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Volume 134 Issue 5 December 14, 2012

By Andrew Reiter 13

Student Newspaper Since 1878

And Thats The Tea: Grammy Nominations

There is almost nothing in this world that gets me excited as Award Season does. I love all the major award shows, The Tonys, Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and even the VMAs and the Golden Globes. But when you cram as many eccentrics and attention seekers in the same theater where all these wacky birds and random latin singers compete for the same prizes, theres a thrill like no other. The stars of stage and screen may be divas and all, but theyre nothing compared to the personalities and egos of the music industry, which is heatin up the exciting stewpot that is the Grammys. This coming years Grammys might be an exception though, with the nominations having come out last week there are some surprises, some that were expected, and some that were just odd. For example, Taylor Swifts hit We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Mrs. Fenner helping Ebimene Duobeni 13 with her applications Photo Courtesy of Kara Banson 13

New College Counseling Process for Class of 2014

By Maya Franson 14 Having recently attended an informational meeting, the Class of 2014 has taken a first step in the college application process. This junior class will experience a new approach to assigning college counselors to students. Students should not worry; the new system is meant to improve communications between students, their advisors, and their college counselor, reducing stress for everyone involved, and will hopefully create an easier and more efficient process for students, advisors, and college counselors. The new system will assign advisory groups to one college counselor. This will allow for better communication between advisors and college counselors, helping counselors get to know students better and enabling them to better represent students when writing recommendations to colleges, an important aspect of the application process. Advisors will only need to go to one counselor to inquire on the progress of their advisees and weekly advisory meetings can be used for announcements. Most importantly, students will benefit from the close relationship established between their advisor and college counselor, with less time put into keeping track of communicating with various advisors, and more time and energy focused on their journey. Essentially, the new method is better for students, families, counselors, and advisors. It will bring all those folks together for the student process, affirms Mr. Baker. However, despite the high hopes of the new counselor system, there are misconceptions about how counselors were assigned to students in previous years, making students hesitant to embrace the new structure. Referred to fondly as the dreaded questionnaire, a lengthy survey designed to help counselors get to know their students, was thought to (at least supposedly) play a part in the assignment process. The assumption was that, based on the input of the survey, students would be matched with counselors best suited for their personality or interests. However, this was never the case. Counselors would go through the current junior class and, if they had familiarity with a student, such as having taught the student or having counseled an older sibling, they would request to be assigned to that student. The remaining student body would be distributed among the counselors randomly. Turn to College Process on Page 6

...its anybodys game, but for once these anybodies might become somebodies...

was nominated for record of the year! Before you try saying that five times fast, think to yourself, well it might be catchy, but why the heck is it nominated for such a big award!!? And if you did find yourself thinking that, you wouldnt be alone. Such a track is fun for the summer and all, but its not exactly a masterpiece. Swift is always comically surprised when she wins awards, but this time we will be too if she snags this one. Aside from this eighth wonder of the world, it was Fun., Frank Ocean, Mumford and Sons, and Gotye, take charge this year and land in all sorts of categories across the board! With nominations in Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and more, these alternative fellas really take charge, giving teen pop the cold shoulder. In fact, Pop as we knew it sits on the back burner this year, with familiar pop stars like Carly Rae Jepsen, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and P!nk, getting all relatively few nominations.

Turn to Grammy Nominations on Page 6


Here Comes Hockey

The Boys Varsity Hockey Team is also looking to improve upon last years record of 11-15-1 and according to co-captain Connor Carew 13, they are off to a good start. He says, We had a stronger pre-season in the fall than we did last year. We play differently together, and we have a lot of young guys that give our team a strong sense of yearning to get better. With six freshmen out of twenty-three players, they make up over a fourth of the team, and bring a fresh enthusiasm. Theyre doing really well. The majority of them came out for pre-season workouts and theyre working hard at practice. Every game theyre getting better, says Carew with optimism regarding the future of the Worcester Academy Boys Hockey Program. This is a source of pride to Carew, Its a blessing to work and lead the team. Being captain with Matt [Zornik 13] is a really great experience. We have the same mind-set of how we look at [hockey] in our lives. I just want to be able to leave the program in a better state with the work we put into it. He plans to continue working hard, as he wants to take a year off to play juniors. He has trips planned to Montreal, British Columbia, Chicago, and Minnesota with other locations pending and hopes to eventually sign with a team and play a full schedule.

By Kasey MacDowell 15 and Shannon Martin 15

The Worcester Academys Girls Varsity hockey program is the new kid on the block. They ended their season with a 6-11-1 record last year, which they are hoping to improve this season. As their captain Lan Crofton 13 puts it, I hope we do a lot better than last year and I think we can definitely put a better record. We have a lot more talented kids. Crofton also gave insight into their plans for this season saying, We are putting down new systems, allowing players to get more rest in between shifts because of our larger team, and we are putting in hard work. The team has three freshmen this year and one eighth grader making them a larger, youthful team. They can be happy their captain has faith in them, The freshmen are doing pretty well, I mean, there are definitely changes between youth and high school level hockey. Theyll be fine. For Crofton, this season is a special one because of her title as captain. Crofton says, Its definitely great, its something Ive always wanted. She will be able to continue using her hockey skills at Bowdoin, where she has verbally committed to play. She is also proud that Bowdoin is a wicked good school for academics, where she will be able to happily pursue her education, which she feels is superior.

Chatting With the Captains:

The Vig managed to ask the Hilltopper goalkeepers some questions about their game preparation, preferred gear, and the age old question of cats vs. dogs: Q: What is your pre-game meal?
Lan: Definitely chicken caesar salad but with balsamic dressing. I do not like caesar dressing, and water. Connor: I eat five to six hours before. Always a peanut butter sandwich with honey on it and saltines.

Q: Cats or Dogs?
Lan: Both, they are pretty awesome. Connor: Dogs. Total dog.
Crofton (top right) and Carew (bottom right) tend their goals. Photos Courtesy of Lan Crofton and Connor Carew

Q: What is your pre-game ritual?

Lan: We get to the rink an hour before, and stretch as a team. I do juggling warm ups and then get dressed. Connor: Play music, little talking, be alone. We stretch. I put my gear on the same way every time and I pray.

Q: Bauer or Warrior?
Lan: Bauer. Connor: Warrior.

By Matthew Lavelle 13

Student Athletes Sign to Play Collegiate Basketball


On Wednesday, November 14th, student athletes across as a student-athlete at Saint Anselm University, where she will the United States signed their National Letters of Intent to play be playing next year. basketball at the collegiate level. Here on the hilltop, 4 students Despite their great amount of preparation, the students participated on the national date of November 14th, and one felt the recruitment process was a difficult and nerve-wracking signed on November 20th. When being interviewed, all of those process. For some like Matt Mobley, who will play at Central who signed expressed one goal heading into the recruitment Connecticut University, and Matt Panaggio, who will play at process: to receive offers by a Division 1 basketball Program. Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, the decision Senior Rene process was Castro, who relatively easy as hopes to start they were able at Butler Unito narrow down versity next the list of the year, knew schools they had during his received offers freshman year from early on. On at Beaver the other hand, Country Day Rene Castros School that biggest challenge he wanted to was making the play Division right decision 1 basketball. on the school he Rene and wanted to attend. many student Like Rene, Tom athletes comRivard felt that ing to Worcesplaying athletics ter Academy at a collegiate presented an level was a tough opportunity to process, as no do that. one in his famFor ily had done so those who before. But for Members of the WA basketball teams: committed to most all of the playFrom left sitting: Matt Mobley, Candace Andrews, Matt Panaggio, Rene Castro play at the colers, they found help From left standing: Tom Rivard, Darryl Reynolds, Devon Williams, Matt Cimino, legiate level by consulting with Ben Mesuda from Worcestheir family memPhoto Courtesy of Neil Isakson ter Academy, bers and coaches choosing to to make their decicome to the hilltop was pivotal to get in to a Division 1 program, sion. Candace Andrews, who consulted with her parents, felt as well as succeeding athletically and academically. According stressed, but stayed focused and knew that the skills she had to postgraduates Matt Panaggio and Matt Mobley, coming to developed since 7th grade would lead her to success. Overall, Worcester Academy meant there would be a lot of exposure to all of the students are enthusiastic about their decisions and are Division 1 schools that their former high schools did not have. anticipating great seasons at each of their schools next year. In addition, for a strong student athlete like Tom Rivard, who The players would like to give a special thanks to their families signed late to James Madison University and will be part of their and coaches, Mr. Jamie Sullivan, Mr. Wayne Bolden, and Ms. high honors academic program next year, Worcester Academy Molly Dullea. was a great school to prepare him for the educational and athThe Worcester Academy community wishes Matt Moletic rigors in college. Candace Andrews 13 felt the same way, bley, Matt Panaggio, Tom Rivard, Rene Castro, and Candace saying that Worcester Academy presented a great balance of Andrews good luck in their seasons next year. both academic and athletic challenge that will help her succeed

Vigornia Staff December 14, 2012

Shona Allen 13 Kara Banson 13 Alexandra DelloStritto 14 Maya Franson 14 Andrew Reiter 13 Matthew Lavelle 13 Meghan Li 15 Jason Lu 14 Kasey MacDowell 15 Shannon Martin 15 Abrielle Peltier 14

Julia Washabaugh 15

Gianna Anderson 14 Christina Belforti 13

Christina Webb

Pillar Talk: Top Ten Tips For Suriving Trimester 2

By The Pillars

The long winter months between November and Febuary seem to go on forever. The workload gets harder and there seems to be no end in sight. Here are ten tips to survive the terrible time known as trimester 2...and whatever else the year may throw at you:

Are you getting sleepy? Very sleepy?

1. Stay organized 2. Do not be afraid to ask for an extension 3. Take a break and read a book (or a Vigornia!) 4. Check your email regularly 5. Eat healthy 6. Drink lots of water 7. Go to extra help 8. Use your free periods wisely 9. Do not procrastinate 10. Take some time to relax at the hypnotist show!

Also, come see a concert by the Open Mic Club after the show at 9 p.m.! Pizza and drinks will be served in the Student Center.

Hypnotist Steve Marino Friday, January 4, 2013 Warner 7:30 p.m.

Co-sponsored by the Pillars and the Open-Mic Club

By Meghan Li 15

Ending the Year with the Annual Holiday Concert


It is that time of year again. As the holidays are approaching, so is the anticipated Upper School Holiday Concert. For several weeks, performers of Worcester Academys music program have been rehearsing for this holiday tradition happening in Warner Theater. In the past years, it has featured the Chorus, Advanced Chorus, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Group, Academy Singers, and the Hillpoppas. This year is no exception, for each group brings talent and artistry to the concert. Director Donald Irving commented, Im excited because this concert is not the only concert we are doing. It begins the performance season. There have been and will be many more off campus events. The Academy Singers and the Jazz Combo will perform at the Tower Hill Botanical Gardens on December 9th. The Academy Singers, Advanced Chorus and the Hillpoppas will also perform at the Notre Dame Long Term Care Center on December

11th. Not only can Worcester Academy enjoy the musical entertainment, but so can people outside of the WA community. While Director Irving describes the concert as, a chance to develop technical skills, for students, it also entertains the audience. Out of all the concerts of the year, this one seems to be the most anticipated performance. Meaghan Barry 15 of the Wind Ensemble says, I love being able to perform my favorite holiday songs! Some songs that will be performed are the What Cheer carol and Sleigh Ride by the Orchestra. A Hanukkah song, Nerli, arranged by alum Rebecca Cypess 96, will also be performed. The musicians of WA have devoted a lot of time into this event and with Director Irvings twenty-seven years of conducting the music program, this concert is sure to be a success. It is scheduled to be on Friday the 14th at 7 p.m. in Warner Theater. The snow date is Monday the 17th.

By Christina Belforti 13

The Winter Play: A Preview

Amidst the winter weather and long school days, Although this is not the first time Mr. Addis and something to look forward to this season is Worcester Josh Levine have collaborated on a production, it is Academys winter play. Unique, funny, and controverthe first play they have written for high school students sial, playwrights Josh Levine and Mr. Addis are craftto perform. Mr. Addis remarks that the experience is ing a play that is sure to leave audiences laughing and exciting and unusual, which mirrors the content of the inspired. The plotline is relatable. Mr. Addis said, Audi- play. Josh Levine was one of the first gay people to get ences can expect a story about married in New York, and three high school friends [who it was important to Josh to are] trying to work out who they write about a gay central are and what they want. character, Mr. Addis exMr. Addis reveals some plains. The main character of the key conflicts in the play. Corey is gay, but he is not Corey (played by Andrew Redepicted as weak, sad, or iter 13) recently came out a tragic figure. There is a of the closet. He used to be wide variety of outside influfriends with Rob (Adam Echelences on the play, ranging man 13), but they no longer from French play Cyrano speak. Tina (Anita Alur 13) is De Bergerac to Mean Girls using Corey to get information and Pretty in Pink. The play about Rob, because he is the is a work in progress, and Members of the cast are all smiles as they prepare for there will be collaboration last straight guy at school that rehearsal she has yet to date. Rumors between the actors and Photo Courtesy of Kara Banson 13 fly that Corey is in love with the chorus as rehearsals Rob, and that they may have continue. More information kissed. To push the action forward Mr. Addis confirms about Josh Levine can be found outside of Mr. Addis that there will be a chorus of students [who] text their office in the Pit, and for more details about the play, way through the play, commenting on what they see WA will have to wait for opening night. and spreading gossip. .

Features ThE NoRTh PoLL*

By Kara Banson 13 and Alexandra DelloStritto 14

College Counseling Continued Clearly, this was not the most efficient way to match students to a counselor and occupied otherwise better-spent time. Although the new system will alleviate some stress caused by the application process, there are simple things all juniors and underclassmen can start doing now to make their experience easier. Firstly, take the time to become familiar with goals and priorities; these will influence the type of school that will be of interest. Secondly, research schools, learn the admission process and requirements, and enter the process with an idea of what range of colleges to consider. Lastly, and primarily directed at juniors, check Zimbra, schedule meetings, be punctual, and listen to the encouraging words of Mrs. Fenner on behalf of the college counseling department, We welcome you to the process. Please come in often and introduce yourself to [me]; I do a lot of work for you and would like to put a name to the face. Grammy Nominations Continued This practically confirms my hunch that alternative and indie music will slowly become the norm. If you listen to the radio these days, were moving away from the electronic-dance club hits that have been playing since Lady Gagas Just Dance hit the scene in 2008. With the mainstream spotlight shifting from traditional pop to new alternative/indie its no wonder that all of these artists, who may not be new per say, but are new to the average person, are hitting it big this year. To further confirm my suspicion, we have Florence + The Machines Ceremonials and Fun.s Some Nights landing in the Best Pop Vocal Album, bringing the term Pop back to its roots of Popular. This years Grammy are expected to simply fill a void. Were missing the cultural significance that last years Grammys brought with Adele and Gaga leading in the nominations, and Adele leading in wins (though shes nominated for one award this year [Seriously shes like the plague! You cant get rid of her!!]), perhaps the absence of such stars is allowing the limelight to shine on less well-known singers. Although, Bruce Springsteens still boppin around and with some nominations in the rock categories, this years Grammys is filled with hoops that anyone could jump through. Especially with these indie bands all competing, its anybodys game, but for once these anybodies might become somebodies come round February.

Do you think the world will end on December 21st?

88% believe thats ridiculous 12% believe we are all going to die

According to the poll, 72% of people prefer gloves over mittens.

What do you want for the Holiday Season?

The ideal situation would be if I woke up early on December 25th (and by early, I mean probably like 11:30 AM or something) surrounded by cats. Then, upon walking down the stairs into the festive living College accceptance lettersroom where my Christmas tree stands, I would find -A hopeful Hilltopper stockings, boxes, and baskets full of furry little feline friends meowing in unison to the tune ofO Come, All Ye Faithful.That is my one, true Christmas wish. I would also be happy to receive Crocs. -Michael Schermerhorn

A resolution to the cliff-hanging fiscal crisis in the USA and the European Common Market.
-A concerned citizen

Nothing, really. I have everything I want!

-A thankful reader

Less surveys a watch.... so I can count the seconds of being with you.
-A Vig secret admirer
*Results are out of 100 responses

-A sassy reader

Ready, Set, DODGE



By Shona Allen 13

On Friday November 30th, eleven teams, ranging from freshmen to postgraduates, participated in WAs bi-annual dodge ball tournament. The atmosphere in the New Gym was competitive and enthusiastic, as members of each team, all sporting vibrant athletic wear, warmed up for the games. The tournament was based on double elimination, meaning that a team would have to lose two games in order to be eliminated from the tournament. The dodge ball tournaments are sponsored by the Class of 2013, and class president Becca Levin commented on the tournaments great attendance this year: The dodge ball tournament had a great turn out. Everyone seemed very excited to play and you could feel the intensity as it got closer and closer to the finals. In the end, Team Polo, a group of senior boys, and Clouses Crew, a group of sophomore boys, made it to the finals. After countless hits and misses, Clouses Crew won the game. Each player received golden goblet trophies, gift cards to Dunkin Donuts, and bragging rights of course. After this first dodge ball tournaments success, teams are looking forward to the next tournament in the spring.

Sophomores Clare Stevens, Gianna Polito, Natalie Bath, Caroline Knowles, Connor McCarthy, Bradley Waddell, Charles Chiang, and Cam Heiser pose for picture before game time Photo Courtesy of Julia Washabaugh 15

Young Meets Old: G Period Senior Center Jubilee

By Jason Lu 14 Worcester Academy contributes to the community in a variety of ways, including expanding the schools relationship to the Senior Center in Worcester. Mr. Irving, music faculty director, directed the G Period Advanced Chorus into a stellar, silver and gold worthy performance that cumulated into joy and wonder by days end. Overall it was a beautiful experience, and classmates were spellbound by the incredible candor of the Senior Center residents and the experience they possessed on the musical stage. The chorus warmed up with a joyous version of Hanukah and Mendelssohns impeccable Joy to the World. It was a thrill to hear such strong vocals from the alto, tenor, soprano and bass sections, who worked day and night to perfect the tough cadences of Hanukah. Sophomore and Academy Singer Susan Shepardson 15 said: It was a joy to work with the elderly men and women and better understand the musical world in Worcester. Sam Lan 15, another Academy Singer, added: It was a fun and good learning experience for all. Mr. Irving believed that the choral ensemble was better prepared in terms of intonation (the tone) and timbre (the pitch). In his own words, he praised the amount of emotion and enthusiasm in terms of color and tone within the song selection. It enabled the Academy to present a lot more than just musical singing; it was a sample out of many that emulated WAs leadership and interpersonal skills that has made the Academy a hub for success throughout the past 150 years. Afterwards, the residents further developed their leadership role by actually correcting Mr. Irving and expanding musical knowledge through emotion and color as well. A resident, who was very impressed with Mr. Irvings masterful organization of voluminous compositions, wrapped up her reaction with one statement: Wonderful. This class simply knows how to do things right, a wonderful group to work with. Thank you, Worcester Academy. The holidays are near, and the Worcester Academy Choral Department already feels the joy of this time of year. The musical performance itself was a delight, as it was executed with great preparation and finesse (along with an addition of a coda, composed by the Senior Center). The Senior Center also introduced the two-part recital of Let It Snow, Silver and Gold, Im Coming Home For Christmas, Silver Bells, Happy Holidays, and the finale: an improvised version of Silver and Gold. Thank you Senior Center for a wonderful visit, and WA Advanced Chorus will reciprocate the awesome experience when Worcester Academy visits the Senior Center on Wednesday, December 12th.

...classmates were spellbound by the incredible candor of the Senior Center residents...

On Campus

By Gianna Anderson 14 and Abrielle Peltier 14

Word on the Street: What came first the chicken or the egg?
I believe the egg came first because without the egg there would be no chicken. Let me ask you what came first the cell or the human, the cell. Exactamente. - Melissa Loudior 13

The egg came first because the chicken is just a mutation. -Varun Nair 16 It doesnt really matter to me. Ive never really thought about it. -Maddy Ojerholm 13

Photos Courtesy of Gianna Anderson 14 and Abrielle Peltier 14

I havent really taken that much time to think about it, but Id have to say the chicken. -Miriam Tanenbaum 15

The egg came first because I eat eggs and if the chicken came first then thats just sad. I dont eat baby chickens. -Mr. O Donnell

Chicken because the chicken made the egg. -Vy Nguyen 14