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Chapter 1 Introduction As the world moves a global electronics place, lots of establishments are not upgrading their computers

to the latest feature, just assures that their clients will be satisfied by the services that they give and create a friendly environment to each member. As technological trend rapidly advances, the idea of having a system development has come into great minds. With the techno trends, the proponents propose to develop a Loan System for Most Holy Rosary Credit Cooperative to automate all major transaction concerning loan and billing procedures and to provide a means of convenience to its employees and members. A cooperative is duly registered association of persons with a common bond of interest, who have voluntarily joined together to achieve a lawful common social or economic end, making equitable to contribution to the capital required and accepting a fair share of the risks and benefits of the undertaking in accordance with universally accepted cooperative principle. Cooperatives are defined as business owned and controlled equally by the people who worked there. Cooperative often shares their earnings with the membership as dividends which are divided among the members according to their participation in the cooperative. It also source of loans at low interest rates of borrowing from members.

1.1 Purpose The system was made to make the transaction well manage, faster and fewer mistakes. To develop a system that helps monitor the loan easily. To lessen working time in encoding transactions. The purpose of developing the system is to automate the existing system. To assure that all files and document are secured on any damage and loss. For faster registration, to update the manual process to computerized process. The system has per module which performs specific functions to accommodate the use of the user. The following are:

Application for Membership In this module of the integration of the system, the user need to specify all information required as it was for the integration of incoming new member. Loan The member are about to specify all required information for intended loan to apply. It stated the membership number, about the member, purpose of loan, amount applied to loan, mode of payment where in expansion rather due date of loan. View Reports The administrator are authorized to view the loan of the member, where in attached in this module are lists member and total amount of loan for each individual. Payment Procedure of payments, mode of payment where in if the amount of loan that the member will pay for are based to per days or months. User Profile Are about the member, information about them. Viewing of voucher according to the loan of member they applied.

1.2 System Overview In Most Holy Rosary Credit Cooperative Loan System, it has two categories: the administrator and the members of the coop. it controls by the remote connections where in the user has an option to use, such as in admin they are handling the loan transaction to the lender. They are working to the server of the database. The admin control can do all personal information of the member. Every member should specify the application form suitable for them in the loan transaction. The member is about to view and to

accommodate only in the registration form, payment form, user profile and loan form with the assist of employees. The member can able to loan if they give at least 1,000 php as share capital. Then the amount of capital will be multiply in to two, and then the total amount for loan will be 2,000 php. The interests are deducted automatically by the system. Then the member can not be loan again if they did not yet pay for al least half of their loan before. The Most Holy Rosary Credit Cooperative was constructed by the kindness of Kura Paroko since the era of Our Lady of the Most Rosary of Chiqui Manalo. The name of the said Coop was based in the name of the said parish.The Coop was first registered in Bureau of Cooperative Development an August 15, 1985 Reg. No. R-IV-ff 302 that has (P 10,990.00) ten thousand, nine hundred ninety pesos of the total share capital. This had Confirmation of Registration No. 544 on March 2, 1991 in Cooperative Development Authority. It aims to help the poor and to be high the level of standards of their livelihood. The main objective of this is to help those poor people, to have a high level standard if living, the people inspired in cooperative by the help of Dr. Pastor S. Cruz stand as a chairman, Engr. Benjamin Alvarez as vice chairman,Ms. Marina Rodriguez as a treasurer and Mr. Jose Caparas as a supervisory chairman . Those people were the first founder who implement the cooperative, with the help of Mrs. Loreto Bayaton the first who volunteer as a collector of cooperative. She stand as a leader and a way to success of cooperative. Since 1990, the cooperative suffer a calamity, it damage the old market of Montalban where in the business it has already a big number of member in cooperative. They try to reach out with the help of the chairman of the board that time. They deposit money in cooperative to have a capital that will help the board member who also suffered. When the tome comes the strength of cooperative was alive. It continuously increased the income and enlarging the debtors. In the year 2000, the cooperative bought a land with the area of 119sqm that will be found at No. #22 E. Rodriguez Hiway San Jose Rodriguez, Rizal near at Montalban Market. The time comes, the cooperative help the youth to study while working. It reach us employee effectively

already finished while they are working. In the year 2004, the cooperative suffer a calamity again. They need to abandon the old place of the office under the church of Sto. Rosario from the request of Rev. Fr. Bonifacio Chavez Jr.. The cooperative decided to rent at No. 3 DE. Rodriguez, Highway San Jose, Rodriguez, Rizal. Last December 30, 2005 they experience to stolen their property including money. By Gods grace & guide their not succeed to their motives. While they renting some spaces, they started to construct their own building for all the cooperatives.

1.2.1 System Description The Most Holy Rosary Credit Cooperative Loan System was can be maintained and supported by different operating system. The system used VB 6.0 as its platform, which is more users friendly. This is because Visual Basic enables you too work in graphical user interface where you can just drag and drop controls that you want to work with where you have to write bunches of code to create. Xampp is used as database server; it is suitable foe LAN server and development environment. Then ODBC 5.1 connector was used as standardized database driver to any platforms to be use. The specification of the system was on Windows 7/XP 256 memory, 256 video card and 40 GB hard disk.

1.2.2 System Organization Every new user must do first, the registration of the system where the entire needed information question must be filled. After that, the system will give the user access through their unique username and password. Then, as a member they will have an authority to loan among the types of loan like car loan, capital loan, computer loan and others. Also, the user will now have their own account that they can change their password, personal information and their loan information any time. Incase of payment, the system will ask the user if how much hey will pay for loan and the mode payment if per month, per week or per day depend on their transaction.

1.3 Project Preferences The system integration was planned well before it was implemented. On the month of July year 2011, the proponents planned for two weeks about the system to be distributed. They gathered information about the company and problems encountered. After all the information was gathered, the proponents analyzed very well and construct new model from the existing system of the company for about two weeks together of the second week of planning of they gathered information. In the phases of planning and analyzation of the system. By the week of three on the month of July Chapter 1 was formulated then on the week of four until six the Chapter 2 has been done, then on the week of seven to eight are for the Chapter 3 was constructed by what methods should used according to the system developed. On the week of nine to ten the Chapter4 are needed to work for the presentation, interpretation an analysis of data, evaluation od the system are done to solve and analysed all the parameters made and if the system meet its goal an as well if the new system enhance the existing system. After the Chapter 1 to 4, the Chapter 5 is formulated to state briefly the documentation and system process, conclusion and recommendation of the system. The week three to ten, the design of system a swell coding are worked. The database implementation was done on the week eight to ten by the month of August. Last but not the least, the maintenance of the system on the week eleven to thirteen properly checked, for errors occur the system can easily maintained and correct using updates and can be supported by different operating systems. 1.4 Glossary Automate- To converts to automatic operation Association -Union of persons in a company or society for some particular purpose. Business - A commercial activity engaged in as a means of livelihood or profit, or an entity which engages in such activities. Capital - the money, property and other valuable which collectively represent the wealth of an individual or business.

Committee - a group of fellow legislators chosen by a legislative body to give consideration to legislative matters. Computer -a device that computes, especially a programmable electronic machine that performs high-speed mathematical or logical operations or that assembles, stores, correlates, or otherwise processes information. Cooperative - is a business organization owned and operated by a group of individuals for their mutual benefit. Credit - a barrowing capacity of an individual or company. Debit - an accounting entry which results in either an increase in assets or decrease in liabilities or net worth, opposite of credit. Development - means a progression from a simpler or lower to a more advanced, mature, or complex form or stage. Dividends - a taxable payment declared by a companys board of directors and given to its shareholders out of the companys current or retained earnings, usually quarterly. Dividends provide an incentive to own stock in stable companies even if they are not experiencing much growth. Economic -concerned with worldly necessities of life (especially money). Employee -A person who is hired to provide services to a company on a regular basis in exchange for compensation and who does not provide these services as part of an independent business. Establishment -A public or private institution; a controlling group in a given field of activity. Loan - is a type of debt. Like all debt instruments, a loan entails the redistribution of financial assets over time, between the lender and the barrower. Membership -the state of being a member.

Payment - compensation, discharge or performance, an obligation or reimbursement, by giving over something that is of satisfactory value to its recipient, such as money. Services - the performance of any duties or work for another. Share Capital - the amount of share capital, a company reports on its balance sheet only accounts for the initial amount for which the original shareholders purchased the shares from the issuing company. System - an organized set of interrelated ideas or principles. Technology -is a broad concept that deals with the usage and knowledge of tools and crafts, and how it affects the ability to control and adapt to the environment. Transaction - an agreement between a buyer and a seller to exchange an asset for payment. Trend -The general direction in which something tends to move or inclination. Upgrade -A software program that provides added enhancements over an earlier version. Voucher - a piece of supporting evidence, a documentary record of business transaction and a written affidavit or authorization.

Chapter 2 Management Overview The Loan System for Most Holy Rosary Credit Cooperative constructed to automate from the manual system process. The system is automatically computes the interest rates of loan of the member. It automatically gives the member their personal and owned book number of every new member of cooperative. The member can able to loan after they filled all application required by the system.

2.1 Description of Integration In order to run the system developed, the user need to install a xampp as database server as well OBDC 5.1 connector as database driver and VB 6.0 platform to any operating system. Once installed, the user must go to the xampp control panel to open it, then for database the user need to open Google Chrome then type the localhost/phpmyadmin then click to SQL copy paste or type the database system code then click go button after it. The user can now open the programmed system, just click to the Loan system project and it will start to run the system and the user may use already the system. The system was composed of different kinds of button that has different functionalities once it was clicked by the user.

Log in to Administrator first admin password

Home User interface of the user Clickable buttons for the user

Inside registration button Click selects all buttons to check the entire requirements then fill up the share capital with minimum of 1,000 php Click button Continue to nest process, then cancel button if you dont want to continue the registration.

User need to fill up all the required information for the application for membership Click continue button to the next process of registration or else cancel button if you dont want to continue the process of registration

after Application for membership, you are about to go in Account the user must fill up all the required information of the system click Register for registration process back button for not continuing the registration process This account are about to generate user name and password of the member.


On the Loan button from Home Each button consists of types of loan to select, then click back button if you dont want to continue the loan process.

Once the user selected any type of loan, they are about to view the application information then must be fill the required information Click Process button to continue the process of loan otherwise click Cancel button to discontinue the process 11

After the Application Information of the loan process, the user are about to view their Voucher that signifies as an evidence for the record of loan transaction

On the Payment button from Home Need to fill the member no. of the member, once it was filled click OK button to continue to process of payment or else cancel button to discontinue

When continued, type the amount youre going to deposit Click continue button to the next process otherwise click cancel to discontinue


once continued, the member are about to view the payment form wherein they can view their payment, their amount of loan as well their balance record from the payment form click Save button to store the information otherwise Cancel button if you dont want to save the record

on the View Reports button from Home list of members button to view the lists of member loaned and their amount of loan payments button to view the lists of member and their total loan of them Back button to resume in Home


on the list member button from view reports The Administrator can view all loan records of the member; they can even search to view easily the member they need to view according to their loan records.

on the total loan button from view reports The Administrator can view the total amount of loan of each member.


Log- in form for the member

on the Change password button from Log- in form if the member want to change their password, they need to fill up this form click Save button to renew password or else Cancel button to discontinue the process of password renewal

On the Log- in button from Login form


Personal information of the member, they can change information if needed. Save button to restore the change information Change button to unchanged the information of member Back button to go back in Log- in form

once the loan information button was clicked, the member can able to view their Voucher


on the Extras button from Home For other purpose of the user if needed such as calculator and notepad.

2.2 Points of Contact On the development of the system, the proponents who conducted are Ajay Madla and Rhomel Roda as a programmer, Roderick Migue and Marvin Diano for the design, Brigel Javier and Daryl Boral as an analyst then Rebella Teobengco, Carlyn Galinato, Jenilyn Velasco and Robin Carasco for documentation of the system. The system development was about for Most Holy Rosary Credit Cooperative located at no. 22 E. Rodriguez, Highway, San Jose, Rodriguez, Rizal and telephone numbers are 9970096 or 570- 1758 then their email address was The proponents was accommodated by Mrs. Joselita Cardona as Chief Executive officer and Mr. Gorgonio Cruz as Chief Financial Officer of the cooperative, they gave the proponents needed information from their company, problems that they encounter during manual process.


2.3 Major Tasks The system provides major task in integrating the system, they are: What the task will accomplish From the manual process of the existing system, the proponents should accomplish the automation of the system. Key persons responsible for the task Before the system was implemented, the persons essential to the development of the system are the programmer, designer, analyst and documentaries as evidence and to serve the study to meet its goal to accomplish the system. Resources required accomplishing the task The system was developed with the used of Visual Basic 6.0 as platform, the xampp as database server and ODBC 5.1 connector as database driver. It can be used by different operating system such as windows 7 or XP. Criteria for successful completion of the task The criteria used for the completion of the system were design, performance, security and maintainability. Design of the system can be easily used by the user and has detailed look at its user more personalized services. Performance of the system that was capable to process required information of the ckient and gives correct computation of loan transaction and does effectively managed the loan acquisition process. Security of the system allows only the administrator to control over the transaction process as well the confidential information of user is secured and does only authorized can access its own loan transaction. Maintainability of the system that can easily manage by the administrator and error to occur in the future, the system can maintained and correct using updates and patches and also can be supported by different operating system.


Examples of major tasks are the following: Application for membership Loan Described types of loan to apply for, purpose of loan of the member and mode of payment. View Reports Only administrator is authorized to view about the loan of the member. Registration for the upcoming member

Payment Procedure and mode of payment for the loan applied by the member.

User Profile Information of the member and viewing of their voucher.

Extras For other purpose of the user if needed such as calculator and notepad.

Providing overall planning and coordination of the system The proponents planned very well before the system was implemented, analyzation of the system to develop in accordance for Most Holy Rosary Credit Cooperative that information gathered from them to automate th existing process. The system provided a schedule for every day should accomplish by the proponents under the development of the system.


2.4 Integration Schedule DATE July 4, 2011 ACTIVITIES Planning investigate and gathered information from the existing company, problems they encountered. Analysis analyzation of system to develop, create a new concept model that enhance the existing process before. Problems of existing to be solved by the new system. Design of system as well encoding. Documentation of system develop on chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 creation, Related Review Literature Chapter 3 creation, Research Methods to use. Database implementation. New System constructed. Chapter 4 creation, presentation. Interpretation and analysis of data from the parameters and evaluation made by the system. Chapter 5 summary, conclusion and recommendation creation. Maintenance of system properly checked if errors occur to future. DUE DATE July 9, 2011

July 11, 2011

July 23, 2011

July 18, 2011 July 25,2011

Sept. 3, 2011

Aug. 1, 2011 Aug. 8, 2011 Aug. 15, 2011 Sept. 5, 2011

July 30, 2011 Aug. 13, 2011 Sept. 3, 2011 Sept. 10, 2011

Sept 12, 2011

Sept. 17, 2011

Sept 15, 2011

Sept. 24, 2011


2.5 Security The system integration for Most Holy Rosary Credit Cooperative was properly secured by the system. It forms of log in and log out of the user and as well password of the uniqueness word that serves gate pass in the system to enter to their business matter. The administrator who control over the system was on allowed to view the records of member to the database was saved.

2.5.1 System Security Features The system was composed of password for the security of the member as well administrator is can able to change their password if they want. Only the administrator can control on the database of the system.

2.5.2 Security during Integration Since the system integration of the Most Holy Rosary Credit Cooperative was a LAN based file server wherein a network of computers linked together via cable. Network backups are easier and more reliable because all data resides on one physical location. If error occurs in the system, it can easily manage using updates and support of other operating system.


Chapter 3 Integration Support The system integration support by a LAN based that was connected to other computer. It used Visual Basic 6.0 as platform to program the system. The database used was Xampp and ODBC 5.1 connector in connecting to database; they need to install all of the requirements said to run the program that will create. The proponents need enough time to work for the system as well the working area. They engaged in different trainings, seminars they attended, tutorial in internet to support and may help for them.

3.1.1 Hardware As the system was build in LAN based, it provides a hardware used for

integration and it was supported by a hub, Ethernet cable, network cards, operating system setup to have a protocol configured. It provided by a monitor, keyboard and mouse as well printer to complete all set up requirements.

3.1.2 Software The system provides software that is essential to support the integration of the system and it was Windows 7/XP, Visusal Basic 6.0, Xampp, ODBC 5.1 connector, notepad and Adobe flash.

3.1.3 Facilities Before the system was implemented, the proponents worked in house of their group mates during off school day as well in classroom sometimes during vacant hours to spend time in conducting the system. During checking time of the system, they seek advice to their professor and allow the instructions to consider for the system.

Proponents worked eight to twelve hours on their off school day and have break time within that hour for about thirty minutes to relax.

3.1.4 Material The system was used of installers of Visual Basic, Xampp, ODBC connector that is essential in integrating the system. The proponents also conducted a questionnaire survey for the documentation of their system.

3.2 Personnel The system was developed by the proponents who engaged of may activities to study and work on it. They attended seminars that was suitable by their doing for the system as well tutorial on you tube in internet to get some idea and study well the program they will do. Also they downloaded some references for their system to develop. The proponents worked hard to be able to meet rather capture their intent output for the system.

3.2.1 Personnel Requirements and Staffing The proponents composed of ten with different task in the system integration. They spend lot of hours during off school day to work on the system. They are divided by their different duties and responsibilities in implementing the system and it was a programmer, designer, analyst and documentaries of the system the programmer is developing programs to satisfy user requirements, designer is designated to design user interface. Analyst whom analyze and design the business system. Then the documentarist who worked for the documentation of the system as an evidence and support for the study.


3.2.2 Training of Integration Staff The staff must under go training on system hardware and software, how the staff will can install the devices or software to the system through this. The staff should have enough knowledge on installing application. The staffs also need to know to back up information that will be gathered in case of emergency or factors that will lead to destroying of the system.

3.3 Performance Monitoring The system perform well, it contains 250 mb memory of Windows 7/ XP, 250 mb video card and 40 gb hard disk. That minimum requirements is essential to perform efficiently because it provides the system to run accordingly. The proponents examined well, testing the system and make sure that there is no debugging before the use of the user who will interact to it.

3.4 Configuration Management Interface As the system was integrated, it can able to understand by the user who will interact on it. They can easily understand the system instructions; they just need to follow what systems acquire for. For the up coming member of loan system, they need to register first then after it, they can able to create a unique password of their own. After they registered, they are automatically member and can able to loan whatever types of loan they need to apply. The member can easily manage the loan system according to payments and user profile.


Chapter 4 4.1 Back Off Plan The proponents have alternative solutions when errors or failures will occur. Using backup of local hard disk prevents data loss from a disk or drive failure, disk controller errors, power outages, viruses and other serious problems. Careful planning of backup operations and reliable equipment can make file recovery easier and faster. Using backup, the proponents can backup data to tape, optical disc or a compressed file then can also restore the backup files on a network share. Since it is peer to peer is has the flexibility that the programs will backing up a large number of files and data, with peer to peer back up applications, users can start backup locally and then leave and finish the transfer to an offsite location. The clients may contact the programmer for further assistance if technical problems encountered.

4.2 Posts Integration Verification Before the system made, it takes time, patience and enough knowledge to meet all desired and customers expectations. It considered a Quality Assurance for enhancing and improving the process that is uses to create the end result. If error occur, it can easily managed using updates and support of other operating system and could be backup using compressed file then also restore the backup files on a network share.


Chapter 5 Summary, Conclusion, Recommendation This chapter is dedicated to the summarization of the results presented, as well as the conclusions that derived from the gathered and collected data. Recommendations for actions as well as further studies are also included in this chapter. 5.1 Summary Based in the analysis of data and results from the previous chapter, the following findings and summarize are as follows: As can be gleaned from the category 1 design, it has a result of 4.03 in overall rating of each questions with the interpretation of very satisfactory to the design which stated the Most Holy Rosary Credit Cooperative loan system can easily be used by other people with or without experience and does the system data delivering a more detailed look at its user for more personalized services. As shown in Category 2 performance it has a result of 4.01 in overall rating of each question with the interpretation of very satisfactory to the performance of the loan system of Most Holy Rosary Credit Cooperative which stated that the system have a capability to process the required information of the client, effectively managed loan acquisition process and the loan system make a correct computation of loan transaction. As shown in category 3 Security it has a result of 4.05 in overall rating of each question with the interpretation of excellent to the Security of the loan system of Most Holy Rosary Credit Cooperative which stated that the system allows only the admin to control over the transaction processes, the confidential information of the user/member is secured and the authorized user/client/member can only access its own loan transaction. As illustrated all in all, the category 4 maintainability got a highest with 4.11 weighted mean in overall rating results of each questions with the interpretation of

excellent to the maintainability of the loan system of Most Holy Rosary Credit Cooperative which stated that the proposed loan system can easily managed by the administrator, for errors to occur in the future the proposed loan system can be easily maintained and correct using updates and can be maintained/supported by different operating system.

5.2 Conclusion Based on the findings of the researchers, the following conclusions were formulated. Based on the study conducted, the researchers concluded that the automated loan system for Most Holy Rosary Credit Cooperative is better than the manual process. It lessens time for encoding loan transaction and searching the names of all the authorized member/client. The system is maintained by the user. It has also the capability to process the required information of the client and make a correct computation and loan transaction.

5.3 Recommendation Based on the findings and conclusions made the following recommendations were provided by the proponents. o To the Students- They can use the system development as a reference for the same topic and they can use the experience in gathering the information from the company to build a system development can be used to their future job. o To the Members- The used of automated loan system transaction may gain less effort of having slow transaction unlike before. o To the Management Staff- the system that was developed could be benefited to them for faster encoding of loan transaction.