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OXFORD STUDENT’S BOOK Highly Recommended English for the hotel and catering industry Trish Stott & Rod Revell © STUDENT’S BOOK Highly Recommended English for the hotel and catering industry NEW EDITION Trish Stott & Rod Revell OXFORD ERSITY PRESS Unit contents chart UNIT COMMUNICATIVE AREA SITUATIONS/ FUNCTIONS, STRUCTURES = 1 Taking phone calls Incoming calls: ames speaking. How can Requests with Can/Could, help? Making simple requests: Can/Could Vd tke to I reserve a parking space? I'd like to speak to ‘Mrs Bader. = 2 Giving information Hotel and restaurant location and facilities: There are more than 900 bedrooms on eight fioors. Identifying yourself: My name's Caroline. Present Simple of b Js there?/Are there?, There is/ There are, There isn't/There aren't = 3 Taking room reservations Requesting information: Do you have a double room? Does the hotel have a restaurant? Do, Does Prepositions of time: on, at, in, from to = 4 — Taking restaurant bookings Opening and closing times: When do you close? What time do you serve dinner? Dates ‘Adverbs of frequency: always, often, sometimes, rarely, never = 5 Giving polite explanations Turning down requests: I'm sorry./ afraid we're fully booked that weekend. Present Simple (short forms): ‘be, do, can = 6 — Receiving guests Guests arriving at hotel reception or restaurant: Could you fil in this registration card? Here's your key card. Possessive adjectives: my, your, his, hher, our, your, their = 7 Serving in the bar Inthe bar: What can i get you? Requests and offers: Would you like ice ‘and lemon? Requests and offers with Can, Could, Shall, Would you like? = 8 Instructions ‘Margarita? Giving instructions in sequence: Instructions: take, fil, pour ‘Sequence marke First, take a cocktail shaker and fill it with then, finally crushed ice. Next, pour in one measure of tequila = 9 Taking a food order Restaurant staf taking orders for aperitifs, aan, the starters, and main courses: Are you ready a/an, some 10 order? Would you like to order some wine? = 10 Desserts and cheese Restaurant staff explaining cheese and some, any dessert menus: / recommend the French apple tart. The lemon tart is very good, to. What kind of cheese is Stilton? = 11 Talking about wine Restaurant wine waiter taking orders: The Comparisons: er than, Sauvignon Blanc is drier than the Riesling. ‘more .. than, not as . aS = 12 Dealing with requests Hotel reception and restaurant staff replying Offering help: rl get you to requests: Ill get you some more. Il bring some/one/another/some more. you another. = 13 Describing dishes Waiter explaining menu: Present Simple Passive Itcontains/consists of/is made of pasta. = 14 Dealing with complaints Guests complaining in a hotel and restaurant: We ordered aur drinks twenty minutes ago. Past Simple = 15 Jobs and workplaces Hotel reception and kitchen staff explaining responsibilities: This is Louise. She's responsible for six staff this/that, these/those, here/there responsible to, responsible for