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Written By Mir Fat e h Ali Shah Translation By Z o haib Imd ad K aka Language e ng lish Catagory Ho ly Q uran

An easy way to understand Quran

Quran is the last bo o k fro m Allah SWT revealed o n Muhammad SAWW, that He SAWW gets peo ple o ut o f the darkness in to the brightness. Is Quran e asy t o unde rst and? So me times we think that Quran is bo o k revealed by Allah SWT and it is no t easy to understand, but Allah SWT says in Quran And certainly We have made the Quran easy fo r remembrance, but is there anyo ne who will mind? 54:22 Whatever yo ur mental appro ach is, if yo u will start to read Quran with po sitive intentio n then definitely yo u will understand it. Quran in yo ur language As Quran was revealed o n Muhammad SAWW and the language o f Muhammad SAWW was Arabic thats why Allah SWT revealed Quran in Arabic language that they co uld get the best advantage o f it, like Allah SWT says So have We made it easy in yo ur to ngue that they may be mindful. 44:58 At ano ther place Allah SWT says Surely We have made it an Arabic Quran that yo u may understand. 43:3 But no w as Islam is spreading in all o ver the wo rld, and peo ple o f different natio ns and religio ns are co nverting in Islam who se language is no t Arabic like we Pakistanis, as o ur language is Urdu and mo st o f us do nt kno w the Arabic thats why we have o nly two ways. One is to learn Arabic language, fo r that yo u will have to co ntact with any go o d Arabic center o f yo ur o wn city o r to learn yo urself fro m different websites o n which free Arabic co urse is available, which is very easy to do . But if yo u are unable to do this then the seco nd way is to read the Quran in yo ur o wn language, which will co mparatively less beneficial but again it will be the fine alternative. Fo r yo ur ease I am writing the names o f the peo ple who have translated Quran in very simple and unco mplicated manner o r even yo u ask yo ur elder fo r any easy translatio n. (in Urdu Fateh Muhammad Jalindhiri and in Sindhi Taj Muhammad Amro ti). Ask Re f uge f ro m Allah SWT Allah SWT has given as much strength to Satan that he can easily gain the reach to o ur minds; he generates so many dilemmas in o ur minds even he has strength to sho w the dreams to u, thats why whenever, yo u will sit fo r starting to read the Quran then yo u must ask refuge fro m Allah SWT, because when yo u start to read the Quran, Satan starts to generate wro ng interpretatio ns o f verses in yo ur minds. Allah SWT says in Quran So when yo u recite the Quran, seek refuge with Allah fro m the accursed Shaitan. 16 :9 8 Ho w m uch we sho uld re ad t he Quran?

Surely yo ur Lo rd kno ws that yo u pass in prayer nearly two -thirds o f the night, and (so metimes) half o f it, and (so metimes) a third o f it, and (also ) a party o f tho se with yo u; and Allah measures the night and the day. He kno ws that yo u are no t able to do it, so He has turned to yo u (mercifully), therefo re read what is easy o f the Quran. He kno ws that there must be amo ng yo u sick, and o thers who travel in the land seeking o f the bo unty o f Allah, and o thers who fight in Allahs way, therefo re read as much o f it as is easy (to yo u), and keep up prayer and pay the po o r-rate and o ffer to Allah a go o dly gift, and whatever o f go o d yo u send o n befo rehand fo r yo urselves, yo u will find it with Allah; that is best and greatest in reward; and ask fo rgiveness o f Allah; surely Allah is Fo rgiving, Merciful. 73:20 Co nce nt rat e o n ve rse s and t ry t o unde rst and t he m Yo u must keep o ne thing in yo ur minds while reciting the Quran that yo u try to understand the verses, Allah SWT says Do they no t then reflect o n the Quran? Nay, o n the hearts there are lo cks. 47:24 Be ne f it o r de t rim e nt To get the right kno wledge, benefit and make o urselves go o d perso n fro m the understandings o f Quran, there are so me co nditio ns o n which a perso n must believe than he will be able to get the benefit, o therwise who so ever will deny these co nditio ns will be detriment and will no t get any o f benefits. Allah says Tho se who believe in the unseen and keep up prayer and spend o ut o f what we have given them. And who believe in that which has been revealed to yo u and that which was revealed befo re yo u and they are sure o f the hereafter. These are o n a right co urse fro m their Lo rd and these it is that shall be successful.2:3-5 T he se are t he co ndit io ns: Believe in the unseen Keep up prayer Spend o ut o f what have given Believe in that which has been revealed and that which was revealed befo re yo u Sure o f the hereafter Two t ype s o f ve rse s are in Quran Yo u must keep much co ncentratio n o n tho se verses in which the way o f passing life is described o r the verses in which there is an o rder to do the go o d deeds and restrain fro m bad deeds. And verses which are so meho w difficult to understand acco rding to o ur o wn mind capacity then do no t go in detail o f tho se as Allah SWT says He it is Who has revealed the Bo o k to yo u; so me o f its verses are decisive, they are the basis o f the Bo o k, and o thers are allego rical; then as fo r tho se in who se hearts there is perversity they fo llo w the part o f it which is allego rical, seeking to mislead and seeking to give it (their o wn) interpretatio n. But no ne kno ws its interpretatio n except Allah, and tho se who are firmly ro o ted in kno wledge say: We believe in it, it is all fro m o ur Lo rd; and no ne do mind except tho se having understanding. May Allah SWT gives yo u strength to understand the Quran.

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