ultimate unity, then they are free to follow their own way and do not try to impose their own values on each other. As Muslims we do not abuse or curse religious personalities of another faith. This is the tolerance and broadmindedness of Islam towards people of other faith and beliefs.

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And if people of different beliefs want to compete, let them compete in Good Deeds, Charity, Kindness and helping poor. And not arguing and doing down each others. E. False Basis of Unities: 1. All interpretations are Correct: Compared to this, some people want to create an artificial and superficial way of unity, where every one is allowed to believe in whatever comes to ones mind and one is supposed to say that every ones interpretation is OK. This is an absurd way of creating unity, because when two things contradict each other, both cannot be true. How can any reasonable mind accept that both these conflicting interpretations are correct? 2. Cultural Unity: And then there are another group of people, who have another basis of unity, according to them one must adhere to THEIR cultural values and every one should dress alike and look alike. If their religions are different, that should not be visible to any outsider. This is another type of false unity, which cannot work in long run. 3. Unity based on Nationality, Language, Color, Creed : Some people want to unify every one by bringing only their people in the forefront and sidelining others. This is worst type of unifying acts and has resulted in much bloodshed and sorrow for the human kind. E. Conclusion: The Best type of unity is what Islam proposes, in which people have choice to believe in whatever way they want to believe, and no one forcing any one to accept their waywhile seeing to it that justice is done and no one is harmed economically or socially or politically for their beliefs. Allah Knows Best Q54. [QUOTE who="WW Man"] Thank you for an interesting reply. What baffles me and quite a lot of people here is why when as you have stated there is much work to in India do you spend so much time on the Palestinian cause does the hatred of Jews excite you? Do your brothers l wont say sisters as they really don't count matter? l didnt say being Christian guarantees wealth but religion should always be separated from government.

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[/QUOTE] Ans. What baffles me is that you still have time to keep on commenting on my posts, have you solved ALL your problems of unemployment, economic slowdown, inflation, domestic violence, alcoholism, AIDS, drug addiction, sexual perversion, racism, thefts, robberies, murder.etc? When you leave all those problems and continue to follow my posts that criticize Jews, why cant I do the same and leave India and Indian problems and have a little fun on these threads? Saying that religion should always be separated from Govt. means that you have a part time religion, it is like a shirt which you wear when you are in home, and when you go on job, you replace that shirt with another shirt. If this is what you mean, then you do not understand what religion is. And this is because teachings of Christianity are incomplete and you have no instructions from your prophet as to how to run the matter of state, because he never got the opportunity to do so. Why you imply your deficiency to other religions especially Islam, which gives directions for each walk of life? Your ignorance cannot be the guiding force for others, that is why we ask you to study Islam and then find logical and reasonable fault in its teachings.

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Q55. [QUOTE who="RN"] If being Muslim means not asking questions, why are you here? And wouldn't a rational person question why you can not question? Do you question why I ask this question? [/QUOTE] Ans. It is not that Muslims do not ask questions, but there is a limit to their question asking. They do not challenge the Authority of Our Creator and our Prophet in law making. If our Creator and / or His have laid down a law, Muslims follow it. But there is no shortage of asking their question as to the level and extent to which such laws are applicable in individual cases. So Muslims do ask a lot of questions and these questions and answers fill books of Islamic Jurisprudence and they ran into volumes. Prophet, his companions and those came after them were bombarded with questions from Muslims who wanted to know the application of laws in their lives. Islam is a state of belief you know and Muslims do not waste their and others time in asking useless questions.

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Q56. [QUOTE who="Skeptic"] But Muslims do not obey Gods laws MUQ. Muslims willfully break Gods laws under the command of Mohammed. And Muslims live their whole life in sin against God. Muslims present them self to world as followers of Satan. [/QUOTE] Ans. Muslims try to follow all the laws of God to the best of their abilities. We follow the laws of God from Other scriptures that were not amended by the Last and Final Prophet. It is same as Jesus modified many laws of OT books and Christians do not commit sins if they follow instructions of Jesus and not those of OT books. In the same way, Muslims commit no sins if they follow on the instructions of our prophet. Your situation with regards to our prophet is the same as Jewish position in regards to Jesus. In the eyes of Jews all you Christian people follow the path of Satan and live in the life full of sin!! A: Solution for Co-existence: I think instead of trying to demonize and do down each other, why should we not try to co-exist and live side by side with each other. As usual Quran has various solution for this. Some of the solutions are: a. Coming on the Common Terms: Quran says that O people of Book! Let us come to a common term between one and another. That we only worship one God and make no partners in His worship, and we do not take amongst ourselves lords and patrons other than God. b. Strive in doing good deeds: Quran says that we should strive and race in doing good deeds That is much better than trying to hurt and trying to criticise each other. c. Each follow our own paths: And in the last resort , Quran says To you your way and to us our way

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We have seen that hundreds of thousands of posts fighting with each other have not brought any good so far, instead of increasing the hate and hatred. Is it still not the time to try Quranic solutions? Q. 57 [QUOTE who="FS"] 01. Why do you want non-muslims to read Quran or gain knowledge of Islam? 02. Listen, nobody is interested in your religion. All we care is how do you behave. You cannot expect respect and the privileges that most of the muslim countries don't even think of giving to non-muslims. 03. Honestly tell me what rights are given to non-muslims in the country that you live in? Nothing at all. But if some nations had banned burqa ,you would cry out loud as hell. 04. Muslims are despised not because of the religion they belong to, but their behavior towards non-muslim that comes out as an excuse of Islam. What excuse? 05. Christians can't build churches and preach Christianity in your land because Islam doesn't allow so. That is the silly reason you give. 06. When France says its constitution doesn't allow idea of wearing burqa in public, you get offended. This is the reason why the world condemns Muslims. You held your religion high(not a problem) and not allow others to have what they want and the reason you give is Islam. But when you receive any such obnoxious thing you start complaining. 07. You want everyone to look through eyes and not the other way round. If you are expecting favours from others, first learn to give some to others. 08. And don't try to preach Islam and try to convince why Islam is correct. No religion would be proved 100% correct if we analyze them rationally. [/QUOTE]

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Ans. Let me summarize the points you raised in your long and haphazard post: A. Why I ask Non Muslims to read Quran? B. No one is Interested in Islam? C. How Saudi Arabia treats Non Muslims D. France is Justified in Banning BURQAS E. All religions are not 100 % true (The Little gem at the end of your post!! Now let me answer these points briefly A. Why I ask Non Muslims to read Quran? 1. Because in Quran it is written that it is Guidance for the Humanity and for every Human. 2. It is one duty of every Muslim to deliver the message of Quran to every person living on earth. Lest they accuse Muslims of keeping it with themselves and not sharing it with them on the last day. 3. If you read Quran, you get True Answers to most of doubts, questions that trouble your minds about why we came into this world and what is our purpose of life and what will happen to us when we die. 4. These are serious questions and not trifling matters by any standard. 5. There is hardly any scripture in the world which tackles these difficult questions in so reasonable and logical way as Quran. 6. Why should you ignore this treasure of True Knowledge just because it is written in Arabic. B. No one is Interested in Islam? 7. Seeing so many expert comments on Islam from every corner, it seems every one in the world is interested in Islam!! 8. There are news and discoveries about Islam in every newspaper on daily basis. There are panel discussions, experts comments and so much Anti Islamic propaganda that it seems that Only interest for many people in this world is to criticize Islam!! 9. How could I take your unsupported words that no one is interested in Islam.

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10. In fact most people are interested in Islam, but are too lazy to study it. I only want to provide True Islamic teachings to them (to the best of my ability and knowledge of course) C. How Saudi Arabia treats Non Muslims: 11. First of all, I did not mention any where Saudi Arabia as a perfect model of Islam. I am from India and I live and work in Saudi Arabia. Now let us see how it tortures and punishes Non Muslims while they stay in Saudi Arabia. 12. First of all, it is 100 % Muslim country since many generations. There is not a Single Non Muslim as its citizen for past many centuries. 13. Hardly any Non Muslim was interested to come and stay and work in Saudi Arabia, prior to discovery of Oil in late 1930 s. They would have refused to come and live in Saudi Arabia even if you paid them in those days. 14. Saudi Arabian Government does not force any Non Muslim to come and work in their country. People come here after signing a contract which says that have to follow the local customs and laws while they stay in the country. If some one is not conformable with this clause, they can refuse to come. 15. Then Saudi Arabia does not allow building of any other place of worship, because it is a Vanguard of Islam and so no public prayers other than Islams are allowed there. People pray inside their homes in which ever way they like. 16. Millions of Non Muslims Indians, Pilipino, Europeans, Australians, Americans etc live peacefully and no one gets any report that they are beaten and mistreated and killed. And these people work here for many years, they go for their annual vacations and then they return, why would any one return to prison willingly? D. France is Justified in Banning BURQAS 17. Now you say that France is justified in Banning BURQAS, this is totally unreasonable and illogical. 18. First of all these Muslim women are citizens of France and they have rights to dress in any way they like. 19. On one level France and Whole Western World boasts about Democracy, freedom of Speech and Expression, Human Rights, Freedom from any Govt. Control on what they write and say (mostly if it be against Islam and Muslims). And on another level they want to ban a Muslims women right to cover her body. 20. And it is strange that they make law which restricts a women to cover her body and keep silent on how much she opens up. 21. There is freedom for women to wear Mini Skirts, Micro Skirts (and no skirts even!!), to roam around in Bikini and Bra (and even in nude state, if they like), but

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they have no right to cover their bodies, so that they be safe from prying eyes of strange men. 22. And it is Legal for nuns to come out in fully covering their bodies but illegal for a Muslim women to come out with the same dress!! 23. And what is most comical is the silence of so so called Women Right Activists!! If it was the question to Ban Mini Skirts and Micro Skirts in France, all these lioness would come out on streets and launch a Nude Protest. 24. So this ban is totally unreasonable, illogical, against the principle of democracy and freedom of speech and expression and against Human rights. It is strange that how World intelligentsia keeps quite. I think it is all part of Islam and Muslim bashing and keep quite when you do not want your name to be dragged into it. But this decision no doubt is a black chapter in the History of France E. All religions are not 100 % true (The Little gem at the end of your post!! 25. Let me add, all religions might not be 100 % true, but Islam is the truest of all. And since Nothing in the world is perfect, but we still use them and get along, it would be best for world if it gets along with Islam and accept it as a working model.

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Q58 [QUOTE who="Shiela"] 01. You can be as sarcastic as you like but the facts are you have not answered the inconsistencies in the Koran. .. 02. You deny your own scholars and scholars from Christianity and Judaism who have done years of study on the subject and who agree that the torah and the new testament have not been altered. Your own prophet confirms it 03. At the time of Muhammad, Arabic was not a written language. .. 04. Until the rise of the Quran, Syria was the medium of wider communication and cultural dissemination for Arameans, Arabs, and to a lesser extent Persians. 05. If the Koran can only be understood in Arabic how was the message preached to non Arabic speaking people during the time of Muhammad and to this day? The answer is above. The Koran also contains nearly 200 words that are not Arabic. 06. It is you who is twisting and turning in your seat as there is no original Koran. .. 07. The Jews and Christians didn't want a bar of it and that is why the prayer direction was changed to Medina. Mohammad changed things to suit his own purposes not God's [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. I am being Sarcastic: I am not being sarcastic at all, I am amazed that you use different standards for Quran and Bible. In case of Bible, every so called mistakes, errors, discrepancies and simply glossed over, while in case of Quran much lesser numbers of these (that too in your own biased ways) as undeniable proofs that Quran cannot be from God. 02. Muslim Scholars have Confirmed that Torah and New Testament have not been changed? Please let me know the names of Such Islamic Scholars and what positions they have in Islam. In fact anyone and every one who has studied the history of these books has come to conclusion that these books suffered in copying and transmission.

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What else is the reason that no two ancient manuscripts of OT and NT are exact copies of each other? 03. Arabic as a written language: Then you have presented your scholarly thesis claiming that Arabic was not a written language!! How was Quran written down when prophet called his scribes to record Quranic revelations? The letters which prophet wrote (or dictated to his scribes) to rulers of Persia, Byzantine, Egypt etc. are still preserved. Arabic writing was not very common amongst the people that is correct, but to say that Arabic script did not exist at all is very wrong and illogical. How could Quran be such an excellent example of Most Eloquent Arabic if the language was not well established? Have you seen any English composition of say 16th Century and compare it with todays English, are they of same standard? 05. Quran can only be understood in Arabic? I do not know who made this rule? Quran is what is revealed in Arabic. People can translate it into different languages. But these translations do not take the place of Quran. Because translations are based on the knowledge and understanding of Translator. And what is this joke about Quran containing 200 Non Arabic words? Which is the language that does not contain any word from other languages. How many Non English words are present in English language? And how many Non Hebrew words in Hebrew language? 6. Quran was not a Book? Quran was always present in the hearts of thousands of companions of prophets, even when it was not written in the book form. And it is still the same situations to day. If ALL written copies of Quran were to disappear from the world today, it can be rewritten in a flash with the help of Millions of those who have memorized the whole Quran. Can you say the same thing about your OT and NT books if all manuscripts and printed copies were to disappear from the world?

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I know what jealousy you people have towards quran and what inferiority complex.that is why you add all those insulting and abusive words to create force in your arguments. We know that ANY ONE resorting to this is the person who has no arguments to answer the question. 07. Change of Direction of Prayer: God wanted to give Last Chance to Jews and Christians to mend their ways and recognize the Mission of Last and final Prophet, about which both Jesus and Moses had given clear cut instructions. When they failed to do so, they were stripped off from the role of Leading Humans and it was symbolized with the replacement of Jerusalem with Makkah as the New and Universal Direction of Prayer for whole human kind. PS: Do Christians face towards Jerusalem when they pray? Are you sure about it?

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Q59 [QUOTE who="Sid"] Thank you so much for your brilliant reply, almost brought a tear to my eye. You remind me of one of my muslim friends, Haldoon al Rashid, a major in the Jordanian army that I meet in East Timor in 2001, a truly decent man that is still a close friend. He used to call me "a crazy aussie but a man of the book", I used to call him "my mad Muslim mate" which got shortened to M, he thought was pretty funny. We spent may hours drinking mint tea and discussing our beliefs which gave us great understanding and respect for each other, we both came to the same conclusion that our similarities far outweighed our differences. Thanks again. [/QUOTE] Ans. Your honest post brought tears to my eyes too. We Muslims and Christians have so many things in common that we can spend many pages upon pages in discussing it. Can you think any Non Christian faith making it an article of faith to believe in the prophet hood of jesus Christ? To believe in his immaculate birth, to believe in his miracles, to believe in his second coming and to hold him and his mother in the highest respect. Can any Non Christian faith give that much honor to Mother of jesus, to call her a women chosen above all women of the worth? To call her as perfect a example of womanhood as possible? But the hate mongers have created so much hatred and hate between two religions who are so close to each other as if they are mortal enemies of each other. Muslims and Christians who together represent more than half the population of present earth are at each others throat, instead of working together for global peace. You were fortunate enough that you got a friend like your Jordanian army Major and got confirmation on some of the things which I am talking now. I think you were very fortunate to find such a friend and your views are much broader and sympathetic than the others present on this thread. Quran gives a special title of Honor to Jews and Christians calling the People of the Book. Quran makes it lawful to eat food of Jews and Christians and even to marry girls of Jewish and Christian background.

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I doubt any other religion would be that broad minded. And Quran asks Muslims and People of the book to strive in race for good deeds and people of each religion to work on their books with sincerity and honesty. As to lingering differences between Muslims and Jews and Christians..Quran says that God will judge between these differences on the Last day and they cannot be solved by arguments and counter arguments on this earth. I doubt if you can be more broad minded than this. I thank you once again for a very beautiful post. Q60. [QUOTE who=Dragnet"] a. Your reply sounds uncannily close to what Caliph Omar had to say when he ordered the destruction of the library of Alexandria If those books are in agreement with the Quran, we have no need of them; and if these are opposed to the Quran, destroy them." I will try to give you as nice a reply as possible without sounding offensive. b. The fact that you repose so much faith in Koran and its teachings is understandable given the fact that you are a muslim. .. c. Does the reading of Koran, for a non muslim subject, evoke within him a deep sense of connect with a higher power ? d. Will the message of Koran help in bringing about the self actualization of that individual? e. An impartial, non muslim subject like me is looking for something more meaningful than the dos and don'ts of religious scriptures. f. Has Koran something to offer to an individual who is willing to surrender himself at the altar of a higher knowledge but not by being prodded and pushed by religious commands or edicts? g. Such an individual must feel free even when surrendering himself and not feel fettered by the dictates of priesthood, temporal power or archaic religious laws like blasphemy. [/QUOTE] Ans.

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I will also post brief answer to points raised by you in your recent post (remember we had earlier established a line of communication, which was broken by you suddenly, when you could not maintain the rules). a. Statement by Caliph Omar: First of all the purported statement of Caliph Omar for the Library of Alexandria is wrong, because there was No Library in Alexandria when Muslims captured it It was already razed to ground and burnt by the invading Christians centuries before Muslims arrived there!! If Caliph Omar made similar statement about some old books, then also he was right about it. When you get a Masters Degree, would you care that much about your books of 8th or 10th standard? b. Your queries about Quran: Before answering these points one by one, I would like to first make some general observations which would solve lots of misunderstandings which you people seem to have about Quran. 1. I saw it mentioned at so many places Your Quran as if Quran is only for Muslims. If you would have read Quran, you would have found it that it is for all humankind and not only for Arabs or for Muslims. 2. If someone is suffering from a disease or sickness, would he not go for the first medicine that would cure his sickness or disease or shall confirm first whether the medicine was made in his own country or in some foreign country? 3. The correct approach is to study the Quran without bias, look at its arguments and its solutions that it provides for solving problems of humans on individual basis and on community basis and them compare it with any other solutions you seem to have. 4. How can you benefit from a book if you start with doubt and half heart. To me most of your problems with Quran is that you Never studied it with open mind. You always kept your hearts and minds wrapped up and only studied to find some fault in its logic. Such approach is never going to work with Quran and any religious scripture for that matter. Now I will provide short answers to your individual points. b. How Quran shall help for an impartial, non muslim subject. 1. The question itself is not correct. Quran provides solution for every cure which humans and humanity have. If some one dies not want to act on its advice it is he who is at fault and not Quran.

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2. And why should we Muslims doubt about Quran when we see that it is revelation for God Almighty. Every word of Quran confirms us of this. c. Does Reading Quran shall connect an honest impartial Non Muslim to Higher Power? 1. The answer is yes, any impartial man, reading Quran with open mind, cannot fail to realize that his own Creator, Lord and Master of this Universe is directly speaking to him. 2. There is no other book on earth which speaks with so much power and conviction than Quran. Only those who have disease of doubt in their hearts and study Quran with closed minds cannot get any benefit from Quran. d. Will Quran help is Self Actualization of an individual? 1. I do not know what you mean by this Self actualization it is a new term to me. 2. Quran will provide moral strength and give any man strength to face any situation that he might face if he wants to follow the path suggested by Quran. e. Looking for something More Meaningful than dos and dont s: 1. Who told you Quran is a book of Dos and Dont s? Islamic Jurisprudence is not even 10 % of whole content of Quran. 2. Rest 90 % of Quran takes up More Meaningful subjects like: A. Names and Attributes of Our Creator. Benefits for believe in one God and spiritual harms in associating partners with God. B. Creation of Universe and every thing it. Comments on celestial system, natural phenomenon, animal and plant kingdom, mountains, rivers and so many things connected with nature. C. Stories of past prophets and past civilization and lessons to be learnt from their mistakes. Stories about good people of past and their good traits. D. Supplications addressed to God by past prophets, good people and those desired by God. E. Descriptions about Heaven and Hell fire and actions that make one near to one or other. F. How to maintain social and criminal justice in the land how to deal between people and nation etc etc. But since Quran is not a human book, all these are mixed with other in verses of Quran, so that one never gets bored with monotony while reading Quran.

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The scenes keep on changing like in a kaleidoscope!! And even these dos and donts do not benefit God in any way, they are for benefit of humans themselves on individual level and community level. These are like prescriptions and things to avoid written by a Master Physician for health. If you avoid the prescription, you make loss to your own health and no one else. f. Something for one who is prodded by earlier knowledge: 1. Yes Quran has something for such people too, but it is conditional. 2. They should not reject any statement of Quran because it contradicts or goes against their past knowledge. That past knowledge was probably wrong or has become outdated and if from God originally, might have been corrupted. 3. In the worst case, they should keep the teaching of Quran in their mind and keep on analyzing it withier past knowledge, while praying to God to help them and find the right path. g. Should Quran free anyone from all Laws: 1. The answer is probably no. No Law will grant any one immunity to break it knowingly and purposefully. 2. Something being done in ignorance or due to mistake is condoned but not open rebellion. No system can allow it. How can you be a citizen of India and Pakistan also? You have to choose your position carefully. 3. And Quran does not give powers to any priest or Scholar to make any Law. Things which affect human life are clearly laid down by Quran and Prophet, no Muslim priest or Scholar can change or modify them. 4. And it would not benefit someone much if he wants to ride two horses at the same time. He shall always be in doubts and two minds and shall never act or say with conviction any thing. In the end I want to finish this post with following posers: 1. When was the last time, you opened any book that starts with the Phrase This is a Book in which there is no Doubt. How come only Quran could do that? Even after Quran did it, no other Human dared copy that phrase! 2. O Mankind! there has come to you an admonition from your Lord and a healing for the (diseases) in your heart: and for those who believe a Guidance and a Mercy (10:57). 3. O our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us, but grant us Mercy from You for you are the Grantor of bounties without measure (3:8) May Allah guide you to the Right Path.

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Allah knows Best.

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Q61. [QUOTE who="Suliman"] You see in sharia there is a death penalty for many things like saying that there is no god, that the Quran is not a revealed book, becoming an apostate etc But these punishments can be commuted if the person recants. However if someone says that Muhammad was not a prophet or criticizes him there is no possibility to recant. Muhammad cannot be doubted or criticised in any way, shape or form. In the west we are free to examine, doubt and criticize and when we read the hadiths we can read some very shocking stories which are very difficult to exonerate. Leave aside the fact that he had sex at 54 with a 9 years old child but when we read that on numerous occasions he attacked villages and he killed all the men over puberty and then enslaved all the women and in this way he killed all the men of the village of safya, tortured her husband to death in front of her and then married her most of us gasp in horror. Also the numerous tales of critics and poets he killed is staggering and personally I cannot justify that. This is not something anyone of us has made up, it is in bukhari, shai muslim, dawoo and various sirats. I can give hundreds of references from your own books. It is not permitted in muslim countries to highlight those events but I know many muslims who left islam after becoming aware of these historical facts. [/QUOTE] Ans.

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I think you are trying to make a horror out of Islamic Shariah by simplifying and generalizing the things. 1. It is true that in Islamic Shariah there is death penalty for Apostasy (and it is not specific to Islamic Shriah only, In Torah also the punishment is death for one who worships false gods). 2. There could be many types of Apostasy and the punishment is same for all of them and here also Islamic Shariah is in line with Torah and there is nothing more cruel in Islam than in Torah. 3. In fact laws of Islamic Shariah are much less stringent than that of Torah. How the people who consider Torah as book of God have stopped acting on that I do not know. I do not know by whose authority they have done that. In Islam we have no right to suspend or overhaul what Quran and Prophet have decided. 4. But these rules are only for Muslims and not for Non Muslims, if any Muslim wants to renounce Islam and its teachings, the best course for him is to migrate to Non Muslim nations and practice his new religion there. 5. The question of insulting name and character of our prophet is another thing and I think it needs some reform. There is no let up in this law for Muslims, any Muslim is not worth calling himself Muslim if he insults, abuses or makes fun of our Holy and Dear prophet. 6. However in the case of Non Muslims, that too living in Non Muslim societies, we have to have a second look. In the life time of prophet, he was ridiculed and many false charges were laid against him, but he and his followers, did not react and bore with perseverance all those abuses and insults and a time came when all those taunts and insults were proven false and prophet emerged victorious. 7. Muslims living in Europe and other Non Muslim countries should remain calm and follow that guidelines, instead of making public hue and cry which only increases the hate and hatred in the society. Muslims should follow every type of legal and constitutional means available with them to continue their struggle against such people. But public demonstrations and creating violence and death to innocent people and looting / burning property of innocent people is never approved by Islam and Islamic Shariah. 8. The false charge of our prophets marriage with Lady Aiyesha has been explained and answered so many times on this and other threads that I feel there is no need to repeat it again. If some one does not want to get convinced, there is no way in which we can convince him.

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9. As regards his marriage to Safia, the Jewish Lady from the Tribe of Banu QURAIZAH of medina, it will suffice to say that Prophet could have kept her as a slave, but he honored her by marrying her and giving her the status of Full Wife. And the faith of Lady Safia was very good and she remained a very faithful wife and good Muslim throughout her life. We never heard any complaints from her against prophet of any kind, neither during his life time not afterwards. No one would even have known that such a lady existed in the world, by marrying her, prophet made her name everlasting and she became a mother to billions of Muslims. Was it a small honor? What are these fake well wishers of Safia doing to her? 10. I do not know what those people who left Islam think, many of them were taken in by the propaganda technique of these experts.. there is no question about Islam or prophet or his actions, which has not been already explained or can be explained by Islamic Scholars. But there are people and there have been people in all ages, in whose hearts there is disease of doubts and no one can find a cure for such disease. Many more Non Muslims have come into fold of Islam by reading the life history and achievement of our prophet than those who left Islam. Islam and our prophets life is always gainer in these exchanges and will continue to do so till the end of the world!!

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Q62. [QUOTE who="Trisha"] Of course you have 'insulted' other religions here, I've read what you've written about Christianity to people here. You may not think that it was insulting, .. During the Muslim riots over the Mohammed cartoons, thousands of Muslims rioted, were violent and murdered people. The discussion comes up here and one too many Muslims make the claim that the cartoonist were responsible for the deaths and violence. [/QUOTE] Ans. Pardon me to interfere in your debate with MM, but since the issue you raised was general and affects most people on the thread, so I feel that I can also put up my observations on the issue. A. Insults versus Discussions: This is a very sensitive and emotional issue, when people of one faith or religion want to discuss religion and religious issues with people of other faith. Almost ANY comment made by person of one religion to another might appear insulting and people of that religion might take offense. So how we have to carry out such discussions and how we try to portray the mistakes and deviations if the path of discussion is blocked? So we have to define what is insult and what is permissible discussions. B. What is Insult and what is not: For example when we Muslims say that Jesus never claimed that he was Begotten Son of God and that when we say that he was neither God in human shape not One with God in Trinity. We are not insulting him, but denying the claims which Christians make about him and we give our reason and logic about what we say. But if were to say that jesus was an illegitimate child of Mary and raise questions about his personal character.then sure we are insulting him. If you go thru our posts, you will hardly find any passage in which we insult jesus, Moses, David or any other prophet of God.

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In the same way when we say that Paul mislead Christians and made his own claim to be an Apostle of Jesus, we are not insulting Paul but expressing our opinion on what he claimed. In the same way, if you people say that Our Prophet was not a prophet of God and Quran is not the word of God, we should not say that you are insulting our prophet. But when you start abusing our prophet and start throwing dirt on his personal character and say horrible things about his wives and his family members, that sure comes under the category of insults and abuses. And if we scan thru posts of Christians in general, we will find that more than 95 % of them are insulting and abusing. It is strange that you accuse Muslims of insulting Jesus and Prophets of God, while the situation is exactly reversed. C. Were the cartoons Insulting? By any reason and by any logic the Cartoons and Caricatures published in Western Press were insulting and they NEVER come under serious religious discussions. It is strange that you people instead of condemning those who made and published these cartoons, try to find fault with Muslims as to why they reacted in that fashion. You should first try to find the fault with the one who created this problem and punish him. I do not know that as per your religion, (Judaism or Christianity), you are allowed on encouraged to make cartoons and caricatures of religious personalities of other faiths. If the authorities of those Western Countries had taken action in the beginning of crisis, the problem would not have gone to that level.

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Q.63 Why Muslims do not speak good things about Jews? Ans. Now some one has said that no Muslim speaks any good things about Jew? To find out the truth behind this statement, let us do some investigation. Certainly Muslims have got this attitude from Quran which is the highest authority in Islam and Final Word. So the source of this hatred must be in Quran, let us see, if Quran curses All Jews or makes any distinction between Good Jews and Bad Jews. So let us open Quran and see what it says about Bad jews: Shame is pitched over them (like a tent) wherever they are found, except when under a covenant (of protection) from Allah and from men; they draw on themselves wrath from God.. (3:112) Strong words, dont you think? But just following is exception , speaking about Good Jews (but) not all of them are alike: of the People of Book are a portion that stand for the right: they rehearse the verses of God all night long, and they prostrate themselves in adoration, they believe in God and the Last day; they enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong.of all good that they do, nothing will be rejected of them (4:113:115) Can you find a more balanced way of talking about your eternal enemies? And this is not the only instance of its kind in Quran; in another place, we find the same attitude; first condemnation of Bad Jews and then praising Good jews. Listen to this about Bad jews: For the inequity of the Jews, We made unlawful for them certain (foods) good and wholesome which had been lawful for them.and they took Usury though they were forbidden and they devoured mens wealth wrongfully; We have prepared for those amongst them who reject faith a grievous chastisement (4:160-161) Again there is exception for the Good Jews right after these verses: But those amongst them who all well grounded in knowledge, they believe in what has been revealed to you and what was revealed before you, and who establish regular prayers and pay charity and believe in God and the Last day, to them we shall soon give a Great Reward (4:162).

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This is the way Quran speaks, it never makes a general condemnation of all Jews or Christians, its condemnation is issue based and not a general hatred towards every Jew and Christian. And to sum up the discussion, there is a masterpiece verse in Quran, no human can have more realistic and broader outlook than One who Created this Universe and Knows every one inside out, listen to it: .and amongst them (i.e. Jews and Christians) a party on the right path; but majority of them follow a course that is evil (5:66) and at another place: .Among them are some who have faith, but most of them are perverted transgressors (3:110) And when Muslims criticize Jews and Christians, it is about this Majority!!

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[QUOTE who="biiguy"]<quoted text> Some Jews were, not all... just as some Jews were advisors to king Ferdinand.. Of course Mohamed also had non-Jewish advisors as well.. So... wither Jews were or weren't advisors is still irrelevant to the fact that, at khaibar, Muhammad had agreed to spare the lived of the Jews of Khaibar should they surrender. of course, after that surrendered, he massacred them. In short, lies, deceit, treachery. [/QUOTE] ANS. Who says Jews of Khaibar were massacred after they surrendered? It is totally wrong. Most of the Jews were given amnesty and they stayed in their lands till the prophet died. And they paid yearly tribute to the prophet. It was only during the reign of Caliph Omar that he asked them to vacate that land....and he forgave them tribute for two years and he gave instructions that no one should harm these people during their travels. And he gave them choice to pick up the place they wanted to go and he gave instructions that they be given the equal amount and quality of lands they had in Khaibar. I doubt if you find any other example like this when people deal with another people in the annals of history. Now, coming to prophet and slaying of "Some" Jews captured during Khaibar compaign. It was based on specific charges, like the one who promised that he will not hide any wealth and it was found that he had hidden a large treasure without telling Muslims. These were the persons who were executed for their crimes and treachery. There could be one or two examples like that when fugitives from justice had taken shelter in Khaibar and they were captured. No one can find fault with execution of such people and it does not come under the title "Massacre". One Quality of our prophet was Al SADIQ AL AMEEN (Truthful and Trustworthy) which he got from Pagans of Makkah when he did not declare his mission. Completing trusts and covenants is one of the prime duty of would a True Prophet of God would violate it? I think you are getting your info from biased people and from wrong sources. And it is not for the first time that you tried to present wrong info or changed the context. I think it is the only life of our prophet which has been analyzed in so much detail. His every action is well documented.

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We are not shy of discussing any issue, provided it is done with civil language and people are ready to listen to what answers and explanations we provide. No one likes cases that justify killing of his co-religionists, but some how the pill of salt is to be taken and people should analyze these issues without bias or passion. Q65. [QUOTE who="Truth"] Jizya was not just another tax like income tax and sales tax. It was based on religion. Non muslims had to pay their muslim rulers jizya tax. Only those who accepted islam got exemptions from this tax. Many people who wanted exemption from this tax, converted to islam. Muslim invaders defeated many non muslim countries and forced the people of those countries to pay this inhuman tax. Only Akbar the great lifted jizya tax over non muslums. He was secular. In civil society no religious tax is charged now. This tax was against social harmony. [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. There is an age old tantrum against JIZYA and all sorts of lies and half truths and mistruths are being spread against it. 02. The first misconception is that JIZYA was Imposed on Non Muslims. In fact JIZYA was a pact with Non Muslims for state protection of their lives and their religion and their safety. 03. Following the general rule of those days, the winning side could impose any term on the defeated people and / or make all of them their slaves. But Islam provided an honorable solution to both parties. 04. For Muslims it was buying peace and cessation of war and a promise that their backs were safe, while the armies moved forward. 05. For Non Muslims it gave them honorable peace and safety at much lower cost than they would otherwise have obtained. They got freedom to rule their own areas and continue to practice their religion and their own laws as for their own disputes concerned. 06. Now some people project as if the Non Muslims were over exerted in the payment of JIZYA and that JIZYA was the Main Source of Islamic Treasury and all such allegations.

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07. Most of these charges are not correct. In No case JIZYA was 2.5 % of Annual Income or 10 % or 5 % of all their agriculture produce (Which Muslims had to pay). Now some one has said that ZAKAT was an optional item and Govt. had no authority to collect ZAKAT. This is wrong, according to Islamic laws and practice ZAKAT has to be collected by Govt. and used as per Islamic guidelines. 08. In India the ZAKAT system was disturbed because of British occupation of India, where Muslims could not manage their own financial institutions and paid on individual basis. 09. So JIZYA was not an economic tool to COMPELL people to accept Islam, it might be a social stigma, no doubt. But then it was Islams original idea to propagate its message to all and welcome all. 10. Just compare positions of Indian Muslims and the Indians who accepted Christianity during British rule. Even after becoming Christians, they always has that racial separation with White People. In India once you accept Islam, you are part of Universal Brotherhood of islam. 11. Most people in India chose to accept Islam to get themselves free from this caste based segregation of Hinduism, and that is the main reason even today of people accepting islam in India. 12. Our experts try to hide this weakness of Hinduism and try to project as if JIZYA was the MAIN reason for Hindus accepting Islam. This is not true and will not become true. PS: And if some Muslim rulers misused Islamic Guidelines and tried to get more from JIZYA than what was its purpose, then it is their own mistakes and not Islams.

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Q66. [QUOTE who="Eric"] Because G-d said so. And, yes that's true. You keep on telling people to learn about Islam--which I for one have. But, you make no effort to learn about other religions. You spend your time trying to tear them down but you don't learn the fundamentals of belief. [/QUOTE] Ans. Where God did said that? Might I question? I need not have to learn about other religions in that much detail. You might know that when a new edition of a book comes, one need not waste his or her time in studying older editions. When Quran came and brought a New Universal Code for all nations of the world, one must study it with care and devote his or her time in understanding it. We can scan thru older scriptures just to have a general view of them and which parts are harmony with Quran and which are not. We need not have to study these older scriptures to learn any point of law. I do not tear down older religions, I just point out that they are from the same source and we have many things in common. And there are ample proofs to show that these documents were tampered with. But when the Last and Final Book has been given, that is the one which shall be applicable for doing things. Q.67. [QUOTE who="Shiela"] 01. There is no comparison between Islamic laws and our laws. Our laws are based on love, forgiveness, compassion and turning the other cheek. 02. Islam does not unite humanity. Most of the wars of today in the world are the result of Muslims fighting with others or each other, ..

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03. Mohammed was illiterate- he couldn't read or write. So who was it that actually wrote the Koran, .. 04. Australia needs to be aware of the Muslims in Australia trying to bring in Sharia law. ..

05. We are a Christian country and want to keep it that way. .. 06. The koran also promotes violence and intolerance of other religions. Koran 9:5

07. Christianity on the other hand promotes forgiveness and love. .. 08. I do not have an problems with moderate muslims who are not into "jihad 09. There are roughly 500,000 Muslims in Australia and that is more than enough. .. [/QUOTE] Ans. Your post is based on misconception upon misconception, I do not know where you did it knowingly or due to sheer ignorance. I could have given you benefit of doubt, but your Quoting from Quran shows that you did it knowingly. You raised so many points in one post, I will provide short answers to them A. Islamic laws verses man made laws: You have made you own claims that Islamic laws are based on hate and prejudice while Western laws are based on Love and compassion. The purpose of any law is to be effective and achieve its goals. If any law is unable to solve the problem it is defective irrespective of how much love and compassion is built into it.

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So you should compare Islamic laws versus your man made laws, by checking how effective they are, not how humane they are. In your laws, it is Criminals who have all and every protection, there is no protection to the person who is wronged and that is basic and critical flaw in your laws. B. Islam does not Unite Humans: Islam is the religion where racism is minimum. It is Universal religion where no one holds any superiority based on color, language, nationality and ethnic background. The wars in our time are due to Western Nations who interfere in each nation and impose their rulers on people. What examples you gave of Muslims fighting against people of other faith, shows that truth is one while falsehood are many. And ALL these falsehood join to extinguish the flame of truth. C. How prophet wrote Quran while he was illiterate? Our prophet did not know how to read or how to write. So he did not write Quran with his own hands. The Quran was revealed to him thru Arch Angel Gabriel and our Prophet remembered it and recited to his disciples and asked his scribes to write it down. The Quran was revealed in bits and pieces and it took almost 23 years for its completion. That is why it was memorized by thousands of companions of Prophet while it was being revealed. There is no other book in the world, which was preserved thru writing as well thru memorization. D. Australia be aware of Shariah Law: We do not want to IMPOSE Shariah law on Australia, we only tell people how good and beneficial it is to solve all the problems that exist with it man made laws. It is your choice to use it or not..if you are happy and content to drink water from a sewer outlet and ignore Pure and cool water from a Spring, who can force you? E. Australia is a Christian Country: We do not deny it, we only tell you and deliver to you the message of Islam and leave the choice to you. If you people accept islam, it would be beneficial to you in this world and in the next life also. But it is your decision and we do not want to coerce or compel you people in any way.

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If the treatment of women is disgusting, how come more than two thirds of New Converts to islam are women?!! (Contd.) F. Quran Promot Violence: And you have quoted verse 9:5 from Quran forgetting what verses were before that verse and what came afterwards. Did you check verse 9:6 that comes immediately after verse 9:5 and pondered on its meaning. Verse 9:5 is only specific for a particular situation and no Muslim Scholar has taken it to be of Universal Application and it was never used as an excuse by any Muslim ruler any where in the world. G. Christianity brings Love and Peace: That is why Christians killed more human beings than all other religions combined!! It were Christians who forced Christianity on the point of sword to all nations of Europe. It were Christians who killed people in millions during their Colonial Rules. It were Christians who killed millions of their own followers, during inter sect and inter clan clashes. How many hundreds of thousands innocent people were killed during the dark centuries in Europe only God knows. It were Christians who almost exterminated Red Indians from South and North Americas and Aborigines from Australia and New Zealand. It were Christian nation who killed Millions of people during WW-1 and WW-2. It were Christian nation which dropped those Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that killed more than 200,000 thousands people at one instant. It were Christian nations that created Zionist state of Israel in Middle east, that has become a root cause of militancy and spread of terrorism in the world. It was a Christian nation that killed millions of people in Vietnam and caused death of so many innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan It is mostly Christian nations that hold the worlds biggest stockpile of Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Space based weapons.

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And with all that past and present record, you can say that Christianity brings peace in the world and look some one in the eye!! You must be the Worlds Biggest White Liar!! H. You can do another Crusade: Who stops you from doing it? Did not GWB the Great stared another Crusade? And do you know what was the end result of those first Crusade? What did you achieve thru that? M. You have No problem with Moderate Muslims: I know it has become fashionable these days to heap praises on Moderate Muslims. Please tell me what is the definition of A Moderate Muslim. According to Quran and sayings of Prophet, every Muslim is a moderate Muslim!! Quran and Sayings of prophet ask Muslims to shun the path of Extremism and be on the Middle path. Two ends of Extremism are Jews and Christians and Muslims are in the Middle of these two extremes. I. There are 500,000 Muslims in Australia: Only 500,000 and still you are so afraid of them? What type of cowards you people are? Afraid of a small minority of people, who are unarmed and not united and spread across Australia? I give you One Solution to put all these 500,000 Muslims on leash.. Force every Muslim to be judged and ruled according to sharia law!! Those who are moderate and scared of Shariah laws would leave islam and either become Atheist or become Christians and your problem shall be solved!! Will you try it? I know not, because then you might find how good Islamic Laws are!! PS: It was fun to answer your childish questions and comments on islam and Muslim and Shariah laws!!

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Q68. [QUOTE who="Noyb"] Bismillah. 01. No Brother, you have it very wrong about me lol. I do believe that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger but my understanding, from what I've learned in my studies (including Surah 2:62) is that you don't have to be a member of the ummah of Muhammad (pbuh) to be accepted by Allah. Surah 2:62: "Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day and does good, they have their reward with their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve." 02. The present day ummah of Muhammad, NO offense meant, has deviated from the path of Muhammad in my judgment. How can there be Sunni & Shia when the Qur'an says be not divided? Surah 3:103: "And hold fast by the covenant of Allah all together and be not disunited. And remember Allah's favor to you when you were enemies, then He united your hearts so by His favor you became brethren. And you were on the brink of a pit of fire, then He saved you from it. Thus Allah makes clear to you His messages that you may be guided." 03. The present day ummah of Muhammad (pbuh) would have to end it's division, sexism, and sprinklings of racism against Blacks before I join it...No thank you, I am very happy following the Prophet Noah. I do enjoy my wine lol... [/QUOTE] Ans. Salaam Alaiykum Brother 01. Pardon me to disagree with you on your interpretation of 2:62. It says that Those who are Muslims, those who are Jews, Christians and Sabians, and believe in Allah, Hereafter and do Good deeds shall get their rewards. It does not say that Jews and Christians and Sabians should continue to reject the last prophet and continue to follow their own path. It refers to people who came before the last prophet or who were his contemporaries but did not receive the message of Islam. For such people, their rewards is from Allah if they are sincere in their faith and follow teachings of earlier prophets. 02. You are right that present day Muslims have deviated from the true path and got divided into sects and they fight amongst each other.

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But that is not the reason for people to totally dissociate from Muslims and shun them. They should try to educate and reform the Muslims to come back to Quran and ways of prophet. This is appositive attitude and which so many Muslim organizations are doing. Your attitude is negative and you seem to watch as a spectator and do not do your duty to educate Muslims. Q.69. [QUOTE who="Noyb"] 01. Yes Brother I know that everyone who submits his or her will to do the Will of Allah (God) is what is called in Arabic "a Muslim." The Western man's ideology is such that he names the religion after the Prophet instead of naming the religion after it's essence. The essence of what all the Prophets taught is obey God or submit your will to do God's Will. This is in Arabic expressed, "Islam." But the Western man calls it "Judaism," "Christianity," and "Mohammedanism" calling it after the Prophet instead of after it's principle (obey God.) I only religiously observe the two laws given to the Prophet Noah (peace be upon him.) I eat pork, am a patron of prostitutes, etc. so I am not Muslim. But I do submit to the Truth that Sabians are recognized by Allah as a true community of Allah. Unitarian Universalism in it's essence is similar to what I learned of the Sabians. [/QUOTE] Ans. A. Religions, how are they named: Brother you are very right that any one and every one submitting his or her will to the will of their Creator is named Muslim (which is a state of belief and not named after any person, any prophet, any nation, any ethnic group or any language). That is why in Quran EVERY Prophet is called as Muslim and no other name. Brother you are also right that it is habit of people that they name their religion after their prophets. It is the action of people which does not has approval from God. B. Harms which this naming has done: And this naming has divided humanity into groups which stand apart. Due to this naming followers of one prophet take upon themselves to curse, insult and mock another prophet of God and they think that they are supporting their prophet.

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The reality is that no Prophet of God contradicted or insulted any other True prophet of God. One excuse for people to naming their religion after their prophets, could be because in those days, every prophet was sent to his own people and his message was limited by area as well as by time. C. How to correct the mistake: It was in the Knowledge and Planning of God to unify all these different religions on the hand of His Last and Final prophet, which He did by sending him 1400 years back in the City of Makkah. And according to Quran and sayings of prophet, any one who was follower of any other prophet of God and then he accepted the message of Last and Final prophet, would get double the share of Reward from God. Why do you want to miss that double Reward? And please do not make open what God has kept secret (your actions regarding Pork and Prostitutes I mean). Why you want to stick to the Sabians, when you can get a much better name? Why settle for second best option, when first option is always open for you? At least you have no excuse before God as to why you did not accept His Laast and Final messenger. This is just a brotherly advise , and the choice is in your hands.

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Q70. [QUOTE who="Kenhurt"] You skipped the first question. How convenient for you. 01. You rephrased the second question. I did not suggest Christians should go oh Hajj (why should they, it is all fiction). Hajj is once a year, so why close the city of Mecca year round? Muslims are not prohibited from the Vatican, nor anywhere on earth despite their repugnant fictional religion, for instance. Just more hate by Muslims . 02. Since you hate the trappings of free people, such as music and personal freedom, do you propose to oppress all that, as Saudi Arabia does today, but around the globe, with a sword if need be? 03. I am not Jewish, and there is nothing unethical nor hypocritical in the practice of revering the name of God. Why does Islam not allow historic religious figures humans in their art? What is the difference? 04. Darn right Jews have done great things for the USA, but also for the world. People like Jonas Salk rid the world of polio, for instance. .. 05. You are full of hate, a disgrace to the true Muslims around the globe. You have disrespected a prophet and are going to hell. Meanwhile, continue to serve your Saudi master, who thinks of you as no better than a dog. He is right. [/QUOTE] Ans. A. Status of Makkah: 01. Makkah is not a picnic spot for that reason that is should be opened to all tourists from the world over. It is a sacred house of God and it is open to those who come in humility and to worship there. If you have made your Vatican as a tourist place, it is your problem and not mine and by the way, Vatican has no importance in Christianity per see. I do not find any special position for it in any book of Bible, do you? B. Entertainment in Islam 02. Islam allows all healthy entertainment including music. But not the sort of music which arouses sexual passions in males and females, and that is which is most dominant in the western culture.

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If your tastes are upside down, you treat filth as sweet and roses as filthy. It is not Islams fault, but yours. C. Islam and pictures and Photos of Past Prophets 03. If you are not Jewish why you make so much hue and cry about writing God as GD or G-D? Islam allows us to call Allah in any of the beautiful names that people use in different language, it is more open and honorable than subterfuge which you people do. Islam does not allow any picture of past prophets, because no one has any authentic picture of any of the past prophets. No Prophet of God got his picture taken or his statues made. What you people make is only from your own imagination (compare Indian Buddha with Chinese Buddha for example, or Greek and Roman Jesus with normal Jewish Jesus and Mary with Greek or Roman features). All these are imaginary and fictitious pictures and photos and statues. All having these pictures and statues does not add an iota of love for these prophets. We Muslims have no photo or picture of our prophet and we still love him most than any other religious people love their prophets. We are considered as most fanatic in the world in our love to our prophet!! D. Jews and their contribution to humanity 04. Jews have done many good things for the humans, we do not deny that. But they also have a virus of racialism and exploitation of the people in which country they live in. That is the main reason why no one likes them. As to your observation that they do not control US media, it shows your own ignorance. I have posted a monograph on this issue, that 6 Jewish controlled media companies control 96 % of News Media in USA. You are so brainwashed that you cannot see them, remember the hue and cry made when one UAE company won the contract (legally and in fair competition) to manage one US port, who was behind it? What type of people are you that see 96 % of your media in control of a very small minority and still do not wake up? E. Who is full of hate:

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05. It is not me, who is full of hate, it is your fear of Islam and Muslims that has closed your eyes and you have made those as your bosom friends who are not really your friends, you are playing as suckers for them. Q71. [QUOTE who="NT"] How do account for the different nationalities with their own languages and custom seeing we are all as one from God ? [/QUOTE] Ans. I thank you for asking a very good question!! People are so busy in demonizing each other that they have even forgotten as to how to ask vibrant and relevant questions. May be my answer would be a little longer than what you expect. A. Origin of mankind on earth: 1. Irrespective of what our evolution guys claim, the human race on earth started from a single pair of male and female. 2. The religious scriptures are unanimous on this, that Adam and Eve were the First Human pair who appeared on the face of earth and it was only thru them, that human race spread thru out the earth. 3. Every human, irrespective of which country, tribe or location he or she belong to, must be ultimately connected to the first human pair. If they do not know the links, it is their fault, but there is no doubt in the least that they are directly related to our First Parents. B. Difference in language and colors and customs: 1. This is another very interesting issue, as by looking at the thousands of languages and colors of people and their customs, one is bewildered that they were once came from the same stock. 2. I know in Bible, it is related that God mingled the language of humans, so divide them, so that they cannot challenge God. But in Quran this issue is treated very differently. It is mentioned as One of Signs (or miracles) of God, this variation in colors and languages of humans. It is mentioned in Quran Ch 30, V 22:

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And amongst His signs is the creation of Heavens and Earth and the variations in your languages and your colors: verily in that are signs for those who know See how beautifully Quran tackles this serious question and leaves it for the People who know!! It is for the scholars to research and find out how one language of Adam and Eve got divided into so many different languages And how children of same parents after so many centuries got so many features varying from each other. C. Is true religion dependent upon language and custom? 1. According to Quran it is not. Because the basic fundamentals of a True religion is to Worship only One God and associate no partners with Him, and follow teachings of your prophet, so that you shall be successful in the Hereafter. 2. None of these are affected by the ethnicity or the local customs and habits of the people. 3. And God was not partial to any language or any ethnic group, because He sent His Prophets and Messengers to every nation and in every language. Quran says in Ch 14 Verse 4: We sent not a Messenger except (to teach) in the language of his (own) people, in order to make things clear to them. 4. Since all prophets preached the same message, there was no problem if one followed one prophet in India and another one followed his prophet in China. The prophets were sent to their own people and they did not preach their message to another country. The travel situation also did not make it feasible for peoples of different countries to have so much interaction with each other. D. Need for a Universal Message and Universal Messenger: 1. In the knowledge of God, there was to come a time, when the human civilization would grow and there would be a need for a Universal message and a Universal Messenger. 2. That is why God took pledge from every Prophet and Messenger to inform their people that a Universal Message and Universal Messenger would come into the world and by whom all these different religions would be combined back into a single religion. 3. That is why we find prophesy for such a messenger in almost every scripture of the World. Deut 18:18 and Comforter of John Ch 14-18 are examples of the same. Similar reference are found amongst Hindu and Buddhist and Zoroastrian scriptures also.

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4. That seems to be God plan to once again unite all humans to a single religion and a single book and a single prophet. The single religion is called Islam, the Single Book is called Quran and the Single messenger in named as Prophet Mohammad (May peace and Mercy of Allah be on him) . Allah Knows Best

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Q.72. [QUOTE who="Quuine"] Why don't you tell us about houris then, habibi? They don't menstruate, crap or pee, and they're transparent. That doesn't sound very "natural" to me; in fact it sounds f***ing crazy! But then, it all does. That's just one of the more glaring examples, next to the 72 virgins, or white raisins, or what the hell ever. Great religion you have there, "Desert Gomer." Why yes, it is -- among much other useful information! [/QUOTE] Ans. I do not know whether you be male or female habibi. a. If you are a female, I can understand your "jealousy" hearing about some one who is "more beautiful and superior to you". But you need not worry, if you be one of Believing Women destined to heaven, you shall have all those qualities too and your Creator would grant you "Extra grace and beauty" than those Houris!! b. If you are male, then why should you "object" to have a better and more beautiful companion than these "inferior women" of this earth? But if you really object to have beautiful women of Havens created for righteous servants of God Almighty, you could always refuse the, There are many who refuse the best food cooked by renowned chefs of the world and pick there food from garbage cans. c. Then I do not understand, why people "object" on the qualities of these women of Paradise? Do they want that the same toilet and napkin system should continue in heaven also? Do they want the same sewerage system of earth being used (with choked sewers and overflowing smelling water etc) to be working there also? They do not understand that toilet system on earth is because humans eat the material food to grow and to survive, but in heavens they will not eat to survive, they will eat to enjoy. On this earth people have sex so that human race may continue, in Heavens they will have sex only for enjoyment and for relaxation. These are "fundamental differences" about life on this earth and life in the Hereafter.

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PS: I think posts like mine are much better than one hour lecture on "Certain Grammatical Mistakes"!! Q.73 [QUOTE who="Neville Thompson"]<quoted text> If there is no "Higher or Lower" priesthood, please explain how a Cleric then becomes an Ayatollah who then rules a country like Iran for instance unlike a time when Islam and civil governance were separate . You are the nearest I have come to an Islamic scholar so this is why I am asking you questions . [/QUOTE] There is no such Title or Post like "Ayatullah" in Islamic literature, I mean Quran and sayings of prophet. It is a religious post which Shia people have created and they grant it to their scholars. It does not have any Islamic significance. In Iran Ayatollah's were present even when Shah was ruling, after the revolution, they came into power and started ruling. By the way there is no separation between religion and state, they are both part of Islam. The ruler of State is supposed to have same authority in religious matters also, but unfortunately our leaders of state know less about Islam than even an average Muslim!! That is why they need to ask Islamic Scholars for advise even on simple matters.

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Chapter-5 On Islam, Prophet of Islam and related subjects.

Q74. [QUOTE who="NQ"] Just so it is not thought I have abandoned the prophet project, MUQ -- I can't go back and review all the posts -- but I remember I left you with a question, which was basically -- why do you think I said that angels are not prophets, and only humans can be prophets? [/QUOTE] Ans. A. You abandoned the discussion:!! This is a big news for me. Do you think it was a trivial subject to find out what are the qualities of a True Prophet of God and how to distinguish between a True Prophet of God and a False one? You forget that I started this discussion based on YOUR remarks that according to you, our prophet was not a True Prophet of God . How can you abandon this discussion now, when I am asking you to provide your list of Qualities of a True Prophet of God? So far you have mentioned only two qualities, and both of them are very basic and trivial, which every one who deals in religious matters knows. And now you say that you have abandoned the discussion and being very busy in doing endless discussions with people on subjects that neither benefit you nor them in the long run (they are just idle discussions and mental relaxation). I am of the view that you never had any data on Prophets and their qualities from the first day itself. You never intended to have a serious discussion on this topic from the first day.and that was the reason, you showed little interest on my posts and now I have to almost force you to get a response from you. There are people on this thread who will see, as to which one of us was serious and devoted his time and energies to continue the discussion open. B. Angels as Prophets: Technically speaking Angles do come under the Title of Prophets of God, because they receive the revelation from God Almighty and bring it to His chosen Prophets.
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But in reality, no Angel was given a mission to be a Prophet of God, because essentially Prophethood is a public office, where a Prophet has to present himself as a role model for his people. An angel cannot be a role model for humans, because he lacks the basic human traits and human weakness. That is why God always chooses a human as a prophet for humans. Allah Knows Best

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Q75. [QUOTE who="NQ"] NotQuiter wrote: <quoted text>So you obviously believe that the angel that spoke to Mohammed was a higher authority than who? MUQ: Yeah, that was what I meant!! You are very slow at uptake. NQ:: Thank you, and I appreciate that. Now let me ask this very slowly, since I am slow: you say the angel that spoke to Mohammed was a higher authority than Mohammed? [/QUOTE] Ans. The Question that angel who brought the message to Prophet was Higher Authority than the Prophet is not appropriate. It is something of a conjecture about which I do not want to comment. I want to give you an analogy: An Official Messenger from President office, who brings a Verbal Order from President of USA to the Chief of US Armed Forces (a Seven or Eight Star General) , has Higher Authority than the Chief of US armed forces Will Army Chief be right to reject the message delivered from the US President? The angel was bringing the Message from God, The Creator and Master of Universe to His Chosen Prophet. There was no conflict of authority there or who has higher or lower authority. PS: I am slow at uptake or you? This would be a million Dollar Question, will it not?

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Q.76 [QUOTE who="Advocate"] 01. All religions and/or ethnic group have dubbed themselves the "Chosen People" because of their perceived favour with their patron gods/god/Gd, spirits, ancestors, and such, not just Jewish people. 02. Adolph Hitler stated that the "Aryan race" was the "chosen race" and even the Christians and Muslims claim divine favour. There are racist people every where and they are not exclusive to few groups. 03. We do not proselytize because, unless people want to convert, we have no business in their religion or their personal beliefs. And I'm not quite sure what you are getting with the "prophet" thing; Moses was a prophet, as were Ezekiel, Rachel, Job, Abraham, Isaiah, Miriam, and Malachi, among others. They were very much alive and well, weren't' they? 04. And every single religious book has wise sayings and harmful sayings. The Torah is violent, the Bible is violent, the Quran is violent, the Vedas are violent, and hundreds of others. All religious books have contradictions and supports at the same time. You quoted a favorite verse from the Quran, so now I would like to share a quote from the Talmud: 05. "Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world." (Jerusalem Talmud, Sanhedrin 4:1 (22a))

[/QUOTE] Ans.

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01. I have no problem with the Epithet Chosen People or Chosen Race if it is used in proper sense. But when it goes beyond the extreme and people start looking down on other people and races and claim superiority over them, then it should be checked. Quran says that God did Select and Chose Children of Israel to be Stand Bearer of truth and Justice and sent many prophets amongst them. They were chosen people and chosen race as long as they walked in the ways of life, but when they stopped doing that, their chosen status was taken away. Sacking of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar was first severe warning form God that Jews should mend their ways.. they did mend their ways but for short time Rejection of Jesus and attempt to kill him, were the second warning from God that they have gone too far. As a result the Jerusalem was sacked for second time and they were dispersed to all parts of world. Rejection of Last and Final Prophet was the third and final warning that Jews are not removed from the tag of Chosen People and Chosen race However door to enter chosen people is still open to them provided they repent and accept Jesus and last and final prophet. God is not bound that once He has chosen some people, He cannot strike them out from that status. 02. No one considers Hitler as a Prophet or any great leader. He was also a racist and Jews are racist. And when two racists clash, the mixture is very explosive, as Jews found to their discomfort. 03. Not spreading True message of God to people who did not get is, according to me A very great crime in theology. What else is the purpose for which God Chose these people. Do you mean that there are many true paths in the Jungle out there? If Jews do not go out and propagate their religion, it means only two things, either they are doubtful about truth of their own religion, or they think that their religion is exclusive to them only We do not deny the prophet hood of all these prophets whom you mentioned. We accept and revere ALL prophets of God and do not reject even a single one. 04. I do not know what you mean by saying that all religious scriptures are violent?

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Dealing with criminal justice and to maintain law and order and morality in the world, is part of human life. How come any guidance coming from God shall overlook this aspect of human life? So the books are not violent as none of the Books of Criminal Laws are violent. It is people who want to separate religion from their day to day life, this is their fault and not the fault of religious scriptures. 05. You have quoted translation of a Talmudic verse, it is strange that the same verse is found in Quran also!! Let me quote it to you: On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone slew a personunless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land- it will be as if he slew the whole people And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of a whole people.. (Chapter 5 , verse 32) They say the same thing but in different words and Quranic exemption for lawful punishment is missing in Talmud.

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Q.77 [QUOTE who=" sheila"]<quoted text> You state that you are yet to see any Islamic scholar addressing the issue re the authenticity of Mohammad and yet it is a fact. God stated that the line was from Isaac and if you dispute this you are disputing what God has said. My personality has nothing to do with it. You just don't like hearing the truth Being given less status is exactly what Hagar was given as a slave. [/QUOTE] I see that you "avoid" commenting on the status of 4 sons of Jacob that were born of slave girls vis a vis other sons of Jacob born from free women. You just forget it or the avoidance is deliberate, I cannot say. So the law of "Son from slave girl" was "especially invented' For Hagar and Ishmael and for no one else!! For me, God calling Ishmael Son and Seed of Abraham is more than enough. Please give us a name of any Muslim Scholar who denies the existence of our Prophet, but he should not be of the "class" of "Sir" Salman Rushdie!! But about Jesus, there is a healthy debate going on between Christians and Historians and Archeologists if he existed at all. You get confused between Jesus and our prophet!! PS: 01. And even if for argument sake, we assume that Hagar and Ishmael of a Lower status than Sarah and Isaac.. what makes the General law that progeny of Ishmael shall always be lower in status than progeny of Isaac? If this is not pure racism, please tell us what else it is? Believing that for ever the Children of Ishmael shall be Lower in status than Children of Isaac does not speak of a Just God. And if I am not wrong not all children of Isaac were honored by God, He again chose between Jacob and Esau and the selection keeps on going and going. 02. And you are speaking so high about Isaac, have you seen what types of stories about him are written in Bible? How he lied about his wife being his sister, just to save his life?

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How he was tricked by Jacob and Rebecca to bless Jacob in place of Esau (And God also became party to this Practical Joke!!) And when we look at Quran, we find NONE of these stories being told there. Just see how Progeny of Ishmael took care of the honor of Younger Brother of Ishmael and how you people are insulting Elder Brother of Isaac. That shows difference between these two sons of Abraham and their progeny!! 03. And Islam has come to "dismantle" all this false pride based on genealogy and "family connection". No one is "closer and more honorable to God just because of his genealogy and family connection" but only because of his piety and righteousness. Real uncle of our Prophet, ABU LAHAB who is also direct descendent of Prophet Abraham thru Ishmael is in hell-fire and BILAL the Abyssinian slave is in paradise.

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Q78. [QUOTE who="Dragnet"] 01. So in what sense the true concept of God is being propagated by Islam? Islam always stresses that just belief in God himself is not enough, but the belief that Mohammad is the final messenger is also a prerequisite. 02. If people of other religions expound on a God who is formless, omnipresent and all powerful but without the muslim sounding name Allah and without the tag of Mohammad as messenger attached to it, will you accept such a God? If not, in what respect is Allah qualitatively different from that God? [/QUOTE] Ans. You have answered a very good Question and I am very thankful to you for asking it. It is these Fundamental Questions that make my day!! You have posed many questions, I would try to answer them in logical manner, please feel free to ask clarifications on any thing which is not clear to you. A. What is the purpose of religion? This is a question which many people do not understand properly and that is the reason of so much tension and mutual mistrust between followers of different so called religions. In a nutshell religion is to do your duty to your Creator and do your duty to your fellow humans. This is what religion is all about. B. How humans get instructions about what are their duties? That is where the concept of Prophethood comes. It is a way of God to send His Guidance thru His chosen prophets. People might have different thinkings about what should be the most appropriate way, but sending guidance thru prophets is what God chose and that is way it is going to stay. C. Denying Prophets is in fact denying the Authority of God: If some one rejects any prophet of God, it shows that he or she challenges the Authority of God, or tries to say to God, why did you choose such and such and not this and that.

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D. Prophets are medium and Role Models for their followers: Teachings recorded in any book are not enough, unless there be a perfect model to demonstrate them to people. Any student of Medicine, Engineering and Technology understands the need of a Demonstrator to show and clarify and explain what is written in the book. So prophets of God serve as role Models for their people and explain and clarify the Divine Instructions. E. Prophets were sent to all nations and in all ages and preached in different languages: Since every region and every race and every country needed Divine Guidance, so God did sent prophets in all nations and in all ages and they preached the message of Truth in all languages. It is reasonable and logical to believe that all these prophets taught the Same Fundamental truth about God and His attributes and His Rights and how to deal with equity between people. F. The age of prophethood was to end: Some people think that the office of prophethood should be perpetual and prophets should be available in all ages. But it was the plan of God that He sent most prophets to individual nations and saved the Last and Final Prophet as a Universal Prophet for all nations and till the end of the world. That Last and Final Prophet came to world 1400 years back in the form of Prophet Mohammad pbuh, in the land of Arabia and to him was given the Final Book, the Quran to serve as guide for all humanity till the End of World. If you do not like it, it is upto you, to take it up with God. G. Mere believe in God or Allah is not enough unless we also believe in the office of prophet: It is clear from above that belief in prophethood is of fundamental importance and without it, there is no way in which we can get proper concept of God. H. If you reject one prophet, you reject all prophets: Rejection of any prophet is indeed rejection of one who sent him and it directly challenges the authority of God. That is why, one should be very careful as to how he or she reacts to any prophet of God.

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If you have a proper concept of Creator of this Universe, you will recognize immediately that all these names like YHWH, Ishwar, God, Allah, Khuda, Parwardigar etc. they all refer to the same Creator. Why should one be allergic to any one of these names? If one is used to use one name, at least the others should not look offensive to him and he or she should not say that I will NEVER use any other word for the Creator of the Universe. In the same way, if one is really ignorant about Last Prophet and his attributes, then it is tolerable .. but after fully knowing the concept, if some one wants to insist to follow in the footsteps of their society and reject the Final Prophet, he or she is taking a great risk. J. Compromise: At least people should hold their tongues and not abuse or insult various names used for Creator and prophets of God sent to different nations. They should try to find as many things which are common between different religions rather than fighting over what are different between them. If we do that, we find better understanding of each other and bridge the gap. Discussing only the differences try to increase the gap and increase tension and hatred between people of different religions. That is the best compromise we can have on this matter

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Q79. [QUOTE who="Bradock"] Is Allah the same god as the Christians? well lets compare there prophets shall we. 01. Mohammed Said Allah hates those who don't accept Islam. (Qur'an 30:4, 3:32, 22:38) Jesus Said God loves everyone. (John 3:16) 02. Mohammed said "I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" (Muslim 1:33) Jesus said "He who lives by the sword will die by the sword." (Matthew 26:52) 03. Mohammed Stoned women for adultery. (Muslim 4206) Jesus said "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." (John 8:7) 04. Mohammed Permitted stealing from unbelievers. (Bukhari 44:668, Ibn Ishaq 764) Jesus said "Thou shalt not steal." (Matthew 19:18) 05. Mohammed Permitted lying. (Sahih Muslim 6303, Bukhari 49:857) Jesus said "Thou shalt not bear false witness." (Matthew 19:18) 06. Mohammed Owned and traded slaves. (Sahih Muslim 3901) Jesus Neither owned nor traded slaves. 07. Mohammed Beheaded 800 Jewish men and boys. (Sahih Muslim 4390) Jesus Beheaded no one.

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08. Mohammed Murdered those who insulted him. (Bukhari 56:369, 4:241) Jesus Preached forgiveness. (Matthew 18:21-22, 5:38) 09. Mohammed said "If then anyone transgresses the prohibition against you, Transgress ye likewise against him" (Qur'an 2:194) Jesus said "If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." (Matthew 5:39) 10. Mohammed said Jihad in the way of Allah elevates one's position in Paradise by a hundred fold. (Muslim 4645) Jesus said "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called Sons of God" (Matthew 5:9) 14. Mohammed Married 13 wives and kept sex slaves. (Bukhari 5:268, Qur'an 33:50) Jesus Was celibate. 15. Mohammed Slept with a 9-year-old child. (Sahih Muslim 3309, Bukhari 58:236) Jesus Did not have sex with children. 16. Mohammed Ordered the murder of women. (Ibn Ishaq 819, 995) Jesus Never harmed a woman. 17. Mohammed said "O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness." (Qur'an 9:123) Jesus said "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." (Matthew 5:5) 18. Mohammed Ordered 65 military campaigns and raids in his last 10 years. (Ibn Ishaq )

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Jesus Ordered no military campaigns, nor offered any approval of war or violence. 19. Mohammed Killed captives taken in battle. (Ibn Ishaq 451) Jesus Never took captives. Never killed anyone. 20. Mohammed Encouraged his men to rape enslaved women. (Abu Dawood 2150, Qur'an 4:24) Jesus Never encouraged rape. Never enslaved women. 21. Mohammed Demanded captured slaves and a fifth of all other loot taken in war. (Qur'an 8:41) Jesus "The Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve." (Matthew 20:28) 22. Mohammed Was never tortured, but tortured others. (Muslim 4131, Ibn Ishaq 436, 595, 734, 764) Jesus Suffered torture, but never tortured anyone. 23. Mohammed said "And fight them until there is no more persecution and religion is only for Allah" (Qur'an 8:39) Jesus said "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" (Matthew 5:44) 24. Mohammed Blessed the brutal murder of a half-blind man (al-Tabari 1440) Jesus Healed a blind man (Mark 8:28) 25. Mohammed Ordered a slave to build the very pulpit from which he preached Islam. (Bukhari 47:743) Jesus Washed his disciples feet. (John 13:5)

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26. Mohammed said What are the Greatest Commandments? "Belief in Allah and Jihad in His cause" (Muslim 1:149) Jesus said What are the Greatest Commandments? "Love God and love thy neighbor as thyself." (Matthew 22:34-40) 27. Mohammed Died fat and wealthy from what was taken from others in war or demanded from others in tribute. Jesus Demanded nothing for himself. Died without possessions. 28. Mohammed Advocated crucifying others. (Qur'an 5:33, Muslim 16:4131) Jesus Was crucified himself. 29. Mohammed According to his followers: Had others give their lives for him. (Sahih Muslim 4413) Jesus According to his followers: Gave his life for others. (John 18:11 and elsewhere) [/QUOTE] Ans. Ref: To the post of Bradock the Rabid Islam and Muslim hater, in which he tried to compare Jesus against our prophet and tried to mislead the people. A Simple reply to these 30 odd comparisons is: Jesus was sent to bring good news of approaching Kingdom of heaven. Our prophet was sent to establish Kingdom of heaven on earth. There is great difference between one who only announces and one who does. You cannot compare an apple against an orange. You should compare a doer against another doer. A man who does not do or accomplish any thing could be the most peaceful and ideal and harmless person on earth, not the one who came to do something.

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The accomplishment of Jesus during his life time pale when we compare them against the accomplishment of our prophet during his life time. And when we see that Jesus showed innumerable miracles during his life time, but fail to convince his people. And the life of Jesus cannot be an example for every one, if Jesus did not marry any one and had no children, how can married people and parents get guidance from his life? If he never fought in any war and never commanded any army, how would army general and army personnel get guidance from his life? And he never managed the affairs of any state never administered justice, never maintained law and order in the society, never acted as arbitrator between any dispute, how could his life be a guidance for these people? That is why his life was an incomplete example and those who tried to follow his life invented monastery system and got cut away from the worldly affairs. Then another misconception came in the form of separation of religion and state, give to Caesar what is Caesars and give to God what is Gods. that meant there is no instruction from God as to how to run the affairs of state and those who are running the state are free to do whatever they like. That is why religion is relegated to churches and practised only one day in a week, and for all other days, one is free to do whatever one likes to do. All these things show absence of teachings from Jesuss life for one who want to live and function in this world and serve God also. It is only the life of our prophet which is perfect and provides guidance for every phase of life. I would shortly present (Inshallah i.e. God willing) excerpts from a book that deals with this subject in more detail. A subject that would put a shut off to such type of childish and lop sided comparisons. PS: And whatever Jesus lacked in belligerence and violence was more than compensated by his followers, who have killed more innocent humans than all other religions combined. They are currently holding maximum numbers of Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and other types of WMD s and are attacking in packs of 20 and 30 countries against small nations like Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya etc..

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They appear in sheep clothing, keeping photo of prince of peace in front and they actually behave like wolfs on poor nations, and exploit their natural and economic wealth.

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Q80. [QUOTE who="Skeptic"] No MUQ, Mohammed tried to steal the finish work away from God that Jesus accomplished on the cross. And Muslims are still trying to squash the works of Jesus on the cross. God prevailed over Mohammed and his followers. Gods Church founded by Jesus on the cross is the light in the world. [/QUOTE] Ans. What is the work that can be finished when someone is put on the Cross? Last words of Jesus did not show that his work was finished, he is supposed to have said Eli, Eli LAMA SABAQTANI. i.e. O God, O God why have you left me. Is that the Job completion report that one submits to God after doing it? Later the Christians made his supposed death on the cross as the basis of a new religion. All your logics are derived from sayings of St. Paul, who never met Jesus, never learned any thing from him and passed on his own philosophy as coming from jesus. And dumb people like you, followed St. Paul blindly, without verifying his claim. How come God prevailed over Prophet and his message, considering that his mission (started 600 years after Christianity) is catching up fast with that of His (supposed) Son!! Very soon Muslims will be the biggest religious group on this earth!! PS: And why our prophet stole ANYTHING from Jesus? Did he say: Jesus is not son of God, but I am son of God? Did he say: Jesus is not the Messiah but I am the Messiah? Did he say: Jesus did not die for sin of humanity, but I shall die for the sin? Did he say: Jesus shall not return to this world, but I shall return?

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Our prophet did not take any honor from Jesus. He glorified Jesus by removing the things which One Extremists (jews) claimed about him and Another Extremists (Followers of St. Paul) said about him. Our prophet restored the balance. In Islam Jesus personality is much more refined and glorified than in these two extremists groups.

Q81. [QUOTE who="Advocate"] 1. Prophets are not necessarily the embodiments of leadership, and "selection" by a deity is an extremely arbitrary process. What's tonsay one is qualified until one is chosen? Ine can really never know! And there's quite a reason that prophets have stopped popping up nowadays~ 02. How exactly will the Quran introduce me any further to humanity if I can do the same by reading any Aztec codex or the Tibetan Book of the Dead? Better yet, why will a book replace observation of human behaviour? 3. Should the question of existence really be correlated to democracy? Democracy didn't start until the Ancient Greeks, and even then that's not too long ago. Can the existence of human life really solve the question of democracy rather than the observance of daily life around us, the absorption of knowledge from past examples and contemporary resources? [/QUOTE] Ans. 1. There is basic defect in your understanding the role and duties of a prophet. That is why you should concentrate on it. Prophets are the medium thru which God sends His Guidance to human kind and they are Role Models for their people. And Prophets are not a position that one can attain with their Knowledge or Devotion or Sincerity. A Prophet is CHOSEN by God since their BIRTH. And God KNOWS who are worthy of that High Status. They are as perfect humans as humanly possible, the writers of Books of Bible have very superficial and very wrong concepts of office of Prophethood, that is why they wrote whatever came into their mind. You say you have little interest in religion, it is mostly because of these false tales of Past Prophets which cause people to stay away from religion.

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If you study Quran, you will find a different world altogether, the concept of prophet, the highest standard to which they are raised and showering of praises and honors of them induce into you a respect for Prophets and regards for the office of prophet hood. 02. Quran is the Last and Final revelation from God Almighty and is the Universal Guide for all humankind till the end of the world. It confirms all the good things from previous revelations and removes all the errors and mistakes which followers of earlier prophets added into the original scriptures. And Quran is preserved in its original condition and in its original script. The moment you read any verse in Quran, you go back 1400 years and are sure that this is WHAT God revealed to His Prophet. Ignoring Quran and relying fully on those earlier documents which have falsehood and human words inserted in the God revelation is like you drinking from a dirty pond when fresh and wholesome spring is flowing near by. For people who never heard about Quran and they try to follow their own scriptures to the best of their abilities, there is some excuse. But those who have heard about Quran (the last revelation) and have seen it, but still FEEL that they will go by their own books, it is between them and God. We have nothing to say. 03. You are very right, unless we know Purpose of our Life and why we are present on this life.the question of Democracy, Dictatorship, Monarchy and isms are meaningless. If you know what is real purpose of your life on this earth, you will see the importance of all these system of governance in their right perspective. Since most of Western People ignore this basic question, they think as if they have some magic words like Democracy and Human Rights that will cure all their ills and lead them to Paradise. Q82. [QUOTE who="NT"] I am a tad curious as to why Muhammad didn't know he was going to be poisoned because that is what a prophet would know. I have prophesized events and the spoken word and actions of others so he would by rights have been able to as well. It doesn't work with the lotto numbers though .

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[/QUOTE] Ans. Our prophet was not God, he was only a prophet and a prophet knows only what God tells him. So God did not tell the prophet that the meat was poisoned, but when he took the first bite, he was told by God that the meat was poisoned. That is why no Muslim worships prophet Mohammad. We love him, we follow him, we respect him, we revere him, but we do not worship him. And on the day he died, Abu Bakr his closest friend and the First Caliph of Islam announced from the pulpit "Let those who worshipped Mohammad know that Mohammad is dead and those who worship Allah should know that Allah is always living. Allah said in Quran" "Mohammad is (nothing but) a prophet, many prophets came before him, if he dies or killed (in battle field) will you turn back?....." That was the BEST speech in the recorded history of prophets. It saved Islamic nation from going to extremes. All the miracles which prophet showed all the prophesies that he made, was told to him by Allah All Mighty. Our prophet did not know who to read or write, he had no earthly teacher. Allah taught him every thing that he needed to know to carry out his prophetic duties. And we do believe that he was most knowledgeable in these matters than all other humans combined. But he did not know every thing and we cannot say that his knowledge was in every field. But whatever he spoke from the knowledge given to him by Allah was 100 % accurate and whatever prophesies he made shall be fulfilled. It has nothing like winning Lotto. In Islam Lotto and all other forms of lotteries and gambling and chance games are prohibited. Allah Knows Best and His Mercy and Blessings be to His Servant and Messenger and Seal of Prophets, Prophet Mohammad. Q83. [QUOTE who="AB s"] So lets talk about the moon physically splitting in half again and

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authentication that the world was flat for how many hundreds of muslim years??? Just curious, what muslim authenticated the calendar they used for centuries before they adopted the 365 day calendar? Wake up comrade muq, if man has touched it(and I know this may come as a shock to you but even muslim men), man has phucked it up...or tweaked it to his own benefit...this includes interpreting other people's words... [/QUOTE] Ans. A. Moon Splitting: What is your problem with moon "Physically Splitting up" Is it a Scientific Impossibility? As a scientist I will distance myself with such issues because there is "Not enough Scientific data for or against this event" In Such cases, if the event is not "Scientifically Impossible" we should look at the evidence presented. If sufficient numbers of reliable eye witnesses are testifying that they saw and witnessed the event, it must be accepted. What I wrote about Moon Splitting is applicable for ALL Miracles mentioned in Scriptures. Why they would be called Miracles if they were "Every day affairs". But God becoming Man is "Scientific Impossibility" so we need much stronger evidence to justify this type of events. B. Earth being Flat: Quran does not say that earth is flat or earth is round. It is not its subject. But whatever it says holds true!! If "Muslims" thought earth was flat, it is their problem and not Quran s. Newton did not know ANYTHING about DNA, would you call him an "ignorant scientist"? C. Calendar: The Islamic Calander is Lunar Calander which consists of 12 Lunar Months. This is the Calander which Muslims used and still use and it has not lost a single day. The so called "scientific Solar based Calander" has lost many days in its chequred existence. It needs adjustment each few years even now!! PS:

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None of your observation come as shock to me. I am well aware of your "Low level of Expertise" and the One dimensional analytic power of your Limited Brain cells. Go ahead and Fire more such questions, but it would be better if you ask One Question at a time!!

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Q84. [QUOTE who="NT"] Why would a prophet need to have a following seeing that person is delivering a message from Allah ? [/QUOTE] Ans. Because that is the basic job of a Prophet!! A prophet is not a post in isolation. He is not a thinker or philosopher and he is not a postman to just deliver the message and go and sleep in his house. A prophet is sent to deliver the message from Allah and present himself as a role model for his people as to how to implement these teachings into life. He is a practical man of the world and not a recluse or ascetic. That is what separates a Prophet of God from Thinkers, and Philosophers and Poets etc who just speak and do nothing themselves Q85. [QUOTE who="Dragnet"] As usual MUQ is trying to evade the real issue. Now let us see the qualitative difference between the teachings of real philosophers and the teachings of prophets. A real philosopher tries to get to the root of the problem, he analyses and dissects the problem in all its different facets and tries to arrive at a synthesis that not only integrates the polarities but also transcends them. For example, let's take the case of a society which at a given time is grappling with the problem of begging. This same society must have devised some remedial measures to tackle this problem. But these measures are found to be ineffective in completely eradicating the problem. It is here that the real philosopher shows his mettle. He sees begging and its remedial measures as the polarities of the same system. He aims to arrive at a solution which not only synthesizes these two polarities but is also a complete, radical break from the old system. This is how a concept like equitable distribution of wealth has become the cornerstone of policy formulation in developing countries.

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Now I will show how our present world has greatly benefited from the brilliance of these great philosophers. Almost all the aspects of our present day civilization bear the stamp of these great philosophers. It was the thoughts and writings of these great philosophers that set in motion a chain of events that brought mankind from its barbaric moorings to its present stage. Governments of every state, if they have any pretensions of being backed by the popular will of the people, claim to be working for the welfare of the people. This is a far cry from the days when the kings and emperors only used to collect taxes and maintain armies. Our present education system, the services and amenities like postal, rail, road, banking, insurance, state welfare services, you name it, they all had their origins in the minds of great philosophers, scientists and educationists. I'm sure that MUQ will not balk at the suggestion of taking his critically ill relatives to a modern health care system, rather than take them to some islamic quack prescribing unani medicines. Yet this man has the gall to suggest that philosophers are not practical people. 2. Why is MUQ taking the case of Arabia during prophet's time? Just take the case of Singapore in our present times. There are far lesser crimes, more prosperity, more intellectual effervescence, more equitable distribution of wealth, more socio economic stability in present day Singapore than what existed during Muhammads time in Arabia. But nobody is making a song and dance about Singapores style of governance as MUQ does about the islamic form of governance during prophet's time. It is just that the rulers of Singapore did everything right that was humanly possible. My question to MUQ is why wasn't the so called ideal state of Muhammads time not replicated thereafter? Is he going to give the same stock answer that muslim rulers of our present times are not true muslims? MUQ again makes a song and dance about people not resorting to crimes because of their fear of punishment in after life. I can understand the fear that people have about secular laws. But fear from a religious perspective is something which I cannot understand. A real religion must aim to eradicate the problem of evil right from its roots and not just stop their visible manifestation. On this account Islam has failed. When a person

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stops doing crime out of fear of punishment, it doesn't mean that the seeds of evil doesn't keep sprouting within him. These evil thoughts only recede into his subconscious mind where they germinate in the obscurity of his subconscious mind. Islam talks nothing about supplanting negative feelings with positive ones, nor does it talk about how man can purify himself with self endeavor. Islam is all about maintaining the class discipline with the threat of corporal punishment. I haven't seen a more negative ideology than the islamic one. [/QUOTE] Ans. It seems our Human Philosopher is bent upon provoking me and trying to enlarge the circle of our discussions. I usually avoid such type of discussions, because they are fruitless, since there is no intention to listen the arguments from other side and after exchange of hundreds of posts, there is not even the slightest change in the attitude of the parties. But it might give the wrong impression to some people that by not answering his posts, I somehow are not answering his irrefutable arguments. I am therefore forced to put a rejoinder: A. Philosophers make their most sincere efforts to find solutions to the problems of human societies: 01. I find no problem in accepting it. But since they discard and even do not ponder on the solutions provided by Prophets of God, based on guidance received from the Creator, they start on a wrong foot!! 02. That is why all their efforts and nights they spent awake trying to solve the problems of society, are laid to waste. If you put yourself on the wrong path, it does not matter how much effort you make, your solutions shall always be wrong (I will provide examples afterwards). 03. The correct approach of these philosophers should have been to use the Prophetic Guidance as base and then use their human powers to understand it and fine tune it to the current situation, in this way they should have got the true solution and would have performed real service to the humanity. If some one follows this way, he is a True Reformer and gets reward from Creator and helps humanity.

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B. Philosophers themselves do not act, but their findings are implemented by others: 04. This is another Fatal combination!! When the originator of any idea is himself not sure about its truth and whether it is practicable or not, how come those coming after them can implement it? 05. And this half baked implementation is what has played havoc with human society (I will provide examples later on). C. Our Modern Societies are based primarily on the thinking and teaching of these eminent Philosophers. 06. This is true and this is the Problem number One of our societies!! 07. All the bad things we are seeing in our Modern society are the results of suggestions and support given by these Human Philosophers who have suggested them of their own mind without Guidance from our Creator. D. Why not Compare Modern Medicine System with UNANI system: 08. Either our friend is making joke or he does not understand the real issues involved here. 09. No prophet suggested this UNANI system of Medicine and it is not the job of Prophets of God to teach us Medicine or Engineering or Mathematics. 10. Prophets tell us the info, for which there is no source of knowledge available with us. And we need Divine Guidance. 11. Progress of Science and Engineering and Mathematics are gradual and every generation adds on the info of earlier generation and the progress is made. 12. Regarding Spiritual matters, the situation does not change with time, Guidance and information on these things are timeless and always correct. E. Some Examples of Human Philosophers and Havoc they played on human society: As promised I will give some examples of Philosophers of our age and how much havoc their half baked theories have played on those who accepted it. 13. Malthusian Theory: a. This is based on the findings of a Genius that Resources of Earth are not sufficient to support human population. b. He argued (wrongly and without any tangible proofs) that growth in human population is in geometrical proportion while growth in earth resources are in Arithmetic Proportion (Both these are wrong proposition).

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c. This false theory was picked up by Most Western Countries and they started Family Planning movement. d. Due to this there is population decrease in almost all western countries and they are dependent on immigrant manpower. Very soon the White races in Most European countries would be in minority. e. This Family Planning has given rise to free sex movement, with the decline in morality and moral principles. 13. Karl Marx and Socialism: a. He was another Jewish Human Philosopher who said that Human society on earth is based on struggle of haves and have nots (Not the forces of Truth and the forces of evil- MUQ). b. He dreamt of a classless society where every one will be equal and there shall be no class differences. No one will own anything so there shall be no arguments and no quarrels and no fighting (another impractical suggestion- MUQ). c. Unfortunately his ideas were picked by Jews and Zionists who started this Communist movement and soon it was used in USSR. d. How much humanity has suffered in seventy odd years till it was found to be against Human Nature only God knows. e. This shows the dangers and pitfalls that are present when we accept as truth these findings of Human Philosophers. 14. Sigmund Freud and sexual freedom: a. Here was another Jew, who came with the idea that human behaviour is because of their suppressed sexual desires. b. Based on half baked data collected from Perverts and those suffering from sexual perversion (not from bulk of humans who were normal- MUQ) he published his findings and advocated for sexual freedom. c. These findings were much liked by those who wanted to enjoy sexual freedom, so they all went for it. d. This played with the social structure and family structure of those societies and they have become morally defunct. e. The families are torn, there is no idea of marriage or family life.. more than half children are born out of wedlock.. this is only the beginning and what is in store we shall see. 15. Darwin and His Theory of Evolution:

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a. He was another Half Biologist and Half Philosopher, who based on his rudimentary observation, proposed that Species evolve from each other and it is the survival of the fittest. b. This half bakes Theory of Evolution was much liked by the people who were constantly nudged by the religious elements to explain who created these living things. c. Before even proved, most of so called scientists accepted it as a fact and started creating their skyscrapers of imagination on these shifty grounds. d. Despite so much hype, the evolution path of even a single specie is not complete and there is no proof of all its stages. e. But on the negative side, it has freed majority of European people from the believe in God. 16. Other Examples: There are so many other examples and there is shortage of space, otherwise I would have mentioned the harms which this so called Democracy Separation of religion and state. Mercy in Criminal Justice Abolition of Death penality etc have played on our Modern Society. Just look at the Price of Democracy which Indians have to pay: a. Salary of so many MP s and MLA s (and their own self revision of their salary and allowance. b. Allowances paid to them in course of their terms, including travel pass, telephone bills, electricity, housing. e. Cost of Security arrangements for these VIPS and VIIPS (most of them would not even be recognizable if they go without their guards). f. Cost of holding elections and the money spent by Govt. and the candidates themselves. The bribes paid to voters and special interest groups and how they are recouped by these MP s and MLA s. g. And what is the end result? Is there any Improvement in the Quality of MP s and MLA s after 60 odd years? Or the Quality keeps on decreasing? h. Does ANYONE listens to the debates and speeches in the parliament and assemblies? And what is the purpose of these debates? Do these debates count when the issue is put to vote? Why waste then yours and others time. i. If some one wants to see all the disadvantages of Democratic System, let them come and see India and its political system. The most corrupt, the most immoral and the most crooked people are holding the majority of seats in Indian parliament and

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State Assemblies. There is hardly any scam and scandal in which these politicians are not involved. j. And we loudly claim India is the Worlds largest working democracy, if this is the definition of Working, what would be Non Working democracy like? F. Why I only gave example of Arabia of 1400 years back? 14. Our Learned friend in incensed as to why I gave example of Arabia of 1400 years back and why not of Singapore of today. 15. The genius of a Physician is to cure a patient who is seriously ill and not one which is suffering from running nose or in growing toe nail!! 16. Arabia of 1400 years ago was suffering from all the Chronic diseases and there was little or no hope that this society could ever be cured. 17. When our prophet cured this society of all its problems in mere 23 years and set it on the path of progress, the job of curing less sick personality is much easier!! 18. I do not know what is the problem with Singapore people, but if they have any problem, they will get solutions only from Tested Solutions given by our prophet. 19. And why only Singapore, All problems with India and its system can be solved easily if we use the two master keys God consciousness and Fear of Hereafter Q86 Are Prophets same as Philosophers? Ans. Now see this reasoning from Our Human Philosopher to defend Other Human Philosophers. A. Limitations of Human Philosophers: Our Author did not criticize human Philosophers, because they did not analyze how are men motivated to crimes and what are the emotions that control crimes and how we could control those emotions to turn Every human beings into a virtual angel The point of criticism was that they NEVER did anything practical to solve this problem. All their teachings are in their bulky books and written in Philosophical language that passes over the heads of more than 99 % of human population.

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Rest 1 % who can read and understand, only 0.1 % appreciate it and 0.2 to 0.3 % start to find fault with that and put their own alternate theories. And every one enjoys these lively discussions between different schools of philosophy and NOTHING is done to set the things right. B. Prophets Approach: Prophets approach is totally different from this, they do not start philosophical debates with people, they speak to common people in common language. They do not speak with doubts, but with firm directions what they get from God thru revelation. They start working on the hearts of people,. God consciousness (TAQWA) and Fear of Hare-after (KHOUF-E AKHIRAT) are the two Potent Tools that change the hearts and minds of people. C. How Arabia was Transformed? If any one analyzes the situation in Arabia of 1400 years back and could imagine that within a short space of 23 years, the whole society will be so much transformed, he will not believe it. It was not any outward transformation, it was a Total Transformation: That those who use to kill and bury alive their daughters quarreled over the custody of orphan girl child!! Those who use to usurp the property of Weak and Orphans became their protectors and defenders!! Those in whose society Murder, Theft, Robbery, Gambling, Alcohol usage, Adultery, Fornication, Whoredom, Cheating in Weight and Measures was in blood stream would abhor all these things. And this was not the case with a few hundreds or a few thousands. When the prophet (PBUH) breathed last at the end of his mission of 23 short years the whole country of Arabia was totally reformed. There were 124,000 People who performed Hajj with the Prophet and each one of them was transformed. And every one in Arabia was not with prophet on that day. And after death of prophet, these reformed people took over the best part of civilized world of those days and found a civilization, the likes of which was never seen before. How can one compare achievement of Our Prophet against any so called Human Philosophers? D. What has gone wrong with Muslims of our time? Why the principles which transformed those people cannot transform our present generation of Muslims?

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If anyone can find a fault in the reasoning and logic used by our Prophet, he is free to come and show it to us. If Muslims of today are not following these principles it is their fault and not that of Islam. The true and straight path that leads to God is ready is still very clear and unambiguous, but Muslims are showing only lip service to it. And those with falsehood and false philosophies are working hard and dazzling the people with their false claims and false assertion and majority of people just follow them in false hope that they will lead to truth, while in reality they are doomed to fall in a ditch and well and will not come out of it. Anything which can transform the hearts of People is God Consciousness and fear of Hereafter. They worked the wonder earlier and they can work in all situation. As one Urdu poet put it: RAH-E-HAQ HAI AB BHI KHULEE, ASAR-O-NIHSAN SAB BAQI HAIN ALLAH KE BANDON NE LEKIN IS RAAH PE CHALNA CHORH DIYA Path of Truth is still open and directions are still present. But servants of God have stopped walking on that road. If one leaves the straight path, one can never reach the destination by following crooked paths. If one cleans one self with True Religion, what else is left for him but to float from one extreme to another extreme and every day listen to some farfetched theories concocted by the fertile minds of so called Human Philosophers. Non of the two agree with each other on any point!!

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Q87 [QUOTE who="Dragnet52"]<quoted text>Now A. what is philosophy? I will try to give you my own definition. It is a branch of human knowledge that strives to find out the truth behind the phenomenal world. Philosophy in itself is not bad, it is just that most men are bad at philosophizing. Just like faith which is one aspect of a man's personality, reasoning faculty is another aspect. Faith without reason is blind and reasoning without faith is dry and sterile. Now coming to your argument, let me remind you that the greatest mystics have always said that heaven and hell is found here on earth itself, in fact within our own being. Philosophy is only an aid or tool to sharpen your powers of discrimination so that you can cut straight to the very core of your being which is where truth resides. Philosophy may not provide all the answers but then which religion has provided all the answers to explain the befuddling complexities and contradiction of our world? [/QUOTE] A. Human Philosophies: 1. May be your definition of philosophy is correct, but in the end it is human effort to see the unseen and solve the mystery of life and creation and every thing in Universe. 2. Whatever amount of human genius is used in creating philosophy, it is never certain that it is correct. It could be right and it could be wrong. 3. Any theory, irrespective of how logical and how reasonable and how beneficial it might look on paper, might be true and also might not be true. Because it is after all a human effort and has no authority. 4. This is the basic limitations of all human philosophies and theories, they are like castles made in the air, without any foundation and without any proofs that they are true. B. Human Philosophies and Truth: 1. The TRUTH only comes from the Creator of this Universe, because it is He and ONLY He who KNOWS the truth. 2. That is why Quran (and in fact any revelation from God) speaks from the position of authority and strength and not in any doubtful or wavering language. 3. It tells us the situation as it is and how it shall be on the Last Day or the Day of Judgment. 4. These simple truths from Quran (Reasonable and logical and full of wisdom no doubt) are worth more than ALL the Books of ALL the Philosophers written from their own mind!!

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5. That is why I said that Quranic Philosophy is much above the works of these human philosophers, because Quranic Philosophy is the Truth and nothing but truth. 6. This is what gives Muslims so much confidence to simply reject any and every Human theory of Philosophy which contradicts Quranic Verses. C. Where Heavens and Hell to be found? 1. We do not have to ASK to Human Philosophers and Human Mystics to find the answer. Because they have the LEAST IDEA where these things are to be found. 2. We have to FIRST look at Quran and see if God mentioned anything in His book and if we find answer, we should close the matter. 3. If we look at Quran we find it mentioned that Heaven shall have width which is more than the space between skies and the earth.that rules it out that it shall be found on earth!! So we simply reject all these human and mystic theories claiming that heaven and hell are to be found on earth itself as wrong and ill informed. This is the simple way in which Muslims solve these matters. First look at Quran and sayings of Prophet and when you do not find answer ONLY then look for other sources. 4. Keeps you focused and on track and saves you from lots of useless mental works!! C. Which religion has solved the complexities of our world: It is Islam and Quran and it solves all the complexities and tensions of our present day world, with very simple solutions. Unite in the worship of your Own Creator, who is watching your every move and shall take your accounts. If any one gets this message soundly and properly, he or she shall be the last person on the earth to do any bad or evil deed or harm anyone. And that is the main reason for all the ills in the world!! Simple and neat solution, is it not?

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Q88. [QUOTE who="Frisky Freddie"]<quoted text> Muq, it is good to see a Saudi with a sense of humor. Since Jesus(pbuh) is a revered prophet in Islam, share with us his date of birth. Did you accidentally imit "pbuh" after his name? As far as I know all Christian denominations know only the approximate date of his birth. There is no evidence that would stand up in court showing he ever existed.[/QUOTE] Thanks for discovering a Saudi can have sense of Humor.but for your info, I am an Indian working in Saudi you still have to search for a Real Saudi that has sense of humor!! Thanks for reminding that we should use PBUH before the name of Jesus Christ. We do in fact in our Arabic, Urdu and any Islamic language. No one takes the name of prophets like Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus without adding ALAHI AL SALAT WA AL SALAM i.e. on them be Peace and Mercy. It is only in English when we see that people who are supposed to be followers of Jesus Christ take his name without adding any thing before or after his name. That is why we use the same terminology, but your point is well taken and I expect you to start a movement that Christians must add PBUH after the name of Jesus. I will support you to the full extent PS: Regarding date of birth of Jesus Christ PBUH as 25 December, it would not stand in any court of law and not even in any religious court. There is not even the least evidence that Jesus Christ PBUH was born on Dec 25 0 BC / CE!!

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Q89. [QUOTE who="NT"] 1. Hello MUQ ,how did the prophet and his companions incite others to follow their future ? 2. Those Christians you speak of are no different to many Muslims we read of in the media today who treat their own in the same manner. [/QUOTE] Ans. 1. How Prophet and his followers got new converts: It is a good question and actually there were three phases in the early history of Islam. A. Makkan period (Lasting first thirteen years): 1. During this period, the prophet himself was the Chief Evangelist. He used to recite Quran and ask people to join his movement. 2. Those who knew his blameless life and his upright moral character and his quality of always speaking truth, were the first to heed to his call. But it was Quran that was the main reason for people accepting Islam. 3. They were mostly young people of Makkah (both men and women) and slaves of Makkah (both men and women). 4. All these people were of firm faith and very few ever reengaged from Islam. They were the Core of Islamic faith. 4A. Other people got attracted to Islam seeing the change that came on those who accepted Islam. 5. With passage of time some of the Recognized Leaders like HAMZA and UMAR and isolated people from those visiting Makkah also became his followers. 6. During this period , people used to enter into Islam in ones and twos and progress was slow, B. Medina Period (First 8 years) :

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7. In Medina the Prophet established Islamic society and people living In Medina and surrounding areas were able to see its effect. 8. Then when prophet made alliance with these surrounding tribes, they came to know about his character and the way he kept those trust and alliances. 9. Islam spread in all surrounding areas and the people entered into Islam in tens and twenties (as against ones and twos in Makkah). 10. But many people entered Islam under force seeing that other members of their family and clan has accepted Islam. These were the Hypocrites , who were always plotting against the down fall of Islam. C. After Conquest of Makkah (Three years): 11. After the fall of Makkah, those Arabian tribes who were watching the struggle between Prophet and Makkah people, got convinced that Islam was now the dominant force in Arabia. 12 They therefore hastened to accept Islam and derive some concession from Prophet. In this period, people accepted Islam in hundreds. 13. But many of these tribes accepted Islam only as a political strategy and not from conviction. 14. After death of prophet, most of these tribes tried to go back to their former ways. Many wars were fought by the Companions of Prophet to correct their mistakes. Allah Knows Best. 2. Christians of Today are same as Muslims of Today: I have no objection agreeing with you. Many Christians are misguided and do acts which are against the teachings of Christianity. But what is strange is that Media never links their actions with their religion, while in the case of Islam, they ALWAYS links actions of Muslims with Islam. They do it thru ignorance or deliberately is a Million Dollar Question.

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Q90. [QUOTE who="Buford"]<quoted text>Funny how all of the "old scriptures" have been corrupted EXCEPT for the few instances, like Deut. 18:18 or John 14:26 where there exists the slightest and most improbable possibility that the text COULD POSSIBLY be referring to Mohammad! [/QUOTE] Many things in the Old Scriptures were not corrupted like saying God is one and you shall worship none but Him!! Deut. 18:18 was a "harmless passage" in which there was no need to "modify or corrupt". Jews thought it "just like hundreds of other prophesies in the Bible"..... Christians "thought" that it refers to Jesus 100 %, only when our prophet came 600 years ago, then the "real worth" of that prophesy was seen. By that time, it was not feasible to modify the scriptures, because Muslim scholars did not know about this prophesy, till after many centuries had passed. The same was with the "comforter" prophesy in Gospel of John. The Christian world was "confident" that Issue of Comforter was solved for ever when they "inserted" "Comforter , which is the Holy Spirit" into that Gospel. It was a "shock of a life time" when the Comforter came into Arabia in 7th Century CE!!

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Q91. [QUOTE who="NT"] 01. Everybody lays claim to being the true messenger of God through their scripture and are prepared to bring wroth on others to prove to themselves that they are superior to that of others who make the same claim. 02. Why does one person have to be told by any religion that they must adhere to their beliefs, if that person chooses not to is castigated for their life for being who they are as one. 03. Why is religion necessary? [/QUOTE] Ans. I thank you for asking a very good question once again and I see you have already got an expert s reply!! But you know one quality of these so called Experts? Essential quality of an expert is that he or she should not have even least knowledge of the subject they are writing about!! So the guy is an expert by all means, I am a poor novice, so I will give you my answer in a little more detail: A. What is religion? This is a question which every one seems to be asking these days. People ask this question because they lack some fundamental principles. Religion basically is a way How to deal with your Creator and how to deal with your fellow humans. These are the basic functions of a human on this earth, therefore religion is necessary for every human to fulfill his function. B. Why cant human themselves decide what is their purpose of life? This is another natural question which comes to the mind of people. But there is a basic flaw, how can any thing decide his own Function? Any one observing nature will find that humans are different from all other creatures we see around us. They are given qualities and powers, which no other creature has, certainly they also have some purpose.

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This is the question which has been bothering humans since they started living on this earth and philosophers and thinkers have been trying to find answer to this question ever since and have not stopped even now. C. Philosophers and thinkers approach to solve this problem: The Philosophers and Thinkers, try to solve this problem, based on their own knowledge and deductive powers. They come up with solutions based on their thinking and these solutions, keep changing with time and most of the time they contradict each other. D. Religions approach: The approach of religious people is totally different from these philosophers and thinkers. They ask, why not ask our Creator? Because the ONLY authority to know what is purpose of our life is the one who Created us. And why would our Creator leave us without telling us what is our purpose of life and why did He create us? And then we find that Prophets have been coming into the world from time to time in every nation, claiming that they receive Revelation and Guidance from the Creator and they teach people what is the purpose of our life and how should we deal with our Creator and how should we deal with our fellow humans. E. Then why these religious people fight with each other and each claiming that only they have the truth? This is another natural question, which comes into peoples mind who see followers of different religions fighting and arguing with each other that only they have the truth. And the answer is that all major religions are true, they originated from the same source and basically gave the same teachings. But (and it is truth , which can be verified by any unbiased person, by asking basic fundamental questions without any bias) that followers of religion have been changing and modifying their own scriptures and inserting and deleting their own words into their books. That is why we find that there is so much apparent difference in the teachings of different religion as we se today. But fortunately or unfortunately, there exists a book which is free from any addition of any deletion and which re-enforces the original teachings of all past prophets.

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And this book is for all humans of earth irrespective of their nationality, color, creed or language. If humanity can unite on any book, it is the book, and no other. But when humans will realize it, we have to wait and see. I hope , I have answered your query, if you need any clarification, please ask me. PS: I hope you are following that Qualities of True Prophets of God discussion on another thread. That will answer, many of your doubts. And my advice to you is Do not accept any ones claim on the face value, ask them for proves and analyze the proofs

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Q92. [QUOTE who=" "] [/QUOTE] Ans. We know so much about our prophet, because we preserved each and every of his movement. There were thousands of eyes focused on him and watching his every movement and drinking his every word. And these records were transmitted to us in the most reliable and authentic way that is possible in any human society. Our ancestors did not make a picture of our prophet, did not create his statue and idol, and yet painted so clear picture of him that we can even count "white hairs" on his beard!! The first disciples of other prophets forgot all historical aspects of their prophets and did not record any details. How can we know about past prophets, if the details are missing in their own scriptures. We only know about them what our Quran says about them, that they were all sinless, they were chosen by God who sent revelation to them and they asked their followers to follow them... And that they all preached the same "simple message of islam"....i.e. Worship only One True God of Universe, do not associate any false god in His worship, do not worship idols or any human created image or photo....and follow me". This simple message of Islam started from First Human prophet (Adam) and continued till the Last and Final Prophet, when it was perfected and preserved for all future there is no need of any new prophet till the day of Judgment. Allah Knows best.

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Q.93. [QUOTE who="Osirica"] I don't reject the faith of God. I reject Muhammad. I do not need nor have I ever needed Muhammad to teach me that there is and always has been only ONE God. So OBVIOUSLY the Quran is not required for me to have salvation. What the Quran does is that it forces me to worship Muhammad. it is not enough that I worship God, that I acknowledge that God is one and only God. No, for you Muslims, I must also call Muhammad his prophet. Oh really? What about Moses, what about Jeremiah? Why does the pledge leave them out? "There is no god but God and MOSES is his prophet, Abraham is his prophet" Why only Muhammad? Because obviously my reading of the BIBLE did not cause me to stray from knowing that ONLY ONE GOD CREATED ME. So you Muslims need to stop being so arrogant about the Bible, because you clearly do NOT KNOW. And you disrespect God believing Christians by demanding they submit to MUHAMMAD. [/QUOTE] Ans. Dear Osirica Your post clarified the common sickness that most people who claim to follow some Earlier Prophets have. a. They think that it is enough for them to claim that they believe in God and their prophets, even if they reject the Last and Final Prophets. b. They think that if they believe in Last and Final Prophet, that shows they have become slave and servant of the last prophet and God is no longer their Lord. c. They think that if they believe in Last and Final Prophet, they seem to reject their past prophets.

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All these conclusions are based on wrong assumptions and people set their own standards, without verifying from their own scriptures. Let me answer these points, in short because of shortage of space on this thread and then we can discuss each point in detail, if you want. 01. It is mentioned in each prophet about the advent of Last and Final Prophet. Prophets like Moses, David, Isaiah, and Jesus have clearly foretold his coming. So if we believe in last prophet we are going with past prophets and not against them. 02. Those who say that they believe in God and their prophets, yet they reject the Last prophet are in fact dictating their terms to God. They seem to tell to God s to why He selected our prophet as His last and Final prophet and not theirs? 03. And the claim that they become slave and servant of last prophet when they accept him is also wrong. Because our prophet did not say anything on his own authority. He was getting guidance from God, just like all other prophets. And the same can be said when you believe in any other prophet, you become his slave and servant so to see. Allah says in Quran If you (claim to) Love Allah, then follow me Unless you follow the prophet, your claim to love God is mere hot words. 04. And if you believe in Last and Final Prophet, you believe in ALL of Past Prophets. Because we Muslims accept Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, IsaiahJesus and every Biblical prophet. Therefore all your assumptions are wrong. Only exception and excuse for someone is to whom the message of Islam is not reached, and who is sincerely following teachings of past prophet. To such a person there could be some excuse. And the same holds good for those who are thinking and analyzing claim of our prophet with sincerity and diligences, and have not reached any conclusion, they also have some excuse before God. But those who have reached conclusion that our prophet is not True Prophet of God and those who Reject him, or refuse to accept him and who think that they will be excused for believing in their own prophets are wrong. The following Quranic Verse might open their eyes: Those who reject God and His Prophets, those who want to differentiate between God and His prophets, those who believe in some prophets and reject some, and those who seek a way out.they (all) are real unbelievers Allah Knows Best.

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Q94. [QUOTE who="NQ"] In the hereafter, MUQ, if God asks me why I did not accept Mohammed as his prophet (before he sends me to hell), I will tell him (if I have the chance) that I did not think that Mohammed was a true prophet. I will say other things that will be between me and God, if He allows me to say those things before he drops me into hell. [/QUOTE] Ans. First of all I thank you for being so frank and outspoken in your post. I would post a longer answer, because your sickness is not of you alone, but a general one. Many people take these things very casually and make statements without thinking or analyzing their consequences. A. God on the Day of Judgment: 01. Rest assured, God will give you every opportunity to place your case before Him on the Last Day and He will not sent you to any punishment, unless you yourself will agree that Yes I was wrong and I do deserve this punishment. 02. He is a just God and He has Created you and gave you the facilities of Hearing, Seeing, Reasoning and Analysis to check and verify any claim that people make in these matters. B. Attitude while evaluating conflicting evidences: 03. One thing He might ask you Were you really Objective and Open Minded, when you analyzed and rejected the claim of our prophet to the title of prophet or were you biased and closed minded when doing that? 04. This is very important question and you will not be able to hide even the innermost feelings buried deep inside your heart with your Creator. 05. When you have conflicting reports about someone, or some thing, should you not weigh both sides of evidences before making your choice and making your judgment or you will just hear only one side and decide? C. Muslims evidence for the Prophet: 06. On one side Muslims have sworn statements from thousands of eyewitnesses who saw and met the prophet and watched his every move and then wrote down their reports in some of the most authentic books known to have been written by human kind.

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07. Every statement is traced to an eyewitness who was a companion of the prophet, and biographies of every one in the chain is recorded and preserved to trace his trust worthiness by later generations. 08. And all of these thousands of eyewitness accounts agree to the Truth, Honesty, Sincerity, Generosity, Grace and every trait which is likable in a Great Human personality. 08A. The book which prophet produced (while being unable to read or write) has been an outstanding miracle of Arabic language and no one has been able to produce any thing like it in past 1400 years. This is agreed by every Arabic speaking person, be a Muslim or Non Muslim. D. What Evidences the Critics have? 09. On the other hand you have these people who criticize him; they have no evidence or information about him, except scraping bits and pieces from the records of Muslims. 10. And with their bad and evil intentions, they turn and twist every statement and every event in the life of prophet and paint it in the blackest colors. E. Critics are not Unanimous in their Analysis: 11. Then none of these critics are unanimous on any point, every expert comes out with his own fool proof diagnosis. All these diagnosis are varying and contradictory with each other. 12. None of these experts have any evidence of their own, their source is nothing but islamic books, whom they dissect and pick one bit from here and one bit from there, and then construct a picture of Devil and want everyone to believe that it is the True picture of Our prophet. (Contd.)

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F. Why did you prefer one side over other? 13. Dont you think God might ask you, why you rejected the Eyewitness Reports and accepted these concocted reports, if you were Objective and Unbiased (as you claim) and used all your brain and reasoning power to come to the conclusion that Our prophet is not the True Prophet that he claimed to be? 14. Which court or system in the world, would overlook eyewitness accounts and decide on the basis of hearsay? 15. This is the Question which you will have to explain before God, your Creator, who KNOWS and shall show you, the real bias and real motives which you used to reject the authentic reports about our prophet and instead accepted the concocted theories of his critics. G. Evidences from Other People: 16. God might also ask you, did you not see so many Non Muslims, after studying Quran and life history of our prophet, accepted islam. Why the evidence was sufficient to convince them and not you? The evidence was same, why different results? 17. God might also ask you, did you not see the assessment from hundreds and thousands of reputed scholars, thinkers, philosophers, scientists, doctors etc. who analyzed and evaluated life of our prophet and gave very positive report about him. 17A. Why did you reject all that and believed in the words of foul mouthed people like this Haji Kaji, Yaudheya, ITRE, RUSHDI and the gang. H. You will condemn yourself: 18. God will pile one evidence upon another, unless false layers of your pretended personality shall be removed and you will appear in your real personality. 19. And then you will confess I never knew the matter was so serious, and I just took it very casually and I thought these gang members are my real friends, or it was fashionable in my time to just criticize Islam and Prophet of Islam. I. Dual Standards: 20. God might ask you Did you use the Same Rigid Standards to accept beliefs of your religious personalities, your parents, and your society? 21. Did you not took as truth these unauthentic half cooked stories about Ram, Krishna, and Hindu gods (If you be Hindu) as true, without checking and cross checking them and verifying if they were true. 22. Doing Idol worship (if you be Hindu) just by seeing your countrymen doing it, without checking and verifying yourself if there was any truth and logic in it.

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23. Believing in all these stories about Jesus written by people whom no one even knows and fantastic interpretations by likes of St. Paul and his gang members? (If you be a Christians). 24. Believing in all those fantastic claims by so called Scientists that there is no God and there is No Creator of this Universe, without evaluating and analyzing their most ridiculous claims (If you be an Atheist and Modern Scientist ? J. Real You: 25. The Real You shall be laid bare before God and every one who would care to watch your Discussion with God. 26. It would be proven beyond doubt that you were not honest in your analysis and rejection of Quran as a Book Sent by God or rejecting the prophet hood of Last and Final Prophet of God. 27. It was Satan the Great Deceiver who mislead you into this false sense of security and pride that you are the most reasonable and logical person present on this earth. 28. You will not be the only person with such fate, you might find and recognize many of your gang members there, but they would pretend that they never saw you and / or met you, in case you try to put some of the blame on them. 29. Remember this Quranic Verse: Should He not know,- He that Created? And He is Subtle and the Aware (67:14) May Allah Help you in finding the True Path and save you from Whispering of the Evil One.

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Q95. [QUOTE who="NT"] 1. Before Islam came about, what need was there for reading and writing ? You said that Muhammad couldn't read or write so why would his companions be any different seeing they all came from the same background ? 2. Hello MUQ, you may be able to help me with a quandary my mind is trying to fathom ,why was it so that I knew that the movie that has caused so much grief throughout the world was going to happen although I expected something bigger than Ben Hur so to speak. I expected a Hollywood blockbuster that would enlighten the world of what Muslims are to this world we live in.....Look at the answer I got from the death and carnage of those who live as their prophet did as they would, to live up to his name. Please explain to me why you go on about peace and harmonic existence under the teachings of the Quran ,we see with our own eyes death and carnage between Muslins and their other foreign foes in the name of their prophet for this I assume it is what their teachings are all about ,so please explain if you can, with an open mind that I see as God does . [/QUOTE] Ans. A. Reading And Writing 1. What is the purpose of reading and writing? Ask any society why ALL of its members are totally devoid of reading and writing? Makkah was a city which has had its life and commercial transactions and trade activities, every thing could not be committed to memory, could it be? The wills and testaments, the debts and the poetry, these things were written down. But reading and writing was not so popular to make Makkah a center of learning and study. So amongst the companions of prophet, there were people who could read and write. And after Islam, prophet encouraged his followers to learn to read and write and very soon, reading and writing became the second nature for Muslims. They wrote so many books that to even make a catalogue of them required books of many volumes.

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And by the way the First Word which was revealed to our prophet was IQRA that means Read!! B. About the Film: There is a constant tendency and efforts from some sections in Western World to always create an atmosphere of hate and bias against Islam and Muslims. They do not want that peace and tranquility should exist. That is why we see that after every 5-10 years, there is some such episode that creates world wide Muslim reaction and the relations become tense. Whether it would be Satanic verses, the matter of Cartoons, the burning of Quran and now the latest movie. It is all a calculated plan. I do not know when the learned people of west, could realize that they are doing harm to themselves by taking this freedom of speech and expression to extreme. Islam is not such a religion that in this age, people are unable to realize that it is not permitted in Islam to make any photo, image or movie in which Prophet is shown. Islam is now the ONLY religion in the world that has remain imageless even after 1400 years, all others have fallen into image making and worshipping idols (pardon me to say this, the make image and statue of jesus and its worship is also a sort of idol worship). That is one part of it, but reactions from Muslims are also not OK. To kill innocent people, to damage the property of state and other Muslims and Non Muslims in not what Islam teaches. Muslims should protest but in peaceful way, and take all legal actions that are permissible and use this opportunity to tell people about prophet and his life and his mission and his teachings. That would be a better way than this violence and haphazard way of protesting. Allah Knows Best

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Q96. [QUOTE who="FF"] 01. Many educated Muslims ask was there an Angel in the cave with the Prophet Muhammad. Many educated Muslims ask how come that as soon as the Prophet Muhammad wanted something all The Prophet had to do is pop into the cave and Hokus Pokus the request was granted, however no one heard the Angel granting any thing. Was like Muhammad had a magic wand all he did was wave his wand and whatever Muhammad wanted, Muhammad got. 02. No one is denying the existence of Muhammad he left to much carnage behind to deny such a man same way no one denies that Hitler never existed. 03. MUQ you post a lot of crap for a man that the Muslims killed your ancestors, and not only killed your ancestors they made you into slaves and they did not stop there, they took away your peace loving Gods. [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. The Questions educated Muslims are asking about our prophet are also being asked from Educated Christians and Educated Jews about their prophets also. Like whom did Moses meet in that Bush? Did sea actually parted? Etc. etc. And Was Jesus really born out of a Virgin? Did he really show those Miracles or did he really exist at all? So we are not afraid of questions being asked about our prophet from these educated Muslims. What we say is that Quran is the result of these meetings, if you are in doubt about the meeting, bring a book like Quran!! That will be enough. 02. You say no one denies existence of our prophet and here is Ms. Sheila doing just that!! You reason with her. 03. I simply do not accept that charge. I am sure that our ancestors when they saw the beauty of islam, they entered into the fold of Islam with their own free will. You prove to me that any other religion is better than islam and I shall be ready to accept it. Are you ready for the task?

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Q97. [QUOTE who="Aryan"] Muhammad was above god. He was free to do whatever he wanted. He could keep as many wives as he wanted to keep. He was free to kill anybody who do not follow him. His Allah had even given him permission to rape a captured woman. Muhammad's allah did not like non muslims. Do not follow Muhammad and allah will punish yu [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. Our prophet was never above God, each of his action was carefully monitored and supervised by Allah. Whenever he deviated even slightly from the Highest Moral standards, Allah asked him to make corrections. - When he did not pay attention to the Blind Man who came to ask question, Allah admonished the prophet (As mentioned in Ch 80 V 1-9) - When he accepted apologies of some Hypocrites to go to war, Allah admonished His messenger (as recorded in Ch. 9 V 43) - When he made some item prohibited which Allah had made lawful, he was admonished (as mentioned in Ch 66 V 1-3) He was the chosen prophet of Allah and he had to pass the strictest criterion. The incidents on which Allah admonished his prophet are so trivial that if Quran did not mentioned it no one would even know about it. 02. Yes in case of marriage, Allah did allow His messenger more wives than other Muslims and there were many reasons for that than mere sexual desires. And then Allah told prophet that he was no longer free to make any more marriages or exchange his wives with other women (as mentioned in Ch 33 V 52) 03. Our prophet did not kill any innocent person and when some of his companions killed any innocent person by mistake the prophet gave compensation for them. But he was a Judge and a Head of State as well as a Prophet, so he used his judgment to pardon some prisoner and free some of them. This is power of head of state and has to be used with discretion. Using pardon and punishment, our prophet did in ten short years which no one could do in human history before him or after him!!

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He became the most successful of all religious personalities in the world and that too with so little blood shed!! 03. You are wrong that Allah gave permission to his prophet to rape any women (you do not even know what is rape). 04. You are right, Allah does not like people who reject His Last and Final messenger. And please tell me, which Sovereign would "Love" people who reject His appointed and accredited Viceroys, Regents and Generals? Q98. [QUOTE who="NT"] Does this mean that every time God sends you a messenger you ignore that person . Jesus was treated the same way by the Jews. [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. Yes this has been a common trait with the prophets, It would have been a very lucky prophet, whom majority of his followers accepted on the first instant. 02. And it makes sense too, the prophets are not send just for the sake of sending, they are sent when there is a strong need of True guidance and people have more or less forgotten the true message of earlier prophets. 03. It is at that time that prophets come and revive the old message and it is but natural that these prophet met with ridicule and insults and opposition. 04. Prophets continue their struggle alongside these opposition and get full or partial success during their life times. 05. You are right, Jews did oppose Jesus and his mission and they thought that they have finished him and his message off when they went to arrest him that night at Gethsemane . But later events proved that it were Jews who were the losers. Jesus and his follower far outnumber Jews and Jews now depend on their existence to the same Christians whom they once considered lower than the dust below their feet. 06. Strangely both Jews and Christians did the same to Prophet Mohammad when he declared his mission!! And again it was proved that they were wrong. Islam and Prophet Mohammads (pbuh) continue to exist and flourish.

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07. And since no new prophet has to come after our prophet came, so it is only Muslims who do not reject and oppose any prophet. While both Jews and Christians are guilty of rejecting some prophet of God. Allah Knows Best. Q99. [QUOTE who="Shiela"] We have already proven that Muhammad was not a prophet. 01. He did not come from the line of prophets as is required 02. he performed no miracles or wondrous signs in the name of God 03. Today people are even stating that he never existed. 04. The only sources of Muhammad come form Arabic sources. He is a figment of people's imagination [/QUOTE] Ans. Now let us have a unbiased and reasonable and logical look at your evidence casting doubt on the prophet of our Prophet (may peace and mercy of God be on him and all other prophets of God that came before him). 01. Family Connections !! This is a very racist comment. God is creator of all human races; He is not God of a particular race. He has send prophets of God to all nations of the world. So it is not a necessary and binding condition on God to send His prophet only from a particular group. Having said so, our prophet (PBUH) was a direct descendent of Prophet Abraham (PBUH), thru prophet Ishmael (PBUH) his first born son. So it removes your primary objection, so to say!! 02. Miracles: Miracles are not a necessary and sufficient condition to prove bonafides of a true prophet of God.

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There are many prophets mentioned in the books of Bible itself, who did not perform any miracles. You want me to give a few examples? John the Baptist, who according to Jesus was the Greatest amongst all Jewish Prophets, what miracles did he perform? I can give you many more such examples. And what is the purpose of showing these miracles? To convince the people that he is from God and if that is achieved without showing any miracle , the purpose is solved. Our prophet in 10 short years (after his migration to Madina) transformed the entire population of Arabia from a state of paganism and Idol worshipping into monotheism for ever and ever. What bigger miracle do you need? And to take another example, Jesus Christ (PBUH) showed hundreds, nay thousands of Miracles, and what was the result? Majority of Jewish population of his time rejected him and his message and he gained a very few chosen disciples; ALL of whom fled when their Lord and Master was in Great Danger of his life. Having said so, there are hundreds of miracles of our prophet mentioned in the books of Hadith, but we Muslims, we do not unnecessary boast about them. And his Biggest and Living Miracle is Holy Quran, the like of which has not been produced in past 1400 years, despite open challenge being thrown to whole humankind! 03: He never Existed!! That is the most hilarious part of your post!! You got him confused with Jesus Christ (PBUH)!! There are many historians and archeologists who doubt the historical existence of Jesus Christ(PBUH). About Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), there is so much abundance of historical evidence that only a blind person or one who has left his brain on the mantelpiece can doubt his physical existence. His is the ONLY grave of all prophets of God that is more than 100 % known!! 04. ONLY source came from Arabian people: What else you expected? He spent whole of his life in Arabia and his focus of mission was in Arabia, so from where else his info shall come? And what evidence we get about jesus and other jewish prophets from India, China, and Africa? I do not know, how much unreasonable and illogical you people get, when bias and hatred of some person or people enters into your hearts!!

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Q100. In Fact Islam was the ONLY religion on the face of this earth which acknowledged that God sent Prophets and revelation to all nations and in all ages. Not only that, Islam went one step further and said that all those prophets and messengers preached the same message of Universal Truth called Islam. Can any religion be broader minded and accommodative than Islam? Before Islam, Jews were happy with what guidance they had, denying that God could love and send revelations to any other nation besides Israel. Christians also cared least about what revelation was sent by God to any nation other than Jews. They had only one Point Agenda, Jesus Christ, there was nothing before him and there will be nothing after him. Hindus were like wise busy in singing praises for their own land and their own religion. There was nothing worth seeing and respecting in any country after India. Indian civilization, Indian culture, Indian way of living, Indian mountains, Indian Rivers, Indian fields, Indian ponds were the best of the best in the world. The same was the case with Chinese, Japanese, and Egyptians, all living within their wells and each caring only about their wells. It was Islam and prophet of Islam who broke all these man made boundaries. It was Islam which addressed people in a Universal way, "O Children of Adam". It was Islam which rejoined humanity on the basis of common parentage, Now these people are complaining "Why Islam broke" the walls of wells we had created with so much efforts, why it is calling us to examine our Scriptures and dig out the "Universal Truth" which was preached by our Original prophets. Why Islam interferes with our beliefs, why it is not content to live like any other "religion" and create its own well!! We shall be very happy if Islam makes its own well and lives in that and then we can co-exist, each within our own well. In short why want us to believe in Original Message. Why call us to live our lives according to Vedas? If our forefather erected idols, why criticise this practice, if we do not believe in any future life, why try to incite our passion by saying that there shall be after life, when every one has to give account of our lives etc. Why not leave us and allow us to live in darkness, why try to put sunlight and illuminate the darken areas?

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And our Human Philosophers are most happy to maintain the status quo, so they can continue to spin their own web and confuse people with their man made theories and philosophies. No other religion cares for any one outside their well, it is Islam which argues people based on Universal Truth. That is why people hate islam so much and they try to criticise Islam so much and they all unite against islam and Muslims. Because Truth is one and falsehoods are many, and these falsehoods cannot stand and face the Truth singly or all combines together. Quran says Say the Truth has come and Falsehood has vanished, because falsehood (by its very nature) is to vanish (when faced with truth).

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Q101 [QUOTE who="Liberty"] I am actually reading it cover to cover my third time now. This time I am really shocked at all the bloody violence commanded by the prophet. It is sickening that this is forced upon people by threat of death in your hellish corner of the world. Yes indeed the prophet was an ignorant beast more interested in conquering and murdering innocent people than anything else. Battle after battle, murder after murder rape after rape this is the legacy of the prophet Muhammad. So is it any wonder that followers of Islam follow in his blood thirsty footsteps? [/QUOTE] Ans. Our Prophet and the Jews of BANI QURAIZA: I think every time you hear the name of BANI QURAZAH, your eyes are filled with tears and they roll down on your cheeks (even if they be crocodiles tears!!). Your weeping and lamenting for those Jews slain never seems to stop, so there is time coming for reality checks. Please find me answers to the following Simple Questions: a. Who wrote the laws of war written in the Book of Deuteronomy Chapter 20? b. Did not Moses himself used this law on his enemies? c. Did not Joshua and David and other Jewish prophets used it against their enemies? d. So why should Jews complain if some one uses their own laws on him? e. Do you feel that there should be a separate law for Jews and a separate law for other people? f. Why our prophet did not use that law on BANI QAINUQAH, another Jewish tribe living in Madina? g. Why our prophet did not use that law on BANI NADHEER, another Jewish Tribe living in Madina? h. Why our prophet did not use that law on Jews of KHAIBAR? And that was AFTER the event of BANI QURAIZAH, so you cannot say that he did not know the Jewish law?

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j. Why our prophet did not use that law on other Jewish population of FADAK, TEIMA, etc? k. Why the crime of BANI QURAZAH was deemed so serious and why they were made an EXECPTION and that the general rule? l. If you answer these questions honestly and seriously, may be torrent of tears for the fallen Jews of BANI QURAIZAH would stop and you shall start talking coherently!! Q102. [QUOTE who="NT"] Hello MUQ, what happened to the wives of Muhammad after his death? [/QUOTE] Ans. Thanks for asking a very good question!! I will answer it is some what detail. A. General comment: After the death of prophet (peace be on him), his wives, treated with respect and reverence by all Muslim, devoted themselves full time to practice and teach Islamic values to Muslims, especially women. They led a pious and pure lives, even though handsome allowances were fixed for them by Caliphs, they did not amass any wealth but spent it in charity. They did not built any new house, but dwelt in the same one room chamber which prophet had made for them. Most of them died and lay buried in Madina and their chambers were demolished and merged into the Prophets mosque when it was expanded. Now I will give a short sketch of each of them, so that people might learn some thing. Otherwise they have a very wrong opinion about these ladies and pass very loose comments from time to time. A. Khadija: She was the first wife of prophet. Prophet married he when he was 25 and she was 40. She was widowed twice before her marriage with prophet.

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Prophet had all her issues with her and she was the first to accept Islam when we was appointed prophet. She was always at her side to lend her support to his mission. She died in year -3H and lay buried in Makkah. B. Saudah: Prophet married her in Makkah. She was widowed once and had migrated with her husband to Abyssinia. She died in Madina during the Caliphate of Umar and he laid her funeral prayer and she lay buried in Madina. He transmitted Five Hadiths which are recorded in Authentic books of Hadith. C. Aiyesha: She was the daughter of Abu Bakr, the closest friend of prophet. Prophet married her in Makkah but the marriage was consummated in Madina when she had reached the age of marriage. She was the only virgin women whom prophet married. She was young, and she had ability to learn, that is why she became one of the Greatest Muslim scholar of her age. All caliphs used to consult her on important matters of Islamic jurisprudence, especially those dealing with women. She devoted her life in spreading Islamic teachings to Muslims and especially women. Unfortunately people tried to create bad blood between Her and Ali the causing of prophet, fourth Caliph of Islam, but they each held their respect for each other. She died in year 57 or 58 (i.e. 47 yars after the death of prophet) at the age of 63 years and lie buried in Madina. She transmitted more than 2210 Hadiths from Prophet and is one of those who transmitted maximum number of Hadith. She has a very high place in the heart of every Muslim, May Allah be pleased with her. D. Hafsa: She was daughter of Umar, another close companion of prophet. Her husband died during the battle of Ohud. Prophet married her in year 3 AH. She died in Madina at the age of 67 H and lies buried there. She transmitted around 60 Hadith of prophet for later generations. E. Zainab the Daughter of KHAZIMA:

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She was widowed thrice before her marriage with prophet. Her last husband died during the battle of Ohud and prophet married her. She lived only two or three months after her marriage and died during the life of prophet. The prophet led her funeral prayers and she was buried in the graveyard of Madina by the hands of prophet. Her title before marriage was mother of poors F. UMME SALMAH (HIND): Her husband ABU SALAMAH was one of the earliest Muslims. He was also sucked by the woman who had given suck to the prophet, peace be on him. ABU SALAMAH died during the battle of Ohud and prophet married her widow. She was one of the very learned women and both she and Aiyesha were considered to be most knowledgeable amongst women. She dies at the age of 84 in year 59 H, she was the last of the wives of prophet who died. She was buried in Madina. She transmitted close to 400 Hadith in the books for later generations. ABU SALAMAH died during the battle of Ohud and prophet married her widow. She was one of the very learned women and both she and Aiyesha were considered to be most knowledgeable amongst women. She dies at the age of 84 in year 59 H, she was the last of the wives of prophet who died. She was buried in Madina. She transmitted close to 400 Hadith in the books for later generations.

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G. Zainab, the daughter of JAHSH: She was the first cousin of prophet, the daughter of his aunt, AMIMAH. Prophet got her married to his adopted son Zaid, against wishes of her family. But the marriage was not successful and Zaid divorced her. After the divorce, prophet married her to kill permanently the idea of man made relations. Relations which prohibit marriage ties must come from blood relations and not from word of mouth. She dies in year 20 H at the age of 52 years. Caliph Umar led her funeral prayers. She lies buried in Madina. H. JUWAIRAIYAH daughter of HARITH: She was the daughter of chief of Tribe MUSTALAQ was captured as slave in a battle in year 5H. She came to prophet to lend her money so she can buy her freedom. The prophet paid her money and took her to be his wife. When she became wife of prophet, Muslims freed all her tribesmen who were taken as slaves as a result of battle. She was earlier married to one MASSAFEH. She died in year 56 H at the age of 65 or 70. She lies buried in Madina. She transmitted sever sayings of prophet for future generations. I. UMME HABIBA (RAMLA) daughter of ABU SUFWAN: She was daughter of a prominent Chief of Makkah. She and her husband accepted Islam very early. Both she and husband flew to Abyssinia. But as fate would have it, her husband left Islam and accepted Christianity. She was left alone in that strange land with her daughter as company. Prophet had mercy on her and asked the rule of Abyssinia to marry her to the prophet. Later she came to Madina and joined with other wives of the prophet. When ABU SUFWAN came to Madina to extend the treaty and came to her house and tried to sit on the bedding of prophet, she pulled it away, saying that as a MUSHRIK she was not fit to sit on the same bedding which is used by Prophet. She died in Madina in the year 44 AH. Before her death she called Aiyesha and Umme Salmah and asked them to forgive any thing they would have said to each other as is common between co-wives. She transmitted close to 65 Hadith from prophet for later generations. J. SAFIA the daughter of HUUIE, The Jewess:

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She was daughter of one of the Chief of Jewish tribe of BANI NADHEER. Both her father and her husband were bitter enemies of Islam and prophet. It was her father, who caused the battle of Trenches in year 5H and who instigated the Jewish tribe of BANI QURAIDAH to break the treaty with Prophet at that most critical juncture. He was also amongst those killed in that incident. Her husband was killed in the battle of KHAIBAR and she came as a slave. Prophet freed her and took her to be she as wife. She became a very true and sincere Muslim. She was sometime taunted by other wives of prophet for being a Jew, once prophet told her Why do you not tell her that my husband is a prophet and my father (Aaron was also a prophet) and my uncle (Moses was also a prophet)!! She died in the year 50 H and she lay buried in Madina. She transmitted 10 Hadith for later generations. K. MAIMUNAH the daughter of Harith: She was related to prophet thru marriage ties. She was widowed twice before she came into the marriage ties with prophet in 7 H. She was the last women who came under marriage of prophet. By coincidence, prophet married her in a place called SIRF, which is between Makkah and Madina. The marriage was consummated in the same place and she died and was buried in the same place in 51 H, when her age was 59 years A total of 76 Hadith are recorded in book of Hadith on her authority. May Allah be pleased with all these women, the mothers of all believers and grant them Highest Favors and Blessings in the hereafter. Amen Source: The Book RAHMAT LIL AALAMEEN (Mercy to the world) by: QADI SULAIMAN MANSOORPURI (Vol 2 Pages 140-181)

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Chapter- 6 On Islam, Quran and related topics

Q103 [QUOTE who="Adam"] 1. Sounds like circular reasoning. The Quran tells us it is the word of Allah. The word of Allah is perfect. Therefore the Quran is perfect. There the Quran is the word of Allah. And so on. A implies B which implies A, etc. 2. MUQ, you agree the OT writers wrote stories centuries after they were supposed to occur. And the NT writers wrote stories decades after they were supposed to have happened. Word of mouth stories do not transmit well in the space of days, never mind decades or centuries!! We can be very sure that the stories in the OT were made up, or at most loosely based around some events in the distant past, and heavily fictionised. This is also why can say the Quran is not reliable. Because it is largest based on the re-telling of the same stories found in the Bible. For example Moses is mentioned 136 times in the Quran, and the stories about him are probably the mostly fiction and legend.

[/QUOTE] Ans. A. Circuler Argument: 1. No it is not circular reasoning at all. We just do not make the claim that Quran is God' word, we give you a challenge also to prove that we are wrong!! 02. We say that if "One man" who did not know how to read and write and with no human teacher, could produce an Arabic Master piece like Quran, why can't whole humanity, joined together can produce a chapter like Quran (in Arabic language of course)?

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03. And believe it or not, this Quranic challenge is 1400 years old and no one has come forward to take it. There are Millions of Arab Christians who read and know of this Quranic challenge and no one dare take it. And they are Arabic speaking since generations!! So what we say about Quran is after giving you a proof to prove that we are wrong, it is not a circular reasoning at all. 04. And Please do not treat is like which "people make" about Shakespeare and Homer and other writers. And it is also not a Poetic Challenge, which poets seem to make about other books of Literature in their languages. It is a serious theological challenge to prove Divine Origin of Quran. B. OT Books are "Fictions": 05. . If OT books were written centuries after the people passed away, it does not mean that they are fiction. For Example, If ALL Books that mention Columbus were to vanish from the world, no one can say that Columbus did not exist at all. Because people repeating generations after generations about Columbus would never let his name and actions die. 06. The same is with OT books. When the original messages were given, the art of writing was not that much advanced. So most of info was in people's memory, which was transmitted by words of mouth. Transmitting info with words of mouth would not make it "fiction" if both the parties are trustworthy. 07. The records from mouth were later put into written form by people whom we do not know, but we cannot say that they are fiction completely. 08. The books suffered during copying and translation and people added or subtracted from them, it is a fact (to which differing manuscripts confirm), but having defects would not make them into "fiction" and would make their content 100 % wrong. C. How to correct these mistakes? 09. They do contain truth and wisdom of past generations, but they also content mistakes, errors and human ideas and corruptions and distortions added into them. What these books need is a "filter" / a "Gold and Platinum Standard" / a "Touch stone" to filter out truth from these human imperfections. D. You need an external Standard:

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And you cannot use these books as reference to correct themselves, you need an "external standard" for that. 10. And Quran is that Standard!! Since it is "proven" to be Word of God and being available to us in exactly the same form and shape in which it was revealed, it serves the purpose of Filter and protects Bible!! That is why in Quran it is mentioned that it "Confirms the scripture which came before it and acts as their "protector". 11. This is pure reason and logic and there is nothing called "circular logic" at all. I wish you will go thru my post carefully and slowly and try to understand it, before firing away your rhetoric reply. E. Quran "copying" from Bible: 12. Quran does not "copy" any thing from any book of Bible verbatim. No doubt it tells the same story, but in a totally different way and style and keeping in mind the moral lessons that one learns from it and not as a "historical narration" as we see in Biblical books. 13. And the reason Quran does that is because these stories are true. 14. And on the other hand Quran "rejects" outright most of the "scandalous" stories that we see in Bible about Prophets of God. NONE of them is either mentioned and / or confirmed in Quran.

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Q104. [QUOTE who="NT"] 1. Hello MUQ how long did the original Quran last before it would have been rewritten on new parchment because of wear and fading of the script ? 02. I am curious to know how many Quran's would have been made available to the people to memorize

3. What gain over another person would someone be fanatical within their religious faith that their way is the better way seeing everybody is praying to the same God on the same level as equals ? [/QUOTE] Ans. A. What is the life of Original Manuscript of Quran 01. You have asked a very good question and the one which might seem puzzling to many people. The life of any manuscript depends on the material on which it is written and how that manuscript is preserved. 02. In case of Quran, of the eight or so copies made by Othman the Third Caliph, two survive to this day, intact!! 03. Any one can take ANY Quran, printed or handwritten at any time and compare them with these original manuscript and he or she will not find any change in it. Not a single letter or word is lost in past 1400 years. 04. And that was not due to people concentrating on the manuscripts, it is because of the fact that Quran was memorized in full by thousands of people in all ages. 05. Even now, the best way to check any Quranic text, I to give it to some one who is not a memorizer of Quran and a group of Memorizers sit in a circle. The person reads each and every word from that manuscript, and the memorizers keep on listening, even a slight change , even in punctuation mark, raises the eyebrows from these people. I have seen it in action, if Quran is recited and any one makes a mistake, any memorizer near by would correct him. It is the dual preservation technique that has kept Quran so pure and so authentic in past 1400 years.

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06. There is no other book in the whole universe, which is memorized by so many people and with so much consistency. And that is one proof that it is a book of God, no human written book could be memorized by so many people, people who do not understand a word of Arabic!! B. How many Qurans were made available for people to memorize? 07. The prophet only made one official copy, but he recited the latest revelation to people and they memorized it. 08. Prophet used to recite long portions of Quran in daily prayers and those behind him were memorizing it. 09. Many companions of Prophet became memorizer of full Quran in this way, even without having any written material. They could always cross check with prophets recitation. 10. After death of prophet, people kept on having their own Quranic manuscripts, copied from the official copy. 11. I have no idea how many copies were made by people, but there was no restriction. And Quranic memorizing Schools could work with one or two copies being shared by many students. 12. Whatever might be the case, the Quran was saved from any corruption for all these 1400 years and we still have that original manuscript to compare. Allah Knows best. C. Fanatism versus Fanatism: 13. This is no game that My Fanatism is better than your Fanatism. 14. Islamic version is that all major religions originated from the same source and preached basically the same message. 15. Our prophet was only the Last in that long chain of prophets and his teachings combined all the good teachings of every prophet and now it is a perfect and complete way of life till the end of the world. 16. If you call that Fanatism, then it is the Best for of Fanatism, which every human on this earth should have!! Q105 [QUOTE who="Advocate"] 1. How big are the deviations from the previous scriptures exactly? 2. How can you be sure that one single book automatically holds the "truth" without

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bothering to even check the other versions of the "truth" out there? 3. I didn't say that the US or the Scandinavian nations would last forever; .ason to really be indifferent at all! 4. How exactly are those "limits" laid down? Surely you cannot vouch for an oligarchy or, god forbid, a totalitarian dictatorship? Precisely what helps to distinguish ourselves as humans is our capacity to make higher choices! Where to live, what to study, when to do certain things -- carry on with their own lives. [/QUOTE] Ans. 1. I can provide you some hints, of the mistakes and deviations in the previous scriptures: a. All the stories in which Prophets of God are shown in scandalous acts are fabricated like: - Noah drank wine and lay naked in tent and then cursed the wrong guy. - In which Abraham and Isaac are telling lies to say that their wives are their sister. And the scandals that are mentioned about Jacob. - In which Prophet Lot is accused of having sex with his two daughters, - In which Prophet Aaron is accused of making Golden Calf and worshipping it. - In which Prophet David is accused of committing adultery with the wife of another man and then getting him killed by deceit. - In Which Prophet Solomon is accused of worshipping false gods in his old age and constructing temples for these false gods. There are many such stories in the books of Bible where the personal character of Genuine Prophets of God is maligned and they are accused of committing acts which are against the High Office of prophet hood which they hold. b. All stories in which Jesus is claimed to be Son of God and being Devine and the stories of his arrest and crucifixion. c. All writing where someone is supposed to have died for the sins of humankind Etc., Etc. 02. The One Book seems to be the Word of God and Direct Revelation from God.

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And it challenges the whole world that if you be in doubt that this book is written by any human then you should also bring a book like it, or ten chapter like it, or even one chapter like it. This challenge is still open and no one has come forward in 1400 years to take this challenge. 03. You gave the impression that people in US and Scandinavia are the happiest people on earth. Do you know that Scandinavian countries have one of the highest suicide rates in the world. That is not the sign of a happy people and a happy society to me. It shows that these people have nothing to fall back on, they have material wealth, but their souls are hungry.the junk food they try to feed it on (frees ex, games, Music concerts etc) are unable to provide cure for it. 04. The space on this thread is limited for me to discuss so many issues raised by you. But what I said that Basic Problem with Modern Democracy is that it considers itself as Sovereign and does not think that there are limits to its legislative power. The Democracy which is advocated by our religious book is something which is called a Controlled Democracy. No Parliament or Assembly or President or Prime Minister have power to male something lawful, which our Creator has made unlawful and vice versa. If assemblies and parliaments and law makers remain within their limits and then give people choice to select their rulers with their free will.that form of democracy would be a true democracy and a real democracy. The Modern Democracy it is handful of minority groups (vocal and special interest groups) which tread high on thoughts and actions of overwhelming majority of people. A small percentage of Sodomites and Lesbians forced the majority of people to make them as equals to them!! The same goes for Free Sex and Nudists and other specialty groups These fatal defects of Modern Democracy lead the nations to moral bankruptcy and there is no Morality or Moral standard left in the society. Q106. [QUOTE who="Reason"] 01. The Quran is only one, of many holy books. None have any more validity than the others.

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02. The three Abrahamic religions actually have less reason for validity, than most of the others. They are all flawed to the point of being a joke, when claimed to have been from the creator of all things. 03. The flaws are evident in first of all, the books, then the claims of creation fail dismally, add in the design flaws of most things, but especially the human body. 04. Then look at the thought that what is created in it's image, is a complete failure, in reflecting it's god. When you look at mankind, you will find that the god reflects man, and that is as it should be. Man after all, created the gods in his own image. [/QUOTE] Ans. You name yourself Reason Personified; and based on my experience of many years on these threads, any persons choosing Qualitative Pseudo Names for themselves behave in exactly opposite way!! And this is a type of sickness; you dispose of most difficult part in the name itself. And this sickness is uniform. - The rule by minority and pressure groups is named as Democracy. - Nations calling themselves Social Democratic Republics are mostly Single Party Dictatorships. - Sodomy and Lesbianism are named as gays and Homosexuality and Normal behaviour it called Heterosexuality, giving false indication that they are two sides of the same coin. - Narcotics and Alcohol imbibing are named as Drugs and Drinks, indicating that they are harmless and normal. - Sexual exploitation of womens body is called Women Freedom and Women Empowerment and Equal rights etc. - Killing unborn babies is termed as Family Planning etc. etc. Therefore by the same logic your posts should have any thing but reason and logic!! But to show you that I am unbiased, I would like to analyse your claims: 01. It is Quran itself which says that God sent many books before it. So where is the discovery for which you should be recommended for Nobel Prize? Every revealed book had the validity till its mission lasted; now it is Quran whose validity is conformed till the Last Day.

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02. Why ONLY Abrahamic religions books have the least validity compared to Non Abrahamic religions books? Why did you make such a claim and what are your proofs? Why is it Joke to say that God revealed the contents of these Books to the prophets? And why there should not be a Creator for this Universe? Can this Universe create itself or could it all come about without any plan or design? What are your proofs? 03. I do not know that ANY claims of Quran about nature and human body or anything has been proven wrong. Please come out with specific examples and do not just talk in general terms without giving proofs. I know there are many wrong things written in other books and that show that these books were not written by God but by human hands based on their limited knowledge of the time. 04. Man being in image of God is not to be interpreted in its literal sense. That is your first mistake. It is not man who created God but it is God which Created humans and other things in the Universe. Now you can see, how unreasonable and illogical was your post and how much against the Reason Personified Nickname which you picked up for yourself!! Q107. Why are there so many Contradictions in Quran? Ans. Real Contradiction of Bible: It is good that our honorable lady has opened the gate of Contradictions in Quran. Readers have seen how flimsy are the contradictions regarding Quran. Now let us look at some Real Contradictions in the Bible. In fact total numbers of contradictions in Bible are so many that many pages would be needed to list the entire list.

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I will just take the trivial issue of Jesus Genealogy as mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew and in the Gospel of Luke and the details mentioned in the Books of Samuel 1 and 3 and Kings 1 and 2. Then you will see what are the Real Contradiction and let us see how our lady turns and twists to justify these two records: 1. Who is the father of Joseph the Carpenter? A. Matthew: Jacob (1:16) B Luke: Hali (3:23) 2. From whom Jesus descended? A. Matthew: From Solomon the Son of David (1:7) B. Luke: From Nathan, the Son of David (3:31) 3. Forefathers of Jesus : who were they? A. Matthew: They were all Kings till the deportation to Babylon (1:7-11) B. Luke: They were common people about which there is no record (3:24-30) 3. Who is the father of Salathiel? A. Matthew: Jechoniah (1:12) B. Luke: Neri (3:27 4. Who is the son of Zerubbabel? A. Matthew: Abiud (1:13) B. Luke: Resse (3:27) C. Chronicle-;1, Meshullam and Hannaniah (3:19-20) 5. How many generations from David to Jesus? A. Matthew : 26 (1:8-16) B. Luke: 41 (3: 23-31) It is very strange that in a gap of 1000 years there should be such a wide gap the counting of generations, unless it was a Miracle!! 6. Counting of Number of Generation from Abraham to David and David to Deportation and from Deportation to Jesus: Matthew has made a strange observation that there was 14 generation in each group, but when we count and compare it we find it wrong!! If David is counted in the Abraham group, then his name cannot be included in the next group and the same hold goods for the next group.

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(And to arrive at the magic figure of 14. Matthew has left out names of certain well known jewish kings, whose names and records are recorded in OT books!!, there are actually 18 generations between David to Deportation) 7. When was Jechoniah born? A. Matthew: From Josiah During the period of Deportation to Babylon (1:11) b. 2 King Chapter 23, and 2 Chronicle Chapter 35 tell us that Josiah was dead twelve years before deportation. 8. Did Jechoniah ruled before Deportation? A. No according to Matthew, because he was born during deportation (1:11) B. Yes according to 2 Kings 8:24 9. Did Jeconiah had brothers? A. Yes according to Matthew (1:11) B. No, according to 2 Kings which say that Jechoniah was the Only son of his father? 10. Was Jechoniah the Son of Josiah? A. Yes according to Matthew (1:11) B. No, he was grandson of Josiah, in between them there was Jehoahaz, and Eliakhem (2 Kings Ch. 23, verses 23-36) 11. Is Uziah the son of Joram? A. Yes according to Matthew 1:8. B. No, there are three generations between them, Joram, Ahaziah, Joash, Amsiah I have recorded these eleven real contradictions only in the record of genealogy of Jesus Christ. Let us see the reply from our Learned lady and then I will list out some more contradictions as we see in Bible. Responses to the So called Contradictions in the Quran: A Who was the first muslim? A. Muhammad Q 6:14,163 Moses Q7:143 Abraham Q2:127-133,3:67

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Answer: Quran does not speak in Chronological manner as to who is the First Muslim. Otherwise the answer should be Adam. In these verses the world Muslim is used in the sense of One who Submits and every Prophet is the Role Model for his people, so he is First to bow down and submit himself to the message and command he gets from God. So every prophet is the First Muslim for his people. Hence there is no Contradiction in Quran!! B. Can Allah be seen and did Muhammad see his Lord? Yes: Q53:1-18, 81:15-29 No: Q6:102-123,42:51 Answer: Allah would be seen by those in Paradise in the Hereafter. On this earth no eye can see Allah (and as for as my knowledge goes the same is the teachings of Bible also). Whether Prophet actually Saw Allah during the Blessed night of his ascension to heavens is a disputed matter. Quran is not saying anything with certainty on this issue. Hence there is no Contradiction in Quran C. Where warners sent to all mankind before Muhammad? Yes: Q10:47, 16:35-36, 35:24 No: Q28:46,32:3, 34:44, 36:2-6 Muhammad is sent to people who never had a messenger. Answer: The Warners were sent to other nations, but no warner came to Makkan people after prophet Ishmael. So there is nothing wrong in Quranic statements, the first one speaks of other nations and the second one for Makkan people. Hence there is no Contradiction in Quran

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D. To marry or not marry idolatrous women? Yes: Q5:5 No: Q2:221 Answer: Quran bans the marriage of a pagan and an idolater man or women to Muslims. However people of the book have been made an exception and Muslims men can marry Jewish and Christian girls. So there is no contradiction in the two Quranic statements. Hence there is no Contradiction in Quran E. Will Allah reward the good deeds of unbelievers? Yes Q5:99:7 No Q9:17, 9:69 Answer: There are many grades of unbelievers as there are many grades of believers. Every believer and every unbeliever shall not be in the same grade. Even though they might be in Hell, those unbelievers who did much good on this earth might find their punishment lessened. But those who went beyond the limit and tried their level best to stop the message of truth or did some heinous crimes, could have all their good deeds being turned into dust. It is all the prerogative of God. Hence there is no Contradiction in Quran

F. Where there 6 or 8 days of creation? 6 days: Q7:54,10:3,11:7, 25:59 8 days: Q41:9-12 Answer: These stages could be overlapping and not one after the other!! And that is what Modern Sciences also says, the Creation process was a complex event and earth was being formed and modified while stars and galaxies were also being formed.

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It is very childish to claim that Quran is contradictory, in fact it is the most scientific verse of the Quran!! Hence there is no Contradiction in Quran

G. How many angels spoke to Mary? Several: Q3:42,45 One: Q19:17-21 Answer: If a Posse of Angels come to Mary and announce to her the birth of Child and then one of them comes and breaths into her. How come the two statements are contradicting each other? In Ch.3 Quran records the general conversion between Mary and the angels and in Ch 19, the more intimate conversion is recorded. Quran does not mention full detail of any event in one place. It mentions only some details at one place and other details at another place. Quran is a book of guidance and not a book of stories or a book of history. Hence there is no Contradiction In Quran

H. Allah's day is equal to? 1,000 human years Q22:47,32:5 50,000 human years Q70.4 Answer: First of all these figures belong to different days and there is no contradiction. 50,000 years is the duration of the day when Humans shall be gathered for accounting. If it be longer that other days, where is the contradiction? And when God says that One day in the sight of God is like 1000 years of your reckoning then it is a general rule. And these figures of 1,000 and 50,000 are not exact figures, they are used to denote very large period and indefinite time.

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Hence there is no Contradiction in Quran

J. How many mothers does a muslim have? One: Q68:2 Two: Q4:23 At lest 10: Q33:6 Answer: This is the most mischievous post that I have seen so far!! I do not think that it needs any answer. Quran says that Your Mothers are those that born you!! (58:2) In 4:23, which relates to prohibited category of marriages, use mothers in plural because Mother and Mothers Mothers and their Mothers etc are all included in the prohibited list. Then All wives of your fathers are your Step mothers and they are also in the category of Mother to a Muslim. 33:6 makes the wives of prophet as Mothers of believers this is to increase their levels and to prohibit marriage of any Muslim to them. It is not a real Mother- son relationship. Every one with small amount of brain can understand it. Hence there is no Contradiction In Quran

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Q108. [QUOTE who="Deedat"] Qidwai Sahib, Nice poetry from Zaid ibn Amr The Hanif [/QUOTE] Ans. Janab Deedat Sahib I thank you for your post and short comment A. Quran and Zaid's Poetry: Zaid Bin Amr, the Haneef might have been a very good poet it his own right, but if you have the misconception that his poetic skills are comparable to these beautiful Quranic verses I have quoted, then you are mistaken. Zaid's efforts are recorded in Islamic literature, but they are no match with the elegance and beauty of Quran. The problem comes when translating from one language into another, it is impossible to translate the real beauty, elegance, lyrics and grandeur of words used in the actual wordings. I am no great scholar of Arabic language, but even to me when I hear Quran and then I hear any other Arabic composition, I can feel the difference. This is where the translators of Quran, face their dilemma, as one Quranic Translator said "Quran the inimitable symphony, the very recitation of which moves strong men to tears." And another Well known Translator, Abdullah Yousuf Ali says "Who can translate these Beautiful Arabic words into English" So without meaning any disrespect to Zaid, let me tell you that his poetry is no match to Quran, neither in Arabic composition, nor in original thoughts. B. An imperfect analogy: We have so many Urdu poets, Mir, Sauda, Momin, Dard etc and then there is Ghalib. All of them wrote high class Urdu poetry, but Ghalib stands apart. Even if you are not a great Urdu scholar, you can feel the difference between a Ghazal of Ghalib and any of these other poets. As Ghalib himself said: "HAIN AUR BHI DUNYA MEIN SUKHANWAR BAHUT ACCHE

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KHATEIN HAIN KI GHALIB KA HAI ANDAZ-E- BAYAN AUR" But if we see the translations of these poets in English, we might not be able to rate them But even that comparison is very unfair, how can sayings of a human compare against the Words of the Creator of this Universe? PS: What I said about Arabic is true for every language. You need not be a great Hindi Scholar to "feel" the difference in DOHAS of Kabeer, Rahim and Bihari And difference in tone and thoughts of Surdass and Meera Bai Or difference between Tulsidas and Keshaodas!!

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Q109. [QUOTE who="Biiguy"] 01. No, but God is helping the Jews fight against Muslim tyranny, oppression & terror... 02. You'll note that you DON'T accept the Bible... only the Quran.. since those parts of the Bible you accept are what your Quran takes. 03. And that is the difference between us, since I don't accept the Quran at all, save as an amalgamation of laws taken from the Bible, and assorted tales... [/QUOTE] Ans. 1. There could be justice in your statement, if Jewish Oppression, tyranny and injustice were better than Muslim rule But we find that it is totally reverse. After initial fights lasting a few years, Muslims were able to restore peace in these lands for many centuries. It is around 100 years since Jewish settlers first set their foot on the Holy Land of Palestine and since that day, the land has not seen a day of peace. The atrocities which Jews have heaped on Palestinians men and women and children would curl the blood of every one except the one whose heart is made of stone. They have acted like bullies in the entire area and where they are unable to do any thing themselves they set "their dogs" on the task. They use USA and NATO and UN to bully these nations into submission. If you think that God is happy at this state of affairs and shall reward Jews for their courage. You have a very wrong concept of God then and you should revise it. 02. Since we know that Bible is changed and corrupted (and EVERYONE who has least knowledge of this subject, must accept it)..its statements cannot be taken as absolute truth on every matter. That is why we use Quran as a test for Bible and its statements. Anything in Bible which is confirmed by Quran, we accept it. Anything of Bible which Quran rejects we also reject it. And anything in Bible on which Quran is silent (and it could be more than 90 % of the Biblical text, to be sure!!) we also keep silent, neither confirm it nor reject it.

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This is the most honorable and reasonable and broadminded view that any religion can have about the scriptures of other people. If we would have gone by the standards which we have for our Quran, we would have been justified to totally reject Bible and no one could have found fault with us. 03. Your rejection of Quran is based on hate and hatred and spite of Arabs and Muslims. You have no proofs that Quran is not a revelation from God and that it is not preserved in its original condition and in its original tongue. So your rejection is without reason and without logic and based on your Racial Breeding.

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Q110. [QUOTE who="Anon"] 1. Is that why you guys use modern Arabic? Is that why you guys can't agree on the meaning of simple phrases in the Quran, yet alone translate them satisfactory? It's funny you know, who you guys can't even interpret the dress code, and yet we could right up a dress code and translate it close to perfectly in any number of languages. Don't you ever think it's odd how its only Quran's Arabic which has these basic problems. kinda shoots your 'perfect' Quran Arabic down in flames, doesn't it. 2. The Quran isn't original text if it was done by the 3rd caliph now is it. Thank you for admitting that your Arabic was doctored by a later source. Why don't you tell us why the actual original copies of the Quran aren't in existence. [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. Why are you picking on Quran? Are Translators of your own scriptures are 100 % agreeing on every word and every phrase of your own scriptures? Why then there are so many translations and so many versions of your own holy scriptures? Quranic Arabic is still spoken and as easily understood as in the days gone by. There is no other language which has changed so little over such a long period as Arabic and it is solely due to Quran. Quran does not recommend a dress code if that it what you are trying to mean, probably you have never opened Quran and read what it says. 02. If 3rd Caliph could write Quran, then what prevents from other people doing the same? Why no one is able to do what 3rd Caliph could do single handedly? All these allegations against Quran are answered by Quran itself when it challenged all doubters to bring another book like it. And this challenge is still open today, why dont you try yourself and bring something better than what 3rd Caliph wrote!!

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Q111. Are there Historical Inconsistencies in Quran? Ans. A NOT SO CLOSE LOOK AT SO CALLED HISTORICAL INCONSISTENCIES IN THE QURAN Introduction: A. It was heartening to see our Shielaa the Great turning into a scriptural authority!! Some people might even think that she went and read and re-read Quran and then compared it with word by word with Bible and then came out with her independent report finding many of so called historical inaccuracies in Quran. B. If she would have done that, we would have appreciated her efforts and acknowledged that even though her conclusions are wrong, but at least she made an effort!! But she did nothing, she not even opened Quranic verses she quoted and verified as to whether Quran actually says what she is accusing it of? She has muddled her info and mixed the opinion of Scholars with that of Quran and laid charges against Quran. C. Then she has given Bible the status of being 100 % accurate and without any discrepancy? How can we accept that what ever is written in Bible is 100 % correct? Are we sure even about the writers who wrote individual books of Bible? D. Once you will go thru my answers, you will find how childish and superficial are the charges that our Great Lady has brought against the Quran. And I am not surprised in the least, I already knew the LOW LEVEL of her DEEP KNOWLEDGE about Quran and Islam. E. Any one who is following her innumerable posts cannot but conclude that she is a Rabid hater of islam Quran, Prophet of Islam and Muslims at large!! And all the while she says that she does not hate Islam and she does not hate Muslims!! 01. Muhammad taught that Mary the mother of Jesus was the sister of Aaron and Moses .. MUQ:

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A. Where did our prophet say that Mother of Jesus was the Sister of Moses? B. Are Moses, Aaron and Maryum so unique names amongst Jews that No ONE but Prophet Moses, Prophet Aaron and their sister have those names? C. This is self concocted charge which has nothing to do with Quran. 02. Do you remember the evil Persian Haman who conspired to kill all the Jews during the time of Esther .. MUQ: A. Does any one has complete list of Ministers of Pharoah and his Court People? B. And how can one verify that Haman was not one of them? C. Just because we find some one named Haman a Jew hater in some book of Bible, we can generalize this and said that Quran copied it from that book? D. Therefore this charge has no value at all and is based on assumptions and no proof.

03. What about Noah's son? According to Sura 21:76 .. MUQ: A. Did Noah had only ONE Son? Does Quran (or even Bible) say that Noah had only one son? B. What is wrong if One Son of Noah (and one of his wives) drowned in the flood waters? C. If Bible does not mention it, it is missing info in Bible which Quran supplemented later. D. The promise from God was to save Noah and his household. When Noah beseeched for his son to God saying that he was also one of his family. God rebuked Noah, saying that since he was an unbeliever, he was no member of his family. E. So there is no force in this charge. 04. Sura 7:136, 7:59 say Noah's flood took place in Moses' day. .. MUQ:

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A. Where does Quran says that Flood of Noah happened in Moses Time? B. 7: 59-64 tell the story of Noah and his people and how they were punished by the flood waters. C. 7:136 tells about Pharoah and his army, how they were drowned in the sea. Any one reading these verses cannot even think that they refer to the same case. D. If our lady would have just opened the Quran and read the verses and the context, even she would have felt ashamed to bring up this false charge!! Contd. 05. Sura 14:37, says Abraham lived in the valley of Mecca. .. MUQ: A. Quran does not say that Abraham lived in the valley of Makkah. B. What prevents Abraham from visiting Makkah from time to time? C. If Bible says that Abraham lived in Hebron, does it mean that he NEVER went out of Hebron? Does not the SAME BIBLE says that we went to Egypt? Is Bible wrong? And when he can visit Egypt, why cant he visit Makkah? D. I do not know from where this charge originated? 06. Sura 7:54, 10:3, 11:7, and 25:59 clearly state that God created "the heavens and the earth" in six days. But in 41:9-12 the detailed description of the creation procedure adds up to eight days. MUQ: A. Where does Quran say that the actions mentioned in 41:9-12 did not happen parallelly? B. If there is problem in your understanding, why cant you wait and ask the people to know, before being eager to bring up a false charge?

07. Suras 21:51-71; 37:97,98, says that Abraham was thrown into a fire [by Nimrod]. MUQ: A. Quran NEVER mentioned the name NIMROD!! I do not know from where the charge she brings against Quran?

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B. That is why I said that if she would have opened Quran and checked the verses, she would be ashamed to bring such false charges. C. But it is the zeal and anxiety to cut and paste any charge whatsoever against Quran that is main reason for all this.

08. Sura 6:74, says Abraham father's name was Azar. .. MUQ: A. What is the proof that Biblical statement is 100 % correct? Do we have any proof who wrote that portion of Bible? And how come this statement is 100 % accurate? B. What is wrong if Terah and Azar relate to same person, one being the name and another the Title or Post? C. Unless we are sure of our facts, how we can bring charge that Quranic statement is wrong? D. What sort of Historical Scholarship and Analysis is this? 09. Sura 12:21ff, says the man who bought Joseph was named Aziz. The Bible says it was Potiphar. MUQ:

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A. Now our Learned (and hate and hatred filled) Lady shows that she does not understand a word of Arabic!! B. Aziz mentioned in Quran is a Title and not a proper name!! Aziz is equivalent to Minister of a High official in the then Egyptian Govt. C. If Bible mentions his name (which I am sure is 100 % concocted one) and Quran mentions his post, how can we say that Quran is wrong? D. people can see for themselves, how childish are the charges against Quran.

10.. Sura 37:100-112, says Abraham went to sacrifice Ishmael. The Bible says it was Isaac. MUQ: A. To be sure, Quran does not mention name of either Ishmael or Isaac at all!! B. Muslim Scholars are unanimous that the son of sacrifice was Ishmael , the only son of Abraham for 13 long years. Isaac was NEVER the ONLY SON of ABRAHAM for even one day!! C. Bible does mention the name of Isaac as the son of sacrifice, but the statement of Bible is wrong from every angle. D. But coming to Quran, it did not mention the name Ishmael or Isaac, so the charge is a false one!!

11. Sura 5:73-75,116, Muhammad mistakenly thought the Christian Trinity was 3 gods: ... MUQ: A. Quran NEVER says what Trinity is!! B. What is the REAL meaning of Trinity, there is no unanimity amongst Christians on it. C. There are so many sects and denominations in Christianity each having different notion about Trinity. D. What advice Quran gives to Christians is very clear though, it says Do not say Trinity!! This word is not mentioned in your scriptures, OT or NT books, so do not say it!! This is the BEST Advice that Quran can give!!

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12. Sura 28:8-9, says is was Pharaoh's wife who adopted Moses. The Bible says it was Pharaoh's daughter. MUQ: A. What authority we have that Bibles statement is 100 % right? B. And every one knows that Pharoah who saved Moses and Pharoah who opposed Moses were not the same. C. So what if daughter of first Pharaoh became the wife of the next Pharoah? How can one say that statement of Quran was wrong? D. I do not know what happens to our learned Scholars when they come to lay charges. Why cant they ponder and think and not be in so much haste to bring up charges?

13. Sura 9:10, incorrectly says Zacharias could not speak for only three days. MUQ: A. Why it says Incorrectly? What is the proof? B. If Quranic version does not match with some of the statement of Biblical books, why we conclude that Quranic statement is wrong? C. Where is the proof that what is written in Bible is 100 % accurate? D. Such is the biased attitude of these people.

14. Sura 20:87, 95, says the Jews made the golden calf in the wilderness MUQ: A. Quran does not say Samaritans, it say that SAMRY made the Golden Calf. SAMRY could be a name or a title. B. Where is the proof that no one was named SAMRY during the time of Moses? C. Why people come up with unfounded charges and do not even think what they are writing?

15. Sura 18:85,86, says that Alexander the Great (Zul-qarinain) ..

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MUQ: A. Quran NEVER takes the name of Alexander the Great!! B. Quran does not say that Alexander the Great was ZUL QARNAIN!! C. So the first part of accusation is totally wrong. D. And to say that Zulqarnain saw the sun setting in muddy pond, is to pinpoint the location of that spot and identify the personality of Zulqarnain with well known warrior kings amongst the by gone generations.

16. Sura 18:89-98 says Alexander the Great was a Muslim and worshipped Allah and lived to an old age. Actually, MUQ: A. All these details are useless, since Quran NEVER mentions the name of Alexander the Great as Zulqarnain. B. There is no authentic saying from our prophet that mentions anywhere that Alexander the Great was indeed Zulqarnain. C. If some Muslim Scholars have had this view, it is their own views, and how can one blame Quran if they be right or wrong? D. These people have not even the decency to open Quran and read the verses and see its translations and check if these charges are true even prima facie 17. The Qur'an also incorrectly says Abrah's army was defeated by birds dropping stones on them. MUQ: A. I do not know if any book of History says that Abrahas army withdrew because of Small pox!! B. And why would Small Pox came out when Abraha came to attack Kaaba? C. Quran does not say that Adam built the Kaaba. Quran says that Abraham built the Kaaba. D. If some Muslim Scholars says so, it is his views which could be right or wrong. How we can bring this charge against Quran?

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E. Abrahams link with Kaaba is undeniable and the ancient practices of Arabs are proof enough of it. When we believe in so many Jewish practices as proofs that they originate from God, why should we not use the same standards for Arabs? F. How come Jews always tell the truth and Arabs always tell the lies? What sort of argument is this? 18. HOW DID THEIR ALLAH GET IT SO WRONG? MUQ: A. Allah never got anything wrong. There is not a single statement in Quran that is wrong historically or scientifically. B. But people should have open minds and hearts when trying to understand what Quran says and use common sense. C. They should not muddle up their arguments and start saying some thing which Quran neither says nor intends.

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Q112. [QUOTE who="Shiela"] 01. I am not the one stating that the only words in the Koran are Arabic. I have not stated that words other than English have been used in the bible. These are the scholars who I have already posted to you. Many great MUSLIM teachers DO NOT believe the Bible has been corrupted and ACCEPT the authenticity of our PRESENT New Testament texts. 1. Ali al-Tabari (died 855) accepted the Gospel texts 2. Amr al-Ghakhiz (869) " " " " 3. BUKHARI (810-870) " " " " ( 4. Al-Masudi (956) " " " " 5. Abu Ali Husain Bin Sina (1037)" " " 6. AL-GHAZZALI (1111) " " " " (probably the greatest Muslim scholar he lived after Ibn-Khazem but did not accept his teachings) 7. Ibn-Khaldun (1406) " " " " " 8. Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan, 9. Fakhruddin Razi, .. In the end we see that the popular Muslim view that Christians and Jews have corrupted their Scriptures fails. It fails to find support among the Quran, the Hadith, or wide support among Muslim scholars. 2. We know Arabic is a written language but it wasn't being used at the time the Koran was being written. I see you have avoided the truth yet again. speaking the language and writing the language are two different things You have also avoided stating how the koran was spread to non Arabic speaking people. Freedom fighter is right you are one weasel There are more than 6000 texts that support the authenticity of the scripture. [/QUOTE] Ans.

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A. Quran using Non Arabic Words: Every language borrows words from other languages around it, this is as the result of mixing and visiting those nations for the purpose of trade and diplomacy etc. So there is nothing strange that certain Non Arabic words have been used in Quran, but NONE of that word was Strange to the Arabs of that time. All these words were well known to the Arabs, otherwise they would have complained against it. B. So called Muslim Scholars who "vouched" for the integrity and authenticity of Bible: Your list makes me laugh; you think that just by hearing these names I will be awed and will not question you further. Please bring me quote from ANY of these Muslim Scholars which says that Existing Bible is the same which was revealed by God. How can they make such a claim when Quran and Prophet have spoken against it. Just quoting some thing from Biblical books from here and there would not give "Certificate or originality to the whole book" How nave is you by posting these names, I feel really amused. And when you can see with your eyes that NONE of the two ancient manuscripts of Bible are identical, how can statements from these people, who NEVER saw Biblical manuscripts in their original language and NEVER could read them in their original language, how could they issue such a certificate? It is NOT ONLY Muslims, but each and every Scholar who has traced the history of these books and compared different manuscripts has reached to the same conclusion that these books have suffered during transmission. C. Arabic was not a "written language" during the time of Quran: This is again a baseless claim without any proof. Our proof is that Prophet used to call his scribes and tell them to write down the latest revelation he had received. And once they had written it, he used to ask them to read it back to him, so that no copying error could occur. The fact is Arabic writing was not that widespread and smaller number of people would knew how to write. But to make claim that Arabic was not a written language is saying something which you know nothing about.

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What is strange to know how Quran spread to Non Arabic speaking people. When Muslims conquered Persia, Byzantine, Egypt. Syria, Palestine, Morocco, . And other countries within a very short time, Quran was introduced to these people. Q113. [QUOTE who="Mahmood"] MUQ, can you find me a verse from the Koran that tells us that irrespective of whatever religion or belief a person adheres to, if that person does good in this world for example feeding the hungry and helping the poor, that person will go to heaven? [/QUOTE] Ans. This is in answer to the post of Mr. Mahmood: A. Islam the Only Religion: First of all, Quran says that all prophets of God preached the same message of islam, which consisted of Worship Only One True God, shun worship of false gods and idols etc, and follow the teachings of your prophet. This is the Islam which started from Adam, the first man and the first prophet and continued till the Last and Final Prophet. B. True Followers of Every Prophet shall go to Paradise: So each and every prophet and those who believed in those prophets and did good deeds are entitled to go in heaven. C. Faith and Good deeds: Faith alone and good deeds alones have no standing in the eyes of God, they both must appear together. Because Faith without good deeds shows that the person in hypocrite in his believes. And Good deeds with out faith have no value in sight of God, because there is no intention to please God, so why would God reward such a person D. Last prophet and His mission: Mission of each and every prophet of God was only limited to their individual nations and people and also had time limit.

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The Mission of Last and Final Prophet of God is for entire humanity and it had no time limits. E. What will happen to followers of Past Prophets after the Advent of Last Prophet: This is a tricky question and these are many shades to it, let me tell you some points: a. Each and Every Prophet of God told their followers about the advent of Last and Final Prophet. They told them that they should follow him and support him whenever he appears. b. Prophesies about Last and Final prophet are still available in existing OT books and Gospels and Vedas and other Hindu scriptures. So followers of these religions cannot feign ignorance about the Last and Final Prophet. c. Their only claim could be that "we were misled" by our Religious Scholars and Priests and Pundits who interpreted these verses in a totally different way. This excuse in untenable before God, because Ignorance of Law is no excuse, especially when Muslims are talking to them and telling them about these verses. If someone still adheres to the interpretation of their own scholars and priests and Pundits etc, then they must share in their blames. d. So if followers of earlier prophets did not get the message or teachings of Last prophet and faithfully followed the teachings of their own prophets and did good deeds, there is very high chance of God turning towards them with Mercy. e. But those followers of Earlier prophets, who received the news and message of Last and Final prophet of God and then "chose" to reject him, criticize him, abuse him and make fun of him and his teachings have placed them in a very wrong position. They are no longer the "True" followers of their own prophets, because their own prophets had already taken covenant from then to support and follow the last prophet of God. f. The "best course" (according to me, and Allah Knows Best) for followers of earlier prophets is not to become "dogmatic" in their rejection of last and Final Prophet of God. They should not deny him or his message, but should continue to study his life and his teachings, till they reach to some definite conclusions. Just blindly following their Scholars and their Priests in rejection is liable to place them on wrong side of God. Because these Scholars and Priests have "ulterior motives" to reject him and his teachings. These followers simply share in their guilt and do not get any benefit. Allah Knows Best.

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PS: There are many Quranic verses to conform what I wrote above, I did not Quote them, because it would become a too lengthy post. If some one is really interested, I can go point by point and Quote Quranic Verses in my support. Q114. [QUOTE who=" "] [/QUOTE] Ans. After confirming on this very thread that his quota of "Plagiarism in Quran" is complete after those six examples.... we find Mr. Mahmood once again coming forward with another example. This is the case with "scholars" like him, I gave him ample time to go thru Quran and find all cases of so called Plagiarism..... but I know none of his researches are original. So he finished with whatever he data he had, now he has find another "gem" in some site and he hastens to put forward it as his "original research". For far fetched is this case of plagiarism can be seen by anyone who even reads his post. The verse was revealed in Makkah and I do not know which Egyptian Scholar (who knew about ancient Egyptian beliefs) was present in Makkah to guide the prophet? And that is not all, read the verses following this verse, there is a series of arguments all about nature and its phenomenon and I do not know how much of these ancient Egyptians knew or made it known to common man. But for people like him, there need not be any logical explanation, he will jump to conclusion on slightest of the slight info

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Q115. [QUOTE who="NT"] Hello MUQ, how is it that in the time of your prophet as we have spoken before about, when you spoke of how the record of the Quran was past down by the prophets companions who memorized every written word ,so would you please help me to understand if the prophets personal habits and living as he was; Were they memorized as well and by whom and why would they think that anybody would want to know ? [/QUOTE] Ans. A. Quran: The prophet as mentioned before was unable to read and write., whenever he received any revelation, he would call one of his scribes and ask him to write down what ever was revealed. Then he would read it aloud to his companions as to what was being revealed. And then he used to recite long portions of Quran in daily prayers. The companions of prophet would learn the newly revealed portion of Quran from prophet and the proper place it was to be put in Quran by the recitation of holy prophet. It took more than 23 years for whole Quran to be revealed. So by that time hundreds of companions of prophet had committed it to memory. And after the death of prophet, within two years the whole Quran was written down. B. His sayings and Life Story: As regards sayings and life history of prophet, he was the object of study by thousands of his followers. Nothing about him was hidden from the public. His wives were also allowed to tell about his life and behavior in house. After his death, his companions used to recount every thing they heard or saw during their interaction with prophet. His words and his actions and his life was an ideal for every one of his companions. The companions told it to those who became their pupils and they told it to those who came after him and then within a short time after his death, the whole record was written down. And every record had a chain of narrators, ending with one or more of companions of prophet. Every link in that chain was analyzed and tested and that is what is called the massive Hadith and SEERAH Literature.

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No other religion or religious personality has that much authentic record of their prophet's sayings and actions and life style before us. In case of other religions, every thing works on good faith, anyone can say and write anything about their prophets and religious teacher and people start believing it. For example ask Hindus how come TULSIDAS came to know so much about life of SRI RAM CHANDRA? How come his book is treated as Scripture by millions of Hindus? The answer will be silence, but they will continue to believe what he wrote. The same goes for Judaism and Christianity and Sikhism and Buddhism Q116. [QUOTE who="Dragnet"] This means you have scant regard for human reasoning, logic ,intelligence or whatever you call it. All these attributes of man did not come out of thin air. .. I can understand when you say that human reasoning can only lead you this far and not further. But when you say that within the domain of human reason there is falsehood in operation then I will have to oppose you with all my might. ... Let me again give you an analogy. I open a book and start reading it and after flipping through a few pages my blood pressure starts rising. If anybody were to come and say that I was just reading the revealed work of God, all my senses, all my faculties of intelligence are going to rebel against what I have been told. It's my firm belief that when we are face to face with the true revelation from God and realize that it is so, then all our human faculties will reach their highest point of fulfillment. God reveals not by negating our faculties but by fulfilling and transcending our faculties. [/QUOTE] Ans. A. Human Intelligence and its Limitations: 1. I am not at all against humans reasoning power and his intelligence. 2. In fact these are great gifts from God our Creator (and mentioned as Gods gifts at so many places in Quran), and they are the prime reasons, which separate humankind from other life forms on this earth. 3. But like every human faculty, humans powers of reason, logic and understanding too have limitations.

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3A. And if anyone uses them or has faith in them beyond their limits they are certainly exceeding their bounds. B. What are the usual subjects of Revelation: 4. Usually God sends His revelation on matters, which are beyond the reach of humans. There is no way in which humans can learn about the Attributes of Our Creator, about Heavens and Hell and events of the Last Day. 4A. They cannot decide on their own, what is the purpose of their lives and why they came on this earth? 4B. Whatever they speak on this issue shall be from Guess work and conjecture and not from any knowledge. 5. God usually does not send revelation on matters which are within the powers of human efforts. God does not send revelation as to how to cultivate crops, how to cure sickness and / or how to make and assemble cars etc.. Because these are the issues which are within reach of humans and humans will reach their ultimately. C. Can there be conflict between Revelation and Human Reason? 6. It is very unlikely that Correct Human Reasoning would go against True Revelation from God (simply because God is the source of all Knowledge and Wisdom and His every act and command is based on Reason and Wisdom)but if it happens, we have to reconcile our Reasoning with that of Revelation and not otherwise. 7. If some one uses Humans power of Reason and Logic and tries to undermine Knowledge of God and / or sets their own rules for dealings on Last day, he or she is certainly exceeding their bounds and misusing their faculties. 8. It is like a judge of Lower Court reading a judgment of Supreme Court!! If his blood boils reading the judgement, he should take water and lie down and better not speak a word against that judgment!! It would be contempt of Supreme Court to speak against the Supreme Court!! (This is the situations with human courts, what about a puny human pitting his own faulty reason and logic against the Wisdom and Knowledge of Creator of Universe). 9. So in such cases, we should re-think and ponder and ask people who have knowledge in these matters and listen to them, instead of putting so much faith in our own power. 10. In the end, I would advise you to use this power of reason, logic and intellect in good cause and do things that put you on the right side of your Own Creator. 11. And do not be like thieves and outlaws, who use their intelligence to undermine law and order and in the end bring condemnation on themselves and hurt only their own soul and body.

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12. Never try to speak out against True Revelation, unless you have thought again and again on your objections and discussed with people who have knowledge in these matters. PS: I assume this will fill your face with smiles and laughs and you will be on the ground on all fours, laughing and writhing with humor!! Q117. [QUOTE who="AB s"] Didn't mean to upset you comrade muq...I admit I know no Arabic and therefore have no idea what interpretation means. I also admit that I am an old man so learning a new language this late in life is not feasible, that is why I seek an honest answer from an honest expert like is that a yes or no...does the Quran state that semen comes between the backbone and the ribs? [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. In that case do not try to be an Expert and pass comments on Quran. 02. Just read what Muslim Scholars have written about that verse in their commentaries. 03. I am no expert in Arabic language myself and I am from India and Arabic is not my first language. 04. That is why I keep a low profile and listen to the explanations provided by learned scholars who give their explanations. 05. I just do not fly off my handle and start screaming Quran is not from God, because it says such and such..I keep quite and I ponder on the verses and even if I do not understand the full meaning, I continue my search.till Allah open my hearts to the truth. 06. I would advise the same treatment to you my brother. You do not learn from a book by starting to criticize it at the first opportunity!! 07. One Explanation: One of many explanation put forward by Islamic Scholars on this verse is given below: a. Quran says that humans are created by Water emitted.proceeding between backbone and the ribs

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b. So the emitted water is produced between parts that are between backbone and the ribs.that shows that other parts of the body has very little effect on the production of this water. c. We see that people who are blind, deaf or without arms and legs can still perform the sexual life d. But if there is some problem in humans internal parts and organs, the production of semen is affected and they cannot perform their sexual activities. e. And of course the male member is also must that is what is mentioned in the phrase Water that emits forth.. f. Please tell me how this verse is against our known knowledge so far? g. And we still do not know that we have fully understood this verse, may be medical science would advance more and we will find how the semen is actually produced, but whatever might be the result, it would always be between backbone and ribs. h. This is one way in which we say that Quran is always current and does not get obsolete, while some of the earlier explanations might become obsolete. Allah Knows Best PS: And I would like to tell you that Quran is neither the book of science, nor of medicine and not a book on human embryology, it is a book of guidance for human beings.

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Q118. [QUOTE who="ABs"]<quoted text> So is that a yes or no? does the Quran state that semen comes between the backbone and the ribs? And do you believe it?[/QUOTE] Quran's statement is 100 % correct, only YOU have problem in understanding it. That is why I referred you to the commentaries written by Muslim Scholars explaining this verse. But you would rather be read just the translation and start beating your own trumpet. That is the problem with you guys, you do not know Arabic and how each word is translated and what different shade of meanings it had and how these shades change with increasing human knowledge. A word which had one shade of meaning at some stage of human development, could have a different shade at a later stage. If it was an human effort, it would never be up to date with changing human knowledge, but since it is Word of God, so the words are chosen with so much care that they are always current with changing human knowledge. That is the beauty of Quran!! It is always current and "more advanced" than our human knowledge. Still it has so many hints that can help humans in their scientific research, who could guide us better than our Creator, the Creator of Universe and every thing in it? But Muslims have gone down in scientific research in the world and lack the drive to go for it.....the adversaries are "wasting their time" in "trying to prove" that Quran is not from Creator and handiwork of the prophet. So you take up research in this field and find out what this Quranic verse really means and how scientific it is as on date!!

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Q119. [QUOTE who="NT"] 01. Why is the Quran treated as of Muhammad instead of the words of Muhammad? 02. I would think that by protesting the burning of the Quran does little towards showing the world the tolerance of Islam , seeing any amount can be reprinted and resupplied any time. 03. Can you understand why Muslims will kill fellow Muslims during protests over the burning of the Quran? 04. Who actually owns the land title of the Temple site claimed as being Jewish and Islamic please? [/QUOTE] Ans. A. Quran and its desecration: 01. Quran is never treated by any Muslim as words of our prophet. 01A. Quran is Spoken Word of God which Angel Gabriel brought to Our Prophet. 02. It is not tolerance but cowardice and shame of highest nature, if Muslims do not protest that some one will dare to burn Quran or desecrate it in a 100 % Muslim country. That too by Military Personnel of a Country who claims to be the most civilized in the world. Muslims love and are proud of their religion and every thing connected with the symbols of their religion. If people are so callous in this world in 21st century, to not even know that more than 25 % of the population in the world is Muslim and how they feel and think, then let me say that we do not live in a civilized world any more. We are like animals and every strong animal has full right to devour and kill any weaker animal he might find in the jungle. I have a feeling of shame for people who come forward and try to defend these people who did this act, instead of asking double punishment for them.

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03. Muslims must not kill any other Muslim or even Non Muslim who are innocent and not connected with this act. But they have full right to protest and demand that the culprits who did this act should be brought to justice. B. Title of the Holy Land: 04. As per Quran, Title for every land in this Universe, belongs only to God and He might give it temporarily to anyone whom He pleases. He gave the land of Palestine first to Jews for close to 1000 years, but they misused their position and did evil in the land. That is why they were punished, first for banishment and deportation for 70 years during the time of Nebuchadnezzar in ~ 500 BC. When they repented of their evil acts, God showed mercy to them and gave them that land once again to use it as a holy land and establish peace and justice in the land. But after a brief period, Jews again forgot the favor and mercy of God and filled the land with evil deed. So much so that when Jesus Christ, the last Messenger from Isaac line came to them, they not only rejected his message but even tried to kill and execute him. This was a crime of highest level and due to that they were banished from the land for 2000 years. Mean while Muslims took the land from Christians, established peace and tranquility in the land, they restored the honor and sanctity of the land by constructing a most holy mosque there. Muslims have taken possession of that land for past 1300 years and made it a land of peace. The total period of time during which Muslims occupied that holy land is More than Combined period during which Jews and / or Christian took possession of that land. I do not know which civilized court in any civilized country would evict Muslims from the land and give it back to the people who abandoned it for past 2000 years. But this is a strange world and there are strange logics. They paint and present white and black and black as white.

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Nothing is impossible from these people, they have already Unanimously decided that Whole of Palestine Belongs to Jews and Jews only and People living there for past 1300 years are plain squatters. They forget that there is also a Lord and God of this Universe including Holy Lands , it is He who holds the Title of each and every piece of land, and it is He who transfers the Title. Q120. [QUOTE who="Don"] Quran is a scientific book. You need not to study Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Economics etc. Quran has everything in it. Just read Quran and you will learn everything. Newton's Law of motion and gravity was derived from Quran only. Einstein's theory of relativity is also given in Quran. Quran can also tell you that how Iron came on the Earth. Quran can solve all the problems like poverty, un-education, terrorism, unemployment and high growth rate of population. [/QUOTE] Ans. Quran is Much above any so called scientific book. Scientific books only deal with materialistic things, while Quran deals with both material as well as spiritual matters. Science only tries to make our physical life comfortable, whereas Quran makes our this life and the next life Comfortable. Science is unable to solve the problem of poverty, terrorism, unemployment and crimes in the worldwhile Quran lays down the principles that can solve all these problems, provided they are implemented in letter and spirit. And Quran is not enemy of science, Quran is the greatest benefactor of science, it was the age of Quran which can be called as the beginning of age of reason. Before Quran the age was the age of Miracles and Signs, the people were used to Miracles and signs, it was Quran which turned people attention from Miracles to nature and things in this world. It asked them to see and ponder and realize how things in this universe are working. There are hundreds of verses in Quran that reflect on nature and its phenomenon.

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It was that turned Muslims attention to study of nature and how things were working and that was the beginning of scientific age. Europe caught with scientific age after almost 700 years. Q121 [QUOTE who="Alfie"] "The Quran cannot be translated this is the view of old fashioned Sheikh and modern Muslims." I agree. It is a known fact the original Arabic version of the Quran is even more bloodthirsty & hate mongering than the English translation we get, Islamic apostates fluent in Arabic will confirm this. Still "Slay the pagans wherever you may come upon them, and take them captive, and besiege them, and lie in wait for them at every conceivable place..." (9:5). I think we get the drift.... [/QUOTE] Ans. A. Quran and its translations: I think you have some misconception and misunderstanding about this. What Islamic scholars mean is that no translation can take place of Holy Quran. I agree 100 % with this statement. Every language has its own sense of expression, which cannot be 100 % duplicated in any other language. Arabic words have so many shades of meaning for each word, to translate them exactly into another language is not so easy. And translations depend on the personal knowledge of Translators who might make mistakes while translating the passage. That does not mean that we should stop all translations? No, not by any means. We should do as Muslims do, print Arabic text along side the translations. So those who can read Arabic read and recite Quran in Arabic and then read its translation to know and understand its meanings. In case of doubt or any conflict, it is the Arabic text that must be used to solve the problem and not the translations. 02. Arabic Version is More Blood Thirsty?

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This is an exaggeration!! How could it be? You quoted 9:5 as Blood curling!! Why not quote the Next verse? 9:6 which says: If one amongst the pagans ask you for asylum, grant it to him, so that he may hear the Word of Allah; and then escort him to where he can be secure, that is because they are men without knowledge Did you see it? After Killing every Non Muslim Quran speaking about giving them Asylum and escorting to a place of security? But have you seen ANY Western Scholar, quoting both these verses together? And they are next to each other, not very far away that one has to make much effort. That is what is called a bias and hate and hatred.hiding part of evidence and presenting only what will prove your case!

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Q122. [QUOTE who="Mahmood"] Those books in the libraries do not claim to be "god's words" and that's the difference. Extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence. No one cares what Julian Spilsbury has written about the Indian's just a piece of history, whether it's true or false lies in the details. There are copyright laws in most countries, the author forewords, acknowledgments, author's notes, there is a preface, I cannot claim to be an author of book I have not written....please use your brains. We know someone has written the Koran, we are not sure who nor are sure about it's authenticity.....please use your brains before writing rubbish. [/QUOTE] Ans. Here are the latest pearls of Wisdom from our Super Brains, after reading their posts, one thinks have they any brain left in their head or not. Then on the other hand that is the fate of every one who knowingly rejects the truth!! A. Ban only the Books which claim to be Words of God: Oh, NOW I understood, ONLY the books which claim to be Words of God, they should be burned down. OK, I am with you now, so you should start with the OLDEST Books that claim to be words of God or the NEWESTS? I think the correct way is to start from the Oldest, because it was these which propagated this fantastic idea. - So first you should ban and burn Vedas (which claim to the Oldest Scriptures of Earth and according to Hindus are Words of God). - Then you should ban and burn Jewish scriptures and - Then Christian Scriptures which are claimed to be Words of God Once you have done that, then we will think about Quran. So when we shall hear from you about banning and burning Vedas, OT and NT books? B. Copy Right Laws:

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So these Copy Right laws guarantee the authenticity of any book, do they? And when these copy right laws were invented? What shall we do about those books that were written before the invention of Copy Right laws? They all are unauthentic and should be banned. C. Who cares about some books: So only the books, about which people care should be banned and burned and not those who no one cares about!! This is a strange phenomenon and I never heard about it. What about those scientific books which are proven to be wrong in our modern times? They also should be banned and burned, because some people might care about them. D. Forewords, the Great authenticator!! So it is the forewords, which guarantee and protect the authorship and authenticity of books? I never knew that!! And now coming to forewords, Most human books have only One Foreword; It is Quran which has Hundreds of Forewords!! At hundreds of places (mostly in the beginning of each Surah or Chapter) Quran clearly tells who is its Author, but these Blind people are unable to see and read these forewords!!

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Chapter-7 On Islam, Shariah, and Miscellaneous Subject

Q123. [QUOTE who="COR"] I know you don't like to hear this, but... Islam is no different than any other religion or ideology. It is man made and morphs based on the needs, desires and intent of its adherents. Those that acknowledge and accept the morphing of political or religious ideology are considered moderate. Those that don't and insist on forcing their beliefs upon others are considered fundamentalists. And both moderates and fundamentalists come in different flavors with different ideas. This applies not just to religion, but political ideology as well. Fundamentalists are the worst because they are absolutists (and often totalitarian) and deny people the freedom of choice, but moderates need to be careful in that they can act as enablers, carving a path for fundamentalism to take root. [/QUOTE] Ans. You have a wrong notion about Fundamentalists. Every Fundamentalist is not bad, it depends on the nature of Fundamentals. If the Fundamentals are good and for the benefit of society, such fundamentalism is also good for the society. If however the fundamentals are bad for the society, then such fundamentalists are bad for the society. For examples fundamentals of Nazism, Fascism and Communism are bad for the society, so the people who are Fundamentalists of these teachings would bring nothing but woe to the society and people should reject them. The same I can say about Fundamentals of Judaism and Christianity, there are lots of truth and good things in their teachings but they have certain critical flaws. In Judaism it is the racism that Jews are Chosen people and Chosen Race and that they are superior to all other people and races in the eyes of God. In Christianity, it is the Divinity of Jesus, Trinity and Jesus dieing for the sins of Humanity So Fundamentalists of these religions shall only bring harm and suffering to the society.

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However Fundamentals of Islam are based on Truth and Justice and Reason and Logic. It is a Fundamental of Islam that force should not be used to bring any one to its fold. So a Fundamentalist Muslim shall not force any one to accept Islam. So what you say is based on false logic and you lump up every one with the same logic. All Fundamentalists are not same and Every type of Fundamentalism is not bad for the society. Q. 124 [QUOTE who="NT"] Why do you think Allah changed it's method of it's message with each religion of each civilization from time began? We can only imagine there is but ONE GOD of all living beings on this planet so why do we have a world of religious hate of each other, because we are told so ? [/QUOTE] Ans. There are some fundamental parts of Universal religion of Allah (called Islam in Arabic which means submitting ones will to the will of their Creator) and these were common in all messages and guidance that were sent to all prophets of God irrespective of their times and conditions. A. Articles of Faith: 1. That included in the Oneness of Lord and Creator of this Universe and worshipping Him only and shun Idol worship and worship of false gods. 2. Then believe in their prophets and hereafter, when every one will be called to account have been essential parts of messages preached by every prophet. B. Acts of Worship: 3. Praying to God and supplicating to Him, Spending of their wealth to please God, Fasting in one form or another and pilgrimage to a sacred location, have always been parts of message and guidance which every prophet brought. 4. So the basic tenets of Universal religion have been maintained, irrespective of age, and location and language difference.

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C. What has changed: 5. Depending on the needs of growing civilization, the rules and ways of act of worship and matters of jurisprudence were changing. These are only the finer elements of religion and not the core. D. Are religions contradicting each other and causing hatred amongst their followers? 6. No this is not true, no prophet of God contradicts and rejects any other prophet of God. They are like brothers unto each other. 7. Each of them preached the same message, there was no overlapping as their people were different from each other. 8. Since in the initial stages, there was not much interaction between people on one region of earth to the people of other region, it was not practical to have a Universal message for all humans. 9. But in the infinite knowledge of God, a time was coming when this would be feasible and when that time came 1400 years ago, God sent a Universal Messenger and a Universal Guidance. 10. This Universal Messenger was Prophet Mohammad, peace be on him and the Universal Guidance was Quran and they shall continue to be so till the end of World. 11. According to Quran, the preservation of earlier scriptures was left to the learned people and scholars of their time. They did their job, but could not prevent corruption and adulteration in the original books. It was only with the Last Book, i.e. Quran that God took upon Himself its preservation. And that is why it is only Quran which has not changed since it was revealed 1400 years back. No other book can match its authenticity (though there are many who make false claims about their own books) E. Conclusion: 12. So the God of Universe is One, His message thru out all ages is One, the prophets did not come to negate or reject each other, they came to deliver the same universal message to their followers. And in the personality of Last Messenger of God, this Universal Message was made obligatory to all people of the earth. 13. Now there is no way but to follow the Last Prophet and follow the Last Book. 14. There is no cause to hate any religion, but we should look for the common thread of truth running thru all religions. Allah Knows best.

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Q 125. [QUOTE who=" "] [/QUOTE] Ans. [QUOTE who="w wman uk"]<quoted text> The fact is taking your statement to its conclusion muslims are not as bright as Christians and Jews. The extreme Muslim simpletons believe everything their repressed homosexual imams tell them. The real muq is coming out now he professes to have respect for others but he has none. l never started with that premise Islam is a dog shite religion with a dog shite profit and like dog shite all it brings to the majority of believers is poverty and flies. The evidence is out there soon the muslims in the middle east will be starving. It will probably be the simpleton Christians that will be giving them aid. It is not the people that are dog shite it is Islam.[/QUOTE] Why you insult your "superior Jewish intelligence" by posting such low level posts? Of course Muslims are no match for Jewish cunning and Jewish intrigues and Jewish intelligence. That is probably why Father Abraham settled his son Ishmael in a far flung place like Makkah so away from the "seat of activity".... and settled his son Isaac in the heart of "all activities".... But God's ways are strange....Super Intelligent Jews are still a miniscule population in the world and the "Only" country they have is with the support and help of their "inferior Christian servants (i.e. Bosom Friends".... While the sons and progeny of "Dumb and low witted" Ishmael controlled each and every inch where Father Abraham set his foot and they grew up to be 1.7 Billion as of latest count and have more than 50 countries to their name!! Moral: Intelligence, and Intrigues and cunning is not ALWAYS productive and it does not take you far into the world and gets real success for you.

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Q126. [QUOTE who="NT"] I respect your principle and won't push the letter. I will ask though why would there be a division within Islam if both Sunni and Shi'ite both pray for the same reason ? I understand divisions between other religions like of Catholic versus anybody other than their own which has carried through for so long and continuing to this day where they venture into other lands to convert others into their flock. [/QUOTE] Ans. 1. Thank you for your consideration. Now you have mentioned something which is of fundamental importance in discussing about the origin and aims of different sects and denominations in religions. What I say is common to all religions. 2. The sects and denominations are not caused because there is lack of knowledge or understanding or there is ambiguity in the religious teachings or the teachings of prophet are confusing and contradictory. 3. And these sects and denominations are not created by ignorant people or people who have little knowledge about religion and religious matters. 4. Originators of most sects and denominations are people with very sharp mind and with very deep knowledge about religious matters. They differ and they deviate knowingly and after fully understanding what they are doing. 5. The main reason for their starting a new sect or breaking from the mainstream is either to get some worldly benefit or get more recognition in the eyes of their followers. 6. These leaders start their different sects and denominations and their followers and their pupils blindly follow their reasoning and we have a fully developed new sect and denominations in a matter of time. 7. And later on these sects and denominations get divided and subdivided till it is very difficult for a layman to understand which is which. 8. And one more point, since the deviations are very small to start with (like a road cutting off from main highway, at the starting point, there is very little difference between the main highway and the deviation), but as the time passes, the gap increases and the paths are totally different.

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9. What I have said applies to RC and Protestants and Shia and Sunni and so many sects of every religious group. 10. If one understands and follows the logic, it is not impossible to find out the original point of deviation from the main path!! In case of Shia it was their excessive love for Ali, the Cousin of prophet, which led them to wrong path as they rejected all knowledge about Islam that reached from other companions of the prophet. This original mistake, compounded over the centuries of hate and hatred and warfare have resulted in its present condition. And the people who started this were not ignorant, but they had ulterior motives to hamstring the rapid progress which Islam and Muslims were making in that period of Islamic History!! This should suffice for our present discussions. Allah Knows best

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Q127. [QUOTE who="NT"] Is there a difference between Sharia and Halal and Muslim customs and code of dress to that of Islam ? [/QUOTE] Ans. A. Shariah and Halal and Haram: Shariah is another name of Islamic law or Islamic Jurisprudence. In Arabic it means a Way or road which one follows. Halal is anything which is permissible according to Islamic Shariah and it has various degrees. Haram on the otherhand is anything which is prohibited by Islamic Shariah and that also has various degrees. So Halal and Haram appear very frequently on any matter where Islamic jurisprudence is concerned. B. Halal and Haram Food: But I know that in West the word Halal is usually referred to the type of meat which Muslims are allowed to eat. The Islamic position in animal food permissible to be eaten is in middle path of two extremes, one followed by Christians and another followed by Jews. C. Position of Jews: Jews as usual have a long list of animals which are not allowed to be eaten and they have very strict rules as to how an animal is to slaughtered and by whom. D. Position of Christians: Christians on the other hand are on another extreme and have no restrictions on animals that they can eat. They have allowed flesh of swine which was not allowed by any previous law. E. Islamic position Islam holds a middle path on this and allows every clean animal except few amongst which Swine also figures. Further Islam wants that animals are to slaughtered in the name of Allah before they are permissible to eat.

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Islam in its graciousness and considering the status of Jews and Christians allowed Muslims to eat the meat slaughtered by them, so long as it does not violate Islamic laws, i.e. no Swine Flesh is mixed and name of God is taken at the time of slaughter. Quranic verses on this are few and very clear and unambiguous: Forbidden to you (for food) are: Dead meat, blood, the flesh of Swine, and that on which has been invoked the name of other than God, that which has been killed by strangling, or by a violent blow, or by a headlong fall or been gored to death or one which has been partially eaten by a beast, unless you are able to slaughter it, one which is sacrificed to an Altar (5:4) Lawful to you are good and pure and all things good.This day I have made all things good and pure lawful to you. The food of the people of book (Jews and Christians) is lawful to you and your food is lawful to them (5:5-6) F. Christians and Animal food: Christians before the dawn of current materialistic atheist civilization, used to slaughter animals in the name of God, but now taking the name of God at the time of slaughter has become old fashioned amongst Christians, therefore Muslims avoid the animal meat in Christian societies. G. Jews and animal food: But Meat of Jews sold under Kosher is still OK for Muslims, because despite all their modernization and winning 129 Nobel Prizes, Jews still adhere to the practice of properly slaughtering animals invoking the name of God. All this modernization and all these Nobel Prizes have not cluttered their minds to shun away the practices of their forefathers and they still adhere to them. And strangely I see no one in west complains about Jews and their Kosher meat, while most of them take to arm when Muslims want their Halal meat, this is another case of impartiality and level playing field which Muslims feel in these countries!! I hope this satisfies with your query, please ask if something is not clear to you.

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Q128. [QUOTE who="Advocate"] Rejecting Shariah law in court is not a double standard. The US Constitution and legal system is a secular system and framework and judges based on a secular viewpoint and has the right to discard religious viewpoints. Sharia law is a religiously based legal framework. Therefore it has no validity in most areas outside the Arab world. [/QUOTE] Ans. How can you say that Secular System is not biased? When you accuse other nations as to not listening to other's systems the same should hold good to you also. You giving yourself a certificate of "Non Bias" is only self serving. Shariah law is the rules and regulations sent for mankind from their Creator who is Creator of every human being. They are the best rules for human kind because they have been framed by their Creator, who is the most Unbiased and knows beast what is good and what is bad for them. You are wrong, Arabs only constitute of 20 % of all Muslims in the world. Shariah rules and laws are applicable for every Muslim on earth and they constitute now 25 % population of the earth.

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Q 129. [QUOTE who="NT"] Hello MUQ is it so in Islamic culture that if you mistakenly kill someone you may pay compensation to that ones family dropping of charges ? [/QUOTE] Ans. I once again thank you for asking a very good and pertinent question!! It is very seldom that we hear such probing and good questions..most of the times I have to just post routines replies to queries and charges from correspondents who want to demonize Islam and Muslims. I hope you bear with me to get a somewhat longer reply. A. Murder, a Crime against whom? 1. In Islam a murder is a crime against the family member and heirs of the person who is murdered. It is they who lost an earning member of the family and it is they who have to suffer the hardship. 2. And it is they, in whose hearts there is a burning desire for revenge or wrong done to them, and it is they who should be placated. 3. In western justice system on the other hand, a murder is crime against the Govt. and the society and it is they who arrest the criminal and punish him, and they do not give any consideration to the loss and / or feeling of the family members of the murdered man. B. Murder, a compoundable crime or non compoundable? 1. Islam gives due regard to the feeling of the family members of the murdered man and give them the first right to either forgive that man or take some economic compensation from him. 2. In this way, the door is open for reconciliation between the family members of both the parties, The one who killed and the one who was killed. 3. If family members of the person who is killed agree to save the life of the killer is exchange for some money (the maximum amount of which is also fixed as that of price for 100 camels). 4. In certain case, the Govt. itself has to pay the blood money to the family of victim (in cases if he was killed by some Govt. agent on order from the Govt. or killed by mistake etc.)

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5. In western system, the murder is a non compoundable crime and the family of killed person has no authority to condone it or ask for any compensation. 6. In Western system the criminal is held in jail for 14 or more years (since capital punishment is Inhuman in most Western Country) and state (and all people of the country) must feed and maintain the murderer from state fund.for what? D. Quranic Verses dealing with this subject: 1. O ye who believe! The law of Equality is prescribed to you in case of Murder; the Free for the Free, the Slave for the Slave, the Women for the Women (i.e. if they be the killers). But if any remission is made by the Brother of the slain, then grant any reasonable demand and compensate him with handsome gratitude (2:178) 2. This is a concession and a Mercy from your Lord. After this whoever exceeds the limits (i.e. Kills after accepting compensation or kills any one other than the murderer etc.) shall be in grave chastisement (2:178) 3. In the law of Equality there is (saving of) Life to you, O Ye Men of Understanding!! (2:179) 4. Never should a Believer kill another Believer; except by mistake. And whoever kills a Believer by mistake it is ordained that he should free a Believing slave, and pay blood money to the deceased family, unless they remit it freely (4:92) 6. If any (Muslim) kills a Believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell, to abide therein (For Ever): and the Wrath and the Curse of Allah are upon him, and a dreadful chastisement is prepared for him (4:93) (I wish all these suicide bombers should listen to this verse before blowing themselves off to kill scores of innocent Muslims and Non Muslims- MUQ) 5. Say Come, I will tell you what Allah has (really) prohibited you from: Join not anything with Him (in Worship), Be good to your parents; kill not your children on plea of want (of subsistence );- We shall provide sustenance to you and for them and take not life, which Allah has made sacred, except by way of justice (6:151)

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Q130. [QUOTE who="Shiela"] Let's see if the statements in the Koran teach that Islam is a peaceful religion: 01. The Koran teaches that all nations must submit to Islam and that sharia law should be the governing code of conduct throughout the world. 02. The Sharia teaches an obligatory set of rules to be followed and obeyed. This means that if your country doesn't follow sharia it needs to be installed!!!. 03. Islam has a call to kill and subjugate all other members of other faiths. It calls for jihad against the infidels(people who don't believe in Islam) Islam's view divides the world into two irreconcilable groups: Dar Al Islam-the house of Islam Dar al Harb-the house of war (made up of non muslims) 04. Koran 8:39 fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah 05. The object of military jihad is not only to convert people to Islam, but also to gain political control and exercise Islamic authority over a population. 06. Islamists consider jihad to be the sixth pillar of the faith. 07. Under Islam Jews and Christians were and are forbidden to construct new churches ,temples or synagogues in Muslim countries eg Saudi Arabia. 08. In western countries we allow them to build mosques and have Islamic schools. In Australia and all western countries this needs to stop. Why should they be allowed to build their mosques and yet we can't build our churches or synagogues in their countries. 09. Wake up everyone they are crying out that they are the victim when in fact it is us. They are taking advantage of the fact that we allow freedom of speech in our countries. We also allow them to spew out their hate against our countries. Wake up before it is too late!!!!

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Q131. To: Shiela So you have become shy of comparing Sharia laws with your man made laws dripping with Love, Mercy and Compassion (On the criminal, not on the victim) and check which is more effective to fulfill the aim for which laws are made. Now it seems you are bent upon to prove that Quran only teaches hate and nothing else. I do not know depth of your knowledge about Islam, but it is superficial seeing the offhand way and generalization you use in your posts. I think a few introductory remarks are needed before I answer your points: 01. If any one denies use of force in establishing and maintaining rule of law in any nation, then he is not a practical man and he does not know or has no experience in actually ruling a nation. 02. Irrespective of how Reasonable, Logical, Dripping with Love, Compassion are your teachings, there will be people who will not accept it. Not only that they will plot against you are try to harm you and those who follow you. 03. This is human nature and it has happened in all ages past and present and shall happen in future also. So there should be a means to control situations like that. 04. Some people will say that one must not use force under any situation and conditions and give examples of certain people who were martyred to the cause and did not use force. 05. But can we generalize this action for every human, if some people were martyred to the cause, there were many who took up the cause and subdued those who were opposing it. 06. Of all religions, it is Christianity which boasts maximum about Love, Compassion and Non Violence and present Jesus Christ and his (alleged) crucifixion as Supreme example of such behaviour. I want to ask, was that the way Christianity spread into the world? Christianity spread fast when Roman Empire accepted Christianity and used State Power against those who were against Christians and Christianity. 07. And if Jesus did not approve war and use of force, why Christians became the people who spilled maximum human blood on this earth. If Christian Scriptures do not allow war and violence; from where Christians got these teachings?

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And how are Christians supposed to fight and behave during war if there is no example and ruling from Jesus? 08. That is why I say that any religion that does not include the subject of war and how it is to be conducted is an imperfect religion and its teachings are incomplete and not practical. 09. Before advent of Islam, Jews had their own Laws and rules of war. Any one can verify them by reading the book of Deuteronomy and see how Peaceful , Logical and Reasonable they were. 10. Quran also deals with the subject of war and use of force under the title Jihad in the way of Allah. 11. Jihad is the most misunderstood word of Islam, by both Muslims and Non Muslims alike!! Most Muslims and Non Muslims think that any war and every war where one party is Muslim and another is Non Muslim is Islamic Jihad (some even call infighting between two groups of Muslims also as Jihad)!! 12. Jihad in Arabic means striving and struggling and then Islam puts the condition In the way of Allah for Jihad to be islamic. In the way of Allah means that there is no intention of worldly gains, exploitation of economic and human population of other nation, or any other national, ethnic or worldly motives behind the war. If you see in this light majority of wars (except during initial phase of islam) in which Muslim nations were involved, would be outside the pail of islamic Jihad. 13. It is after this concept of Jihad being firmly established, that Quran gives further instructions regarding it. 14. It calls for Jihad in the cause of Allah with Your wealth and with your persons indicating that it is not only Physical fights that come under Jihad but every effort that one makes for the cause. I will stop at this point and await your reply, before I tackle your points as to Islam promotes hate.

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Q132. [QUOTE who="Buford"] Sin = disobeying God. [/QUOTE] Ans. So the definition of Sin is a two letter definition and you have dragged your feet for so long to paste it.!! And this two letter definition is also defective !! Let me clarify it: Sin = Willful Disobedience of God The word Willful is very important!!. Because disobeying any of God decrees of laws or Commands due to Forgetting, Ignorance, does not come into sin. Then as you said the Sins are of two types: A. Bigger Sins: Also called KABIRA, these are sins which are very clearly mentioned either in the book of God or thru the lips of Prophets of God: B. Smaller Sins: Also called SAGHIRA, which are disobeying God in implied matters or reaching perfection. C. How to nullify Sins: Only way to nullify the affects of sins is to ask forgiveness from God and repent. When some one has truly repented and asks God for forgiveness with his heart, God forgives the sins, both major and minor (except when it involves causing harm to some individual, in that case, the individual has to be compensated or he should agree to pardon the doer of sin). Now you said that our prophet was a sinner (God Forbid) Just tell me how you reached that conclusion and what are your proofs?

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Q133. [QUOTE who="Deedat"] Dear Qidwai Sahib 1.(a)Your statement agrees with Islamic scholars that Mawaalis were the exploits of war booty. There is no honor to be captured and be a slave in ANY WAR . (b)In Islam it is not a dishonor to own a slave but it is a humiliation for a slave especially for a girl/woman slave who can be used for pleasure whenever the master wants. (c)there is no such example in Islam that Caliphs were having slave women as their mothers. (d)yes there was a dynasty in India whose ruler were slaves of the earlier rulers, do you agree with what these so called slaves rulers didas the very founder of this dynasty was passive homosexual for the pleasure of his master. (e) It may or may be not because Islamic historians are not sure about it. [/QUOTE] Ans. Janab Deedat Sahib 01. I know , no one likes to discuss the subject of slavery. But it is of fundamental importance, it is an economic issue and not a religious issue? Let us picturised the scenario, the two armies face each other and after the fight, one army is defeated and many of its members are captured in the field, what would you do to them? a. b. c. d. e. Exchange them with your own prisoners taken by enemy? Kill them all? Take Ransom for them and free them when you get the ransom? Put them in prison, and let YOUR people feed and cloth them? Or use them as slaves to help you and then earn their own reward.

In Islam, all options are open (except b), and they have been used at different times. There is no HONOR for someone being taken for slave, but when they go out to fight against an army, they should know what will be the consequences. In Islam, only those who are captured in the battle field are made as slaves. No nation and no race is called as slave race.

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Slavery is not invented by Islam, it was practices in every nation and by every people, but some how or the other, most people think that Islam and invented it and Muslims only used it. Muslims treated their slaves much better than any other nations. Slaves in Islam rose to highest level of education and scholarship and many became kings also. In USA they elected one Black President after 225 years India has yet to see a Dalit Prime Minister after 5000 years. b. If you think it is dishonor to female slaves to be available for sex, then please tell me what is that davedasi system being practices in Indian temples? Why your heart does not weep for hundreds of thousands of poor women being held captive there? It is easy to criticise others, but you do not look at your own faults. c. Who says it is against Hadith to have slaves bore children to you? Even Prophet had his son Ibrahim born to a slave girl gifted to him by the Ruler of Egypt!! You have no or very little knowledge about Islamic History. I say Many of Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphs were born from slave women. d. Who told you that slave dynasty practiced homosexuality? Are you mad? These slaves were highly skilled and powerful fighters and military commanders. They earned the respect of their masters thru their efforts and skills and then were nominated as heirs to hold throne after them. They were strict Muslims and you lay a very baseless charge against their character. 4. There is no fundamental guideline that Dimmi MUST wear different clothes. It could be a temporary order under some special situations. When there is a law and order situation, people might be recognized by the clothes they wear. If Hindus were asked to dress like Hindus and Muslims like Muslims and Sikhs like Sikhs, what is wrong in it? But if your intention is not good, every thing would look suspicious to you. Dont you see police go on arresting spree and arrest as many Muslim youths as they can lay there hands on whenever there is any communal riots or when there is any Bomb Blasts. Do you know what happens to the lives of those innocent youths arrested? The media considers them untouchables and is scared from reporting any thing about them, the common Hindus recoil from them as they have already been judged as criminals.

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Lives of thousands of Young Muslims are spoiled in this fashion and it happens regularly under our own eyes in the Biggest Democracy of the World where Every one has equal rights. It is as I said, it is very easy to blame others. Q 134. [QUOTE who="Sid"] 1. In acts of war against islam prisoners are be murdered, crucified or tortured by cutting off hands and feet. 2. Disbeliever are to have their fingertips and heads cut off. 3. If idolaters repent [convert] let them go free. 4. Hypocrites and alarmists [non believers] are to be killed. 5. Instructions to kill jews. 6. Kill any Jew who falls under your power. 7. Killing non believers is of no consequence to muslims. 8. In war most must be killed before taking prisoners, keep their goods." But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion. Islam is manifested through killing it's enemies. 9. No need to interpret this one, Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah. [/QUOTE] Ans. So let us see, what are Quranic teachings and how you have distorted them, and drawn wrong conclusions. If you did this because of ignorance, then you could be excused, but if you did it knowingly, then it was devilish. 1. In acts of war against islam prisoners are be murdered, crucified or tortured by cutting off hands and feet. MUQ: I think you refer to Ch. 6 Verse 36, which says that: Punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is :Execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land..except for those who repent before they fall into your power, in that case know that Allah is oft Forgiving, Most Merciful I think that punishment for High Treason and waging war against state is death penality in Most of the Civilized societies. What Quran gives is many options, so that there is choice in punishment depending upon the type of crime. I do not know that Crucifixion was ever used in any Muslim country.

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And then see the exception in the end, to give a way out for those who waged war against state and then repented before they came into hand of Muslims. I do not know our modern laws recognize this clause. 2. Disbeliever are to have their fingertips and heads cut off. MUQ: I do not know from where you got this info. May be you refer to 9:12 where Allah gives instructions to angels: Remember your Lord inspired the angels (with the message) I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instill terror into the hearts of unbelievers: Smite you above their necks and smite all their fingertips out of them Allah is speaking to angels and you make it a rule and finger tips of every non believer is to be cut off!! What is this type of deduction? Foolish or Devilish? 3. If idolaters repent [convert] let them go free. MUQ: May be you refer to 10:6 which is If one amongst the Pagans ask you for asylum, grant it to him, So that he may hear the Word of God: and them escort him to where he can be secure. That is because they are men without knowledge Where is the mention of Conversion, which you implied by mentioning in bracket? Quran says that if even when hostilities are on, if some one asks for asylum and wants peace or surrenders, accept it and lead him into a place of security. Could any thing be more humane? And see your conclusion? Is it Foolish or Devilish? 4. Hypocrites and alarmists [non believers] are to be killed. MUQ: I do not know from where you got this rule. Perhaps you refer to 32:60, which is: Truly if the Hypocrites, and those in whose hearts is a disease, and those who stir up sedition in the City, desist not, We shall certainly Stir you against them: then they will not be able to live in it as your neighbors for any length of time. They shall have a curse on them: wherever they are found, they shall be seized and slain Strong words no doubt. But do you know the prophet never acted on this verse!! The warning itself was enough and we do not see any Hypocrite was executed in Madina thru out the life of prophet and then during the age of Caliphs.

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So you have made this rule without checking with Muslims. Is it Foolish or Devilish? Strong words no doubt. But do you know the prophet never acted on this verse!! The warning itself was enough and we do not see any Hypocrite was executed in Madina thru out the life of prophet and then during the age of Caliphs. So you have made this rule without checking with Muslims. Is it Foolish or Devilish? 5. Instructions to kill jews. MUQ: I do not know from where you got this rule to kill all Jews. If that was the case then All Muslims are guilty of violating Quran!! Because in every Muslim country Jews are living alongside Muslims!! So your conclusion if Foolish or Devilish? 6. Kill any Jew who falls under your power. MUQ: This is same as number 5. I say the same that your conclusion is Foolish or Devilish? 7. Killing non believers is of no consequence to muslims. MUQ: I will quote only this Quranic verse to contradict your conclusion: .That is any one killed a person- unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land- it would be as if he killed the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of whole people. (5:35) And Say : Come I will rehearse what Allah has (really) prohibited you from : Join not anything as equal with Him; Be good to your parents; Do not kill your children on a plea of want..take not life which Allah has made sacred except by way of justice and law.. (6:151) Killing any innocent soul is one of the Big or Biggest Sins in Islam. There is no distinction between a Muslim and Non Muslim here. So your conclusion is totally wrong. Is it Foolish or Devilish?

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8. In war most must be killed before taking prisoners, keep their goods." But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion. Islam is manifested through killing it's enemies. MUQ: This is war and battlefield strategy, which every Army commander knows and uses is very war. When any war breaks out, the First act is to attack the enemy with full force and incite terror into their hearts. Heavy bombardments with Planes, Missiles and Heavy artillery is used for this purpose. The same advice Allah is giving to Muslims, what is wrong in it? Why do you not write to your President to not use Heavy Bombardment and Missile attacks in the initial phase of war but when the battle is about to end!! Your conclusion is totally wrong and shows that you have no knowledge about war and how it is to be conducted. 9. No need to interpret this one, Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah. MUQ: Yes this needs explanation too!! Islam asks Muslims to be ready to defend their faith and their state and their honor against every type of attacks. Islam asks Muslims to be ready to fight those who create Mischief in the Land and Oppress people and pose a threat to Islamic nations. And stop by Force preaching of Islam or by force prevent their people to accept Islam. And if you think that this is wrong, then ask why your country is stockpiling all these Nuclear, Chemical and Biological weapons and force their version od Democracy and their own version of Human rights on other nations? Conclusions: All your conclusions were therefore false. You did not check your conclusions with Islamic Scholars. And just posted them. If you are afraid of Islam, then you should be, because you seem to peddler of falsehood and every falsehood peddler has an In-built fear from those who speak truth!!

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Q135. [QUOTE who="AB s"] 01. Very interesting response...Christians are over reacting and why should they cry over a few thousand copies of religious literature, no one reads them after all!! 02. Kind of sums up your religion doesn't it? As long as it is not defamation of Islamic crutches used to keep the muslim sheep in line, who cares, right? 03. One big difference between you and me least the US and UN has apologized...Ill bet you 3 double humped camels that no apology will come from you for your slander of the Christian ways...would you like to take that bet? Allah akbar [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. Yes I think that Christians are over reacting in this issue, they have forgotten their main purpose. a. These Precious Jews and Zionists must be cajoled and sucked to and protected from all harms till they make their Little Temple at Jerusalem and start their Big Sacrifices. b. Only then Jesus would consent to come down from heaven and turn the earth into heaven for believing Christians. c. Christians have made so many sacrifices for past 100 years to get closer to this dream.why should they undo everything by antagonizing these Precious and Lamb like Jews? d. And then from another angle, what are the insults which Christians themselves have not heaped on Jesus, that they should complain about Jews? That have made his cartoons, that have made his caricatures, that have made films of his sexual life, his passion. They have cursed him on stage, they have called him a myth, what is left for Jews to do. Compared to all what Christians have done to Jesus, what face have they to protest to Jews as to why they burned a few hundred or few thousand copies of scriptures? Does it make any sense? If you have any logic to refute my conclusion present your case.

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02. Muslims of Afghanistan have every right to Protest the Desecration of Quran by US and NATO forces. . a. First of all it is THEIR country and US and NATO forces should follow THEIR rules and customs and not vice versa. b. Secondly it was very callous for these US and NATO soldiers not to even know the basics of Islam despite being there for more than ten years. c. Do they not know how much Muslims love their Allah, their Prophet and their Quran. To do such things in Afghanistan shows that they even lack basic human values. 03. Yes I have heard about the Apology rendered by US and UN staff. It is as Hypocritic as their claim that They treat every one as equals And was it the First Time that they have to make similar Apology? a. They rendered one for Abu Gharib b. Then they apologized for Similar case at GITMO c. Then they apologized for those marines urinating on Taliban corpses. d. And now they Apologize for desecrating Quran e. And they Routinely Apologize for killing innocent men and woman and children. I think if we compile their List of apologies it would turn out to be a big book. 04. Our prophet said A Muslim is not stung from a hole seems we Muslims are used to be stung by this hole of Apology again and again 05. Or may be they do these acts to check How Much Muslims still love Islam and their prophet and Quran? That makes sense!! Allah Akbar!!

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Q136. [QUOTE who="AB s"] 01. Nice to know that if anyone knowingly kills a muslim and repents they will be okay by your non muslim Allah... 02. so Not to worry, muq, because according to you if you knowingly kill a muslim and repent you can be spared hellfire... 03. I'm sure George Bush and Dick Cheney have I guess they'll be seeing you and the muslims they killed in heaven... 04. I wonder if Saddam was sorry? What a nice gathering that would be wouldn't it? Saddam and George in heaven together... [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. Perhaps you did not understand the meaning of repentance and its consequences. Repentance is not you say with your lips I am sorry.Repentance is to your Lord from inside your heart and your real feeing of shame and sorrow for what you have done. It is between you and God and no third party is involved. Only God knows the state of heart of a killer. And repentance does not absolve you of any punishment due to you on this earth. So it is not a matter of glee. 02. If some one kills an innocent human and sincerely repents, and if God accepts his repentance, he will be saved from hell fire. There are so many IF s in there! How is anyone sure that God will accept his or her repentance? 03. I doubt if GWB the Great and Dick Cheney and their cronies have ever repented of their crimes. They keep on justifying their action in Iraq and boast about it. There is not least sign of repentance from any one of them. 04. And I cannot say about Saddam either. At least he got some punishment in this world, but GWB the Great and Dick Cheney might not get any punishment in this world (because of US people and US govt. protecting them). So they might get their full Quota of punishment in the hereafter and Saddam might get some what less. Allah Knows Best

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Q 137 [QUOTE who="Cheer"] 1. Why? Because Iran' s influence should not spread and the US is not alone in it's worry.. Russia has voiced rare "worry" over Iran's nuclear ambitions as the European Union brought forward a meeting of foreign ministers to decide whether to impose a potentially crippling oil embargo. Europe and Russia know the nuttiness 2. Sounds like a drop in the bucket compared to the Syrian slaughter, so why are you "bothering" with Palestine? President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing U.S. support for rebels seeking to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government, U.S. sources familiar with the matter said. Obamas order, approved earlier this year and known as an intelligence finding, broadly permits the CIA and other U.S. agencies to provide support that could help the rebels oust Assad. This and other developments signal a shift toward growing, albeit still circumscribed, support for Assads armed opponents - a shift that intensified following last months failure of the U.N. Security Council to agree on tougher sanctions against the Damascus government. [/QUOTE] Ans.

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1. What is wrong if Iran's influence spread? Do we complain if USA 's influence spreads? Every nation is trying to increase its area of influence, what is wrong if Iran also has the same aim? If you are really "worried" about Nuclear Weapons in that area, why this silence over Israel and its Nuclear Program? Why use double standard in the two cases? 2. I have pity for those Syrian Fighters for whose aid barrack Obama has issued Executive Order. God save these people from USA. Because it is not a long time when the same USA would launch attack on the SAME Syrian Fighters!! And Syrian Fighters are not alone in this, in fact EVERY country where USA helped became targets of its attack. Iraq: US helped Saddam during Iran and Iraq war and later US launched and destroyed the same Iraq and same Saddam. Iran: US first helped Shah and people of Iran and then became its enemy when Shah was overthrown. Now Iran is its # 1 enemy in religion and any time we may see US pounding Iran. Afghanistan: US helped Afghan People during Russian Invasion and has "washed out" its mistake for past 10 years by destroying the same country and the same people. Pakistan: US is "helping" Pakistan, but preparations are going on to attack Pakistan any day. The moment they get some relief from Afghanistan, Pakistan is their next Target. Saudi Arabia: It took less than 24 hours for USA to declare KSA from a trusted alley to Terrorist Nation at the aftermath of 9/11 attacks. It is not impossible for any New president to take revenge from KSA on the 9/11 attacks. So going by US history I have very high anxiety about these Syrian Fighters. US is no friend of these Fighters, what is wants is that Present Syrian Regime should go and then it would become enemy of the same people. US is no friend on any nation but Israel. And it is not friend of Israel because it likes Jews and Zionists. It is friend of Israel, because Jews and Zionists have taken USA by its balls!! They control its media and they control its finances!! If they control your Belly and they control your Mind, they have you by your Balls!!

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I really pity US people, they THINK they are free, they are not free, not by any standard. Q138. [QUOTE who="Shielaa"] 01. I have never been to Afghanistan but I know people who have done a tour of duty in Afghanistan. We are talking about Afghanistan not Saudi Arabia, do you think that they are the same country? 02. The Taliban believe in Allah so why do they destroy schools and kill defenseless women. This is the second time I have asked these questions and you have avoided answering them. Why is that ? 03. Before the Americans came women were not allowed an education. .. they want to be ruled. 04. I mentioned nothing about alcohol, dress apparel you brought that up to deflect from answering the questions that were asked of you. People have the right to freedom of choice, GOD GAVE THEM THAT RIGHT AND ISLAM TAKES IT AWAY. .. 05. You mention education in Saudi Arabia and yet there is no mention of equality of the sexes. Why can women not drive over there. I have many friends who worked over there as nurses in fact I had a position offered to me at the king Fahad hospital in Riyadh but due to the restrictions I chose not to accept the offer. 06. Why can Christians not build churches in Saudi and yet muslims .. 07. Where is the charity from the Arab states to help the people of Afghanistan? .. 08. Yes I do have a heart and that's why I support the education, improved health and the increased freedom that is now available to the people of Afghanistan.

[/QUOTE] Ans. As usual you are trying to increase the circle of our debate. I think that we having almost a one to one chat on this threat at last. A. Eye witness account:

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So you have not been to Afghanistan. There is nothing to be ashamed about it, because I have also never been to there!! Our reports are from what we see in the press. You get your info from the Western Press, who have their own ways and motives to show Taliban as Black as Possible. We read these reports and then what we see in our local press and make a middle path. While you continue in your wrong ways. B. Why Taliban Destroy Schools and kill Defenseless women: I am not sure that Taliban are against women education. When they were in power they opened many girls schools. What they are against is the way you people want to dictate your terms on girls education. You people forget that Afghanistan has a culture and social structure, you just cannot change that overnight. And Taliban killing defenseless women, killing of any innocent person is a big crime according to Islam. But punishing criminals is not a crime. In Islam the laws of Criminal justice are tough, but so is the system of witness. If an Islamic Court after trail and evidences pronounced its verdict, there is nothing wrong is it be implemented. 03. There was no women education and no health care before American arrived there? That is a tall claim to make!! I think it comes under bragging. Every nation has its own ways and its own means to health and education. You cannot compare a poor country like Afghanistan with wealthy countries like USA. But if your intentions were good, you would have earned the love and respect of local population, which you did not because your motives are not correct. You never pretended to be their friends by killing innocent men, women and children and then not feeling sorry for it but trying to justify it. 04. Saudi Arabia, Education and Equality of Sexes: Saudi Arabia gives education to girls. But we have different concept of equality of sexes than yours. Why you want to enforce YOUR version on them? As regards choice for dress, why all these Anti Hijab laws in European countries? Where the choice question goes?

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So basically you want Muslims to tow your lines in everything, so how they could remain Muslims? 05. You did not accept Job in Riyadh: It was your choice, but if you would have joined, you would have seen a different society than what you see in papers. You would have seen happy, content and beautiful faces of Saudi Women, you would have discussed with educated Saudi Women about Islamic rights given to women. Etc. But it was your choice and I do not want to comment more on it. 06. Christians and Churches in Saudi Arabia: This questions keeps on coming again and again, as if Christians in Saudi Arabia are dieing to get any Church opened there!! Most of them have abandoned Churches in their own countries and many do not enter there even once in their lives, but they want it essential that one (and many be built in Saudi Arabia). For answer there is not a single Christian citizen in Saudi Arabia, so why should they make any churches for them? And then which sect and denomination they should built the church for? 07. Arab Charity to Afghanistan: You say where is the Arabic Charity to Afghanistan. Who was funding that war against the Russians? When your objectives were achieved and you considered Afghanistan as your # 1 enemy and brow beated every one to stop sending any money to any one in Afghanistan, now you are complaining where is Muslims aid to Afghanistan? We are seeing how would you turn that country into a virtual heaven on earth!! 08: You do have a heart: Of course every one claims to have a heart. Even the Nazis supposed to have hearts. But it is the same heart which turns into stone and even harder than stone, when it is covered with bias, bigotry, hate and hatred against any people and nation. You think nothing about innocent men, women and children killed by your drone attacks, but would weep hours on seeing Taliban killing any US or NATO soldier of executing any criminal.

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PS: 1. Your reference to job in Riyadh, reminds me of a similar case I read on these threads. Have you picked up a new name recently? 2. I am posting you another reply which I gave to another person, on the same subject of Taliban and Islamic justice. Q139. [QUOTE who="TI"] 01. Theoretically on paper, like communism the system of islam looks appealing in some of its vindications. 02. But on practical level, a logical rational situation; the tattered countries that consider themselves houses of islam are embroiled in mass genocides over . 03. The west was once in this government state... around 200-300 years ago! 04. Now before you think I am pulling these out of thin air. .. Why are muslims are coming to the west 05. As an engineer, surely you could puts some realism in perspective and realise that what looks pretty and compact on paper is un-orderly and technical. [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. It is strange that you compare islam with Communism. Islam is being established as a way of life for more than 1400 years. And Communism failed as a practical way of life in mere 70 odd years. 02. For close to 1000 years islam has been the ruling system of the world. Its empire stretched from one part of the world to another. Muslims were leading in education, in science, in engineering, in philosophy , in medicine and in almost every branch of education. 03. that was the time when Europe was engulfed in deep darkness and the quality of life as well as their standard of education, their medicine system and every thing was just plain barbaric. 04. Then some 400 or 500 years back, the Europe started blinking, and started to take early walking steps, the impetus was given by the Muslim rule in Spain which was the learning Capital of Europe on those days.

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05. When Europe started awakening, Muslims started to go to sleep and slowly and slowly, European nations came to forefront and Muslim nations had a decline. The invention of Steam Power was the stage where the Muslims were left behind European nations. 06. So any one who has full view of world history and its development will not just pooh pooh the contribution of islam and Muslims in development of world. 07. And the fall in Muslims fortune has nothing to do with the teachings of Islam,. It is not islam which is reason for Muslims to be backward, it is just the opposite. 08. There was never a so called war between Church and Science in islam, When Islam was on Top, Muslim Science was also on top. In case of Christinaity it is just the opposite. When Europe was run by Christianity, the period is called Dark when the full light of Science and Knowledge is shining, Christianity has gone into the background. It is only for namesake that European nations are Christians. 09. So one can say that it was Christianity which was holding back the progress of Europe and it was islam which was the main reason for Muslim rise in every field. 10. The present day Muslims, majority of them any way, only provide lip service to islam. They are divided into nations and tribes and they fight mostly against each other, It is not islam which asks Muslims to get divided and fight against each other. The Muslim rulers are truly the worst amongst the whole lot of Muslims they are cruel self centered and ruthless, they would go to any length to save their rule over people. 11. But this is not the fate and destiny of islam in the long run. Muslims will get up and get united and rejoin in the faith of their Creator. The House of islam will rise again. This is a promise from our Creator and our prophet. Islam will enter into every house of this earth. 12. But when this shall happen, only Lord and Creator of Universe knows. When Uncivilized barbarians of Europe of 500 could turn into such super nice guys why cant the Unlearned Muslims of present time turn into the next Civilized Nation of the future? 13. Islamic teachings are intact, Quran is preserved in its pristine condition, life history and sayings and teachings of prophet are still preserved in their original condition. Raw material is present, what we need is a Spark, a Spark to re-kindle the frame of passion, passion to return back to their Lord and Please the Lord, rest every thing will be easy. Muslims have to leave behind their hypocrisy for islam, they have to become True Muslim. But when this shall happen? Allah Knows best!!

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Q140. [QUOTE who="NT"] 01. Correct me if I am wrong, aren't the Taliban living their life to the purest meaning of what Muhammad lived and ordered for all men to follow ? 02. So for a lady to be executed for being accused of being an adulterer by a Taliban who has just raped her and then called for her death can only be seen as what Muhammad would have done as the Taliban have done. [/QUOTE] Ans. You have asked two very important Questions, I wish some one other than me would have come forward to answer them instead of me. Let me address these questions in brief? A. Are Taliban following living their lives in accordance of 100 % of what our prophet preached? 01. The answer is simply no!! I doubt that any Muslim will brag and make such a big statement. 02. Our Prophets was a personality like no one else the world has seen!! He was the LAST person to use force if issues were to be solved by peaceful means. And even when using force, he would see to it that the loss of human lives were as low as possible. That is how he conquered the whole land of Saudi Arabia for an everlasting possession in ten years, with the loss of less than 1000 lives on both side!! 03. Look at the records of UN and NATO forces who are in Afghanistan . How much blood shed they have made and what are the results? The fundamental difference between our prophet and these nations is that they are having problem in their very attitude. They are no friends of Afghanistan and its people!! B. Islamic Criminal Law: 04. Our prophet implemented Islamic Criminal Law last and not first!! First he preached the people about fundamentals teaching of Islam. Then he cleansed their hearts, established Economic and Political System of Islam and THEN introduced Islamic Criminal Laws. That is why we find very few cases of theft and murder and adultery and fornication were brought to his judgment.

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05. But Taliban and other so called Islamic Extremist Groups want to START with the introduction of Islamic Criminal laws. 06. They forget that unless they have made proper s foundations and introduced Islamic laws on economy, trade, social justice, politics, mere introduction of Islamic Criminal laws would not be enough. 07. That is why we see that they are not successful in establishing Islam in any country they control or want to control. They are only satisfying their ego and not trying to emulate our prophets life or his teaching. 08. So the answer is that Taliban are not living their lives 100 % in accordance with what our prophet taught. They are trying to do it, but they lack the tactics. We do not deny their intentions. Allah Knows Best. B. Prophet and the punishment for adultery: 09. Your question is partially true. It is correct that punishment for adultery is death as per Islam. 10. But there are few conditions which should be addressed before the punishment is due. 11. First the act of Adultery, it is an act between male and female. So there should be two accused and not only one. How come in these cases we see only one accused and not the second one. 12. And the second one is that there should be four eyewitnesses to testify that they have seen with their own eyes the sexual act. Mere guesses are not enough. 13. And this punishment has to be given by an Islamic court where the judge would question the witnesses and give the chance to the accused to question the witnesses and prove their innocence. 14. It is not for any gang lord or any muscle man to condemn any one of the crime of adultery and become his own judge, jury and executioner. 15. And as usual before you establish Islamic Criminal Law you should first establish Islamic Political and Economic and Social system. Islamic Govt. are to make a country a welfare state and not a state of gloom and terror. 16. So our prophet has decreed that Adulterer and Adulteress should be condemned to death, but according to rule of law and not the rules of street justice.

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Q141 [QUOTE who="NT"] A. What I want to know is why is it so that the peoples of the worlds who all train their thoughts on the Supreme being same being Allah why be it so that everybody finds it necessary to find fault with others interpretation of their religions. B.. It is stated in Christianity that the "meek shall inherit the earth" so why is there so much killing going on in the name of their God ? [/QUOTE] Ans. The questions which you have asked are very interesting, and I hope you will pardon me if my answer is a bit long. It is very easy for people to blame others for faults of their own. A. Why so many religions? 01. Some people ask why there are so many religions in the world today if there is One Creator in this Universe. 02. How it be that same God will be author of so many religions, and so much confusion that is caused because of so many religions and each one claiming to be the Only true path and condemning all others. 03. The answer is that in truth there is only one true religion in the world and these different religions have been created and named by humans and not God. He is not the Creator of confusion and contradictions. It is humans who do that and then they try to implicate God with it. B. What are the fundamentals of religion and what are its practical forms. 04. The fundamentals of religion are only three things - Believe in One God and Worship Him alone and associate no one in His Worship and His Personality and His attributes. - Believe in Divine guidance, which comes thru the Prophets of God and follow your prophet for how to practice the religion. - Prepare for Last day where every one shall be called to account and has to give individual account of their good and bad deeds. 05. These are the fundamentals of religion, that do not change with time. C. Needs of Human Civilization change with time.

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06. It would be trying to play with truth, if one says that needs of human civilization do not change with time. 07. Starting with one human parents, their progeny spread into all parts of the world and they developed different languages and had different cultural needs. 08. That is why God sent to each people same guidance thru different prophets and send Divine Guidance in form of Holy Scriptures in different languages. 09. Teachings of all the prophets were same as to the three fundamentals and were different on the practical aspects depending on the needs of each society. 10. No one can find fault with God as to why prophets were sent into all nations and why scriptures were sent in different languages. 11. In old times, people did not have fast modes of travel and each nation lived in almost isolation with each other. There was no problem as people of one nation did not argue with each other on these things. D. Need for Unification of all so called religions: 12. But in Gods knowledge a time was to come when nations would interact with each other more frequently and there would be a need for Universal religion. 13. That is why He planned for a Universal Messenger and a Final Book so that people of different nations follow this Final Guidance. 14. Accordingly God asked each of His prophets to tell every nation about the Last Prophet and tell them expressively that they have to follow him, when he comes into the world. E. How the problem and division started: 15. The problem started when followers of one prophet refused to accept the mission and teachings of other prophet. 16. They got fixed to the teachings they had with them and started ridiculing other prophets and guidance which did not come thru their own group. 17. So the problem for conflict and confusion goes to these followers and not to God or any of the prophet of God. F. Examples of Jews: 18. Take for example the case of Jews and Christians. God sent guidance for Jews thru Moses and gave him Torah as guidance. 19. After death of Moses, God sent many prophets to Jews to keep them on right path and ask them to act on the basis of Torah. There is a long chain of prophets as mentioned in Bible and no need to mention their names.

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20. But when the time of Jesus came and situations had change so that a major revision of Torah was due, Jews by and large rejected Jesus and cut him and his followers off from their religion and became a closed group. 21. It can be shown that books of OT did forecast the advent of Jesus (though not in as much detail as Christian would like us to believe). 22. And the books of OT also mentioned the advent of Last Prophet (Deut. 18:18) for example, but when the Last Messenger came, Jews rejected him as they had rejected Jesus. G. Examples of Christians: 23. Jesus Christ was a major reformer of Jewish laws, but he brought no new religion. But since Jews had rejected him, he and his followers became an outcast and started their mission as a deviant group. 24. But after Jesus left, his mission was hijacked by St. Paul who changed the simple religion of Jesus, into something so complicated and philosophical that no one can understand it. 25. That was the division amongst Christians, which continued for many centuries. 26. But Jesus before he left the Earth did prophesize about Last Prophet (Comforter as mentioned in Gospel of John) who would lead the community into all truth. 27. But when the Comforter came (in the form of Last and Final prophet Mohammad (pbuh), Christians with one voice rejected him as Jews before them had done about Jesus. H. Examples of other religions: 28. It can be shown by the evidence of Hindu and Buddhists scriptures that each of them prophesized about the last and final Prophet of God, who will unite all humanity once again to a single religion. 29. But when the message reached to these people, they rejected the message and continued to stick to their old path. I. Who is to blame for so many religions and confusion? 30. From the above you can see, that blame for this division and confusion rests with the followers of prophets, who refuse to accept new truths coming from God. 31. The prophets and the scriptures are free from any blame and God also fulfilled His promise to provide Universal Guidance. That was my reply to first part of your question.

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J. The Meek shall inherit the earth: 32. Christians say that it is a quotation from Jesus, but in fact it is from David, that this quotation originates!. 33. In Quran the same is mentioned but as The Righteous Servants shall inherit the Earth... You can see the subtle change in Quran by replacing the word Meek with Righteous Servants. This becomes much more understandable and reasonable and logical. 34. This Inheritance shall be in the Hereafter , when the wicked people shall be sent to Hell Fire and the Righteous Servants of the Lord shall be left to live and inherit earth and what is in it. 35. People who are killing innocent people in the name of God are surely not the meek or Righteous servants, and they are certainly not going to inherit any thing but hell fire.

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Q 142. [QUOTE who="Paul"] 1. That is why true Muslims destroyed the dome of prophet Muhammad's house. They did not want to idol worship. 2. No, JESUS wants all humans to believe and follow HIM. GOD certainly knows what is in the hearts of Men and Woman, and will judge fairly on the last day. 3. Thanks again for educating me on Hadith. It reminds me of the Jewish Tulmud and Mishnah which was also passed down orally and then written years later. Sorry about the word Wahabi. Seems too me there is much in common with Judaism, Christianity and Islam, as well as some differences. [/QUOTE] Ans. 1. I do not know what are you trying to prove here. There is no command from our prophet to construct any building on any grave. And the house where prophet used to live in Madina is already absorbed in the prophets mosque. So in reality, there is no house of prophet in Madina which is present. He never built any house for himself. There were small chambers for his wives, in which he used to live. All those small chambers are now part of the prophets Mosque. I find it strange, you trying to educate me on islamic history and relics left by our prophet. 2. Jesus mission was not for entire human kind, his mission was only to the Lost sheep of the house of Israel as he told expressively not once but many times. But irrespective of that any one who sincerely follows teachings of Jesus and does not expressively reject the Last and Final prophet from God would get their reward from God. 3.Why only Talmud and Mishnah? Most of the worlds scriptures were first transmitted orally and then written down. Are you sure Moses could have written those five books of Bible which we see in our times. It was only Quran which was transmitted both in written form and orally. 4. I am happy that you understood. There is nothing like Wahabi in Islam. There is no one who calls himself as Wahabi.

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It is a nick name which some people try to pinpoint on some people and use it as a sort of insult and abuse. 4A. There are lots and lots of things common between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Islam was the term used by the past prophets, Judaism and Christianity are the terms which people concocted themselves and got divided into different religions. I wish you continue this discussion in the same spirit of learning and getting to know each other. Q143. [QUOTE who="Romney"] You are 100% correct. Bush just tortured and Obama murders. BTW: Why did the Wahhabi religion desecrate the graves of great Muslims throughout history, including the prophet Muhammad? [/QUOTE] Ans. I did not know that any Wahabi desecrated any grave of any past Islamic scholar. I did not know any Wahabi desecrated the grave of the Holy Prophet. I even do not know who is Wahabi. I checked in all books of Islamic Jurisprudence and I did not find this world. Can you please tell us, what is this term and what does it means?

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Chapter-8 On Islam, Women and their Rights

Q.144 [QUOTE who="Advocate"] Lilith is in the original Hebraic inscriptions as well as Christian literature, but she is much ignored in the later. What are your theories as to Quranic retellings of the creation of women? ...Now that I think about it, you might want to be interested in joining an interfaith studies programme. You know, discuss Quranic writings with Talmud scholars and Bible scholars. [/QUOTE] Ans. Quran does not say anything specific about how Eve was created. Quranic approach as usual is to speak in general terms, giving hints here and there, but it does not explain how it was done. Because the aim of Quran is to guide people, not to teach them biology, Medicine , or Science. Quran says O Mankind, fear your Guardian Lord. Who created you from a single person, created out of it, his mate, and from these two scattered (like seeds) countless men and women. (4:1) And at many places Quran says that Allah made your mates from your own kinds. Quran is silent if Eve was created from the ribs of Adam or not. About Adam, Quran says that he was created out of dust then Allah blew Soul into it and it came to life. This might agree with what we find written in Bible also. Adams evolution from animals is not acceptable nor hinted anywhere in Quran or sayings of prophet. However in a prophetic tradition, women are referred to as like a rib, if you try to straighten them, they will break, so best way is use them with that bulge But that refers to women folk at large, not how Eve was created. I would be interested in Interfaith study, but it should have a purpose and not to do down any ones faith or blame any one.

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Jews, Christians and Muslims have many things in common, these are three of the most Monotheistic religions in the world, it is unfortunate that they are fighting amongst themselves as trying to do down each other. We should talk about the things which are common amongst ourselves and not which are different. With that aim, if any interfaith dialogue or study is taken, I will surely join it. Q145. [QUOTE who="AB s"] 1. Here is one for you, did you know that women who wear proactive clothing are asking to be raped? Police in Swaziland are cracking down on rapeby putting women in jail. Authorities in Africa's last absolute monarchy have issued a ban on "rape-provoking" clothing, including miniskirts, midriff-revealing tops, and low-rise jeans, the AFP reports. Women caught wearing such clothing will be arrested, and face six months in jail. "The act of the rapist is made easy, because it would be easy to remove the half-cloth worn by the women," a police spokeswoman explained. 2. Muq, your former country of India in the news... Dozens of Jews who claim to be the descendants of a lost biblical Jewish tribe have emigrated to Israel from their village in northeastern India. The Bnei Menashe say they are descended from Jews banished from ancient Israel to India in the eighth century BC. An Israeli chief rabbi recognized them as a lost tribe in 2005 and about 1,700 moved to Israel before the government stopped giving them visas.

[/QUOTE] Ans. 1 . There are many factors which contribute towards rape and no one can single out a "single" reason that is only responsible for rape. I can point out following factors that contribute in cases of rapes: a. The mentality of Criminal persons. A rapist has a criminal mind and that is the most important factor in any rape.

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b. Alcohol, it is a major factor in every case of rape. Very few cases can be found where the criminal or his victims were not under the influence of Alcohol or Narcotic drugs. c. Free mixing of sexes, and dance and drink parties. d. Revealing and provocative clothes worn by women and their "flirting" with men in parties. e. Films, pornography and violence and sex one sees on TV and other media , day in and day out. f. Difficulty and hurdles made by society in easy marriage and easy divorce. And ban on Polygamy. g. Lack of stringent and deterrent punishment for criminal and lack of speedy dispensing of justice. h. Lack of fear of Final Day of Judgment, in which every one shall give their account before their Creator. No doubt that Islam addresses "each one" of these root causes so that if Complete Islamic code is applied, the cases of rapes shall come to very low level. But they will not become Zero, because there are "extreme criminal minds in every society" 02. Yes Jews are "searching" world wide over their "lost brethren" They would go to "any length" to find them. This is very commendable Then on the "other hand" they do not see the killing, violence, oppression and injustice that goes almost daily under their own nose!! That is what Jesus said "You look for straws in others eyes and forgot the log in your own eyes". They are looking for their long lost brethren while committing horrible crimes against their "elder cousins". This is What happens when you practice racism.

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Q146. [QUOTE who="JT"] I asked a very simple question weeks ago and you ignored it. I asked again, and you ignored it. You do it to lots of people. Here, again, is my question. You stated that women should be veiled in order to prevent mutual lust or temptation or something like that. I pointed out that your comment made no sense - how could "mutual" temptation be prevented if only women were veiled? The women can still see the men, no? Why aren't both men AND women veiled? [/QUOTE] Ans. You asked a very good and valid question, I am sorry if I did not answer it in the first place. Now there are two levels of answers to your question, let me try to answer them to the best of my knowledge and abilities. A. First Level: 1.When you get an express order from the law maker, it is for you to obey it and do not let your obideince linked with your understanding of the logic and justification. 2. So when we get an express order from Allah and His Messenger on the level of Hijabs for men and women we as a Muslim must follow it, without asking questions, other wise we are not a Muslim. 3. It is like in your country when the Parliament passes the laws on taxation and limits and percentage, you have to pay it. It might look justified or not, but you pay thru your noses otherwise you go to jail The same applies for all the laws and decrees passed by parliament or executive orders issued by your presidents and Prime Ministers. Some times they look idiotic to you (most of the time any way), but still you obey them. B. Second Level: But since we are assured that our Creator is Wise and Just and Deals with equity, NONE of His orders and decrees and whimsical and not based on Wisdom and

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Justice. So we try to look for the reasoning and wisdom behind His decrees, but with humility and obedience. So let us try to analyze the issue of Veil in this way: 4. There is no doubt sexual attraction between a man and an unknown women, when they see each other. It is from nature and you cannot remove it fully, you have to make provision that works of the world goes on while temptations are kept to minimum. 5. So in the first place, the spheres of workings for men and women are separate from each other, so men and unknown women do not come in contact with each other unnecessarily. 4. Then a dress code is made for both men and women. Dress code for men is what would allow them to do their work and for women to do their job. 5. Both men and women are ordered to lower their grazes and guard their private parts when they come in contact with each other. 6. Moreover the women are advised to cover their bodies so no stranger sees their beauty. No doubt women see the men, but God has placed more modesty (called HAYA in Arabic) in women than in men. That is what let tehm control their emotions. 7. We see that in most cases it is men who kidnap women, do rapes and fornication and commit other types of violent crimes against the body of women. The percentage of women doing such acts is very less (even in this Modern and Free for All society). 8. That could be the reason why women are advised to cover up their entire body and not males. And in the end Allah knows Best PS: I have taken more space to answer your post, so as to compensate for my earlier mistake!!

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[Q147. QUOTE who=" "] [/QUOTE] Ans. In France after picking groceries in the supermarket, a Hijabi sister stood in the line to pay. After a few minutes, her turn came up at the checkout counter. The checkout girl was a non-Hijabi Arab Muslim girl, began to scan the items of the Hijabi sister one by one, and after a while looked at her with arrogance and said: We have many problems in this country & your Hijab is one of them! We, immigrants, are here for trade and not to show our Religion or history! If you want to practice your Religion and wear Hijab then go back to your Arab country and do whatever you want!!" The Hijabi sister stopped putting her grocery in the bag and lifted up her Hijab The checkout girl was in total shock. The Hijabi girl who was blonde with blue eyes told her: "I am a French girl, not an Arab immigrant. This is my country and THIS IS MY ISLAM. You born Muslims sold your Deen and we bought it from you!" Q148. [QUOTE who="Eric"] This is interesting. Can you please share where the Quran states that the woman's entire body is a private part and not for men? I can understand say neck to knees but why head and lower legs? Where is that written for women and not men? [/QUOTE] Ans. To understand Quran, you should use Islamic methods and not your own self defined methods. Quran lays down the basic law and Prophetic Traditions and Actions of prophet and his companion tell us about the practical aspect of that law.

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That was the reason for God choosing a human as a prophet, otherwise He would have simply sent down a bound book which would descend one fine morning on top of Kaaba, so that every one can pick up that book and get all guidance. Quran Ch 24, V 30 & 31 tell about the basic guidelines that speak about Hijabs for both Muslim men and women. The basic wordings in both verses are same, verse 30 says Say to believing men to lower their gazes and guard their modesty.. The verse 31 says the same for Women; And say to believing women to lower their gaze and guard their modesty. Then in Verse 31 there are some extra details for women, which is not present in Verse 30, indicating that modesty for women is little different from men. For example in verse 31 we find the sentence except what (ordinarily) appear thereof. And then there is a list of persons which are exempted. That all shows that Hijab for men and women are different from each other. Then we look the books of Tradition and we find many sayings from prophet that say For men the private parts are from navel to knee and for women her entire body is privates So Muslim men appear in public with (at least) their navel to knees covered and Muslim women appear in public with their whole bodies covered. I do not know that whether Muslims have understood their Quran better or people like you, who cannot understand why head and lower legs are to be covered for women!! Did you ever ponder on St. Pauls injunction that women should cover their heads while in the House of God? Why should western men and women normally wear hats when in public (and why during Ascot Horse races)!! ? (in old days at least, now I think wearing hats would also become a taboo in western countries)

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Q149. Hijab, who is really in Hijab? : Mary Walker, British Family Television Note: The following is based on the report of Mary Walker, a reporter from British Family TV, who toured many Muslim countries during the filming of serial Living Islam . Her observations present a different picture of Muslim women, that what we regularly hear in the Main Stream Media. This is translated from Urdu from the Paper DAWAT dated 25 April, 2012 MUQ 01. The first women whom I met (during filming of my series) was the wife of an educated man in Mali. Her husband was running an organization that was engaged in calling the poor people in that country to Islam. His wife was an educated and very smart lady, who had earlier been following western style of living. She was married to a diplomat. But she divorced him and change her life style to a real Muslim and was fully dressed in Islamic Hijab. According to me she had prisoner herself into a prison from which there was no escape. But I was unable to see any walls of the prison and there was no prisoner in sight. What was seeing was a fully content women who was made to rule. Her kingdom was her home and no one interfered in it. She was fully content and confident to take care of her kingdom. This put me on a thinking path. 02. My Next stop was in Nigeria, where I interviews two Muslim women ZARINA and FATIMA. But I had to attend a Womens only party to meet these women. I found that both these women were highly educated and were early living life in western style and then they changed themselves and took up Islamic way of life. I was feeling myself a novice in this atmosphere, because no men were present in the meeting. Myself and my cameraman were also fully covered so that no one can see them. Women in the party started speaking and what they said put me on the road of thinking of our own values. They said that Hijab is a sign to reject a society where women is degraded. It is Islam which has granted women real freedom. In Western society women is forced to display her body, which is unjust. 03. After meeting and other educated Muslim women who were observing Islamic Hijab, I came to conclusion that In West we are going towards extreme. Women there spent lot of time and money to just look attractive to male people, with whom they have no relation at all. Impact London

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Q150. [QUOTE who="WW Man"] Wrong answer muslim cousins marrying cousins is common in UK the was a radio program highlighting the problems being caused by their handicapped offspring. Arranged and forced marriages forced marriages dont happen ,they do in the UK as some girls are removed from school and transported to Pakistan in particular filthy practice by filthy people all to gain the pittance of a bride fee. Of coarse this does not happen in India Iran. Just like mug never lies? Why are you so scared of the truth? [/QUOTE] Ans. First of all there is nothing wrong in marriage between cousins. If you want to ask I will show you that many of the Jewish prophets married their first cousins. And any marriage between First Cousins is not de-facto cause of medical diseases. This could only happen when a series of First Cousin marriages are held in any society and chances of such happening are very rare in any society. In Islam it is not must that you marry your first cousin, it is only allowed and I can show you thousands of cases in my knowledge where the marriage was not held between cousins. There is nothing wrong per see if an arranged marriage takes place. The parents of girl and boy are not their enemies that they would knowingly spoil the lives of their children. The basic thing is the free consent of both boy and girl in the marriage and Islam asks that the consent should be freely given by both boy and the girl. If some Muslims do not follow Islamic teachings, you cannot find fault with the islamic teachings which are best and most balanced in the world. I deplore this idea where your media takes one or two of such cases and produces a documentary knowing fully well that zombies like you would drink that documentary as the Gospel Truth and make that documentary as part of their belief system. No doubt people like you are shame to your own religion and your country be getting brainwashed so easily.

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Q151. [QUOTE who="WWM"] Irrespective it is a yoke around her neck welter at 14 when the young girl should be finishing her school she is married to ac 30+ year old man or married of to a cousin for the bride fee. [/QUOTE] Ans. There is no law that a women Must be married when she reaches the age of 14. The eligibility criterion does not mean that every girl is married at that age. What is the age of marriage in western Society? Do you mean to say that every western women is married when she reaches that age? What sort of sick argument is that which you are proposing? Q152. [QUOTE who="FF"] If you have a daughter. I just hope for your daughter's sake, that your daughter's mother does not see her Daughter if she was menstruating at age of 9 or even up to age of 16 that she is now a woman. Would you MUQ hand over your daughter's hand in marriage at the age of 13 presuming she has had her menses for the past 2 months to the local Imam, or Mufti? Facts are that statistically Indian women have their menses around 12.7 years. If you answer is yes to the above question, I would say MUQ you are a mentally sick man. [/QUOTE] Ans. The Question is not what I will do as an individual. The Question is what is law and if someone does a thing, is it lawful on unlawful. Like in Western countries, once you reach the age of 18, you are free to marry.

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Does EVERYONE is west marries when he or she becomes 18? No, it is as per their choice. But no one can put a blame of any one marrying once they reach that age. So is in islam, the Legal age of marriage is when they have reached the age of marriage. If some one marries before the age of marriage, it is unlawful , otherwise it is allowed. I know all this discussion about age is to malign our prophet and his marriage to Lady Aiyesha. That is why I am giving you a legal answer, that there was nothing unusual and anything which can blame our prophet for marrying someone who had reached the natural age of marriage. If you call that sickness, then I am proud to be a sick man!! Q153. [QUOTE who="Advocate"] 01. And how, exactly, are you such an expert on Western nations? 02. Saudi Arabia, with all its pretensions of morality, is little more than a hub for drugs and prostitution. 03. You can't really say it's any better than the next nation because they have the same problems: 04. Again, you can't argue for the "purity" of the KSA because it's a repressive nation. And that includes women's' rights. Women shouldn't be held back, they aren't jus baby making machines; they are sentient people like you and me. [/QUOTE] Ans. 01. Same way you people have become "Expert" on Islamic way of life!!

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02. I did not know that Saudi Arabia is a hub for drugs and prostitution. When I checked it last, it is a hub for all Muslims from all over the world, to come for pilgrimage. And I never spoke about Saudi Arabia in my post, I always talked about Islam and its teachings. Islam is not what Saudis do and say. It is Saudis that are judged as to how much they are following teachings of Islam. 03. Which nation does not have any problem, why do you expect Saudi Arabia or Saudis to be Ideal? 04. I never even mentioned the name of Saudi Arabia in my entire post, and for your info I am an Indian engineer working in Saudi Arabia. In Islam, women are not mere "baby making machines". They are active members of society. But their roles are different from men's. In Islam, women are treated as per the way Nature has created them, in your system, you put "Double burden" on women, the real sufferers are women themselves who have to share the double burden. It is the men who are happy to "see women working in offices, factories, industries AND in HOMES too" The people who started this 'Women's Freedom Movement" were MEN and not WOMEN!! The REAL beneficiaries of Women Freedom Movement are MEN and not WOMEN!!

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Q154. [QUOTE who="COR"] In civilized society, laws ensure EQUAL rights for all. Not so in barbaric Islamic societies. Telling women their place is at home and not where they want it to be is primitive and inherently unfair. You truly are incapable of reason, but we already knew that. [/QUOTE] Ans. I have yet to see a society where ALL laws are equal for men and women. In EVERY country and in EVERY society there are special laws for women, for children and for aged. They get special privileges which are not available to others. So how can you say ALL Laws are equal for men and women. To say that womens role are in house, is no insult. This is what they have been created for. And it is not us who defines roles of men and women. It is our Creator and He knows much better than we can ever know. What you call as your reasoning is not reasoning at all. If you could prove than men and women are equal physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and by any standards you can analyze. You will find that nature have made them complimentary to each other and not directly competing against each other. This PERFECT EQUALITY Model, is wrong from every angle and that is why there has been no society and there shall never be any society where men and women are EXACTLY equal. Tell me in which profession there is exact 50-50 % balance between men and women in ANY country of the world?

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Q155. [QUOTE who="FF"] Muslims have repeatedly claimed that Muslim women have more rights in Islam then Western women do in Canada and the USA. The proof you supplied with the fact that Islam gave women the right to vote 1400 years ago but women in the West only got the right to vote 100 years ago. My question is: The mother of Islamic countries still do not have the right to vote, so much for women equal rights. Saudi ArabiaWomen were not given the right to vote or to stand for the local election in 2005, although suffrage was slated to possibly be granted by 2009,[84][85] [86] then set for later in 2011, but suffrage was not granted either of those times.[87] In late September 2011, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud declared that women would be able to vote and run for office starting in 2015.[36] 2. Muslims teach Muhammad was sinless. However the Koran specifically limits the number of wives a Muslim man can marry to 4. Yet Muhammad married at least 12 women. My question is: Is Muhammad above the very law he gave in the Koran and isnt the definition of sin violating the law of God? [/QUOTE] Ans. A. Women have More rights than men?: I do not know any Muslim \scholars saying that women in Islam have more rights than men. What I know, Muslim scholars saying that Islam gives women more rights than any other religion or any other society. Rights in Islam between men and women are distributed according to their roles and duties and responsibilities in the society. In areas which are under mens sphere they have more rights than women and in areas which are under womens sphere, they have more rights than men. That balance is missing in other religions and in other societies. They are like pendulum, they go from one extreme to another extreme. Either they treat women as plaything and tool for enjoyment and deny her any rights, that is one extreme, then they swing and start saying that men and women are equal and there is no difference between the two, what men do, women must also do, that is another extreme.

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The Fine Balance which is in Islam is missing in all religions and all societies. B. Prophet was a Sinner (God Forbid) because he married 12 women: I do not know from where this idea came that person having more than one wife is a sinner? Before Islam came to Arabia, there was no restriction on number of wives which a person could have (there is no limit to number of wives in Bible also) Quran restricted it to four (provided they could do justice between wives).. but gave the Prophet a special privilege to have more than this limit. I do not know by which logic you deduced that prophet was a sinner (God Forbid for me saying so), because he married 12 women? And I do not know where he violated the law of Quran? The exception is also mentioned in Quran!! And that shows your depth of Quranic knowledge, which is skin deep or even thinner.

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Q156. [QUOTE who="NT"] 1. We have all tried that and look where it has got us. The Australian age, in what terminology 2. It was reported in the press that women in some Middle Eastern country could not get their justice as it is written in the Quran. In the court system of that country and the persons judging them don't respect women's rights set down by the Quran so what do they do to remain true to Muhammad if others choose to hinder them ? [/QUOTE] Ans. 1. People do not sincerely look for guidance. If they search it with open mind and without bias, they shall find it. People usually claim that they have tried to look it but were unable to find it, but they are speaking half truth. They want to adhere to their own views (even while trying to search for truth in other system) and raise real or imaginary objections (which are present in their current system also). That is why they are unable to conclude any thing and continue in double mind. You set some standard and on that standard you check all the systems without bias and with open mind. There are very bright chances that you will find the truth. Afterall how could God, our Creator would have made finding truth so difficult, which is so essential to pass test of our lives? 2. I do not know what are you referring to. How much detail was in media and how much was suppressed we do not know. When it comes to media, we cannot trust western media, the reporters do not know about Islam, they mix news with views and comment so negatively, that no one knows what were the real issues. I know how difficult is for you people, who have no access to Islam except thru these biased media reports to know truth about Islam and Muslims.

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That is why I do not find fault with common Western People. They are honest, they are sincere and they are hardworking. They do want to help the poor and needy and they do not want confrontation. However it is their media, which misleads them and corrupts their minds and colors their views . And Western People's weakness to their media is as old as their civilization!! So I really do not know, what is the solution to this vexed problem.

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Q158 [QUOTE who="Frijoles"] 1. Institutional discrimination is when an institution or dominant group promotes discrimination. For example, the reason, until recently, that most veterinarians were male was because men controlled the entry and hiring into the profession. Once there was a critical mass of female applicants, women gradually worked themselves up the rungs of the profession, served on recruitment, admission, and hiring committees, and opened the gates, Now female veterinarians outnumber male veterinarians 2:1. Institutions take generations to change in this manner. 2. An interesting comment But I asked for scientific information - references to a scientific article, or a summary of a scientific article - that provides data and mechanism for the support of the idea that women are inferior to men. Not different - but inferior. If you want to broaden the question so as to make it scientifically meaningless, then I would follow up and THEN ask you WHY you are basing your views on a meaningless framework??? And then there is the second question - What is the basis behind your views that homosexuality is unnatural. [/QUOTE] Ans. 1. So you have to wait for many more Generations till this Institutional Discrimination is finished from your society and you will see every where 50-50 divide between males and females. Your guess is as good as mine, but let me tell you that it is only a pipe dream and there never will come a day when men and women share each and every job 50-50. When nature made them different, they shall always remain different. You can make them equal only thru force as Communists tried to distribute wealth equally, and every one knows what happened to that theory.

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In the same way this Male - Female equality bubble will be burst. And it might surprise you to know that the opposition shall come from women themselves!! When they will realize that they were taken for a sucker and had double load thrown on them!! And you are right, it will take a few generations to work that out. By that time, both of us will be in our graves and we might get a feedback in our graves as to which one of us was right!! 2. Now coming to your second question, as to why I think that homosexuality is Unnatural. This is on the same logic as why males and females are not equal. When something is so obvious, I marvel that people should demand proofs!! When nature created males and females, the pairings were already decided!! To have a male-male or female female pairing would go against the very grain of nature!! And I think you people take Nature as your god!! So why you go against your god and do something which is against nature? If some odd cases of male-male or female-female sex orientation are discovered, they would only be exception and not a general rule. I just cannot think how Big brains like you try to project aberration and exceptions as General Rule? May be my posts are going over your head, but I cannot help it. Science is a tool according to me and not a god or an object of worship!!

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Q158. [QUOTE who="Frijoles"] Thank you for your answer. (I am tempted to say "it is a miracle", but I am holding my tongue) I think in the case of ZamZam it is probably also a miracle that no one has either detrimentally paved over its recharge zone (yet) or fowled its waters through an accidental spill. I have to say I was impressed with the hydro geological analysis in the linked webpage by those Saudi engineers - the Saudis are not very well known internationally for any type of scientific prowess (usually they import the expertise). [/QUOTE] Ans. I think it was also a miracle for God to choose the site for Zam Zam well in the area where it would not be accidentally damaged by the hands of men!! The Zam Zam Well is working because so far no human hand tried to locate and Widen its path etc. That is another miracle that such a well is in continuous operation for past 4000 years. As regards studies by those Saudi Engineers, you do not know how many foreigners actually worked in the project and collected data to Saudi people. But you should not underrate Saudi Engineers not very long ago they were teaching your people the a, b, c of science and technology and medicine and geology and geography and hydrology!! But bad times come in the life of every nation. Too much Poverty and then too much wealth have changed their way of living and working and learning. Allah Knows Best.

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Q159 One Time Solution for Jewish Problem in the ME!! A One Time Exchange Offer!! Hurry !! Hurry!!! A. The Problem: Any one who has any experience with Posts on this and other threads, would conclude one thing without least doubt and that is: Western Countries and their (White) population more than fed up with Muslims coming and residing in their countries. It is their Extreme wish that all these Muslims leave their country once and for all and they do not wish to meet, see or talk to any Muslim as long as they live (How strange that a mere 100 years back most of these White people were out in droves colonizing every Muslim country. Now it seems that they have had their stomach full and do not want to do any thing with Muslims , except of course, as a Live target practice for their latest developed or under development weapons) B. The Proposed Solutions: Whatever might be the reason, the curernt situation is that these White Nations do not want any thing to do with their Muslims, but they do not know how to tackle this problem. They are proposing different solutions, like some one saying that we stop all new Muslim immigration, some says that we return each and every criminal to their country of origin, and some one says that we must return every extremist and fundamentalist Muslim and only keep moderate and cultured and civilized Muslims (Like Sir Salman Rushdie & co. types of Muslims, where else they could go but to White Christian countries, poor guys).

But these are superficial and temporary solutions and they will not the problem totally. C. My Solution, Give and Take: Every one knows that we do not live in ideal world and often forced to make compromises to get what best we can.

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Now here is one proposal from my side, which I think goes much beyond even the wildest dreams of these people.

A. Let Each and Every Muslim residing in any Western Country (Europe, North America and Australia, NZ etc.) be sent back to Muslim nations of Asia, Africa and Arabia. Not a Single Muslim should be left in any White Christian Country!! (Mouth watering!! Yes !!).. this is the flip side. B. But as nothing in the world is free or without repercussions , so there is a flop side also to the solution and that is: In Return Each and Every Jew living in any Muslim country and in Muslim lands should be deported to these White Countries. Not a Single Jews will be left behind in any Muslim country D. Win Win Situation for every one: And this is a Win-Win situation for every one, because: 1. White people will get rid of so many millions of Pesky and uncultured and non civilized Muslims and in their place get 6 or 7 millions highly educated, intelligent, civilized and battle scarred Jews. These Jews would develop these White Christian countries (like they transformed that Palestine, from waste land and dump land to one where rivers of honey and milk are flowing). 2. Muslims will get rid of Jews and will have nothing else to do but fight and kill each other and may be after 100 years of so, they kill each other and become extinct!! But the time of this One Time Offer is limited!! So I want every one to raise and vote on this proposal!! What you say, you guys?

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Q160 A strange case of Names Reversal!! No one has realized it of course, but it seems that there has been a personality reversal and all Non Muslims have become Muslims and all Muslims have become Non Muslims!! You do not believe it? This is what I discovered: A. Who is a Muslim:? While describing the Qualities of Muslims, Quran says that one of their essential qualities is that they say We Hear and We Obey (2:285) If we look at Non Muslim of today, they Hear and Obey their leaders. When their leaders say Go to war they line up and initiate war. When their Press writes any thing, they just accept it, have firm believe in it and take it as 100 % truth. The same is their faith on their TV News and what their experts come and say on TV screens. Looking by every standard, they are perfect example of We Hear and We obey what a Muslim should be, so they have got the essential quality of what a Muslim should be. They could pass for a Muslim. B. Essential Quality of Non Muslims: While describing Jews Quran says that one of their qualities is that they say We Hear and We Disobey (2:93) If we look at Muslims of our time, they are perfect example of We hear and we disobey They hear the message of Quran and then they do not act on it. They hear the sayings of Prophet and then they disobey it. They hear the clear teachings of Islam on every thing, but they disobey it. They listen to the calls of their leaders, their News Paper and their TV experts and nothing happens to them. Without doubt they are perfect example of We Hear and We disobey

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C. And what is the end result:? Quran says And you must gain mastery if you are true in Faith (i.e. you are Muslim) (3:139) So a Muslim will be the upper in every thing he does and that will be their positions in the world. When the Muslims were really Muslims, they were on top of the world. But now when they have taken the qualities of Non Muslims and Non Muslims take the qualities of Muslims, the positions are reversed. Quran and Allah do not tell lie!! Let every one analyze present day Muslims and Non Muslims!!

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