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Semester: IV Time: 3: 00 Hours Answer All Questions Part A - (10 x 2 = 20 Marks) 1. List out the various factors affecting compaction? 2. State the assumptions and limitations of sedimentation analysis. 3. What is the use of flow net? 4. Write a short explanatory notes on quick sand conditions. 5. What are the assumptions made in terzaghis one dimensional consolidation theory? 6. Define isobar. 7. What is meant by over consolidated clay? 8. Define sensitivity of soils 9. Define consolidated undrained test. 10. What are the main causes of failure of slope?

Branch: Civil Engineering

Max Marks: 100

(b)A soil deposit consists of fine sand to a depth 5 meters. The average void ratio is 0.8. The water table is at the depth of 5 m below ground surface. The degree of saturation of sand above water table is 50%. Calculate the effective stress on a horizontal plane at a depth of 12 m below the ground surface. Assume G=2.65 (12) (Or) 14(a) what are the applications of flow net?(8) (b) The capillary rise in soil A with D 10 =0.06 mm is 60cm. Estimate the capillary rise in soil B with D10 =0.1 mm , Assuming the same void ratio in both the soils. (8) 15. Explain the construction of New mark influence chart and explain the method of using the chart to determine the stress below soil mass.(10) (b) Following were the results obtained from a shear box tests on a specimen of sandy clay of cross section 6cm x6cm, Determine the shear strength parameters. (Or) 13. The following observation were obtained from the specimens of sandy clay tested in a shear in a shear box, 36cm2 in area under undrained conditions. Plot the failure envelope for the soil and determine the values of apparent angles of shearing resistance and apparent cohesion. Normal load (N) Max , shear force(N) 100 200 300 400 110 152 193 235

PART B- (5X16=80Marks) 11. (a)The mass specific gravity (apparent specific gravity) of a soil equals 1.64. The specific gravity of solid is 2.70.Determine the voids ratio under the assumption that the soil is perfectly dry. What would be the void ratio, if the sample is assumed to have a water content of 8 percent? (10) (b).Explain particle size distribution using sieve analysis.(6) (Or) 12 . (a) Explain the plasticity chart used for classifying fine grained soil.(6) (b).A laboratory compaction test on soil having specific gravity equal to 2 .68 gave maximum dry density of 1.82g/cm3 and a water content of 17 percent . Determine the degree of saturation, air content and percentage air voids at the maximum dry density. What would be theoretical maximum dry density corresponding to zero air voids at the optimum water content? 13. (a) Explain discharge velocity and seepage velocity.(4)