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Bajaj Allianz Parent Company Category Sector Tagline/ Slogan USP Bajaj Finserv LTD.

And Allianz SE NBFC Insurance and finance Jiyo Befikar; Life. Insured by Care Expertise in local market with global exposure STP Segment Target Group Positioning Personal and Group Insurance Urban and Rural Investors Complete Insurance and financial solutions SWOT Analysis 1. Global exposure in Insurance through Allianz SE and Strong Local Implementation by Bajaj 2. Has network across 200 towns 3. Fundamentally Strong with good paying Capabilities 4. Allianz AG is an insurance conglomerate globally and one of the largest asset managers in the world, managing assets worth worldwide with 115 years of financial experience in over 70 countries 5. Received the prestigious "Business Leader in General Insurance", award by NDTV Profit 1. Lack of penetration in rural areas Weakness 2. Smaller Infrastructure as compared to established players 1. Growing rural market potential Opportunity 2. Urban Youth with growing income 1. Economic crisis and economic instability 2. Entry of new NBFCs in the sector 3. Increasing awareness amongst people about securing their future Competition Competitors 1. SBI Life Insurance



2. Sahara Life Insurance 3. HDFC Standard Life