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Institute of Business Administration, Karachi

Executive MBA Customer Relationship Management

Mr. Muhammad Imran

About the course:

Customer Relationship Management explains the circular relationship amongst the organizations, technology, and customers - which together provide the infrastructure for customer support in business environment. Managing relationships with customers has become a critical organizational competency for all organizations. Get winning strategies for acquiring and retaining customers by leveraging the latest advanced technologies. This course will teach the students how to select the right CRM tools for the businesses, so it can grow today and on into the future.

Course Outline:

Session 01: Defining CRM

The cost of acquiring customers for organizations from customer acquisition

to customer loyalty

optimizing the customer experience

how to Internet change the rule for the organizations

what's In a name

CRM and business intelligence

the manger's bottom line

Session 02 & 03: CRM in Marketing

From product to customer : A marketing retrospective

Target marketing

Relationship marketing one to one

Campaign Marketing

CRM marketing initiatives

Cross selling & up selling in Retail Banking

Customer retention

Behavior prediction

Customer profitability & Value modeling

Organizational Chanel optimization

Personalization of

Event base Marketing of Services

Customer Privacy - Key for organizations to gain customers' trust


Sessions 04 CRM & Customer services

The call center & customer care center major USP for modern day organizations.

The contact center Gets automated in all Major Organizations.

Call routing

Contact center sales support

Web- base self service and Internet Banking

Customer satisfaction measurement tools used by Financial Institutions

Call scripting

Cyber agents

Workforce Management in Retail Banking

A customer Service checklist for success in the organizations.

Session 05: Financial Institutions' Sales force Automation

Sales force automation in modern day banking

Sales process & Activity management in the Financial Sector

Sales and territory management for Retail Banking

Contact management in Corporate/Wholesale Banking

Lead management

Configuration management

Knowledge management

SFA and mobile CRM for

From client/server to the Bank's Website

SFA goes mobile

Financial Institutions' Field force automation

An SFA checklist for success

Session 06: CRM in E business

e CRM evolving for the Financial Sector

Multichannel CRM

CRM in B2B

Enterprise Recourse planning

An e Business checklist for success Guest speaker session

Sessions 7: Analytical CRM

The case of integrated customer data

A single version of the customer truth

CRM and the data ware house for organizations.

An analysis checklist for success

Sessions 8: Planning your CRM program

Defining CRM success

From operational to enterprise: An implementation scenario

Determining CRM complexity in the Banking Industry

Preparing the CRM business plan

Defining CRM Requirements

Cost -justifying CRM

Understand Business process

Session 9: Choosing CRM Tool

Maintaining the customer focus: Requirement -driven product selection

Defining CRM functionality

Narrowing down the technology choices available to the organizations.

Defining technology requirements of the Financial Sector

A CRM tool selection for success

Sessions 10 Managing your CRM Project at your organizations.

A Pre-implementation checklist

The CRM development team in the organizations.

CRM implementation

A CRM implementation road map

Business planning

Architecture and design

technology selection




Putting the project together

A CRM implementation checklist

for failure

Sessions 11: The CRM Future

Making the pitch :selling the CRM internally within your Organization

CRM Road block at organizations.

The four Ps





Lake of CRM integration in the Organizations

Poor organizational planning

Demanding banking customer

Sessions 12: The CRM Future

Looking towards the future

The SME customers for the organizations

The rise of intermediaries

Digital & broadband revolutionize advertising

The threat & promise of customer communities

CRM goes Global for Multinational & Local Financial Institutions

Sessions 13: Project presentations

Course Book:

“The CRM Handbook- A business guide to Customer Relationship Management” by Jill Dyshe' Published by Pearson Education, Inc.


Mid Term

30 marks


40 marks

Term Report

15 marks


10 marks

Class participation

05 marks