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Purpose: The purpose of the training is to ensure that all employees have requisite skills to do their job effectively and plan for their development keeping in view of their career aspirations and other future resource requirement of department 2. Scope: Applicable to employees across the organization at all levels as per their Training Need Identification 3. Responsibility: The overall responsibility for establishing, documenting, implementing and updating this procedure lies with Head Training. 4. Procedure Steps: Sr No 1 1.1 Activities Training needs identification Training needs are identified at the following stages: At recruitment stage Any immediate training needs are identified and discussed by the Line Manager and Training Team and are organized during the first six months of employment wherever possible. During the employees induction when Line Manager and employee are setting initial targets and objectives. Reference Responsibility Training Head

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At appraisal - training needs are identified with the following years objectives and will tie in with the corporate plan and/or any anticipated corporate change or projects to ensure competency and skill levels Every six months a competency assessment would be carried out thorough an on line assessment tool to identify the development areas for our employees. At the time of when an employee is being given additional responsibility either on a temporary or permanent basis, or being given responsibility for a particular project. Personal development needs will be identified by the individual concerned and could include a course of study or activity, which would give an individual greater understanding of the Organizations involvements and activities. The Organization may contribute to personal development by: Sponsoring fully or partially to the cost of the course or essential materials Providing the employee study leave

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All employees will complete a minimum of 8 man-days of training in a year. The mix of behavioral and functional would differ as per the level of the employee. Planning for the training program Based on the above-identified training requirements, a training calendar is prepared. The training calendar would comprise of the following: Training Programs Tentative Dates and Duration Faculty (Internal or External) Venue (Internal or External) No. of participants Cost of the program. Inviting nominations to the program depending on training needs identified A Note / E-Mail is sent to relevant departments containing the schedule of the training programme and the list of the personnel from that department identified for the training. The training team would send communication on the programme to the employee and his superior atleast two weeks in advance to enable him plan and schedule his work better. For programs based on special requirements/ open programs,

Training Calendar

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Training Head

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Activities nominations are invited In case there is any change of dates of the programme, the same is communicated to the relevant departments through a IOM / E-mail and confirmation is received The employees superior will nominate him/ her for the training program based on the following: A Need based program (Organizations Requirement) As per the employees competency assessment Any Specific training for the employees development Other than in exceptional circumstances any cancellation would not be entertained and the debit of the training cost will happen to the division. Any absenteeism or any indiscipline shown during the training will be viewed very seriously and in turn will impact the employees appraisal. In case an employee is deputed for an external course he or she would submit a Xerox copy of all the study material received during the course along with a copy of the certificate if any received during training to the training team. Faculty & content assessment The Faculty and Content Assessment before the start of the program, would comprise of the following Communicating with vendors the training requirements and inviting their proposals for the same Faculty and Content assessment for all need and competency based training programs, in case of both internal as well as external programs. In case of Soft Skill/ Behavioral training, the panel for faculty and content assessment would be members from Human Resources and the training team. In case of any Functional / Technical Training, the panel for faculty and content assessment would be HODs or members from the specific departments Certifying the training module and the trainer after assessment and minutes prepared for the same Communicating certain guidelines to the trainer with respect to the expectations from him/ her. This would involve: Preparation of training module as per the needs specified by the in-house training team Giving the entire proposal to the team along with the commercials to the team Making arrangements for all the training material by way of Xeroxing of booklets, exercise, and also procurement of any other training material required. Being there at the programme venue right from the start of the event till the end Collecting the evaluation forms duly filled in from the participants and handing them over to the training team. The training material such as Games, Exercises, Books, Video Cassettes, CDs, Audio Cassettes etc. will be kept in a central training inventory with the Peoples Office and will not be removed without that training departments permission Training Implementation The training is conducted based on the Agenda for the programmes Customized Programs are made to address the generic and immediate needs communicated to the learning and development department by the HODs or programs as per Management Directives Measuring and following-up Results The training effectiveness is measured as follows Internal Assessment The Human Resources and the training team will gather feedback from the trainee participants and


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Activities the faculty that will help in evaluating the training program. Trainees will be required to complete an evaluation form and/or give verbal feedback to the HR and Training Team regarding the course content, organization and the quality External Assessment Managers will be asked for feedback in terms of improvement or changes in the trainees performance particularly in the areas in which they have received the training. Transferability of learning by sharing the know-how acquired from the training program to fellow colleagues Training and development undertaken will be reviewed in the appraisal system as part of the competency assessment. Managers to ensure that each employee reporting to them have requisite job specific skills and once they possess the same they should plan for their development Training MIS A monthly training MIS would be prepared, which would be sent to all the division heads. The training calendar would be tracked for the trainings planned vis--vis training programmes conducted Records Training records will be kept in employees personnel files for all corporate training, whether in-house or external and on personal development. The information will include details on course content, cost and purpose of the training. Based on the training needs identified and relevant training programs being conducted, the details for the same are mentioned on the Training Plan for all employees In case any training session does not happen according to the Training Plan, that particular training session is carried into the next Training Plan made and it is ensured that the defaulted training session is completed within the first month of the new Training Plan On completion of all types of training, the Training History Card for the employee is updated. The Training Plan is updated after the completion of training planned. In case of pending requirements the same may be carried forward if the need persists.



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5. Training: Wherever applicable, training to be provided to the people responsible to carry the above mentioned functions smoothly in their respective divisions. These training needs will get identified as per the training need identification process. 6. Resources: All necessary resources required to perform the above mentioned activities would be provided to all as part of their work environment and work infrastructure. 7.Verification and Validation: The work environment procedure would be reviewed and validated every quarter by: Senior Management Audit Team for process compliances Process owners / PCMM Steering Group 8. Measurements:

The following measurements will be used to determine the status of the above procedure and its effectiveness. These measurements will be done once in three months. Training programme status: Number of training programs conducted / total number of training programs planned) * 100. Training feedback resolution efficiency: Number of training feedback resolved / total number of training feedback received) * 100. 10. Records: S No 1 Record Title Record No. File Name/No Training File Location Peoples Office / Divisional HR Peoples Office / Divisional HR Maintained by Sr. Executive (Atleast) Retention Period Till Employment Ceases Till Employment Ceases


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9. Appendix: List of Approved External Trainers