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Written By Mir Fat e h Ali Shah Translation By N o ne Language e ng lish Catagory Pro p he t Muhammad PB UH

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is mentioned by name in the Bible

His m o ut h is m o st swe e t : ye , he is alt o ge t he r lo ve ly. He is m y be lo ve d, and he is m y f rie nd, O daught e rs o f J e rusale m (English Translat io n: King J am e s Ve rsio n) Quran says that Pro phet Muhammad PBUH is mentio ned in Injil and Zabur (Bible) So I went thro ugh the Bible but co uld no t find his name. Later o n I co me to kno w that Muhammad PBUH is mentio ned in theo riginal He bre w script ure as quo ted abo ve fro m theSo ng o f So lo m o n(this is a bo o k o f Bible) T HE REASONI COULDNT FIND HIMIN ENGLISH BIBLE In the Hebrew Bible the wo rd fo rMuham m adPBUH is mentio ned as wo rdm aham adim , it is the name o f last and final messenger o f Almighty Go d, if yo u remo ve the im fro m wo rdm aham adim , than it will bem aham d, because im is used fo r plural o f respect in Hebrew. No w when we translate any sentence into o ther language we are so und no t to t ranslat e t he No un(Name), like if we say in English Mr. Black is co ming, we will no t translate it in Urdu as Mr kala aa rha hai but we will say Mr. Black aa rha hai. Hence Mr. Black will remain Mr. Black in Urdu as well.

As to ld earlier that Muhammad PBUH is mentio ned in Hebrew as m aham adim , the christen scho lars translatedm aham adim asAlt o ge t he r lo ve ly , fo r which they haveno right to do so . And no w the christen wo rld is reading Bible but canno t find the Pro phe t o f Islam there. No w I was sho cked again when I read the same verse in Urdu translatio n o n internet which says : Haan aye yro shilam ki Ao urt o ! Usska m unh t am aam se she e re e n ange z hai, wo m e ra m ahbo o b hai, wo m e ri pyari hai, there I fo und that Muhammad PBUH is no t mentio ned in there at all, no t even the translatio n o f mahamadimas English Bible The prepo sitio n used inUrdu t ranslat io nis feminine which sho ws that So lo mo n AS is talking abo ut so me beautiful lady. Ho we ever, in English translatio n the prepo sitio n is used as masculine.Co nf use d!!let us see what Hebrew quo tatio n says?? The wo rd fo r prepo sitio n is ZAHDUDI in Hebrew. If we break the wo rd it seems ZEH-DUDI where asZ EH m e an t his(fo r masculine)and DUDI m e ans m y be lo ve dso the translatio n will be this is my belo ved fro m this o ne example we can see that so called wo rd o f Go d

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