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This CV may not be passed on without permission from myself.

If you are reading this, permission has not been gained.

C U R R I C U L U M V I TA E Andy Shora

Name Address Telephone Email Nationality Date of Birth

E8 London. (recruiters please contact by email only) English 1987

University Degree Qualification Modules Studied University of Warwick BSc, Computer Science, 2:1 First Year: Mathematics for Computer Scientists, Programming for Computer Scientists, Design of Information Structures, Computer Organization & Architecture, Professional Skills, Introduction to Quantitative Economics, Introduction to Geometry, Second Year: Software Engineering Principles, Operating Systems & Computer Networks, Formal Specification & Verification, Data Structures & Algorithms, Algorithm Design, Automata & Formal Languages, Further Automata & Formal Languages, Group Software Development Project (online railway network booking system), Fundamentals of Relational Databases, Knowledge Based Systems, Digital Communications & Signal Processing, Third Year: Compiler Design, Web Applications Development, Advanced Topics in Algorithms, History of Computing, Current Uses of Computers in Business & Industry, Neural Computing, Third Year Project (Sports Analysis Software for Use on Betting Exchanges). October 2005 June 2008 July 2008

Dates Attended Graduation

Secondary School Qualifications Dates Attended Wargrave Piggott Secondary School 3 A-Levels: Mathematics (A), Physics (A), Art (A) 10.5 GCSEs (All A or above) September 1998 June 2005

This CV may not be passed on without permission from myself. If you are reading this, permission has not been gained.


Ive been described as an expert in UI Design & Development, and Im looking for a contract role in which I can help create an amazing application thats up there with the highest standard in the industry. Although good design is a prerequisite in any job I take, I have strong technical background which enables me to develop sophisticated backend systems when required.

Programming Languages * PHP (and MVC frameworks), HTML5, CSS Java, C#, Classic ASP, VB, .NET JavaScript, jQuery MSSQL, MYSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis Perl, Shell Script, NGINX, Apache, IIS Windows, Windows Server & Linux (specifically Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu) Photoshop, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server

Operating Systems Other Specialist Applications

CPD Review (5 months, to present) CertiVox (14 months, to June 2012) CTO/ Co-founder Designed and developed the largest dental course directory in the UK. Responsible for everything technical in the business. Software Engineer Developing security products for military-grade communications. Specifically developing the worlds first end-to-end secure email client in JavaScript/ HTML5, using elliptical curve cryptography for data encryption and message signing and verification. .NET (C#) / SQL / UI Developer Rebuilt company website, supporting and improving existing CRM product, UI Design for applications and new CRM to launch in late 2011, re-branded company services, introduced processes to improve efficiency and quality across the technical department. Huge list of achievements, won Employee of the Year in my first full year. Engineering Services Engineer Client-facing technical support role maintaining Redwood telecommunications products. The role also included developing internal web-based tools using PHP and MSSQL, as well as interacting with Windows Server systems and databases on a daily basis.

Marketpoint (Europe) Ltd. (2 years, to March 2011)

Redwood Technologies Ltd (6 months, to Feb 2009)

REFERENCES References and examples of work available on request.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR RECRUITERS: Please note that due to the high level of emails I receive when uploading my CV to job sites, Id request that you please state job descriptions and rates in your initial email. I am currently only interested in short-term contract work, specifically in UI Design/Development, Front-end Development, and jQuery/JavaScript jobs. You may also consider me for emergency development work.