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Reg.No: P.S.V.



First Semester GE2111 ENGINEERING GRAPHICS Time: Three hours Session:AN (Regulation 2008) Maximum: 100 marks
Sections: A2, B1, C1, C2, C3

Answer all questions (20X5=100 MARKS)

1. (a) A circular disc of diameter 50mm rolls on the flat surface without slipping in clock wise direction for one revolution. Draw the curve traced out by a point on the circumference of circle also draw the tangent and normal to the curve 40mm above the directing surface. (OR) (b) Draw the top view, front view and side views of the following object and mark the dimensions as per BIS specifications.

2. (a) The top view of a line measures 80mm inclined at 300. The end C is in the first quadrant and 25mm and 15mm from the HP and VP respectively. The other ends D is at 50mm infront of VP and 60mm above the HP. Draw the projections and also find true length and true inclination with both planes. (OR) (b) A pentagonal sheet of side 30mm, one its sides parallel to VP. The sheet makes an angle of 300 with HP. the top view of sheet inclined 400 to VP. Draw the projections. 3. (a) A pentagonal pyramid of base side 25mm, axis length 65mm one of its base edge rest on VP
and perpendicular to HP. The axis inclined 300 to VP and parallel to HP. Draw its projections

(OR) (b) A hexagonal pyramid of base side 30mm and altitude70mm, one of its slant edge lying on the ground and the axis parallel to VP. Draw the projections. 4. (a). A hexagonal prism of side of base 35mm and axis length 55mm rests with its base on HP such that two of its vertical faces are perpendicular to VP. It is cut by a plane inclined at 500 to HP and perpendicular to VP and passing through a point on the axis at a distance 15mm from the top. Draw its front view, sectional top view and true shape of the section. (OR) (b). A pentagonal pyramid of base side 30mm and altitude 60mm stands on its base on the HP with a base edge parallel to the VP. A circular hole of diameter 20mm is drilled right through the pyramid with the axis of the hole perpendicular to the VP and meeting the axis of the pyramid at 20mm above the base. Draw the development of the pyramid with the hole. 5. (a) A hexagonal pyramid of base side 30mm & axis height 60mm rests with base on the ground with one of the base edges parallel to VP. It is cut by a section plane inclined 300 to HP and perpendicular to VP meets the axis 30mm from the vertex. Draw the isometric projection. (OR) (b) A hexagonal pyramid of base side 25mm and axis height 50mm rests on ground and one of its base edge touches the PP. the observer stands 50mm infront of PP, 60mm above the ground plane and 20mm right to the right extreme base corner. Draw the perspective projection of hexagonal pyramid. **************************