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corporate social responsibility of vodafone by vanshika mehra 11 th i

the green


Climate change is one of the greatest global and local challenges of our time and its implications are far-reaching for our environment, people and economy. As a leading company in Ireland, we recognise that we have a responsibility to care for, and reduce our effect on the environment and to offer our employees a more sustainable way of living. While environmental issues have always been at the centre of our corporate responsibility strategy, climate change has become our priority.

corporate social responsibility of vodafone by vanshika mehra 11 th i

As a response to the grave dangers climate change poses, we developed The Green Agenda. Within this strategy, we set the ambitious target of reducing CO2 emissions by 30%, by 2011. The Green Agenda is an environmental strategy combining our internal goals with a leadership position, to impress on our stakeholders the central role sustainability must play in our lives. We're working to achieve our green targets in three main ways: Operational - were working to reduce our in-house emissions through a series of initiatives under three focus areas: energy, transport, and waste & handset recycling. These take the form of various policies and procedures we've introduced to reduce emissions in our operations. Exerting Influence - we're exerting our green influence through positive engagement with over 1,200 employees, 2.35 million customers and our extensive supply chain. Leadership - using our position in corporate Ireland to spread the Green Agenda and sustainability messages, we're setting best practice and leading the way for the rest of the business community. With climate change comes new environmental threats and fresh challenges to companies like ours. As we grow and our networks develop, our energy demands increase. This means we have to work even harder to meet sustainable energy targets and reduce our CO2 emissions.

Safe Driving Campaign

Most people appreciate the advantages of having their mobile phone with them in the car. Mobiles provide safety and security, especially when out

corporate social responsibility of vodafone by vanshika mehra 11 th i

alone or at night. But using a hand-held phone while driving is distracting and can be very dangerous. So we've teamed up with AA Ireland to give you a few tips on mobile phones and car etiquette. Just follow this simple advice and you can stay in touch on the move in complete safety. Using your mobile safely on the road: 1. Never use a hand-held phone while driving. It can be dangerous. 2. Don't dial and drive. If you need to ring someone, pull over first. You can't keep an eye on the road and the keypad at the same time. 3. Save the call until later. Use your Voicemail service to save calls until later, when you've parked or finished the journey. It's easy to use and a great way to ensure you won't miss any important messages. 4. If in doubt pull over. Hands-free devices may be better than holding the phone in your hand but the call itself can still be distracting. You should still take the time to stop the car safely. 5. Never try to use text, picture or internet services while driving. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. 6. Avoid stressful calls. A difficult call is distracting even with a hands-free device. Explain that you are driving and you'll call back. 7. Never try to take down notes or phone numbers. Lack of concentration even for a brief period, is dangerous and you could be breaking the law. At 50Km/h, a car will travel 14 metres in just one second

helping the environment

Recycle your mobile phone
At Vodafone, we believe that by working together we can make a real difference to our environment. That's why we've set up recycling containers in more than 100 Vodafone stores around the country. . We'll dispose of these phones in an environmentally safe way. All proceeds raised go directly to fund the Irish Heart Foundation Helpline. This helpline is a dedicated lo-call number offering confidential medical advice to support patients and their families who are living with a heart condition or stroke. The helpline answers approximately 2000 calls a year from people who suffer from heart disease and stroke.

corporate social responsibility of vodafone by vanshika mehra 11 th i

Recycle your fixed line modem WEEE (Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment) disposed of to landfill, incinerated or recovered without any pre-treatment has potentially serious consequences for the environment and human health. You will find a crossed out wheeled bin symbol on the base of the product. The symbol means that the equipment should not be disposed of with general household waste. There is no disposal charge for end of life Electrical Electronic Equipment returned to Vodafone or deposited at civic amenity sites. Vodafone will accept old modems on a one for one basis (must be equivalent type and have fulfilled the same function). Play your part by:

Not disposing of this equipment with your general household waste

Bringing this product or the product it replaced to your civil amenity site at end of life for recycling or alternatively

young social innovators

Young Social Innovators is a youth organisation that believes in the power of young people to bring about change in their communities and wider society. Founded in 2001, the organisation focuses on bringing social innovation to young people through education. over 200 secondary schools across Ireland. Vodafone Ireland led by our Foundation has committed to supporting youth for the next 3 years and so we are helping them upscale their programme to enable 100,000 young people to have taken the course by the end of 2015. The web project is a key deliverable of the programme as currently all project plans are sent in hard copy to YSI, and there is no social network ability between the pupils and teachers participating on the course. This would allow for best practices to be shared and ultimately increase the benefit to the societies these schools are helping