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Dec. 20,2012 DYSL-FM 104.7Mhz Holds Graduation For Nutrition Students On The Air By Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.

Sogod, Southern Leyte-DYSL-FM 104.7 MHz one of Radyo Ng Bayans radio stations in the country held its first batch of graduates among the nutrition students on the air. The afternoon nutrition program on the air heard from Monday thru Friday is broadcast from Radyo Ng Bayan main station in Manila. It was simultaneously transmitted to all satellite stations throughout the nation. Interested persons were required to send their names to sister stations covering its respective areas as enrollees. They were also instructed to listen regularly to the aforesaid program where resource persons would be discussing subjects regarding proper nutrition for the young, adults and the old. DYSLs Helen Solante informed that nutrition students on the air were instructed to send their answers to every question raised during the program to the main station in Manila. Names of senders were likewise required including their specific locations/addresses for easy identifications and references to the nearest Radyo Ng Bayan stations where individual participants were under its respective jurisdictional coverage. During the recent Friday graduation held in the afternoon inside the DYSL hall, of the 140 pioneering nutrition graduates, only 65 have attended and received their Certificates of Completion which serve as their Diploma, distributed by DYSL-OIC Dindo Alaras. Cebu-based DYMR Manager Gean Antipotar, one of the speakers during the graduation rite, revealed that of all places in the country, only DYSL was able to turn out pioneering graduates on nutrition. She disclosed that her Radyo Ng Bayan station was unable to hold graduation among its students on the air because they were living in different far-flung areas in the Visayas.She said that the accessibility of transportations or money problem was the main reasons that they could not attend. The DYMR Manager also divulged she came to DYSL to witness for herself the very first graduation ceremony and want to witnessed 4 students(3 from Leyte Province and 1 from Southern Leyte) graduating the on the air nutrition program. However, she said, she only met one from this province named Baby Piamonte, one of the graduates. She confided that Piamonte was an avid listener of DYMR since 1990 until their nutrition program started broadcasting on Nov. 19,2012. Congressman Mercado for his part thanked the Radyo Ng Bayan for having this program on nutrition as this is very important knowledge that everyone, particularly those married women, should learn as their guide on taking care of their babies during and after their birth. Mercado whose DYSL hall was named after him, also promised to DYSL management to convert it into an air-conditioned room.

Other speakers were Mr. Byron of DYAM-Borongan, Eastern Samar; and Sanjie Gan,DYSLs newly-retired Supervisor for Operation.(Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.)