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Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

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Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

Table of Contents
Emergency Tactics To Last Longer Exclusive Chapter
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Get In A Practice Round 4 Go For A Second Fire ..6 The Great South Barrier .6 Miracle Sprays, Creams & Gels ..7 The Ring Of Endurance ..8 The Slippery Slope .8 Mental Manipulation Tricks .9 The Roof Of The Mouth .10 Muscle Relaxation .12

10. Direct & Distract .12 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Counting Thrusts 14 Super Sets Of Nine .14 Take A Leak! .17 Crisis Mode! ..17 Delay Button .18

Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

By understanding your bodys unique sexual roadmap and learning how to control your ejaculatory reflexes or triggers, you can totally cure premature ejaculation and last as long as you desire. Achieving this pinnacle in lovemaking will require some time and effort on your part. But what if you need some emergency quick fixes to delay your ejaculation? If the woman you want to impress has hinted that tonight is the night for her, you do not want to waste time strengthening muscles overnight! Well, here are 15 techniques you can put to use right away to keep your early ejaculation in check.

1. Get In A Practice Round

You have probably seen the movie "There's something About Mary". In one memorable and funny scene, Ben Stiller was seen indulging in some self-love before his date. This is an extremely useful tactic. We all know that sexual sensitivity drops significantly after orgasm for a man. And we know it's tougher to climax quickly the second (or third) time. This is what you do

Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

Masturbate an hour or two before you are going to have sex. This will "clear your system", release the sexual tension in you and desensitizes your body to the point that you have to work harder to reach the same sexual peak during lovemaking. Sperm buildup (each of your testicles produces about 10 million of those little tadpoles every hour) heightens the need to ejaculate, and if youve just spent your load, it will take longer to climax a second time. Some call this "cheating"... but what your partner doesn't know is not going to hurt and to be totally honest, if she is able to come to an orgasm, she is NOT going to care either :-) There is nothing wrong with masturbating - everyone does it, but most don't admit it. Your testicles produce sperm all the time, and if it is not released in some way every week or so, it creates an edginess in you ("blue balls"). Masturbation is also a good way to relieve stress in your life, as it releases chemicals in your body which make you feel relaxed. So stop feeling funny, dirty, or embarrassed if some selfgratification is necessary for you....this is a completely NATURAL and legitimate way to overcome the PE in a hurry!

Selfgratification takes the edge off your quick reflexes and makes your body less responsive, helping you last longer during actual sex

Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

2. Go For A Second Fire!

Go for a second round. When you ejaculate too soon, you will almost certainly last much longer the second time. Continue to pleasure your woman with some foreplay or even oral sex while you "recover" from your first round of fire. When you feel good enough to go again, you can resume intercourse. The great thing about this is that you could already have given her an orgasm during the foreplay. Many guys experience an even more rewarding orgasm after the first one (and of course, the woman too!). Hint: It is good to learn up some great foreplay techniques to heat her up, because her subsequent orgasms during intercourse will come sooner.
It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours for a man to be able to get stimulated and achieve an erection again, after the first ejaculation. This refractory period is considerably shorter in younger men

3. The Great South Barrier

Wear a condom. Technically, this is something that you should already be doing, but if you're not, then roll one on! A condom can help you last longer because if tight enough, it works similar to how a cock ring does - by restricting blood flow. Plus the extra barrier between your member and her juicy loveliness will help decrease sensation if you use one of the thicker kinds that most guys try to stay away from. Experiment with different

Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

types of condoms until you find the one that works best for you. And if you are in the mood for it, there are novelty condoms for sale that will add extra sizzle to your sex life and enhance your sexual endurance at the same time. These condoms contain a small amount of Benzocaine that numbs the penis slightly. They are safe to use, and although not a permanent cure, can help those with premature ejaculation.
Trojans Extended Pleasure and Durexs Perfomax are among the better known climax control condoms for lasting longer

4. Miracle Sprays, Creams And Gels

There are a number of popular sprays, creams and gels that can be applied onto your genitals prior to sex to prolong lovemaking. These products basically help to reduce the sensitivity of the penis glans (head). The most sensitive parts of your penis are the reddish-colored coronal ridge encircling the back of the glans, and the frenulum in the area surrounding the "inverted v" on the underside of the glans. Touch these areas yourself to verify this. These types of solutions simply desensitize your penis during sex - they do not address the underlying reasons for premature ejaculation. Similar to using a condom, this can be an effective way to extend your sex, simply by dulling the sensation. It works

Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

temporarily and although NOT my favorite recommendation of the bunch, can prove to be a useful wild card for lasting longer.

5. The Ring Of Endurance

A cock ring or penis ring is a ring-like device that is worn around your penis, usually at the base. These nifty devices are popular among some men who want to improve their sexual stamina. Well, if you are not totally into one of these gadgets, why not try a 'couples' version that comes with a clitoris stimulator. This will give you the best of both worlds. On one hand, the penis ring will slow down the leakage of blood from the erectile tissues and help maintain an erection longer. On the other hand, your woman will get added pleasure through the extra stimulation from the clit stimulator.

6. The Slippery Slope

Using lubrication to delay ejaculation is a well-known technique. By reducing the amount of friction your penis receives during intercourse, you will lower the levels of stimulation you get from penetration. Its a great trick for lasting longer because it isnt obvious to her that youre doing anything different or special.

Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

Some of the more effective lubricants require you to apply small amounts onto the area around your penis head and the part where the head meets the shaft about 10 to 20 minutes before engaging in intercourse. As a quick "cure", this works like a charm for many men! An even better alternative is to give her sufficient amounts of clitoral stimulation. This will produce natural lubrication within her vagina and get her wet. Not only does it mean she is reveling in the pleasure, your penis can actually thrust in and out of her vagina without the intense friction and stimulation that can tip you over quickly!
Lubrication, either natural or artificial, reduces the friction on your penis and keeps your sexual arousal at bay

7. Mental Manipulation Tricks

Think of something unsexy. Yeah, it may seem like a joke but some guys swear by this almost religiously. Think about something that turns you off like nothing else - your mother-in-law, your boss or that ugly girl with yellow teeth that works in the next cubicle. If all else fails; try to picture having sex with a big, hairy guy. If you're straight then that may just do the trick :-) On a more serious note, do you want to always rely on thinking about something else during sex to delay ejaculation? Probably not! Sex is meant to be fully

Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

enjoyed by a couple, and staying in mind and body (and not out of it) is that best way to enjoy lovemaking. BUT... there is a distraction technique that works extremely well And you should be using this easy 'shortcut' instead. Introduce VARIETY into your lovemaking. Sex is not just about thrusting and penetration. It is the entire experience of giving and receiving pleasure. This means a combination of foreplay, erotic teasing, lustful communication, kissing, massaging and of course, penetration - all directed at the womans pleasure. This is a far better approach of killing two birds with one stone - one of delaying your orgasm by diverting attention and the other of speeding up her orgasm. By switching up what you do during sex, you will not only keep your woman in suspense and anticipation, you are effectively keeping your own stimulation levels under control.
Variety is the spice of life. And nothing is truer in lovemaking. Women love variety during sex, so give it to them. It helps prolong your lovemaking too

8. The "Roof of The Mouth"

Very few men have heard of this technique. Yet its dead easy to do and works like a charm. The reason it works is simple and Ill explain it shortly.


Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

But first heres the technique. When you feel like you are about to lose control during sex, do this: Press the tip of your tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth, then move it in a circular motion. Thats it. It doesnt seem like much, does it? But this technique works really well to bring you back in control. Most men assume that this technique works because it distracts you from sex. But thats not the case. It works because it helps tune you in to all your sensations, and not just those you experience in your genitals. Remember, sex is a whole-body experience, so its important not to only focus on the sensations you feel in your penis. This simple technique acts as a reminder to you to focus on all your sensations.


Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

9. Muscle Relaxation
Many guys have a natural tendency to tighten the muscles in their abdominal, thighs and buttocks when they are getting close to ejaculation. This flexing of these muscles becomes wired into our brains as part of the process of moving from excitement to ejaculation. By relaxing these muscles you will interrupt the normal flow of sexual energy and prevent yourself from ejaculating. For something this simple to explain just consciously relax the muscles in your abs, legs and buttocks it can have a surprisingly powerful effect and many men have found it to be extremely useful in lasting longer, slowing their ejaculation, or in preventing ejaculation when they become too excited and need to stop the action. Try it!
As long as you keep your pelvic muscles relaxed during sex, your tendency to ejaculate quickly is significantly REDUCED

10. Direct & Distract

This technique requires you to engage in sex positions that put the woman in control - which is great because firstly, it allows you to relax your important muscle groups and thus keep premature ejaculation in check. Secondly, you girl will get the thrill from being in charge.


Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

The three most common sex positions that put her in control of the action are cowgirl (her on top, facing you), reverse cowgirl (her on top, facing away from you); and doggy style. (Doggy style might seem like a position where the man is in control, but in reality, very often the girl will start moving back and forth on her own). Now lets say she is on top of you, in cowgirl. When you start to feel yourself getting near the edge, pull her down towards you to kiss her. In this position, her chest is pretty much parallel to your torso. This allows you to take over the action. Because shes leaning forward so much, shell naturally stop or slow down the amount of bouncing and grinding. You can now place your hands on her rear and take over the thrusting at your own speed. This gives you the chance to tamp down your arousal. So in essence, you distract by kissing her and direct by taking over the thrusting. Now lets imagine youre in doggy and shes controlling the back and forth movement. Distract her by leaning forward a little, reaching around her waist and rubbing her clitoris. This will make her slow down her movement. Now slowly take over the thrusting until youre going at a fair speed. At this point, lean back so youre vertical again and carry on. When youre ready for her to take over once more, stop thrusting and shell feel a natural urge take control again. The Distract and Direct technique works so well because the girl always feels like shes the one controlling the
13 A man can learn to exhibit loads of sexual confidence simply by building up his sexual competence. Skills are an important part of the sexual game play and for lasting longer

Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

action, even when - for a minute or two - you take over. She doesnt realize this happens because she gets distracted by you kissing or rubbing her. Before she knows it, shes back controlling the action. This makes sex feel two-way, shared and therefore darn good, for you and for her!

11. Counting Thrusts

Since guys really screw with their brains and not their penises, the more you divert your attention from what is going on in your delivery system down below, the less likely you will ejaculate prematurely. Thus, one way to delay orgasm is to count every thrust inward, and focus your attention on the counting and not what your penis is feeling. Try to reach 100, and then start over again.

12. Super Sets of Nine

Some men recommend stopping thrusting altogether when you sense youre close to a climax. But I dont advice doing this, for a simple reason. While stopping penetration can help bring down your arousal, when your woman is clearly enjoying the intercourse, it can really break the momentum and frustrate her instead.


Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

What I suggest is this simple penetration technique that can yield tremendous staying power for you, and yet put her on a continuous sexual high at the same time. This is what you do Perform eight shallow thrusts about two to three inches deep, and then one deep thrust. Follow this up with seven shallow thrusts and then two deep ones; six shallow thrusts followed by three deep ones. You get the idea. Continue doing this until you are performing nine deep thrusting movements. Then repeat the entire sequence again. Why does this work so well? First, deep thrusts are the ones that bring your penis closest to orgasm, as the frenulum (the stringy thing in the "inverted v" under the glans) and shaft skin are stretched the most, causing greater arousal. Varying shallow and deep thrusts will help taper off the stimulation on the penis glans/head. Second, the first three inches of a woman's vagina contain the most pleasure-seeking nerves and the shallow thrusts will stimulate her really well. Ive recommended this technique to many men and most of them raved about it; and their women like it too :-)

An alternating series of shallow and deep thrusting helps reduce the extreme stimulation on your penis glans during intercourse


Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

In fact many of the guys I worked with - who initially could only hold their ejaculation for just one minute were able to bump it up to 5 minutes or more, just by using this technique. Here are three other variations of this technique you could try: 1. Just penetrate the vagina with your penis 2-3 inches deep. If you just do a series of short thrusts (counting to 100 or so), you will greatly pleasure her and even hold off your orgasm. 2. From the missionary position, place a pillow under her buttocks and move your upper body to an upright position, with your arms extended on either side of her. Put your lower body weight on your knees, and make rapid, shallow thrusts into her vagina, counting to 100 if you can. This can be exhausting, but if you are counting each thrust, you have a goal to reach before you slide back down to the horizontal position above her. And while you are doing this, both of you can watch your penis as it goes in and out of her vagina, which can be highly erotic. 3. Do four shallow thrusts and then one deep one, and repeat this continually for 30 or 40 sets or so. Your girl will anticipate the deep thrust when it comes each time, and the deep thrust builds you up a little towards orgasm, then you go down a little when you do the four shallow ones, then

Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

build up a little more towards orgasm when you do the next deep one. Many couples found this to be really enjoyable. Try it.

13. Take A Leak!

Most men dont know about this, but a full bladder can put pressure on relevant muscles (prostrate, perineal muscles and seminal vesicles) and increase the chances of an early ejaculation during sex. So take a bathroom break beforehand and last longer in the sack!

A light bladder can help prolong ejaculation

14. Crisis Mode!

As the name implies, you use this as a tactic of last resort - that is when you are close to an orgasm. There are two techniques here. 1. First, notice that when you are nearing a climax, your testicles will move up close to the penis shaft instead of hanging loosely. When you sense this happening, use your fingers and gently pull down your testicles. The urge to ejaculate will subside. 2. The second technique involves squeezing the area directly behind the penis glans when you feel an orgasm approaching. Place your thumb behind the upper side of the glans and your forefinger on the


Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

under side and gently apply pressure against the urethra - the tube that carries semen out of the penis. It takes some practice to perfect this move. If you miss it, there is always another time.

15. Delay Button

There is an area on your perineum (the spot between your anus and testicles) - that when firmly pressed during an impending orgasm - will stem the flow of semen. What happens is that the semen will flow back towards the bladder when you apply pressure to this spot. You can perform this on your own or ask your partner to apply the pressure at this specific spot. You will feel some contractions - you will actually orgasm but without ejaculating. Once these contractions subside, your erection will lose some firmness, but you should be able to get your erection up soon and resume intercourse. Try this wild card Its a little sneaky, but works like magic!

Pressing firmly on the perineum can stop an impending ejaculation


Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

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Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

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Ejaculation By Command: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

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