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'Alan Tate and Jerome Thomas certainly gave us a lift on Saturday and eased the pressure of a squad depleted

by injuries and suspensions"

I note that in a recent issue of the Yorlcshire EVening Post (ounollor Keith Wakefield, leader of the Leeds Oty (ouna" expressed a view that inthe futlR the dub
could be more involved In the loca.l community. The leeds 1JI;!\Ed fOiIndaOOf' ISa 12g&erro dlanty which acts as a point of ...teraCtiOO between leeds lnted F{ and its corrvmm:.y The foundatlO!" ~ ive main pillar>. under wflidl t operates: 1. lnaeasillg partldpaoon in span and recreation 2. ImproYing education opportuIlIties for aU 3. Providing sporting opportunities for those with physical and mental health disabilities

Tonight, we face Leicester Oty who are the other current and a win wouLd enable us to rejoin the pack in mid-table.. Our two new loan pLayers - ALan Tate and Jerome Thomas - certainly gave us a Lift on Saturday and eased the pressure of a squad depLeted by injuries and suspensions. However, the treatment room is Looking more empty of Late and even Davide Somma is back in serious training.

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4. Improving community cohesion 5. Developing healthy lifestyles for peopLe across the city In doing that, the Leeds United Foundation offers a broad range of courses, engagement sessions and opportunities including Disability Football sessions for aU ages. education courses for Key Stages 2. 3 and 4 with post-ts courses Leading to nationally recognised quaLifications, women's and girts' footbaLL. holiday courses and Estates Projects providing structured activities for disadvantaged young peopLe. The Foundation is committed to celebrating equality and diversity in aLLof its activities, engaging in formaL education with approximateLy 1,000 young peopLe per year with many achieving qualifications that lead to employment or further education. More than 140 femaLe footbaLLers take part in competitive Leagues and weekLy development sessions and the disability programme has more than 350 peopLe invoLved. Overall the Leeds United Foundation made an impact on OYer24.338 peopLe Last year. I am surprised and disappointed that Councillor Wakefield is unaware of this serious initiative and if he wants more information, he couLd aLways ask any of the 11Trustees of the Foundation, one of whom is James Roagers. deputy chief executive of the leeds City Council. Or be couk1 ask another one who - surprise, surprise - is none omer than Councillor Keith WakefieLd, Leader of the teeds c,ty Council!

The legendary quality of the catering at Eiland Road is now becoming more widely known than ever. if you haven't yet booked your Christmas celebration, you had better hurry.
With over 800 bookings for Christmas Dinner in the Centenary PaviLion, it's aLmost sold-out and Howard's Restaurant is now taking reservations for their two sittings, There are stILl a few vacancies for our Christmas Parties, incLuding the Members Christmas Party on Saturday December 22 (after the MiddLesbrough game) when you can join the management, directors and pLayers of leeds United. It is open to aLLleeds United Corporate Partners, Season Ticket HoLders and Members over 12. Enjoy a delicious five-course meaL, disco and meet the first team - priced just 40 per person. To book caLL0871 334 1919 (option 2). Any fans Looking to watch CheLsea in styLe need to move quickLy. The game is set to be the biggest one in recent times with onLy Limited avaiLabiLity on hospitality packages. Demand is such that we are now opening the South Stand Executive lounges with nearly 1,700 tickets for HospitaLity packages aLready sold. We also have some great two-game-comblned packages availabLe for the festive period. allowing you to watch the Chelsea game pLus either the Ipswich or Middlesbrough game for one great price. Hospitality packages for Chelsea alone are avaILabLe from 130 +VAT.PLease contact the CommerciaL team on 0871 3341919 (option 3) to book your places. Still the good news keeps coming. You can look forward to an important announcement Within the next two weeks from the Commercial Oepartment The last Lorimer's Bar of 2012 ,5 a Christmas Special on Monday December 3. It is a Members-onlyevent to be held in the Nicky Chapman SUire. Start time is tpm (doors open 630pm). Book tidcers online. at the counters or by

A deserved three leaders?


against (rystal Palace on

Saturday ended our recent bad run of results - and who better to do it against than the then current league