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Initial Specification was for Machine Room Less Elevators & Offers were asked from different vendors- June 2007 2. The Estimated cost for Elevators & Escalators were more than the approved budget, It was decided to go for Machine Room elevators, so revised quote for different options (i.e. Machine room (Geared type/Gearless type, 3 side glass/rear side glass for B block) were asked from vendors and side by side value engineering was carried out to reduce the no of lifts to limit the cost within the budget - Mid August 2007 (Vendors took 20 days to quote for the same becoz all the elevators are imported) 3. Again the equipment selection was changed to Machine room less elevators taking into consideration of technical superiority, comfort level, pay back period for MRL elevators which was very much necessary for HUL Campus. (So visits were arranged to have a look at elevators from different vendors, which took around 20 days to come to a conclusion to select the type of elevators i.e MRL type) 4. In between access control system was introduced in to the system. For optional prices were asked for the same. 5. Negotiation Process was started in the first week of September. After three rounds of negotiations (7 days = 1 negotiation round) one extra floor was proposed for future. So the process was into halt as the travel distance was not able to get finalised (and there was not final call from client side for the extra floor, it took around 20 days for the same). So till end October the process was in halt. 6. At the end Schindler was recommended for the final placement, Mr. Mutreja asked for three side glass for Elevators in B block so that the street will have abetter look. So the type of elevator for B Block is pending, so the order is not able to be placed. HVAC: 1. Initial specification was called for total high side and low side and the Centrifugal Chillers were selected for the same. The area considered was for G+5, but due to aviation approval problem the final BOQ was not able to get finalised. The final draft tender specification was received in the month of Mid July.

2. Value Engineering was carried out to look at the possibilities for screw chillers because screw chillers have better flexibility and better performance for such kind of complex. (It took around one month to arrive at the conclusion that centrifugal is a better option for the system). This was opposed by Mr. Amar Walia going for centrifugal chillers. So a series of discussion was carried out for finalising the type of chillers as it was very much important to finalise the BOQ before floating the tender. Because the similar kind of problem was faced for elevators, and the priced were increased by vendors to take the advantage. This took almost around two months (Mid September) to finalise that three options (i.e Centri, Screw and Hybrid option) shall be floated. And at the same time high side and low side was separated because SPECTRAL opposed that low side BOQ can not be finalised unless interior designer comes on the board.

3. SPECTRAL took around 20 days to submit the revised final draft tender including all option and one additional floor. (October End) 4. It was reviewed and it was floated in October End (i.e 31 Oct 2007)

5. Now VRF option is worked out for E & F block. DG SETS: 1. Initially the DG set was proposed with 100% back up. (Aug 2007) 2. But later on value engineering was carried out to reduce the back up as it is not necessary in Mumbai where the power situation in very good. The same was not agreed by JLLM and SPECTRAL as well. In between the back up was brought down to 65%, and finally it was finalised at 100% back up. It took around 2 months (Till Sept End 2007 to finalise the equipment selection.

3. Final draft tender was received from SPECTRAL; it was reviewed for final approval. HUL suggested going for synchronization of DG sets. It took around one month to finalise the tender.(Oct End 2007) 4. Tender was floated in October end 2007.

ELECTRICAL: 1. With reference to above changes in DG sets, proposed extra floor & space constraint electrical load was not able get finalised, so the transformer selection. The same was finalised along with HVAC and DG sets in the month of September. 2. SPECTRAL took around 20 days to submit the revised draft tender incorporating all the changes. 3. Once the draft tender was received, and HUL proposed to go for separate supply order for selected equipments. 4. The tender was issued to vendors in the last week of November. PLUMBING & FIRE FIGHTING: 1. As there were lot of discussions on type of chillers the plumbing package was not able to get finalised, so same for Fire fighting because both were added into a single package, the Draft tender was received in September 2007. 2. The tender was reviewed and comments were given to SPECTRAL. SPECTRAL took around 25 days to submit the tender. 3. Fire fighting is issued and Plumbing is still pending because SPECTRAL need to submit certain documents for final approval. IBMS & UPS: 1. UPS & IBMS is kept on hold till interior designer comes on board. Last week Mr. Mutreja has given clearance for IBMS package, so the same will be worked upon.