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Iliana Galicia U.S. History A Mrs. Voigt Period 7 12/2/11

The Bill of Rights was the beginning of how Americans made their official government. This document provided Americans with their individual rights. Americans came to accept these laws because they felt it protected them as individuals. The Constitution would not be accepted without it because it was so important to the people. The Bill of Rights became an important document in the lives of the American people because it protects their rights in this country. The reason I chose this practice was because the Bill of Rights gives those who live in the United States the freedom to their natural rights.

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The Bill of rights teaches us to think about what the most important rights we have as Americans are. The Bill of Rights makes you think politically and shows you your beliefs about our government. The practice helped me realize my views in the political sense. I agreed with the laws of the Bill of Rights because they should be rights that we should already have because they are inalienable rights. The most important right that I believe Americans have is the first amendment which gives us our freedom of speech, press, religion and petition. This important right gives us many liberties. For example we can speak freely about how we feel about laws, and politics and no one can tell us anything because it is in our right to give our opinion. It also helps us do something for what we believe like if we wanted to petition a school activity we could do this without being in trouble with the law because our opinions are unalienable rights which the Bill of Rights gives us. Without this right, there would be chaos.


Another way this right is helpful is that we are able to worship any god we want. For example since the beginning of America people were not able to as they pleased. This caused trouble for the colonists such as many deaths and prejudice against others of a different religion. The Bill of Rights came into play because of these problems the colonists wanted to make sure it was safe to worship their religion. Others may disagree about this being the most important right we have but I strongly believe in this right because it shows that we can be capable of shaping our own world with few restrictions to our opinions. This will cause less problems for us and our country. The first amendment gives us freedom to do many things that help us live our lives day to day.

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