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My name is today? in?

December Lesson

Today is

, What should I wear? When will this happen?



2012. It is

degrees, Where will we be?

, and

What are going to do Who will join






Week 1



Learning upper and lower case letters by sight and sound

Watch alphabet videos on Youtube link below. Read alphabet books. Play with alphabet flashcards. Match uppercase and lowercase letters. Sound out each letter. Make paper letter crafts. Play with letter learners. Practice pre-writing skills. Identify letters in words while reading. Play online alphabet games: and

Week 2

Candles/Lights, Hanukkah (Dec 8- 16, 2012), Menorah, Dreidel, Santa Claus, Reindeer


Celebrating Miracles, Symbols, Giving & Receiving, Magic

Light the Menorah. Play dreidel. Sing Hanukkah songs. Cook latkes. Read stories and color pages about Hanukkah, Santa Claus, and reindeer. Buy/make gifts for family and friends. Donate a toy. Watch videos in youtube link below for hanukkah, Santa Claus, and Rudolf.







Weeks 3

Winter Solstice (Dec 21, 2012), Christmas (Dec 25), Christmas


Celebrating the Shortest Day of the Year/Return of the Sun, Shapes & Colors (Ornaments), The Birth of Jesus

Ring a bell at dawn on the solstice to signify the coming of the sun. Make a Yule Log (make sure to save a chunk of it for protection through the next year). Decorate and redecorate felt Christmas Tree with felt ornaments in a variety of

shapes and colors.

Play shape and color matching games with felt ornaments.


Watch Soltice video and a few of the Christmas videos from youtube link below.

Tree, Ornaments, Jesus, Nativity


Read Christmas books. Sing Christmas songs. Play with Nativity set. Celebrate Christmas.

Week 4

Cold, White,


Water to Ice and Ice to Water, Staying warm, Shape Matching

Make snowflakes from pasta or cereal. Play snowflake matching game. Build felt snowmen and do color matching activities with their felt accessories. Practice putting on coat, hat, scarf, and mittens. Make a mitten set tracing our hands and coloring. Freeze a large block of ice in a tupperware container, cover it with salt (coarse and fine), use a dropper to drip watercolor paints on top and watch it seep into crevices as the ice thaws. Build as ice cave (white blanket fort). Shaving cream 'snow' drawings. Watch Winter and Snow video from Youtube link below. Read Snow & Winter Books.

Snow, Snowflake,


Snowman, Coat,


Hat, Scarf,


Supplies alphabet flashcards, alphabet magnets, scrabble pieces, sandpaper letters, construction paper, glue, scissors, felt in different colors, menorah, candles, dreidel, Santa Clause coloring page, reindeer coloring page, gift making supplies (we’re baking cookies), a new toy to donate, yule log, pine cones, ribbon, incense, felt christmas tree & ornaments fo different shapes and colors (ours is 5' tall and cost less than $7 to make with fabric from Hancock's), plastic or wooden nativity set, pasta wheels or honeycomb cereal, snowflake matching cards printout, felt snowmen with assorted primary color accessories (hats, scarves, mittens, buttons), paper, markers, tupperware container, water, freezer, coarse and fine salt, dropper, diluted fod coloring or watercolor, shaving cream

Helpful Videos

Pre-K December Winter Themes Videos

Books Old Black Fly, Jim Aylesworth; A Was Once an Apple Pie, Edward Lear; Max'x ABC, Rosemary Wells; AlphaZoo Christmas, Susan Harrison; Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah; The Story of Hanukkah, David Adler; Chanukah Lights Everywhere, Michael Rosen; A Hanuakkah Treasury, Eric Kimmel; Winter, Chris Demarest; Father Christmas, Raymond Briggs; Clifford's Christmas, Norman Bridwell; Twas the Night Before Christmas, Clement Moore; Christmas for 10, Cathryn Falwell; Babushka, Sandra Ann Horn; Christmas Treasury, Jan Brett; The Christmas Story, Bernadin; The Christmas Donkey, Gillian McClure; Asleep in the Stable, Will Hillenbrand; The Glorious Christmas Songbook; The Real Mother Goose Book of Christmas Carols; The Animals' Christmas Carol, Helen Ward; Snow, Manya Stojic; Snow What Fun, Cheryl Hawkinson; The Biggest Snowman Ever, Steven Kroll

Rhymes Let's be happy, let us cheer, Hanukkah again is here. All the lights are shining bright, Isn't it a lovely sight? You know these lights remind us Of the time long, long ago, When God caused one, tiny light, for eight long days to shine so bright. I've been waiting for Christmas, And it's almost here. I've been waiting for Christmas, Santa's getting near. Can't you hear the sleigh bells ringing? reindeer up so high. Can't you hear the children singing, As they watch the sky? Dear Santa, this Christmas my list is quite small. In fact, I need practically nothing at all. My list is so short and so easy to read because there's just one thing I actually need. A reindeer for Christmas is all I require; a reindeer, of course, who's an excellent flier. I really don't care if it's Dasher or Dancer. I'm okay with Cupid or Comet or Prancer. Please don't think I'm greedy; I only want one. You won't even miss him, and I'll have such fun. I promise I'll feed him and treat him just right, and take him out flying around every night. You see, I'm not selfish. So, for my surprise this Christmas, please bring me a reindeer that flies. But if my request is a bit much for you, I guess that an iPod will just have to do. Icy you and Icy me, Icy branches on each tree. Icy patterns on the glass, Icy steps we have to pass. Icy walks and roads galore, Icy wintertime once more. Icy vines upon the wall. Icy scenes, I now recall. Snowflakes, snowflakes dancing round, (Dance fingers around.) Gently falling to the ground. (Wiggle fingers downward.) See them drifting to and fro. (Sway fingers back and forth) See them twirling fast, then slow. (Wiggle fingers in fast and slow circles.) Snowflakes, snowflakes dancing round. (Dance fingers around.) Gently falling to the ground. (Wiggle fingers downward.)

I'm a little snowman round and fat, Here are my mittens, Here is my hat. Add a little scarf and a carrot nose, I stand so tall when the cold wind blows. Our Calendar of Memphis Holiday Events Memphis Downtown Christmas Parade Dec 4, 2012 5pm ZooLights Friday Dec 7, 2012 (there are limited dates through Dec 30) Go see Santa Claus Dec 11, 2012 at CMOM 10-1 The Pink Palace's Enchanted Forrest after dark Dec 7, 14, or 21, 2012

Alphabet Paper Craft Learn the Dreidel Game Felt Christmas Tree Macaroni Snowflakes Mitten Match Watercolor Ice Sculpture

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