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Project Officers Vacancy Announcement

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development-Legal Aid (ARDD-LA) -- a Jordan-based human rights Non-profit organization -- is seeking to recruit qualified staff for the following positions: Media Officer Project Officer Research Officer Project Officer Overall purpose of the job:

To be responsible for the overall coordination, implementation, execution, direction, control, monitoring and evaluation and completion of specific projects, ensuring consistency with ARDD-LAs strategy, mission and vision. Key Contacts (external): Project donors and partners local, national, and international; All relevant stakeholders in issues of interest to ARDD-LA, governments and non-governmental. Key Contacts (internal): Programs Manager, Director. Principal Responsibilities: (a) Operation & Monitoring

1. To lead the planning and implementation of project, in coordination with Programs Manager, in consistency with the projects set scope, goals, deliverables, timeframe, and agreement with donor; 2. To define project tasks and resources requirements in accordance with proposal and budget; 3. To coordinate (with) project staff and distribute tasks; 4. Manage project budget and resource allocation; 5. Track project deliverables and impact (output, results, and objectives) using appropriate M&E and data collection tools, data analysis and qualitative and quantitative assessments; 6. Constantly monitor and report on progress and impact of the project to all stakeholders (especially donors, management, and media-officer), in addition to challenges, solution, and success stories and best practices in accordance with donors and ARDD-LAs financial and narrative reporting procedures; 7. To implement and manage project changes and interventions to achieve project outputs in light of E&M results; 8. Ensure that implementation meets ARDD-LAs and donors partnership, accountability standards, quality assurance criteria, and all other standards agreed upon; 9. Provide team with guidance and mentoring; 10. Conduct oral and written presentations of findings and recommendations.

(b) Networking & Outreach 11. To strengthen ARDD-LAs relations with donors and stakeholders (including beneficiaries) and to engage them in its work;

12. To build and promote partnerships with other organizations and actors and identify relevant stakeholders including potential funding and non-funding partners; 13. To represent ARDD-LA at meetings with institutions and other external stakeholders as well as at conferences, seminars and events. Other Responsibilities 14. To execute all relevant activities and tasks, internal or external, in accordance with the overall aims of the organization and its policies and procedures; 15. To participate in training and other activities as requested by the organization; 16. To perform any other tasks related to project management and/or coordination; 17. To work cooperatively and supportively with the ARDD-LA team and other humanitarian actors and entities, partners and stakeholders, and to identify short comings in communication and find appropriate solutions; 18. To coordinate closely with Project Management team in conducting events or taking actions. Skill Requirements: 1. Experience and Knowledge 2-3 Years of relevant work experience in project management/business administration, preferred in the development/NGO sector, including significant M&E experience; Knowledge in International Human Rights; BA or MA in a relevant field (project management, business administration, development, human rights, social sciences, etc); Knowledge of both theoretical and practical aspects and tools of project management including M&E; Experience in diverse work environments and intercultural communication is an asset. 2. Skills Very good communication, networking, and inter-personal skills; Precision and critical thinking; Proven excellence in writing and editing skills in English and Arabic; Excellent research and analytical skills; Decision-making, problem-solving, and negotiation skills; Good knowledge of computer tools. 3. Personal Qualities Ability to handle pressure; Willingness to travel inside and outside Jordan; Driven and motivated by human rights issues; Demonstrated gender sensitivity and awareness.

Application deadline for all vacancies is December 20, 2012. Kindly send all resumes and covering letters to