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The Beer brands manufactured and marketed by United Breweries Ltd.

have always been recognized for their international quality. That's Beer at its best for the discerning consumer! A name synonymous with beer in India - Kingfisher stands for excitement, youth and camaraderie. The largest selling Beer in India, Kingfisher commands a market share of over 36% in the country with 1 out of every 3 bottles of beer sold in India being a Kingfisher brand. We are also available in 52 countries across the globe. Check this section to know more about all the UBL brands.

Kingfisher is one of the oldest, most widely recognized and respected brands in India. Ever since its inception, the brand has not only succeeded in guarding its numero uno status, but has also been able to evolve into one of the most contemporary and aspirational youth icons of today. It is the only brand in the category to successfully straddle the mild and the strong beer category of the country, together selling in excess of 68 mn cases. And just how did it manage to do that? By being consistent in its brand promise of being the 'King of Good Times'. Translated, this means that the brand acts as a catalyst in making any moment truly exceptional and memorable. True to its positioning and the fun platform that it has consistently occupied, the brand's marketing initiatives have always been through sponsorships and associations with sports, fashion and fun events, transforming it into a true lifestyle brand. Kingfisher's association with sports started with the Sailing Rally from Bombay to Goa, moving on to the sponsorship of West Indies Cricket team in 1996 and the Benetton Formula 1 team in 1996. The brand's association with cricket continued with the sponsorship of Indian cricketing icons like Saurav Ganguly and Ajay Jadeja in the late 90s. The year 2006 saw two of the best players of the game, Andrew Flintoff and Michael Vaughan, endorsing the brand through a highly visible We are true Kingfisher fans' campaign. Currently, Kingfisher is the Good times partner for 5 IPL teams i.e. Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Deccan Chargers, Rajasthan Royals, and Delhi Daredevils. Kingfisher also sponsors the East Bengal Football Club (Asian Champions 2003) and promotes Baichung Bhutia, one of the most popular footballers in the country. Kingfisher also hosts

'Corporate 5s', an annual five a side football event for corporates at the national level. The brand has reflected the spirit of 'Good Times' through associations with speed and thrill right from the days of Benetton Formula 1. From sponsoring the fastest Indian on the circuit - Narain Karthikeyan, to signing on Karun Chandhok, Kingfisher has also been involved in promoting the current rage among youngsters in India, Go-Karting. Currently, Kingfisher is one of the leading sponsors of team Force India, which is considered to be one of the most aggressive teams in F1 today and has gone on to sign Adrian Sutil as one of its ambassadors. Force India stands for values of being fast paced, full of adrenaline, stylish, cool, which is completely in-sync with the brand values of Kingfisher. Kingfisher also gave its F1 fans a once in a lifetime to race with Adrian Sutil, in a unique go-karting challenge. Apart from this, the King has also been responsible for taking numerous fans to the F1 Paddock clubs to experience the race live. On the fashion front, Kingfisher was responsible for constituting the "Kingfisher Fashion Awards" and there on has been actively involved with the fashion fraternity, which includes photographers, models and designers. Apart from this, the brand has also promoted leading Indian designers like Ritu Beri, Hemant Trivedi, Raghavendra Rathore and Manoviraj Khosla, who instrumental in launching the Kingfisher line of clothing and accessories. The Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar is another successful property the brand has developed over the years. Conceptualised along the lines of the Pirelli calendar, the Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar is the perfect blend of fashion, fun and glamour. Over the years, its unveiling has become one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the Indian fashion calendar. Introduced in 2003, the 'Kingfisher Swimsuit Special' became the pioneer of sorts in India and led the path for many such concepts to follow. In addition to this, Kingfisher has been associated with various Fashion festivals in India. Kingfisher has been a Good Times Partner to the FDCI sponsored Fashion Week in Delhi. The Bangalore Fashion week, Kolkata Fashion Week is now on board with Lakme Fashion Week 2009 and will be seen with many more in the near future. Apart from direct sponsorships and associations, the brand is also involved in various ground level activities which are more experiential in nature thematic promos at pubs, MTV awards, Sunday Night Bazaars, Casino Nite, etc being a few. Voice of Goa, an annual hunt for the best singing talent in Goa, has been a tremendous hit. Kingfisher has kept an array of festivals in its bag to keep the Good Times rolling. In the past few years Kingfisher has extended the spirit of the German Oktoberfest to the region, calls it Kingfisher The Great Indian Octoberfest (Kingfisher TGIOF). Last year featured a burst of prominent national as well as international artists performing their hearts out. TGIOF celebrates all genres from the best of Bollywood to Rock to Club and even the very best of EDM. Octorberfest was just the ice on its soul surface which eventually spawned into several spin offs encapsulating the same theme, each targeted to a different pop culture segment in the arts and entertainment arena. The spirit of Octoberfest was also carried out to Delhi where it got the name 'The Kingfisher Rocktoberfest'- a 3 day festival which showcases the best of rock bands from across the country. Kingfisher had been conducting a unique music festival that happened across pubs. 'The Kingfisher Premium Pubrockfest' saw as many as 75 gigs across 16 cities within the country. Being a true testament to promoting local artistic talent Kingfisher has been a part of some of the biggest regional talent hunts across the country. Events ranging from 'Kingfisher Voice of Goa' to 'Kingfisher Kerala Rocks' and last but not least 'Kingfisher Bangalore Rocks' each catered to the aspiring raw talents within its region, proving a launch pad and a landmark event in Indian popculture. The music didn't stop there as this beloved king took it a step further by embracing the dance segment as well. 'The Kingfisher Salsa Congress', a first of its kind in the region, is one of the largest salsa festivals in the country. The King has played host to some of the most prominent DJs from across the globe including World's No. 1 DJs Tiesto. The brand has also extended itself by being an associate with an iconic event named 'The Sunburn festival' which features the likes of Armin Van Burren, along with a few other best known DJ's from across the world. When the sun goes down the rock gods come out to play, followed by the metal demons not far behind. Kingfisher Metal events in the past year have seen the likes of Sepultura, Textures & Amon Amarth to name a few. Each bringing their personal best to the table as they engage in the tournament of 'Deccan Rock' and 'Metalfest'.

The latest and most significant event in the life of the brand has been the launch winning Kingfisher Airlines. The airline has made a mark for itself through its highly product offering and Good Times experience. It has not only become the preferred traveler, but also the most aspirational one. All this has succeeded in further Kingfisher brand imagery.

of the award differentiated airline of any boosting the

Kingfisher Strong Premium Beer comes from the house of United Breweries Limited. The brand was launched in 1999 to cater to the growing Strong Beer segment in the country. It has been the fastest growing beer brand in the country and has been instrumental in taking the volumes and profitability on the upsurge for the Kingfisher family & UB. Today Kingfisher Strong is Indias largest selling beer brand. Kingfisher Strong combines the unique taste and quality of Kingfisher in a Strong Beer and is positioned on the similar platform as the mother brand Kingfisher. The tagline used for communicating the positioning platform is Same Taste. Extra Dum. Kingfisher Strong symbolizes the values of strength, style, youthfulness, power & machoism. Kingfisher Strong has a national footprint and is among the top 3 strong beer brands in almost every state in the country. It has a wide repertoire of pack sizes, being present in 650ml bottles, 330ml Pints, 330ml Cans, 500ml Cans and Draught Beer SKUs.


Kingfisher Strong, Indias largest selling beer, brings to you Kingfisher Strong FRESH Same Taste. Same Dum. Now even more Fresh! Kingfisher Strong Fresh is the first ever strong draught beer available in the Indian market. It gives you the crisp taste of freshly brewed beer conveniently packed in a 500ml can. The can design connotes freshness & strength. The bright red & yellow colors stand out in the clutter of brands at the retail outlet.


For the first time in India, and being one of its kind, Kingfisher launched Draught in a Can in a convenient 500 ml can. This completely unique concept, was specifically developed for people who think there is nothing better than beer on tap. It is no surprise that the crisp taste of the freshest thing in a can is loved by the Kingfisher Draught fans. The convenient 500 ml size makes it easier to guzzle on the go.

Kingfisher is known for doing things differently and unlike any other brand. As a market leader, Kingfisher has dominated the segment for years and continues to provide its consumers with the best of products. Keeping this in mind, United Breweries launched Kingfisher ULTRA in Q3 of 2009, a premium extension of its larger than life brand Kingfisher. Kingfisher ULTRA is a super premium beer launched in this newly emerging and potentially promising segment. Kingfisher ULTRA is a beer that is distinctive in taste and comes in a unique new packaging that the consumer can actually touch to feel the difference Launched in Mumbai on 18th September 2009 in true Kingfisher style with glamour and glitz at TOTE, the most happening night club to open on the same night in the city, Kingfisher ULTRA is now available in Thane, Pune and Bangalore and will be extended to other cities of the country soon. Currently, Kingfisher ULTRA is available in two SKUs: 650ml and 330ml bottles, in the most differentiated packaging in the market. The embossed flint bottle, with the ring pull crown and the gold metalized neck and front label is one of the best packaging designs amongst beers to be seen in the Indian market in recent times. There is a growing super premium beer segment in the country with international players like Carlsberg, Heineken and Budweiser coming in over the last couple of years. The Indian consumer has also changed in his demands and with the increase in disposable incomes is showing keenness to upgrade in everything he uses. He is ready to pay a premium for the best and demands the best. Kingfisher ULTRA is a high end brand from the house of United Breweries that offers the consumer the assurance of the best quality, the best taste and the most differentiated experiences across every consumer touch point. With national activations based on two prominent genres of entertainment movies and music, aptly named REEL NITES and SOUL FLYP respectively, being rolled out across the cities of launch, Kingfisher ULTRA gives its consumers differentiated experiences through these entertainment properties that it owns. Apart from these Kingfisher ULTRA has also launched various other activations and promotions across retail and non- retail outlets which have been met with positive response amongst its consumers. Kingfisher ULTRA is about people experiencing their next high in life. It is a beer for the classy, modern, urban, confident, independent, self assured consumer. It is for those who wants the best and deserve the best. Kingfisher Ultra. Touch It. Feel It. Taste It.

Kingfisher, Indias largest selling beer, brings a new zing to the beer industry - Kingfisher Blue! Its a young & sporty brand in the premium beer space, thats sure to thrill the adventurous young and those who seek something extra from life. Kingfisher for decades has been the brand that has captured the consumers imagination and has now added another premium beer to its portfolio. The promise of Kingfisher of bringing in the good times to life resonates with this latest brand KINGFISHER BLUE. With a truly distinct and absolutely refreshing taste, Blue is brewed to thrill. The brands core target group is the young male population of the country. Kingfisher Blue occupies a distinct imagery of adventure sports and meets the aspirations of those consumers whose idea of fun and liberation is indulging in high adrenaline rush activities. Stylish and sporty, self assured, ambitious, confident, who dont fear making those out-of-the-line choices, crave for fresh experiences like BLUE and its association with adventure sports. With under 6% alcohol and easy drinkability Kingfisher Blue gives the extra drive with a soothing after taste. The new fresh, crisp, golden sparkling premium beer with a clear texture is sure to be a favorite amongst the youth. Kingfisher Blue has an attractive packaging with a premium metalized blue color labels and cans. It is available in 4 SKUs- 650ml & 330ml bottles and 500ml & 330 ml cans. The brand has been launched in key markets like Karnataka, Pondicherry, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Delhi ,Rajasthan, , Kolkata and will soon be a national brand. With Blue, Kingfisher is expected to further strengthen its position as the dominating force that it is perceived to be the undisputed leader!

Until now, beer lovers like you couldnt drink beer 365 days of the year. No matter how much you wished, there have been occasions when you felt like having a beer but not something chilled. Kingfisher, Indias largest selling beer brand brings to you Indias 1st ALL SEASON beer - KINGFISHER RED Kingfisher Red, a Premium Gravity beer, is specially brewed to give you a distinctive taste with an oaky woody flavor, which tastes great when chilled and even better when not chilled. It is an artistically crafted beer inspired by the traditional brewing practices of medieval European monks. The monks followed a typical process for making their beer & then matured it in oak barrels. Kingfisher Red is so developed following a unique process whereby the beer is golden light oaky brown and can be consumed even at 14 to 17 oC, without any change in the taste of the beer! The beer is clean & smooth and gives extra warmth & energy that no other beer can give. Packshots:

Campaign :

KINGFISHER PRESENTS FINE NEW AGE WINES From the house of United Breweries, Kingfisher has ruled the world of lager in India for many decades. Now, the brand ventures into a category with quite a different flavour wines. All the way from South Africa, Kingfisher Bohemia is introducing India

to a whole new fun way to enjoy wine. After all, anything to do with Kingfisher comes with the promise of good times.

SOUTH AFRICA IN A BOTTLE A taste nurtured in Cape Floral Kingdom, South Africa, one of the worlds oldest, most eco-friendly wine growing regions, Kingfisher Bohemia is enriched by a 500-million year old soil and the unique climate typical of that area. The resulting flavour is fruity, delectable and goes well with any food or occasion. Kingfisher Bohemia is the result of a partnership between Kingfisher and The Company of Wine People (COWP), a key player in the South African wine industry, both locally and abroad.

ENJOY THE GOOD TIMES, YOUR WAY It's time India discovered the fun side of wine! Kingfisher Bohemia offers the new wine drinker delectable taste and unmatched flavor. When it comes to food, theres no elaborate instruction manual for Kingfisher wines! For these light wines, dont ask wine experts about what to eat, just ask your taste buds.

NEW FLAVOURS, NEW GOOD TIMES To begin with, Kingfisher Bohemia can be enjoyed in three fine varieties - red, white and ros.

PINOTAGE An uncomplicated, easy drinking Pinotage, filled with ripe berry fruit, ending with a soft sweet finish.

CHENIN BLANC CHARDONNAY This masterfully blended white wine has lovely pineapple and ripe melon flavours on the nose, which follows through to a limy, full middle-palate and finishes in crisp freshness.

PINOTAGE ROS Live strawberry and violet aromas combine with the fresh fruity taste to yield a light easy drinking wine.

PACKAGING Available in







AVAILABILITY Kingfisher Bohemia is available in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pondicherry, Kerala and Kolkata

THE FINE TASTES OF SUCCESS With three fine wines and an easy drinking style, Kingfisher Bohemia is all set to rewrite the rules of wine drinking and create an all new wine culture in the country. Let's raise a toast to the new good times!

Zingaro Super Strong was launched in the year 2000, when the Indian Beer Industry was experiencing a major salience shift from Lager to Strong. Zingaro was then owned by MABL, which was formed to be the growth engine for the UB Group. While UB Group focused on making Kingfisher Strong a national brand, MABL launched Zingaro as a flanker to take on regional brands. The name Zingaro was finalized after extensive research which showed that the name was associated with Charisma and Mystique. In order to make the Zingaro label look modern and have a distinct personality and to stand apart from the red and gold colors of competitors, it was given a green colour which looked solid and refreshing and the word Zingaro was written in red to add a strength feel to the label. In order to differentiate Zingaro from other strong beer brands which depicted a macho and not up-market imagery, it was positioned as a light hearted super strong premium and refreshing beer that unravels the 'real you' for moments of uninhibited fun. After the brand was successfully established there was a need to gain critical mass because research showed that the Zingaro imagery did not have the potential to gain a major market share for the brand in the strong beer category. Research showed that Zingaro consumers were from lower socio-economic strata whose growth path was relatively limited because of the lack of resources. But he fights hard for himself and his family's survival and does not bow down to adversities but faces them bravely. This was captured in the brand tag line 'Bujhaye Sheron Ki Pyaas'. Thus in the year 2004, Zingaro was re-positioned as a beer that quenches the thirst of the Lion-Hearted. The brand again underwent a re-positioning in 2007 and the pack design was modified to take the rugged and masculine imagery to the next level. Horses images were also used on the label because it symbolizes strength, masculinity and never tiring spirit .The tag line was changed to 'Jawani ki Aag'. This depicted today's youth and their ambitions and about the fire in youth that helps them to take on life. The label design was changed to red and gold with a metallic finish to bring alive the brand personality of Zingaro. The brand is available in 3 SKU's 650ml bottle, 330ml bottle & 330ml can

UB Export is Karnatakas home grown brand and for decades now people of Karnataka have loved and respected this brand as one of their own. UB after being appreciated in its earlier look has now been revamped and is now in a Hosa avatar. The brands core target is Male, Age 21 -35 years, SEC B, C. UB Export provides the consumers an experience of a high quality product from a trusted & reputed company, stylish /attractive packaging, all this at a very affordable price. This experience is further heightened with an endorsement of a local film star who is very popular amongst the masses. In the effort of making UB Export the numero uno brand that it

deserves to be, the brands imagery has been revamped to give a stylish economy brand to its consumers. Uppi is back with a bang in a new look and has re-launched UB Export in its new avatar which has left competition gasping & saying Yaake?. The brand is available in an attractive price of Rs.25 for the pint bottle and Rs.53 for the 650ml bottle. UB Export & Upendra have come together to create an entirely new look for the brand & himself respectively. The brand is now in its new avatar-"Hosa Look Sakath Style" pack with a new Blue colour international quality label, full packaging of front & back labels, foils for the 650ml and neck label for the 330ml bottles. This new imagery of New Look and Great Style has taken the brand to new heights of success.

UB Export Strong, a 'strong' avatar of Karnataka's much loved and iconic beer brand UB Export was launched across Karnataka in June/July 2009. Owing to changes in the excise policy of Karnataka, the prices of beer went up, thus making beer expensive for the masses and resulting in a decline in the beer industry volumes. Being market leaders, United Breweries Ltd. took upon itself the task of reviving the beer industry in Karnataka and launched UB Export Strong at an affordable price at Rs.58 for the 650ml bottle and Rs.28 for the 330ml bottle. The positioning of the brand has been done keeping in mind the strong equity enjoyed by UB Export and has the tagline - 'Ade Taste. Sakkath Dum. Bere Yella Yaake?' (meaning 'Same Taste. Solid Dum. Why have anything else?') With the stylish look and the strong attitude, the brand is creating waves across Karnataka with consumers echoing 'Bere Yella Yaake?' The brand is available in 2 SKU's 650ml bottle & 330ml bottle

London Pilsner Premium Strong is the 'strong' avatar of Maharashtra's home grown brand London Pilsner. For decades, the people of Maharashtra have loved & respected this brand as one of their own. LPPSB was launched in 2008 to cater to the growing economy strong beer segment in the state. It has been the fastest growing economy strong segment brand in Maharashtra and has conquered the segment within months of launch. London Pilsner Premium Strong combines the unique taste and quality of London Pilsner in a Strong Beer. The tagline used for communicating the positioning platform is 'Aamchi LP, Aata Jhakkas Strong' (meaning 'Our LP, Now Super Strong') The brand is available in only 1 SKU 650ml bottle

Kalyani Black Label Strong, an 'iconic' brand has a long history which begins with its origin in West Bengal. Kalyani Black Strong today is an established brand and has its foot prints across East and certain markets in the South. KBLS combines the unique taste and quality of Kalyani Black Label in a strong beer and is positioned on the similar platform as the mother brand. KBLS symbolizes the values of male bonding and comradery. The creative uses images of friends having fun with the line 'KBL Khol, Dil Khol' thus becoming an integral part of friendship and tells you to fullest with friends. in 3 SKU's 650ml bottle, 330ml bottle & 500ml can

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Bullet has been a favorite of people of Rajasthan ever since its launch, decades ago. Bullet with its name and positioning has always had a rustic and son of the soil appeal, making the brand endearing to its target audience. Bullet comes with the stamp of a high quality product from a trusted company and at a very attractive price. Its recent bold strategy of consumer friendly pricing has made the brand an undisputed leader in Rajasthan. To reinforce the brands appeal with the Rajasthani consumer, a new campaign was launched to complement this strategy. Rajasthanis are a very proud race, proud of their rich culture, history and heritage. The campaign aims at bringing the brand even closer to the consumer by celebrating things that Rajasthanis are proud of. The creative uses images of the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan with the line 'Aapno Rajasthan, Aapno Bullet' (meaning 'Our Rajasthan, Our Bullet') thus becoming an intrinsic part of Rajasthan's culture, heritage, myths and mysteries. The brand through this communication positions Bullet as an integral part of Rajasthan just like a Rajasthani. The brand is available in 2 SKU's 650ml bottle & 330ml bottle