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EIMCO Precoat Filters for Clarification/Polishing

EIMCO Precoat Filters

The EIMCO Precoat Filter is a continuous rotary vacuum drum type clarification or polishing filter available in high and low submergence configuration. It is applied for clarification of difficult filtering, low solids slurries on a continuous basis. Precoat filtration is accomplished through a pre-deposited bed of diatomaceous earth or similar material. The slurry solids deposited on the surface of this bed during vacuum operation are removed each revolution exposing a fresh surface which maintains the filtration rate. Our engineers are available to assist in determining the feasibility of applying precoat filtration to your process. All findings are kept confidential.

Precoat Filters Common Applications

Clarification of fruit juices in food processing Separation of juice and lees in wine production

Purification of base streams in pharmaceutical manufacture Removal of oil from slop streams in refining operations Recovery of liquids from brewery wastes Polishing applications in metallurgical processing Treating industrial wastes and waste water clarification Corn syrup clarification Pregnant liquor clarification prior to solvent extraction Polishing plasticizers from solvents Filtration and purification of tetracycline broths Removal of fats, oils, protein, and unconverted starch from neutralized sugar liquor Plating waste treatment Dextrose clarification Lube oil polishing

Operating Principles

EIMCO Precoat Filters operate similar to other continuous rotary vacuum drum filters, but instead of drawing the liquid through a filter cloth, the flow is through a predeposited bed of coating material. The bed of precoat material traps coarse, fine, or coagulated colloidal solids that normally cannot be captured by typical filter medias. Before going on stream, the drum is covered with a material such as diatomaceous earth or similar material that will form a coating over the entire drum to a thickness of four to six inches. The tank then may be drained of the residual precoating slurry. In most operations, the process flow is introduced directly, ultimately displacing the precoating residual. As vacuum is applied to the system, the clarified liquid passes through the precoat, and solids are deposited on the surface of the precoat. This

deposit is removed by a scraper blade which covers the length of the drum and feeds inward to shave off a predetermined thickness of precoat on each revolution. The depth of cut can be regulated as desired by the operator and is determined by the amount of cake and precoat that must be removed to leave a clean precoat surface for the beginning of the filtration cycle. The knife can be quickly adjusted through use of individual high speed advance and retraction motors. The scraper advance is independent of the drum drive. Precoating time varies with the thickness applied, typically 1/2-2 hours. Operating cycle time on one precoating depends entirely on the speed of the filter and the thickness of the cut.

Engineering Facts

Worm Gear Drive

The worm gear drive on the filter assures continuous constant speed rotation. Worm gears are cast iron or bronze, and the worm hardened steel. Trunnions rotate in lubricated bearings with replaceable liners.

Operating near the bottom of the tank, the agitator provides complete agitation throughout the entire tank, including the discharge side where pick-up on the filter drum starts. Rakes on the agitator are positioned with a 90-degree downward angle. Assembly of the agitator pivot hub uses a bearing and steel shaft to provide long wear and to eliminate rocking action. The agitator is driven through a shaft mounted gear reducer. Various mounting and drive arrangements are available to suit the installation requirements. Drive guards are installed to provide operator safety and meet OSHA guidelines

Valve Assembly
Rotary outlet(valveless) design is standard. Two-solution outlet Hy-Flow design is also available.

EIMCO Precoat Filters are manufactured to extracting standards. Drums are fabricated on the latest types of production equipment and machined components are produced on computer-controlled automatic equipment. Internal support rings, which stiffen the drum, are machined to enhance the trueness of drum rotation, making it possible to achieve more complete use of the precoat material. This is especially important and can provide considerable cost savings on large diameter filters

Scraper Mechanism
Precoat scraper advance mechanism ensures stability and uniform, accurate, stepless removal of spent precoating material and filter solids. Apron and support assembly positively eliminate blade chatter and unnecessary production loss.

EIMCO Precoat Filters

Technical Data

Theoretical flow rates for various grades of precoat materials are shown in the chart to the right. Rates are based on solids-free liquid passing through a firm 1-3/4 thick precoat bed at 50% submergence with a pressure drop of 20 Hg vacuum. Precoat grades range from a fine grade, having a relative flow number of 100, to coarser grades.

EIMCO Precoat Filters

Title EIMCO Precoat Filters for Clarification/Polishing

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