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The Siemens TLM set of solutions integrates a wide range of services that are designed to considerably extend the life of the operator‘s transformers. Siemens’s preferred approach is to integrate all transformers – of any age and any brand – in the plan that is prepared for customers so that they can make the best decision about replacement/extension and any related matters. Siemens TLM also offers a series of standardized cus- tomer trainings. These programs are specifically designed to broaden customer awareness of the various concept and design options. Lifecycle management is, of course, an integral part of the training.

Maintenance & Lifecycle Extension Preventive & corrective maintenance On site active part drying & de-gassing Oil regeneration Life extension products End of life management

We’ll get your transformers back in top form – and without service interruptions. Our TLM™ products for extending service life minimizes the unavoidable, undetectable and ongoing aging process that is taking place inside transformers. This internation- ally-recognized technologies for life extension are rounded up by a cooling efficiency retrofit solution.

SITRAM DRY (fig. 5.11-4) The SITRAM® DRY is an advanced technology for preventive and continuous online transformer drying. The system removes moisture from the insulation oil through disturbing the moisture equilibrium so that moisture diffuses from the wet insulation paper to the dried insulation oil. This process will removing the moisture in a gentle and smooth way from the solid insulation and will increase the dialectical strength of the insulating oil. Continuous online removal of moisture from solid insulation and oil Based on a molecular sieve technology Easy to install on any transformer in operation Temperature and moisture monitoring Cartridge replacement and regeneration service Cabinet Version (NEMA4) New: SITRAM® DRY Smart, mobile solution for distribution transformers very soon available

Experience the functions of SITRAM® DRY in sound and vision:

SITRAM REG Siemens developed the SITRAM® REG technology to clean contaminated oil and restore its dielectric properties. SITRAM® REG is a modified reclamation process based on the IEC 60422 standard. Oil is circulated continuously through regeneration columns.

Oil is circulated continuously through regeneration columns. Fig. 5.11-4: Cabinet version of the SITRAM DRY equipped

Fig. 5.11-4: Cabinet version of the SITRAM DRY equipped with a control module

An oil change is not required Improves the quality of insulating oil to that of new oil Prolongation of the lifetime and increased reliability of old transformers Preventive action against the progressive insulation ageing process Sustainable improvement in the condition of the insulation Suitable for all power transformers Economically independent of the current price of new oil No service interruptions Great and long-lasting cleaning effect

SITRAM COOL SITRAM COOL is an add-on retrofit solution and consists of hardware and software for the automatic, optimized control of transformer cooling system:

Increase of the total efficiency of the transformer Reduction of auxiliary losses Reduction of noise level Reduction of maintenance If required and if applicable –> upgrading

Spare Parts & Accessories The supply of spare parts is another strong point of Siemens TLM. Upon request, Siemens may advise customers on what