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3202 Page St.

Redwood City, CA 94063

Craig S. Campbell

(650) 798-7723

Highly experienced, motivated, and technically proficient web and mobile software engineer interested in applying proven problem solving, leadership, and programming skills in a challenging full-time position.

Technical Skills
Languages: Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, C, Lisp, Ruby, PL/SQL, HTML, and CSS Frameworks: Android, Tornado, Struts, ExtJS, JQuery, Rails, Google App Engine Databases: Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, WebDB Development Tools: Eclipse, Vim, Git, Subversion, SQL*Plus, SQL Developer Operating Systems: Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu), Windows, and OSX

Professional Experience
Software Engineer May 2012 Present Software Engineer Intern May 2011 Aug 2011 Designed and implemented new features for mobile products using Java, JavaScript, HTML5, SQLite, and WebDB. Led the bi-weekly training for new interns to introduce and teach the development environment, tools, and codebase.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Computer Systems and Networks & Introduction to Java Jan 2009 May 2012 Head Teaching Assistant, Data Structures and Algorithms May 2010 Aug 2010 As Head Teaching Assistant, created weekly homework and grading criteria. Managed Teaching Assistants. Led lecture when needed. Taught the weekly recitation class consisting of 30-50 students and assisted with the grading of homework and exams. Provided a minimum of three office hours per week tutoring students. Mentored students one-on-one when requested.

Georgia Tech Research Institute

May 2009 Dec 2010

Software Developer (Co-op), Signature Technology Laboratory Implemented and maintained a personnel management web application using Java, JDBC, Struts, ExtJS, and Oracle. Co-developed a Java framework that generated JavaScript to reduce duplication between Java and JavaScript. Worked in all stages of the software development process including design, implementation, testing, debugging, and maintenance. Supervised two entry-level Co-op students during their training in basic web security practices, Struts, Java EE, JDBC, and PL/SQL.

Firedog: Circuit City

PC Technician Performed computer tune-ups, upgrades, data transfers, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repair. Sole technician on duty responsible for managing the department.

May 2007 Sep 2007

Georgia Institute of Technology
Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Computer Science; expected graduation date: 5/2012 Overall GPA: 3.96/4.0; Major GPA: 4.0/4.0

Aug 2008 May 2012

Leadership Experience
Invited attendee of the ConocoPhillips IT Student Leadership Forum Founding Member of the College of Computing Undergraduate Council President of the Georgia Tech FFM Hall Council Fall 2010 Sep 2009 May 2010 Sep 2008 May 2009

Notable Achievements
Developed an online profitable personal training subscription service backed by machine learning models ( Researched, designed, developed, and marketed a mobile advertising network as a single founder ( Developed a concert notification service that won first place in the Mobile Category at the 2010 Georgia Tech Yahoo Hack Day. Recognized as a top Android developer by Google. Recognized as Georgia Tech Hall Council President of the Year for 2009-2010.