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FRIT 7430: UbD Stage 2 Assignment In this assignment you will be preparing the assessment strategies that will

be used to evaluate your learners levels of understanding. Thus, you will be completing Stage 2 of the Understanding by Design model. Ultimately, you will work through all three stages with the end result being a complete unit of instruction designed for delivery over a 3week period. Instructions: Complete the items below as a MS Word document and submit it using the Assignment tool where you downloaded these instructions. Name your document using the following convention: FirstnameinitialLastname_S2.doc KKennedy_S2.doc Item 1: Create a title page showing: Your name FRIT 7430: Instructional Design Stage 2, Understanding by Design Date

Item 2: Copy and paste the Stage 2 template below into your document. Complete the template using the standard you selected for your project this semester. Your target for this instruction is the group of learners for which you have recently completed a detailed learner analysis. The work you submit will be similar to what is shown on page 25 of the UbD textbook, but with more detail. Read the scoring rubric before beginning this assignment. To receive full-credit in the rubric categories, your work must be complete and explicit. For example, I suggest you clearly label each assessment with the facet or facets of understanding that it addresses as well as indicate which standard, or part of the standard, the assessment addresses. Be sure to complete each section of the template. Item 3: Copy and paste the scoring rubric below into your document as the last page.

FRIT 7430: UbD Stage 2 Assignment

UbD Stage 2 Template Stage 2 Determine Acceptable Evidence

Title of Unit Grade Level

Stage 1 Identify Desired Results

List the understandings of your unit: (copy and paste from Stage 1)

Essential Questions
(copy and paste from Stage 1) Overarching Questions: Topical Questions:

FRIT 7430: UbD Stage 2 Assignment

Stage 2 - Evidence Performance Task(s)

Be sure to indicate: Goal: Role: Audience: Situation: Product Performance and Purpose: Standards and Criteria for Success:

Performance Task(s) Rubric(s)

FRIT 7430: UbD Stage 2 Assignment

Other Evidence
(e.g. tests, quizzes, work samples, observations)

FRIT 7430: UbD Stage 2 Assignment

Student Self-Assessment and Reflection

FRIT 7430: UbD Stage 2 Assignment

FRIT 7430: UbD Stage 2 Assignment

UbD Stage 2 Scoring Rubric

(0 Point) 1 Assessments are . not representative of different facets of understanding. (1-2 Points) Assessments appear to utilize some facets to build assessments for understanding. (3 Points) Utilizes the six facets to build assessments for understanding. Assessments clearly identify the correlating facet. Assessments demonstrate congruency among goals Designs authentic performance task(s) Task(s) in alignment with goals and standards Designs a scoring rubric that includes distinct traits of understanding and successful performance Includes a variety (at least 3 types) of appropriate assessment formats within the unit to provide additional evidence of learning Self-assessments clearly used as feedback and reflection for students and teachers, as well as for evaluation.



2 Performance . task(s) are not authentic

3 Does not provide . scoring rubric for the performance task(s) 4 Selection of . assessment formats is limited. 5 Fails to provide . opportunities for learners to selfassess.

Designs performance task, which requires learners to exhibit understanding through authentic performance tasks. Designs appropriate criterion-based scoring rubric to evaluate learner performance task(s) Includes at least two different formats of assessment.

/3 /3

/3 /3

Provides opportunities for learners to selfassess.

Your Total Score /15