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(remailed for May 1st, 2008: National Day of Prayer)

Date: 2-14-2008, Valentine’s Day

To: The Family of God
Re: Prayer Request (Matthew 7:7, “Ask…Seek…Knock…”)

Dear Sisters & Brothers who are in the Gospel of Jesus:

As always, it is my prayer that all is well there with you---according to Heaven s wonderful plan and God’s
perfect purpose. I'm doing O.K.---as well as to be expected---in Gods' care.

Please put this/my prayer request for intercessory prayer into the prayer group. If I could ‘dream’ of
finding/meeting a sister-in the Lord as my equally yoked help meet, the desires of my heart (Psalms 37:4)
would be to find/meet a help meet a lovely Christian female who has these excellent qualities:

warmhearted peaceful energetic temperant
benevolent  admiring  encouraging
Social & physical:

Euro-American ancestry, or USA, et C., and;

Politically reserved, yet pro-family orientated, and;
Caucasian/or Caucasian-indigenous racial constitution, and;
White/or very light-tan color complexion, and;
Conservative Christian (conscientious objector) or Born-again Christian woman with good moral …
…….ethical values, inspirational, with a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and;
Stable health status or medical condition, if any disabilities, handicaps, or limitations, and;
Appropriate age for childbearing, that is, sexual reproduction period of life, and;
Female with a female gender personality - solely a psycho-heterosexual moral-ethical values, and;
(also without children/zero natural born/live birth or offspring-none) and;
Single, yet-to-marry, if possible---as a marital status, and;

Also, Colorful or "brownish" eyes Angel-fine light or "brownish" hair  Slim heart-
shaped face  Nice nose and real cute "cupid" lips  Thin neck, thin arms, thin legs  Ectomorphic
slender or petite stature & habitus with  Small feet & small hands.

So, the desires of my heart is to find and meet a lovely Christian who is more beautiful in her soul, and
more sweet-spirited in her heart, and more adorable in her facial countenance s smile, and more absolutely
pretty in her stature and habitus, all together or wholly, than my mere mind can picture, whether she is
monetarily indigent or perfectly (very) wealthy financially, or even if she is of an average middle class
income, the desires of my heart is to provide for her needs, socially support her, and empathetically
encourage her, chose her, be with her, and stay with her--- Whomever she is??? Where ever she is??
However we are to meet? (Matthew 21:22…in prayer with faith…)

Please pray too for our protection, safety, and security so that we do find and meet each other and are able
to bond in holy matrimony especially for advancing the Gospel of Jesus. All of this prayer supplication is in
the name of Jesus, (John 14:14 “…I will do it.”) so let it be so dear dear God-Our Heavenly Father.


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