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24.05.2012 To The Manager, Burger King, 63-65 North Street Branch, Brighton.

Dear Sir, Although I was in a trance of hesitation and really seriously pondered whether I should reveal my ineffable ordeal while working with my revered manager Sam, at last I have decided to proceed to stop getting abused, for the sake of other vulnerable staffs and to bring a proper milieu in Burger king. As I always find her very fastidious and dyspeptic, and often engulfed with outrage for simple alibi, I tried to fathom out plausible reasons for being posing such malicious intentions to demean and belittle me all the times. So far I have never shown any scintilla of disrespect towards her, neither committed any egregious blunder while working in Burger King, and I always tried to maintain highest level of camaraderie with other staff members as well. However getting no clue, I have already requested to her my apology for any inadvertent mistake, consciously or subconsciously. What I experienced this Monday (21.05.12) it was completely unbelievable, she was busting with explosive temper. In the whole shift I was terribly bombarded with severe verbal abuse, bullying, threatening and intimidation. I was indeed in the situation of mental breakdown and muddling even the simplest work. In no way I can express the trauma I had gone through. Please observe from your CCTV system to get an idea how she behaved with me. I can give you one simple example. While I was cleaning the fryer and she was cleaning a pan on the sink, I politely requested her I would do that (washing up) after finishing this, In reply she told me, stop telling me what I have to do. This is (so threatening) because not what she said, but how she said. I was totally petrified and shaking in trepidation at that moment. I could only realise her sole intention was to defrock me from Burger King. Her despotic behaviour and killjoy attitude are absolutely demolishing my calibre and mental strength. I beg my apology for my shortcoming as being a new in kitchen closing (which obviously I am trying to improve by giving extra time). At the very beginning of my shift in Monday, I sought her help by saying I didnt know very well which she seemed to frown way. As I have a bruise in my finger, I tried to avoid hot water for feeling too much pain and had done most of the washing up in cold water, which kept some of the dirt in the pan. I feel extremely sorry for that and once again I beg my apology for that. Although I never wish to complain, the whole situation has compelled me to draw your attention in the way she infringed and abused managerial power. It absolutely scares me now to work with her as being subjected to be a prey of further harassment and bullying. I hope your authority will take judicious action to prevent from any sort of reprisal or vindication from her in future. Sincerely Yours, Tito