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Insyde Recovery INSYDE BIOS RECOVERY METHOD added 28/11/2009

t=13095 Example: The DV7T-1000 bios originally bricked my laptop. Turns out the "auto detect" fea ture will flash the wrong bios (because there are three in the file). Just FYI, most insyde bios have a secret 'failsafe' to recover from a bad bios flash. -get the proper .FD file for your notebook, rename it to the first 4 digits and .BIN (ie: 30F3F2C.FD would become 30F3.BIN) -put newly named bin file on a fat16 or fat32 USB stick, plug it in the notebook -unplug notebook -remove battery -unit should be off, press and hold windows key and B -plug in AC power while holding those buttons -turn on notebook, let go of all buttons once LED lights come on -the notebook will beep every second, as it searches for the .bin file -if its filename matches your systems motherboard code, it will flash, and reboo t -all is fixed To obtain the right name for your EFI just open it with andy's tool. Undocumented INSYDE BIOS recovery method.-Use andy's tool to obtain possible nam es. Hi guys, After bricking my acer 7720g notebook, i found an easy bios recovery method for my notebook, Theese worked for my acer 7720g notebook i used flash drive but it can work with cd or dvd download the bios files from acer site, unpack them (right click extract with wi nrar) Rename the bios file xxxxxx.fd to ICL50.fd or ICL50HW.fd (do not touch the exten sion) PLEASE CONFIRM WHICH FILE IS CORRECT. THIS WILL HELP FOR OTHER USERS. Use andy's tool to obtain the right name for your recovery. Copy the file to usb fdd,or usb flash stick. DO NOT MAKE anything etc. ONLY COPY Remove battery, adapter (power cord) , mouse etc. Attach usb fdd, or usb flash stick Hold down <Fn> + <Esc>, Edit by Yen: At other Notebooks it's <windows> key + <B> Plug In the Ac Power adapter, wait about 3-5 secs Press the power button Now release the buttons. It took about 2-3 minutes and notebook powered down itself....... Then plug in the battery simply power it on. That s all. Now normal screen appears and acer is alive Pls. say it works for u or not To obtain the right name for your recovery, get andy's tool and open your bios w ith it. It'll pop up an info window with the right filename for recovery: EFI us es different names for the recovery file. BIOS Recovery by Crisis Disk

Tue, 12 Oct 2010 12:47:07 | Acer Aspire 5739 Aspire Crisis Disk BIOS Recovery Boot Block Acer Aspire 8942 8942G" href="/aspire-89428942g/bios-recovery-by-crisis-disk-bios-recovery-boot-block.html">BIOS Recovery Boot Block: BIOS Recovery Boot Block is a special block of BIOS. It is used to boot up the s ystem with minimum BIOS initialization. Users can enable this feature to restore the BIOS firmware to a successful one once the previous BIOS flashing process f ailed. BIOS Recovery Hotkey: The system provides a function hotkey: Fn+Esc, for enable BIOS Recovery process when system is powered on during BIOS POST. To use this function, it is strongly recommended to have the AC adapter and Battery present. If this function is ena bled, the system will force the BIOS to enter a special BIOS block, called Boot Block. Steps for Crisis Disk Acer Aspire one NAV50 AO532h JV01 PT" href="/aspire-one-na v50-ao532h-jv01-pt/bios-recovery-by-crisis-disk.html">BIOS Recovery by Crisis Di sk: Before doing this, one Crisis Disk should be prepared ready in hand. The Crisis Disk could be made by executing the Crisis Disk program in another system with W indows XP OS. Follow the steps below: Power Off failed system. Attach a USB floppy drive to the failed system. Insert the Crisis Disk in to the USB floppy drive attached to the BIOS flash fai led system. In the power-off state, press and hold Fn+Esc then press the Power button. The s ystem powers on and the Crisis BIOS Recovery process begins. BIOS Boot Block begins restoring the BIOS code from the Crisis floppy disk to BI OS ROM on the failed systems. When the Crisis flash process is finished, the system restarts with a workable B IOS. 5. Update to the latest version BIOS for the system using the regular BIOS flash ing process.