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Capital Area Bahá’í Center Task Force! P.O. Box 441906! Fort Washington, Maryland 20749! Message for
Capital Area Bahá’í Center Task Force!
P.O. Box 441906!
Fort Washington, Maryland 20749!
Message for the Feast of Knowledge (‘Ilm), October 15/16, 2006!
Volume 1, Number 7!
Dear Friends, !
We are inspired by your
continued increase in sup
-port for development of this
intercommunity property.
You have now pledged
contributions of 71 “units”
through automatic bank
withdrawal and checks! !
A “unit” is a dollar a day for
a year, or $365. !
500 Units !
pledged. !
The "First" Marathon!
Run/Walk on the beautiful trails !
of the Bahá’í property !
Sunday October 22 nd from 11:30AM until
A day of
71 Units
sharing with troops of Runners/Walkers, Baha’is and
friends of the Faith, in a spirit of unity and brotherhood. !
Up 16 from
The course is from the house to the Potomac River and
last month!!
back which is 1 mile. You can run as many laps as you
like with a $25 “Pledge” for each lap. You can sponsor
yourself or have someone else sponsor you (including
your Assembly). Feel free to sponsor friends of the
Faith. Only Baha’is can serve as sponsors. !
Runners/Walkers will be briefed by Dr. Ata Yazdani
and expert runners Joseph Coblentz and Irwin Anolik.
The committee will provide refreshments. !
Picnics at the property !
Everyone is encouraged to bring a picnic basket, have
lunch on the property, and spend the whole day - a gas
grill is available. Weather Advisory - if it rains Friday
or Saturday October 20 or 21 the !
Marathon will be cancelled. !
CONTRIBUTIONS Please contribute and pledge to
support development of the center and gardens.
Make checks payable to “Capital Area Bahá’í
Center” and mail to P.O. Box 441906, Fort
Washington, MD 20749.!
More info - please call these Fund !
Raising Committee members:!
Jaleh Yazdani 301-590-9099 !
Jamshid Firouzi 301-438-0555 !
Lecile Webster 301-585-0881 !
Car Donation Campaign!
For further info please!
contact Lecile Webster!
at 301-585-0881 or !!
December fund raising event!
Sat. December 2, Dinner/Concert featuring “Aghili,”
Melissa & Todd Christopher & other local performers.
At the Tysons Westpark Hotel, 8401 Westpark Drive,
McLean, Virginia. Doors open at 7PM. Sit down
dinner served promptly at 7:30PM. Silent auction. !
The property is located a
minutes south of the D.C.
Beltway at 11111 Riverview
Tickets on sale soon. Adults $35, !
children 12 and under $20. !
Road, Fort Washington,
Maryland. It is administered by
the Spiritual Assemblies of
Prince George’s County South
information contact: !
Jaleh Yazdani 301-590-9099 !
Manijeh Majidi 301-469-0420 !
Leila Roshanian 301-765-7084 !
and Montgomery County

Capital Area Bahá’í Center

Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

Sponsored by the Local Spiritual Assemblies of the Bahá’ís of Prince George’s County South and Montgomery County Southeast, Maryland

First Name

Street Address



Last Name



Zip Code


Bahá’í Community

Considering a “unit” to be one dollar a day ($365 a year) then 500 Bahá’ís and institutions contributing one unit each year will achieve the goal of developing the property and paying off the personal loans that made the purchase possible. Many individuals and institutions will want to take on two or more units.

I want to help develop the Capital Area Bahá’í Center Property and pay off the personal loans that made the purchase possible

Please mark one method of payment:


Automatic withdrawal from your checking account (preferred method) Please send a voided check along with this form to the address below.

I agree to let the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Prince George's County, Maryland, South, Inc. withdraw the amount of $ monthly through it's acount called "Capital Area Baha'i Center." I understand that I must notify the Assembly in writing if I wish to end this automatic withdrawal.

Signature (same as written above)


I pledge $

per Gregorian calendar month for the next

years. Enclosed is my first pledged contribution (not required for AUTO PAY method).

Please make checks payable to:


Pledge Form

Mail this form and checks to:

CAPITAL AREA BAHÁ’Í CENTER P.O. Box 441906 Fort Washington, MD 20749

Updated 8/06