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Taking Trances By Tsem Tulku Rinpoche (For more Dharma teachings, visit Blog.tsemtulku.


I want to talk about a subject that, people have been interested in for quite a long time. And have asked me a lot of questions to me in the past, but I didn't think there was need to speak much about it. I'm going to go on a little detail about it but not too much because it is not very necessary for the ordinary lay person and what I'm going to talk about is trances - T-R-A-N-C-ES, trances. Now, trances is not a phenomenon that belongs to any country, religion, or culture. All cultures, all religions, all countries, from the time in memorial have witnessed people take trances. Now, through observation, some are not real trances, some are people trying to get attention, some are some type of mental health disorder where they have different types of personalities, some are for attention, but some are definitely real.

Now, what are trances is we have passage ways throughout our bodies. Those passageways in Tibetan we call 'Tsa' and in Chinese it is something like where the 'Chi' flows, okay. And we basically have 72,000 channels throughout our body that goes from the bottom of our toes to the top of our head, and it intersect the different points such as the crown the forehead, the throat, the heart, the navel and the secret area. When they intersect at that place, these veins, or these passageways, they are called Chakras.

Chakras are always depicted as lotuses, 64 petals, 34 petals, 32 petals etc etc. And they're depicted as lotuses but they are not actually lotuses. They actually are wind channels that converge there and they wrap around each other or they go around each other a certain amount of times, like 32 times, 64 times, and they are kind of knotted up. So those are represented by lotus petals or we call them chakras. So what happens is when a person takes trance, a certain level of these chakras are open either by force, by meditation, by good way or bad way. A bad way is when a spirit takes trance of you. So what happens is that, these passageways are occupied by another being. Now what happens to the actual being, is speculative. Some people believe that the actual, the person that owns the body leaves the body temporarily or is in another part of the body and another being comes to takes over. Okay, so what happens is this, we don't need to dwell on that because different trances have different types of outcomes. In the higher trances, the person's consciousness leaves and

abides in somewhere like in the ring a person may wear. Now, the lower trances they occur for many reasons. They occur because an ethereal being you can call this a spirit for convenience sake... wants to communicate. So they enter your body and they use your vocal chords, they use your body to see, to hear, to taste, to touch, to think, to smoke cigarettes sometimes, to feel. They use your body because they dont have a body, they cannot feel, the can only perceive. Sometimes they enter you because they're mischievous, sometimes they enter you because they want revenge, sometimes they enter you just because you're around and it's convenient, sometimes they enter you because they want to get someone back so they use you because you're close to that person. And the kind of beings that enter you also vary, the beings that enter you can be high level beings, low level beings, mischievous beings, good beings, bad beings, evil beings, mediocre beings, there are many types that take trance of us. What type of beings that take trance of us also make a difference of our trance. Sometimes when we take trance, when these beings enter if they are malevolent or they are not nice ones, for year and years and years they can show themselves as very nice, very kind, very generous, and very accurate, and then when once they get you in their hold, once they have you in your confidence, they can turn and make you do things. Because, you know, they live hundreds and hundreds of years, so they are very patient, so in order to convince you to make you do whatever they want, they can take years even decades to really do 'helpful things', things that you think really benefit you, but in the end it actually harms you. So what is important is actually this, what is taking trance of the person, devas, nature spirits, land deities, people who have passed away, spirits, ferocious beings, disembodied beings, all these types of beings can take trance of a person. Now the person that taking trance, can be willing, can be not willing, can be at the wrong place at the right time and they get it, some they actually ask for it. Now what is important is that when these kind of beings take trance in us, some of them is benevolent and helpful, they can heal, they can tell u the future, they can give you some advice that will help, they can.. they can take trance they can do that, they are benevolent beings. Not all beings who take trance or not all beings that take trance of people are necessary bad, some are quite benevolent and some are quite nice. Alright?

That is for lower level trance. For higher level trance, a trance of a actual high being for example a Dharma Protector such as Setrap. Those are much more harder to take trance with alright? When you are going to take trance of a Dharma protector such as Setrap you need a lot of training. A) Sometimes we have spontaneous trances, and the Dharma protector chooses us to enter us and talk. Sometimes we perpetuate them and then they enter us. Whatever it is whether they enter us spontaneously or they enter us because we requested them, our body still need to be prepared. One thing i need to tell everyone, none of my students should be taking trance, none of my friends should be taking trance. I have authorize no one to take any

trance, I have given permission to no one to take trance, and I have asked no protector to take trance of anyone. I prefer everyone to study Dharma, practice the 6 paramitas, be kind, practice the 8 verses of thought transformations, the wheel of sharp weapons and study the Lamrim to be the best person. The best trance we can take is, if we become, we take trance of compassion, we take trance of love and forgiveness and kindness, that is the best trance we can take. So none of my students in this country or any other country should be taking trance, should be able to take trance, and I would not know about it, that would be difficult.

So if we are to take trance of a high level being like Setrap, either he chooses us and then we go for Lama for training, we have to get our Lama's permission for training. Or the Lama chooses someone and that person goes for training. Now whether you're chosen to go for training or the Lama chooses you to go for training, the secret is you have to go for training. This is the basic fundamental rudimentary training that you need to go for, before you become a trancer, an oracle. Okay? A vehicle for something high to speak through. A) You need to have refuge, refuge protects you from all the negative beings that may potentially take trance and harm you. B) You need to go for Tsa Kho. A Tsa Kho is a special ritual done by qualified lama that opens up your chakra so that beings can enter you, higher beings can enter you, lower beings cannot. After you do that then the Lama will give you Lama Tsongkhapa's empowerment and you will do a Lama Tsongkhapa retreat. The retreat you need to do will take about a month to a month and a half to two months where you do the meditation of Lama Tsongkhapa combined with Lama Chopa. So you do a Lama Chopa which is Guru Puja combined with Lama Tsongkhapa's practice with offerings and tormas, every single day and then you need to do Lama Tsongkhapa's mantra. Simply to do Lama Tsongkhapa's mantra will not be fulfill the requirement, so what we need to do is we need to receive Lama Tsongkhapa's initiation from a qualified teacher, not from just anywhere. After we receive initiation we need to enter a retreat, the retreat will require tormas for Lama Tsongkhapa, two sets of offerings, and a seat where we sit on everyday without moving, we cannot move the seat from hear there hear there, we need to actually do it, we need to do 4 sessions a day, we need to do 4 sessions of retreat a day, breaking at the 4 times during the day. We break at 6 am , we break at 12 pm, and we break at 6 pm again, the last one is 12 am but nobody would go that late. So we need to break at those times and rest, so we need to do 4 sessions a day. So we can start somewhere like 3/4 am in the morning and we finish at around 5.30/6 am then we have breakfast then we can start again at 8 or 9, we finish around 1130 then we take a break for lunch, then we take a nap in the afternoon, and then we start maybe around 2 or 3 oclock, at 2 or 3 oclock we start our meditation and retreat again and the rest of the recitation, we finish around 5.30, and then we take a break for dinner then we do our last session, the fourth session which is around between 730 - 8 until 9 or 10 oclock, then we prepare for bed or whatever we need to do. We

need to do those sessions every single day until we finish 100,000 Migtsemas. Just reciting the Migtsemas is not the only thing you need to do. You need to recite the Lama Chopa, which is the Guru Puja written by Panchen Rinpoche, insert the Lama Tsongkhapa prayer and then do the Migtsema and then do the offerings of Lama Tsongkhapa, the torma offerings, the outer offerings, the inner offerings, and then you need to do the visualizations then you do the conclusion part, You need to do that 4 times a day until you finish a 100,000 Lama Tsongkhapa mantras. And when you finish the Lama Tsongkhapa mantras, there is no fire retreat required. After that, that should take you a month and a half to two months for someone who is very diligent to do it well alright. After you have finished that, then you go to your teacher. You can either go for a Yamantaka initiation or a Hayagriva initiation, same thing. For Yamantaka, minimum you should do 1 million mantras, Yamantaka has 4 mantras, the main one you should do 1 million, the other ones you should do 100,000 each. So Yamantaka's mantra is quite long about 40 to 45 pages, you need to do the outer offerings the inner offerings, you need to do the 4 sessions per day and if you do the Yamantaka practice very well, then you can finish that in about a month or a month and a half... maybe two months, you need to do 1 million mantras and 100,000 of each of the remaining mantras. And then what happens is, if you do Yamantaka, Yamantaka is of course wisdom Manjushri, if you do that very well you will extend your life. You will remove all interferences. Spirits and demons, the ghosts, and the scary makers and the crazy makers and all that cannot disturb you cannot come near you with Yamantaka, no way. Alright, on top of that your winds, your channels your chakras will be highly highly charged and highly clean. Its like sending someone to clean the road waiting for the King to come, so if the King is coming, the Prime Minister is coming, they're going to clean the roads, and put up banners and all that isn't it? So you're going to clean, its like cleaning your inner roads out. After that is done, then you go to your Lama to observe whether that retreat was effective or you should enter retreat again. Some people can enter retreat again. After you have finish retreat with the Yamantaka or Hayagriva retreats, then you need to get the initiation of Setrap, and do Setrap's retreat. Setrap's retreat requires 4 things, you need to do the Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga, the Lama Chopa, the Yamantaka sadhana and then the Setrap puja. So you need to do four recitations, four pujas, four rituals per day for four sessions a day. So that would take you mostly likely about 3 months to 4 months and then you do Setrap's mantra between 1 million to 10 million, depending on your body and how able and how ready you are. And then when you're done with that, inbetween the Lama will do Trab Chu. Trab Chu is a ritual to clean your psychic winds clean your psychic energy, clear your psychic nerves. The lama will bless you and observe you and watch you okay. And inbetween that, the lama will call you to take some mini trances to see if you can take trances already. He will call Setrap, sometimes Setrap will come for a few seconds and leave, but most likely the entourage will come first. Usually the entourage of Setrap will come first, the lower entourages the lower entourages come and visit, say hello, move around a little bit the they leave, then the next set of entourages come, the

next level... it's just like when the prime minister comes, you contact the lower PA's, then they contact the upper PA, and then they contact the actual PA. The actual PA comes and scout and recue the place then the prime minister comes. The prime minister does not come and sweep the road and recue himself, alright? So therefore the lower entourages will come to your body to recue the place, well what they're doing is they're cleaning your body further, to prepare for the king. If your body is not prepared and the retreats are not done wel, it will be a very very very excruciating painful experience. Why? because Setrap's energy is like fire coming in and going through, and it is very... it's like this, if the road is filled with rocks, and stones and wood and all kinds of debris and pot holes... when the prime minister comes in his car it's going to be very painful isn't it? Why? the car's going to be jumping up and down. So therefore, it is a likened to cleaning the road.

Now this retreat process can be combined again with extra. Some people need extra practices, sometimes they need extra Yamantaka, sometimes they need the extra Hayagriva, Some needs to do more extensive Vajrapani practices. Some Oracles take up to 5 years of training. They do the pujas, over and over again, they do the rituals and offerings over to clean their body. And when they're taking trance, they never ever do it unsupervised, without the Lama or whatever. Why? because if they dont do it well the wrong thing might enter and pretend it's Setrap. So it's a long procedure, it's a complicated procedure, but it's a procedure to safe guard your body from harm and interferences so not simply anybody or anybody can take trance. Now, how much you need to do, how long you need to do is strictly up to the lama. And when you do take trance, each time you need to have the permission of your lama. The actual oracle should have a written letter, these days, should have a written letter signed and sealed by the lama authorizing the person to take trance. Anyone without a signed and sealed letter from their lama taking trance, is not authorized therefore their trance can be doubtful.

Just now, we were having a little talk about taking trances, and we were outside and it got a little dark, so we decided to go to another part of our land of KFR in a little cabin, well lit with the air-cond. We're really roughing it out. But we're that kind of people you know, we like to rough it out. Well I want to talk about trances is this, I've got some notes here. Why do spirits take trance of people? can lay people take trance? Differences between male and female beings taking trance and also the vehicles. How to tell if a person is really taking trance or not, of a lower or higher being. How to protect yourself from being taking trance of? (laughs) Not everybody wants to be an oracle. When and where can we take trance, any time any place? Sounds like a Blondie song, call me anytime anyplace anywhere, call me. For those who are hip would understand that, the rest of you would not, that's why 90% of you is looking at me with

your mouth open, what who's Blondie? Who knows who Blondie is? Like I said, 90% have their hands down looking at me.

As I said earlier, a trance is when an outer being that is not your mind, takes possession of your body, your speech, and your motor reflexes, and they basically use your body as a mouth piece to talk, and use your body as a vehicle to communicate, write, give blessings, dispense with writings or you know, sometimes they can do automatic writing also. Now, there are people who can spontaneously and naturally take trance, they are very sensitive, and they can take trances of spirits, of beings, land gods, deities, people who have passed away, they can. Some of that natural ability to protect themselves, that these beings may take trance of them and not harm them. But some beings they dont have a natural protection, so you may think to yourself 'who does' or 'who doesn't', that's the key. We dont have know who has a natural protection and who doesn't have a natural protection. So we need to be careful of not getting involved with trances. And one thing I want to tell you, you shouldn't go home and try to take trance. You shouldn't invite beings to enter you, you shouldn't invite anything to enter you. The only thing that should be inside of you is you. okay.

So you shouldn't invite anything to come, and you shouldn't admire people who can take trance. There's nothing to admire people who can take trance, let me tell you why, taking trance of a being if it is a very high level being it can be beneficial, if it's a low level being or mediocre being it can be harmful. So taking trance is not an extraordinary ability that you have achieved something high in meditation, okay. So, spirits take trance of people for many reasons, some are quite helpful and they want to communicate messages, they want to help. Some are bound by a promise by someone else that they should help. So they take trance to talk or give warnings, or give prophecies or tell you things that's going to happen in the future. Some take trance because they want to smoke a cigarette. They want to feel and drink on their tongue, they want to touch someone warm, they want to have some company, they want to feel alive again, they take trance just for simple pleasure like that. Some take trance because they want to create harm and mischief, some take trance because there is someone available. Okay? So there are many many reasons, and there are combinations of that reasons, so don't, it's not a black and white kind of situation where you think that, it's just like that and it's over. It's just that's why they take trance and it's over. There are many many reasons alright?

Now, can lay people take trance? Male, female can take trance, monks and nuns can take trance, ordinary lay people can take trance. Again the difference is not who can take trance, it's

what is taking trance of you. I repeat, it isn't who can take trance, it's what. A male deity can take trance of a woman. A female deity can take trance of a man. So it has nothing to do with gender, it has nothing to do with your gender and who can enter who, and it's a male or a male person who's taking trance more powerful than a female? of course not. Again it's not the vehicle taking trance, it is the being, the level of being taking trance of the person. alright? So therefore, who can take trance? Anyone. Can they take trance anywhere, any place, any time? Yes. A trained person can enter trance within a few seconds, a trained person. They can meditation, relax, focus, open up their channels, invite the deity, the deity can enter them instantly. It is like Instagram, really it is instantly they can take trance. And there are different levels of trance, there's full trance, and there is only channeling. Channeling is very unique, channeling is when a deity or being or god or mountain being or ethereal being enters you, and they kind of stay with you, and your mind's there but your mind is kind of relax but not working, not operating, not coherent, not thinking but there. You kind of know what's going on, but it's kind of blur also. So channeling is when both of you are inside, which is something in the outside come, and it's very gentle, and something and yourself, that's channeling. Trance is when you're gone, you're totally gone, how is it like? When you take trance you can see the deity coming in, for example you see Setrap's horse coming, next thing you know you've fallen asleep. Then it's black. So when Setrap is talking to the students, disciples of whomever, you have no idea whatsoever. He can be jumping up and down, he can be moving his head like this, he can be doing blessings, throw you rice, he can accept tsog, accept drinks, you will not know, you will be completely asleep. And if he drinks a lot of alcohol, if people offer him alcohol and of course we wont, when you wake up you wont be drunk. Not at all, but you'll smell of alcohol but you wont be drunk.

So therefore when someone high level like Setrap takes trance, you will see Setrap coming or a red light, you will see a red light, a red man or like a horse coming then you'll black out. When you black out you have just fallen into a sleep. And when you wake up, you drank something, you ate something, your body's tired, your limbs hurt, your neck hurt, your arms hurt, and you're stiff and you cant move because it is really really intense right. But it's like waking up. That's why usually people who takes trance the wrathful deities they have someone to come massage them afterwards. Because they literally wake up, and it's very, your body is very stiff, your neck is stiff. You know why? coz something very powerful the size of a mountain enters something tiny, your own body, and they're using your body to move, to talk, to operate, to do things, to function, to dance, to do blessings, to accept Tsog, to walk around, you know... and meet people, and their energy is very intense, so when they leave the body, they're very tired, they're very exhausted and their body is very stiff. But they recover very fast, there's no long term damage. None

So therefore, full trance is literally, you see the deities, so form of deity. Some people see a light, some people see a horse, some people see a red man, some people just see a glow. When they see that that's Setrap coming, they go to sleep. And when Setrap leaves, they wake up, and when they wake up they'll remember nothing. They see nothing, they heard nothing, nothing... it's totally they go to sleep. That is a full trance.

With a Channel, they can feel it coming, or sometimes they can see it coming. Depends on the channeler, they can sometimes feel, sometimes they're clairaudient they can hear, sometimes they're clairvoyant they can see, sometimes they have a sense they can feel, then it enters them. And when it enters them, they are there but they are very dormant, so the beings is talking instead, the high level being or whatever is talking and doing their thing. And once they leave they have some pains and problems for a little while, but its not as intense as full trance. Why is it not as intense as full trance? Because when those enter, they dont take full complete control, the only take partial control, thats called channeling. Okay

What channels in a person and what takes trance in a person, same thing. You can channel gods, devas, beings, spirits, nagas, high level protectors. There are cases when people are able to channel Chenrezig, Avalokiteshvara, Kalarupa, Palden Lhamo, Mahakala. There are people who can take trance or channel that, but those are like one out of 10 billion, that's a very rare type of oracle, that's not normal oracle. There are oracles in the past that the high Lamas told me. One high lama told me Gen Nyima in Ganden Monastery, he told me there are oracles that can take trance of Kalarupa, Mahakala... how cool is that! and Palden Lhamo, they can. But those are very rare oracles, very rare. Okay? So, male deities or male beings can take trance of both male and female, female deities can take trance of a oracle or channeller of male and female. Because why, it's not so much of what gender you are, it's your connection and purity of your body the cleanliness of your body. Okay?

How can you tell someone is taking a real trance? Very simple, write something on a piece of paper put it behind your hands and ask him, 'what does it say?' (Rinpoche laughs) So if they're taking real trance they will tell you. That's if they're up for the challenge. Very simple, isn't that good? So how you tell if someone is taking real trance if you have a friend who loves attention, and he will tell you he's taking trance of Setrap, you're like 'Hmm... okay', you write something there, either Setrap or they're lying. If Setrap tells you the right thing, you better say 'Sorry

Setrap' apologize real quick! But if Setrap tells you the wrong thing when they're taking trance of or if they leave trance real quick, hmm... I met an oracle when I sent someone there to ask a question he took out of trance real quick, I was like hmmm... in Penang... real quick that guy went out of trance, 'Oh I'm too tired now' I went like hmm... So how do you tell if they're in trance or not? Write something on a piece of paper, put it behind you and ask 'What did I write?' Isn't that easy, do you guys need high Lamas to do that? No.

And if they're really taking trance they will tell you the right, if they tell you right thing, then the next thing you do is you write a question 'What is the next lottery number please for 10 million" so that we can build KFR, write real quick! Wouldn't that be great? If all of you 10 million, 10 million, 10 million, of course I'll get 20%... KFR la... So how can you tell if they're taking real trance or not? You can test them, because the real oracles in Ganden in the past, when they take trance they have records of what they asked them 30, 40 years ago. With this person at this time, and they take it out and said "30 years ago, at this time, with this person, they asked you this question, what was your answer?" and they will tell you precisely what was said. And remember, they get thousands of answers per month, they will tell you precisely and details. And sometimes, let's say that you have oracle A, they took trance and gave answers to Paris, then oracle A is not available anymore or he has passed away, or he's too old, and oracle B takes trance, so you can ask oracle B in trance 'What did you tell Miss Paris 45 years ago through the first oracle, at this time on this day' and this one will tell you exactly what he said. That's how you can tell if they're real. Isn't that amazing? It's not amazing because deities are emissions, Setrap has emissions, he never forgets anything. And if he said it he will tell you. Even if another one said it he will tell you because he has clairvoyance. Or if you write number 3 and your 'friend' takes trance, and he tells you its number 2, 'See you later buster, busted!' So he starts another new organization, transbusters. Well have some business too. Isn't that an easy way to test them? Of course you do it respectively 'May I ask you what is on this piece of paper, I don't mean any disrespect' then you write it and put it back. Draw a little circle, a little triangle, a little eye, or you can draw the dollar sign then over turn the paper, easy or not?

How to protect yourself from trance? Thats a good one. I don't think most of you need to worry because I think most of you are not able to take trance. I think 99.9% of you don't have the potential to take trance or need to take trance or will take trance, so I dont think you need to worry. But if in the past you've experience something funny, a little funny sensation oryou're sensitive or you have the third eye, or you're a little worried, because you go to you know, always near cemetaries or whatever... Well theres a few practices you can do. You can engage in Singdongma's practice 'Singhamokha' You can engage in Singdongma's practice, her praise,

her mantra and her prayer is one page. Singdongma is the Lion faced dakini. Many wishes can be fulfilled by reciting her mantra. She is very fierce, very potent. That's one. Second thing you can do is, you can do the mantras and the practice of the 1,000 face, arm and leg Buddha Dukkar. Do Dukkar's practice and praise, offerings and mantra you'll be safe. Another one you can do is Black Manjushri, another one you can do is Setrap, Yamantaka, Palden Lhamo, no problems. Any of those practices will be very good to protect you. If you start one of those practices and you do it continuously, then you won't have to worry anymore. Why? Because when you pray, or do meditation, to practices of Singdongma, Dukkar, Setrap, Palden Lhamo, they're fully enlightened beings. Nothing can penetrate their blessings; nothing can penetrate their protection of you. Nothing.


And if some of you have the third eye, because I get asked this quite a lot, and some of you I've test some of these people and they really do have the third eye. I tested someone last week and they're very accurate, a young girl by the way. She can tell you what's standing there, what's standing there, what they look like, how many, very clearly, and she's not making it up. I tested her, she's quite accurate. But she doesn't like it, coz all kinds of funny things appear to her and scare her. Of course it scares her, she doesn't understand. So some of you have the third eye, which is you can see things. They always appear to you, they always talk to you, they always you know, disturb you, they always want attention they want your help, if you find that you dont want that gift or that third eye, this is what you can do. You can engage in Singdongma's practice intensive, Dukkar's practice, Black Manjushri's practice or Vajrapani's practice. You can even engage in Hayagriva's practice. Okay. Hayagriva, Vajrapani, Dukkar, and Singdongma you can do.

If you have initiation, you can do the extended practice. If you don't have initiation you can do the praise and the mantra. So you can do Black Manjushri, Hayagriva, Setrap as I mentioned earlier, and you can do Singdongma, any of those will be fine. Where do you get the information from? You can Google, some of these prayers I have on my blog site, you just go to the sadhana section and you can download. As time goes on I'll make more practices available for people, and many of the practice that's available in my blog site I actually make it for noninitiates because I don't believe in initiating people into the higher tantras until they are totally ready, and after they've been trained well. I don't simply give initiation. So the practices I gave on the blog are for non-initiates so you can do. So, do you need the permission from your lama,

do you need initiation from your lama? You dont. Just to answer questions, you don't need it. So you can do Dukkar, Singdongma, Black Manjushri, Setrap, Palden Lhamo, Hayagriva any of those.

How do you do those practices? You have an image of that deity, that Buddha. You have a little shrine to them, a shrine from your heart, some incense, you can do their praise, and then you can do their mantra. Prior to their praise you can do refuge, the 4 immeasurable, the 8 verses of thought transformation, and then you can do the deity's praise, P-R-A-I-S-E and then the mantra. I repeat, any of those deities, you don't officially need initiation because you are not doing the actual meditation on them, you're just asking for protection. So if you're asking for protection you don't need the initiation, if you want to go into deeper practice with them you will need the initiation. So what happens is you can do the praise, you start with refuge 'NAMO GURU BEH, NAMO BUDDHAYA, NAMO DHARMAYA, NAMU SANGHAYA' three times, the 4 immeasurable, the 8 verses of thought transformation and then the praise of the deity and then the mantras, for example Singdongma's mantra: AH KHA SAMBARASA CHANDARASA MARAYA PHET, AH KHA SAMBARASA CHANDARASA MARAYA PHET, AH KHA SAMBARASA CHANDARASA MARAYA PHET. Or you can do Dukkar's: OM SITA TA PA TREY HUM PHE, OM SITA TA PA TREY HUM PHE, OM SITA TA PA TREY HUM PHE. Okay? What else did I mention... Hayagriva: HRI KHENMA DATRI HAYAGIVA HULU HULU HUNG PHET, And, Hayagriva is very unique there's many traditions and all the four lineages in Tibetan Buddhism have its practice, any mantra from any lineage is fine for any of the deities, all are valid. In our system it is called Tamdrim Sangdrup or Hayagriva the red form, 6 eyes and 8 legs, 3 faces. HRI KHENMA DATRI HAYAGRIVA HULU HULU HUNG PHET, HRI KHENMA DATRI HAYAGRIVA HULU HULU HUNG PHET,

You can do that alright. Or you can do Setrap's mantra: OM MAHA YAKCHA TSA SOHA. OM MAHA YAKCHA TSA SOHA, OM MAHA YAKCHA TSA SOHA, or you can do Mahakala mantra: OM BENZA NARA TRIM TRIM HUNG HUNG PHET PHET SOHA, OM BENZA NARA TRIM TRIM HUNG HUNG PHET PHET SOHA, OM BENZA NARA TRIM TRIM HUNG HUNG PHET PHET SOHA, That's the 6 Armed Mahakala, Or you can do Palden Lhamo's mantra, which is a little long but beautiful, you can do Palden Lhamo's praise, black tea, and then Her mantra: JO RAMO JO RAMO JO JO RAMO TUNJO KALA RANCHENMO RAMO AJA DAJA TUNJO RULU RULU HUNG JO HUNG, JO RAMO JO RAMO JO JO RAMO TUNJO KALA RANCHENMO RAMO AJA DAJA TUNJU RULU RULU HUNG JO HUNG, JO RAMO JO RAMO JO JO RAMO TUNJO KALA RANCHENMO RAMO AJA DAJA TUNJU RULU RULU HUNG JO HUNG, Palden Lhamo is of course the wrathful Saraswati very powerful lady. Then any of those are fine. If you have the initiation into Yamantaka, or Heruka, or Vajrayogini, that's fabulous. Then you just do intensive Vajrayogini, you do intensive Yamantaka, you do intensive Heruka. Okay, you do those sadhanas intensive with the mantra and all then you'll be fine, you don't have to do other practices. So let's say you have to do Hayagriva, you have to do Singdongma, Dukkar... no you just do Yamantaka. Yamantaka is more than enough to eliminate all your problems and summore. Or Vayjrayogini is more than enough that's why Vajrayogini's face is fierce, okay. The beautiful dakini's face is fierce, to push away obstacles and obstructers that may come your way. Those are some of the things you can do. You can find, you can download it from the net. These days you just Google, it's very fast and very easy. Okay.

That's how you protect yourself. Where can you take trance? If you can take trance you can take it anywhere, okay. But you don't, you shouldn't just take it anywhere because it becomes like not very respectful. Anyway, but when you take trance it would be nice if your breath is clean, your teeth is clean, your hands and your face and your body is clean, for most cases if you dont eat meat would be very good. If you're vegetarian would be good, and also your clothes should be very clean, and you're seating in a clean area, clean place with some incense, then you can call the deity or whoever calls the deity, or either wise you shouldn't do that. Street oracles, street oracles are those that... in Malaysia, there's a lot of way side temples they are very beautiful, they're very nice and they have a rich tradition and a lot of them have mediums or oracles, and they take trance. Some of them are real, some of them are questionable. Like I said, just write in a piece of paper and ask them. And those who take trance, some claim they're higher level, they're lower level, I mean, there's so many of them I can't make any sweeping statements. One thing for sure if they say they're taking trance of Kuan Yin, you have to be very careful. Taking trance of Kuan Yin they have to be very clean, vegetarian, pure, have clean vows, not anyone simply can take trance of Kuan Yin and start talking. It's not that Kuan Yin is selective or Diva or difficult, it's that she's very high level, and for her to enter you and talk you have to be pretty high level. So Kuan Yin is not picky, she is extremely compassionate. She is a Boddhisattva of Mercy and Compassion, alright. Then you have other beautiful Indian temples around here, and you have a lot of Indian Swamis that claim they're taking trance, I can't comment on these just like the Chinese ones, because there are real ones and there are ones that's questionable. You know, I can't comment, but I will say for real that not all of them are not real, and not all of them are real. Alright?

Why do people go to people who take trance? Because sometimes they come across questions that is very difficult to answer. it's a crossroad and it's very very hard, and they need some external guidance that's why they go. But I think most of our questions we can pray to Setrap or a Dharma Protector, relax and trust and a way will open up for us eventually. So I think for us, because last time I had a lady who used to drive into the forest somewhere in Malaysia, she is driving to the forest for two hours into a temple, very well kept, very clean, and a small one, and there was a person who take trance. So she went to this person for a few years and gave her some clear answers. And after that she didn't need to go, but the deity became angry, and said 'You still have to give me things, you still have to come and visit, you still have to pay back'. So she got very scared and... because he has some power, he's shown her some excellence and all that stuff and she got kind of scared, so he said that she has to keep coming back even if you dont ask questions you need to keep giving me things, you know you have to bring things here to the temples, offerings, food, donations, and so she said 'Well I'm kind of done, I don't need any more questions and I appreciate what you did but I don't need to come back'... he said no

you got to come back. So she's very scared. So he threatened her, and told her if she doesn't come back he's going to harm her. So she came to see me, about 15, 16 years back in PJ, Petaling Jaya, she came to see me, she told me the whole situation and she was very scared. I said 'Why are you so scared?", she said 'because I've seen him, I've seen this being do things, create accidents, I'm very scared'. So I said why did you go to him in the first place? She goes 'I didn't know any better, I didn't know, no one told me, I mean, I didn't know even to ask, I mean we're in Malaysia that's where we're raised with and that's what we're used to, going to see mediums and stuff, it's not something odd of different, we're used to it. Its just that when this deity, this being started threatening me I got scared.' Then I said ohh... So we, I gave her Palden Lhamo practice, the goddess Palden Lhamo, I did a divination and the divination came out she's very close to Palden Lhamo, she has affinity. I gave her the practice, I gave her the meditation and the mantra to do, and then the deity gave her a 'Foo'. A foo is something written on a piece of paper that has this so called affinity, his connection, his doorway, and she has a talisman. She was afraid to throw it out, so she gave it to me. So we did a little ritual, we bound the foo, we found the talisman we covered it and with a lot of respect to the deity we burned it. With protector rice, rice blessed by the protector. We burned it respectfully, we said to the deity 'No disrespect to you thank you for helping her, she cannot visit you anymore, she doesn't need you and please let her go'. So after that there was no incidence, up until today she tells me theres not one single incidence. Nothing.

So therefore we were able to do that for her alright. I'm not a powerful bomoh (Transcriber note: Witch doctor), I'm not a powerful magician or anything, I'm not Merlin here, but the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha definitely has power. Setrap, Yamantaka, Hayagriva, Lama Tsongkhapa, definitely has power. I'm not the one with the power, they are the ones. Okay. So, therefore, we have to be careful when we go for... when we ask people to take trance or to people who take trance. Again, let me repeat, the people who are involved with me, who are my students or my friends, or close to me should never ever take trance. People who are in Kechara House or associated places, study groups anywhere in the world, should never take trance. I do not encourage anyone to take trance, ask for trance or want trance. I don't like things like that, personally speaking. Why? I believe we're here to learn the Dharma and the 8 verses of thought transformation and transform our mind. We don't need to take trance. Buddha didn't gave us 84,000 teachings on how to take trance. Buddha gave us teachings on how to transform our mind and develop compassion, so I don't think we need to take trance. So let me repeat, people with Kechara House, or associated or affiliated, or people come to Kechara House, you should not be taking trance. And before you enter Kechara, that's happening, after you enter, you shouldn't be anymore. Kechara House is blessed and consecrated by Setrap. Okay. I don't like these kind of magical kind of things, they do exist, I

acknowledge them and I acknowledge devas, land gods, land spirits, tree spirits, mountain deities, I acknowledge they do exist, Buddha mentions them. They do exist. What I'm not acknowledging is our need to contact them to solve our problems. What I'm acknowledging is our need to solve our own problems through logic, and Dharma and clarity and Lamrim, that's what I'm acknowledging. So, am I'm saying the Land gods are bad? No. Am I saying devas and nagas, all those who take trance of people are bad? No. I'm just saying that it would be better if we rely on the Dharma and logic and a clear mind to make decisions. Why? less danger... less danger. Remember, we are here to learn Dharma. Okay. Any questions about trances? I think I've covered everything.

Paris: Rinpoche was explaining how to test if someone is taking trance but that could be lower evil spirits that have some level of clairvoyance that it would be able to tell us what was written on the paper.

Rinpoche: Oh, that's very good. Okay, if the lower negative spirits the have some clairvoyance and they can tell you what you wrote on the piece of paper, the next thing is to ask them why they're here. What do they want. They say I want to help people, say Okay if you want to help people and if I ask you not to be here and not stay in trance will you listen. If they cooperate then they're okay. Then they're sincere. They say, okay I'll listen then say please dont take trance anymore. We test them out like that. But all of you dont go running around being Merlin or the bomoh, Merlin the bomoh, you don't go test them because some of them can be quite nasty. So what you should do is refer to someone who will know what to do with them. That would be better, wouldn't that be safer? Okay. Either wise you know, Paris might come with even more personalities, than she already has. Yeah... you're a home to the multi personality schizo. Questions about trance?

Bryan: Rinpoche, lets say (Rinpoche: nice hair) with Chinese medium, lets say it's since young we've been going to Chinese temple, it's a Kuan Yin temple. The medium will claim that they are actually is Kuan Yin who take trance, through the medium. Could it be really Kuan Yin or some low deity that represent or sent by Kuan Yin, or is it her?

Rinpoche: As I've mentioned before, there is no straight answer. Some of these people say they're taking trance of Kuan Yin or whatever; it could be Kuan Yin herself, rare, it could be her

entourage, he's got an entourage... that's just as effective or it can be something that she sent, or it can be not involved with her at all. Okay, my point is, it could be all of that, but how will you know. If you are not sure, then do not be involved. So, how will you know? I can't give you a straight answer for that because all these mediums are different. Some are real, some are not, some are taking negative beings and you know, you can take trance of something or someone can take trance of something and you think it's something for years... and later it turns out not to be them at all. That's the scary part. So Bryan asked a very logical question, 'How do you know... You know there are many Kuan Yin or Kuan Yin entourage?' You don't. That's why you don't get involved. You don't. I don't, you don't, so we don't get involved. But we know Lamrim is good, we know Tsongkhapa is excellent, we know Singdongma is wonderful and Dukkar is excellent and Manjushri is beyond question and Yamantaka is fully enlightened Buddha... we know that. So we might as well get involved with that, with Lamrim, 8 verses, the three jewels, refuge, compassion, we should get involved in that. Because other things we shouldn't get involved, not because we disrespect them, but because we really don't know. Do I think all mediums should not take trance and talk? No. I think some should take trance and talk and help people. So, Rinpoche, why you contradict yourself? I'm not. If you can't tell if it's the real thing or not better not get involved. But they're maybe the real thing so leave them alone, time will tell. I'm not contradicting. And there are many people around the world from all countries, all cultures, all races, all continents, for thousands and thousands of years take trance of different beings, Shamans and all, they are real, there are ones that are real. I cannot sit here and say they are all demons or evil or a spoof.. No they're not. There are some mountain spirits, mountain beings who are very helpful and very nice. They're very benign, they just helpful being. Just like people, there are people who really help you, you know. You carry shopping bags they open the door for you. Some you carry shopping bags they just look at you. I mean, they're just like people. Okay, so, what we need to do is just like with people we got to be careful, aren't we careful with people? Then don't, same thing. There are very helpful people, and there are people who have other intentions, just like with these ethereal, nonphysical beings, whatever label you want to give them, they can be helpful they can be not helpful. So all cultures have this in culture and we respect them all. The American Indians have Shamans, the South American Indians have Shamans, the Chinese, the Indians, the Mongolians, the Tibetans, the Europeans, the Pre-Christian times they have Shamans, and are they bad? No they're not. They're not! They are genuine people who take trance, who genuinely take trance to help people, I've met people who take trance just to help people. Yeah, there was one lady from Ladhak, there was one lady from Ladhak and she used to take actual trance of a mountain female goddess, and she came to see my teacher, my teacher in fact instead of expelling the being, blessed her, put her in retreat, clear her body and now she takes trance of her whenever requested. So she has a special costume and uniform, she has a fine diamond Buddha's crown, she has a special upper cloth, she has a special skirt, she has special food, offerings, and plates

and all that, and she does her prayers and the deity will enter, and you know what she does when she enters? She does healing. And my teacher told me, the deity that influence her is very benign, its not a Buddha, its not a Boddhisattva, it's a very benign mountain lady, she's a healer, she's very nice, she's very gentle, and she is here to help people. And when she takes trance of that lady, it does no damage to her and she doesn't want anything. She doesn't have the 'Oh I heal you, give me that give me this, give me that, give me cigarette, give me beer', nothing. She comes and heals. And I went to see her once; she came to south India not far from the monastery. There's a lot of people want to see her, I had a cyst... I didn't know it was a cyst, it was my first cyst ever and it was on my arm here, and it was big and bulgy... and I feel it was kind of soft, and it's weird, it's soft and it doesn't have any pain, I didn't know what it was. I never had a cyst that time, so I didn't know what it was, it was just big and it moved. So I was like 'I wonder what that is, I wonder what type of growth that is'. And it really bulge you know, it's really a big big bulge. So, I went to her and nobody announced I was coming; there was a room for the people. There was monks and nuns there too. When I came in, she stood up. She went like this to me, she said Rinpoche how can I help you? I was like 'Oh...' I can see that she has clairvoyance, because no one made any announcements. I like to surprise visits, without announcements, so they don't call people uninvited, correct. So what happens is this, she says may I help you? I said yes, I showed her that. She went like this, 'Oh Rinpoche dont worry, its fine'. She put her mouth on it she sucked it out, it was on a red cloth and she showed it to me. It's white, and globulous and shaky; she took it out in front of me. No breakage through my skin. And until today it's flat. And if you feel it here, the remains of the cyst is still there, which means the pocket that it was in, but it's not there anymore. She did infront of my eyes. And then when I was done I said anything? She says 'No, thank you for visiting Rinpoche, if I can help you again let me know.' that was it. I witnessed it myself infront of my eyes. And when she put her mouth on here to suck it out, she didn't bite it, she didn't pervade the skin, nothing... the cyst was completely removed. I wish she was around these days coz I have a lot of cyst removed recently, and trust me it was not painless. Every time I get a cyst I'll think about my friend, my mountain lady friend. I witnessed this, I saw this. And my guru told me that she's okay to go to, that's why since my Guru told me I'm okay, I'm reassured. Very good, she does healing. And the room is filled with 80 - 90 people every day, just to see her. She does a lot for free, no money. She's very humble lady. So, there are people who take trance and genuinely help people. But we have to check. I don't have the rule for everyone, I dont have the guideline for everyone but I'm just telling you in general. But if you're having something disturbing, you can protect yourself, which I have already mentioned earlier. Any questions about trance?

Audience: Some Oracles speak in Tibetan for example and then some Oracles speak in English, when the... for example Setrap enters the Oracle, is Setrap limited by the vessel that he enters?

Rinpoche: He's not limited, but his manifestation as speech to you is limited by your karma. Sometimes Setrap can come and not speak and not do anything and have to leave because you don't have the karma to receive... You don't have the merits to receive. Okay, so Setrap's 'limitations' is not just from his side, it's from your side too. So, but to answer your question, usually and this I don't know really why... usually, whatever the oracle speaks, the deity that enters him will speak the same language because it's like using a hotel room, you use what's there for you. So if you have a five star hotel with a fax machine, and wifi, and computers, and Jacuzzi, and you have a business centre, you have a nice refrigerator stuffed with food, they will be happy. Okay, if you go to a motel, you pay 7 dollars an hour, you know, all you get is a bed and if you're lucky, a towel, you can't do much business there. Why? you can't type or anything, no wifi, so it's like you made me the Prime Minister of the country or you make me a PhD professor the smartest person in the world, but if you go to a facility that the facilities are not really there, you can't do much. So that's not so much the person, it's the facility. Likewise the oracle affects the deity entering also. Alright? But there have been cases, I have heard a few times from high lamas that the oracles who come... the deities who enter the oracal and speak a language that the oracles never spoke. I've heard that happen in the past, in certain situation. Okay, good question. Any other questions? Yes???

Guest: Who determines our inner being or outer being or this other beings stays inside, and if it ever goes probably you have someone to watch over you?

Rinpoche: Okay, you mean during the session of in general over the years?

Guest: When you're in trance.

Rinpoche: It's up to the deity how long they want to stay and if the work is done or not.

Guest: So if he stay...

Rinpoche: Sometimes... yes, it is the deity who decides, but sometimes if the deity is not pleased they will leave early. They wont accept your offerings or take your drink they just leave, if they're not pleased. There are many cases when Setrap has entered people, and said to them 'The advice I gave you, you never listen to, so you don't need to ask me, do what you want', goodbye and he leaves. There has been cases like that. I was told directly by the oracles. And there are cases when Setrap enters, he hugs you, he shares a drink with you, he strokes you and he ask you how can I help you. Why? because you usually listen, and you're kind and compassionate, and you help people so he helps you. There are cases like that. Can you imagine you having your tea ready, you have your Tsog ready, you have your biscuits, you have your incense everything ready, then Setrap comes and tell to you 'You usually don't listen to what I say so you do what you like' then he leaves. He doesn't even take your tea. But when Setrap is happy, when Setrap comes, he will take your tea, he will take your incense, he will take... he will accept all your offerings for you to collect merit because he's pleased. So, why is he so not compassionate? He's very compassionate, for him not to stay and leave is to give you a strong message... change, change... So there has been cases where Setrap takes trance and then he grasps the person and shakes them, he says change... then throws them, in the monastery. Okay, because Setrap doesn't want anything from you, He only wants you to achieve Buddhahood and transform and be happy. So if you're not doing what is being taught, and you're creating more negative karma for you to suffer, He's angry at your actions and your karma, not you. So when He shows you anger, He's showing you that your actions are taking you to an unhappy place. So He's unhappy with your actions, not you. He has great compassion. Okay. Questions?

Guest: Rinpoche, on YouTube, some of the photos of some protector take trance, they actually perform some dance before they actually greet the Lamas. What's the meaning behind it?

Rinpoche: The meaning is this, that Zouk is closed so they're dancing for you here. (Laughs) The big disco called Zouk is closed so they dance here and have a little good time before they leave. They're happy! They're happy! And when they do the dance they're clearing obstacles, they're clearing negative energy away, and theyre doing the dance of enlightenment. Clearing obstacles away, and also in their dance when they move and turn, they're showing respect to the Buddhas in the 10 directions by dance, and then they go greet the Lama. Okay? Zouk is a famous club in KL, for all my YouTube friends. Any questions?

Guest: What is the significance of the uniforms and the costumes

Rinpoche: The costume is because it's halloween. The significance of the costume is an offering to the deity, so you offer beautiful crowns with jewels, silver, and gold, with jewels and whatever, and beautiful clothes... its an offering or the deity to come, and you're offering that to them. Just like you all offering that to the Buddha statues. Okay? And also when the deity comes, to wear something that is clean and pure, that is set aside for them and not your normal clothes. Your normal clothes is not clean. Okay? So it's cleanliness, its to respect and its also an offering to offer this uniforms or costumes to them. And some of the clothes that the deities wear is actually what they wear. So easy for you to recognize who it is. Okay? Questions?

Good, I think that finishes our little trance talk today... that was good.

(Dedication Prayer)