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How to configure a Wi-Fi router to share your computer's 3G data stick connection to everyone.

1. Connect to the Internet on your 3G data stick.

2. Plug your laptop to one of the router's LAN ports. Wait until the router connects correctly.

3. Click Start > Control Panel > View Network status and tasks > Change adapter settings

4. Right click the modem (or the connection where you get Internet from) > Status > Details. Write down the "IPv4 DNS Servers" on a piece of paper. Click Close once.

5. Right click the Local Area Network > Status > Details. Write down the "IPv4 Default Gateway". Click Close > Close.

6. Open the browser and type the IPv4 Default Gateway on the addressbar. Routers are all different so you need to figure out where to find and configure the following:


Review your wireless security settings. What is your SSID? What is your security key? Write this down.


Under WAN, choose "Static IP" instead of "PPPoE" or "Automatic - DHCP".


Under WAN, set the WAN IP to


Under WAN, set the Netmask to


Under WAN, set the Gateway to


Under WAN, set the DNS Server(s) to the "IPv4 DNS Servers" you got from step 4.


Click Save.

7. Unplug your laptop from the router's LAN port and plug it to the WAN port. Wait until the router connects correctly.

8. Go back to the "Network connection" screen on Step 4 > Properties > Sharing >


Check "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection."


Under Home networking connection choose "Local Area Connection"


Click OK then OK.

9. Right click the Local Area Network > Status > Details. Is the IPv4 address ""? If yes, then you're done! Tell everyone to connect to the wireless router and they will be online.

NOTE: There's a router-less method using "ad-hoc networks", but using a router provides more range and can handle more connected computers or wifi phones.

To put things back to before.


Unplug the laptop from the router's WAN port and plug it into one of its LAN ports.

3. Open a browser and visit the "IPv4 Default Gateway" address you got from Step


4. Switch the WAN setting from "Fixed IP" back to "Automatic - DHCP". Save changes.

5. You're done!

Only one more thing: Sometimes, after the configuration, it is necessary to restart your modem, computer and router. In one situation, I connected them in this way. Modem My Computer Router all other devices (like laptop, network printer, other computer).