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$43trilliondollar lawsuit awaits ObamaWhiteHouse andBanks

The wheels of justice grind slowly but they do grind after all.

wheels of justice grind slowly but they do grind after all. Harris, Jon Corzine, former New

Harris, Jon Corzine, former New Jersey Governor, former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, current Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, former chairman of the board for Citigroup, Vikram Pandit, who recently resigned under disgustingly unethical disclosures, Senior White House advisor, Valerie Jarret, former communications director for the White House, Anita Dunn, chief legal counsel for Obama re-election campaign, Robert Bauer, including bankers and other associated parties who participated in the violation of the laws.

This lawsuit alleges criminal violations of the Patriot Act, the policy of embargo against Iran and other foreign nations hostile toward the United States, as well as the RICO statute, which involves Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act. There are additional federal and state laws also violated and represented under the record federal government lawsuit. Seeking to recover trillions and stop foreclosures In addition, on the behalf of home owners across the nation, and taxpayers in the state of New York, Spire Law Group

has extended its mass tort action to District Court of Brooklyn, New York seeking to halt all foreclosures nationwide until such time as the amount of 43 trillion dollars is recovered from bankers and co-conspirators. Audits will be sought against the Federal Reserve and bail out programs by an independent receiver such as Neil Barofsky, former Inspector General of the TARP programs on the basis that none of the money that was ever advanced to the Treasury Department was ever paid back despite protestations to the Obama administration who has failed to prosecute any of the bankers responsible for the alleged violations for which the lawsuit has been detailed to identify. These same indicted bankers the Obama re-election campaign has been borrowing money from to finance its operations. The theft and corruption goes international to our enemies Furthermore, Plaintiffs have expanded their lawsuit to include racketeering, money laundering, and violations of the Iranian Embargo Act by national banks that are named as defendants in the lawsuit along with the names of their bankers. Hiding the money didn’t work The jurisdictions of well known offshore havens have been identified as sanctuaries used to launder trillions which are located in Switzerland, Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Cypress, and entities considered adverse to the Sanctions and Embargo Act against Iran by the US government. Many of these offshore entities have already been served with summons to appear in court over the last 6 months. Our federal government part of the scheme

Major players in the Obama White House have been targeted in a law suit by Spire Law Group who is responsible for recovering 43 trillion in laundered funds and racketeering that has been linked to major banks, crony capitalists, and government officials. This scheme based in New York will be party to the biggest federal government lawsuit in history. The government will attempt to recover 43 trillion in taxpayer’s funds disbursed during the 2009 bailout that totaled 787 billion to supposedly save the US financial markets from a massive collapse while funding infrastructure projects through out the US such as roads and bridges that were badly in need of repairs, yet only 6% of the money was ever used for such purposes. Corrupt bailout evidence never acted upon As many such as Rush Limbaugh had charged, the massive bailouts used for AIG, General Motors, Chrysler Corporation, a number of banks, even broadcasting companies, was apparently disbursed for other clandestine purposes such as slush funds for Democrat election campaigns. Yet, that’s not all. A slick operation that didn’t plan on getting caught Plaintiffs have now identified a number of individuals who were running a racketeering enterprise linked to the following individuals, who participated in and profited from the illegally deposited money. Those named as defendants in the lawsuit are:

Attorney General, Eric Holder, California Attorney General Kamala

With undeniable proof already in place that the Obama administration was publicly urging refinance through bankers named in the lawsuit while secretly ratifying the formation of shell companies violating the Patriot Act along with state and federal laws. The Spire Law Group lawsuit further establishes that major federally chartered US banks were laundering stolen taxpayers and home owner’s money in the amount of 43 trillion and laundering it through obscure offshore companies. Named in the lawsuit are Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Bank, One West Bank, Citibank, and Citigroup, along with others to name a few. Why weren’t our agencies protecting the people? The Spire Law Group is the only legal organization that has pursued prosecution of these bankers named in the lawsuit. Neither Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, the Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation, the Securities and Exchange Commission, or nor any state’s Attorney General has bothered to chase these criminal bankers

internationally to recover the 43 trillion, lawful damages, injunctive relief, or other legal damages stemming from these gross irregularities and violations! Not one US Government agency has attempted to act under the directives of its own charter and prosecute the guilty parties involved!

The Spire Law Group specializes in the litigation of such entities as banks, government officials, failed loan pools, and the very offshore entities that were in receipt of laundered money that the defendants named in the lawsuit have disbursed through them. A 47 year partner of the law firm James N. Fiedler, expressed his outrage over the fact that US government agencies tasked with protecting the interests of the American public did not even attempt to pursue their duty! The law firm has 250 years accumulated experience in this type of legal recovery and prosecution whose clients range from large corporations, wealthy individuals, to the public’s interest at large. Stripping away the facade

When comments were solicited from the Attorney General offices of six US states, no response came from those agencies who should have been involved. This lawsuit represents the most massive scale of corruption, theft of public funds, laundering, racketeering, and failure of the government to pursue it’s duty to the citizens of America in history. It promises to unveil and divulge the corrupt inner workings of the federal government along with its malignant relationship with the banking industry, Wall Street, and government officials who have considered themselves cunningly beyond the law! From the President on down the chain of command justice will be done accordingly.

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Trillion dollar lawsuit awaits Obama White House and banks | NowPublic News Coverage




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