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We serve through experienced and expertise personnel supported by geological and mining software to perform broad services range

from the geology mapping, topography survey, geophysics survey, drilling supervision, reserve calculation, due-diligence survey and mine design.

Geophysics Survey

Due Diligence Survey

Geology Mapping

PT. Surveyor Indonesia provides services in acquiring and processing high quality geophysical data for the exploration. The geophysics method of subsurface investigation might be used geo-magnetic, resistivity, geo-scanner, micro-gravity or any other. The Investigation activity uses field physically geological survey. The investigation results consist of: Outcrops mapping Strike & Deep measurement Test Pit & Trenching Resource Estimation Preparation of Exploration Plan

Reserve Calculation

Giving advice and check data for the client who interest in buying mine concession or mine company in Indonesia. Provide advice and inspection data to the intention of mining investment in Indonesia.

Mine Design

Topography Survey
This kind of survey is to measure surface and things on earth by using Theodolite/Total Station or Geodetics GPS. The mapping will show the figure of surface relief, consist of: - Contour map. - Bench Marks Defined - The figures of streams and any other physical topographic features which exist within area. The Calculation resource uses topographical, geological, geophysical, and drilling activities data by using different method and software that fit with the deposit types. The Reserve Calculation, consist of: - Geological Model, - Geological sections (longitudinal and cross sections), - Maps of crop lines, - Mineralized and non-mineralized area, - Resource and Reserve Estimation - Structural Geology Map To create a geology model and reserve estimation, topography survey data is a must.

Covering reliable engineering in term of mine plan such as geology modeling, pit designing, quantity estimation, blending plan (if necessary), waste dump design, top soil stockpile design, production schedule and mine sequence.

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