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SB-189 The Scout Mistress By James H.

Cooper FOREWORD When a dissatisfied housewife becomes a scout-mistress for a weekend camp out with a group of boys, almost anything can happen. Add a ripening daughter whose breasts are getting lush, who is experiencing the curious insatiable itch of sexual birth and almost anything does happen. Sex is like death and taxes, inevitable sooner or later. All the author, Mr. Cooper, does, is show what happens when it is sooner. This can be particularly interesting when the girl was being raised as a tomboy by her macho father and the father is along on the camp out. THE PUBLISHER Chapter One Nanci Flannigan knew something was up, something besides the obvious saber-like jut of her husband Ted's thick cock. Of course, her nipples, the luscious, brown-pink confections that sat on the ends of her voluptuous titties, were up, because Ted's mouth was switching wetly from one to the other. She stroked the back of his balding blond head and moaned, "Yes, oh, my god, Ted, yes!"

His big hands, easily large enough to make a football disappear, squeezed lasciviously around each luscious breast, forcing the melon-size mounds up into taut cones. The distension made Nanci's tits ache with lust, relishing every sensuous lick of the flat of Ted's tongue and each tiny, nibbling touch of his teeth. Even with the hum of the air conditioner and the steady cool breeze on both their bodies, Nanci was slippery with a fine film of lusty sweat. She rolled her hips lewdly, inviting Ted to do whatever he wanted with her pussy. Ted slid one hand down the smooth front of her abdomen, shaping and rollicking over the slender curve of her twenty-three-inch waist. His voice came in grunts, then a single moan as his thick fingers threaded through the brunette forest over her labia and found the wide, juice-greased cleft between her cunt lips. Nanci felt her breath tear faster in her throat. She moved up against his hand, offering the winking, gushing entrance of her vagina to his invading fingers. Her clitty felt the pressure of his palm and sent sparkling messages of delighted heat up her spine. "Oh, Jesus, baby, down there," she moaned, pushing at the top of Ted's head. Ted let her hands guide him down. He ran his fingers around each luscious titty again, then licked the full, sweet under swell of each breast as if he needed the female touch and taste of her body to survive. He buried his forehead in the deep, pillowy valley between her breasts and husked "Gawd, I love your tits! I could suck those nipples all fuckin' night!" "Ahhh and I could let you," Nanci said, "if only my pussy didn't ache for you!" She swiveled her hips like a boneless snake, fluid and easy. Nanci paid attention to the tug of every cunt hair and each cell in her moist, puffy petals. It felt like Ted's hand had gathered her whole love-mound into a tight, juicy wad of purest eroticism. Ted growled and slid down further. Nanci held her breath, knowing that Ted would end up down there at the swampy place where her thighs met. She restrained herself, holding as still as she could. She wanted to fling her knees wider and thrust the hollow emptiness of her cunt up at his mouth. She kept her hands running over his thinning hair and waited. Ted picked her legs up, letting Nanci's knees bend over his shoulders. He let some of his 245 pounds of maleness bear forward on her and Nanci's crotch rose toward his face. The rich, musky odor made his prick so stiff it felt ready to break off. He cupped one cheek of her ass in each giant hand and pressed his face against the sopping, oily, aromatic center of her cunt. Nanci could have died happy right then. Ted's mouth opened wide and his lips enfolded all but the very top of her mons. She felt him begin a lewd suction that pulled the puffy sides of her outer cunt lips into his mouth. Gushes of cream mingled

with his spit. Nanci thought she would float away on the sensuous flood that melted her whole crotch. She gasped. Nanci felt the first, teasing lick of Ted's tongue. He'd always start like that, sending her higher and higher by touching his tongue right between her cunt hole and the straining button of her clitty. Her knees bent further. She tried to drive her hips at him, tried to capture his tongue against her vagina or her clit, but Ted wasn't ready. The quick, flashing peak she'd had when he sucked her whole cunt into his mouth didn't fade, exactly ... it was still as hot and as thrillingly high. It moved out of her grasp, like a candy cane on a chandelier. A sob of horny need came from her throat. Nanci knew what Ted would do next. He squeezed her asscheeks together, helping her to move her cuntal vee at his face again. When she presented the hungry vertical stripe of her cuntal slit again, Ted teased more. He gathered up the long, offblack strands of her pussy-beard and pulled them between his lips. His head moved back slowly, letting the strands slide out of his lips, watching the rubbery return of her labia. The cunt lips were stretching wider, as if his cock already been reamed them. Ted pulled back and looked at his wife's pussy. The frilly inner petals were almost blood-red at the center, even darker than the moist, glistening inner walls. As he watched, stroking her asscheeks, Nanci's incredible excitement made the inner folds spread wider, then wink back down, like a time-lapse shot of an orchid growing and shrinking. He ran his tongue-tip along the crease between her cunt lip and her left thigh. Nanci gurgled, too hot to speak. A mindless prayer, begging him to eat her cunt for real, whirled in her head. The temperature of her cunt rose, climbing in leaps and spurts like a goat on a cliffside. She moved her hips like she had roller bearings in every joint. Ted licked across the top of the delta of thick hairs, then down the other side of the vee. He pulled her up further, holding her ass a foot off the mattress and licked the crease where each asscheek met her thighs. With a flick as quick as a lizard's, he touched the grey-pink dot of her rectum. It was soaked with the overflow of her cunt juice. Nanci didn't know what to do. It always happened when Ted ate her ... his mouth would rove over her loins, sampling here, teasing there, until she wanted to cry from heat and hunger. Her voice rose in a gurgle. She thought of their daughter and stifled herself, but her hips kept churning like the dasher in a washing machine. She grabbed the back of his head again and forced his face against her cunt. At last she felt his tongue go, lapping like a dog's, right up the center of her open, hungry cuntal strip. She brought both hands up to her face, hiding the throaty wail of

her voice. Every single taste bud on his tongue left a squirming imprint on the slick, slippery smoothness between her cunt hole and her clitty and the erotic cells exploded. Ted slathered his tongue back down, still not slicing under the hood at the top of her slit. Nanci was a quivering mass of need. She didn't know if she could stand to have him lick the tip of the supersensitive button, but she knew she couldn't stand it if he didn't. She tightened her legs on his shoulders. Ted straightened halfway, dragging Nanci up off the bed. She rested on her shoulders and the back of her neck, her heavy, firm tits riding nearly to her collarbones. His hands dug into her cheeks again and Nanci felt the first assault of his tongue on her vagina. It was sheerest ecstasy. Nanci bore down, forcing her cuntal sphincter to open wider. The muscular wedge of Ted's tongue parted the wet, bubbling sides of her cunt hole and his chin pressed her rectum. "Oh, fuck, Teddy," she wailed. "Don't stop! Jesus God, don't stop!" Ted grunted into her cuntflesh. He ate Nanci's pussy to wind her up and he loved the way she begged for more head. He didn't like eating her cunt that much, but he felt so powerful when she pleaded with him that Ted knew he could do anything he wanted. He pried her asscheeks further apart and ran two fingertips around the puckered muscles of her rectum. "Please, please, baby, my clit," Nanci begged. She rolled her hips lewdly, trying to bring the blazing stub of her clitoris down toward his mouth. She felt the proud, muscular tension in his body and she knew she'd have to struggle. The massive tautness she felt in her belly told her she was going to come if he would suck her clitty, but she couldn't tell if he would or not. With a slippery, pube-wetting roll of his neck, Ted moved up on her cunt. His two ass-diddling fingertips pressed against the narrower hole and he opened his mouth wider. With a motion like taking the end off an ice cream cone, he covered the whole upper half of his wife's cunt-mound and sucked it into his mouth. Nanci stuffed her knuckles into her mouth. The slippery, spit-wet sliding off his lips on her cunt was enough to start the ripples of her orgasm rolling in the empty cavern of her vagina. She twisted her hips ferociously and a fingertip slipped into her ass. With something to collapse around, her asshole milked at Ted's finger. Nanci sobbed, amazed at the sheer lewd thrill of the vulgar penetration. Her asshole was tighter, drier, less responsive than her cunt, but the orgiastic feeling Ted's mouth whipped into her clitty made it come just as hard as her cunt.

The juicy mass of labial flesh around her cunt hole was sopping now, flooded with huge spurts of her lubrication. Nanci lost her breath. She couldn't even beg any more. Ted's tongue dove toward the mouth of her cunt hole. When it rammed in, wet and wide and pointed, she went into spasms of pleasure. It was a quantum leap, like amplifying a whisper until it drowned out a rocket. Nanci's cunt-mouth and her asshole both spasmed, fluttering like butterfly wings. The racking tension in her belly crested, then blasted downward, surrounding Ted's tongue and hands, then crested again. She was coming frantically and she loved it. And suddenly, the tongue in her cunt was gone. A sob escaped from behind the fist Nanci had jammed into her mouth, then a scream followed it. With her cunt and asshole already imploding like a hopped-up milking machine, Ted rammed his tongue against the tip of her clitty! The flickering, swiveling motions of his tongue drove her crazy. Nanci felt the roughened top of his tongue, then the shape of every vein and spit gland on the bottom as he whirled it around and around her blazing come-trigger. Nerves all around her clit were burning out. There was nothing except the incredible dry tightness of her clasping asshole and a mushroom cloud of sensation exploding from her cunt. Ted's motion changed. Nanci couldn't feel anything but sudden, lightning-like flashes racing from her clit to her brain. Ted's tongue flickered back and forth on the very tip of her fuck-button like a tuning fork, thousands of swift vibrations every second. The whole top of her cunt mound felt wet, encased, when he sucked valiantly at her cunt lips and dragged every bit of her pussy into his mouth. The sliding, sucking, soupy motion of lips on cunt added to the fantastic spasms of orgiastic feeling on her clitty and Nanci went berserk. She flailed her arms, wailing, begging for him to stop. Nanci knew that another second of Ted's mouth and fingers in her crotch would absolutely kill her, snap her mind like an overstretched rubber band. She screamed and pleaded, ripples of passionate thrills ripping along every muscle in her body. She was almost upside down now, just the back of her head on the bed and her feet kicked at the ceiling. "OHH, Ted! Oh, Jesus, please, please stop! I can't take it, baby! Oh, fuck, my cunt's going crazy!" she wailed. "Oh, goddammit! Fuck me, Teddy, fuck MEEEEEEEEE!!" Ted pulled his face away from her pussy. He'd held on with both hands, riding her cunt like a bronco. With a single hard motion, he rose to his knees and let her down until her ass was only a foot off the bed. He braced the shaft of his cock with one hand and put the head against her vagina.

Nanci felt the unmistakable width of his cockhead against her clenching cuntal muscle. She rolled her knees back until her thighs touched her tits and drove her pussy at him. Ted shoved at the same instant and a great gusher of cunt juice splashed out from around his prick. He was ball-deep in one stroke, his belly up against the stillthrashing center of his wife's crotch. Nanci loved it ... the sudden relief of having a cock in the middle of her frothing cunt was worth anything, even the rude pain of Ted's swift, rape-like insertion. She didn't even pause as his balls slapped against her ass. Nanci swiveled, then pulled back in readiness for his next stroke. She knew that eating her cunt wound Ted up until his cock was ready to shoot gallons of fuck-cream. She battered her buttocks and the fleshy backs of her thighs against him, milking at his cock. Every nerve in her cuntsleeve was alert, at full attention and Nanci worked her cunt harder than she ever had. The ongoing come kept her pussy clenching and loosening. She felt tension build up in Ted's body. She prayed. The last thing she wanted now was a slow fuck, or even a hitch in the thrusts. She strained. She shook her ass from side to side, wringing at his prick. Nanci wanted him to shoot. She grunted, fighting with him to come. She had to match the strokes of his harsh, heavy cockmeat, hurrying him on. With lunges that drove her halfway through the mattress, Ted shoved more and more cock at her. Nanci felt his prick stiffen outrageously. The head felt like a watermelon blasting up and down past the tip of her womb. She held her breath, then, realizing it would be seconds yet, gasped for air. They battered at each other like steam engines, the meaty sounds of their bodies even drowning the squishing wetness of Nanci's cunt. Heat and friction built up higher and higher, setting a fire at the mouth of her cunt. Nanci felt his prick like a red-hot bar. Her cunt was a furnace and Ted's cock was the blacksmith's steel, hot, showering sparks with every hammerlike blow of their pelvises. "Nhhh! Ahh, ahh," Ted grunted, trying to warn his wife that his come was about to rip into her cunt. "Yeah, yeahyeahyeah," Nanci moaned, "Fuck, fuck, ohhh, TED!" She reached up toward his shoulders, hoping to draw him down onto her belly for the last few strokes. Ted's hands dug into her ass like claws. With a huge, ramming thrust, he flung his cock deep again, then set her down on the bed. The next stroke of his cock had all the hard weight of his huge body behind it. With a groan like a dying dinosaur, he let the first bucketful of semen blast out of his cock.

Nanci felt it, felt the ripping motion of his come tube and the splash, like a firehose throwing a single big drop of syrup into her cunt. The tip of her womb thudded under the violence of his cock thrust and she let go entirely. The come she'd struggled with grabbed her. It shook her around the spurting mass of her husband's cock. She let her legs beat on his back and her teeth sank into his shoulder. An image of Robert Redford flashed through her brain and Nanci let her cunt milk automatically at the cock that pumped so strongly in her pussy. Everything but the tight clasp of her cunting relaxed and she floated away. Neither Nanci nor Ted saw the bright, youthful eyes peering through the crack of the bedroom door. Nanci moved slightly and the massive weight of her husband shifted. "I can't breathe," she whispered and he pulled his cock out of her cunny and rolled off. The suction of his exiting organ drew a long, dribbly stream of come and cunt juice out of her pussy. Nanci moved an inch or so higher on the bed. "Ohhh, Teddy! That was so nice," she cooed. She looked to where he lay on his back, puffing like a beached porpoise. "Jeez, baby, your pussy!" Ted said. He turned to look at her. "You're super tonight." He licked his lips, savoring the heavy taste of pussy cream. Nanci touched his arm. "What did you want to talk about, hon?" she asked. Nanci wobbled up until she leaned on one elbow. Her thirty-eight-inch breasts hung full and sensuous in the dim yellow glow of the lamp. She raised one knee to let the breeze from the air conditioner cool the inflamed heat of her pussy. "I didn't say ... " Ted started. "You never kiss my pussy unless you want a favor," Nanci said, then her voice softened. "And it always makes me want to keep you happy." A hell of a lot happier than when you just shove it in and stir around, she thought. At least eating my cunt gets me wet enough. It's the only way I come at all anymore! She knew better than to tell Ted, of course. The only time she'd tried, he'd fucked her, in-out, in-out, for six solid hours and Nanci hadn't been able to walk for three days. She didn't come that time, either. Ted sat up. He looked like the washed-up football player he was. "Okay, hon. Fred Scarff called me at work today. He threw his back out and he can't come on the camp out. Would you like to come along? It'd be a big help." Nanci rolled onto her back. Oh, crap! A bunch of teenage brats and Ted out in the woods. She nodded tiredly. "Okay, honey, if you promise to keep the Scouts under control." She sat up again and looked at his six-foot-four body. "I told you you shouldn't have started with them. We don't even have a boy ... you keep trying to turn Terri into one," she began, winding up to a full-fledged gripe.

Ted stroked the sopping fur of her pussy mound as gently as he could. "Please?" Nanci rolled toward him, pressing her breasts against his chest. "Oh, all right." She giggled. "That sure was good sex!"

Chapter Two Terri Flannigan was confused ... even more confused than usual. Ted, her father, had insisted that she be called "Terry", even after Nanci had named her Teresa Lynn Marie Flannigan. The thirteen-year-old brunette had only changed the spelling to include the circle-dotted "i" two years before, when she entered junior high school ... about the time that the little pencil-point bumps under her tee shirt had started to grow ... and grow ... and grow. It made her uncomfortable when her growing bosom flopped in gym class. Ted wouldn't let her have a bra ... not even a little triple-A shoestring of a trainer. Since Nanci couldn't have any more children, Ted wanted Terri to grow up like him, only more so. After all, a man must have a son to follow after him, right? And a son doesn't wear a thirty-six D bra, or filmy tricot panties and certainly not skirts and pantyhose! Terrible reflection on Daddy, that is. And Daddy was the reason Terri was confused. She didn't realize that Ted wanted to show the whole world how virile he was by turning his daughter into a son. Even in the ten years Ted Flannigan played pro football, All-League center for a third-rate batch of aging stumble bums, he had the feeling of looking over his shoulder, cocking his ears for comments. That's natural enough for a man whose whole professional life consists of bending over while more famous, intelligent and betterpaid men place their hands in his crotch. Four years of worrying about his maleness in college, then ten years of worrying in the NFL, followed by slowly trading down from third-rate to fourth, then fifth, had left a mark more indelible than the red wrinkles of his jock's waistband. Now Ted Flannigan worked at making up for it. His lovely little brunette daughter didn't understand this, though. No matter how hard the girl tried to do what her father wanted, no matter how many Little League games she pitched or home runs she hit, she didn't know how strangely a six-foot-four, thirty-six-year-old adolescent male's mind worked. What really shook her up this evening, when she'd gotten up for a drink of water, was the obvious tenderness Ted showed for her mother as he kissed her breasts, her belly and that dark, secretive vee between her thighs. Seeing the slow, almost dreamlike way her father lifted her mother's hips, cradling the width of Nanci's pelvis as if it were a wide bowl brimful of rich nectar, didn't fit in with the way her father acted the rest of the time. Terri was so puzzled that she sank to her knees in the dimness of the hallway and watched.

A strange sensation, something like having to pee, tickled between Terri's legs. An odd warmth, not quite itchy, but as needful of a touch, grew down there when she saw the way her mother's breasts lolled so luxuriously. Her own nipples, paler and pinker than the rubbery tips she watched, tingled and stiffened. Terri didn't understand ... her titty-points stood up when she was cold, but she felt feverish as she watched. And that thing ... that clublike spar jutting forward from Daddy's loins. Something about the size and the up-curved shape lit a little fire in Terri's belly. She stared at it, wondering why the flaring tip made her saliva flow. And why was Daddy putting his face down on Mommy's pussy? Terri reached to her own pussy, covering the sparse brown hairs with the palm of her hand. She was moist, but with an oily feel she didn't remember encountering before. Terri hiked up the hem of her pale-blue shorty gown and shifted her knees a little further apart. Terri watched and listened. That breathy note in her mother's voice. The strange, clasping, reaching motions of her mother's hands. The voluptuous way her mother's breasts rolled and the obvious tightness of her flexing thighs. Terri touched the edge of the door, opening it a fraction further. The pale mounds of her teenage bottom peeked out, white and shining like the full moon in the spilled light from the bedroom. Terri felt sweat begin to trickle from her armpits and she peeled her nighty off. The big, firm swell of each luscious breast flattened as she reached over her head, then bounced once as the filmy cloth dragged across the little girl's long nipples. She inhaled sharply at the touch. When her titty-tips rebounded, Terri felt the whole mass of each breast grow heavier and ache for the same handling and kissing her mother's bosom was receiving. At five-one, Terri looked like a compact, youthful version of her mother, watching almost as if in a mirror. She put her left hand on her breast and her right hand down between her thighs again. Terri wondered what her mother felt like. Her titties are wet ... I can see Daddy's spit on them, Terri thought. She raised her palm to her mouth and licked. When the whole soft center of her palm was slick with saliva, she cupped the end of her breast again and rubbed. Terri's heart pounded, drumming louder in her ears. The thrill at the tip of her nipple was as sharp as wet silk sliding on skin. The chilly flash of sensation made her buttocks tighten and Terri realized that both her holes opened and closed with the spasm. She sucked on a fingertip, then flicked it back and forth on her other titty, just the way her father's tongue moved on her mother's breast. The rubbery tip of her breast sent waves of strange feeling along her spine. Terri shivered. She tried to duck her head down to suck at her own titties, but even a

straining reach of her tongue left her just short of the tips. She heard her mother's moans and Terri wanted wet suction on her breasts more than she'd wanted anything in her life. She looked through the doorway again. Terri knew she couldn't do it, not the way her mother and father did. If she couldn't kiss her own titty, she couldn't possibly lick and kiss down her belly. She slobbered over her fingers again and tried to imagine her roving, sliding fingertips were a tongue. The warmth between her thighs increased. With a gasp, she realized that her father's head was moving fate-fully toward her mother's crotch. Terri wanted to lie on her back and pretend that it was happening to her. She squatted down further, but knew she couldn't see if she imitated her mother's posture. She pushed her hips forward, grabbing her buttocks. She watched the flexing power of her father's hands digging into Nanci's ass. With a lewd jolt, she saw his face go to the secret, private space between Nanci's thighs. A gush of that new warmth flooded the whole center of Terri's pussy. Terri licked her fingers again. She listened to the snorting, snuffling noises Ted made as his head moved up and down between Nanci's legs. Terri crept forward until her face was nearly against the door frame, but she still couldn't see where his mouth was moving. Terri knew his tongue was out ... the warbling, groaning rise and fall of his grunting voice told her that Ted's mouth worked like some bizarre licking machine on her mother's crotch. Terri's fingers moved back and forth, sampling the tight center of her crease, then dodging up and down the sides of her pussy lips. Fluid covered her fingers. The thick, oily feeling of her pussy cream was an invitation to her hands. Terri touched the spot the juice came from and the little muscle kissed at her fingertips. With a whispered moan, she slipped a finger into the center of that tiny orifice and moved it back and forth. Terri marveled at the sudden sensitivity of the little hole. She'd never touched herself in quite that pleasing way before. Now, while she wondered where her daddy's thrusting tongue touched her mother's cunt, Terri realized the incredible sensuality of her own pussy-mouth. She heard her mother's voice begging, pleading for something ... something about her clitty. Terri watched as her father moved his face up and she felt the electric heat in the top folds of her young cunny. She somehow knew that was what Nanci was begging for. Terri pressed the heel of her hand hard against the top of her cuntal mound and the spark within her folds blazed up. It was as compelling as a whip, as hot as dry ice. The tip of a stiffness under her palm blazed like a little blowtorch. Terri slid her first finger higher, feeling the

delicate, kisslike caress of her tight inner cunt petals. That tingly, itchy, hot thing at the top of her slit grew as her finger approached. With a shock of recognition, as if her body had known all along, Terri touched the end of her clitty. A lance of pure, lusty pleasure shot through her. Terri closed her eyes for a moment. She rolled the precious little bead of her heat-trigger around, marveling at the tiny size and the huge sensations it held. Ohhh! Why haven't I ... ? Terri thought. She touched her tiny cunt hole again, then found the tip of her little button with her other hand. The touch on her clitty made her pussy mouth contract lovingly around her fingertip. The combination of feelings made her open her eyes again and Terri gasped. He ... daddy's going to ... Her finger probed the center of her virginal pussy mouth. Not there! Oh, poor Mom! She slipped her fingertip in further, then spread her inner petals with two more fingers. She imagined the heavy, hard-looking mass of her father's prick battering into her. Terri winced. With a moan, Terri realized he would do it and that her mother was more than ready. She heard her begging and Terri wanted to close her eyes. She turned half-away from the torrid scene in the bedroom, but her eyes were locked to the angry-looking head of her father's cock. A combination of fear and heat held her attention on the poised head of her father's prick. Terri watched him brace the middle with his fist. She watched him level it at the faint shadow of dark hair at the base of her mother's buttocks. Terri rubbed another fingertip alongside the one in her cunt hole. With a smash like two freight trains coming together, Ted's cock blasted Nanci's cunt. Their daughter winced, imagining the thick, long mass of male meat tearing her own pussy wide open. She wanted to feel more than her fingertips, sure, but did it have to be a club, an arching, throbbing mass like Ted's? But Nanci seemed to like it. Her legs beat a tattoo on Ted's shoulders. Terri tried to imagine the hot, hard onrush of a prick as it went all the way into her belly. She poked her fingers deeper, then deeper again. She felt a juicy, creamy heat begin to blaze far up inside her cunny and Terri tried to reach up to it. Her fingers weren't long enough and something hard and wet and rubbery stopped them. Terri worked at getting her fingertip past the membrane. The strange secret of her mother's enjoyment seemed to be locked in, hidden up past the membrane. The little girl worked at it harder, even closing her eyes to concentrate. She didn't need to watch any more, anyway. Terri could hear the squishing noises of her mother's pussy juice, louder even than the wetness of the child's cunt. She heard the meaty slapping of belly against thighs and the excited moans and pleas

that urged her father to fuck faster. Terri wanted to know why, why the strenuous, urgent motions kept accelerating, even past the painful cries of her mother. Terri dug at her pussy mouth and the hot button of her clitty responded. The little girl realized that the motion of her cuntal petals had something to do with it. She pushed the heel of her hand against the top of her cunny and the pulses of feeling got stronger. Terri thought she understood part of it, anyway. She understood why Nanci would let Ted kiss her there ... it made the good, slippery juices flow faster and that, in turn, made her clitty stand up higher and flash hotter. But why, when only the very tip of two fingers would fit in and even then hurt sometimes, did her mother let that long, heavy weapon jam into her crotch again and again? Terri wondered if just maybe she hadn't watched closely enough. Maybe the hole her fingers worked at was only for the squirts of semen she'd heard about it in school and the back hole was for the battering, pounding length of shafts like her father's. Terri slipped one finger across the wrinkly dot of her rectum. It did feel sensitive and much stretchier than the rubbery membrane inside her pussy hole. She began to explore, still working her other fingers in her vagina. There was something to it! Terri worked one fingertip into her ass hole. She could feel the pressure across a thin wall. Her other two fingers, all creamy and warm and wiggly, pressed against the single digit in her ass. The feeling wasn't bad ... in fact, the ring of muscle seemed much stretchier. She probed further. Ahh, yes, that might be the secret. The back passage, the most private section ... that might be where Daddy had shoved that fearsome organ. Terri wanted to feel more in her ass hole, but her pinky wouldn't quite reach. She looked up through the doorway again and saw the end of the wrestling, sweating, churning bout between her mother and father. The sheer battling frenzy of their motions made Terri hotter. She positively ground her hand against the top of her love mound, forcing her clitty to flash lewdly. She felt that strange, upsetting sensation, the one that had been just out of reach of her fingers and it was closer. It was still centered somewhere above where the little girl could reach, but it was hovering, as if in a few more seconds she could touch it and draw it out. Terri fingered her ass hole and her pussy faster. The slapping sound of parent's bodies drowned out the little sighs and gasps she made, Terri probed, wiggling her fingers against each other, pushing in, then pulling out. With her free hand, she found the fold of lusty wetness around her clitty-spike and rolled it back and forth. That strange, shivering feeling was tied to her clitty somehow, but there was a strand of nerves that attached it to her rectum and her vagina, too. Terri wondered how it

all fit together, but she didn't stop to find out. A ball of spinning tension built up in her belly. Her mother was screaming, pleading at the top of her lungs. Terri heard her father grunt, straining. She worked her fingers so fast that they felt like a blur inside her holes. The other hand pressed her clitty into her pubic bone, grinding it mercilessly into her flesh. The ball of tension spun faster, throwing out cometlike sparks. She heard a screammaybe it was her own. Terri didn't know ... all she knew was that the feeling, the strange, marvelous feeling in her cunt, was about to change. With the lionlike roar of her father fucking his come into her mother, something broke inside Terri. She heard Ted's voice and it was tied to the earthquake in her cunt. With a sudden shock, she felt a wave of powerful release blast outward from her cunt. Terri fell onto her back. Her knees spread wide. Both her hands worked frantically in her cunt, lashing the frenzy of her clitty through every nerve in her body. She sobbed and bit her lip, amazed by the pure beauty of the feelings. With a long, sighing gasp, she let her actions fade away and the long, rhythmic sucking of her cunt moved her fingers all by itself. Terri let her over stimulated mind rest. My god! If Mom had told me ... oh, wow! she thought, sliding into the warm, floating feeling of a fading orgasm. When she heard the typical sound of her mother's voice rising into an argument, Terri woke with a start. She grabbed her nighty off the floor and hurried back to her own room, breasts bouncing, buttocks jiggling and the sweet aroma of aroused pussy following her like a perfumed cloud of honest horniness. I'm glad Mom's going to come along, she thought. Maybe I can stay in camp with her while Daddy and the scouts go hunting.

Chapter Three Nanci Flannigan was unhappy already and it was only five a.m. She asked Ted, "Wouldn't it be more efficient to load up inside the garage?" as she toted the fifth bundle of camping gear to the curb. "Nah, hardly room to open the doors," Ted said, carefully placing his compoundcurved hunting bow and a quiver of razor-sharp arrows above the rear seat. He ceremoniously unstrapped his .44 Magnum revolver from his leg and placed the holster and belt under the front seat. "But all the gear's in the garage, except the food," Nanci said. "Besides, the light's better ... the sun won't even be up for another hour!"

Ted stood to his full height and put his hands on his hips. "Now, honey, I been huntin' and campin' all my life and I know" He broke off and waved at a neighbor peering through curtains across the street. "You always load up out front! You can't catch nothin' if you're ashamed of bein' a conservationist!" He took the cased shotgun from where it leaned against the front fender and put it on the rack above the rear seat, right under the big bow. Nanci sighed. Great. Show all the neighbors we're leaving for the weekend. It's like leaving an invitation for burglars. She shook her head and went back into the house. "Terri? Are you about ready, dear?" The little brunette came out of her room, her voluptuous curves showing even through the heavy green of the army fatigues Ted had bought her. "Yeah, I guess," she groused. "Why do we have to be up in the middle of the night? This is dumb, Mom. We won't even pick up the guys until six and I bet most of them won't be ready." She held a bobby pin in her teeth and swept her long, glossy brown hair up and back in a motion that made her melon-like breasts strain the heavy cloth of her shirt. "It's just part of camping, baby," Nanci said. "He-men like your father get tip early and set everything up before they track animals down." She gave her daughter a wry, half-skeptical smile. "We can always hope they'll be too tired to kill anything by afternoon." Terri picked up her camera case and looked inside. "I still think it's stupid to take all those boys with us. Why can't just the three of us go to the mountains?" She zipped the top of the bag and looked up at her mother. Nanci put an arm around her shorter double. They both wore fatigues, tightly tailored with name patches over the left breast pocket and sturdy hiking shoes. "Maybe next time, Terri. The scout troop thought having a football player would up their enrollment and it seems to have worked. We just have to go along with it." She patted Terri's plump behind. "Maybe he'll get it out of his system this trip." There were four scouts sitting around the steps leading to the door of the troop's cabin. The fathers of forty years before had bought logs and built a real frontier-style hut for their sons' meetings. They planted it next to a large stucco church. Moose antlers and a carved slab of redwood with the troop's number and nickname adorned the entrance and drums half-full of anything remotely recyclable, from bacon drippings to beer cans, surrounded the porch. Two of the kerchief scouts dozed on the steps, but a tall, gangly redhead stood up, waving. Ted pulled the truck into the lot. The sun was just beginning to peek through the morning haze and his aviator-style sunglasses reflected the modern church and the anachronism of the cabin. "Ready, guys?" Ted called heartily, swinging down from the crew-cab four-wheeler as if it were a Kenworth semi.

"Yeah," the redhead, Billy Schroeder, said. He shook the sleeping Tenderfoots awake and hoisted his pack. "What a boss truck, Mister Flannigan!" He stared at the one-ton Ford as he walked around it, pausing to run his fingers over the pheasant decal on the camper shell's door. Ted swelled visibly. "If you're gonna get 'em, you gotta get to 'em," he said. He put one hand proudly on the white-over-yellow paint job. "Where's the rest of the patrol?" The minister's son, Leroy Fritzheim, dragged a hand over his slicked-back blond hair. "We're the only ones that are going today, Mister Flannigan. Some of us almost didn't make it." He jerked a thumb toward the sleepy-looking duo of Johnny Short and Paul Pomma d'Oro. "Come on, Johnny ... you're the patrol leader. Show Terri and Missus Flannigan how alert and Scout-like you can be!" " 'S the Snipe Patrol, not the Dawn Patrol," Johnny grumbled, but he grabbed his pack and lugged it to the back of the truck. He blinked and moved to the double cab. "Is it okay if I ride in back?" Nanci opened her door, leaving Terri in the middle of the front seat, her legs diagonal to the small forest of levers sprouting from the floorboard. "I think I'll ride back there, too, Ted," she said, stretching. "I still haven't caught up on those open-fire recipes." She shuffled back to the rear and climbed through the door. Ted's eyebrows lowered, but his expression cleared in seconds. "Okay." He grabbed a map from the dashboard. He ran a finger along a route, then looked at the three scouts who still stood in a semicircle before him. "With only seven of us, we can go further than I thought." His face got cagey. "There's a military reservation up the coast. There won't be anybody but us there this time of year. What d'ya say?" Leroy's eyes lit up. Billy looked at Paul. All three reached a silent agreement. "Okay," Leroy said. "Sounds great to me!" Terri scooted toward the open door. "Shouldn't we tell somebody we aren't going where we said we would?" Ted checked his watch. "We'll call when we get there. There's a pay phone by the road down to King City." He slapped Leroy on the back and ruffled Paul's hair. "Let's hit it!" Nanci closed the cookbook. God, I'm beat, she thought. I bet I didn't get more than three hours sleep last night. She yawned and swung her legs up onto the narrow shelf on the left side of the camper shell. Poor kid looks even tireder than I am. She looked at Johnny as he shifted from his back to his side He can't be over twelve

years old. What kind of parents would send him out with that huge pack before the sun's up? Johnny muttered something in his sleep. His left hand shifted down to cup his crotch. His fingers grasped and the olive-green of his uniform pants tented closer to the outline of a long, narrow bulge behind his fly. He's got a hard-on! He ... he's starting to masturbate ... in his sleep! Nanci marveled. She sat up, then lay back down again. An antsy, restless feeling stirred in her loins. Should I stop him? If he wakes up and sees me watching ... Johnny muttered again. His other hand moved down from pillowing his head. Now both hands grasped the outline of his erection. Nanci's nipples swelled. She licked her lips, wishing she could see more of his organ than the inch or so that his hands didn't cover. Nanci winced as she thought of the shameful embarrassment she'd felt when her father caught her masturbating. And I was sixteen ... much older than Johnny is. Oh, god! He's going to have a sexual trauma if I don't stop him! But how? It would be just as bad if I woke him up, Nanci worried. Johnny's hands moved distinctly. Nanci's titties ached and a telltale warmth flooded her panties. It's for his own good, she told herself. Stealthy as a lioness lurking toward unsuspecting prey, she swung her feet down from the shelf. Nanci knelt on the metal floor between the padded beds. Her heart was in her mouth. She touched his wrist. The skin, still barely haired, unlike Ted's furry, bearlike limbs, was warm and dry. A quiver went all the way from Nanci's fingertips to the pit of her stomach. She felt the same fluttery tension she remembered from blind dates before she was married. The hum of the tires on the pavement, the slight swaying and the dim light filtering through the curtains on the windows all combined to make her feel the same secretive lewdness that new situations didbefore Ted had taken all the novelty out of her life. "Uhhnnnhhh," Johnny groaned. He sounded as if he hurt when Nanci finally managed to move his right hand off the swollen front of his pants. "Aahm-ruhh," he said, clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth. That flutter in her belly moved lower. Nanci's mouth was suddenly dry as ashes. She ran her tongue over her lips. Without realizing it, she cupped her pussy mound in one hand. Slow as a stalking huntress, she touched his other hand. Substitute ... must have a substitute to fool him. Can't let him wake up!

Nanci slipped a finger between his hand and his prick-bulge. Even through the heavy regulation cloth of the uniform, she could feel the heat of his twelve-year-old wand. The warmth in her own crotch intensified. Johnny's hand tightened on his prick, trapping her finger. He was definitely jacking at the shaft now. Nanci looked at his face. His eyes were still closed, but he was definitely looking back and forth, dreaming. Her breasts ached. She wondered what a boy his age would dream about while he handled his cock. Was it a woman, like herself and the look of her naked body? Was it practices he could only have heard rumors of, like fellatio, cunnilingus, the strange positions Ted sometimes bent her into? From dry as dust, her mouth moistened as she tried to imagine the boy's fantasies. Nanci swallowed and the sound seemed to fill the whole camper shell. She squeezed her thighs tight around the heating puffiness of her love mound and a flow of rich cream wet her panties. Holding her breath, she moved Johnny's hand away from his prick. He moved and Nanci's heart thudded. For an instant, she thought about flinging herself back to the other side of the shell. No! He'd wake up for sure! Johnny moaned and the hand she'd first moved away burrowed between his waistband and belly. Nanci didn't know what to do. The knowledge that his boyish prick was so stiff, so excitingly warm and so close made her desperate. She watched his fingers straining to writhe under his belt. I can't let him wake tip! Oh, sweet Jesus, I have to help him! Her titties were masses of taut, throbbing pain. Nanci used both hands as gently as possible to ease the web belt. She pressed her upper arms against the outer swell of her breasts, trying to contain the lewd ache. Her nipples were saluting the inside of the cups, tingling with their lusty effort to penetrate the cloth and spring free. With the uniform belt loosened, Johnny's hand plunged straight down to the middle of his shaft. Nanci's eyes tried to drill through the cloth and focus on his grasping fingers and the imagined shape of his cock. The scout moaned low. His trousers moved down a fraction of an inch with every stroke of his hand. Nanci watched her fingers as if they were part of another being. She saw long, manicured nails and slim fingertips move to the, button at the boy's waist. Taking advantage of an upstroke that relaxed the tension of the cloth, she flicked the button open with a single swift twist. An arrowlike wedge of purplish flesh appeared, then pink, oilylooking cockskin covered the head again. Nanci covered her aching left breast with her hand. She squeezed at the voluptuous mound as if she were kneading bread, forcing the hot, hungry sensation to spread all through the erogenous tissues. Her other hand sneaked under the outer flap of his

fly and Nanci closed her eyes. Unable to even watch her right hand moving so assuredly, she flicked four more buttons open by touch. When she looked again, the whole length of Johnny's prick was visible. The smooth, suntanned brown of the back of his hand glided up and down, contrasting lasciviously with the pale, pink-white skin of the shaft. Nanci's mouth hung slackly and the look of desperate, abandoned female lust was all over her face. Even her eyes were half-lidded and the dark dots of her pupils had expanded to take in as much of the boycock as possible. Nanci ached to feel the masculine warmth of Johnny's cock. She saw the pearly single drop of cocklube appear at the tip of his cockhead. But ... he's so young, she marveled. He couldn't possibly ... She spread the overlapped layers of his fly. There's hardly any hair at all ... just little strands, almost like duck down. It ... it looks so clean, so nice and ... kissable! No! I ... Johnny ... Ted ... Nanci gulped. Her hand still rested near his groin. She slowly moved her fingertips toward that growing bubble of white fluid at the end of his urethra. Her other hand began to pad in her own crotch, squeezing first one side of her pussy, then the other. The lusty female heat radiated and the whole zone beneath her panties felt squishy-soft and greased with cuntal oils. "Ohhh, big ... pretty tits," Johnny moaned. Nanci froze, then slowly, carefully, as if even the tiny motion of her eyes could wake him, looked at his face. He'd thrown his head back, but his eyes were still closed. Nanci's cunt heated even further and that made the tips of her nipples feel hard as ball bearings. Johnny's free hand moved down toward his crotch again and Nanci stopped reaching for his prick. I know what he wants ... I know, she told herself and she unbuttoned her fatigue shirt in a series of swift, almost ripping movements. She pulled one bra strap down and yanked the cup out of the way. Her breast looked huge, pale and creamy in the olive-drab frame of her unbuttoned shirt. The bandeau of her bra still held the lush mound up and her nipple was as hard and blunt-pointed as Nanci had ever felt it. She intercepted the slow glide of his hand and guided it to her bare titty. The boy's hand was clammy and warm and it felt lovely. Nanci leaned forward, offering more of the rich contours to his fingers. His palm covered her nipple, pressing the aching bud back into the silky warmth of her tit and Nanci was ready to do anything for him. Please, please don't wake up, she prayed silently. Keep touching me, but don't wake up! "Umm-hmmm," Johnny groaned, his fingers exploring the opulent swell of her breast. "So good, so damn good!" His other hand moved faster on his prick.

Nanci watched his fist move. She felt her cunt heating faster and hotter. It's been years, she thought. I haven't seen it shoot in so long! She flicked her eyes from his face to his groin again and again, wanting to see those spurts and the ecstatic expression they would bring to the boy's face. Will he? Can he? She stared until the boy's hand seemed to weary. The skin just at the top of his fist reddened, as if the constant flexing over the ridge of his cockhead was wearing it out. I have to see it, I have to! I can't let him just be ... frustrated! Nanci removed her hand from the hot, hungry thumping at the center of her pussy. This was more important, this constant, skin-tiring motion of Johnny's fist on his cock. She put her fingertips, soft and gentle, around his cockshaft. The motions of his fist slowed. She checked his face again. His eyes still rolled dreamily under closed lids. Nanci took a deep, shaky breath. Easily, making sure she could stop if he started to waken, she slipped one finger under his hand, then another. Her fingers went around under his palm, then slid up until she lifted his thumb. Johnny's hand moved away and she breathed again. Nanci had his cock in her hand now and she loved the feeling. The slick, satiny feeling of his pale prick was heavenly. She stroked the skin upward until her fist barely covered the ridge of his glans. She twisted the loose skin slightly and Johnny moved his hips in a sensuous coital motion. Yes, that's it, Nanci thought. With even greater stealth, she moved her other hand closer. She jacked slowly, then, feeling the iron-hard bar of his cockcenter, squeezed harder. The gratifying thrust of his hips made Nanci's cunt drip a fresh gusher of cream. She felt her pussy juice flooding from her panties to the thick fatigues, even moistening the tops of her thighs. Nanci crossed her legs and forced her puss-lips to slither back and forth around the hot spike of her clitty. The forbidden thrill of jacking off a little boy's cock made Nanci hotter as she thought of it. His tidy neckerchief had slipped off to the side and the cap stuck in his belt bobbed with every motion of her hand on his prick. Nanci looked toward the front of the truck, letting the nearness of her burly husband send hotter shivers down her spine. She covered the head of the boy's cock with her other palm. Johnny's fingers dug into the lewd mass of her breast. Nanci smeared the warm, sticky fluid from his come slit all over the purplish knob of his cockhead. She felt the wide-flared glans expand, growing bigger with every stroke. She wanted to squeeze harder. Ted always wanted her to squeeze harder, but Johnny was so young ...

Nanci pressed the spongy end of his knob down, smearing the lube until it soaked into her palm and the knob of his cock. She felt the little double-spear of the hard rod inside and the indentation that would pulse semen out. She swiveled her hips lasciviously, wishing that Johnny's hand were in her cunt. The meaty sound of the edge of her hand hitting the base of his cock inflamed her. The constant whack-whack-whack set up a beat in her brain, a beat that made the fingers on her titty seem to reach all the way down to the sopping nest of her cunt. Nanci stared at his cock, forgetting about everything but the remembered vision of male cream spewing high. She pleaded silently, Please come, Johnny, let me see it! I need to see your cream, baby, let it go! Oh, God, oh, God, I'm trying, Johh Johnny! "Uhhh-uhhh-uhhh!" Johnny moaned, arching his back. His hips were off the bed entirely. His other hand went to the exquisite mound of her titty. Johnny mauled the tender flesh, then, with a gasp, he jerked his hips higher still. Nanci wanted to scream. She jerked the come-slippery palm of her hand away from his cockhead and a long, ropy stream spurted high. She saw the arching flight end suddenly against the roof of the camper. She jerked harder, whispering, "More, baby, more!" The first mild ripples of a tiny orgasm tingled up and down the walls of her cunt. Another burst, smaller but more forceful than the first, reached clear to the front of the camper, disappearing onto the double bed above the cab. Nanci knew she couldn't let the cream fly all over ... there was no way to find and clean off every spot in the truck. She cupped her hand over the end of his shaft again. The stuff was warm, warm and soupy. The faint yellow tinge made her belly ache. She loved the way it shot up and out and the sound of the semen plopping against the shell or into her hand. The pool in her palm built up, rolling off the edge of her hand. Nanci jacked and milked, squeezing harder as the shooting spurts died. Thank you, Johnny, thank you, she thought. Oh, my god! The little ripple in her pussy faded away and she realized she'd been rolling her hips lasciviously. With a quick peek toward the cab of the truck, she raised the handful of semen to her mouth and swallowed it. Can't leave any evidence, she told herself as the thick, pollen-like cream slithered warmly down to her stomach. Besides, it makes my mouth feel so nice! She licked her palm clean and started buttoning her young man's pants up again. No evidence at all, was her regretful thought as the softening length of the boy's prick disappeared. Chapter Four It was nearly one in the afternoon by the time Ted guided the four-wheeler onto Hunter-Liggett, the military reservation between Big Sur and King City. They wound through the narrow one-lane tangle of blacktop roads, rising higher and higher. Neither Nanci nor Terri knew how long they could keep down the cheeseburgers and

milkshakes they'd eaten just after the last gas stop. They both sat in the front seat again, with Billy and Leroy riding in the camper. "How much further, Daddy?" Terri asked. "Oh, not far, not far," Ted assured her. "Great place for a camping, really great." He pointed out a blasted tree beside the road. "Look!" "What happened?" Nanci asked. "It doesn't look like a lightning strike." The tree was twisted, like most of the oaks and evergreens they saw, but dead as Christopher Columbus, gnarled and grey, with a whole side splintered. It looked as if a giant's fist had punched a hole that snapped it off twelve feet from the ground. "The Army tests tanks and cannons here," Ted explained. "They knock the shit outa anything they hit and all the noise keeps the game up in the hills." "But, what about us?" Terri asked. "Are they going to be shooting while we're here?" Ted speeded up, then hit the brakes for a corner. "Nah, see the cattle? They don't let the ranchers graze here when they're testing. The herders come through here in the fall and spring, after the Army shuts down the range." He turned to look in the back seat. "How'd you like to have one of those tanks for bears, Paul?" "Yeah," the slender, dark-haired boy said. "You wouldn't have to worry about nothin'! My dad tol' me he used to chase rabbits with 'em." "Your dad's full of it," Johnny said. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, wondering if Mrs. Flannigan had noticed his wet dream in the back of the camper. "You can't catch a rabbit with a tank." "I didn't say he caught 'em," Paul said. "He just chased 'em." Nanci turned around. "Now, boys, let's save our energy for setting up camp. We're all going to have to cooperate this weekend." She stared them down, taking a quick survey of Paul's prick-prospects when both scouts looked away. And I know what kind of cooperation I want! Even with the truck scrambling and groaning in four-wheel drive, the expedition ran out of navigable road nearly a mile from Ted's planned campsite. Now, a one-mile stroll isn't much in a city park or along a sandy beach, but when two-thirds of that mile looks as vertical as a stiff prick over ground rough as a wart, it's no small task. Ted and Nanci unloaded the truck and distributed the camping tackle, the tents, the stove, the food, everything but an official Kamp King silver tea service. Billy and Leroy cut walking staffs for the two females, everyone adjusted packs, rifles, shotguns, bows and arrows and sleeping bags and trooped off up the trail like so many burdened hunchbacks. With all the knives, hatchets, canteens and assorted

impediments hung about their bodies, the Flannigan mob could have been a band of guerrillas out to overthrow California, all set for a long, weary campaign. And if it were as uphill all over the state as it is on the backside of the Santa Lucia mountains, it would be a weary campaign. Nanci and Terri struggled up the hill, using the fresh-cut saplings to keep from toppling backwards. Nanci would take a breath, then a step, then two more breaths before planting a foot on the next rock and lifting herself. It was hard for either of the women to feel rested enough to appreciate the lush green of the trees or the happy trickle of what little water ran in the stream they crossed and re-crossed. Terri was huffing and puffing as much as her mother. Even though she was younger, her six-inch lack of height made the stretch from stepping spot to stepping spot more difficult. The area they hiked in was difficult, steeper than the rest of the east-side slopes because of a strange swirl of a canyon that let them see the ocean. The wind howled through here in winter and heavy rains followed in spring, rains that made the trees and brush thick and strong. Wherever the roots and fallen leaves didn't hold the soil tight, the action of the water had cut almost into the granite bones of the hillside. Wait-a-minute vines and branches snagged their packs and clothes and the thick second growth around them held the air dead still in mid-afternoon. A scout fell down now and then and Ted held the party up. Terri and Nanci were thinking exactly the same thoughts just after Ted told them they were halfway to "the best campsite in California." I'm so hot and sweaty! I wish I could take off this damn bra! Terri turned around to look at her mother, digging her thumbs under the shoulder straps of her pack. Nanci's thumbs poked green shirting under the thinner straps of her bra, lifting her breasts an inch, then letting the heavy, melon-round shapes fall. Terri grinned sarcastically and nodded. She stabbed her makeshift Alpenstock into the scrubby soil and hoisted herself on up the trail. The last twenty vertical feet called for hands as well as feet and sticks. The gray rock was split and cracked with the perennial action of rain and snow and frost, crumbly as plastic foam to the touch. The narrow, spoutlike chute went up between two hummocks, like stone cleavage between the clay tits of a broken-down statue. Ted swarmed up like an ant, then disappeared. Leroy followed, then Terri, with Nanci leading the three remaining scouts. Her feet slipped and Nanci felt the sharp pain of split skin when her knee hit a pale-veined rock outcrop the size of her fist. In the instant after the twinge struck, Nanci was sure she would slide back down onto Billy, only a few feet beneath her. She dug the toes of her hiking shoes in and her eye photographed every detail of a bent, weak-looking sapling a foot from her face. With a final grunting lunge, she pulled and thrust herself over the top of the chute into a punchbowl-shaped clearing, about forty feet across. Ted had already shed his pack and as soon as she came over the top, he swung his arms expansively. "Here it is, hon. What do you think?" He looked around, proud as if he had created the bowl himself.

"Isn't it neat, Mom? Daddy says it used to be a little lake, but the stream shifted over there," Terri said, pointing toward the south edge. The summer grasses were kneehigh, rising a bit more toward the edges of the clearing. Every leaf and stem within the bowl had turned yellow-brown, save for a bush or two on the sunny side of the occasional boulder. Ted Flannigan picked up his pack in one hand and started toward the southwest portion. "I figured we'd set up camp over here. The water's close enough and we won't lose too much light ... it'll look great in the morning." Nanci hitched her pack up again. "Okay, hon." She followed her husband to a flatter spot and sat down, leaning against the thirty-pound weight of her backpack. "Just tell the boys what to do and I'll watch." Nanci set the folding bucket down, slopping a few drops of water onto the dirt floor of the tent. Fourteen thousand dollars ... fourteen THOUSAND, she reminded herself and we can't even sleep in the goddamn thing. Four-wheel drive! Camper shell! Shower! Chemical toilet! And here I am, playing Mrs. Daniel Boone an hour's hike away from our rolling hotel. She bent to dig a towel out of her pack and hit her head on something. She batted at it, checking the annoyed swinging hand just before she hit the .44 Magnum. And then the sonofabitch leaves me a gun I don't even know how to use ... "to protect yourself," he says. Nanci dipped a sponge in the bucket and wiped the trickles of sweat off her forehead. Even this tent's bloody hot! She heard the scouts shouting to each other. Ted had taken the boys and Terri to explore the area around the punchbowl. They sounded as if they were at least a quarter-mile off. Still, I better not do this outside. No telling how soon those little pricks can come back. Nanci's pussy moistened slightly as she remembered her recent struggle with one of the little pricks' prick. She began to unbutton her skirt. You know, she told herself, I bet if you started young with 'em, one of those Boy Scouts might make a good lover. Ted and his wham-jam fucking isn't the best ... not that he's that bad sometimes. I do wish he'd spend, a little more time warming me up. Nanci tugged her shirt off, then reached behind to undo her bra. She bent forward slightly and shrugged the straps off, letting her voluptuous breasts free themselves from the lacy cups. Oh, Jesus! That's so much better! She dipped the sponge in the bucket and mopped the cool water under each arm, then across the sweaty mounds of her bosom. Yeah, the patrol leader ... Johnny ... he'd appreciate my titties. Ted hardly seems to notice them, unless he thinks I'm showing too much when we go out. Nanci dipped the sponge again, then paused. Something about the woodsy sounds was different. A little ray of light, marked exactly by the floating dust motes inside the tent, flicked

out just as a stone rolled outside. Nanci kept her back turned to the sunny south side of the tent. "I'll bet my makeup's a mess," she said aloud. She pulled a compact from the an outer pocket of her pack. Nanci ran a fingertip along the sensuous width of her mouth, as if she were trimming a trace of excess lipstick. She tilted the mirror and saw a shadow on the nylon behind her. It had to be one of the scouts, with the off-center wedge of a uniform hat looking almost like a skewed horn atop his head. The shadow moved and the dusty beam of light shined onto the floor again. Nanci felt a quiver in her cunny and she was suddenly conscious of the vulnerable nakedness of her titties. The dark, brownish-pink tips of her nipples rose like gun barrels probing through turrets and the wide circles of her aureoles crinkled into sensitive mazes of taut flesh. Which one is it? It can't be Johnny ... I saw him leave with Ted. Nanci casually put the mirror down. She picked up her sponge again then dropped it, bending down in profile to the watcher's shadow. She knew that her breasts looked even bigger, more sensually appealing, when they hung in lush cones. She fiddled on the floor as long as she could, making her nipples bob and weave in erotic circles as she pretended to chase the elusive sponge. Nanci rinsed the sponge thoroughly and dabbed at her forehead. "Oh, I'm so hot," she murmured. "I should change clothes ... if I brought anything cooler." She lifted her pack off the floor and rummaged briefly, teasing the boy outside by blocking his view with her arm from time to time. Heat built up in her loins, heat that threatened to turn her whole pussy into a steaming swamp. She heard the boy breathing fast and shallow and suppressed a smile. "But I have to wash first," she said conversationally, making sure the scout outside heard her. Nanci turned toward the hole in the tent and lifted one foot, then the other. Her breasts touched and flattened slightly when she drew her knees up. She heard a faint metallic "clink," and knew it was his uniform belt's tip sliding through the brass buckle. He's pulling his cock out now ... a nice, clean boyprick ... probably as naked as a baby's. Nanci's mouth watered as she thought of the pale pink spike emerging from heavy pants only a yard away. She took her hiking boots off, then straightened up. With slow, deliberate motions, as if she was thinking of anything but where she was, she unhooked her own belt, then snapped the zipper at her waistband. She was almost reluctant to lower her pants ... Nanci knew that the tight cunt emphasized the length of her legs and the lusty swell of her vulva. She'd felt the center seam see-sawing at her pussy-cleft with every step she took and she knew her pussy lips were red and moist with the constant pressure. Even so, she knew that the tight casing of cloth on her lissome lower body accented her asscheeks and her pussy, leaving just enough to imagination. Her ears reddened as she pulled the zipper down.

Nanci turned her back on the boy when she took her pants off, spending a long, tantalizing time folding them, then rolling them up into a tight package. She reached behind herself to tug the arched line of her pan ties' leg holes lower on her voluptuous ass. Her panties were tiny bikinis, cut low enough to show half her rear cleavage and thin enough that the shadow of her pussy hairs showed through in front. Nanci pressed her knees together to emphasize the lusty, vase-like curve of her hips and bent to put her pants away. The moist, hot center of her cunny was wet enough to darken the middle of her panties and Nanci knew that the boy must be getting an eyeful. The flat, faintly concave base of her pussy peeked out beneath her delicious cheeks, still concealed and she heard an unmistakable sound. Nanci recognized it immediately ... her own hand had made that sound on the base of Johnny's belly not long before. The constant thwack-thwack of a young fist around a stiff prickmeat made her dizzy. She steadied herself with a hand on her packframe, then pulled out a pair of scanty, off-white shorts. Nanci liked wearing those shorts ... they set off the deep, luxurious tan of her long legs perfectly. With white, her legs looked almost too dark, but the oyster-colored pants made her abdomen and thighs look like a smooth extension of an exotic pleasure-valley. She stood straight again, holding the shorts against her pelvis. Nanci used the motion skillfully, pushing the waistband of the bikini panties down until an inch-wide strip of pubic hair curled loose above the flimsy cloth. "Now where did I put that soap?" she wondered aloud. Nanci turned around again, hands on her hips. Her delectable body was full-front toward the eye-covered hole in the nylon wall. She heaved a huge sigh, pushing her heavy breasts lewdly forward. "Hooooohmy, she said. "That's frustrating!" The shadow on the wall was bent over. Nanci couldn't even gauge the boy's height. There was no way she could deduce who was outside, masturbating faster and faster as he looked at her near-naked body. "Well, I'll just have to do without," she said and bent to slide her panties down. With her thumbs hooked in the sides of the waistband, Nanci knew that the deep vee of her cuntal bush and the dark, glossy edges of her cuntpetals showed clear as daylight. She pushed the cloth down to mid-thigh, then quickly finished disrobing. She stood again, her feet planted wide apart. "That breeze feels so good between my legs," she said. "Gawd, I thought my pussy would melt all the way here!" She leaned her head back and put a hand on either side of her pussy. With a sensuous, slow, rubbing motion, she opened the plump, wet pads of her outer labia. Her breasts thrust forward proudly. Nanci relished the cooling air on the wide-open central valley of her cuntal cleft pussy. She held the pose for ten long seconds, listening to the ragged breathing of the boy outside.

"I wish ... oh, I feel so nice! If only we could camp naked," Nanci said. "I could feel the sunshine all over me, even on my breasts and my pussy and it would be so lovely!" She slid her palms slowly up, nipping in at the sharp indentation of her waist, then out again at her ribs and forward to lift the pale, hard-tipped mounds of her bosom. "I'm sure the boys wouldn't mind ... they'd all be out hiking anyway." Nanci's ears strained. She heard the pounding sound speed up until she could all but see a young man's hand blurring on his prickshaft. She imagined the head of his cock turning darker, swelling larger. She swallowed a flood of saliva and felt drops of pussy juice weight her pubic curls down. A strand of cuntal hair glued itself to the top of her thigh. She turned, showing the delicious hemispheres of her ass to the peeking eye and started to sponge herself off. The cool water on her upper chest made her nipples contract even further. They felt hard as twin marbles before she'd even touched the rough surface of the sponge to the pale, untanned triangles that her bathing suit had shielded from the sun. Nanci slid her tongue over her lips, then let her mouth go sensuously slack as she rinsed the rich, ripe under swell of each titty. She moved as erotically as she could, fantasizing that she was on a stage in front of every Boy Scout in America. In her mind's eye she saw thousands, millions of hairless cocks swelling up and twice as many balls flogging up and down, rousing the youthful seed toward the tips of all those plumlike cockheads. Nanci moved the sponge down her belly. She parted her cunt lips with two fingers and ran the chilly moisture of the sponge up the lusty center of her inner cuntflesh. She shook with a sudden spasm of intense feeling when the cold sponge touched the inflamed tip of her button-hard clitty. "Oh, that's nice," she cooed. Nanci dipped the sponge in the bucket. She glanced at the wall again. The scout had dropped to his knees and the outline of his elbow moved as fast as the racketing throb of a jackhammer. She heard stifled grunts of approaching ecstasy. Nanci all but gave up the pretense of washing herself. She kept her cunt lips spread wide and rubbed the chilly sponge up and down the glistening trough of her love mound. With every scratchy stroke a lewd hunger built up inside her. She spread her knees wider, giving the boy a better look at her cunt and her hand a better shot. She pressed the sponge against her clitty, shaking with passion as cold water trickled down to mingle with cunt juice, then dribble across the tight, sensitive ring of her asshole. Nanci felt the sensation building up in her. It was like the crawly tension when the hairs stood up on her nape, but pleasant. She knew that she would come if she had just one more dipperful of cold water, one more long, lascivious swipe of roughtextured sponge along her cuntflesh. She dipped the sponge again and pushed it against her cunt without even squeezing the excess water from it.

The chill made her pussy contract and Nanci struggled with the reactions of her body. She bore down, opening the orchid-like folds of her cunt mouth and a scalding flood of piss poured out of her pussy, joining the icy water and the thick, oily secretions of her cunt. With shame and fear and sheer cunty heat taking control of her whole body, Nanci let herself go. She jammed two fingers into her cunt and felt the wall give way. With a spasm of icy heat that ran all the way up to her brain, Nanci let her pussy collapse on her fingers. The soft inner tissues kissed and sucked at her fingers like a loving, toothless mouth. Nanci loved the feeling. She felt waves ripple outward and little skyrockets of light shot through her vision. Her knees wobbled, turning as soupy as the walls of her cunt. She took a staggering step forward, then sounds jerked her out of her total self-centered ecstasy. With a "plop" like the first fat drops of a rainstorm she heard the boy's come hit the tent. The knowledge that his young prick was shooting made her pussy spasm again, harder. The next quick, finger-tugging grab of her cuntflesh was harder yet and Nanci fell to her knees. She was bent back like a limbo dancer, her finger-filled cunt exposed to the staring eye in the wall. Nanci let her head go back, back and back further, moving more with every thrilling pulse in her loins. She let her head touch the floor and the orgasm went on and on. Her bridge-arched torso settled onto the pool of cunt juice and water and still-hot piss. He came ... he came with me, she thought, about to pass out. Oh, thank you, God! Chapter Five "We're a little high for quail," Ted said, "but keep your eyes open. Sometimes I think birds try to be smarter than hunters." He laughed. Leroy and Terri were right behind him on the narrow, twisting game trail. It went uphill, then doubled back to the little stream again and again. When Ted could tell where the trail came out again, the little band of woodspersons would shortcut, avoiding the thicker tangle of brush near the water. Leroy carried Ted's shotgun and Terri had a small, soft pack over her shoulder. Billy and Johnny brought up the rear, canteens and machetes on their belts. Ted's big bow was slung over his shoulders and a quiver full of deadly-looking, razor-tipped arrows kept snagging branches and cutting through leaves as he led the group up toward the crest of the mountain. "Daddy, I ... " Terri said shyly. "What is it, baby?" Ted asked. He turned around and saw her look away. His daughter's upper lip had little beads of sweat on it. "Oh." He held out his hand to Leroy. "Gimme your entrenching tool."

The blond minister's son undipped a folding shovel from his belt. Ted handed it to Terri and whispered, "Face downhill and bury your paper." She nodded and broke off the trail into the bushes. "I guess it is break time," he said heartily and turned his back to the boys. He whipped his limber prick out and veritable waterfall of piss spattered off the side of the trail. The three boys followed suit, buttoning up again before Terri came back onto the trail. "Thank you," she whispered to Leroy, returning the entrenching tool. "Mister Flannigan?" Johnny asked, "Do you think we'll find anything up here? I mean, it's been so dry this year and all ... " Ted nodded wisely. "Yes, it has been ... that's why we're sticking close to the stream. All the game's up near the top of the ridges this time of year and they won't ever go too far from water." He lowered his voice conspiratorially. "Matter of fact, I thought I saw bear sign back a ways ... and it was fresh!" "You mean that tur ... pile I stepped in?" Leroy asked. "Was that from a bear?" "But, Daddy," Terri broke in, "you already shot a bear ... why follow this one? Remember that time you and Buck Manglem got that other one?" "Really?" Leroy said, his eyes going starry. "How'd you kill it?" Ted swelled up. "Oh, it wasn't really my bear ... me'n Buck were over a bait out in Colorado and he winged one. It took off, but a while later it came back poppin' its jaws and going' 'Whoof-Whoof!' Well, I fitted an arrow and pulled down on it and ... '" Terri interrupted again. "It's getting kind of late, Daddy. Shouldn't we be going back?" "Musta been a good four hunnerd pounds ... What, honey? Oh, well, I wanted to go up a ways and see what we can find." "I'm awful hungry," Terri said. She jiggled her pack, making her lush bosom rise and fall under the thick shirt. "Besides, Mom's going to worry about us." "Yeah, Mister Flannigan," Johnny said. "We have to pitch our tents yet and Missus Flannigan might need some help if she hasn't cooked over a campfire before." Ted looked cross. "Aww, it can't be too far from here ... might even be two of 'em." Billy Schroeder spoke up, wiping one hand through his red hair. "I know every part we've come through. Besides, John's got some recipes recipes for his cooking badge he wants to try out."

"What, none o' you guys wants to hurt that bear tonight?" Ted said in amazement. "It's like hikin' with a bunch o' ... " He caught Terri's glare and coughed over his words. "I'll go," Leroy said. He turned to look at his leader. "I think we can go faster by ourselves, Mister Flannigan." He shifted the shotgun under his arm. "Okay," Ted said. He peeled his sleeve back and checked his watch. "Terri, tell your mom we'll be back about two hours after you, okay?" Leroy chimed in, "We'll probably be bringing something for breakfast, too!" He smirked, every inch the rebel of the parsonage. Terri glared at Leroy. "I wouldn't bet on it!" I have the shells in my pack, you clown, she told herself. You plan to club something to death? "Come on, let's go get some dinner," she said and started down the trail in front of Johnny and Billy. Terri liked the mountains ... the green around them, the odd, irregular spacing of trees and bushes, the constant bubbly reminder of the stream nearby. The birds flickered above and around them, chirping with alarm or pride, never near enough to worry about the green-suited trio walking through their midst. She began to notice more and more ... clawed marks high on tree trunks, great, wide streams of peeled bark overhead and strange small prints in the dust of the narrow trail. A tuft of fluff on a bush caught her eye and she wondered what manner of tawny critter had left it there. The print of her father's boot had rubbed out any trace of a paw mark beneath it. Johnny and Billy were talking behind her. Terri couldn't help feeling a little strange when their voices fell then one of them snickered. She became very aware of the fluid roll of her hips and the tight-cased feeling of the tailored fatigues around her thighs. The pretty young girl walked faster, but all she heard was a deeper laugh. Her ears burned. All of her skin felt tingly, as if there were some strange, menacing creature near, or a conscious, thinking charge of static electricity along the trail. Terri let her footsteps lag, trying to pick up the mutters and whispers the two scouts passed back and forth. They seemed to be measuring the distance so she couldn't quite hear them. Terri stopped, staring at a spot where two tapered ovals had pressed into the dust on top of a boot print. The boys' conversation stopped as they caught up to her. "Is that a deer?" Terri asked. Her blush had started to fade, only a little extra pinkness showing on her ears. Tall, red-haired Billy warped his freckled face into a sneer. "Naw, that's a deer's footprint ... Butch." He elbowed Johnny and both scouts guffawed. "What d'you want to know for? You gonna kill it, Calamity Jane?" Johnny asked.

"Whoo-ooh!" Billy yowled. Johnny smirked. Terri's blush returned. "I just asked a question," she said. "What are you talking about? Why are you laughing at me?" Terri searched their faces, uncertain whether to run, cry, or hit the boys. "Why did you call me Butch?" she asked Billy. "Well, ain't cha? Isn't your fruity dad trying to turn you into a bull dyke?" Billy said, with all the condescension of a twelve-year old talking to a girl. "My dad's not fruity!" Terri snapped. She clenched her fists then let her fingers uncurl. "What's a bull dyke?" "Jesus, what a dud!" Billy said, shaking his head and turning away. "My mom didn't even want me to go on this trip until I said your mom was comin', too. Mom says you pop's a real 'closet case,'" he added, with just enough emphasis on the borrowed phrase to show he didn't know what it meant. Terri asked Johnny, "What's he talking about? Why did you call me Calamity Jane?" The patrol leader straightened his neckerchief and said, "Because you are ... pitchin' Little League, taggin' along on Scout trips ... all that stuff. You know, Sarge, that lady that runs the truck-rental company? She's a bull dyke ... I hear she makes out with other ladies." "I am not!" Terri protested. "I never did ... and I never would, either! I just think I should be able to play baseball or go camping when I want to, that's all." She stared at Johnny and Billy. "Besides, Sarge looks like a guy and I don't. And she never tried to do anything with me, or any other girls that I know of." "You're too young," Billy said, turning toward Terri again. "My dad says Sarge would just as soon kick a cock as ... " his voice trailed off. Johnny glared at him. Terri gulped. Her breasts suddenly felt huge and hugely obvious as she took a deep breath. "As what?" Her voice quivered slightly. "Nuthin'," Billy said, looking down at the ground. His eyes, startlingly blue when he peered up rose to Terri's bosom, then her face. "She won't have nothing to do with ... men." Terri felt a trap materialize around her, a trap that had nothing to do with the trees and brush or the clear mountain air. "Wh ... what about baseball ... and camping?" she asked, her voice so low she could barely hear herself. "I don't avoid you guys."

"But you always win your baseball games ... and your dad always shoots more'n any of us," Johnny said quietly. "You always end up beating us ... like Sarge, always outcussin' and outworking the guys that work for her." It's not my fault! Terri screamed silently. I'm a good pitcher! I tried to stop Daddy from hunting! Aloud, she said, "I don't ever boss you, do I? I just try to ... to keep up." "I think you're just like Sarge ... just a goddam diesel dyke," Billy said smugly. "You'd probably cut the balls of any guy that tried to touch you." He twisted his hands at his waist and the wet belt with his canteen and hatchet clunked on the ground. Terri wanted to back up, to run away, but there was something that had to be proved. She didn't know what it was, but it was there, bearing down around her like the bars of a shrinking steel cage. Johnny's equipment fell to the ground and she looked at him. Both boys' hands lingered just above long, vertical ridges in at the front of their pants. "I" she gulped, "I wouldn't hurt you." "That doesn't mean you're not queer," Johnny said. "You gotta prove it to us, or we'll tell everybody at school." His fingertips opened the flap over his fly buttons, then paused. "How?" Her voice was a tiny whisper, but the wind had stopped stirring the leaves. Terri's question fit perfectly into the silent space between bird notes and the bubbling of the stream. "With a blow job," Billy said. He began opening the front of his pants. "I ... what's that?" Terri asked. She flicked her eyes back and forth. Both boys were unbuttoning and the rigid mastery under their pants was about to be revealed. Her pussy felt hot and itchy as she remembered the silhouette of her father's prick just as he shoved it into her mother. "Take off your shirt, Terri ... I want to see if those are falsies," Johnny said. His voice was quiet, but tense, almost threatening. He reached into his fly. Terri gulped the saliva that had been gathering so rapidly in her mouth. She shrugged out of the straps of her knapsack, then undid the first button of her shirt. "They're ... they're real," she said, so softly that neither boy could hear her. A gust of wind stirred the leaves above them, making a sound like the distant crumpling of newspaper and the stream gurgled louder. "Prove it ... show us," Billy said. He wrapped his hand around the long, meaty hidden stem of his prick, then drew it out. The reddish head stared one-eyed at Terri and she stared back.

So that's it, Terri thought. That's it! She unconsciously hurried to her second button, then the third. Her breasts felt heavy and warm. She wet her lips with her tongue, a quick dart of pink showing before the sensuous glossiness of her saliva. The It-ness of Billy's "it" made a strange, strong throb start up in her belly, a throb like the feeling of too-loud bass notes from an overpowered speaker. A trickle of cream spread the warmth of her hunger all along the edges of her pussy lips. Johnny didn't bother to show his cock ... he undid his fly and let the uniform pants drop. Terri's eyes snapped to his crotch at the motion. She saw another "it" rising like a flagstaff between the front halves of his shirttail. She tugged her own shirt off and let it drop onto her pack. Her breasts rose up, as full and luxurious as fluffed pillows above the indented line of her too-tight bra. The lacy white trim emphasized the faint shadow of her nipples and the dark, berry-like brown of her suntanned belly. Terri wondered if she should take off her pants, too, but the thought of struggling with her boots canceled the idea. "Whwhat now?" she asked, her voice shaky. Billy's fist milked up and down the thin, rapier-like length of his prick. "Take off your bra ... I think it's padded." "Yeah, let us see 'em," Johnny said. He stepped up and out of his pants, lifting his feet high as if he were wading through deep mud. His shirttail fluttered back in the breeze and Terri saw caught a glimpse of the tight, wrinkled sac beneath the base of his cock. He ... hardly has any hair at all, Terri thought, remembering the shadow of her father's tangled cockbush. She photographed the sparse light-brown strands in her mind's eye. Terri reached behind her back as if she were in a daze. Her eyes went from the constantly moving fist around Billy's cock to the upright nakedness of Johnny's. The edges of her bra cups cut deeper into her pale, firm titties as she unhooked the back band, then released their pressure when she brought her arms forward and let the bra fall away. Even in the shadows of the game trail, her breasts gleamed pale and milky-white. The pink buds of her nipples stood up like baby's thumbs. Terri stood straight as a soldier and the heavy, delicious masses of her breasts pointed up and out like two lewd cannons. Billy's eyes went wide, then narrowed and Terri smiled slightly. "You see? It's all me," she said. Johnny stepped forward, his prick bobbing like an untended fishing pole. "Yeah, they sure are," he said thickly. His right hand rose and cupped the underside of her left breast, then slid slowly up across the end, skidding in little bounces across her erect nipple.

Terri felt the little bud grow larger. It seemed to have more nerves than all the rest of her body put together. A telegraph line of sensation blazed more sopping heat down around her cunny and she inhaled sharply. Johnny put one hand on each of her titties, then pressed them together. Terri pushed her chest forward further, closing her eyes as the pressure of his hands molded the sensuous mounds into a single mass of aching warmth. Her left hand reached tentatively for his cock, but when she touched the underside of the shaft, she drew her hand back as if she'd been burned. "It's so hot," she said wonderingly. She reached again and Johnny thrust his hips forward. Terri closed her hand around the shaft. "Yeah, like that," Johnny said, moving back and forth as her hands stroked slowly. "Hey, what about me ... and the blow jobs?" Billy said, moving closer. He let his pants drop around his ankles. "Anybody can jerk a guy off ... even a lezzy!" Terri put her other hand around Billy's cockstem. It was hotter and clammier than Johnny's. Probably from him tugging it, Terri thought. She moved her hand up and down just the same. Terri looked down between Johnny's wrists. The two cockheads stared back at her like blind lizards, hiding under a fold of cockskin, then peeking out again when she pulled the slack skin back down. The flaring, helmet-shaped knobs on the end of each prick compressed slightly under her fingers. It was fascinating. Terri thought, How can the skin be so soft? It's almost like the outside of my pussy ... but it's like rock inside. She marveled at the little semicircle of paleness that appeared at the belly-edge of each cockhead, then darkened to the same plum shade as she moved her fists down. "Remember, you gotta suck us off," Billy said. His hands went to her tits, moving around and then wandered down to the astonishing slimness of her waist. He tried to wedge his fingers under the tight top of her pants, but Terri squirmed back. No! That feeling down there ... I shouldn't let him touch my pussy, Terri decided. She wiggled away again. "Come on," Billy said, "You said you'd blow us!" His frustrated hand went to her shoulder and bore down. "We can fuck our own fists," Johnny added. His hands left her breasts, leaving the pale mounds jiggling back into their natural positions.

Terri wanted him to keep fondling her breasts, but she didn't dare ask. "You mean I ... I have to put them in my mouth?" she said, turning slightly aside. She sneaked a glance at the cocks again and she had to swallow more saliva. "That's right, Terri," Billy said. "If you don't suck us, we'll know you're a queer." He pushed down hard on her shoulder and Terri went to her knees. "And keep jackin' off the one you're not sucking," Johnny added. He took a half step, turning so his cock was just above her right shoulder. Terri looked at the pricks close for the first time. She saw the networks of veins, like little maps under the skin and the spongy, porous texture of the knobs. She slid the fingers of one hand down under Johnny's sac, rubbing the oily sweat she found there around and through his sparse pubic hair. Here goes, she thought and she made a circle with her thumb and forefinger at the base of Johnny's prick. Terri opened her mouth wide, stretching her lips into a protective oval over her teeth and leaned toward the tip of the knob. Her pussy was a furnace, the tips of her breasts were two aching pebbles. Terri put her tongue over her lower lip and touched the inverted vee where his cockridge swept up toward the little slit. She tasted an oily, salty fluid that warmed her tongue. She smelled the heavy odor of his crotch and it was almost like the taste of the cocklube on her tongue. I shouldn't be doing this, she thought and Terri slipped her upper lip across the crown of his prick. The warm fullness in her mouth made Terri forget about what she should or shouldn't do. She marveled. The helmet-shaped tip felt and tasted much bigger and sexier than it looked. She rolled her tongue around, memorizing the little tab of skin on the underside and the way the flare of the cockhead increased at the sides. Her whole tongue seemed to fit into the indentation at the back of her knob and Terri hummed. "Yeah, like that," Johnny said. "Oh, suck, Terri!" He moved his hips back and forth a little and Terri let spittle dribble out the side of her mouth. She began moving the hand at the base of his prick up and down and the hand on Billy's cock slowed to match the motion. Terri felt hands on the back of her head. She rolled her head from side to side, letting Johnny's dick head bump-bump-bump along the lingual grooves of her molars. The ridge on the belly-side of Johnny's cock-head skated sensuously along the roof of her mouth and Terri loved it. Hike this ... I really like this, Terri thought, wrapping her tongue lasciviously around and around the spongy heat of his knob. She bobbed her head back and forth, feeling the slow, powerful motions of his cock accelerate as slowly as a huffing steam engine. The heat in her loins rose up until some strange, lusty connection to her mouth appeared and Terri moaned.

"Ahhh, yeah, humjob me," Johnny said, his voice husky. "God, I could let you suck my cock all day!" "What about mine?" Billy said, hunching his hips faster against her slow-moving hand. "Hurry up, man!" Hands on her head started to pull Terri's face back from the musky heat and ramrod stiffness of Johnny's prick. "I'll do you next," Terri gasped, looking up at Billy's scowl. She licked her lips and went back to bobbing on the apple-like end of Johnny's cock. Every long, liquid motion of the prickmeat in her spit-filled mouth made Terri hotter. She twisted her head back and forth, loving at the whole upper half of his cock. She started sucking on the out-strokes, feeling her cheeks press in against her teeth. The head of his cock swelled larger, growing until it wouldn't compress any more. Terri tried to squeeze it back down again, pressing with her tongue, but the bloodgorged knob was full and ready. She sucked like a child with a lollipop, flaring her nostrils to gasp enough air to power the surging heat in her cunny. Johnny's bloated prickhead was stretching further, growing wider. Terri felt the wide wings of the glans touching the insides of all her molars with each long, sucking slide. She tried to wrap her lips further down the shaft, taking the end of his cock deeper. The tight ring of muscle at the top of her throat almost made her gag when the bony center of his prickmeat touched it, but Terri kept sucking, trying to swallow the entire knob. She panted and gasped. Saliva drooled out both corners of her ovaled mouth and her lips looked puffy and bruised. They felt puffy and bruised, as well, but Terri would have liked to be bruised all over by that long, meaty delight in her mouth. Johnny's hips thrust faster and harder. His hands clamped tight on the back of her head, holding her face steady as he fucked into her mouth. Terri let go of the base of his cock. She wrapped both hands around Billy's dick and jerked at it, all but wrenching the skin off over the head. She couldn't slow her hands down, not with the pile-driving force of Johnny's prick shoving hard and fast into her mouth. Her whole body was responding to the pistoning thrusts. Even the crotch of her thick pants was darker now, soaked with the gushes of cream from her pussy mouth. Her titties jiggled. The force of each face-fucking stroke of Johnny's cock moved her whole torso. Terri's mouth suctioned around the ramrodding prick like a mass of wet liver. Her teeth occasionally scraped the skin of his shaft, but only because the bucking shoves of his cock were getting too strong for her. Terri lost track of the sound of the forest, the stream, the birds, the trees. She only heard her own breathing. She gasped through her flared nostrils and listened to the wet, squishing sounds of her lips sucking ravenously at the pounding mass of cockmeat. She opened her jaw wider, wider, until the hinge ached and her lips could barely surround the middle of his

prick. Terri felt the tension in his body. Johnny strained. He knew something was about to happen. She drove her face down on his prick, then back away, slipping out of his clenched hands. She sucked mightily. Above her she heard, "I ... I ... " and a thick mass of bitter-salty come squirted into her throat. The hands wouldn't let her pull her mouth away. Terri gulped and the wide head of his cock half-followed the semen down her throat. She heard Johnny grunting ecstatically and another jet splashed against the roof of her mouth. She gulped it down just as a thinner, weaker shot came and Terri had the taste of Johnny's spunk coating all the tissues of her mouth. She gobbled at the end of his prick, trying to suck another drop out and got a trickle. Johnny's hands tangled in her hair and pulled her face away from his crotch. "Oh, fuck!" he said, staggering back. "Jesus, what a suck job!" Without missing a beat, Terri turned to Billy's prick. The whole end of it felt inflamed, even hotter than Johnny's had been. She wrapped the remaining lewd slime from Johnny's shot around the head of Billy's cock and sucked full speed. The instant response of thrusting, swiveling action in her mouth made little flares go off in her brain. Terri sucked heartily and put a hand on each of Billy's asscheeks. The heat in her pussy moved up to the middle of her belly. Terri thought that the burning, puckery taste and touch of the come traveling down to her stomach would fix the hungry throb in her cunt. She pulled Billy's cock deep into her mouth and positively gobbled at the knob. Her throat was in control now, no longer gagging when his cockhead touched the ring at the back of her mouth. Terri tried swallowing the whole end of his prick. She nearly managed it. But the high-speed jacking that she'd given Billy had gotten his balls ready to bust. She hardly had time to appreciate the different smell and taste of his cock before she felt his asscheeks tighten in her hands. Terri didn't know whether to hurry him up or delay him. The thought of feeling more of those delicious spurts of semen in her throat decided her, though and Terri gulped and gobbled like a madwoman. The rigid spar in her mouth was twice the size it had been in her hands. The head was hot and wide and absolutely covered with her saliva. Terri flicked her tongue into the come-slit at the tip every time she let Billy pull it back far enough. She never let it move so far that she couldn't keep her lips locked around the ridge at the back of his knob. Terri laved it with her tongue, loved it with her spit and gobbled like Billy's cock was the tastiest, most nourishing thing a prick-starved little girl had ever tasted. She went down almost to his balls with her lips, fluttering the spit-soaked red slices like hot wings. She dug her fingers into his ass, first one side, then the other. Billy had no choice but to roll his prick around in her mouth, looking down at the lusty distortion of her pretty face. Terri sucked harder, faster, harder again and the tremble started.

The same lewd balloon of feelings was whirling in her belly. Terri marveled as she realized that the strange, lovely feeling might come over her without even touching her pussy. She see-sawed her thighs back and forth, rubbing the center seam of her pants against the heat of her cunny. The edge of that strange, beautiful sensation was there, like a cliff at her feet. She took a final mouthful of Billy's prick and inhaled it as deeply as she possibly could. The few red hairs at the base of his dick tickled her upper lip and Terri went off. And not a second before Billy's cock started spewing semen into her mouth. Terri felt the first, smallest burst hit the back of her throat. It made the first rippling contraction in her belly hold on, shivering, as clear and sharp as an icicle. Terri gulped and immediately felt the second gout of spunk fill her mouth. With the gut-twisting tremors of her orgasm tearing outward from her dripping pussy, Terri could hardly get one mouthful down before the second hit. Billy's prick kept jetting and jetting, throwing long, ropy masses of come into her mouth. Terri felt spurts escape from the corner of her mouth, trickling stickily down to her chin. She struggled to take it, but there was too much. Come had been storing up in his loins for far too long and Terri gave up. She sat back on her heels and the last, feeblest two shots of semen splashed against her cheekbones. A single strand drooled onto her left breast. She rolled her hips a few more times and her come faded. Terri opened her eyes. Johnny's prick was already stashed away in his pants again and Billy's cock was just beginning to droop. She absently lifted a hand to the little puddle of come on her breast and rubbed the warm, pollen-smelling fluid into her skin. "So that's a blow job," she said, half to herself. "That's what it is." Her shoulders sagged. "Whew!" Chapter Six "What's that sound, Mister Flannigan?" Leroy asked. The hairs at the back of the boy's neck stood on end. The thrashing of dead leaves and a metallic clank rose over a piteous, agonized moan. The moan rose to a blood-curdling cry, then trickled down to a whimper, ending in a deep snuffling sound as if something were being skinned alive, then strangled. "I don't know," Ted said, setting his blocky jaw, "but we'd better find out." Visions of Bigfoot danced in his head. He lowered his huge bulk into a crouch and stealthily moved up the trail. The noise repeated itself, shorter this time, but just as gutwrenchingly painful. Ted skulked along beside the trail, carefully moving branches out of the way. He found a clearing and swept a bush aside, then rose to his feet. "We found our bear," he said, pointing. Leroy emerged behind him, shotgun high across his chest.

The bear cub looked at them in a wounded panic, rolling its eyes like a frightened horse. It tried to pull away, but the blood-matted brown fur of its front paw was stuck fast in a trap. Something cracked and the bear cub fell, screaming. The trapped paw extended straight out. The animal scrabbled with its hind legs to take the gruesome tension off the chain. The cub looked less than a year old, still small and fuzzy. Leroy looked away from the gory sight, then back again, fascinated in spite of himself. "Shouldn't we ... kill it, or something?" he asked. The minister's son was turning pale and gulping. The breathy little whimpers of the cub seemed to stab into Leroy, exiting painfully though his face. "Can't," Ted said. His rugged, square-jawed face was set stonily. "Once it's trapped, it belongs to the trapper. It's his bear." Ted looked away from Leroy's pain-pinched face. His big hand squeezed the fiberglass bow until the leather grip groaned. "I'm gonna turn it loose," Leroy said. He started toward the bear cub, stopping when it yanked at the trap and another bone cracked. "Please, Mister Flannigan, do something!" Leroy's eye flicked over Ted's shoulder. The boy's jaw dropped and he tried to raise a shaking finger. "Ahh ... ahhh," he stuttered. Leroy's sphincters let go. Down in the punchbowl clearing, two smaller tents had appeared near the Flannigan's beige-nylon home. Paul and Terri cleared space around a pile of sticks and branches, readying the area for the cooking fire. Billy Schroeder and Johnny Short dug trenches around each of the tents, in case the driest summer in fifty years suddenly turned rainy. Nanci Flannigan stood in the middle of the activity, her long, long legs gleaming like perfectly oiled pillars. A red-and-white checked halter barely contained her breasts and the rich, suntanned brown of her abdomen showed every smooth inch of her slim waist and the shadowed cup of her navel. She turned pages in the camping cookbook and looked at the pile of Bisquick, apples and assorted frozen lumps of meant. I should have stayed home. She slapped at a fly on her shoulder. All of us should have stayed home. This is stupid, this Davy Crockett nonsense. Whoever heard of wrapping biscuit batter around a stick and roasting it? It's uncivilized! "I'm ready to start cooking," Johnny announced, popping up like a jack-in-the-box beside her. At five-eight, the lanky patrol leader was just tall enough to look down into Nanci's eyes. That little clitty-tickle didn't do a hell of a lot for me, Nanci reflected. She looked sideways at Johnny. "Don't you think we should wait for my husband to get here?" He's young enough to have some more left in that cock of his ... not over the hill like Superjock.

"Nah," Billy piped up from behind her. "Him and. Leroy should be back around dark. Leroy never misses a meal on a camp out, even if he has to buy it." Which one was watching me? All of them were gone by the time I came out of the tent ... and they're all wearing their caps. Nanci looked at Billy's sashful of merit badges and tried to remember if she could have seen the saggy silhouette of the diagonal sash on the side of the tent. The way those uniforms are cut, I can't tell, Damn! Maybe if I went to the edge of the clearing and called for help ... No, they'd all come running. A hungry throb started at the base of her belly ... hungry for whichever of the boys had watched her sponge bath. If he thought he got a show before ... I'd love to play show and tell. Nanci tossed her head to cover the rising blush on her ears. She handed the cookbook to Johnny. "Okay, start dinner whenever you like. I'm sure you boys are hungry after your hike." Nanci caught the tail end of a smirk between them, but decided to ignore it. Finding a solution to the mystery that warmed her pussy was more important than two boys' in-joke. "I'm getting worried about Daddy," Terri said around ten o'clock. "He should have been back hours ago." "Your father can find his way here," Nanci said. "You know what a great woodsman he is." The corner of her mouth turned down sourly. And he fucks like his cock's wood, she added silently. The Wood Cocksman ... the Cocky Woodsman ... I bet he's out looking for the Wizard to give him some reassurance about his balls. What the hell ... it's no worse than those nights he spends getting frankly bombed. "We might as well all go to bed ... there's no point in waiting up for him." "But, Mom," Terri protested. "What if Daddy's been shot, or fallen over a cliff or something? What if he's hurt?" "We could have heard it if he fired the shotgun," Paul said, speaking up at last. The small, shy, dark-complected boy had been silent all through dinner. "Leroy knows to signal if they have trouble." Terri thought of the box of shotgun shells in her backpack, nestled next to her rolls of film. "I ... " "What is it, Terri?" Nanci asked. It wasn't like her daughter to clam up so suddenly. She usually spoke everything on her mind. "I ... think we should all turn in for the night. We can look in the morning if they haven't come back," she said, abject misery in her voice. "I should have made them come back with us." The curvy little brunette stood up and wandered silently into the tent. With a mumble of agreement, the rest of the circle separated and went to their own sleeping bags. Nanci stayed longest, watching the boys' backs before she kicked dirt over the remains of the campfire.

Nanci listened to the ticking of her wrist watch. The night noises were soft, yet, in some strange way, spooky. She had the feeling of hundreds of watching creatures outside the tents. When Terri sighed, then resumed her deep, even breathing, Nanci froze. She checked the glowing face of her watch. Only an hour ... this night feels like it will never end. Where the hell is Ted? What a jackass thing for him to do ... wandering off with that poor Fritzheim kid. Jesus, seeing the way Leroy looks at Ted makes me feel like a cheerleader again. Hero worship is okay, at that age, but Ted? Ted Flannigan as a hero? The poor kid'll probably grow up to be a sportswriter, God forbid! At least Johnny Short seems to have some sense. And a sense-sational young prick, too, I might add. Gawd, I wish I dared to take his pants down. Was he the one? No, he wouldn't have been masturbating after that wet dream I helped him with. Then who the hell was it? Nanci found her hands wandering down her belly to the pantied nest of her pussy. Just like most nights after Ted's done with me, she thought, grinning wryly. Wait a minute. There're three young cocks not fifty feet from, me right now. I bet at least one of those kids has a stiffy this very minute! Nanci felt a trickle of cream moisten the crotch of her panties. She slowly, carefully, unzipped the side of her big double sleeping bag. Looking toward Terri, listening to the child's breathing, alert for a change, Nanci slid one lovely leg out, then the other. She stood up and the short cotton nightshirt she'd bought for modesty on the camp out fell to mid-thigh. She propped a hand against the tent pole as she slid her panties down in the darkness. She pulled her nightshirt up to her waist. No ... I don't want Terri to see it in here while I'm gone. She'll think I just went out to pee. Nanci tiptoes across pine needles and crumbled leaves. She looked back over her shoulder at Terri while she untied the flap of the tent. Nanci let the heavy nylon brush her long hair back as she slipped through the opening. The moon was three nights from being full ... Nanci remembered Ted's grousing about it not being the best time for hunting. It hung almost directly above her, a bluesilver wafer that made the nearby stars pale. The eastern half of the sky was speckled with hundreds, thousands of stars. It was clear as new blue satin. A bank of clouds, halted by the ridge of the mountain, hid the stars darkly to the east. Nanci looked around the clearing, admiring the silver and black of the moonlight and shadows. It had the lack of color and the vague crispness of an ancient groundglass photo negative. The air was tangible around her, vibrating in the wavelength of

moonlight like a spiritual fluid. Nanci undid the single button at the throat of her nightshirt and pulled the garment off over her head. Her body was silvered in the moonlight. Her hair was a curtain around her face, shading her shoulders and the fine, regular features Ted was so proud to own. The soft curves of her bosom shadowed the upper portion of her abdomen, letting the area around her navel barely catch the light. The glans-sized depression in the center of her belly was deep and mysterious in the ethereal light. The two dark spots above it were proud, outhrust, as the cool night air made Nanci's long nipples extend like pointed fingertips. The last mystery of all was the dark, moon shadowed triangle of her pubic hair. It crested outward at the widest part of the vee, allowing faint shimmers of skin to shine though. The downward taper of the floss over her labia was secretive, almost threatening in the rich, mystic promise of femaleness within. Nanci spread her arms wide and faced the moon, turning slowly. She reveled in her nakedness and the moonlight that bathed her skin. The sheer selfish eroticism of standing fully nude in the clearing made Nanci tremble. The deep shadows spoke to the hungry pit of her loins as the silvery light caressed her flesh. She ran her hands silently over her body, glad it had kept the youthful shape and spring of girl flesh, glad that she had gained the age to know its potential for pleasure. Nanci stared at the two smaller tents, then picked the one further from her own. It wasn't much more than a six-foot pyramid, sloping sharply to a peak. The scouts who'd first camped with the tent had painted designs that were supposed to represent Indian lore on the sides. They showed only as dark figures on the shining gray. Nanci opened the flap of the tent and went in. There was only one shape on the floor, the huddled mass of a small scout in a sleeping bag. Paul, Nanci thought. Was it you? She knelt on the canvas floor next to him. His face was only a paler spot in the middle of the dark mass. One hand was outside the sleeping bag. Nanci felt the heavy sway of her breasts as she reached for the zipper. Her stomach was as fluttery as when she was fifteen and ready for her first date with the high-school quarterback. Nanci had to brace the top of the boy's sleeping bag with one hand as she tugged at the zipper. She hardly dared to breathe. She pulled and a portion of Paul's bare shoulder appeared. Nanci felt her pussy gush with a sudden flow of thick cream. Maybe the boy slept naked. Dark eyes fluttered open and Nanci stopped. Paul looked around, then stared at her. He stiffened, curling into a tighter ball. Nanci put a finger to her lips. "Shhh!" She sat back on her heels. Just enough light came through the open flap that she could watch a succession of expressions run across Paul's face.

His eyes took in her face, her breasts, and craning his neck, he stared at the hidden, shadow-blocked wedge of her pussy mound. "It's all right, Paul," she whispered hurriedly. His mouth had looked like he was about to shout. "Whwhwhat are you d-d-doing, Missus Flannigan?" Paul stammered. "I ... I ... " He stared hungrily at her breasts, then turned his head away. "It wasn't me." Nanci felt a little gloat come over her. "I'm not going to punish you, Paul," she said. "I haven't told anyone about it." It was you! You watched me ... and you came! She laid her hands on the bag's zipper and tugged it further. Paul grabbed the bag. "No!" He tried to pull himself away from her. "Don't be embarrassed, Paul," Nanci said softly. "I saw you watching me." She lied a little. "I've been waiting for the others to fall asleep." She smiled maternally at him. "Don't you think it's fair for me to see you, too?" Paul turned his whole body over, rolling like a I caterpillar in a cocoon. "Yeah ... no ... I don't know! I didn't mean to!" He kept sneaking looks at her luscious, melonlike titties. "Please don't make me." "Now why not, Paul, honey?" Nanci asked softly. "I knew you were there. I satisfied your curiosity ... now it's my turn. I'd love to see what you look like." She turned him to face her again, opening her knees. His eyes focused on the shadowy patch between her thighs. "Don't be shy." Paul let the edge of the sleeping bag slip through his fingers. "Please, no-oo," he moaned. The bag kept moving down as Nanci unzipped it. She pulled the upper fold back further with every inch she gained. "P-pplease, Missus Flannigan," Paul moaned. His face turned darker with a flush of youthful shame. "I ... I got a boner." The boy bit his lip and looked away. "It's all right, Paul," Nanci murmured. "It's perfectly natural. You were hard when you saw me earlier, weren't you?" She had the zipper all the way down to the corner of the sleeping bag now and one flick of her wrist would bare his slender young body. Paul nodded. "Yeah." He half-reached toward her, then screwed his eyes tight shut. "I don't mind if you touch me," Nanci said, as reassuringly as she could. There was only a slight edge of tension in her voice. Her pussy felt so wet and hungry that Nanci was surprised she didn't growl with lewd; heat. Even the steamy ring of her pussy mouth was shivering, opening and closing with every thudding beat of her heart. She put her hand around Paul's wrist. She guided his fingers to her breast.

The first contact felt like a fat blue spark of static electricity. Paul's fingers immediately dug into the sides of the voluptuous mound, then relaxed as he stroked the marvelous softness of her skin. His eyes were open now, but still worried. He looks like he might jump up and run any second, Nanci thought. God, he's so damn cute ... and sexy, in a scary way. Hehe's just a child! I can hardly keep myself from falling right on top of him,! "There," she quavered, "isn't touching better than just looking?" "Ohh, yes, ma'am," Paul whispered. "Your titty feels nice ... nicer than anything!" His other hand came up by itself and found the broad, round end of her other breast. His palm pressed the pebbly-hard bud of her nipple into the soft flesh and Nanci sighed. "Ohhh, yes, Paul," Nanci cooed. "That feels lovely. Rub just a little, around the very tip of it." She moved his wrist in a little circle, showing the boy what her aching bosom needed. Paul's tongue flickered out of his mouth. Nanci saw the motion through her halfclosed eyelids. She let go of his arm and gently sneaked the sleeping bag back until she could see the clean, youthful spike of his erection. It rose from the base of his belly like a peeled wand. His foreskin was half-retracted from the sheer quivering stiffness of his prick. He didn't have a single dark hair around his prick or his balls. It looks so clean ... so sweet, Nanci thought. She had to swallow before she could speak. "May I touch you?" she whispered, and without waiting for an answer, her hand slid across the warm smoothness of his boyish belly and circled the base of his cock. Nanci's cream gushed like a stream in flood. She felt the throbbing hunger in her pussy increase until even her asscheeks ached. The ripe, full mounds of her buttocks wanted to feel the combined weight of two linked bodies rolling and swiveling, grinding them into the nappy lining of Paul's sleeping bag. Her other hand went to the back of his head and Nanci tried to pull his face against her titties. Paul's neck stiffened. The boy started to pull his prick away from the slow, sensuous motions of her hand. Nanci spoke softly. "Please, Paul, wouldn't you like to kiss my breasts?" She pulled his head gently and this time, he moved. Nanci hummed with pleasure at the feeling. No whisker stubble, no insistent mauling around her cunt ... nothing but the sweet, timid motions of Paul's lips against her bosom and the warm slender stiffness of his cock in her hand. "Your tongue is a wonderful way to enjoy things," she hinted.

The first tentative licks at her breast made Nanci want to cry. Paul's careful motions were slippery, but as light as feathers. She squeezed his prick harder, hoping to let him know how much her nipples wanted to be sucked and licked. Paul responded, running the silky-smooth flat of his tongue across the tip of her nipple. Nanci hissed, inhaling sharply between her teeth. The sensation made flutters, like dozens of butterflies, race through her whole body. "Yes, kiss," she said and Paul's hands kneaded harder at her titties. His lips joined in, too, plucking like ghostly fingers at her aureoles. Nanci knew that Paul didn't need any more coaching. She felt him tug the stiff, rubbery tip of one nipple into his mouth, then flicker his tongue across it like a tiny wet fingertip. She squeezed his face into the soft mass of her titties and jacked faster at his prick. Paul pulled away, gasping. "I like that, ma'am," he said, his eyes traveling boldly over her body. He reached for the dark wedge of her pussy. His left hand stayed on the end of her spit-covered breast and Nanci felt the first warm touch of his hand in her crotch. "Yessss," she whispered. "Oh, God yes!" Nanci spread her knees further. The cheeks of her ass rested on her heels and the wide-open space at the base of her pussy was only inches from the ground cloth. She flexed her thighs, moving from side to side and Paul's hand pressed harder. Nanci was hyper-aware of his fingers. She noticed every curly hair that his touch pressed against her labia. Each slippery cell in the slick central valley of her pussy tried to wrap around the palm of his hand. The sharp sensation of her cunt lips sliding along the sides of her clitty made her blood race until her pulse drowned every other sound. She moved closer to the naked boy and put both hands around the stem of his cock. Nanci wanted to straddle him, swallow that slim, spike-like cock with her cunt, but the curious, questing motions of his fingers were too nice to stop. She smelled the musky odor of her own arousal and a touch of Paul's thumb against her thigh told her that his whole hand was sopping with her cunnycream. "Move over," she whispered and Nanci lay down beside him on the sleeping bag. She rolled toward the boy and pressed her voluptuous titties against his chest. Both of her hands kept moving on his cock, matching the rhythm of his hand in her pussy. Every time his fingers came near her clit or skirted the oily rim of her vagina, she squeezed harder on his shaft. A balloon of heat was swelling up inside of her and Nanci couldn't resist any longer. She leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. Nanci's tongue swirled and roved through his surprised lips, touching every tooth in his head. She marveled at the young fresh taste of his mouth. Nanci sucked at his tongue, inviting it into her mouth.

Paul was still unsure, still shy, but his tongue did slither wetly into Nanci's mouth. She thought she would drown happily in saliva, rolling and mashing her lips against his. A flare went off in her crotch and Nanci realized that the boy's fingertip had finally found her clitty. But it moved away too soon. Nanci moaned and another finger slipped into the winking sphincter of her cunt hole. She squeezed her hands around his prick until he gasped. Paul jerked away from her kiss. "I'm sorry," Nanci whispered. "I didn't hurt you, did I?" Paul shook his head. His eyes met hers, then shifted away. He took his hand out of her sopping pussy and a little part of Nanci died at the loss. "I ... I ... " Paul stammered. He looked at her again, then at her voluptuous, rolling breasts. "Could I ... " he touched the deep valley of her cleavage "with my dick?" Even in the dimness inside the tent, Nanci could see his face turn several shades darker. A flash of heat in her pussy and a strange, cuntlike itching between her tits made her nod her head. She rolled onto her back and put a hand on the outside of each lush breast. "Please," she murmured. "Please do, Paul." The boy rose to his knees and straddled her. Nanci could hardly stop herself from grabbing the downjutting spear of his cock when he moved over her. She let her cleavage open, feeling the lush, sensuous weight of her breasts like she never had before. Each titty was loaded with a soupy mass of lewd sensation. Paul leaned on his hands and knees and slid his cock between her tits. Nanci pressed her warm, lusting mounds together around the shaft. The lusty sweat that had built up on her skin lubricated the valley. Nanci rolled her shoulders from side to side pushing up and down with her palms at the same time. The combined motions made her titties feel nearly as sensitive as the walls of her cunt. She did her best to move her titties sensuously, like the hungry roll of her hips. She squirmed around, guiding him with her knees, until she could see the bobbing head of his cock in the moonlight through the tent flap. And it was a lewd sight. Nanci saw the foreskin retract, then gather over the head of his cock again just as the knob disappeared between her boobs. She forced her chest up against him, then milked at his cock with her tits. Every long, slow motion of her hands and her breasts massaged the sides of his pumping prick like a sweatslicked mock cunt. She felt heat grow in her pussy and Nanci spread her thighs wide. "Put your foot between my legs," Nanci said. She scooted down until she felt the top of his foot against the sopping center of her pussy. Nanci began to roll her hips

lasciviously, pushing the grinding middle of her loins against him and a lewd heat grew. The sensation of strange, enjoyable sexiness made her feel better and better. Nanci hummed softly, massaging his prick with her titties. She stretched the creamy mounds down until the hard, egglike ovals of his balls slapped against the rich under swell of her tits. She breathed harder and faster, loving the mounting heat in her cunt and the lascivious sensation of being titty-fucked. Even her nipples got more alert. She arched her back, moving like a romping pony under him. The thrusts of Paul's cock speeded up and a fold of his slim stomach caught the tips of both of her nipples. Nanci's cunt tensed around the emptiness in her hole and gouts of thicker, heavier cunt cream soaked Paul's feet. Nanci panted, too hot to speak. She craned her neck to watch the magical way his cock appeared and hid again. She felt the ridge of his cockhead slipping up and down between her tits and the quick extra thrill of each stroke as the foreskin bumped back and forth. She knew it was the sexiest experience of Paul's life and it was starting to feel better than anything she could remember. Paul's body was tensing. His muscles felt hard, as taut as tent ropes in the rain. Nanci began urging him on with extra twists of her body, then with quick, jolting squeezes of her thighs. She could almost see the come lurking at his cockhead. The wide flare of his knob had grown and Nanci wanted to see it explode. He's already come once today, she thought. Please, please, let him come again! The motion of his feet on her cunt was almost irritating. The lusty feelings in her pussy accelerated. Her cunt lips were mashing flat against her pubic bone, rubbing like slices of wet, fur-covered meat on his foot, squishing and dripping with cunt juice. The buzzing sensation in her clitty was all but ready to explode. "Ahh, Paul," she cautioned. "Ahh, please, soon, Paul! Uh, uh, uh, UHHH!" With a sudden crest, like a wave toppling in on itself, the first convulsive spasm of orgasm hit her cunt. Nanci felt her cuntwalls sucking in air, then collapsing inward. The icy flames spread through her like rings on water. She bucked under him and the first burst of his boycome splashed against her chin. The taut, neck-snapping tension of her orgasm had wrenched Nanci's head back. As soon as she felt the first splash of semen against her throat, she looked down. Another wave wracked her cunt, harder than the first. She forced her clit against the bony arch of his foot and semen blasted into her face. Again and again she flicked her tongue out, gathering strings of come into her mouth. Nanci barely got a taste when the next big drop flew and another pulse flashed outward from her pussy. She arched her back until Paul's body was totally off the ground and the semen kept coming. Her hands clamped on his ass, holding

the sperm-slicked wand of his cock against her chest. Nanci let her body and the jerking cock between her tits go crazy. An image of all the scouts shooting semen onto her naked skin appeared in her mind and Nanci blacked out from sheer pleasure.

Chapter Seven The loud, cough-like "Whuff!" behind him told Ted that the cub's mother was standing right at his shoulder. He dug his boots into the ground and launched himself at Leroy. In two powerful steps, he'd hit the boy's chest with his shoulder, then wrapped his left arm around Leroy's stomach and powered them both to the edge of the clearing. The bear cub squealed and shied away as Ted tore past. A thick, tall evergreen behind the cub stopped Ted's headlong charge. "Climb!" he snapped, throwing Leroy at the tree trunk. He still gripped the center of his bow in his right hand as he spun Leroy and hoisted. Leroy stuck to the tree. Ted grabbed the shotgun as it fell toward the ground. He whipped around, snapping the shotgun closed and pulled both triggers as soon as it was pointed toward mama bear. The gun clicked impotently. The bear, all seven feet and four hundred-fifty pounds of her, started moving toward Ted. "Shi-it!" Ted wailed. Even as he reversed the gun, handing it up to Leroy, he knew he wouldn't have time to nock an arrow. The big brown lumbered at him, as unstoppable as a freight train. Adrenalin pumped him higher than all the dope the NFL had ever given him and Ted leaped straight up in the air. Ted was moving like a wild man, arms and legs flailing at branches and stubs of branches. The long white curve of his hunting bow caught on a twig and twisted, whacking into his groin. Ted didn't even feel it. In less time than it took to think about it, Ted was up above the clawed gouges on the trunk. His face was against Leroy's hiking shoes. "Climb, goddammit! She can follow us!" And she did. The mother bear was enraged. Her cub was trapped, in obvious agony and here were two man-scented creatures, small and feeble, shinnying up a tree beside her offspring. With a growl that made Ted's balls draw up tight against his lower belly, mama bear started after them. Leroy looked down. With only three feet of climb, the bear would be tearing at Ted's legs. The minister's son scurried higher, tearing his fingernails on rough bark, skinning his knees on branches. Ted was right behind, scrambling for all he was worth. Drops of piss or sweat fell on his head as he boosted Leroy higher, then, with a sickening snap, a branch broke under his foot. "AAAIEEEEE!" Ted screamed, his voice wailing into a stratospheric soprano of complete terror. He grabbed left-handed for an old stub of a branch, instinctively

lashing the end of his hunting bow at the bear's face. Angry eyes and open jaws full of yellowed, slavering teeth filled his vision. He could smell the infernal stench of old fish and grubs and bear's saliva on the beast's breath as he dangled. With a superhuman effort, Ted wrenched himself upright again and scrambled out of reach. They were thirty feet off the ground, then forty. The top of the tree swayed, cracking ominously. Leroy bobbed above him like a puppet. "Higher! She can't climb as high as we can," Ted shouted. He clambered around to the other side of the trunk, urging Leroy on with face-to-face example. Leroy still held the empty shotgun and his eyes were closed. The boy waved his hand aimlessly, searching for branches to pull himself up with. Ted reached around and slapped him. "God-damn your ass! You wanna kill us both, you little fuck?" he snarled. With a yank at the kid's collar, Ted got him climbing again. The bear stopped about forty feet from the ground. She clung to the tree for long, angry seconds, then slowly backed down. The whimpers of her cub called her off and Ted sighed with relief. "You'd better get comfortable," he told Leroy. "It might take a while before I get a good shot at her." Ted turned his back to the trunk, wedging his feet against two forked branches. He reached over his shoulder with his right hand and found an empty quiver. Ted looked down. He saw the jumbled, twig-like shafts of his arrows at the base of the tree. Oh, Jesus Christ! He turned around to look at Leroy. "Gimme the shotgun ... and put some shells in it this time." Leroy handed him the gun, his arms moving jerkily. He tried to catch himself every time the tree swayed. "I thought you had the shells, Mister Flannigan." The blond boy looked down at the bear, patrolling between the tree and her cub. "How're we going to get down from here?" He shifted uncomfortably, trying to find a position where the shocked-out lump of shit in his pants wouldn't bear against his ass. Ted looked at the boy for a moment longer, then turned away. "I don't know if we can. The trapper's supposed to be along once a day to check." but they almost never are, he added silently. Ted willed his muscles to relax. The sun was just going down. Twilight lowered, then darkness set in. Ted checked his watch. It was broken, shattered against a limb or the tree trunk in his scramble upward. After an eternity, the sky lightened in the east. He heard Leroy's breathing turn to long, slow, sleepy snores. The moon rose. The moon climbed higher, higher, until it was directly above the top of the tree. Ted dozed off, only to dream about huge, hairy creatures chasing him, all but gnawing at his heels.

Terri heard the stealthy movements as her mother sneaked out of the sleeping bag. She felt eyes on her and the thirteen-year-old held limply still. The last thing she wanted right now was a conversation. She was far too busy thinking about fellating Billy and Johnny to talk with her mother. Something about it, something about the combination of thick, heavy sperm in her mouth and the rippling sensations in her cunny when the boys shot off, made it seem too private to discuss. It wasn't that Terri thought her mother would disapprove ... Terri didn't have a hint one way or the other. It was simply a personal series of sensations that she was trying to relive, trying to assemble into some kind of order in her mind. I don't know ... I really don't know! Why did I get so excited by that? Why did they get so excited? Terri opened her eyes and rolled onto her back. The strange sheen of moonlight on the translucent nylon above her gave just enough light to see by. Maybe I should talk to Mom about it. It sure is strange. It was like ... like a watching her and Daddy the other night, sort of, but more real. I probably shouldn't have done it, but ... Terri opened her mouth in a lewd oval and ran her tongue around an imagined cockhead. If there wasn't anything wrong with it, then why did they bully me? She raised her hands to her breasts, trying to squeeze and fondle the way Johnny had. No, I was kneeling. She slid out the top of her sleeping bag and rose to her knees. That's odd ... what are Mom's panties doing on the floor? Terri crawled to the door flap and peeked out. Another, larger scrap of white on the ground caught her eye. "And her nightgown!" she whispered. Terri stuck her head out and saw the silvery gleam of a sensuously wide, moonlit bottom disappearing into the far tent. The tanned leg and narrow foot could only belong to her mother. Curiosity tugged Terri out the door and she crept over to Paul's tent. Bent half-over, Terri stalked across the clearing. She didn't dare stand in front of the open tent flap. The compact, curvy little girl put her hands on her knees and listened to her mother's voice. The moonlight reflected off the satiny bottom of her shorty nightgown and the slight breeze molded the top against the side of one delicious breast. Even the pink dot of her nipple showed through as Terri strained to hear more than just the persuasive tone of her mother's voice. Terri couldn't make out the words, but the low, hungry sound of her mother's voice made a trickle of pussy cream wet the lips of her fuzzy cunt. Terri unconsciously slipped one hand between her thighs, pressing the erotic warmth of her pussy in against itself. The air was clean and clear around her, but there was a strange, heavy feel to the air that seeped through Paul's tent flap. Terri bent lower and peered around the corner.

That was definitely her mother and she was naked as the night is long. Terri gulped when she saw the boy's hands roving over Nanci's tits, then slithering down to the secretive nest of her pussy. Terri's eyes were as hungry as her mother's by the time Nanci slipped the covers off Paul's body. The thirteen-year-old stared at the slender spike of Paul's cock. Its even longer than Johnny's! Terri marveled. And naked, completely naked. It's like ... like a little flagpole in a parking lot ... nothing around it at all! She realized she was drooling at the thought of having that clean-looking, delectable length of boymeat close enough to eat. Terri watched her mother's hand slide up and down the stem, watched the foreskin cover and uncover the darker tip of the knob and she suppressed a moan. I'd like to suck that ... and kiss it, all over! God, I bet I could get both of his balls in my mouth ... no hair to get in the way ... I could just suck and suck and suck! Terri put the tips of two fingers in her mouth, trying to imagine how the end of his cock would feel. The hand in her crotch sneaked past the elastic at her leg band and caressed the outer edge of her labia. The couple inside the tent murmured again, Paul pointing to Nanci's breasts. Terri's own titties felt heavy, like two bags full of a thick, creamy pudding that longed for a tongue to scoop against it. Terri thought she heard a moan and froze, in case it was her own voice about to give her away. But it wasn't. Terri watched as Nanci rolled onto her back. Her mother's head pointed diagonally toward the tent's doorway and Terri had a full view of Paul's prick as he settled into the deep groove between Nanci's tits. When her mother squeezed her breasts up and around Paul's cock, Terri felt a blowtorch of heat start around her clitty. The whole inner array of her organs seemed to melt into a flood as thick and slippery and warm as flowing candle wax. Terri watched every detail, absorbing the way her mother handled her tits, the rapid, hurried strokes of Paul's hunching cock, the moans and gasps of approaching ecstasy, everything happening in the tent. She even smelled the heavy aroma of lewd excitement, an aroma that took her back to watching the pounding thrusts of her father's cock against Nanci's cunt. With a shock as her fingertip found the virgin orifice of her pussy mouth, Terri realized that it was the little vaginal opening that spread for a cock. That scent, that obvious heat and urgency, couldn't come from her asshole. It had to be centered in her pussy. Terri probed at her cunny with one fingertip, shocked at the idea. Her nail gouged a sensitive spot and she squeaked, pulling back like a turtle escaping into its shell.

Terri didn't dare peek again. She couldn't tell if her mother had heard her. Nanci said something inside the tent and Terri scurried to the nearest shelter she could find, the doorway of the other tent. She dodged through the flap without a thought, standing just inside. Her heart was pounding, as much from the heat in her cunny as from the panicky fear of discovery. She stood silent for a moment, afraid to move for fear of stepping on Billy or Johnny. She let her eyes adjust to the deeper dark inside the tent, looking down to see where the sleeping bags were sprawled. The rush of her adrenalin slowed down, but the itchy, hungry tickle in her pussy stayed. Well, if Mom can ... she thought and Terri skinned her baby-doll panties down. Her tan wasn't as deep as her mother's, but Terri had to spend more time indoors. Her skin was naturally a few shades fairer than her mothers, without the good Irish burn-and-peel tendency of Ted's skin. Terri took the top of her nighty off, letting her breasts rise and fall with the motion of her arms. Her nipples were already erect, stiff as two pink thumbs. The wide, paler-pink circles of her aureoles tensed into deliciously taut mazes of crinkled lines, like two tiny Aztec calendars. The delectable juicy youthfulness of her titty-flesh kept the pink tips pointed barely outward and slightly higher than horizontal, making the whole lusty mass of each titty look fresh and perky. Both boys were sleeping soundly, so soundly that they didn't stir as Terri stood naked in the center of their tent. She slowly sank to her knees, the precocious pooched-out flare of her rounded ass balancing the lewd jut of her bosom. She looked from the freckled, snub-nosed flatness of Billy Schroeder's face to the more sophisticated profile of Johnny Short, wondering which one to waken. Billy squirted more into my mouth, but I got to suck Johnny longer ... Terri decided. She knelt beside Johnny's sleeping bag and cupped her breasts in her hands, leaving the outthrust nipples free. She bent down slowly and pressed one titty against Johnny's face. Without waking, the boy hummed and nuzzled up at the firm warmth of her tit. Terri felt the cream in her pussy flow faster and thicker. She straddled his sleeping bag, spreading her knees wide. The little tuft at the base of her pussy showed lewdly at the flat gap beneath her luscious young asscheeks. Terri supported herself on her hands and bent lower, rubbing both breasts across Johnny's face. It felt delicious. Terri lay down on top of him, wishing she'd pulled the sleeping bag away. She felt the unmistakable evidence of his erection touching her pussy. Terri rubbed the whole lusty length of her torso up and down. Johnny's eyes fluttered open. He was about to speak when she put a hand between his mouth and the underswell of her titties. "Shhh!" she whispered. "Don't wake Billy

up yet." Terri sat up, rocking the open, juicy gap of her crotch on the middle of his sleeping bag. Johnny's hands rose from the sleeping bag to caress her titties. Terri had to inhale deeply when his fingers found the ripe little buds of her nipples. The way he tugged and twisted the tips made the whole lusty mound of each breast feel heavier and hungrier. "Ohhh, that's nice," she cooed. Terri tugged at the top of his zipper, raising her bottom just long enough to flip the foam-filled cloth out of the way. When she settled down on him again, the wide, hard rod of his cockstand bore against the narrow crevice of her pussy. Terri rocked back and forth on it, closing her eyes. She soaked in lewd, lascivious sensation. Her pussy lips felt alive, like separate lusty beings trying to wrap themselves around the masculine heat of his shaft. Johnny kicked his feet free of the sleeping bag and raised his knees. His thighs met the rich, curvy swell of her asscheeks and pumped her wet cunny back and forth on his rod. Terri felt the propelling power of his legs and rocked her pelvis back and forth. She moved only an inch or two, but the sensuous coital motions of her hips made the heat-greased central stripe of her pussy slide all the way along Johnny's cock. The slippery little hood of her clitty slid back and forth, covering and uncovering the tip of the hot pink come trigger. Terri's mouth opened sensuously. She felt the tension building up in her belly already and she suddenly knew that she needed to feel that thick mass of maleness inside her. She bent lower, lower, until Johnny took his hands off her tits and the very tips of her squared-off nipples dragged back and forth on Johnny's chest. "Cancan you put it ... inside me?" she gasped. "I want it ... I want it all!" Without saying a word, Johnny put his hands down around the voluptuous firmness of her naked ass and lifted. The spongy flesh of her cheeks almost fought with his fingers, pushing back out as his hands dented in. No matter how hard Nanci might have tried, she could never recapture the sheer lusty freshness of having her asscheeks only thirteen years old, or the brand-new feel of skin that had never felt fingers running over it. Like so many things, the sheer decadent joy of fondling a young teenager's ass was lost on Johnny, but he lifted her up nonetheless. Terri gushed fresh cream when the air entered where Johnny's cock had rubbed. The whole sensitive edge of each pussy lip was warm and wet. The released pressure and the draft along the erogenous skin made Terri's sphincters tighten. The icy chill of knowing that a cock would soon be sliding into the intimate privacy of her pussy channel made Terri's heart pound like a throbbing jackhammer. She held her ass on high when Johnny's hand went snaking between her thighs.

"Sit up," Johnny said, his voice hissing in the close, stuffy heat of the tent. Even the sound of his whisper put gooseflesh all along her thighs. Terri sat up, the round, jiggling moons of her ass half a foot above his legs. Her lusty breasts rose and fell inches at a time as she gasped. Terri felt the tip of his cock slide along the slippery groove of her pussy lips, forcing the tight slices of cuntflesh apart. The slick, cream-oiled center of the valley thrilled, more sensitive to touch than Terri could believe. She could almost see the size and shape of his come-slit as it traced along the hot-pink stripe of her pussy crevice. Her back arched involuntarily. The cockhead skidded over her little clitty-hood and she sighed when it approached the tiny mouth of her virgin pussy. Johnny's hips moved from side to side beneath her. The head of his cock passed the little oval of her cunt-mouth and bore against the thumb-width strip of flesh between her holes. Terri reached down to guide it forward and even her hand was shocked at the slippery, cunt-greased warmth of his cock. Terri thought, It must be my pussy ... knowing he's going to put it into my pussy made it so big! The rod did feel thicker than before and longer than when she'd sucked it. Terri hoped that he hadn't drained all his come out when she sucked him. The hollow pit at the center of her belly wanted to be pumped full of that puckery, salty stuff. With the tip at last aimed directly at the very center of her vagina, Terri pressed down. Even with the copious flow of her pussy cream, the cock didn't slide in. Terri worked back and forth, rolling her pelvis. She felt the frilly inner lips of her pussy separate. Terri gripped the shaft of his cock harder, holding it steady as she bore down, but it still was only halfway in. She knew that the ridge around the head hadn't begun to come into her yet ... all she felt was the blunt taper of the knob. "Help," she whispered and Johnny's hands tightened on her ass. Terri swiveled her hips automatically, letting the ancestral femaleness inside her guide the sensuous motions of her cunny. She never thought of what to do nextit was more like remembering something she'd never had to learn. Terri moved her ass in wider and wider circles, feeling the different angles Johnny's cock took. The slope of the sides of his knob, then the little inverted vee of the front and the wider, deep-flared bellyside bore against different nerves surrounding her pussy mouth. Terri felt juice leak along his shaft to the tight ring of her fist. Oh, god! What if he shoots too soon? she worried. With a grinding, down-pressing motion, Terri felt the whole flare of his glans enter her pussy lips. The stretching around her cunt mouth was delightfully novel ... rounder and fuller than her fingertips could manage, but still not quite enough. With a little leap of joyous pleasure, Terri realized that the stretching pressure of his knob was dragging her cunt lips back and forth on her clitty and she pushed down again.

The knob was in, but it wouldn't go further. Terri felt the shaft of his prick try to bend, even with the bracing action of her fist around the middle. Johnny gasped under her. "Sorry," she whispered. Terri bobbed up and down, taking the pressure off. The same little jab of pain she'd felt with her fingertips occurred inside her pussy. Terri tried to press her pussyfolds out, forcing down from the center of her belly as if she were pressing piss out. The little tingle of pain eased and a fraction of cockhead passed the tiny membrane. Terri rocked back and forth, trying to pry the end of his cock past her cherry. She didn't care about the pain that grew with the pressure of his cock knob inside her cunt. All that mattered was the strange, lusty hunger up inside there, the hunger that more cock would somehow cure. She moaned under her breath, rocking back and forth like a lusty hobby horse. Johnny's hips began to move, short and jerky at first, then slower and easier. Terri nodded. Her firm, oversized tits bobbed with the sensuous rotations of her torso and she looked down at Johnny's face. He nodded up at her and Terri bit her lips. It would happen, if only by the force of her will. She would overcome that rubbery, painful little membrane somehow. Terri had a flash of memory and her other hand went to her crotch. She pressed two fingertips against the very top of her pussycrease. So much of her cuntflesh was folding in around his cock that she could feel the little tab that ran just under his cockhead, but Terri found the hooded bump of her clitty and rubbed it. Up inside, past her hymen, Terri felt the beginning of thicker, richer cream. She gasped for air as the pain and pleasure in the tight heat of her cunt rose higher. With a fingertip, she peeled the triangular pink hood back from her clitty, then rubbed the sides and tip of the erect button with two fingers. A gush of cream wet the edges of his cockhead, leaking squishily out. Terri heard the increased wetness around his shaft as she rocked and the pressure inside slacked slightly. But her cunt tightened from pain again as soon as she quit touching the buzzing electric heat of her clitty. Terri probed against the tip of her clit, pressing the hot button into the softness of her cuntflesh and something happened. With a quick, sharp tear of pain, Johnny's cockhead burst past the tight stricture of her cherry. A flood of hot wetness bled down onto her hand and Terri squeaked. The boy next to them stirred. Terri didn't notice his open eyes until Billy sat up. She tried to ignore him, but Billy unzipped his bag and stared at them. Johnny answered for her. "Just hold on," he panted. "You're next."

Terri groaned. The pain of her ruptured cherry faded away as more of Johnny's cock slipped into her cunt. She liked the feeling of his cockhead moving up past the hurt spot ... it wasn't even as bad as when she'd had her ears pierced. She rolled her hips lasciviously from side to side and the ridge faded up into a less sensitive part of her cuntal tube. Terri could almost visualize the way his prick moved up. There was a vague zone somewhere up inside her cuntal channel and the knob was fading away, like a ship receding into a thick fog. But the head wasn't what mattered, Terri discovered. The tip of her clitty was hooded again when she took her hands away from the merging flesh of their loins. She felt the slickness of her cunt lips massaging the sides of her clitty. The feeling of an approaching orgasm built up in her. She knew it well now and Terri raised her ass up, then ground down until the hard arch of his pubic bone pressed against her cunt mound. "Yess," Johnny hissed. He thrust upward, swiveling his hips. The tight ring of cunt muscle around the base of his prick was the fulcrum of Terri's cuntal leverage. She felt the rigid bar of his maleness roll around inside her, touching parts of her cunt she'd had no notion of. Terri gasped with the sudden shock as his prick brushed past the end of her womb, then leaned back. The blunt head of his cock pressed against the front of her belly. Terri rubbed her hands on the moving, swiveling knob and the feelings inside her cunt intensified. She leaned forward again and started bobbing up and down. The two children matched their motions perfectly. The instinctive motions of fucking took over. Terri's lush breasts bobbed up and down as she flexed her knees. Johnny's pubic arch hit wetly against the puffy flesh of her cunt mound and her tits jiggled. She rose up, the speed of her hot ascent made the tips of her tits stay a fraction behind. The lusty mounds of her titties bounced and rolled, intensifying the heat in her belly. Flashes of cunty pleasure slashed up her spine'. Terri felt the tension rising like the red fluid of a thermometer. Her hips moved effortlessly, combining forward, backward, sideways motions with the steadily accelerating rise and fall of her ass. She absorbed all of his cock, then let it withdraw almost to the end of her cunt channel. The ridge around his knob spread the walls of her cuntflesh delightfully. She bore down, easing the hot clasp of her cunt, then tightened up again, milking at his cock the way her lips had sucked at the knob. Terri moved like a belly dancer, muscles rippling, her long hair floating in a staticcharged cloud. Her body gleamed with sweat and the tent was full of the lusty aroma of her cunt juice. She swiveled and ground, bobbed and stopped, then resumed, gobbling his prick with her cunt. She turned to look at Billy, wishing it was possible to have two cocks in her pussy, rolling and sliding against each other, reaming the dripping-hot walls of her cunt tube wider and wider.

The swirling knot in her belly expanded, then contracted, like a pulsing heart. Terri knew it would only be a second or two before she came. The cock in her pussy froze for a second and she bore down, gripping tight with her cunt. Terri felt a savage glee as her pussy walls clamped like a juicy fist on his prickmeat. She wrung at it, twisting from side to side. Her ass rose, then slapped against his thighs on the down stroke. She felt a massive jerk inside her and on the next gut-slamming down stroke, a stream of lavalike fluid blasted the mouth of her womb. She stopped, shocked at the sensation, then felt another pulse travel up his come tube. Terri ground her clit frantically against his cockbush, trying to force herself to come. The spewing heat inside her was lost, way up where the nerves were dead. She gritted her teeth, tensing the cheeks of her ass. Every cell in her body screamed for release, but she didn't reach it. Terri sobbed, a wrenching sound from the bottom of her lung. She jammed her cunt up and down on his prick, feeling the greasier slide of come-soaked flesh on her cuntwalls. The tip of his cock was already shrinking. On the next squishing, jamming stroke of her cunt on his cock, the softening organ squirted out with a sickening "Plop!" Terri wanted to scream. The feeling had been there, only an instant away. She knew it was lost as soon as his cock bent and flopped out of her cunt. She ignored Johnny's grunt of surprised pain. The little girl levered herself off of Johnny's hips and straddled Billy. Her cunt, hungering for release of the knotted tension in her belly, drove her to shove Billy's shoulder. The redheaded boy had been lying on his side, milking his cock faster and faster as the rotating thrusts of Terri's ass and Johnny's prick had accelerated. He was struck dumb by Terri's speed. He flopped onto his back. Terri grabbed Billy's cock and held it upright. The thick, dripping goo of Johnny's jizz greased her pussy superbly. She jammed the gaping hunger of her cunt down onto his cock like a glove full of butter. The knob at the end of his prick skated past her womb and Terri started swiveling her clitty around on his pubes. Billy jammed cock meat into her. The sheer slick wetness of the fuck-junction made them both go insane with lust. They moved like beasts, Terri bearing down with all her weight, Billy thrusting his cock like a berserk piston. The slapping sound of their loins and the reek of fuckjuices filled the tent. Terri's cunt squished like a boot in mud as Billy's rod plunged in and out. The wrestling, groaning, writhing pair sweated like racehorses. Terri's cunt was wet enough to spatter come and cunt cream. Drops sprayed out with every impact of her crotch on Billy's. The spray reached his chest, then hit against the bouncing undersides of her tits. Terri gobbled at cock with her cunt and felt the lube smear to her asscheeks. She leaned back, pummeling the cock bulge at her waist with her palm. Her sweating, greasy asscheeks slighered over the front of Billy's thighs and the lewd, vulgar sensation of mashing flesh around her asshole made her start to come.

It wasn't a little come, like the ones her fingers or the seam of her pants gave. It was gutshaking, a huge wall of cresting sensation that ripped her mind away. Terri's frantic struggles with Billy's prick ended. She couldn't move fast any more ... once a second her cunt would implode around his cock, sucking jizz out. She moved forward, then back, every muscle in her body involved. The feeling was like frozen flame, exploding out, slowing as it reached her skin, then accelerating back for another huge "BANG!" that set her cunt off again. Terri didn't even feel Billy's prick tense, then throw seed up into her. She knew that her body was going, going harder and harder, but there was nothing left of her to think why. She let it happen, let her asscheeks tighten and flex automatically, let the sucking ripples blast up and down her cuntwalls and Terri fell forward onto his chest. The wet, steamy impact of her tits against him made the pulses increase yet again. Her nipples were separate fires in the explosions that racked her body. Terri's vision fled and flares and rockets and sheets of pure color filled the tent. She heard grunting and gasping. It was the absolute, frenetic crescendo of a symphony. The whole world was centered in, surrounded by, the swampy, collapsing wetness of her cunt and the stirring mass of cock within it. She grasped Billy's shoulders, not caring that her nails dug in like claws or that her cuntclasp was wringing his cock half off his body. Terri hung on desperately, wanting it to never end, until the incredible sweaty heat began to taper off. She went down the long, slippery back side of her orgasm, marveling and the fuck-scented tent faded away. All that was left was peaceful, warm, totally sated cuntflesh and a memory of two cocks inside the tingling wreckage.

Chapter Eight It was the chill on her skin that awakened Nanci, the chill of drying sweat and the thick coolness of semen on her throat and chin. Paul had rolled off her and even in the dimness Nanci could see that the valley between her tits was red from his cock. She bent over him and took the limp, noodley length of his cock in her hand. "Did you like that?" she asked. Paul sighed and put his arms around her, pillowing his head on her titties. Nanci pushed him away. "Careful, honey ... you'll get come in your hair." She kissed him again, measuring the limpness of his prick with her fingertips. "I'd better go back to my tent now ... Terri might miss me if I'm gone too long." Paul's cock didn't stir and Nanci was disappointed. Well, it was better than nothing ... lots better than Ted! She slowly stood up, stretching.

"Th-thank you, Missus Flannigan," Paul said. "God, that felt good!" He looked up at her, admiring the moist vee of her cunt and the opulent way her large, lusty tits projected so lasciviously from her ribcage. "You're very welcome, Paul," Nanci whispered, smiling down at his slender, naked body. "Just keep it a secret, okay?" She waited for him to nod and close his eyes, then Nanci slipped back out into the moonlit clearing. I have to get this stuff off my chin ... if Ted comes back he'll be awfully mad! She stalked leggily back toward her tent, letting her ass roll lasciviously. Nanci snagged her nightshirt up from the ground and shook it out before stopping to survey the peaceful clearing. "I better not press my luck," she whispered, looking speculatively at the other scout tent. With an easy, fluid roll of her hips, she tossed the flap of her tent open and stepped in. "SSSSSST!" Johnny hissed. He shook Terri's shoulder. "Wha ... " she muttered, looking around. She still lay starfished out on top of Billy, her voluptuous breasts mashed to the sides. Johnny clamped his hand over her mouth. "Your mom's outside," he whispered. "Quiet!" Terri froze. She slowly, carefully levered herself forward, feeling the limber length of Billy's prick squirt past the raw spot inside her vagina, then uncork gush of come and cunt juice. "Where is she?" Terri grabbed both halves of her nightgown. She struggled into the top, which let her creamy titties shine through almost as if she wore nothing at all. The satiny bottoms were next. A fresh gush of semen trickled out. Darn it. I'm going to have to get that off before I go back to bed! Terri crept to the door flap and peeked out. She saw Nanci scoop up her nightshirt, then held deathly still as her mother looked toward Johnny and Billy's tent. Terri waited for her mother's tall, shapely body to go into the big tent, then she scurried out, headed for the stream. She saw a trace of dark fluid on her hand, the hand that had aimed Johnny's prick up into her cunt. I'll tell her I started my period, Terri thought and she disappeared from the clearing. A naughty tickle centered in her pussy as she realized, that's a good excuse for coming back with my panties off. The mother bear didn't seem to sleep at all. Every time Ted or Leroy shifted positions in the tree she stopped comforting her whimpering cub and whuffled or growled at them. Ted got more and more irritated as the walls of his stomach gnawed at each other and the nighttime bugs crept over his face and neck. He'd unstrung his bow and hung the useless length of fiberglass on a branch. The tip kept coming back to tap against his ear with every shift of the wind. Ted's muscles were knotting with the strain of holding still on the branches. It seemed that every time he started to drift off to sleep, the wind would shift the tree just enough for him to grab desperately. Each grab made the bear growl and he

would come awake again. Ted thought of his wife and daughter as if they were thousands of miles away. They were just as unreachable. He remembered the writhing steaminess of Nanci's pussy wrapped so enticingly around his cock and he groaned. Ted had made a proud point of fucking Nanci every night since he'd retired from the forced seasonal abstinence of professional football. Missing the hot-edge wet depth of her cunt on a Saturday night made his balls ache as much as his weary legs. Once the moon had slipped past the edge of the cloudbank to the west, Ted had no way of knowing the time and he gradually started to fear that dawn would never come. The trapper has to be here soon ... he has to, Ted thought, slipping into a bothered doze again. The coughing growls of the bear below and Ted's cunt-hungry erection melted together in a dream. He was fucking Nanci on a bearskin rug, huddled against the corner of a log cabin. Bark scraped his back and Nanci's cunt went dry. The sphincter-ring of her pussy gripped his cock painfully and she bent away from him. His cock was trapped, trapped in a vise-like grip and Nanci's hands pinched his shoulders painfully. The floor shifted under him, swaying sickly. Ted tried to drag Nanci upright. He reached and her shoulders slipped further away. His cock was about to break in half. Ted groaned, pushing himself forward. It was like chain around his dickhead, chain that gripped tighter and tighter. He was stuck in the dry clasp of Nanci's cunt and a huge beast roared. He shoved away from the wall ... "MISTER FLANNIGANH!" someone screamed. Ted was falling, falling between branches that scuffed his face. His cockhead was caught in the leg band of his shorts, spurting jism as he panicked and grabbed a limb. A tearing sound and a scald of pain along his shoulder told Ted that a sharp stub of tree had ripped into his shirt. The branch he was holding snapped and he fell five feet, catching the upjutting knee of a twisted branch in his midriff. The whole upper half of his right thigh was covered with semen. He grabbed again and the twisting shock of stopping his bulky body wrenched something in his left arm. Ted caught a limb with one foot and held himself in the tree, shaking. Mama bear stood only fifteen feet below him, her paws raised to bat him to the ground for her ravening jaws to destroy. Ted clutched himself to the tree trunk, shaking with the aftereffect of adrenalin and the sopping gush from his wet dream. "Are you all right?" Leroy asked, craning far out from the trunk to look down at him. Pain hit him, pain like an armored fist driven into the back of his left hand. "I broke my fuckin' wrist," Ted snarled. He started to drag himself to the next higher branch. Leroy swung down toward him. "Let me help you up." "I can climb, goddamnit! I've played a whole half game with worse," Ted growled. Mama bear answered him. "You stay put." He started the painful, three-limbed

struggle back up the tree. That fuckin' jizz spot better dry before it gets light. Shit, if anybody comes around and finds me up in a tree with a goddamn minister's kid and cockshit all over my pants ... Nanci was already up, whistling and preparing a fire, before Terri or the boys woke. She had dug into her pack and found a needle and thread to shorten the already skimpy legs of her pants. Now, as she moved around the fire, the pale wedge of untanned skin at the base of each asscheek pointed like an arrow to her pussy. She bent over and it was blatantly obvious that Mrs. Flannigan had decided to go without panties. Nanci poked around in the cooler, plucking sausages and eggs out before she went into the tent to wake Terri. Lowering her voice, she suggested that Terri dress quickly and hike down to the trunk. "I brought some things to take care of your ... problem," she said, urging Terri out the door. The little brunette blinked sleepily in the sunlight, wondering how she could get out of the two-mile hike up and down the side of the mountain. "Oh, all right, Mom," Terri said. "I'll be back soon. When are we going to hunt for Daddy?" "Just as soon as we all have breakfast," Nanci told her. "Now remember, look under the left-hand bed in the camper shell." She held her keys out to her daughter and watched as Terri disappeared over the chute at the lower edge of the clearing. Nanci immediately went into the tent and put on her reddest lipstick. She retied her halter top in a slip knot at the back of her neck, tucked the leg holes of her shorts a little tighter against her pussy and stepped to the clearing. She took a deep breath and looked down at herself again. Nanci looked as ready as a Cosmo cover girl, with the edges of her aureoles peeking brazenly past the wide vee of her halter and the plump, obvious mound of her vulva tightly outlined by the shorts. With only a little trace of cuntal hair straggling out the front of the shorts, the off-white cloth showed the shadow of her whole pussy-beard. The pout of her cunt lips and the wide, eager crease between were outlined graphically by the tight, re-hemmed pants and fully a third of each lush cheek showed behind. Her heart pounded as she walked to Billy and Johnny's tent, lifted the door flap and stepped inside. They were both sleeping, Johnny half-out of his sleeping bag, Billy lying naked on top of the other. The few red curls of Billy's cockbush looked sticky and matted and his cock was reclining along the hinge of his thigh. Oh, the poor dear! He's had a wet dream, Nanci decided. It must be terribly frustrating to be so young and horny and have no outlet at all! Maybe that's why Ted's the way he is ... he never had anyone to satisfy him, so he just grabs and shoves away.

Yes, that must be it! Why didn't I ever think of that before? First Johnny was dreaming about breasts, then Paul was masturbating while he watched me and now Billy has ... has ... God, think of what could happen to their wives or girl friends! I owe it to women everywhere to start these boys out right! Nanci knelt beside Billy, turning her back on Johnny. She didn't see the patrol leader's eyes flicker, then open as he surveyed the pale sections of her luscious ass. Nanci concentrated on waking Billy gently. She touched his shoulder. "Billy ... wake up, Billy," she said, shaking him slightly. Her tits moved sensuously in the skimpy halter and Johnny caught glimpses of the very tail of her pussy tuft. Billy moaned, reaching up toward her. His hand touched the smooth, pale strip of titty-flesh that had sneaked out of her carefully-arranged halter. "Mmmmmmhmmmm, Terri," he moaned. From the corner of her eye, Nanci saw his cock awakening with little pulses. It straightened slowly, rolling half on its side, then going belly-up again. The head grew and grew until the flange of the collar reached past the sloping shoulders of the shaft. Nanci shook him again. "Please wake up, Billy." "Oh gawd, your pussy feels so good, Terri! I could fuck you all night," Billy moaned. Ohhh, the poor, frustrated boy! He's thinking about my daughter and she's much too young! If they all think about her, no wonder they have to masturbate, or wait for a dream! Nanci slid her hand down to the pulsating warmth of his pale cockshaft. His eyes opened, then went wide in panic. "It's okay, Billy, it's all right," Nanci said. His hands went to his crotch and Nanci had to tighten her grip on his prick. "But ... but ... " Billy stammered, rolling his eyes toward Johnny, who winked, then looked at the spreading moist spot at Nanci's crotch. "I didn't mean nothin', really!" Nanci smiled fondly down at him. "It's all right, Billy ... I understand. You know, girls have a lot of the same needs boys do. I've been thinking ... perhaps you and I could ... solve this little problem." She squeezed his prick gently as she spoke. Billy's eyes shifted to meet Johnny's. Johnny raised a finger to his lips. Nanci said, "Don't worry about your friend. He won't wake up if we're quiet." She reached up to the nape of her neck and tugged the lace that held her hair up. Before she took her hand down again, she pulled the slip knot at the top of her halter and the two scanty triangles fell away from her breasts.

Billy's bright-blue eyes widened. His hand went instinctively to her breasts, caressing the swift-erecting tip of one nipple. The brown, leathery-looking end of the titty came alive in his fingers and Billy rolled it like a marble. Nanci closed her eyes. "Yes, that's lovely," she said. "I enjoy it when someone appreciates my breasts." She reached back and untied the lower string of the halter, pulling it away. Now she was naked from just above her pussy hairs upward. With the heavy, still-firm mounds of her delicious breasts hanging temptingly before Billy's face, Nanci asked, "Would you like to see the rest of me?" Billy nodded. He worked his Adam's apple up and down, swallowing nervously. His eyes went down to her shorts. He sidled around, leading her away from Johnny's eyes. "C-c-could I ... ?" he whispered, indicating her shorts. "I'd like that very much, Billy," Nanci purred, rolling onto her back. She looked up as the naked boy knelt over her. Her pleased, slightly flushed face stayed turned toward him all the while he unsnapped the waistband, opened the zipper and spread the fly of her shorts. "Yes, take them all the way off," Nanci said. The moist stain at the crotch of her pants had spread until she knew the inner tops of her thighs glistened lewdly with pussy cream. She raised her hips, offering the furry nest of her pussy to Billy and let him slide the shorts off. The long, slow, incredibly sensuous slide of the cloth on her legs made Nanci's pussy feel like it was on fire. She drew her knees up, letting her thighs fall open. "Lie down on top of me, Billy," she whispered. Her voice was throaty, as if she had trouble breathing slowly enough to speak. The red-haired boy knelt between her legs, one hand milking at his cock. He stared at the furry triangle of her pussy, memorizing the shape. He saw dark, curly hairs, some of them soaked with glistening fluid, all along the outside of warm, wet-looking slices of flesh. The hot, lusty red of the edges of her cunt lips continued right across the middle, radiating like a blush past the wrinkled dot of her rectum. Even the insides of her thighs were red and glossy for a good three inches around that mysterious oval at the center of the blush. Two wavy petals of wet flesh seemed to writhe on either side of the moist slit. He looked up at her breasts again, then her face and Nanci smiled. "It's all right, Billy ... I want you. Look down there again and see how much I want your ... penis ... inside me." Billy's eyes shifted again and Nanci did something that amazed him. She pushed somehow and the puckery bump of her rectum protruded another half-inch, but that wasn't what made his cock throb like a log drum. The brighter, softer pink inside her

cunt hole folded open, showing him creamy, soft-looking walls that begged like a hungry mouth. Billy gulped audibly. "Please, can't you see? I need it as much as you do," Nanci moaned. Her hips began to move from side to side, enticing the boy to slide his raging cockmeat into the slippery groove. She spread the upper end of the oily trough with her fingertips and a dot of pearly pink emerged from a fold of tongue-like flesh. Billy moved toward her. His cock was stiff as a cement piling. Nanci's other hand went around the pillowy mass of her left breast, squeezing it into a tall, brown-tipped cone. Billy leaned forward, guiding his prick with one hand. "Yes, Billy, yes! Ohhh, gawd, please put it into me," Nanci begged. "I need it terribly!" She curled her spine, raising her pelvis toward him. Billy eased himself down on top of her and the fingers that had opened the top of her pussy found his prick. Nanci's left hand went around his neck and her mouth came up to his. With a shock, he realized that Nanci wanted him to slide his tongue against hers. Nanci kissed him, sucking voraciously at his mouth. She moved his hand away from his cock. She steered the head of his prick toward the drooling oval of her cunt mouth. With a gasp that made her suck his tongue harder, she felt the head glide easily into her cunt. Nanci's pussy immediately tightened around the boy's prick. She thought of the way it looked, so deliciously pale, with the deep crimson knob. It felt the same as it looked, flaming red where the head had slipped into the entrance to her channel, paler and smoother where her cunt lips wrapped around it. She started moving her hips in a sensuous figure-eight, inviting him to swivel deeper into her pussy. Billy knew just what to do. Nanci was grateful that the boy didn't ram straight in. She loved the way he circled slowly, picking up the cream from her cunt. His prickhead moistened with the copious flow of her juices, then bored deeper, reaming around gently, stretching all the nerves around her pussy mouth into awareness. Billy lay down onto her breasts and Nanci could have cried. The careful sweetness of his manner, unsure and tender as he was, was the best thing she'd felt in years. She forgot about the lascivious pleasure of Paul's prick romping between her titties, forgot about the occasional tonguework Ted donated when he wanted something and let herself enjoy the slow, swiveling cunt-stretching entry of Billy's cock. Before Billy's prick was even halfway in, Nanci allowed herself the luxury of clamping tight around him. Her arms threaded around his back, holding him still while she

took a short, sweet come. She rolled her hips up at him, reveling in the young, rigid spear that held so still while she had her cunt rippling all along it. What control! she thought. God! he's a natural lover ... and his first time, too! Before the sensuous pulsations of her orgasm faded completely, Nanci nodded up at him. Billy put his head down in the hollow of her shoulder, nuzzling in. Nanci didn't mind that she couldn't see if Johnny were waking. The sheer lasciviousness of making love with Billy was too wonderful for any worry to intrude. She slid her hands down his back gently, raking her fingernails along his back. She found the boyish swell of his buttocks and pressed, hinting that she could take more of his lewd penetration. The cock swiveled deeper, moving back and forth in a casually sensuous rhythm. Nanci moaned under her breath. "Oh, yes, Billy, give me more ... more, honey. I love feeling your cock. It's going deeper, deeper ... please, put it in all the way!" She urged him on with her hands. "Yes, just let it soak in me ... I'll do all the moving." Nanci rolled her hips erotically, carrying his imbedded prick on a ride that moved the head to every hidden corner of her cunt channel. She arched slightly, rubbing the slippery hood of her clitty against the wiry red curls that decorated the base of his cock. With pure lewd surprise, Nanci found that the little pink wedge at the top of her inner cunt lips could feel every individual hair around his prick. She ground herself against him and the feeling of her second orgasm's approach made her pant. With the sun already hot outside, the tent was like an oven, an oven full of the smell of pussy and boyish ball-sweat. Nanci inhaled the aroma deeply. Her whole body was coated with perspiration and the salty lubricant made Billy's chest slide deliciously on her titties. "Harder, just a little harder now," Nanci murmured. "In and out, like this," she said, rolling her pussy up to meet him, then arching away. She kept the rotary motion going and their welded fuckflesh slithered up and down and around like some obscenely erogenous roller coaster, accelerating slowly. Nanci gathered speed, the caresses of her fingers telling Billy just how much faster to fuck. She felt the flow of thick cream in her cunt increase and the wet, sloshing sounds of his prick moving in and out of her cunt grew louder. The sound of breathing and the lubricious slide of prickflesh on mucous membranes filled the tent like a heavy syrup. Nanci could have drowned happily in the slippery, sweaty, thick smell and sound of the ongoing fuck. Every nerve in her body was slowly tensing. Billy's movements lost the easy, rolling flow they'd had at first. Nanci felt pride well up inside her. She was going to bring him off, make him shoot in her cunt any time now. She began hurrying along, moving her pussy from the long, easy lope of the initial fuck to a trot. With her asscheeks jiggling and the flesh of her long, tapered thighs tensing, she sped up, urging him on with pressure on his buttocks.

Billy was well and truly in the saddle now, riding on toward a climax. Nanci bucked under him and he threw cock into her, then pulled back. She shoved her pussy up, then arched away. With every motion of their hips, Nanci rolled her sweat-slick tits against his chest. The hot chills of friction on her nipples reinforced the charge building up around her clitty. Nanci galloped. And the smacking slaps of his belly against hers came as fast as clapping hands. The sliding heat of cock in cunt rose higher and higher. Nanci churned her cunt around his cock, shaking her ass like a vibrator. She milked at the whole length of his cock, closing her cunt-mouth down as he tried to pull back, then opening wide for the gut-spearing jab of his cock. In and out, every thrust moved organs aside, then sucked horrible emptiness out of her belly. Nanci struggled to hurry him on, rolling her hips, straining with her cunt. The feeling in her clitty was like a rocket about to burst. She held off, saving her come to match his. With a groan, she felt the boy go stiff above her. Nanci almost hated to feel that tension ... in seconds, he would fill her cunt with spermWith the taut heat of her come-hunger locking all her muscles tight, she couldn't hold off any more. Nanci begged, forgetting about Johnny, only two feet away. "Oh, fuck, please, come, Billy! Fuck me, fuck MEE!" she wailed. Her voice went up and down like a yodeler's. She wailed, the rush of words melting into a single long scream. She gasped for another lungful of air, her hips churning insanely all the while. With a final ounce of strength, she dug her fingers into Billy's ass and let her cunt burst loose. With the first racking spasm of her vagina, Billy's spunk jetted. Both sweating bodies were still jabbing, writhing in the grip of the incredible heat of the sustained fuck. Nanci felt a gob of hot, thick cream blast against the mouth of her womb, then, an instant later, the head of his cock thudded off the blunt organ. She wailed with ecstasy. Coming, blind with the incredible heat of her orgasm, Nanci didn't feel anything but the rampaging prick in her cunt. She arched until Billy was clear off the ground. Her legs flailed, wrapping around him. Her heels beat against the back of his calves. Nanci felt his prick pump again and again. It was ball-deep in her cunt. She held it with a fistlike grip of her spasming cunt, not caring that his balls were drained. As long as her cunt could urge him to shove in, buck in, fuck strong and hard, she could keep coming. Her head went back, her eyes closed and Nanci let loose.

Chapter Nine No sooner had Nanci's cunt stopped spasming than she felt Billy's cock start to withdraw. She tried to hold him, but her arms were too weak to go around his back again. She felt his prickhead, still wide, full and hard, pop out of the constricted ring of her pussy mouth. "Ohhhh, I wish you'd let it stay in me," she whispered. Her

heels skidded down the surface of his sleeping bag until she was spreadeagled on her back, come and cunt-juice dripping from her pussy. The lips of her cunt were bright red. They looked hot and bruised, but the inner petals still moved closer together, then fanned out as a last memory of her orgasm floated over her. Hands turned her over. Nanci opened her eyes, but all she saw was the inside of the tent wall and the back of a painted war bonnet on the cloth. She pulled her hands out from under her titties, luxuriating in the cool air that wafted over her sweaty back. "God, I'm so hot," she whispered. "That breeze feels good." Before she knew it, Nanci felt hands caressing the sides of her breasts. A knee went between her thighs and she automatically let her legs open. Hands roamed over the pale, sweaty mounds of her bottom. "Ummm, that feels nice," she hummed. The breeze stopped and Nanci felt a cockhead press against the little strip between her pussy and her rectum. "I'd rather face you, Billy," she said. "Move a little lower, dear." The cockhead slid down through the slippery mass of cunt juice and semen. A hand appeared beside her. Nanci felt the closeness of it and pressed it against the outside of her titty with her upper arm. "I'm awful tight," she warned, giggling. "But I want it back in there." How did he dry it off? she wondered. I hope he didn't wipe it on anything Ted might see! She turned her head to the side and looked out of the corner of her eye. "No!" she wailed. Johnny's face was intent. He was wiggling his cock back and forth, trying to get a purchase for the glans. She saw him put his tongue out the corner of his lips and Nanci tried to pull away. Johnny's hand tightened on her titty. "It's my turn now," he said. "I won't hurt you, Missus Flannigan." The firm grip of his hand on her breast threatened. Nanci tried to bear down, opening her sphincter, but the aftershock of her massive come kept it tight. She slid one hand under her belly, raising her ass. "Easy, Johnny," she said, "Just go easy, okay?" "Uh-huh," he grunted. He shoved and Nanci winced. "Let me get up on my knees," she whispered. The heavy pressure of his belly on her ass slacked and Nanci pulled her legs under her. She rested her belly on her thighs, keeping her shoulders almost on the ground cloth. The hand between her belly and the tarpaulin found the still-stiff button of her clitty and massaged it gently. Nanci felt her cuntal ring loosen and the head of Johnny's cock slipped in.

"God, it's great," Johnny said. Nanci moaned with pleasure. The boy slowly levered more weight up behind his cock. The shaft slipped in, taking lube from her cuntwalls and the frothy overflow from her cunt lips. Nanci looked up. Billy knelt beside them. She tried to smile, but Johnny's belly moved against her ass at just that moment and her mouth dropped in surprise. His cock had slid so easily past the constricted ring of her pussy mouth that it was fulllength inside her before she realized it. Nanci started moving in lusty circles immediately. "Yeah, don't it feel great?" Billy asked, trying to grin wisely. His eyes were locked on the sliding emergence and disappearance of Johnny's cockshaft. The gleaming stickiness of his prick had drooped a little, but it came up again as he watched. And it was worth watching. Nanci's pale asscheeks shimmied as Johnny slid his prick back and forth. The grey-pink ring of her rectum pooched out, then went back in perfect time with the motions of her cuntpetals. Johnny was kneeling upright, watching the long, slippery slide and the mouthlike way her cunny clung to the sides of his shaft. Nanci knew they were watching and it made the heat in her belly turn to a lewder, more intense lasciviousness. She began trying to milk Johnny's cock and her asscheeks flexed. She tightened one at a time and her bottom looked like it was begging for more cock. She raised herself on her arms, bracing on all fours. Her breasts hung heavy and full, inviting hands to mash and knead them. She felt gloriously lewd, with the decadent thrill of corrupting the young boys added to the erotic pleasure of Johnny's cock sliding in her pussy. Nanci moved her luscious ass with sensual abandon, rolling and swiveling to make the whole sweaty scene seem more impossibly lusty. She turned toward Billy, ovaling her red lips sensuously. Her tongue dipped in the center, forming an inviting shield over the white of her lower teeth. "Let me suck you, Billy," she asked throatily. "I want both your cocks." She'd said it just to shock them, to make them feel as lasciviously abandoned as she did, but pronouncing the words made heat flare in her belly. She realized that she did want both cocks and badly. If they could have somehow wedged both cocks into her pussy, Nanci would have started coming in seconds, squirming and writhing around the thrusting organs. Since she didn't have them both in her cunt, the next best thing would be to have one in her mouth while the other fucked her pussy and Nanci started to drool. She swallowed saliva and repeated the request. "Let me suck you, Billy," she begged. A new note, a lewder, more decadent one, came into her voice. "Let me wrap my lips around your nice big prick and suck it. I want to suck my cunt juice off your cock, then lick your dickhead until you shoot big

wads of jizz into my mouth. I want to feel you shooting and taste the way your come clings to my throat." Billy's eyes went wide. He looked at Johnny, blushing. Johnny nodded and with a fast, ball-swinging jab of his cock, reminded Nanci that he was still fucking her dogfashion. "Yes and while I suck you, Johnny's big cock will be reaming out my pussy, sliding back and forth until my cunt milks all the come out! Gawd, when he shoves it deep" Johnny rammed his prick in again. "Uhh! Yes, deep like that, I can feel it all the way to my brain! His balls swing back and forth and they slap my clitty and it drives me crazy! See how hard I'm moving, fucking back at him? You see how my cunt's working at his cock, pulling and sucking and fucking back and forth on his nice big prick? God, I need to have you both fuck me, fuck me from both ends until I'm so full of cock I can't move!" Billy dropped to his knees in front of Nanci and she grabbed for his prick. She wolfed her head down onto the knob like a cannibal, reveling in the fresh, slippery mixture of come and pussy juice. She licked up and down the sides, then capped the head with her mouth again. She felt Johnny fucking harder and the slapping of his balls made her clit feel two feet long. She sucked Billy's prick deep into her mouth, almost gagging on the head. Both pricks moved in and out at different speeds. Nanci concentrated on the cockhead in her mouth. The way her pussy was moving all by itself, she knew she'd be coming again soon and she wanted more of the heavy-tasting jizz in her mouth when her cunt went off. Nancy worked lustily at Billy's cock, running her tongue around his knob like she was trying to devour it. She licked it like an ice cream cone, the tight knot of her fist milking up and down. She tried everything she could think of to hurry him up, even swallowing the tip of his cock halfway down her throat. Johnny's cock rampaged back and forth in her pussy, catching her when she'd swiveled her ass all the way to one side or the other. Nanci could hardly manage to keep sucking Billy's prick when Johnny skated his cockhead along the sides of her cuntwalls. She felt his prick explore uncharted cuntitory, slicing the nerves in her pussy channel to ribbons. Nanci's body was reacting too strongly. She had to let go of Billy's cockshaft. She sucked hard, keeping the swollen knob of his prick in her mouth. Her hands went around his ass, digging in viciously. She jammed her ass back at Johnny and his belly slapped against the mounds of her cheeks. Nanci's world was nothing but the taste of come and cunt and cock and the wet, hot impacts of Johnny's cock and balls on every part of her cunt. Sweat spattered all through the tent every time his belly

slammed against her ass and lightning bolts of sensation made her body light up like a Christmas tree. Nanci couldn't believe the fantastic, frenzied fury of the fucking. The cock in her mouth pounded back and forth, almost faster than she could flail her tongue against it. She tried desperately to flog every atom of the head with saliva. Spit rolled from the corners of her mouth and cunt juice and semen dripped from the matted mass of her cunt hairs. Swinging balls slapped her clit into fantastic heat. Nanci didn't feel herself starting to come ... she only realized it after she'd been going off forever. Atomic pulses of light and heat flashed outward from her pussy. Cock battered against her womb and jabbed against her throat. She sucked furiously, as furiously as she twisted her churning ass against Johnny's belly. She gobbled and grunted, consumed with the ongoing miracle of two cocks driving in and out of her. The center of her body was drilled through, as if a rubbery cord of nerves connected Billy's cockhead to Johnny's. She gargled around Billy's knob and spasmed on Johnny's cockshaft. With a sudden flash of realization, she felt Johnny bend over her back. His hands dug into the jiggling masses of her tits, squeezing the whole pillowy mound of each tit until they both felt as hard as her nipples. She ached with need for come and Johnny pulled back. The tight, gripping ring of her cunt muscle felt the flare of his cockhead. The spongy knob was hard as a rock. Nanci held still, swallowing madly around the knob of Billy's prick. With a sudden lunge, Johnny jammed his cock in with sledgehammer force and Nanci knew his prick was gushing. She felt rivers of come squirt out around his shaft. With a mighty pull, she tugged Billy's ass closer, forcing his cock down the bumpy rings of her throat. She gagged and he pulled back. With a final suck, Nanci felt jism flood into her mouth. She gulped passionately, hunching back against Johnny's prick all the while. The semen in her mouth guzzled straight to her belly and Nanci imagined that it joined the gusher of slime from Johnny's dick. She wiggled and sucked, forced her tits against Johnny's hands and her ass against his belly and let every part of her body ride the rippling waves of her come. Billy's cock slipped out of her mouth. Nanci felt it go and her hands let go of his ass. She slumped, her breasts flattening on the floor. The cock in her pussy pulled out and her cunt milked at emptiness. She rolled onto her side. Her eyes closed. The long, tearing spasms of her orgasm kept lifting her, going higher and higher, until sheets of pure color folded in around her. She was still rolling, still spread-eagled as if she were making love to a regiment, when she passed out.

Chapter Ten

Terri hustled up the trail, the bar of soap in her pocket jouncing against her left breast. She wanted to hurry back in time to take a quick wash in the stream beside the punchbowl before they started looking for her father and Leroy. Without her heavy pack on her back, Terri only took half the time to make the trip that she and the others had needed the day before. She had a stash of napkins in her hip pocket, just in case Nanci checked and she was all set for a quick dip as soon as she reached camp. The thirteen-year-old imagined she could smell sausages and eggs on the wind and a faint hint of woodsmoke. She reached the stone chute and scrambled up. All she saw was a quick flurry as Paul took off from his stooped over position in front of the middle tent. No one else stirred. What's going on? Where are Mom and Billy and Johnny? Did Daddy already get back? Terri headed across to the middle tent and lifted the flap. As her hand touched the canvas, she heard grunting and panting and a constant, sloppy squishing sound. She turned the flap back slowly ... Ted's strength was sapped, almost totally run out, by the time the sun came up. He hadn't even bothered to climb back to where Leroy sat in the tree. The effort of climbing with only one good hand had winded him. He stopped ten feet below Leroy. Ted hadn't been able to sleep any more, either. He wasn't afraid that he would fall ... he was too well wedged against the tree. The pain in his wrist grew worse and worse all through the night, but even that wasn't the problem. He'd never had trouble sleeping after he'd been hurt in a game. Ted was wide awake and worried because he couldn't see what mama bear was doing. Snuffling and clanking and the cub's whimpers filled the night air. With the near-full moon gone behind the clouds, it was too dark to tell what happened on the ground below. Ted could turn his face upward and see Leroy peering down, but at the base of the tree was only a vague spot of inkier darkness moving around. It was so indefinite that Ted couldn't be sure if it was the bear moving or a fatigued weakness in his eyes. Ages after he'd fallen, a dim, murky false dawn filtered through the air around him. Ted saw that it was definitely mama bear, not his eyes. When the light finally grew bright enough to tell what she was doing, Ted hardly cared. The throbbing ache in his broken wrist sent flashes of red across his vision when he accidentally used his left hand to move himself around in the tree. God damn that animal! I'd piss down on her if I could hold myself up and aim my cock at the same time! He carefully shifted and looked down to the base of the trunk. Where are my arrows? What's that fucker done with my arrows? Ted hung further out from the limbs he'd wedged between. Covered 'em up with dirt, hey? Ahh, shit ... I can't pull the bow with this arm anyway.

"That's a smart bear," Leroy hissed in a stage whisper. Mama looked up and growled a warning. "See, Mister Flannigan? She dug out the log the trap's chained to. I bet she's going to carry it away and take him back to their den." Ted waved his hand to shush Leroy, then winced. It was his left hand. He watched as the bear did exactly as Leroy had predicted. He heard sounds of branches moving above him. Leroy was coming down. "You tore your shirt, Mister Flannigan," Leroy said. "Gosh, you scared me when you fell. What happened?" Please, God, get this little asshole away from me, Ted prayed silently. "Don't go all the way down yet. She might still be nearby." He shifted and the long slash where the branch had ripped skin under his torn shirt opened up again. He closed his eyes briefly. "I think she's probably too worried about her cub to come back after us," Leroy said. He waited until Ted opened his eyes again. "We better go back to camp. They must be worried about us." Leroy looked down to where mama bear had excavated all around the deadfall. "I never saw anything hurt so much. Why was that trap there, Mister Flannigan?" Ted groaned. "Probably for coyotes. Nobody traps bears around here anymore." He slowly shifted his aching limbs and started down the tree. "Let me help you, Mister Flannigan," Leroy said. He held a hand out, but his eyes flicked to the soggy, still-thick smear on Ted's thigh. "Don't touch me!" Ted snapped. "I can get down all right!" He ignored the pain in his wrist and started swinging down from branch to branch. The end of his bow kept snagging, bouncing around to his head or his ribs or his groin. Only ten feet from the ground, he fell heavily. Ted didn't get up. "Mister Flannigan!" Leroy wailed. "Are you all right?" The boy swung down from the tree and ran to where Ted lay. A look of pain, or perhaps disgust, flashed across Ted's face. His eyes closed again. Terri ran blindly toward the edge of the punchbowl, then down the side hill. Branches and vines tore at her clothes. Mom! how could you, right there in the daylight! If Daddy saw you ... Gawd, Billy's thing in her mouth and Johnny's up her butt! No, I didn't see that! It must have been in her ass ... why else would he be behind her? The way Johnny likes to touch titties, he wouldn't do it that way unless it was in Mom's ass! Terri almost splashed into the stream before she saw it.

She tore off her fatigue shirt so fast the bottom button popped off. Terri had no bra this morning and her high, firm titties bobbled deliriously as she grabbed the bar of soap before throwing the shirt aside. She undid her boots in record time, whipping the laces around the hooks like a sailor casting off from a plagued ship. Her fingers were shaking with shocked anger by the time Terri tugged her pants down and threw them on top of her shirt. She had no right ... Well, I mean, not in the daytime ... not when I was earning back so soon. At least I tried to keep it a secret ... blowing them and then ... What a nice-feeling secret! Terri grinned to herself and waded into the stream. She scowled. Mom's gonna wear 'em all out! We don't have to be back home until Tuesday and I bet she ... No, Daddy will be back by tonight, I know. Terri looked down to where her panties still covered her pussy mound and the wide, well-rounded curves of her ass. God, girl, you have to start thinking straight! How can you wash with your panties on? She skinned out of the little bikinis and stepped further into the stream. There was a nice, waist-deep pool a few feet downstream from her. Terri waded toward it, goosebumps rising all over her skin. This water's cold! "Brrr!" She stopped when the pool was up to mid-thigh. Her nipples poked out hard, a full pink inch of chilled flesh. Terri dipped the soap in the pool and splashed water onto her breasts. "Ahhh!" she gasped. Droplets of water shined like diamonds around her nipples. A single rivulet danced down her cleavage and filled her navel. Suddenly the air seemed warmerher legs began to get accustomed to the chilly water. Terri began talking to herself. "How can I get back at her? Leroy's lost and I bet Paul got worn out before she started on Billy and Johnny." Terri moodily rubbed the wet bar of soap over her breasts, then her armpits. She stepped a little further into the pool and the water barely kissed at the fringe of her pussy hairs. She squatted down, rinsing all the way to her shoulders. "Ooooh, that's ... nice, in a butt-freezing way," she whispered. "That really woke up my pussy!" Terri idly rubbed the bar of soap over the brown curls that guarded her labia and splashed water up at her muff. "I've still got that sticky junk all over," she whispered. "I'd better wash good." Terri rubbed soap on, then worked her fingers through her pussycurls. She picked flecks of semen off the tops of her thighs, then squatted to rinse again. She stopped, submerged to her waist. Another stick cracked behind her.

Terri turned slowly around. Paul stood on the bank, holding his crotch with both hands. She stood up to face him, perfectly conscious of the way his eyes went to the dripping vee of her pussy hair. "Come on in, Paul ... the water's fine." Paul didn't know whether to shit or go blind. He looked over his shoulder like a deer about to bolt into the forest. Terri smiled at him. She held the bar of soap out toward him and beckoned. "You probably need a bath after last night," she said. "Come here and we can wash each other." Terri moved the bar between her breasts, then smeared lather all over the full, lovely shape of each titty. "Please, Paul?" Paul started to back away. "I'll tell what you did!" Terri threatened. She was about to elaborate, but the boy stopped, then slid the clasp of his neckerchief down and started undressing. Terri tried to keep from staring as Paul folded each piece of clothing carefully. His ears were deep red and the blush spread to his shoulders and chest as she watched. By the time Paul had stripped to his shorts, his whole torso was blushing. Terri casually turned to the side, lifting one thigh to lather soap along it. The closer she rubbed to her pussy, the more she wanted to see what was tenting out Paul's shorts. She looked away for a second and when she turned back, Paul was naked. His prick was long, longer than either Johnny's or Billy's and thin. Terri had never seen an uncircumsized cock before and she wondered what the extra flap of skin hooding the knob was. Her palms itched to investigate it. Paul waded slowly toward her. "It'll feel good in a minute," Terri promised. "The water's not really that cold." She stood there like a dark-haired September Morn, waiting for him to come within arm's reach. Terri averted her eyes shyly and handed Paul the soap. "Would you do my back, please?" she asked and turned around. It didn't matter that Terri couldn't see his prick directly. She had a photographic image of the long, slender wand engraved in her mind. She'd counted every bobbing motion it made as Paul approached and the woman-child imagined how he would look if she stooped to suck his prick. "Oh, that feels lovely," Terri said. "Down a little lower ... lower." She swayed sensuously, then pretended to slip, falling back against him. "Oh!" Terri turned around again, looking concerned. "I'm sorry ... you almost lost your balance," she said. She turned back around when he smiled. But I got to feel that nice skinny thing against my back and it's neat! she exulted.

"Don't be afraid to wash my bottom," Terri said, making her voice so soft it could barely be heard. "What?" Paul asked. "I didn't hear you." Terri reached back and found his wrist. "Don't be afraid to wash my bottom," she repeated, guiding his hand to the lush curve of her asscheek. She bent over slightly, presenting the pale mounds and the deep, narrow valley between. With the chill and the nearness of the hard-cocked scout, Terri's rectum puckered tight, then relaxed, puckered and relaxed. Warm fluid oozed over her freshly washed pussy lips. "And in between," she whispered. Paul's hand retreated from the voluptuous curves of her buttocks. Paul complied, rubbing the bunched fingertips of one hand up and down her asscleft. His fingers stayed a little longer than they had to at the base of the slippery trough, but Terri didn't mind. "Ummm, that feels nice," she purred. "I like the way you do that." "I like it too," Paul said, a little louder than he'd been speaking. "Do you like my bottom as well as you like my mother's tits?" Terri asked. Paul's hand stopped, then pulled away slowly. "You ... you know?" he quavered. "She ... she wasn't going to tell." "She didn't," Terri said. She turned around and took the soap from his fingers. A wild, free flutter in her belly and around the soaped-up ring of her asshole made her reckless. She slicked both hands thoroughly with soap, then dropped the bar. She moved her palms slowly up and down the upright shaft of his cock, lubricating it completely. "I saw you rubbing your penis in between her titties last night ... that's why I wanted to know." Paul held perfectly still while Terri's hands slid his foreskin back, then rubbed lather all over the conical head of his prick. "It ... your behind ... it's too shallow," he stammered. "II don't think it would work." Terri slid his foreskin back up around his cockhead and squeezed. She stared into Paul's eyes. "No, not in between ... right up my asshole." Terri waited until Paul looked away, then added, "If you don't, I'll tell my dad you did it anyway ... and have somebody else fuck me there so he'll believe me." Paul shrank back, then nodded. "Okay. Hhhow do we do it? I never did it before ... not even in a pussy."

Terri felt a flash of fear. She didn't know how, either, but she thought, If Mom can do it, so can I! The ring of muscle around her pussy channel fluttered. "I'll turn around and bend over and you just put it in. If it's too tight," she paused, then reached down into the water, "put some more soap on your penis." Terri turned her back on Paul, braced her hands on her knees and waited. It's a good thing he's so short ... I don't know how we'd manage if he was Johnny's size. "Maybe if you rubbed my titties with one hand," she suggested in a very small voice. Paul's left hand wound around under her arm and rubbed soap on her breasts. Terri arched her back, pressing her titties against his hand. She looked at the way his fingers slithered around one nipple, then dashed to the other. She bore down, feeling the recently stretched tissues of her pussy open. Yeah ... that'll help, Terri told herself. The narrow end of Paul's cockhead slid between her asscheeks, leaving a trail of soap along the deep groove. Terri held her breath as it approached her rectum, then bore down hard. This is easy, she thought, then realized she was wrong. The first fraction of an inch of his cockhead had slipped right into the little opening, but even the relatively narrow head of Paul's cock suddenly seemed to stretch her rectum like a blunt stick. "Ummm!" she grunted, before she could stop herself. "You okay?" Paul asked, stopping the jabbing pressure. "Yes, I ... I think so," Terri said. "Go slower and rub my titties some more." She bent further forward and took a partial step back. The smooth stones underfoot were slippery, but the chance of falling didn't bother her. Terri wondered if he would be able to get his cock in at all. It was nothing like having her cherry broken the night before ... the sensation was just a vulgar fullness in her ass, not a lewd, straining presence that was going to open her body to ecstatic pleasures. Again she thought, If Mom can do it, so can I! Paul's hand had become quite at home with her breasts. Terri closed her eyes and concentrated on the soapy circles his fingers traced and the way her nipples stood out over an inch when his hand skidded so wetly across the tips. She ignored the steady increase of pressure at her rectum. "Open yourself up," Paul said. Terri reached behind and put a hand on each asscheek. She dug her fingers into the crevice between her full, round buttocks and pried.

"Oh, oh, yes," Terri gasped. It was easier. She dug into her asscheeks again, getting a fresh grip and pulled her cheeks apart until the floor of her asscleft felt a mile wide. Paul swiveled, trying to corkscrew further in. The little hole was tight and rubbery, resisting his prick like a solid wall of putty. Terri moved counter to his circles, hoping that he'd be able to wedge more prick into her asshole. Little by little, Terri felt his cockhead press in. She recognized the sensation as the flap of his foreskin receded. The softer tissue kissed at her rectum as he swiveled lewdly around. It was starting, definitely starting to move into her asshole. Terri felt the little tab of skin that held his foreskin to his cockhead. It pressed just at the base of her rectum when he swiveled down to press his prick upward. The edges of his glans bore against the rubbery little muscle and Terri forced down from the center of her belly. With a slick, quick "pop!" the head was in. Terri sighed. Paul moaned behind her. "Gawd, that's good ... all dry and furry and hot inside! I wish I didn't have so much soap on my dick." He moved around in a lusty circle again. Terri wished he had more soap, not less. She was glad to release the downward pressure and let her ass-ring contract around the neck of his cock. She felt the ridge of his knob and the softer fold of his foreskin just inside her asshole and a strange, vulgar heat filled her. I bet I'll feel it clear up to my stomach! she thought and Terri began to move again. Her tiny, fragmented motions urged Paul to fuck further into her asshole. Paul took the hint. Without soaping the shaft any more than Terri's hands had, he pressed forward and upward, aiming his prick for the small of her back. Little by little, the tapered shoulders of his cock spread her rectum and his prickmeat moved higher in the long, dry tube of her assguts. Terri lost track of the feeling until pressure up inside made her gasp. "Oh, ow! Please," she begged. "It hurts!" Paul stopped forcing his prick deeper and began to withdraw. prickmeat slipped out of her ass. An inch of his

Terri felt like she was taking the biggest, most pleasurable shit of her entire life. The bone-hard ridges that she'd only felt with her hands or her mouth seemed inches high as his cock slipped back. When the swollen ring of the head, cushioned by his foreskin, moved back to bear against the wrong side of her asshole, she let out a loud, yodeling scream. "OHHHwoowwwWAAHH!"

Paul stopped. "No, it feels too good!" Terri moaned. "Don't take it out!" There was a connection between her asshole and the heat in her pussy and Terri realized it again. When she'd fingered both her cunt and her asshole before, the lewd, shivery vulgarity of having a fingertip in her butt had made her go crazy. Now, without even touching her cunt, she felt her clitty winding up like a spark generator. Terri moved her ass in a quick, shuddering shimmy and Paul shoved more cock in. The extreme sensitivity of her tiny rosebud made Paul's cock seem miles long. Terri moaned low in her throat, but she moved her ass back toward him so there would be no mistake. She liked the feeling, liked the strange, unclean air of degradation, the odd, remote-control way his cock stimulated her clitty. Terri moved faster, milking the stretched ring of her asshole back and forth on his shaft. Paul was moving back and forth now, but Terri didn't mind. He wasn't about to pull his prick out of her ass and that was what mattered. She swiveled her hips, trying to feel where the head of his cock had reached. Since only her asshole had feeling enough, real feeling to override the thrills shooting from her clitty, Terri couldn't tell where the thick, delightful ridge of his knob was until she swiveled around. And swivel she did, rolling her ass like a carnival ride. She felt a strain up inside, high in her guts and realized that he must be about to strike bottom. Terri pushed back at him, but a pain started high inside, up where her ass tube kinked. She gasped and Paul forced more hard cock into her asshole. "OHHH, GAWD!" Terri howled. The combination of a load of stiff, long cock in her ass and the flaming sparks surrounding her clitty set a fire in her brain. She butted her ass back against his belly, then stood up. Her hands went around behind Paul, holding him against her back. With a push of her toes against the bottom of the pool, Terri moved up off of his prick, then fell back down. She was impaled on his cockdeliciously, lustily impaled. Terri moved up and down, pushing his cheeks down with her hands, then driving her overloaded asshole back down the length of his prick. She stood on Paul's feet and used the extra inch to rise until the head of his cock pulled at her asshole. It threatened to turn her inside out. "Paul! Paul, you better fuck faster," she warned. "You better fuck my asshole a lot faster and a lot harder!" Terri threw her head back, her long hair flying in his face. She started moving up and down in earnest, accelerating with every stroke. The lascivious delight in her distended asshole drove her crazy. Terri loved having a cock in her ass. She drove herself down, then powered up, pounding Paul's feet into the bottom of the pool. The water around her thighs splashed and Paul's upthrusting hunches into her asshole raised little geysers with every stroke.

"Keep goin', keep goin'," Paul urged. "God, Terri I feel it ... it's climbing up my dick now ... it's going to come out ... " He gasped in her ear, his breath blasting her hair out of the way. Terri wiggled her ass from side to side. The incredible depth of the cock in her asshole made her want to split wide open. She thought for a moment that she could have Paul's cock cleave her like a log, shiver her asshole until she broke in two. "Touch ... touch," she whimpered, grinding back against him. Terri arched, moving her ass away from his belly, then drove back at him. Terri almost knocked him down. "God damn it, GRAB MY PUSSY!!" she screamed. "I GOTTA COME!" Paul's hands wrapped around her thighs and dove into the soaking nest of her cunt hair. Terri felt him pressing at her cunt lips, mauling the whole zone around her clitty. She bucked and wiggled, feeling the stiff tension in his muscles. A little more pressure on her clitty, a little more fingering near her cunt hole and the whole lower half of her body would explode. Terri wiggled like a snake, sliding wet, soapy skin all along his thighs and belly. The water around them churned. A paddle-wheel steamer would have made less noise, fewer flurrying splashes, than the ardent butt-fuck that roiled the pool. Suddenly Paul's fingertips found her cunt hole. One dove in, then another. Terri felt him rubbing his cock with two fingers, pressing and deforming the thin inner wall between her two holes. The spasming ring of muscle at the mouth of her dripping cunt slammed shut on his fingers. The hand was trapped, but still wiggling. His cock pounded higher into her ass, then pulled almost all the way out. Terri screamed constantly, her voice wailing like a steam whistle. She wailed and battled, trying to get her cunt and asshole and the bursting heat of her clit to all go off before that tension in Paul's cock exploded. Another hard, hot thrust of prick rammed her ass, then one stopped halfway. Terri felt him continue the stroke. It was the same short, sharp hitch she'd felt just before Johnny had flooded her cunt with spunk. She stopped yelling, concentrating on the pulsing length of prickflesh jammed so high in her asshole. She squirmed again, wrapping the satiny width of her ass-chute around his cockhead. Her hands left his ass, flying around to force his fingers deeper into her cunt. She jammed his other hand against her clitty and the whole world exploded. The pain and the lewd, impossible fullness in her asshole combined with skyrockets of purest heat from her clitty. She felt every knuckle, every cell of Paul's hand where her cunt clamped down on it. Terri bounced high, then smashed down, feeling a sensation like steam blasting the inside of her asstube. She fell forward, flopping like a rag doll. Her tits bounced up and down like water balloons as Paul dragged her upright again. He'd turned sideways, trying to keep her falling, spasming weight from tearing his

cock off. The hand still trapped in her cunt held her ass tight against the rock-hard muscles of his belly. Paul held her still, driving his spurting cock again and again into her asshole, letting jizz fill the whole loose upper section of the chute. With a groan like a dying man, he unloaded the last drops of his come into her ass and closed his eyes. Terri kept coming, kept milking her asshole up and down on his prick. She found the bottom with her feet and moved back and forth, back and forth, easing his cock deeper and shallower with every pulsating beat of her orgasm. She steadied herself, feeling his prick about to slip away. A terrible emptiness and sudden slack in her rectum told Terri that Paul's cock had slipped out. His hand fell away from her pussy. The spasmodic tightness of her cuntal grip slacked. She put her hands on her knees again and let her head hang down. Oh, god, oh god, oh god! ran through her mind. She turned to face Paul, but only got halfway. Her mother, Johnny and Billy stood on the bank watching. moaned. She wanted the pool to open up and swallow her. Chapter Eleven "God damn son of a bitch motherfuckers. God damn son of a bitch motherfuckers," Ted muttered. The barrel of the shotgun cut two twelve-bore circles into the palm of his right hand. The big blond hulk looked three days overdue at the morgue. He'd had to rig his quiver as a sling for his left wrist, tying his hand and elbow to the stiff tube with strips of his shirt. The shirt itself, what was left of it, dangled from his belt and now and again he'd lean against a tree, taking the weight off his sprained right ankle and mop the sweat off his face. His shotgun was serving as a crutch and the unstrung hunting bow over his shoulder galled the shallow cut on his back. One eye was puffed almost shut and his head and ankle throbbed from the last fall he'd taken. Ted heard a chittering call behind him and he turned. The propped-up shotgun fell to the ground. A grey-brown squirrel sat on a boulder five feet away and looked at the tattered specimen in front of him, cocking his head impishly. The squirrel chittered again and a second furry body joined him. "GET OUTTA HERE, YOU LITTLE ... assholes," Ted shouted, his voice fading. The effort of shouting hurt his ribs. He groaned as he leaned down to pick up his shotgun-crutch. Ted rested his left shoulder against the scaly bark of the tree and reached with his right hand. Juggling, all but falling flat, he got the double-barrel in his fist again and levered himself upright. He started hobbling down the trail again, emphasizing a syllable in his chant every time his injured foot bore his weight and the blue-steel barrels gouged at his hand. "God damn son of a bitch motherfuckers! "Ohhh, God!" Terri

God damn son of a bitch motherfuckers," Ted groaned. He measured the water in his canteen at two ounces or less by the sound of the empty sloshes. "Bitch! ... Bitch! ... " Ted turned his head. The slope to the stream was still too steep for him to hobble down. "BITCH! ... bitch ... sonofabitch." Nanci looked at her daughter, huddled on a flat, sun-warmed rock beside the pool. Johnny's uniform shirt, draped across her shoulders, reached down far enough to hide the shapely curve of the little girl's bottom, but the creamy, pink tipped mounds of her breasts peeked out the unbuttoned front. The three scouts were washing in the pool while Nanci talked with her daughter. "Terri, poor darling, you don't have to compete with me," she said. Nanci slid a hand across the rock and touched Terri's thigh. "If I'd known that you'd seen me with the boys ... No, I can't say I'd've asked you to join us, but," she paused, "I can't be angry with you for imitating me." Terri looked sideways at Nanci, then started picking at her toes. "They're a lot closer to my age than yours," she said, sneaking another glance. Nanci blushed. "I know, honey, but ... your father and I never had as much fun as ..." Nanci looked at the three splashing, naked boys romping in the pool. She tried another tack. "Baby, I don't know if you're ready to understand this or not," Nanci began, "but no matter how much men talk about sex, women are better at it. If we start coming, we can keep going until they're totally worn out." Nanci looked away, speaking more softly. "Sometimes, after your father and I would make love, I wished there were three or four more of him. When I really get aroused, I don't want to stop ... not for anything. I guess I shouldn't have taken advantage of Johnny and Paul and Billy, but ... they are sexy, in a strange way." Nanci looked into Terri's sober face and smiled conspiratorially. "Don't tell them I said so, but their bodies are really pretty." Terri looked at the boys, then at her mother, then at the boys again. "Yeah, I guess they are." She examined her feet again. "You're not mad at me, then?" "Not madder than I am at myself," Nanci told her. "Actually, it's a good thing you ... made love with them. If it had just been me, we couldn't have any way to be sure they wouldn't talk about it to their friends. You know what would happen if Ted found out." Terri nodded. "Now they know they can all go to the county ranch for molesting you ... they won't dare say anything." Terri slid her feet out in front of her. She leaned back on her arms and the shirt fell away. The short, crisp little curls of her pussy hairs had dried while the two females talked. Terri soaked up the sunshine, enjoying the way it felt on her breasts, her belly and the pale, secretive band where she'd stifled her pussy in bikinis for so long. "I feel pretty good now, Mom. Thank you." She lay back full length and stretched.

"Darn. I guess I'd better get dressed before Daddy comes back." Terri stood up, naked as the day she was born, but a thousand times sexier. Nanci smiled approvingly at her short, compactly curvy daughter. "Stick around, Terri. I have to bathe, too. We can all go back together." Nanci shed her halter top and shorts and waded toward the scouts. Leroy had walked spraddle-legged down the trail until he was sure he was out of Ted's sight. He stripped off his pants and undershorts and tried to wipe the evidence of his terror away with dead leaves. It was hopeless. He wound up burying the shorts and going to the creek to wash the stain off his ass. The minister's son was unused to the novelty of having his cock swinging free in his pants. He jogged down the trail fifty steps walking, fifty steps running, with a constant low-grade erection. His prick didn't quite stiffen enough to stand, but it felt thick and heavy as it bounced against his thigh. He hurried in Scout Pace, counting every step, on his way to get help for Mister Flannigan. That uneasy feeling of tingling sexual excitement would have to wait until Ted was rescued, though. Leroy was trustworthy, especially in a crisis like this one. Only a little further ... another quarter-mile, he told himself. Leroy put on a little extra speed, throwing the rule by the wayside. He broke free of the brush and spotted the little punchbowl. A movement to his right caught his eye. Leroy's head snapped to where Terri was stepping up from the stream's eroded channel. His jaw dropped. He stopped dead. "Where's Daddy?" Terri shouted. She ran toward Leroy, the casually draped shirt flying off her shoulders. "Where is he? Is he all right?" Nanci heard Terri's shout. Not stopping even to wipe water off her skin, she left the pool, three naked teenagers right behind her. Her lush bosom joggled erotically as she scrambled up to the edge of the punchbowl. Leroy looked around him. Had the whole world gone crazy? His prick jerked from semi-limp to full erection in three thudding heartbeats. "He ... he sent me ahead," Leroy stammered, his head going from one nude female to the other. "He's about four miles up the trail." Leroy started backing away. This can't be happening! Are they on dope? The frantic activity of the naked bodies scared him. Nanci watched him, all but reading Leroy's mind. She saw the shift of a long lump in his pants, a lump that went from diagonally down to almost straight up in seconds. "Johnny, Billy! Grab him!"

The two larger scouts jumped to, taking Leroy by the arms. "Hold him down," Terri piped. She grabbed his belt and started undoing his pants. A savage, lusty glee filled her, making the lips of her pussy puff out and lubricate quick as lightning. Nanci stood behind her daughter, watching. "Yes, that's good," she said. Leroy kicked, trying to struggle loose. Paul grabbed his feet without urging and sat on his ankles. The dark-haired boy worked Leroy's shoes off, then stood while Terri stripped the uniform pants down. The blond fuzz around the base of Leroy's spike was matted down with sweat. His whole body glistened with the strain of struggling against five pairs of hands. Nanci bent over him, rubbing her boobs against his face while she unbuttoned his shirt. Leroy's mouth opened and closed like a fish gasping for water. The other boys all had erections from watching the attack of the two females. Seeing the way Terri delicately lipped the head of Leroy's cock and the sensuous sway of Nanci's lusty tits across his face made even Paul's ass-chafed cock come alive again. "Can I, Mom?" Terri asked, straddling Leroy's hips. She had already fingered her pussy lips open and one hand gripped the middle of his shaft, milking slowly up and down. "Of course, dear," Nanci answered. She trapped Leroy's twisting head between her knees as she watched Terri settle onto the rigid bar of Leroy's prick. Terri's mouth opened wide as she circled her pussy around on the paralyzed boy's cock. Terri's pussy was gushing cream, not enough to make it a single simple slide down onto the organ, but enough to grease the knob well. She moaned with pleasure as the wide ridge of Leroy's cockhead entered and Terri shook her hips. She lowered her ass toward his thighs. "God, this feels nice," Terri cooed. "Don't let him move, guys ... don't let him move an inch." She rotated her cunny, clasping his knob with the strong, tight sphincter of her cunt mouth. Terri's pussy-sleeve wound around and around on Leroy's prick, rubbing all the sensuous nerves of the hidden folds across the ridge, slithering like a fistful of warm grease. More and more of Leroy's cock disappeared as Terri slipped down. She took her hand away from his shaft and looked at her mother. Her eyes were bright and she nodded. Nanci knew exactly what her daughter meant. She moved forward, pinning Leroy's arms with her knees. The musky, dripping-dark center of her pussy descended toward the boy's face. "Kiss it," she said. "Run your tongue up and down my wet

pink cunt." Nanci felt the tip of his nose against her rectum and she swirled her hips like a swizzle stick. Leroy didn't have any choice, any choice at all. He reached tentatively up with his tongue, tasting the flat, perfumy juice that lined the red trough of Nanci's cunt. The glove-like sensation around his cock made him pant for air, but Leroy tongued upward anyway, afraid that the oily trap above his face would smother him if he didn't do as she said. "Ohhh, yessss," Nanci cooed. "Yes, run your tongue all along there. Don't stop, Leroy ... slip it into my hole." Nanci moved her ass involuntarily from side to side. "Yeah ... now along the middle. Feel that little bump at the top? Kiss, honey, kiss it!" Nanci felt Leroy's lips lock around the buzzing stub of her clitty and a gusher of cunt cream flowed from her vagina. Terri was finally down all the way, with the hard arch of Leroy's pubic bone mashing sensation into her clitty. Her fingers splayed out on his belly. Terri began moving back and forth, back and forth, rubbing the mashed-down slices of her soaked cunt lips around the base of his prick. Leroy stopped struggling. His ass began to move in time to the steamy-wet motions of Terri's cunt around his cock. He arched, shoving more prick up into her, then settled back. The warm, meaty sensation of his cockhead gliding in her cunt made a buzzing feeling start at the back of his balls. The glistening, juicy sweetness of Nanci's cunt on his face made him want to dive clear up into that slippery, delicious hole. His tongue roved and swiveled, seeking more of the cuntal honey, then returned to the slick little button that made her pussy mouth clamp down on his nose. Leroy began to enjoy the taste, the lewd, slippery feeling, the rich, heavy aroma. Billy and Johnny released his arms and Leroy gripped Nanci's thighs, pulling her cunt smotheringly close to his face. He nuzzled and burrowed, grinding his chin against Nanci's pubic bone and forcing his cheekbones into the marvelous yielding softness of her asscheeks. Nanci felt the shivers along her spine accelerating. She stared at her daughter, both of them wide-eyed and slack-jawed with the heat in their pussies. She reached for Billy. "Baby, baby ... there're three cocks going to waste!" she moaned. With a suggestive lick, she invited Billy to bring his prick close to her face. Nanci put her hands on his ass and lipped the head of his prick. Billy straddled Leroy's shoulders and Nanci's outspread thighs. He stood in front of her, feeding his red-bushed cock into the warm, wet suction of her mouth. He let a moan escape his throat as her tongue wiped rapidly along the slit at the end of his cockhead and Billy started pumping his prick into the delicious moistness of her suctioning mouth.

Nanci gargled around his cock, swallowing at the head, trying to urge him to come. The tongue that kept lashing at her clitty and invading her cunt hole made her bounce lustily up and down. She knew she would start any second and she needed the taste of whatever come the boy's balls had left. Terri bobbed up and down on Leroy's prick, delighting in the way he'd finally caught on. The cock in her belly swirled, rising and falling, soaring high and deep, the pulling back to swivel in again. It was like Leroy had wings on his balls, wings that made his prick cavort in her cunt like a hawk sliding through the clear mountain air. Terri gasped, "Paul ... Paul!" She looked up and Paul stood in front of her, Johnny right beside him. The patrol leader looked left out. The flames starting around her clitty made Terri snap to a decision. "Johnny ... fuck my ass! Paul ... I never got to suck you ... you never had a blow job!" Terri leaned forward and Paul stepped between Billy's ass and Terri's mouth. The hooded head of his cock peeked at her, a drop of lube gathering in the slit at the tip. She raised a hand to his crotch and gripped the base of the shaft. With a downward tug, she slipped his foreskin back, then Terri absorbed his prick into her mouth. It was almost too much for her. Terri had to fight to bear down as Johnny stepped behind her. He knelt and she leaned further forward. Strong fingers pried at her asscheeks and a cockhead pressed at the base of her rectum. She unswallowed Paul's prick long enough to groan, "Higher! Move it higher!" Terri felt the splitting strain in her asshole again as the head of Johnny's ungreased cock slipped past the tight ring. An unholy fire lit, blazing all through her crotch. Johnny reamed deeper, corkscrewing into her ass. Terri thought she would die from sheer pleasure. Two cocks were moving inside her, separated by only the thinnest of membranes. She pressed down and Johnny's belly touched her back. His arms went around to her chest, a hand crossing to each titty. Terri grabbed Paul's cock and gobbled it into her mouth. The incredible sensuality of having three cocks at once made Terri crazy. The first long, rippling wave of an orgasm started, but she stifled it. She clacked her taut muscles, moving up and down, sucking harder, sweating like a marathon runner. She slipped her tongue under Paul's foreskin, digging the tip down to where the fold reflected back up to his cockhead. With a lusty suck, she felt the conical tip swell larger in her mouth. Terri groaned. Johnny's cock matched the pumping rhythm of Leroy's prick, one sliding deeper, the other sliding out. Terri's crotch felt like a see-saw, rocking back and forth around the heat of two rigid masses of boycock. She squirmed and struggled, wringing every bit of blazing pleasure from the organs. Her asshole was on fire, but on fire with lust. Her cunt was clamping, releasing, clamping again and the spasming actions spread

to her asshole. Terri gargled around Paul's cock, the note rising and falling like a slide whistle. Paul's cock was a frantic joy to suck, with the extra fold of slippery skin responding wildly to every touch of Terri's tongue. She bathed the head in saliva, loving the way the spongy knob swelled with every suck and trembled with each lascivious swipe of her tongue. Terri slid one hand down his asscheeks and dandled his balls. The meaty eggs were a perfect handful. Terri's lusty fever rose in leaps and spurts when she rolled both nuts in her palm. The sweaty, lusty nakedness of his sac made the rolling balls inside seem more alive. Terri wished there were a way she could suck his whole unit in, cock, balls, sac and all. The thought of feeling that joyous, decadent rolling around her tongue and the long, hard thrusts deep in her throat drove her crazy. Just as the bouncing, straining cock in her pussy did. Leroy was really throwing himself into fucking now, bucking hard enough that Terri's cunt lips felt bruised. She loved the way his cockhead thudded past her womb, shoving more sensation into her crotch. Terri tightened harder. Her clitty shot delightful, incredible sparks along all her nerves. And Johnny's cock reamed on, pile-driving into her asshole. The little girl felt him speed up, matching the frantic up-hunching motions of Leroy's prick. Now both cocks pounded up into her at the same time, filling her belly so full she could have choked. When they reached the top of the strokes, distending her ass, stretching her cunt to new depths, they would suddenly stop and with a sucking that made her feel empty clear to her throat, both cocks would slide back out. The ridges of both cockheads bumped against each other, making the thin wall between her spasming holes flutter. The intensity of her come bursts increased. Terri felt Johnny and Leroy stiffen. Her whole body tightened and relaxed in the abandoned rhythm of her come and Terri felt nothing around her but cocks and sweat and the taut muscles of male bodies. The hand on Paul's balls moved around, capturing the base of the shaft and Terri jacked furiously. Stiff, stiff, stiffer, three cocks pounded in and out of all her holes. Terri's brain was blazing. She knew that they would come, come as hard as her writhing, sweat-slick body could take. She groaned around Paul's prick. The cock in her mouth pounded deeper. A tiny fragment, the only sane part of Terri's mind, told her that Billy's hunching hips must have driven Paul's ass toward her. Terri heard her mother's cock-muffled moans and the grunts of all four boys. The tangled knot of arms and legs and cocks and mouths and assholes was dripping with gallons of sweat, quarts of spit and rivers of cunt juice. Terri dug her hand into Paul's ass. She let go of his prickshaft and jammed a finger up the boy's asshole.

Terri thrust high inside, digging her fingertip against a walnut-hard lump inside and a spurt of come blasted against her throat. Leroy bucked high and Johnny's prick drove her forward. Terri gulped the first shot of Paul's come down, then the second hit. A thrill as sharp as a razor blade sliced across her womb, then the bludgeoning head of Leroy's cock followed it. Johnny pumped semen into her asshole. Thrusting, bucking, swiveling like a madwoman, Terri took all the jizz she could hold. Trails of spunk flooded out of her jammed-full crotch. Leroy's thighs slid under hers, buttered by the thick heat of spilled sperm. Johnny's cock slid friction-free in her asshole, greased by the overflow of his draining balls. A spurt of Paul's jizz leaked from her mouth. Terri gave up swallowing. Her spine had melted from the sheer cunty overload of her nerves. She let the cocks and hands and legs that tangled around and in her drive her back and forth. Her whole body felt as slippery as her cunt, as hot as the ring of her asshole and as puckered as the tissues of her mouth. She let go, spinning into a cloud of electric sensation. She smelled cocks, tasted cocks, heard the squishing, sloshing sounds of cockheads pumping more and more seed into her and her mind went away. Ted staggered. Maybe it hadn't been such a good idea to send Leroy on ahead. At least the boy could have brought him water. The trees around him seemed to bend. Spots in Ted's vision blotted things out. Of course some of the trail looked strange ... Ted remembered cutting off of it, slipping through denser brush as the troop had come up the mountainside. Every time he thought he recognized a section, it changed. He chuckled breathily. "That's whythose loony saintshad visions! Goofy bastards ... wanderin' around in the desert! No water ... no sleep ... no food!" He shook his head to clear the film of chromatic greens and blues from his vision. He caught himself just as he began to topple, digging the muzzle of the shotgun into the dirt. "Clog the barrels but ... my fuckin' hand don't hurt as bad," he reminded himself. The spongy pad on the butt was slippery with sweat and the blood that seeped from the circular cuts on his palm. Ted tucked his wounded arm closer to his chest and stumbled further. The trees seemed to be ending. "Noises ... more fuckin' hallucinations." Ted slogged on, a foot at a time, levering the clogged barrels of the gun into the dirt. "That's the kind ... I can dig ... Fuckin' orgy sounds. Wonder why Nanci never ... went to them parties with me." Ted stepped between two trees. Were those the tents, or another fatigued image of his brain? He blinked his good eye, wincing at the pain that shot through his forehead. His neck bobbled and he saw the source of the sounds. Ted's eye closed, then opened again. Six naked bodies, hunching, writhing, twined together in

a pile that gleamed with sweat. He imagined a whiff of cunt juice and the heavier, dustier smell of semen. I died and gone to heaven, Ted thought. He let the shotgun go and crumped on the ground. The clean green door opened and Nanci looked in. "Ted? Are you awake, honey?" She opened it further and stepped in, Terri following right behind her. Ted tried to sit up, then remembered the electric control. He pushed a button and the hospital bed raised his shoulders and knees. "Ohhh, I feel like sh ... hell," he said. "How long have I been here?" Terri and Nanci stood beside the bed. Nanci spoke first. "Two days. I don't see how you walked all that way with your ankle broken ... and the fever from that infected scratch." Terri spoke up. "Yeah, Daddy ... we didn't think you'd make it when we carried you to the truck. It took all of us to lift you down that first hill." Ted stared off at the wall. "Two days ... two days." He turned to Nanci again. "Are all the boys okay? I don't know what I'd do if any of them got hurt." Terri answered for her mother. "Oh, they're all fine. We took them home yesterday. After we got you here, Mom and I went back to the campsite to bring the rest of the stuff out ... they were a big help." She smiled wide at the memory. "They're a good bunch," Ted sighed. "I've been thinking about that bear cub. I wish the guy that set that trap were here instead of me." Nanci looked concerned. "You mean you don't want to go hunting anymore?" "Nope, no more." Ted leaned back. "I can't quit the troop, of course ... I'm committed to helpin' 'em out. I might go camping now and then ... " his voice faded, "when I get out of this bed." Nanci leaned over and kissed Ted on the forehead. "We'll come, too, honey. Those kids can be a handful." Terri restrained her grin. "Next time, can we take the whole troop?" Ted nodded and a tiny trickle of cream dotted Terri's panties. "We love you, Daddy." End