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Separation Processes for Diastereomers, Enantiomers, Peptides, Proteins and Natural Substances
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New thermal separation technologies help you optimize the costs and quality of your existing processes. They also support the development of innovative new products with signicant economic potential. In this context we can offer the following services: literature searches to identify the state of the art in science and technology; development of new thermal separation processes and new plants; evaluation of process benet to the customer; adaptation of results to customer requirements; conceptual design and feasibility study; experimental validation; implementation.
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Enhanced cost-effectiveness of existing processes; Improved product quality; Safeguarding and expansion of technological leadership over competitors.

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One of the main challenges for thermal separation technology in the future results from the growth of new product classes such as diastereomers, enantiomers, peptides, proteins and natural substances. Conventional separation technology paths are often not capable of coping with these separation tasks. Only the combination and interaction of various separation technologies in hybrid separation concepts yield feasible and economical solutions. In the development of such processes, a purely empirical approach requires tremendous effort to achieve a result that is then usually not ideal anyway. For the synthesis of such processes, Bayer Technology Services has developed innovative design and process design methods. These are supplemented by tools for the selection of suitable separation auxiliaries. Bayer Technology Services also utilizes conventional project execution tools, state-of-the-art simulation tools and experimental apparatus from various unit operations to validate the processes designed.

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Chromatographic separation of diastereomers and enantiomers Chromatographic processes to separate diastereomers and enantiomers have been developed in the laboratories of Bayer Technology Services. These are supported by highly efficient solvent recycling processes utilizing distillation and membrane technology. This development yielded a signicant reduction in separation costs, thanks to new knowledge in method development and design. The development time for such processes is now just a few months. Downstream processing in biotechnology processes (protein/peptide separation) Downstream processing of biotechnology products entails time and cost restraints. Bayer Technology Services has developed processes and expertise for recovering dilute complex multisubstance mixtures from bioreactors. A sequence consisting of ultraltration, virus inactivation/purication and various chromatography steps serves to recover proteins and peptides, for example.
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Natural substance separation Transgenic plants are the future suppliers of active ingredients to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, ne chemicals and food technology industries. Alone the world market for natural substance products utilized as dietary supplements is worth 17.5 billion and continues to grow steadily. Conventional processes are based on extraction. However, the products are usually not clearly characterized by analysis but dened via the process, i.e. the apparatus, process steps and operating parameters. Increasingly, efforts must be made to sustainably preserve scarce raw materials and increase yields. This entails a decline in product purity. Additional highly selective purication processes are needed without increasing the manufacturing costs. A combination of chromatography and extraction represents the economic optimum. However, problems arise selecting suitable auxiliaries and optimizing the highly integrated process. Bayer Technology Services has successfully applied suitable thermodynamic tools and expertise in solving these problems.





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