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Construction material prices and labour cost in Islamabad,Pakistan

The construction charges of with material depends upon the material quality Like we have rates of LOW Quality material 1200 per square feet and HIGH quality material 1700 per square feet and without material 210 per square feet including Plumbing,marble,and electric works.

All the Schedule of payment would be written on agreement before starting the construction of building . Here is Detail of works. 1. Plumbing Wide range is available in market for plumbing item but witch rate i am giving you this for Master or Sonax fittings Rs125000 to Rs150000 per bath including tiles estimated cost for water supple lines and sewrege will be Rs Rs350000 to Rs400000 2.Gas fitting Estimated cost RS 100000 for GI lines 3.Electrical fitting If is china fittings then rate is 125 to RS 150 /sq ft of covered area 4. Flooring of rooms Tiles flooring Rs250/sq ft (Note the max cost of tiles is Rs 1000/m2)marble flooring Rs140/sq ft (the type of marble is saney gray or pallino 5.Bath rooms tiling The rate is same as above mention 6.Faise ceiling Rate is Rs 80 to 100 /sqft only for plastic of Perris 7.Drive way plinth protection The rate for concrete 1;2;4 is 125 /sqft 3inch thick and if you have marble at drive way that rate is allrady mention above 8.Roof treatment The rate is Rs 90 to 110/sqft 9.Windows Alumina windows are rate is Rs 385 to 410 sqft 10.Exterior elevation

11. Paints works (internal) Rate is RS 25 to 45 /sqft 12.wood works The rate for wood work is very difficult for me without drawings or type of wood which you want to use in your house.our rate is for structure is RS 650 to 750/sq ft and for finishing is RS 825/sq ft( plaster, elevation), deodar wood will be used master fittings at baths ,electric china fittings ,flooring marble and tiles as required. Approximate Prices for construction material is given below:Electricity & Plumbing per square ft= 15 Rupees each Cement bag= 310 to 350 Stone crush= 40 Rupees per square ft. Sand Truck= Rupees 12000 Bathroom Tiles= Rupees 400 to 1200 per square meter Marble= 30 to 80 Rupees per square ft. Bricks= 3600 to 4000 Rupees per 1000 Approximate covered area for single storey house 5 Marla= 1125 square ft. 2250 Square ft. For Double Story 10 Marla= 1800 square ft. 3200 Square ft For Double Story 1 Kanal= 3800 & 5000 Square ft To double Story House. Read more: Construction material prices and labour cost in Islamabad,Pakistan