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Stealing A ten-minute play By Ricky Diaz

Nico (16-18): A young male baseball player. Best friends with Dion. Plays first base for his hometown. Not the best player around, but very talented. Suspects his girlfriend is cheating on him with Dion. Dion (17-18): Another young male baseball player. Nicos best friend. The best player in the area and he knows it. Chose to play for a different town because their hometown team isnt very good. Has an ongoing affair with Nicos girlfriend. Setting: First base of a baseball diamond during a game. Time: Present

1. SCENE 1: FIRST BASE Before lights come up the sound of a baseball being hit is heard. The scattered sounds of a cheering crowd is heard in the background throughout the entire scene. Theres an imaginary pitcher offstage during the entire scene. Lights fade up on NICO playing first base as he watches the ball roll into left field. DION sprints onstage and rounds first base. He watches as the left fielder throws the ball into second base. He goes back to first base and stands on the bag. DION (Taking off his batting gloves and putting them into his back pocket) Did you see that hit? NICO Yeah, nice. DION Oh cmon! That was a beautiful AB. NICO Whatever man. Good for you. DION and NICO watch as NICOs coach comes out on the field and makes a pitching change. DION Ha, theyre taking Trevor out of the game! Its about time. NICO How many hits did you guys get off of him? DION Twelve. Three of them were mine. NICO Cool. DION Wait. Youre bringing in Roscoe Todd?! He actually made the team?! NICO Everyone makes the team.

DION Even Pillsbury Doughboys like Roscoe?! And you actually let him play?! NICO Shut up man. Hes not that bad. DION Maybe not, but hes nowhere near my caliber. Its a disgrace to have him on the same field as me. NICO You need to cool it. Youre letting your head get a little too full of hot air. DION Whats your problem today? NICO My problem is that were down by six and Im the only one on my team that has a hit. Thats it. Beat. The pitcher is done warming up and is set on the mound. DION (With his eyes locked on the pitcher, takes a leads) I told you man, you should have come to play in E-ville with me. H-town sucks this year. NICO (Holding Dion on) Were from here. Im not going to go play for a different town. Im not a dick. The pitcher pitches the ball. DION gets his secondary lead. They watch the ball into the catchers glove. The clap of the ball hitting the catchers glove is heard. An ump says "Ball. 1 and 0". DION walks back to first base. DION Im not a dick. I just hate losing. NICO Okay Benedict Arnold. DION Who? Wait, did he play for the Yankees?


3. No. God, youre such a baseball player. And youre not? DION (Taking his lead) NICO

NICO (Holding him on) Theres a difference between me and you. The pitch is delivered. DION gets his secondary lead. The clap of the glove is heard followed by "Ball. 2 and 0". DION ambles back to first base. (Under his breath) Please throw a frickin strike. DION Yeah, why are you guys letting Roscoe pitch? That butterball only throws like 60 . NICO Coach says everyone on the team should get the chance to pitch in a game if they want. DION (Laughing and takes a very big lead) Youre kidding. Thats stupid. NICO Youre telling me. DION This isnt Little League anymore. NICO I know. DION How can you stand it? Suddenly the pitcher throws the ball to NICO, trying to pick off DION. DION dives back into the bag, narrowly beating the tag. An offstage ump says, "safe!" NICO throws the ball back to the pitcher offstage.

NICO Ooo, that was a close one D. Almost got you there. DION raises his hand to call time out. An ump shouts, "time!" DION (Standing up and dusting himself off) If that fat shit tries that again, Ill kill him. NICO You had a huge-ass lead. What is he should he do? DION signals the ump. The umps shouts, "time in!" DION His fat ass should be on the bench. NICO Knock it off. DION Or better yet back home on his couch while his mother feeds him bonbons. NICO Seriously, cut it out. Thats my teammate and Im tired of you talking shit on him. Just stop. DION Jeez Nico, chill out. Im just kidding around. NICO Just quit being stupid. DION (Taking a smaller lead) Fine. The pitch is delivered. DION gets his secondary lead. The clap of the ball hitting the glove sounds followed by, "strike! 2 balls, one strike" DION comes back to the base. NICO See, I told you hes not that bad.


DION Hes a junk baller! And its one strike. My dead grandmother could throw one strike. NICO Thats messed up. DION (Taking a large lead) Its true. Her deformed hands gave her a slider like C.C. Sabathia. When the pitch is delivered, DION takes off and runs offstage trying to steal second. The sound of a bat making contact with a ball is heard followed by an ump saying, "foul ball! 2 and 2." DION reenters and stomps back to first base. NICO Welcome back. How was your trip? DION What was that idiot thinking? You dont swing on a steal unless its a hit and run. I had that base stolen. NICO We couldve got you. DION Not with my blazing speed. I lead the league in stolen bases. NICO Yeah, youre certainly good at stealing things. DION What? NICO I was just saying that youre good a stealing. [Beat.] Like bases. DION (Tentatively) Oh, yeah. I guess I am. DION looks at NICO skeptically for a beat before taking a normal sized lead. After a beat or two, the pitcher tries to pick off DION again. DION dives back, again just barely beating the tag. He raises his hand, and the ump calls, "time!"


6. NICO Another close one Dion. Hes got a pretty good pick off move, doesnt he? DION (Standing up and dusting himself off) I thought I said he better not do that shit again. NICO Being sneaky is all part of the game. You should know that better than anyone. DION (Signaling time in) Whats that supposed to mean? NICO Im just saying that in certain areas, it pays to be inconspicuous. Doesnt it? DION (Hesitantly) I guess so. Theres a brief pause. NICO looks at DION incredulously. NICO Pitchers set. DION Oh. DION takes a normal-sized lead. The pitch is delivered. DION gets his secondary lead. The clap of the glove is followed by, "ball 3! full count!" DION comes back to the bag. DION Full count, two outs. As nice as its been chatting with you, Im afraid I will be leaving very soon. So are we hangin out after the game? NICO I dont think so. DION Why not? What are you doing?

7. Ill probably be hanging out with Holly. DION Oh, you dont want to hang out with her. You guys are together all the time. Chill with your boy. NICO Yeah, but weve been having some issues lately and I really think we need to talk it out. DION Talk it out? Why would you wanna do that? Talking just causes fights and I hate it when you two love birds fight. NICO No, I think we need to talk about it tonight. [Beat.] I think she might be cheating on me. DION What? No she wouldnt do that. She loves you a lot. Dont be ridiculous, man. NICO You seem to know a lot about how Holly feels. DION Yeah, thats because you talk about her so damn much. NICO and DION exchange a half-hearted, uneasy laugh. DION gets his primary lead. The pitch is delivered and DIN takes off. The sound of the bat making contact with the ball is heard followed by a, "foul ball!" from the ump. DION unenthusiastically walks back to the bag. Come on. Just put the ball in play please. Thats one thing I hate about baseball. It can be so slow sometimes. NICO Like watching a car accident in slow motion. DION Yeah. Like that. Theres a brief pause. NICO gives DION look of disappointment. DION gives a look of guilt in return. DION takes a large primary lead. Brief pause. NICO

8. NICO I know you and Holly have been getting together behind my back. DION hangs his head and sighs. DION (Stands up straight) I know. Suddenly the pitcher throws the ball to first. DIONs reaction was late. He doesnt beat the tag this time. The umps shouts, "youre out!" NICO I caught you. NICO jogs offstage leaving DION stretched out on the ground. DION stands up and dusts himself off again. He looks after NICO. DION Im sorry man! After a beat or two, lights fade to black. END OF PLAY