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Dr Abraham Maslow , a clinical pshycologist , formulated a widely accepted theory of human motivation based on the notion of a universal hierarchy

of human needs. Maslows theory identifies 5 level of human needs which rank in order of importance from basic level (biogenic) to higher level (psychogenic needs). The theory postulates that individuals seek to satisfy lower level needs before higher level need emerge. The lowest level of chronically unsatisfied need that an individual experiences serves to motivate his or her behavior. Maslows need hierarchy is readily adaptable to market segmentation & the development of advertising appeals because there are consumer goods designed to satisfy each of the need levels & because most needs are shared by large segments of consumers. The need hierarchy is often used as the basis of market segmentation , with specific advertising appeals directed to 1 or more need segment levels. Advertisers may use the need hierarchy for positioning products-i.e deciding how the product should be perceived by prospective consumers. The key to positioning is 2 find a niche- an unfulfilled need- that is not occupied by a competing product or brand. The need hierarchy is a very versatile tool for developing positioning strategies because different appeals for the same product can be based on diff needs included in this framework. The given slide presents a diagram of Maslows hierarchy of needs. For clarity we have considered the needs as mutually exclusive. However, there is some overlap bet each level as no need is ever completely satisfied. In this theory physiological needs is the 1st & the basic level of needs, which r required to sustain biological life eg food , clothing & shelter. The example which we have taken from this need is dress & necessary items which we use in our daily lives. The 2nd need is the safety & security needs which are not only concerned with physical safety but also includes stability, order, routine & control over ones life & environment. Example which we have mentioned in our Questionnaire are related to Savings account, insurance policies. The 3 rd need is the social needs . eg club membership. The 4 th need is the Esteem needs . The products which satisfy this need reflects the individuals need for self acceptance, self esteem. Eg- cars , diamonds. The 5th & the topmost need is the self actualization need which refers to the individuals desire 2 fulfill his potential. Eg challenging adventure trips.